Sunday 23 December 2018


This update introduces the asylum, where characters who can't cope with the reality forced on them can adopt a new one. It's content I'd originally planned to make soon after 0.1.0, but I pushed it back until I had a better idea of where to take it. It should help round out the trauma system, as reaching very high trauma levels will now unlock more content as planned. The exact mechanics will likely need tuning.

A lot of work has been done under the hood too, which should help expansion in the future.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Edit: Released, which fixes a few bugs, one of them quite major. Notes at bottom of post.
Edit 2: Released which fixes several other bugs.
Edit 2: Released, which fixes more bugs.

Patch notes
The colour of hair, eyes and clothes have been adjusted. If you miss any of the old colours let me know, as more will be added in the future.
Thanks to aimozg for many code and image changes that will make adding additional images and colours easier in the future. Relatedly, the hairdresser can now dye your hair white.
Thanks to both Quin2k and aimozg for numerous code improvements.
Awareness can now drop below the starting value. Reaching the new minimum awareness will grant the "innocent" trait, and replace the trauma bar with an innocence bar.
Innocence is reduced by anything that increases awareness, and low control. Running out of innocence will remove the innocent trait, and restore the trauma bar and trauma traits.
Passing out and waking up at the hospital with the "Visibly Disturbed" trait will have you locked up in the asylum.
Accepting their treatments will lower awareness. You will be released if you gain the innocent trait, or your trauma drops low.
There are two other ways to escape. One requires tentacles to be enabled.
Added school status, delinquency and hair length to the cheat menu.

Balance Changes
Increased the duration of pink pills given to you in the pub.
Being hypnotised by Doctor Harper will now decrease awareness.
Some stress and trauma changes outside of combat have been adjusted.

Bug Fixes
Thanks to Pregmodder and Stuffedgame for the tool used to fix most of the following issues, as well as numerous typos.
Fixed a bug causing NPCs to sometimes be referred to with a male pronoun regardless of their actual gender when pinching your clit.
Successfully mocking should no longer say "+ Control" if you're at the control cap.
Fixed some gender confusion involving Mason.
Fixed a bug preventing the defiant response to Mason untying your bonds from triggering.
Fixed a similar bug blocking the defiant response to being led into the dunes after waking up on the beach.
Fixed a bug preventing the locked door from opening regardless of skulduggery level during the wolf scene beneath the hospital.
Fixed a bug that could prevent penis parasites from being removed during the free treatment.
Fixed a bug causing the hospital to provide male PC's with new underwear whether or not they already had some.
Fixed a bug preventing NPCs from talking about you fucking their ass.
Fixed a bug preventing flashbacks from triggering correctly at school.
Fixed a bug causing you to continue covering your ass a turn after you moved your hand away, and a similar bug causing you to continue working a shaft a turn after you stopped.
Fixed a bug preventing appropriate text from appearing when drugged with an aphrodisiac.
Fixed a bug causing all-boy or all-girl audiences at inappropriate times.
Fixed an issue with the "This action will take your anal virginity." message being tied to your penile virginity rather than anal.
Thanks to klorpa for fixing even more typos.
Fixed an error message appearing during an asylum hypnosis scene.
Fixed an error preventing combat images from loading properly for male characters.
Fixed an error appearing when losing your anal virginity.
Fixed several "famegood" errors preventing certain actions from being taken.
Fixed a gamebreaking bug in the hospital basement.
Fixed several error messages appearing in a couple of Whitney's events.
Fixed several error messages appearing when begging for clothing on Domus Street.
Fixed an error message that could appear when flaunting in the opposite sex changing room.
Fixed a bug causing a number of issues with the NPCs who assault you in your cell at the asylum.

Friday 7 December 2018


This update adds a cheat menu and new actions for entering the "wrong" changing room while naked. It also incorporates mods by TreeFrogSoup, which add new Whitney events and high level exhibitionism on Domus Street.

Plan for the next update is to implement the asylum. Something that has until now existed only as a single line, deep in the forest.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Patch notes
Made a SugarCube level change that should help performance, courtesy of Pregmodder.
Added a cheat menu. You can enable it in settings, then access it at the bottom of the sidebar.
Entering the wrong occupied changing room while naked will now give a different set of options, including the opportunity for surreptitious masturbation.
You can now be more assertive with your butt. (Added the straddle and envelop actions)
Incorporated TreeFrogSoup's Whitney mod. Adds new Whitney events to the school hallways. Includes petplay.
Also incorporated TreeFrogSoup's "Beg for clothes" mod. Lets you beg for clothing if naked on Domus Street. Requires high exhibitionism.

Bug Fixes
Fixed some gender confusion in the school pool changing rooms.
Fixed an error caused by successful teasing.
Boys and girls should no longer emerge in the wrong changing rooms to photograph you.
Fixed an error found in the strip club when talking to a dispirited Darryl.
Fixed a bug allowing the fallen angel transformation to stack with others.
Fixed a bug causing the angel transformation to progress despite already being a fallen angel, or no longer a virgin.
Fixed a bug causing the strip scene at the dance studio from ending the turn after it begins.
Money gained from tips should now be displayed in a more appropriate way.
You should now be able to tell all humans and beasts to stop in soft mode.
"Forcibly whored out" should no longer appear in the statistics page in soft mode.
Fixed a bug causing Winter to materialise as a rapist.

Friday 30 November 2018


This update adds a new speech action available at high awareness, more severe consequences to entering the wrong changing room, and different character backgrounds that let you begin with alternative stats.

The idea behind the latter addition is to allow experienced players to skip some of the early game, but with drawbacks. Starting with decent school skills means starting with very low status, for example. The cheat menu isn't ready yet, but may appear in the next round of bug fixes. Feedback is appreciated.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Patch notes
You can now overwrite saves without first deleting them, thanks to Quin2k.
Exhibitionist characters will now have an additional option when catcalled in the streets even if not wearing a skirt.
Added the mock and tease speech abilities, available in non consensual and consensual encounters respectively.
Mocking an NPC's insecurities will restore control. Control cannot be restored to a higher amount than you began the encounter with in this way.
Tease is similar, except a successful tease arouses instead of restoring control. Both require a beyond normal awareness.
New characters may choose a background that alters starting stats. Each has a disadvantage.
Entering the wrong changing room at school may now have more severe repercussions.

