Saturday 27 October 2018


This update aims to make the brothel and strip club more distinct from each other, and add consequences to defying Bailey and Briar.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Thanks to Doctor West for creating the following FAQs about the game:
FAQ with spoilers
FAQ without spoilers

Patch notes
The fluid text description now reflects a more extreme degree of coverage that requires both slime and semen.
Added more appropriate x-ray and vaginal close up art for beast encounters, art courtesy of Ulithium_Dragon.
Added unique sprites for pigs and boars, art also courtesy of Ulthium_Dragon.
Briar will offer another job once you become more known for prostitution. The job requires high promiscuity or deviancy.
Continuing to whore at the pub after Briar's "warning" now has a repercussion.
Added new dancing events unique to the strip club.
Radio buttons can be interacted with by clicking on their accompanying text.
Avoiding Bailey's payments will now make the orphanage a little more dangerous.
Added a general description of your fame to the Social Page. May need adjusting.
Added bars showing the wolf pack's harmony and ferocity to the Social page.
Added a brief description of each NPC shown in the Social page.
Added a journal section to the Social page that shows how much money Bailey wants, when they want it and other information.
Note that the journal won't display the day Bailey's money is expected on old saves until you next pay them.

Balance Changes
Tripled the wolfgirl/boy buildup effect of wolfshrooms.
Visiting the wolf cave will stop whatever was hunting you.
Added a "Rest" option to mouth actions, ass actions, and made the "Rest" action for genitals available in more situations.
Adjusted lewd actions that previously restored control then immediately shattered it.
Bailey will now bring backup when trying to shake you down if you stopped them last time.
You can store your clothes in the wolf cave to avoid them getting torn up through rough play. May require exhibitionism 2.

Bug Fixes
Being hosed down in science class will now remove slime and semen.
Slime and semen will wash from you as intended if masturbating in swimming class.
Fixed a bug preventing your school swimsuit bottom from being worn again if taken off outside a wardrobe.
Fixed a bug preventing the default outfits (casual and school) from being bound to different clothing.
Fixed a bug allowing the PC to give oral to a creature mounting them from behind.
Fixed a bug causing you to pull down your "naked" if your clothes are destroyed as you try to displace them.
Fixed a bug causing your "naked" to dry.
Fixed a bug describing the effects of an option incorrectly during the scene with Whitney in the pub.
Fixed some gender and genital confusion in the "measuring tape" encounter.
Fixed a bug preventing your clothes from being worn in the garden even if the thief throws them back.
Closed a herm portal opened by spotting a parent on the beach but not approaching them.
Fixed a bug causing aprons to spontaneously break.
Fixed a bug causing skill-based penis actions to fail when they should succeed.

Wednesday 17 October 2018


This update expands the wolf cave and rebalances some of the deviancy actions introduced in the last update. It also continues the "inspection" sequence in science class.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Patch Notes
Added two events to Science class.
Being the black wolf's prisoner now runs the risk of developing stockholm syndrome.
Expanded the wolf cave. The chance of specific events triggering is determined by how you interact with the pack.
If they trust you enough, they'll let you join in their hunts.

Balance Changes
Moved the Leave button in the beach, brothel and club changing rooms to the top of the page.
Increased the value of tips gained from whoring at the strip club.
You should now be able to leave the dressing rooms in the strip club and brothel naked with a high enough exhibitionism.
Encounters resulting from deviancy actions with guard animals will now be considered consensual.
Wolves will no longer always attack the PC on sight.
You can now return to the wolf cave at will once they trust you enough to leave.
Making wolves cum outside the wolf cave will now improve the pack's trust.
Speaking to Landry will keep you in the pub when finished, rather than send you to Harvest Street.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug causing delinquency to increase when obeying Leighton instead of refusing them during a certain event.
Fixed another bug causing Robin to materialise as a rapist.
Fixed a herm portal opened by a creepy student at school, one opened by groups of students in the playground and another in the toilets.
Fixed a bug preventing the Next button from appearing after a consensual dolphin encounter.
Fixed a bug causing small squid to harass your "naked".
Fixed an issue causing events to loop in the drains.
Fixed a bug preventing you from pulling away from a penis about to enter your mouth.
Disabling beasts will now correctly disable a rare beast encounter that can occur when you follow a dog down an alley.
Exhibitionism gained by stripping in toilets or the sea will no longer be reset if you look at a sidebar page before moving to a different area.
Fixed a bug letting you leave the strip club while undressed.
Fixed a bug causing flashbacks to trigger inappropriately.
Fixed a bug causing wardrobes and changing rooms to lag a turn when determining whether you're dressed enough to leave.
Fixed the bugs causing consensual encounters with Whitney to keep going after successfully asking them to stop.
Fixed a bug rendering you unable to use your hands in the maths class gangbang.
Fixed a bug causing the pain bar to overflow while drugged with an aphrodisiac.
Fixed a bug preventing you from returning to Eden's cabin despite having stockholm syndrome.

Saturday 6 October 2018


This update adds the deviancy stat, new events and new sprites. Thanks for your feedback.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Edit: There's a gamebreaking bug with the deviancy 3 action involving dolphins. Avoid it for now.

Patch Notes
Added the Deviancy stat, which functions like promiscuity and exhibitionism.
Deviancy increases when you perform acts marked as "deviancy". They all involve beasts.
Added deviancy options to several already existing events.
The wolf cave is notably untouched by the above, and will be developed in a future update.
You can now be interrupted while masturbating in the garden.
Added a new event taking place on the streets or in alleys.
Added a new event taking place at sea.
Dresses and bikinis now have a more appropriate sex sprite, art courtesy of Ulithium_Dragon.
Added a colour key to the characteristics, traits etc. pages.
An NPC will now attempt to blackmail the PC if their sexual fame gets too high.
If the PC fails to fulfill their demands or escapes the situation, they can fulfill the demands for pay instead.
Added a new option when blackmailing the headteacher, only available in some circumstances.
PCs famous mainly for consensual sex with humans can take control during the announcement board scene.
Added a map to the text only version.
Added four outfit slots at the wardrobe alongside casual and school.

Balance Changes
Moved the "Close Wardrobe" button to the top of the wardrobe.
Increased the fame required to enable the announcement board scene.
The announcement board scene will only happen if the blackmailer's demands aren't met.
Note that the for old saves the announcement board scene will not trigger a second time, but otherwise the sequence will proceed as normal.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an error occurring when caught crossdressing.
NPCs involved in the glory hole event at the brothel should no longer be able to teleport into your room.
Fixed a bug causing Whitney to hang out at the school gates much more frequently then intended.
Fixed a bug breaking some text during tentacle encounters.
Putting on an outfit after sleeping will no longer wear an item that was destroyed.
You should no longer lose the option of dressing casually or for school if the default clothing is lost.
Fixed a bug causing waist aprons to inherit the damage of your bikini bottoms.
Fixed a gamebreaking bug that could occur if you were caught exposed on the beach with your arms bound.
Fixed a bug causing NPC's change their perception of your when inappropriate.
Fixed a bug causing an hour to pass if caught masturbating during maths.
Fixed a bug that would leave you naked when getting dressed after swimming class.
Fixed a bug preventing security from being alerted if you stole a crystal from the compound following an encounter with tentacles.
The close up images won't display if the body part in question is not exposed.

Edited for clarity.