Thursday 17 March 2022

Degrees of Lewdity version

This update adds sex toys, and Sirris' adult shop. It also includes crossdressing events for Robin, Whitney events around town, more Alex scenes, and ironman mode.

Both the PC and NPCs can use sex toys, though the PC is restricted to consensual encounters and masturbation for the time being. These should add more variety to encounters, and form a good base for future expansion. Strap-ons have also been improved, and can be gifted to love interests who don't already have one.

The adult shop is dilapidated at the game's start. Sirris works hard to get it up running, but it'll take them months, without help. You can assist them Friday afternoons to speed things up. You can buy sex toys once it's open, and also work there. The shop also makes sex toys more popular among NPCs.

Gifting Robin a crossdressing outfit for Halloween or Christmas will now trigger a series of events, with Robin crossdressing casually in more locations as they feel more comfortable. Whitney, meanwhile, now roams the town's streets with their gang, remaining a threat even when school is not in session.

The update also introduces ironman mode, which I hope will make playthroughs more interesting for experienced players. It's an option I've wanted a while. Note that the game is still in alpha, and there's a good chance you'll run into a bug that'll impact you in an unfair way, so be warned! In addition, it relies on your browser's cache, so incognito mode or anything that clears your cache will delete your ironman save.

Huge thanks to the contributors, including Bathory666, who's responsible for the sex toy system and much of the surrounding content. It's no small feat!

On another topic, I was interviewed by a couple of months ago, and we had an interesting conversation about the game and myself. Have a look if you're curious!

I plan to work on making the jump to 0.4 soon, but there should be at least one more update before it's ready.

Edit: Updated to, fixing bugs.
Edit 2: Updated to, fixing bugs and balancing sex toys, among other changes.
Edit 3: Updated to, fixing more bugs.
Edit 4: Updated to, fixing a troublesome bug.
Edit 5: Updated to, fixing further bugs.

Check the most recent update for download links.

  • Added sex toys, and Sirris' adult shop. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Added a Robin crossdressing questline, including many new events. Can trigger after giving Robin a crossdressing outfit on Halloween or Christmas. Written and coded by RobinFanatic, with help from hwp and b0mbyx.
  • Robin will start crossdressing in more locations as the questline is completed.
  • Added Robin crossdressing scenes to the scene viewer. Thanks to hwp.
  • Added ironman mode. Saving in ironman mode will send the player back to the start screen. Loading an ironman save will delete the save. It disables cheats, the debug menu, and save exporting, and sets the "rate that events are triggered by allure", crop value, Bailey's payments to their default values if they had been lowered. It also sets history depth to 1 if it had been raised. It can only be chosen at the game's start, and cannot be disabled. Thanks to lifeAnime.
  • Autosaves in ironman mode will trigger every 5-8 days, or when the PC loses a virginity, as a backup.
  • Taunting Leighton while performing the car wash detention naked now has a small chance of triggering retribution from Leighton. Requires beasts be enabled. Thanks to shun.
  • You can now share milkshake with Whitney in the park. Thanks to b0mbyx, with help from cord, hwp and RobinFanatic.
  • Thanks to Kegdo and anonymous for one of the scenes found when working at the adult shop.
  • Added the option to hold hands during encounters. Thanks to Kegdo.
  • Added a scarecrow costume to the forest shop. Coded by anonymous, with spritework by Allo.
  • Added a waitress uniform, split dress, and see-through swimsuit to the adult shop. Coded by anonymous, with spritework by Turkeh.
  • Added icons for the belly dancer's veil, baseball shirt, baseball shorts, undershirt, and baseball cap. Thanks to anonymous.
  • Added combat sprites for thongs. Thanks to anonymous.
  • Added a facesitting toggle. Does not disable cunnilingus.
  • Added events found by helping Sydney and Sirris prepare the adult shop.
  • Added a grand opening event for the adult shop.
  • Thanks to lifeAnime for the adult shop menu, and for a sex toy inventory.
  • You can now by separate coloured contacts for each eye, allowing heterochromia. Thanks to lifeAnime.
  • Added a way to ask around for Sydney if they're absent from the Temple at their normal times. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Gave Sirris and Sydney the ability to unbind your arms at the adult shop. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Whitney can now rescue the PC when they scream at school in some locations. Teachers will take priority if applicable. Thanks to anonymous.
  • Initial comments during Domus Street modelling events now take model fame into account. Thanks to shun.
