Wednesday 9 October 2019


This update adds events to the orphanage, temple, and Domus Street skulduggery. It also adds a new location to Wolf Street, kindness fame, masochism, a clickable map, and a skulduggerous sequence that gives another way to dodge the law.

The orphanage is intended to be quite crowded, with numerous residents stuffed into its tiny rooms. It often doesn't feel that way though, as if you and Robin live alone with Bailey occasionally barging in. I'm hoping the new events add more life to the building. Some are short and simple, others more complex. Most are repeatable, and chosen from a pool influenced by decisions in previous events. Others are non-repeatable and occur in a sequence.

One benefit of recent code improvements is the ability for unnamed NPCs to make multiple appearances. This wasn't really viable before, which limited their role to a single event each. I intend to use this sparingly at first, but it will allow more creative freedom when designing events.

Apologies for the wait. I got a bit carried away. I intend to make a stronger effort in speeding things up, not least because I want the next update to be halloween-themed.

Lollipop Scythe has asked me to send his congratulations to those that found the anal pregnancy content, especially to those that found it before seeing a spoiler.

Edit: Updated to which fixes a handful of bugs, notably one that broke compatibility with saves.

Edit: Updated to, which fixes further bugs. Notes at bottom of post.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Patch notes
  • Added events to the main hall of the orphanage. They are not triggered by allure. Instead, they occur once per day from the second day onwards.
  • These events influence the hope and rebelliousness of the residents, which in turn influence the events that can trigger.
  • Added a loft to the orphanage. It must be discovered before it can be visited.
  • Added a description of the orphanage's current atmosphere to the Social tab.
  • Praying or watching at the temple can trigger new events.
  • Added a soup kitchen to Wolf Street. Its location must be learned before it can be visited.
  • Added a source of three insights for the maths competition.
  • The town can now be navigated by clicking locations on the town map image. Thanks to FreeER, with help from Lollipop Scythe and LuckyLucky.
  • Added more granularity and variety to non-romancable named NPC's opinions of the player character, as shown in the Social tab.
  • Flirting with or flashing catcalling students in the school hallways will now sometimes escalate further.
  • Added a potentially lewd scene with Kylar.
  • Thanks to Ludsoe for large improvements to tentacle code.
  • Thanks to LuckyLucky for further improvements to tentacle code. Tentacles that are restraining limbs are now highlighted, and restrained limbs will be better described as such.
  • Added a "Rest" option to swarm encounters.
  • Kindness fame is now displayed in the Social tab, and lowers allure. It increases when you do nice things for people.
  • Added Darryl's and River's love, and Robin's dominance, to the cheat menu.
  • Added semen and slime coverings to the cheat menu.
  • Added showers to the brothel. Thanks to Freeman.
  • Added bars to represent teacher and student opinion to the Social tab.
  • Added a benign event to the deep forest.
  • Thanks to TreeFrogSoup for improvements to street and alley exhibitionism code. Attitude to exhibitionism now influences the arousal gained when exposed in streets and alleyways.
  • Added the Masochist trait. Masochists convert a portion of the pain from most sources into arousal. Masochism increases when the PC cums while disabled by pain. There are four tiers of masochism severity.
  • Made the sidebar message warning of missed lessons more concise.
  • Thanks to TaiwanSmurf for new location and activity icons.
  • Thanks to NG for huge improvements to NPC encounter and ejaculation code.
  • Thanks to Klorpa for numerous code improvements, including improvements to encounter code.
  • Thanks to NG for penis improvements for the black wolf and other beasts.
  • Thanks to TainwanSmurf for adjustments to the sweater and oversized sweater.
  • Indented location links and moved icons to the left. Thanks to TaiwanSmurf.
  • Added a watersports toggle, though currently only one scene requires it. Thanks to Klorpa.
  • Added a dark pendant to the forest shop.
  • Added an antique to the orphanage.
  • Added Gwylan to NPC settings.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following additions and improvements:
  • You can now optionally save specific colours when making a new clothing set.
  • Revamped the settings page to include tabs. Tabs on the start passage can be opened with number keys.
  • Added the option to re-calculate named NPC gender, genitals, and penis size.
  • Added a toggle to disable anal pregnancy.
  • Added timestamps to the save menu.
  • Deleting saves now asks for confirmation.
  • Made the "There's a note by the window" text stand out.
  • Improved the readability of pills.
  • Replaced strong growth pills with the option to take a second dose of regular growth pills, at the risk of side effects.
  • Improved hairdresser code.
  • Adjusted numbersliders for small/high dpi screens.
  • Kylar will now look after the PC's pet parasites once their love is high enough, but doing so reduces their love.
  • Added the ability to select default colours in the clothing shop.
  • Added a checkbox to the clothing shop that keeps the Buy screen open when buying a garment, making it easier to send multiple items home.
  • Improved the code that keeps old saves compatible with new versions, which should improve performance.
  • Added the option to highlight clickable parts of the town map, and the option to move the town map above the travel links. Options are found in the Save/Options tab.
Thanks to Bsin for the following additions and improvements:
  • The PC is no longer the only one who can find themselves punished via pillory.
  • Pilloried NPCs will suffer abuse from townsfolk, especially at night.
  • The PC can abuse pilloried NPCs themselves if stressed.
  • Skulduggerous PCs may now notice vulnerabilities in security at the police station.
  • Fully exploiting these vulnerabilities is difficult, and requires help from the criminal underworld.
  • Doing so will allow you to track your wanted level, delete evidence, mass-wipe criminal records, or set up someone else.
  • Added new minor scenes to the cafe.
  • Minor code improvements and typo fixes.
  • Famous PCs can now teach the shy boy or girl on Domus Street to love.
  • Added a few new events found when robbing homes on Domus Street. Some people hide terrible secrets beneath their homes.