Balance Changes
The forest ritual scene that can occur following passing out at the lake will now end sooner.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue causing the performance in longer games to drop. Thanks to Lavos for identifying the cause, and Quin2k for finding a solution.
Fixed a bug making some submissive actions more effective than intended.
Fixed a bug preventing the angel and fallen angel transformations from properly increasing attractiveness and allure.
Fixed a bug that caused losing your virginity with the angel transformation to prevent other transformations from starting.
Squids will no longer rub you while swimming if bestiality is disabled.
The option to be lewd with dolphins will no longer appear if bestiality is disabled.
Making Robin cum in the cinema will now get semen on your face if they have a penis.
Cuddling in your bed with Robin will now redress you if you get out of bed without sleeping.
Fixed a bug causing Robin's gender to sometimes swap after fetching them water.
Having your arms held down while giving a handjob will no longer continue the handjob.
You can no longer straddle a penis, or push yours against an orifice while wearing a chastity belt.
Fixed an issue during encounters where beasts would be referred to as just "The".
A second pair of underwear will no longer appear beneath your first should you show the beach pervert your genitals after asking to measure theirs.
Fixed a bug causing teenagers to appear at the lake during rain.
The "Rub" action when a penis rubs against your ass or pussy will should now be auto-selected if you picked it last turn and the NPC refrained from penetrating you.
Being attacked in the school toilets after having your clothes taken will now correctly lower control.

Wednesday 21 November 2018


This update adds content to the lake, a third science project and a cinema you can visit with Robin. It also reworks how feelings of control impact your character.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Edit: Updated download links with Fixes several bugs. Notes at bottom of post.
Edit2: Updated Android version

Patch notes
Made a third, lewd project available for the science fair.
Retrieving lichen from the lake ruin is now more involved.
Another science fair will be held on saves that have already finished one.
Swimming deeper into the lake ruin can lead to treasure. Note that you won't lose air during encounters for the time being.
Added a museum to Oxford Street. It opens on weekends. They'll buy any treasures you find.
Added hallucinogens as a third drug effect. They enable the two hallucination traits regardless of trauma or awareness level.
Fleshed out the lake with more events, with help from Klain.
You can now take Robin to the cinema in the evening once their love is high enough (two hearts).
Added a unique sprite for the black wolf, art courtesy of Ulithium_Dragon.
Harper's pills will now show up in your bedroom. You can take them once a day to restore control and lower awareness.

Balance Changes
Lewd fluid will no longer wash off during encounters in water.
Separated the drunk and aphrodisiac effects and gave them each their own stat bar.
Swimming out of the eel encounters in the drains and sea is easier.
Control is now a scale, rather than a toggle.
Most actions that would restore or shatter control now increase or decrease it by 25%.
Having less than 50% control activates trauma-related traits. High control gives resistance to trauma.
Control will slowly recover on its own.
Defeating Bailey in the orphanage will now leave you in your bedroom, rather than the main hall.

Bug Fixes
The student who gropes you in maths will now cum when their arousal hits max.
Moving your mouth to a penis or pussy will no longer increment the "orally penetrated" stat.
Fixed an issue with the angel transformation not changing when losing your virginity during gangbangs.
Fixed a bug letting you dive for lichen in the lake after the science fair has concluded.
Fixed a bug causing Avery's gender to ignore NPC settings.
Fixed a bug freeing your arms during the second brothel punishment sequence.
Fixed a gamebreaking bug during the pass out scene at the lake.
Fixed a possible gender mix-up during the first "Robin is missing" scene.
Fixed a problem with dance lessons sometimes opening with part of the introduction text, even if it's not the first visit.
Fixed an issue with the wrong text appearing following the brothel gangbang show. For real this time (I hope.)
The tea party event on Danube Street will now correctly advertise that it will take 40 minutes.
Being under the influence of a drug will no longer make your pain bar disappear.
Fixed a bug preventing the "moth-eaten mattress" event from working properly.
Fixed a bug causing the anxiety and severe anxiety traits to have an effect at lower trauma levels than intended.
Updated tutorial to include deviancy.
Fixed a bug causing a molestation to be considered consensual if you refuse the black wolf in the wolf cave.
Fixed a bug causing breasts to grow past the cap on smaller characters.
Being woken up by a greedy Bailey will no longer prevent the PC from dressing properly.
You will now fix your clothing after refusing to be blackmailed if caught masturbating in class.
Fixed a bug causing towels to sometimes replace your swimsuit following an encounter.
Fixed a bug causing penises shoved against your lips in anger to not work correctly.
You can now wriggle free from bindings during swarm and slime encounters in soft mode.

I'm considering working on a cheat menu for the next update. Patch notes
Balance Changes
Trauma traits will now be considered "in control" if your sense of control is anxious or better.
Two of the events triggered by searching pots in the lake ruin are now stressful.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug causing visiting the cinema with Robin to become unavailable until the following day.
Fixed a bug causing - trauma actions to increase trauma.
Fixed a bug inverting the apparent controlled status of trauma traits in the Traits menu.
Trauma traits should now be properly enabled if your Control bar is below the intended value.
Fixed a bug causing the "You feel more confident in your powers of seduction" message from appearing at inappropriate times.
The lake vore encounter will no longer happen if your hallucinations are under control.
Fixed a bug allowing the insomnia and nightmare traits to function despite being under control.
Descriptions of enemy states detailing their pain, arousal etc. will no longer disappear within certain ranges.
The third science project should now be doable for characters already in the middle of the project.
Resting during a vore encounter is no longer marked as a bratty action.
Fixed a bug causing fish at the lake to be described as eels.
Leaving the lake with the teenagers while hunted will no longer cause you to be hunted immediately upon reentering the forest.
Fixed further issues with being caught masturbating in English.
Fixed a bug causing Harper to materialise in place of a rapist.

Thursday 8 November 2018


This update adds a science fair and associated project as the first in a series of extracurricular activities. It also expands the forest with a lake, with opportunities for mid-level promiscuity and exhibitionism. Thank you for your patience.