  • Added a couple of events to the town's streets, enabled by high modelling fame. One can escalate if the PC has sufficient stats, or have been hypnotised by Harper. Thanks to shun.
  • Added four new events found when flirting with Robin. Thanks to RobinFanatic.
  • Thanks to nesokax for several strap-on improvements.
  • Mask integrity now displays in the sidebar. Also added a cheat for mask integrity. Thanks to TonyFox.
  • Thanks to TonyFox for minor changes to Eden's intro sequence. Thanks to TonyFox.
  • Added some new synonyms for fluid dripping. Thanks to TonyFox.
  • Added unique lines for moaning at love interests during encounters. Code and Eden line by Kegdo. Robin lines by RobinFanatic. Black Wolf, Great Hawk, Sydney, Kylar, Avery, Alex, Whitney lines by Crimson Tide.
  • Clothing traits now have mouseover descriptions in the shop filter overlay. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Added descriptions for the naked, athletic, maid, riding, event, chastity, cage, hidden, gag and leash clothing traits. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Added the alternative "pink" demon transformation. Recolour by thewitchmaker, and coded by Lollipop Scythe.
  • Added Charlie's love to the cheat menu.
  • Added the dreads sides hairstyle. Art courtesy of 3hp.
  • Added icons for the bus station and factory. Art courtesy of pauloc.
  • The suspicious van at the bus station now appears again, though only when cheats are enabled, allowing easy access to the livestock bad end.
  • The PC can now can now insert their entire hand into their vagina during masturbation with enough practice. Coded by hwp and written by Stale Sandwich.
  • Improved error reporting. Thanks to hwp.
  • Thanks to Jimmy, hwp, TonyFox, Crimson Tide, and Kegdo for code improvements.
  • Thanks to PurityGuy for debugging the adult shop setup and grand opening scenes.
Thanks to Bathory666 for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added an adult shop to Elk Street, complete with background events and customers.
  • Added a clerk job to the adult shop. Some scenes written by anonymous.
  • Includes a Whitney scene written with assistance from Kiyo and anonymous.
  • Includes five scenes written by WildUntamedFluffy.
  • Added a pass out scene written by anonymous.
  • Gave the ancient threat a new weapon.
  • Added purchasable sex toys that can be used during masturbation.
  • NPCs can use sex toys themselves during encounters, including dildos, anal beads, vibrators, flogs, riding crops, and onaholes.
  • The PC can use dildo and onahole-type sex toys on themselves and others during consensual single encounters and consensual gangbangs. Love interests will react appropriate to their personalities. Written in collaboration with Crimson Tide and RobinFanatic.
  • NPCs can react with excitement, revulsion or disappointment to sex toys.
  • The PC can pick up and drop sex toys during encounters.
  • The PC can now use strap-ons. Includes close-up, combat, and sidebar sprites. Sidebar strap-on sprite courtesy of Lantern.
  • Thanks to lantern for the strap-on clothing type icon.
  • Sydney can work at the adult shop. They work there more frequently as corruption increases.
  • Reworked NPC strap-ons. Thanks to hwp.
  • Added sprites for strap-ons, horse cock strap-ons, and knotted cock strap-ons.
  • NPCs can be given customised strap-ons, and will randomly select one when asked during sex. Thanks to hwp and lifeAnime.
  • Added unique descriptions to NPC strap-ons.
  • Added unique speech lines for NPCs with strap-ons. Written with help from Kiyo.
  • NPC action descriptions now take strap-ons into account.
  • Added xray sprites for NPC strap-ons. Art courtesy of Ruby.
  • Eden, Robin, Alex, Kylar and Sydney can be gifted strap-ons. Written in collaboration with Kiyo and anonymous. Thanks to hwp for code.
  • Added a toggle for NPC sex toys.
  • Avery and Whitney now wear strap-ons based on strap-on chance.
  • Thanks to 3hp for the onahole inventory icon sprite.
  • The PC can now wear a butt plug.
  • The PC can now purchase lube from the adult shop. It can be used on their pussy, penis or anus during combat.
  • The PC can now masturbate their pussy or penis during combat as a promiscuity 2 action. NPCs will react.
  • Thanks to Mochi for the bullet vibe, shibari rope, ball gag and muzzle sprites.
  • Targeting yourself now displays combat radio action difficulties. Thanks to Rukarin.
  • Thanks to nesokax for fixing an issue with masturbation.