Balance Changes
  • Lowered the dance skill required to reliably dodge the water balloon thrown at you in the street.
  • Made the water balloon thrower less relentless. Thanks to Bsin.
  • Leaving the forest shop will no longer trigger forest events.
  • Moved the holy pendant to the forest shop. You need to discover the soup kitchen to buy it.
  • Anal pregnancy now influences natural breast growth. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Playing with breasts now has greater influence on breast growth, and creampies have greater impact on penis growth. The effect of purity on penis size has been adjusted to be similar to breasts. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed another error message found in the hospital foyer.
  • Sandals will no longer be considered suitable for formal occasions.
  • Meeting Avery for the first time after the science fair has concluded will no longer give a message about adding lichen to your science project.
  • Towels should now be properly worn when choosing to grab towels and enter the girl's changing room following a swimming lesson.
  • Fixed a couple of odd descriptions found when working on the maths project.
  • Entering the tentacle plains as a succubus should no longer risk a soft lock due to excessive arousal.
  • Fixed a bug preventing high skulduggery, low awareness characters from noticing Mason is distracting them in swimming class.
  • Fixed a bug causing theft at the clothing shop to give much more crime than intended.
  • The water balloon thrower will now have pounds in their wallet rather than dollars. Thanks to NG.
  • The cat found when stealing from mansions will no longer be referred to with a male pronoun regardless of its actual gender.
  • Items can no longer be stolen from the forest shop at night.
  • Fixed a bug causing the game to ignore under tops when running your chest during masturbation.
  • Fixed a bug breaking River's pronouns when they catch you masturbating during class.
  • Fixed a bug causing the PC to teleport from the school library to their bedroom when using a stimulant.
  • Fixed some pronoun confusion for male PCs. Thanks ot SirSkeleto.
  • Fixed a bug preventing men with vaginas from generating properly. Thanks to NG.
  • Fixed a bug preventing nipple parasites from influencing breast size. Thanks to scyne.
  • Closed a herm portal opened when female NPCs abuse the PC at the Cliff Street pillory. Thanks to NG.
  • Named NPCs will now properly manifest different penis sizes. Also thanks to NG.
  • Fixed a bug causing some odd text when stripping for the modelling job on Domus Street with low exhibitionism.
  • Fixed a bug causing the pet shop owner to mistake the PC's apparent gender.
  • Ass parasites should now increase arousal as intended.
  • Fixed a bug preventing people from noticing your penis should you strip on the beach and be in possesion of a penis.
  • Stripping behind the spa should now correctly remove your under top.
  • The beer-selling shop keeper should no longer be described as slipping their hands inside your genitals should you be wearing no underwear.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Leighton from recognising a lack of underwear during the car wash scene, and a bug causing the PC to strip completely instead of only to their underwear. Thanks to Freeman.
  • Students will no longer take the bus to and from school during break.
  • The shy girl/boy on Domus Street will no longer be referred to as "the her/his".
  • The black wolf should no longer gender swap after assaulting you the first time in the forest.
  • Fixed a bug preventing breasts from shrinking.
  • The mannequin molester who assails the PC will no longer be referred to as male regardless of their actual gender.
  • Special thanks to Talrea for help testing.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a bug preventing growth pills from working properly.
  • Fixed a bug preventing under tops from being discarded.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue for anal pregnancy on old saves.
  • Fixed a number of issues preventing anal pregnancy from functioning as intended.
  • Fixed an issue causing some parasites to lack a creature type.
  • Fixed a bug causing a peculiarity when the PC's hair colour is describe during the maths competition.
  • Fixed a number of issues with the pills system.
  • Fixed a bug breaking compatibility with saves, causing lots of errors.
  • The dark pendant image should now appear.
  • The beach assailant will no longer refer to their pet dog as a boy regardless of its actual gender.
  • Fixed a bug causing lone beasts to always be female.
  • Fixed a gamebreaking bug found when attacked by a dog in the park.
  • Fixed a bug causing your mouth to remain free when giving oral in the pillory on Cliff Street.
  • Closed a herm portal opened when Bailey pushes an intruder down the stairs.
  • Closed a herm portal opened when receiving towels to cover with in the asylum.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the clothes thief from stealing your clothing on the beach when intended.
Thanks to bsin for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an error message found when getting detention.
  • Fixed an error message found in the police skulduggery event.
  • Fixed a bug preventing named NPCs from showing up at the pillory when intended.
  • Framing a named NPC will no longer cause them to be hauled to the pillory Friday after Friday.
  • Fixed a bug causing the text about spotting the police side door to show as you are dragged into a ditch and can't do anything about it.
  • The Faraday cage will no longer be referred to as a "Tesla cage".
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an error in the tailor shop.
  • Male characters will no longer start with plain panties as part of their school set.
  • Added an option to disable the SVG map. Check if town map is not visible.
  • Fixed an error found during vore encounters.