Edit: Updated the links to, which fixes several bugs. See bottom of post for patch notes.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Patch notes
Made text improvements to the wolf cave.
Added new options in Robin's bedroom for dealing with trauma and other troubles. Designed and written in collaboration with Jemini.
Added a lake to the forest. Teenagers like to hang out there if the weather is nice. And if they can muster the courage. Couples sometimes camp there at night. Designed and written in collaboration with Klain.
A science fair will now be held in the town hall. Your teacher will give you a few weeks warning. Time enough to make a project. Check the Social page for details.

Balance Changes
Being upskirted or pantsed while playing volleyball will now lower your status.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an error in the fame description text.
Swapped the colours of "famous" and "recognised" in the fame description text.
The mouth "Rest" action will now be defaulted to when selected.
Fixed a bug causing human penises to appear in x-rays and close ups during beast encounters. Note that the ass close up doesn't yet have beast art.
Arms and head will now be bound appropriately during the second brothel punishment sequence.
Fixed a bug letting you put your "0" on when swimming.
Made masturbation, outfit selection and the remaining dance actions selectable by clicking on their accompanying text.
Fixed a bug causing anyone who catches you sneaking under their stall to think they have a pussy, whether or not they actually do.
Paying to get your clothes back in the school toilets will now reduce your money by the appropriate amount.
Fixed a bug preventing wolfshrooms found in the forest from incrementing your wolfiness as much as intended.
Fixed a bug making Briar act like you'd chosen the "Stuck-up" option after the the "Lost and scared" performance.
Fixed a bug making the "straddle" and "envelop" actions unavailable during beast encounters.
Fixed some weirdness caused by screaming with something near your mouth.
Fixed a bug breaking some text when first visiting Doren's home.
Fixed a bug causing NPCs to sometimes know what your genitals are while crossdressing.
Fixed an action incorrectly marked as deviant.
Fixed a bug preventing plant tops from being equipped if wearing a wet shirt.
Fixed a bug that would temporarily revert the wolf cave to its pre-Stockholm syndrome state. Patch Notes
Added a "Stop hugging" option when hugging Robin.
Added an experimental "soft" mode, which makes the game less brutal. The main changes are flagging all encounters as consensual, and removing the pain mechanics.
This mode is unlikely to remain unchanged, and is likely very buggy.
Added a slider to settings which controls the rate that allure triggers events.

Balance Changes
Increased the rate the swimming skill increases.

Bug Fixes
Slime and semen will now wash off in the middle of the lake.
Fixed an issue causing events to trigger back-to-back at the lake.
Fixed an issue with text refering to Robin as male regardless of their actual gender.
Fixed a bug causing cuddling Robin to increase rather than decrease stress and trauma.
Fixed a bug preventing Robin from leaving for school or work while being cuddled.
Fixed a bug generating phantom tentacles if a tentacle stopped squeezing your breasts together while a second was fucking them.
The deviant options after howling in the forest will now increase deviancy and restore control as advertised.
Fixed some gender confusion during a blackmail scene.
Fixed a bug preventing the swimming skill increasing if practicing in the lake.
Students will no longer journey to the lake on rainy days, only to vanish once there.
Fixed an issue preventing Landry from being available despite having their black box.
Closed a herm portal opened by performing in a show at the brothel.

Saturday 27 October 2018


This update aims to make the brothel and strip club more distinct from each other, and add consequences to defying Bailey and Briar.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Thanks to Doctor West for creating the following FAQs about the game:
FAQ with spoilers
FAQ without spoilers

Patch notes
The fluid text description now reflects a more extreme degree of coverage that requires both slime and semen.
Added more appropriate x-ray and vaginal close up art for beast encounters, art courtesy of Ulithium_Dragon.
Added unique sprites for pigs and boars, art also courtesy of Ulthium_Dragon.
Briar will offer another job once you become more known for prostitution. The job requires high promiscuity or deviancy.
Continuing to whore at the pub after Briar's "warning" now has a repercussion.
Added new dancing events unique to the strip club.
Radio buttons can be interacted with by clicking on their accompanying text.
Avoiding Bailey's payments will now make the orphanage a little more dangerous.
Added a general description of your fame to the Social Page. May need adjusting.
Added bars showing the wolf pack's harmony and ferocity to the Social page.
Added a brief description of each NPC shown in the Social page.
Added a journal section to the Social page that shows how much money Bailey wants, when they want it and other information.
Note that the journal won't display the day Bailey's money is expected on old saves until you next pay them.

Balance Changes
Tripled the wolfgirl/boy buildup effect of wolfshrooms.
Visiting the wolf cave will stop whatever was hunting you.
Added a "Rest" option to mouth actions, ass actions, and made the "Rest" action for genitals available in more situations.
Adjusted lewd actions that previously restored control then immediately shattered it.
Bailey will now bring backup when trying to shake you down if you stopped them last time.
You can store your clothes in the wolf cave to avoid them getting torn up through rough play. May require exhibitionism 2.

Bug Fixes
Being hosed down in science class will now remove slime and semen.
Slime and semen will wash from you as intended if masturbating in swimming class.
Fixed a bug preventing your school swimsuit bottom from being worn again if taken off outside a wardrobe.
Fixed a bug preventing the default outfits (casual and school) from being bound to different clothing.
Fixed a bug allowing the PC to give oral to a creature mounting them from behind.
Fixed a bug causing you to pull down your "naked" if your clothes are destroyed as you try to displace them.
Fixed a bug causing your "naked" to dry.
Fixed a bug describing the effects of an option incorrectly during the scene with Whitney in the pub.
Fixed some gender and genital confusion in the "measuring tape" encounter.
Fixed a bug preventing your clothes from being worn in the garden even if the thief throws them back.
Closed a herm portal opened by spotting a parent on the beach but not approaching them.
Fixed a bug causing aprons to spontaneously break.
Fixed a bug causing skill-based penis actions to fail when they should succeed.

Wednesday 17 October 2018


This update expands the wolf cave and rebalances some of the deviancy actions introduced in the last update. It also continues the "inspection" sequence in science class.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Patch Notes
Added two events to Science class.
Being the black wolf's prisoner now runs the risk of developing stockholm syndrome.
Expanded the wolf cave. The chance of specific events triggering is determined by how you interact with the pack.
If they trust you enough, they'll let you join in their hunts.