  • Thanks to PurityGuy and hwp for respository help.
Thanks to anonymous for the following additions and improvements:
  • Whitney now roams the town's alleyways with their gang on non-school days. Similar to their appearances at school, they're more likely to seek out the PC the more time has passed since the last event.
  • Added unique text for the "Confront" action if being stalked by Eden or Whitney.
  • Added a low dominance, high love variant of Whitney's docks event.
  • Added a high lust variant of Whitney's cigarette theft event, and a variant if beasts and monsters are disabled.
  • Made Whitney a little rougher when demanding oral in the hallways at high dominance.
  • Code improvements.
Thanks to Cord for the following additions and improvements:
  • Whitney not reacts to Christmas outfits, prison jumpsuits, and cheerleading outfits on Halloween.
  • Added Alex milkshake scenes.
  • Added shaving to the farm. You can now enter the shower shed and shave or choose to shower when Alex is not there.
  • Added more dom/sub lines to Alex.
  • You can now cuddle Alex on the sofa, and when they're on the phone.
  • Alex now reacts if you orgasm in bed while they're sleeping or on the phone. They also thank you for helping with maths, have more variety when chatting at breakfast, and talk more when watching TV.
  • Unique lines for when PC orgasms in the meadow.
  • Added dialogue for Alex, Bailey, Leighton, and Morgan if you namedrop other love interests.
  • Added some flavour text when sleeping with Alex.
  • Added the option to flaunt when Alex checks out the PC.
  • Added the option to laugh when Alex is startled by lurkers.
  • Alex may now join you when relaxing by the stables once unlocked as a love interest, if they're not busy.
  • Added a couple of Morgan lines.
  • Code and UI improvements at Alex's farm.
Balance Changes
  • Model fame now lowers allure. Thanks to shun.
  • Modeling events on Domus Street now contribute to model fame. Thanks to shun.
  • Pills will now be autotaken when you arrive home, if you were absent at midnight. Thanks to lifeAnime.
  • The PC will no longer be taken to the school infirmary while school's out. Thanks to anonymous.
  • Biting strap-ons no longer causes pain to NPCs. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Increasing wolf pack harmony or ferocity when capped will now have a small "overflow" into the other stat. Thanks to shun.
  • Acceptance now decreases when insecurity decreases, prior to developing immunity. Thanks to shun.
  • Lurkers and similar creatures will now be satisfied by cumming once.
  • Leighton's class inspections now repeat each term. Thanks to shun.
  • Inspecting the cell door in the underground brothel no longer takes an hour or triggers a random event, if you don't even try to lockpick it. Thanks to hwp.
  • Added Settings and Attitudes menues to the brothel dressing room. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • Repeated orgasms now have a different impact depending on where the PC is penetrated.
  • Some clothes have been moved from the clothing shop to the adult shop.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with autosaves. Thanks to note leven.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the gothic gown displaying properly in the Character preview tool. Thanks to lifeAnime.
  • Fixed a bug that broke modelling fame on old saves. Thanks to lifeAnime.
  • Fixed an issue with modded clothes on old saves. Thanks to note leven.
  • Thanks to lifeAnime and hwp for typo fixes.
  • NPC strap-ons no longer cum inside you. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Fixed an error where eye colours would be printed as [object Object] in the characteristics tab.
  • Fixed apostrophes in save files' name causing them to break.
  • Fixed a pill-related issue.
  • Fixed some strap-on issues. Thanks to Bathory666 and hwp.
  • Adjusted time progression during the blood moon underwater ruin sequence.
  • Hand virginity is now taken when Alex takes your hand in the woodlands. Thanks to Cord.
  • Fixed an issue with the consistency of milkshake scenes. Thanks to Cord.
  • Fixed an error found when having your bindings removed at the asylum. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Fixed a grammar issue with underwear. Thanks to Bathory666 and anonymous.
  • The PC's vagina will no longer be described as "dry" when self-lubricated. Thanks to shun.
  • Fixed an error involving beast trains. Thanks to Rukarin.
  • Adjusted the monster hoodie so the skirt better fits around the PC's waist.
  • Futa sanity checks and fixes in backcomp for parasitical pregnancies.
  • Fix spa lewd event not using random correctly, meaning Spa Lewd event now should get a more varied, but lower income.
  • Typo correction: flahes to flashes.
  • Minor change in park, added a <br> so the Travel section is properly formatted.
