Monday 27 August 2018


This update makes many changes and additions to Robin and the events surrounding them. It also gives the player more control over the gender of NPCs, both named and generic.

I'm sorry for the delay in getting this out. It's by far the longest gap between updates since the initial release. I knew I wouldn't have as much time as normal last week, so I decided I'd keep the scope of small. I then changed my mind like an idiot and tried to cram more content in.

I think my original plan was sensible. Ideally, I'd like to release regular updates at the weekend. We'll see how well that goes. Thank you for your patience.

Edit: Forgot to mention. If you want to use a 0.1.11.X save file, try to save the game away from Robin before loading it in Doing otherwise might cause weirdness due to all the Robin changes.

Edit 2: is available. Fixes several bugs. I reworked how NPC genitals are chosen as part of a fix, and decided to add new options to the NPC settings page while I was at it. Added notes beneath the notes, and updated the download links. Thanks everyone for alerting me to these issues.

Patch Notes
You can now choose to penetrate or envelop NPCs, rather than waiting on them to do it. Requires high promiscuity if the encounter is consensual.
Added sliders to more precisely control the proportion of NPCs that are each gender.
Added a settings page that lets you choose the gender of specific named NPCs.
Robin can be found in the canteen at school during lunch.
Robin can also be found at their lemonade stand on the beach at appropriate times. They'll appreciate help.
Made minor adjustments to the female avatar based on Ulithium_Dragon's example.

Balance Changes
NPCs with penises should no longer try to fuck the player's penis with their ass unless the encounter is consensual.
Made many adjustments to Robin's romance. Lowered the number of weeks required to trigger their ordeal.
Increased the stress and trauma caused by being too tired.
Increased the impact of delinquent acts on your reputation.
Extreme delinquency will no longer result in multiple detentions with no infractions in-between.
Made actions which alter Robin's feelings towards you clearer.

Bug Fixes
You can no longer leave the brothel or strip club while exposed.
Fixed a gamebreaking bug that could occur if you fought at the yacht.
Ejaculating inside someone's mouth or ass will now correctly lower your purity and increment your "Ejaculated in others" stat.
Fixed a bug that would get the player stuck in a loop if they entered the shopping centre while drenched.
Fixed a bug that could prevent your bottom clothes from being stripped properly.
Screaming while being molested on the bus should now attract help.
Corrected some wonky text during tentacle encounters.
Fixed a bug preventing normal interaction with Robin on saturdays.
Fixed a bug preventing you from pulling down your tights.
Fixed a bug preventing you from fixing your shorts if you were wearing a shirt. Patch Notes
Added NPC genitals to the NPC Settings page.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug causing Robin's console to vanish as soon as you bought a new one.
Fixed a bug causing Robin to comment on your virginity even if it's long lost.
The settings page should no longer be broken for old saves.
Fixed a bug breaking the gender of named NPCs for old saves.
Fixed a bug causing Robin to materialise in place of a rapist.
Fixed a bug that prevented transformations from occurring without visiting the settings page on old saves.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Wednesday 15 August 2018


This update adds a new character, with the aim of making the orphanage itself more interesting and adding another way to manage trauma.

Edit: Released which fixes some bugs. Notes at bottom of post.

Patch notes
Most clothes will become transparent when wet. Be careful near water or when spending time in the rain.
Added a one-off event to the school that can occur from the second week onwards.
Added another resident to the orphanage. They're innocent and naive, and may need protecting.
They can accompany you to and from school. There's safety in numbers.
Spending time with them can lower stress and trauma.
Added a fairly late game one-off event that involves the new character.

Balance Changes
Made one of the Whitney events more impactful.
Rebalanced Eden's emotions. They should be more lustful.
Studying in the library no longer increases stress.
Greatly lowered the maximum amount of pain that could be accrued. The amount of pain needed to disable the main character is unchanged.
Lowered the effect of beauty on your allure and attractiveness. Still much higher than it was in 0.1.9 and earlier.
Rebalanced the allure bar.
Increased the impact of trauma gains and losses outside of encounters.

Bug Fixes
Tank tops will no longer be pulled down your body.
Fixed a bug confusing the gender of rapists at the beach party, and bullies at school.
Fixed a bug causing a tentacle event at the school from triggering even with tentacles disabled.
Fixed a bug causing phantom arms to appear during tentacle encounters.
Fixed the wrong flashback text appearing at school and underground.
Untangling yourself without removing clothes will now increase stress as indicated.
Studying in the library at midnight should no longer have a chance to trigger events as if school was in session.

Check the most recent update for download links. Patch notes

Fixed a bug causing Eden to not lose arousal upon orgasm.
Fixed a bug that let the player accept Robin's confession multiple times.
Fixed a bug causing beauty and stress to overflow and cause problems when playing with old saves.
You can no longer enter Robin's room or walk home with them while exposed.
Fixed bugs interfering with Robin's encounters.
Fixed a bug that made the allure description inaccurate when looking in a mirror.
Fixed an issue with your clothes drying even if you wore none.

Monday 6 August 2018


This update was supposed to focus on bug fixes. It does, but there's a mixture of fun stuff in too. Thanks everyone for the feedback and bug reports.

Edit: Released which hopefully fixes issues with images failing to load on Linux. Also fixes a bug causing your avatar's arm to lag a turn when covering yourself. Sorry for the bother.

Patch Notes
Protecting your virginity and maintaining angelic purity for a long time will result in changes to your character. Does not stack with the wolfgirl/boy transformation.
Added three uncommon events to the forest. One requires bestiality enabled. One requires bestiality and vore enabled, and has an additional component if swarms are enabled.
You can displace your clothing during most encounters.
Added improved cum drip animations by Bear299.
Added clothing to the sex sprite, art courtesy of Ulithium_Dragon. Only appears when in the "idle" position, and skirts use shorts for now.
Dolphins have their own sprite, art also courtesy of Ulithium_Dragon.

Balance Changes

Adjusted the difficulty of skulduggery on Connudatus Street and the compound on Elk Street.
Leaving Eden's Cabin after obtaining permission now puts you closer to town.
Reduced the amount of purity restored by remaining a virgin.
Human partners can now slowly raise your awareness to higher levels.
Entering Eden's cabin will stop you being hunted.
Orgasms remove more arousal, unless under the effects of an aphrodisiac.
Beauty rises much faster, particularly if your trauma is low. Excess trauma lowers beauty.

Bug Fixes

You can no longer rob people on Connudatus Street while exposed.
Fixed a bug that could reset your "Whored yourself" stat.
School grades no longer decay at the weekend.
The progress bar now remains after school skills reach A*.
Thigh length pink hair no longer stretches to the ground between your legs.
Fixed a gamebreaking bug that could trigger after delivering a note to the headteacher.
Disabling tentacles will now correctly prevent the tentacle encounter in the forest from occurring.
Messages caused by gaining or losing traits should no longer be skipped if you're asleep when they trigger.
Safes in Domus Street will now tell you when they no longer improve your skulduggery skill.
Safes in Danube Street will now improve your skulduggery skill.
Fixed a bug causing Doren to materialise in place of a rapist.
Strip actions are no longer unavailable while dancing without any trauma.
You can no longer pull down your underwear if something is in the way.
Worn out tentacles can no longer be interacted with by your feet.
Tentacles squeezing your breasts will no longer create a phantom tentacle when disabled.
Using the "kiss" action with a penis in front of your mouth or between your breasts will now kiss the penis.
Giving an npc a titfuck will prevent them from kissing your mouth. May still be issues during encounters with multiple npcs.
Fucking an npc's ass will show on the sex sprite.

Check the most recent update for download links.