Balance Changes
Moved the Leave button in the beach, brothel and club changing rooms to the top of the page.
Increased the value of tips gained from whoring at the strip club.
You should now be able to leave the dressing rooms in the strip club and brothel naked with a high enough exhibitionism.
Encounters resulting from deviancy actions with guard animals will now be considered consensual.
Wolves will no longer always attack the PC on sight.
You can now return to the wolf cave at will once they trust you enough to leave.
Making wolves cum outside the wolf cave will now improve the pack's trust.
Speaking to Landry will keep you in the pub when finished, rather than send you to Harvest Street.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug causing delinquency to increase when obeying Leighton instead of refusing them during a certain event.
Fixed another bug causing Robin to materialise as a rapist.
Fixed a herm portal opened by a creepy student at school, one opened by groups of students in the playground and another in the toilets.
Fixed a bug preventing the Next button from appearing after a consensual dolphin encounter.
Fixed a bug causing small squid to harass your "naked".
Fixed an issue causing events to loop in the drains.
Fixed a bug preventing you from pulling away from a penis about to enter your mouth.
Disabling beasts will now correctly disable a rare beast encounter that can occur when you follow a dog down an alley.
Exhibitionism gained by stripping in toilets or the sea will no longer be reset if you look at a sidebar page before moving to a different area.
Fixed a bug letting you leave the strip club while undressed.
Fixed a bug causing flashbacks to trigger inappropriately.
Fixed a bug causing wardrobes and changing rooms to lag a turn when determining whether you're dressed enough to leave.
Fixed the bugs causing consensual encounters with Whitney to keep going after successfully asking them to stop.
Fixed a bug rendering you unable to use your hands in the maths class gangbang.
Fixed a bug causing the pain bar to overflow while drugged with an aphrodisiac.
Fixed a bug preventing you from returning to Eden's cabin despite having stockholm syndrome.

Saturday 6 October 2018


This update adds the deviancy stat, new events and new sprites. Thanks for your feedback.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Edit: There's a gamebreaking bug with the deviancy 3 action involving dolphins. Avoid it for now.

Patch Notes
Added the Deviancy stat, which functions like promiscuity and exhibitionism.
Deviancy increases when you perform acts marked as "deviancy". They all involve beasts.
Added deviancy options to several already existing events.
The wolf cave is notably untouched by the above, and will be developed in a future update.
You can now be interrupted while masturbating in the garden.
Added a new event taking place on the streets or in alleys.
Added a new event taking place at sea.
Dresses and bikinis now have a more appropriate sex sprite, art courtesy of Ulithium_Dragon.
Added a colour key to the characteristics, traits etc. pages.
An NPC will now attempt to blackmail the PC if their sexual fame gets too high.
If the PC fails to fulfill their demands or escapes the situation, they can fulfill the demands for pay instead.
Added a new option when blackmailing the headteacher, only available in some circumstances.
PCs famous mainly for consensual sex with humans can take control during the announcement board scene.
Added a map to the text only version.
Added four outfit slots at the wardrobe alongside casual and school.

Balance Changes
Moved the "Close Wardrobe" button to the top of the wardrobe.
Increased the fame required to enable the announcement board scene.
The announcement board scene will only happen if the blackmailer's demands aren't met.
Note that the for old saves the announcement board scene will not trigger a second time, but otherwise the sequence will proceed as normal.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an error occurring when caught crossdressing.
NPCs involved in the glory hole event at the brothel should no longer be able to teleport into your room.
Fixed a bug causing Whitney to hang out at the school gates much more frequently then intended.
Fixed a bug breaking some text during tentacle encounters.
Putting on an outfit after sleeping will no longer wear an item that was destroyed.
You should no longer lose the option of dressing casually or for school if the default clothing is lost.
Fixed a bug causing waist aprons to inherit the damage of your bikini bottoms.
Fixed a gamebreaking bug that could occur if you were caught exposed on the beach with your arms bound.
Fixed a bug causing NPC's change their perception of your when inappropriate.
Fixed a bug causing an hour to pass if caught masturbating during maths.
Fixed a bug that would leave you naked when getting dressed after swimming class.
Fixed a bug preventing security from being alerted if you stole a crystal from the compound following an encounter with tentacles.
The close up images won't display if the body part in question is not exposed.

Edited for clarity.

Tuesday 25 September 2018


This update adds some new art, makes a number of quality of life improvements, and adds more Whitney content inspired by feedback from the last update. Thanks for your patience.

Due to popular request, there is now a DoL Discord server.
Big thanks to DabbingPenguin for setting it up. Apologies to anyone who dislikes discord. I'll still be reading comments here and in the usual places as much as before.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Patch Notes
Added close up shots of the PC's genitals and ass during encounters.
Added progress bars to several stats in the Characteristics page.
Various events involving Whitney will now increase their lust.
Whitney will now hang out at the gates after school if they haven't bothered you during the day. They may make passing difficult.
You can now set your currently equipped clothing as a "casual" or "school" outfit at the wardrobe. It will be worn when selecting that outfit when waking up.
Becoming famous for sex, mostly achieved by having pictures taken of you in the act, now carries a more severe repercussion.

Balance Changes
Doubled the base rate of Whitney events once they declare you their boy/girlfriend, or if their dominance reaches max.
A higher lust increases the rate of Whitney events further.
Increased the stress reduction of passing out at the orphanage and being found by Bailey.
"Dress for school" and "Dress casually" options will now put on the starting underwear by default.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug that caused your fatigue to rise if your sleep was interrupted while you had the insomnia trait.
Robin's dominance should now increase as intended if you accept defeat with grace.
Fixed a bug that could cause a blank screen at the beach party.
Closed a few herm portals on the bus, and a couple in the school.
Fixed some Robin gender confusion during the hospital scene.
Fixed some gender confusion in the teacher's introductions.
Fixed a bug causing hair to appear off to the side of the sprite.
Fixed a bug causing your mouth to become occupied by an invisible force if an NPC receiving a boobjob decided they'd rather fuck your mouth.
NPCs should no longer be able to lick your cheek while receiving oral. There may still be issues during encounters with multiple NPCs.
Fixed a bug preventing some types of fame from incrementing.
The sidebar stow/unstow button should no longer be covered and made unusable on Android.
Increased the maximum width needed for "narrow screen" mode to activate, in the hope of fixing some UI issues on Android.

Thursday 13 September 2018


This update gives Whitney more things to do (to you). It also introduces the Social page, which I hope will make tracking your progress with NPCs easier. Let me know what you think.