  • Thanks to PurityGuy for typo and minor fixes.
  • Thanks to hwp for minor fixes.
  • Thanks to Bathory666 and TonyFox for typo fixes.
Thanks to Jimmy for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Avery being cleared properly when leaving a date early.
  • Fixed a pronoun issue with Robin.
  • Fixed a bug that caused zoom to reset on load.
  • Fixed phantom pregnancies found on ancient saves.
  • Fixed a beast generation issue found when following a dog down an alley.
  • Fixed old save compatibility issues with parasitic pregnancies.
  • Fixed an error at the spa that made events trigger at unintended rates.
  • Typo and formatting fixes.
Thanks to anonymous for the following fixes:
  • Alex will no longer wear their work clothes to bed.
  • Avery will no longer get in the hot tub fully clothed, and will strip to their underwear before bed.
  • Fixed a text issue found when named NPCs admire bodywriting with arrows.
  • Fixed an error found when entering the school infirmary.
  • The skimpy leotard provided during the Danube Street dancing job will no longer trigger automatic clothing rebuy.
  • Fixed a dog that was always female regardless of settings.
  • Remy's steeds will now occasionally be referred to as mares if settings allow.
  • Increased the accuracy of a tooltip in the characteristics menu. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Passing out and being taken to the school infirmary no longer overrides Kylar's kidnapping of the PC.
  • Fixed some encounters that allowed Leighton to rescue the PC while imprisoned in the pillory.
  • Fixed Whitney breaking out of the school infirmary.
  • Fixed some leftover bugs with Eden's cage punishment.
  • The rival dancer during one of Avery's dates no longer brings their strap-on to the dance floor.
  • You will no longer "plant your feet"/"remain light on your feet" when performing certain actions during aquatic struggle encounters.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented NPCs from fingering the PC.
  • The game no longer treats the PC's genitals as if they're not in use while being fingered or receiving a handjob.
  • Fixed the PC using a second charge of pepper spray during struggle encounters after the target has already fled.
  • Robin no longer leaves in the middle of an emotional cow scene to set up their lemonade stand.
  • Fixed a softlock caused when cumming while forced to dance.
  • The PC will no longer rip off their clothes after cumming while dancing if their arms are bound.
  • Alex now reacts to the PC's arms being bound during their introduction.
  • Fixed the lake's nighttime location art not showing up.
  • Whitney will now actually strip during the Connudatus Street theft event.
  • The PC will no longer be trapped in a "front" during certain stuck-in-a-wall encounters.
  • Fixed apostrophes in save files' name causing them to break. Thanks to lifeAnime.
  • Fixed a pill-related issue. Thanks to lifeAnime.
  • Fixed the PC taking home the rag top and skirt after agreeing to demonstrate the wooden horse.
  • The option to approach Eden at Remy's farm is no longer simply "Eden."
  • Fixed the accessory layer for the belly dancer top and bottoms not appearing, and allowed it to come in colour variants other than red.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the overalls, prison jumpsuit, diving suit and lederhosen to make the encounter sprite appear naked.
  • The cow onesie now appears white during encounters, rather than red.
  • Moved one of Eden's orgasm lines that incorrectly referred to the PC eating Eden out instead of the other way around, and replaced it with one more appropriate for the circumstances.
  • Eden will no longer move their foot way from the PC's nonexistent penis after cumming.
  • Fixed the PC being able to speak during a prison scene when they're gagged, and being unable to do so when they aren't.
  • You can no longer perform feet actions while shackled and mouth actions while gagged during struggle encounters.
  • Leighton will no longer refer to a female PC's nonexistent penis during detention.
  • Fixed NPCs pulling on the PC's underwear when they're supposed to be targeting their lowerwear.
  • Fixed the option to travel appearing with no usable links when exposed at the beach.
  • The PC will no longer get dressed while still taking a bath in the orphanage.
  • Fixed an error caused by defeating an NPC engaged in double penetration.
  • Fixed some text that implied the PC wears their undies over their skirt.
  • Fixed the skulduggery mask causing missing image errors when damaged.
  • Fixed an inconsistent line when sparring with the wolves.
  • Caught a rogue 0 during combat. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Fixed a bug causing divine TFs to break. Thanks to note leven.
  • Fixed an issue with players losing their genitals when updating old saves. Thanks to note leven.
  • Fixed an issue with the PC's oral virginity being "taken by unknown" after milking cattle with their mouth. Thanks to note leven.