It's been almost three months since I released 0.1.0. It's gone by so fast. Thanks to everyone who's played, reported bugs, left feedback, discussed the game and/or supported me on patreon. You've made this a fantastic experience.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Patch Notes
Images should now work on narrow screens. Big thanks to Quin2k and dzn for their help.
Added the "Social" page, found in the sidebar beneath Traits. It lists each NPC's feelings towards you once you've met them.
Eden, Robin and Whitney have more specific information on the Social Page.
Moved the description of your reputation at school from the Characteristics page to the Social page.
Extended the chain of events involving Whitney. Added another branch and added exhibitionist options to already existing events.
Added the option of dealing with Whitney permanently.
Developing Whitney's affection for you won't stop the bullying, but it might make things a little easier.
Added a secret.

Balance Changes
Robin should now only show up to your room once or twice per night at most.
Leaving the lockers at school now takes one minute.
Increased the rate of Whitney events.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug causing your gender appearance to be locked in place between encounters.
Fixed some gender confusion at the compound.
Fixed a bug causing an audience to watch during the encounter with four students finding you undressed in a classroom.
Fixed a bug that muddled audience comments.
Fixed a bug allowing the slime encounter in the bath even if your hallucinations are under control.
Fixed a bug causing Eden's arousal to begin maxed in the encounter resulting from letting them grope you at night.

Tuesday 4 September 2018


This update adds a mixture of general features and improvements, and plugs some gaps in content. The focus of will be fleshing out Whitney. Thanks for the feedback.

Edit: Released which fixes bugs causing errors during encounters with multiple NPCs. Replaced links with new versions.

Patch Notes
Updated to Sugarcube v2.27.0
Added more potential reactions to NPCs discovering the PC is crossdressing. They may now have something to say about it too.
Added skirts to the sex sprite, art courtesy of Ulithium_Dragon.
Reworded male characters losing their virginity to sound less brutal.
You can now be caught masturbating during english, history and swimming lessons.
Added breast reduction and enlargement procedures to the hospital. They're expensive.
Named npcs should now remember your sex once they've seen your genitals.

Balance Changes
Robin and Bailey know your sex from the start.
Robin will not attend their stand while injured.
Slime and semen will now wash off in water, but not all at once. Increases the chance of an encounter based on how much washes off.
The NPCs involved in the fight on the yacht should be a bit less aggressive at the start.
Characters with high exhibitionism will no longer cover themselves when exposed. Characters with very high exhibitionism will no longer cover themselves even if naked.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug letting you fuck someone while wearing a chastity belt if you took the initiative.
Fixed a bug letting you fuck beasts in the ass while they're assaulting you. It will return in some form.
Fixed a bug preventing more severe detentions from triggering.
Fixed a bug allowing you to penetrate or envelop someone through clothing.
Eden will no longer bother you in the garden or spring if they're out hunting.
Fixed a bug preventing the image for torn green school swim shorts from appearing.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Monday 27 August 2018


This update makes many changes and additions to Robin and the events surrounding them. It also gives the player more control over the gender of NPCs, both named and generic.

I'm sorry for the delay in getting this out. It's by far the longest gap between updates since the initial release. I knew I wouldn't have as much time as normal last week, so I decided I'd keep the scope of small. I then changed my mind like an idiot and tried to cram more content in.

I think my original plan was sensible. Ideally, I'd like to release regular updates at the weekend. We'll see how well that goes. Thank you for your patience.

Edit: Forgot to mention. If you want to use a 0.1.11.X save file, try to save the game away from Robin before loading it in Doing otherwise might cause weirdness due to all the Robin changes.

Edit 2: is available. Fixes several bugs. I reworked how NPC genitals are chosen as part of a fix, and decided to add new options to the NPC settings page while I was at it. Added notes beneath the notes, and updated the download links. Thanks everyone for alerting me to these issues.

Patch Notes
You can now choose to penetrate or envelop NPCs, rather than waiting on them to do it. Requires high promiscuity if the encounter is consensual.
Added sliders to more precisely control the proportion of NPCs that are each gender.
Added a settings page that lets you choose the gender of specific named NPCs.
Robin can be found in the canteen at school during lunch.
Robin can also be found at their lemonade stand on the beach at appropriate times. They'll appreciate help.
Made minor adjustments to the female avatar based on Ulithium_Dragon's example.

Balance Changes
NPCs with penises should no longer try to fuck the player's penis with their ass unless the encounter is consensual.
Made many adjustments to Robin's romance. Lowered the number of weeks required to trigger their ordeal.
Increased the stress and trauma caused by being too tired.
Increased the impact of delinquent acts on your reputation.
Extreme delinquency will no longer result in multiple detentions with no infractions in-between.
Made actions which alter Robin's feelings towards you clearer.

Bug Fixes
You can no longer leave the brothel or strip club while exposed.
Fixed a gamebreaking bug that could occur if you fought at the yacht.
Ejaculating inside someone's mouth or ass will now correctly lower your purity and increment your "Ejaculated in others" stat.
Fixed a bug that would get the player stuck in a loop if they entered the shopping centre while drenched.
Fixed a bug that could prevent your bottom clothes from being stripped properly.
Screaming while being molested on the bus should now attract help.
Corrected some wonky text during tentacle encounters.
Fixed a bug preventing normal interaction with Robin on saturdays.
Fixed a bug preventing you from pulling down your tights.
Fixed a bug preventing you from fixing your shorts if you were wearing a shirt. Patch Notes
Added NPC genitals to the NPC Settings page.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug causing Robin's console to vanish as soon as you bought a new one.
Fixed a bug causing Robin to comment on your virginity even if it's long lost.
The settings page should no longer be broken for old saves.
Fixed a bug breaking the gender of named NPCs for old saves.
Fixed a bug causing Robin to materialise in place of a rapist.
Fixed a bug that prevented transformations from occurring without visiting the settings page on old saves.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Wednesday 15 August 2018


This update adds a new character, with the aim of making the orphanage itself more interesting and adding another way to manage trauma.

Edit: Released which fixes some bugs. Notes at bottom of post.

Patch notes
Most clothes will become transparent when wet. Be careful near water or when spending time in the rain.
Added a one-off event to the school that can occur from the second week onwards.
Added another resident to the orphanage. They're innocent and naive, and may need protecting.
They can accompany you to and from school. There's safety in numbers.
Spending time with them can lower stress and trauma.
Added a fairly late game one-off event that involves the new character.

Balance Changes
Made one of the Whitney events more impactful.
Rebalanced Eden's emotions. They should be more lustful.
Studying in the library no longer increases stress.
Greatly lowered the maximum amount of pain that could be accrued. The amount of pain needed to disable the main character is unchanged.
Lowered the effect of beauty on your allure and attractiveness. Still much higher than it was in 0.1.9 and earlier.
Rebalanced the allure bar.
Increased the impact of trauma gains and losses outside of encounters.

Bug Fixes
Tank tops will no longer be pulled down your body.
Fixed a bug confusing the gender of rapists at the beach party, and bullies at school.
Fixed a bug causing a tentacle event at the school from triggering even with tentacles disabled.
Fixed a bug causing phantom arms to appear during tentacle encounters.
Fixed the wrong flashback text appearing at school and underground.
Untangling yourself without removing clothes will now increase stress as indicated.
Studying in the library at midnight should no longer have a chance to trigger events as if school was in session.

Check the most recent update for download links. Patch notes

Fixed a bug causing Eden to not lose arousal upon orgasm.
Fixed a bug that let the player accept Robin's confession multiple times.
Fixed a bug causing beauty and stress to overflow and cause problems when playing with old saves.
You can no longer enter Robin's room or walk home with them while exposed.
Fixed bugs interfering with Robin's encounters.
Fixed a bug that made the allure description inaccurate when looking in a mirror.
Fixed an issue with your clothes drying even if you wore none.

Monday 6 August 2018


This update was supposed to focus on bug fixes. It does, but there's a mixture of fun stuff in too. Thanks everyone for the feedback and bug reports.

Edit: Released which hopefully fixes issues with images failing to load on Linux. Also fixes a bug causing your avatar's arm to lag a turn when covering yourself. Sorry for the bother.

Patch Notes
Protecting your virginity and maintaining angelic purity for a long time will result in changes to your character. Does not stack with the wolfgirl/boy transformation.
Added three uncommon events to the forest. One requires bestiality enabled. One requires bestiality and vore enabled, and has an additional component if swarms are enabled.
You can displace your clothing during most encounters.
Added improved cum drip animations by Bear299.
Added clothing to the sex sprite, art courtesy of Ulithium_Dragon. Only appears when in the "idle" position, and skirts use shorts for now.
Dolphins have their own sprite, art also courtesy of Ulithium_Dragon.

Balance Changes

Adjusted the difficulty of skulduggery on Connudatus Street and the compound on Elk Street.
Leaving Eden's Cabin after obtaining permission now puts you closer to town.
Reduced the amount of purity restored by remaining a virgin.
Human partners can now slowly raise your awareness to higher levels.
Entering Eden's cabin will stop you being hunted.
Orgasms remove more arousal, unless under the effects of an aphrodisiac.
Beauty rises much faster, particularly if your trauma is low. Excess trauma lowers beauty.

Bug Fixes

You can no longer rob people on Connudatus Street while exposed.
Fixed a bug that could reset your "Whored yourself" stat.
School grades no longer decay at the weekend.
The progress bar now remains after school skills reach A*.
Thigh length pink hair no longer stretches to the ground between your legs.
Fixed a gamebreaking bug that could trigger after delivering a note to the headteacher.
Disabling tentacles will now correctly prevent the tentacle encounter in the forest from occurring.
Messages caused by gaining or losing traits should no longer be skipped if you're asleep when they trigger.
Safes in Domus Street will now tell you when they no longer improve your skulduggery skill.
Safes in Danube Street will now improve your skulduggery skill.
Fixed a bug causing Doren to materialise in place of a rapist.
Strip actions are no longer unavailable while dancing without any trauma.
You can no longer pull down your underwear if something is in the way.
Worn out tentacles can no longer be interacted with by your feet.
Tentacles squeezing your breasts will no longer create a phantom tentacle when disabled.
Using the "kiss" action with a penis in front of your mouth or between your breasts will now kiss the penis.
Giving an npc a titfuck will prevent them from kissing your mouth. May still be issues during encounters with multiple npcs.
Fucking an npc's ass will show on the sex sprite.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Sunday 29 July 2018


This update focuses on bridging the gap between D and D+ skulduggery. Next update will focus more heavily on fixing bugs and other issues.

Patch Notes
Incorporated Citizen_Hirsute_4's hirsute wolf transformation assets. Toggleable in settings.
The wolf transformation can now be disabled in settings.
Added cum drip animations, courtesy of Bear299.
X-ray images can now feature darker penises, art also courtesy of Bear299.
Wolves now have their own sprite, art courtesy of of Ulithium_Dragon.
Added sliders controlling the likelihood of pale and dark skinned npcs.
Masturbating in science and maths classes now carries the risk of being caught.
Those with D rank skulduggery can now rob people on Connudatus Street. Of the six associated events, one cannot occur at night, and one can only occur at night.
Conducting robbery on Connudatus Street can give you access to a secret compound full of valuables. Be careful not to get caught.
Added a mirror to your bedroom. It shows your attractiveness rating, and breaks down the variables influencing your attractiveness and allure.

Balance Changes

Your ability to wander naked at night is now tied to exhibitionism rather than trauma.
Lower purity now lets you recover faster from too many orgasms.
Virgins now recover purity much faster.
Masturbating to orgasm now lowers purity.

Bug Fixes
Fixed the lifeguard's identity changing during the beach exhibitionist sequence.
Fixed a bug preventing parasites from escaping your body when having your chastity belt removed at the temple.
Endless tentacle encounters should no longer occur.
Stopped the "mostly men" and "mostly women" options resetting to default when visiting the settings page.
Hid the PC's brows behind the beanie.
Certain events in the school pool should now improve your swimming skill as intended.
Made the purpose of the maximum breast size setting a bit clearer.
Just talking with a client should now correctly put your clothes back on after (at least in the brothel).

Saturday 21 July 2018

Version 0.1.8

This update lets you touch yourself! Also rebalances and adds things that'll hopefully make consensual encounters more satisfying.