  • Fixed the oral virginity warning from milking with your mouth appearing when it shouldn't, and not appearing when it should. Thanks to note leven.
  • Fixed some issues with NPC roles in the prison.
  • Corrected some mixed-up text during an encounter in the changing rooms.
  • Fixed Sydney appearing before being met when the PC climaxes in the library.
  • Raul will no longer be shocked by Janet's pussy when reading the scarlet book.
  • Fixed persistent NPCs' names not displaying properly with the targeting system.
  • NPCs will no longer press their breasts against the PC's back through gloryholes.
  • Bodywriting in lipstick and mud can now be turned into tattoos at the tattoo parlour.
  • Investigating the mirror in the Great Hawk's tower will no longer automatically bring it upstairs if the player chooses to leave it alone.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • Fixed the Athlete background so that it will lower your starting grades as advertised.
  • The scene where you're attacked by dogs after failing to cross high street naked will now have 3 dogs as intended, instead of 1.
  • Outfits that have already been broken will no longer trigger automatic rebuy when they break again.
  • Alex will no longer be wearing two pairs of underwear when they spank you.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented additional struggle creatures appearing in the middle of a struggle encounter.
  • Fixed a bug that caused struggle creatures to always be finished after being pulled off once.
  • Fixed a bug where having the "Fangs" or "Sharp Eyes" trait will make the game think you're hiding part of a transformation.
  • Fixed an error in the scene with the high ranking and low ranking wolves in the wolf cave.
  • Female NPCs will no longer somehow press their breasts into your back when you're giving anal.
  • Fixed a bug with gags in female beast encounters.
  • A number of small bugs.
Thanks to hwp for the following fixes:
  • Made the Domus Street's shy virgin and the pub's virgin bar patron into actual virgins.
  • Fixed a bug with the cheat that resets a named NPC's virginity.
  • Escaping the underground brothel now unlocks the slut shirt regardless of how you escaped.
  • Fixed a bug where most forms of npc facesitting resulted in the player being unable to successfully perform mouth actions.
  • Fixed some issues with plantperson code.
  • Fixed an issue where new additions to the cat TF caused autofellatio to break.
  • A bug found in combat.
  • Formatting improvements.
Thanks to TonyFox for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that prevented beasts ejaculating on the PC's ass while wearing an anal shield.
  • The NPC on the beach with their child can no longer be a virgin.
  • Displacing underwear without displacing skirt no longer exposes genitals.
  • Clothing stripped during Eden's initial molestations are now properly disposed of.
  • Tentacles are now more agitated and dangerous during the Blood Moon.
  • Certain sequences now properly exit the player into the correct location.
  • Removed claws from some beast types.
  • Typo fixes.
  • The PC can now initiate kissing on the lips during consensual humna encounters. Thanks to Kegdo.
  • Added location images for the factory. Art courtesy of pauloc.
  • Added text for stroker toys at the shop. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Added some new lines for Alex reacting to sex toys. Written by Cord and coded by Bathory666.
  • Added the "Robin's Song" feat.
  • Thanks to Bathory666 for code improvements.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an error found when Avery refers to the PC by a pet name. Thanks to shun.
  • Fixed an error found at Alex's farm.
  • Fixed an error found in the temple.
  • It should no longer be possible to repeat the adult shop grand opening.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented toy use among NPCs increasing over time once the adult shop opens. Thanks to anonymous.
  • Using a strap on will no longer rob you of the angel transformation.
  • Fixed an issue that broke strap-ons names on some saves. Thanks to Jimmy and Bathory666.
Thanks to Jimmy for the following fixes:
  • Adds a gray texture for the undershirt right sleeve when covering.
  • Fixed some issues with heterochromia.
  • Fixed a couple of issues preventing Whitney taking the PC's first kiss.
  • Fixed an error found when the PC gains exhibitionism fame.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to Bathory666 for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with strap-ons giving you a 3hed. Thanks to anonymous.
  • Fixed an issue found when applying lube to your penis.
  • Fixed an issue found when gifting strap-ons.
  • NPCs will no longer slap their face silly with dildos.
  • Fixed a bug that changed the shape of strap-ons gifted to NPCs.
  • Fixed an issue with heterochromia text.
Thanks to anonymous for the following fixes:
  • Restored the options to finger your vagina and move your hand away while masturbating with your left hand.