Thanks everyone who's helped me out or given advice. And thanks for the continued feedback.

Shout-out to dzn for taking on the herculean task of refactoring my clothing code and patiently explaining to me how JS works. May the gods have mercy on you.

Patch notes
Added progress bars and a percentage next to your skills on the characteristics page.
Added similar bars to the sidebar.
Submissive and meek acts are now considered "assertive" if the encounter is consensual.
Assertiveness can be spent at the end of an encounter to increase or decrease your submissiveness, decrease your trauma, or decrease your stress.
Added a simple event that can trigger when undressed in the playground during school hours.
The shop now sells tank tops. Art courtesy of Ulithium_Dragon.
Lizards now have their own sprite. Art also courtesy of Ulithium_Dragon.
You can now masturbate in various places. These usually have no requirement, but some need exhibitionism 3. Full on public masturbation isn't ready yet, but is coming.
The actions available when masturbating depend on your awareness stat. If you begin with a "knowledgeable" character, you'll have it all unlocked from the start.
A new exhibitionism 5 action on the beach during clear days.

Balance Changes
Submissive and meek acts no longer increase submissiveness during consensual encounters.
Most actions now decrease stress during consensual encounters.
Removed the trauma requirement from most promiscuous and exhibitionist actions.
Losing half an outfit with clothing rebuy enabled now charges you half the full amount.
Human NPCs make awareness rise much more quickly. Still caps at "You have a normal understanding of sexuality" without more exotic partners.

Bug Fixes
Leaving Danube mansions after stealing from them no longer puts you on Domus Street.
Fixed an issue with the image for thigh-length brown hair.
Fixed an issue with outfits not being put on properly if half was destroyed with clothing rebuy enabled.
Fixed an issue with Eden's garden not being weeded properly if you were interrupted during.
Fixed a bug that prevented stress and trauma from increasing properly due to extreme tiredness.
Fixed a bug preventing purity from regenerating properly.
Fixed a bug preventing awareness from increasing during consensual encounters.
Fixed a bug that caused NPCs asked to not stick anything in your ass to instead not stick anything in your vagina.
Fixed a bug letting you put a shield on a chastity belt even if you couldn't afford it.

Friday 13 July 2018

Version 0.1.7

I've a list of bugs and issues still in need of fixes, but I didn't want to delay this release any longer.

Patch Notes
Added socks, shoes, stockings, shades and a hat. Art by Castle Dev.
The clothing shop sells tights, art also courtesy of Castle Dev.
Added glasses and a hairpin.
An accessory shop has opened in the forest outskirts.
Improved life at Eden's cabin. The Player Character has more autonomy once the leash is untied.
Continue to endear yourself to Eden and you may be allowed to return to town for a time.
Added wolf ears and tail to the sex sprite when appropriate.

Balance Changes
Using non-lockpicking skulduggery actions will no longer improve your skill if the act is too easy.
Increased the effect of stress reduction activities.

Bug Fixes
Closed a herm portal caused by riding a bus, and another caused by leaving the pub without talking to anyone.
Fixed an error triggered by choosing the "Stop" action while giving a buttjob.
Fixed an error that could appear during a swarm encounter while wearing a chastity belt.
Fixed broken images when playing on Linux. (Maybe)

Edit: released. A quick bug fixing update. Patch Notes
Balance Changes
Hair now grows faster.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a couple of bugs occuring if Eden finds you in town.
Fixed a bug caused by crossdressing in the pool.
Fixed a bug causing hospital staff to send boys out in the cold without a shirt.
Fixed a bug involving being heckled while dancing.
Fixed a bug occuring if you frotted against someone's ass or pussy.
Fixed some problems with wearing pjs to bed and choosing the "Dress like you were before bed" option not putting clothes on (or taking them off) as intended.
Falling off a building now hurts you as intended.
Having a bath with Eden should now always wash you.
You'll now automatically remove your accessories before a swimming lesson, and should automatically put them back on when you change into your normal clothes.
You should no longer break into a building only to be shooed out.
Promiscuity 5 actions should now correctly exercise your promiscuity.
Fixed the hairpin being unbuyable with an old save.

Edit 2: released. Just fixes an issue in causing accessories to remove themselves from your character when they're not supposed to. Sorry for the bother.

Friday 6 July 2018

Version 0.1.6

Futa NPCs are here. Let me know if you find any weirdness or text that doesn't fit.

Edit: This version does not play well with saves made made in prior versions, turning everyone into dickgirls and cuntboys and breaking the settings page.

Edit 2: Released version It should fix the broken settings page for old saves. To fix the dickgirl and related problems, just visit the settings page. Sorry for the bother and thanks for your patience.

Patch Notes
You can now choose the proportion of women that have penises and men that have vaginas.
Added chest parasites to another location.
Vore actions should now default to the last one selected.
New events in the school.
Added a "maximum breast size" setting.

Balance Changes
Reworked how purity interacts with breast growth. Breasts should now start growing sooner and progress more steadily.
Enabled breast growth for male characters.
Parasites cause much more arousal.
Chest parasites greatly accelerate breast growth.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug that broke your money if you received a tip dancing on day one, and fixed a bug that made them pay fractions of a penny.
Fixed a bug that prevented the "mostly men" and "mostly women" options from working properly.
Fixed a game breaking bug that could trigger if an encounter ended due to becoming incapacitated.
Fixed a bug preventing the wolf transformation from triggering correctly.
Fixed some text descriptions breaking for named NPCs.

Saturday 30 June 2018

Version 0.1.5

Bug fixes and improvements. Tried to make the sex system more robust and develop the promiscuity content. The problems with 0.1.4's female NPCs should now be resolved.

Thanks once more for bug reports and feedback, it's very helpful.

Patch Notes
Your arousal can peak while walking around town, making you climax on the spot.
Gave a purpose to the username and password you can find at the school.
The seductive and promiscuous can now make money selling themselves in the pub.
Made skulduggery mechanics a bit clearer.
The clothing shop sells evening gowns.
Text descriptions during gangbangs are a bit clearer. Still much to do here.
You can now choose to attract "mostly men" or "mostly women" in settings.
The game should do a better job of remembering which action to default to after character state changes.
Added some promiscuity 5 actions.