  • You may no longer ask Sirris for work at their shop after already accepting the job.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Cover your penis" action when using list combat controls.
  • Fixed softlocks when reading Raul and Janet, and when using the scene viewer.
  • Fixed the player's right eye colour being overwritten after certain scenes.
  • Fixed some time desynchronisation errors when reading Raul and Janet.
  • Made some changes to some of Alex's new dialogue at the writer's request.
  • Offering Whitney a milkshake now properly consumes it.
  • Fixed an error when tending fields with Alex.
  • Fixed a case of Robin duplication.
  • Sydney and Sirris can no longer work the till at the adult shop at the same time.
  • Fixed human NPCs sometimes being referred to as "it" when undressing.
  • Fixed some dead-end passages when working at the adult shop.
  • Fixed issues with the adult shop passout event.
  • Fixed the PC's handholding virginity being "taken by unknown" after holding hands during combat.
  • NPCs will no longer cum instantly upon contact with a strap-on.
  • Fixed Sydney contorting themselves during an adult shop scene.
  • Fixed Morgan's feet line breaking the game.
  • Fixed Robin getting their crossdressing clothes mixed with their usual wardrobe.
  • Confiscated a nun's strap-on.
  • Fixed an issue with handholding in combat. Thanks to Kegdo.
  • Typo fixes.
  • Improved the combat suffocation code. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • Improved the heterochromia code. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • Thanks to Jimmy for other code improvements.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an error found when wearing a damaged muzzle.
  • If Sirris' adult shop grand opening is taking place, the journal will now indicate such.
  • Captured some rogue NPCs in the adult shop.
Thanks to Bathory666 for the following fixes.
  • typos for NPCs commenting on strap-ons
  • Hidden purchasable chastity items have had the adult shop tag removed so that they don't show up in the new "show all" option at the shop.
  • Fixed a pronoun in an Alex link. Thanks to Cord and hwp
  • Fix for leotard bottom sprites messed up. Thanks to oyea
  • Brothel settings menu takes you back to the brothel instead of the bedroom. Cheers to oyea
  • missing quote marks in Sydney sex toy reaction line
  • fixed a pronoun issue with a Leighton scene
  • fix for dropping strokers in your right hand when used on an NPC
  • fix for dropping stokers when used on yourself
  • fix for strokers on penises showing the code name instead of text
  • reworked the Kylar strap-on gifting scene. Written by Cord and oyea
  • Sirris will now remove cursed gags at the adult shop.
  • Typo Fixes.
Thanks to anonymous for the following fixes:
  • Having your leg bindings removed in prison will no longer read as if you're wearing a ball and chain if you're actually wearing ankle cuffs.
  • A group of perverts on the street will no longer be surprised by a crossdressing PC's genitals after already seeing them naked.
  • Leighton will no longer be surprised by the PC's hermaphroditism should they already know about it during penis inspection.
  • Fixed the Black Wolf incessantly hounding the PC at the lake when they're meant to be accosted by the ancient threat.
  • When masturbating during encounters, you will no longer feel your genitals beneath your clothing while naked.
  • The characteristics tab will now properly acknowledge the PC's swimwear with regards to their swimming skill.
  • You will no longer look over your shoulder after confronting stalkers when they're already assaulting you.
  • You may no longer set your birdieness to absurdly high or absurdly low values using the cheat menu.
  • The brothel's sex machine show will no longer have two non-participating humans in the encounter.
  • Winter will no longer pick up your leash when inspecting your collar if you aren't wearing one.
  • Fixed missing image errors for the pompoms, cow sleeves, and cow socks during combat.
  • Fixed a couple of endlessly looping encounters after passing out at the hospital.
  • Cursed clothing items should no longer trigger automatic clothing rebuy.
  • Fixed some mixed-up options during the adult shop's opening.
  • You may no longer kiss NPCs whose mouths are already in use.
  • Fixed an eye colour issue in one of the ancient threat's scenes.
  • Fixed issues with Sydney's status during an adult shop scene.
  • Fixed an error when cuddling with Alex as a fallen angel.
  • Fixed an error during one of Whitney's street events.
  • Fixed pronoun issues with a scene in the adult shop.
  • Fixed an issue with Leighton's brothel scenes.
  • Hid unfinished code.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to Jimmy for the following fixes:
  • Ironman mode can now save and load.
  • Ironman mode now properly autosaves.
  • Fixed a number of images that would break on some devices.
  • Other minor fixes.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • Avery will no longer let the player go on a date with them while their underwear or genitals are fully exposed.
  • Seduction checks will work properly again when you have the "Blind Stats" option enabled.
  • Fixed an error when the cat transformation decays.
  • Fixed some NPCs breaking free during Robin's crossdressing scenes.
  • Added a toggle to enable/disable toy multiple penetration. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Reworked ironman code, fixing a number of issues. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • Added combat sprites for the cow socks, cow sleeves, armwarmers, gold bracelets and ankle socks. Thanks to anonymous.
  • Thanks to Jimmy for an April 1st present.
  • Added sex toy toggles. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Rewrote text for stroker NPC actions. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Adjusted the sex toy inventory icon. Thanks to Bathory666.
Balance changes
  • Drinking Morgan's milk will now increase the "Breast milk drank" stat. Thanks to oyea.
  • Holding Sydney's hands when photographed during the adult shop's opening now takes handholding virginity. Thanks to oyea.
Thanks to Bathory666 for the following balance changes:
  • NPCs are now more likely to fuck you with dildos and slap you with whips.
  • NPCs will now smack themselves around with toys less often.
  • Teens will no longer get sex toys.
  • NPCs now have a small chance to drop their toys.
  • NPCs are now less likely to pull out toys.
  • NPCs are now more likely to envelop with a stroker, but have a small chance of moving the toy away.
  • Alex, Eden, and Bailey no longer have sex toys.
Bug Fixes
  • Cats on the moor should no longer appear if beasts and monsters are disabled.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Avery from being considered a love interest for the purpose of kissing.
  • Fixed an issue that could appear when attempting to delete saves. Thanks to note leven.
Thanks to Bathory666 for the following fixes:
  • Sydney will now remove your cursed gags at the shop if needed.
  • Sirris will now remove cursed gags in addition to your bound arms, rather than one or the other.
  • Added missing sprites for the fetish muzzle.
  • Fixed an issue found when masturbating your clit with a sex toy during masturbation.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented pulling out a toy when you only have one.
  • Fixed issues found when NPCs use strokers on the PC, and when the PC uses them during masturbation.
  • Typo and formatting fixes.
Thanks to Jimmy for the following fixes:
  • Lying still when threatened by a tattoo machine in the underground brothel now has appropriate text. Thanks to Chubbs.
  • Cat TF heterochromia now appears correctly in combat encounters.
  • Fixed an error found in combat.
  • Adjusted some text in the brothel. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Fixed a bug with lenses.
  • The PC will no longer take their daily pills if they're held at Eden's cabin without Stockholm syndrome.
  • Alex will no longer appear outside after 21:00 if they're already asleep in their room.
  • Formatting fixes.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to anonymous for the following fixes:
  • When flirting with Robin, they'll no longer mention how good their school day was if they haven't actually gone to school that day.
  • Adjusted an adult shop scene to be more consistent with its options, and to be more respectful of the facesitting toggle.
  • Jordan will now actually remove your chastity belt after passing an exam during Sydney's Rite of Promise, as they claim to.
  • You will no longer automatically wear the stone pendant if you're equipped with a collar when you discover it.
  • Audience members will no longer comment on your pussy when taking pictures if you're fully clothed.
  • Sirris will no longer ask for your help at their shop after it's already been unlocked.
  • Briar will no longer confront you on Connudatus Street while you're possessed.
  • Fixed an issue with NPCs repeating each other's orgasm lines after combat.
  • Sirris will now properly unbind you following a scene in the adult shop.
  • You will no longer take your daily pills while reading the olive book.
  • Fixed only being able to give Eden a strap-on if they have a penis.
  • Fixed an error during the Robin/Whitney canteen event.
  • Fixed an error when cumming while dancing.
  • Fixed an image issue with the jockstrap.
  • Fixed an error in the adult shop.
  • Typo fixes.
  • Thanks to hwp for code improvements.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with combat. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • Fixed a debug issue. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented sex toys being used when masturbating. Thanks to hwp.
  • Cursed items should be removed from the PC's inventory on old saves, should they have acquired them due to bugs. Thanks to hwp.
  • Thanks to Jimmy and hwp for formatting fixes.
  • Fixed a bug that broke the adult shop. Thanks to hwp.
  • Stopped the journal trying to load the world map in the text-only version.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs that left phantom buttplugs in place after they were removed. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • Fixed another issue with sex toy code. Thanks to Jimmy.