Balance Changes
The garden job now exercises your physique.
Lowered the chance of encounters triggering in the dungeon.
NPCs become aroused faster while you're incapacitated.
The hospital will no longer dress you in casual clothes if you're not exposed.

Bug Fixes
The slime bath should no longer involve tentacles if tentacles are disabled.
Stopped NPCs from dithering when holding your genitals or trying to take you in their pussy.
Fixed another broken image.
Sealed a herm portal on the beach.
Fixed some issues making npcs behave too passively.
Fixed an issue with hair not growing properly.
Renamed the "cross legs" action to "rest".
Stopped animals other than wolves turning you into a wolfgirl/boy.
Fixed a bug that made stroking with your right hand fail to become the default action.
Fixed outfits disappearing from your wardrobe if only the top half was destroyed.
Stopped NPCs also stealing your PJ bottoms when stealing your towel.
Stopped allure updating a turn late.
Fixed a game breaking bug triggered by screaming during certain encounters.

Saturday 23 June 2018

Version 0.1.4

More improvements and fixes. Touched a lot of code so hopefully haven't broken anything.

Edit: The NPC behaviour changes are not working right for male PCs interacting with female NPCs. Working on a fix.

Patch Notes
You can now press the enter, z or n keys instead of clicking "Next" to end the turn during encounters. Should work for all encounters and dancing.
Made rescue mechanics a bit clearer.
Added incapacity actions to encounters with tentacles and other strange creatures.
You can now start with a higher awareness stat, skipping some more innocent dialogue.

Balance Changes

Many changes to NPC behaviour with the goal of making them more decisive and focused on getting what they want.
Swarms are now less dangerous to clothing.
Wearing a chastity belt now impacts NPC moods more severely.
Being exhausted is now more dangerous.
The swimming skill now increases more quickly.

Bug Fixes
Made the seduction skill increase at the intended rate.
Seducing people in the pub now properly increases your promiscuity.
Losing the bottom of an outfit with clothing rebuy enabled should now replace the item.
Switched the submissiveness increase and decrease to their proper places during the Danube party.
Fixed a bug stopping submissiveness changes in some situations.
Fixed a discrepancy in the colour of an NPC action based on the hand they used.
Fixed a bug preventing some player character's breasts from behaving as they should.
Fixed a bug that would trap players in the drain system.
Fixed a bug causing swarms to get your arms muddled.
Fixed a bug causing male PCs to grow vaginas.
Fixed a bug that made the image for skirts disappear at certain levels of damage.
Fixed a bug that made dancing seductively not be the default action for the following turn.
Fixed some more PC and NPC gender confusion.
Fixed a bug causing the club dressing room to have two links out.
Fixed an issue preventing chastity belts being damaged as they should.
Removed NPC's ability to warp space to slap their genitals on your face. This may not be the end of it, but it'll help.

Wednesday 20 June 2018

Version 0.1.3

A more content heavy release meant to help balance some gameplay issues. Many bug fixes didn't make it in this one, and will be the focus of the next release.

Patch Notes
Added new actions to a few states that would previously incapacitate the player character. Some of these actions can help the pc recover.
Added new promiscuity actions and encounters in the pub.
Added a new potential event occuring when you pass out on the streets or in alleyways.

Balance Changes

Lowered the promiscuity requirement for whoring at the brothel and club.
Worked out some kinks in the breast growth system, and made low purity have a much bigger impact. Needs testing.
Greatly lowered the chance of encounters on the beach at night by adding the benign "wind blows in from the ocean" event to the pool.
Lowered the chance of the dog event occuring on the beach during the day.
Greatly lowered the chance of waking up in the industrial district if you pass out on a street. Increased the chance when passing out in an alleyway.

Bug Fixes
Sealed some more herm portals that would open if you walked the streets bound, wearing a collar or wearing towels.
Fixed an issue preventing npcs from generating properly if you wander the streets naked at night.
The bartending job now lasts an hour per shift as intended.
Fixed a promiscuous option in the club that wasn't labeled correctly.
Covering your genitals should now correctly prevent them being licked directly.
Tentacles now decrease your purity when they cum inside you as intended.
Fixed an issue with emperor's sundresses.
Orgasm and other states should now correctly interrupt frotting with your backside.
The penis parasite should now be removed by the hospital procedure.
Fixed an issue with actions from one encounter carrying over to the next.

Monday 18 June 2018

Version 0.1.2

More minor improvements and bug fixes.

Thank you to everyone who's played, reported bugs and/or given feedback.

Patch Notes
You can now toggle anal on and off in settings (needs testing).
Added "Passed out" to statistics page.
Some changes to help navigating around town.
Added some new descriptions to male npcs.

Balance Changes
Made the weekly payments ramp more slowly and cap at £2000.
Added a cap to allure, lowering the maximum chance of a lewd event occuring to 80%.
Passing out now removes much more stress.
Made events more likely to trigger in the school.
Increased the speed at which your skulduggery and grades improve.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a problem where some promiscuous actions were incorrectly marked as exhibitionist.
Fixed a bug that made unintended hermaphrodites. There may be more like it, be on the lookout.
Fixed a bug where a specific event wouldn't pay out the intended amount.
Fixed an issue with wolf encounters occuring when they shouldn't.
Fixed an issue preventing physique from improving at the speed intended.
Fixed a bug that caused vaginas to be exiled from reality if you stopped licking them.

Saturday 16 June 2018

Version 0.1.1

This small update fixes some bugs and makes a few improvements.

Patch notes
You can now spend the night in hospital instead of being thrown out onto the dangerous streets.
Added the "Take it" neutral action to some situations.

Balance changes
Made sexual skills increase faster.
Lewd acts now reduce more stress and trauma.

Bug fixes
Fixed an issue where stripping in the sea would prevent you from swimming to different areas.
Fixed a typo in the code that broke some dialogue.
Fixed a bug preventing the "Swallowed" stat from incrementing correctly.

Friday 15 June 2018

Degrees of Lewdity 0.1.0 Release

I started making Degrees of Lewdity as a way to explore what I could do in Twine with virtually no coding experience. Tinkering with it became a hobby and it developed into a coherent game. Now that the basic gameplay loop is functional and it has a decent amount of content, I decided it's time to share.

The game has strong sexual themes, and just lots of sex in general. You've been warned!

Bug reports and feedback are appreciated. Download links are in the sidebar.