Saturday 30 June 2018

Version 0.1.5

Bug fixes and improvements. Tried to make the sex system more robust and develop the promiscuity content. The problems with 0.1.4's female NPCs should now be resolved.

Thanks once more for bug reports and feedback, it's very helpful.

Patch Notes
Your arousal can peak while walking around town, making you climax on the spot.
Gave a purpose to the username and password you can find at the school.
The seductive and promiscuous can now make money selling themselves in the pub.
Made skulduggery mechanics a bit clearer.
The clothing shop sells evening gowns.
Text descriptions during gangbangs are a bit clearer. Still much to do here.
You can now choose to attract "mostly men" or "mostly women" in settings.
The game should do a better job of remembering which action to default to after character state changes.
Added some promiscuity 5 actions.

Balance Changes
The garden job now exercises your physique.
Lowered the chance of encounters triggering in the dungeon.
NPCs become aroused faster while you're incapacitated.
The hospital will no longer dress you in casual clothes if you're not exposed.

Bug Fixes
The slime bath should no longer involve tentacles if tentacles are disabled.
Stopped NPCs from dithering when holding your genitals or trying to take you in their pussy.
Fixed another broken image.
Sealed a herm portal on the beach.
Fixed some issues making npcs behave too passively.
Fixed an issue with hair not growing properly.
Renamed the "cross legs" action to "rest".
Stopped animals other than wolves turning you into a wolfgirl/boy.
Fixed a bug that made stroking with your right hand fail to become the default action.
Fixed outfits disappearing from your wardrobe if only the top half was destroyed.
Stopped NPCs also stealing your PJ bottoms when stealing your towel.
Stopped allure updating a turn late.
Fixed a game breaking bug triggered by screaming during certain encounters.

Saturday 23 June 2018

Version 0.1.4

More improvements and fixes. Touched a lot of code so hopefully haven't broken anything.

Edit: The NPC behaviour changes are not working right for male PCs interacting with female NPCs. Working on a fix.

Patch Notes
You can now press the enter, z or n keys instead of clicking "Next" to end the turn during encounters. Should work for all encounters and dancing.
Made rescue mechanics a bit clearer.
Added incapacity actions to encounters with tentacles and other strange creatures.
You can now start with a higher awareness stat, skipping some more innocent dialogue.

Balance Changes

Many changes to NPC behaviour with the goal of making them more decisive and focused on getting what they want.
Swarms are now less dangerous to clothing.
Wearing a chastity belt now impacts NPC moods more severely.
Being exhausted is now more dangerous.
The swimming skill now increases more quickly.

Bug Fixes
Made the seduction skill increase at the intended rate.
Seducing people in the pub now properly increases your promiscuity.
Losing the bottom of an outfit with clothing rebuy enabled should now replace the item.
Switched the submissiveness increase and decrease to their proper places during the Danube party.
Fixed a bug stopping submissiveness changes in some situations.
Fixed a discrepancy in the colour of an NPC action based on the hand they used.
Fixed a bug preventing some player character's breasts from behaving as they should.
Fixed a bug that would trap players in the drain system.
Fixed a bug causing swarms to get your arms muddled.
Fixed a bug causing male PCs to grow vaginas.
Fixed a bug that made the image for skirts disappear at certain levels of damage.
Fixed a bug that made dancing seductively not be the default action for the following turn.
Fixed some more PC and NPC gender confusion.
Fixed a bug causing the club dressing room to have two links out.
Fixed an issue preventing chastity belts being damaged as they should.
Removed NPC's ability to warp space to slap their genitals on your face. This may not be the end of it, but it'll help.

Wednesday 20 June 2018

Version 0.1.3

A more content heavy release meant to help balance some gameplay issues. Many bug fixes didn't make it in this one, and will be the focus of the next release.

Patch Notes
Added new actions to a few states that would previously incapacitate the player character. Some of these actions can help the pc recover.
Added new promiscuity actions and encounters in the pub.
Added a new potential event occuring when you pass out on the streets or in alleyways.

Balance Changes

Lowered the promiscuity requirement for whoring at the brothel and club.
Worked out some kinks in the breast growth system, and made low purity have a much bigger impact. Needs testing.
Greatly lowered the chance of encounters on the beach at night by adding the benign "wind blows in from the ocean" event to the pool.
Lowered the chance of the dog event occuring on the beach during the day.
Greatly lowered the chance of waking up in the industrial district if you pass out on a street. Increased the chance when passing out in an alleyway.

Bug Fixes
Sealed some more herm portals that would open if you walked the streets bound, wearing a collar or wearing towels.
Fixed an issue preventing npcs from generating properly if you wander the streets naked at night.
The bartending job now lasts an hour per shift as intended.
Fixed a promiscuous option in the club that wasn't labeled correctly.
Covering your genitals should now correctly prevent them being licked directly.
Tentacles now decrease your purity when they cum inside you as intended.
Fixed an issue with emperor's sundresses.
Orgasm and other states should now correctly interrupt frotting with your backside.
The penis parasite should now be removed by the hospital procedure.
Fixed an issue with actions from one encounter carrying over to the next.

Monday 18 June 2018

Version 0.1.2

More minor improvements and bug fixes.

Thank you to everyone who's played, reported bugs and/or given feedback.

Patch Notes
You can now toggle anal on and off in settings (needs testing).
Added "Passed out" to statistics page.
Some changes to help navigating around town.
Added some new descriptions to male npcs.

Balance Changes
Made the weekly payments ramp more slowly and cap at £2000.
Added a cap to allure, lowering the maximum chance of a lewd event occuring to 80%.
Passing out now removes much more stress.
Made events more likely to trigger in the school.
Increased the speed at which your skulduggery and grades improve.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a problem where some promiscuous actions were incorrectly marked as exhibitionist.
Fixed a bug that made unintended hermaphrodites. There may be more like it, be on the lookout.
Fixed a bug where a specific event wouldn't pay out the intended amount.
Fixed an issue with wolf encounters occuring when they shouldn't.
Fixed an issue preventing physique from improving at the speed intended.
Fixed a bug that caused vaginas to be exiled from reality if you stopped licking them.

Saturday 16 June 2018

Version 0.1.1

This small update fixes some bugs and makes a few improvements.

Patch notes
You can now spend the night in hospital instead of being thrown out onto the dangerous streets.
Added the "Take it" neutral action to some situations.

Balance changes
Made sexual skills increase faster.
Lewd acts now reduce more stress and trauma.

Bug fixes
Fixed an issue where stripping in the sea would prevent you from swimming to different areas.
Fixed a typo in the code that broke some dialogue.
Fixed a bug preventing the "Swallowed" stat from incrementing correctly.

Friday 15 June 2018

Degrees of Lewdity 0.1.0 Release

I started making Degrees of Lewdity as a way to explore what I could do in Twine with virtually no coding experience. Tinkering with it became a hobby and it developed into a coherent game. Now that the basic gameplay loop is functional and it has a decent amount of content, I decided it's time to share.

The game has strong sexual themes, and just lots of sex in general. You've been warned!

Bug reports and feedback are appreciated. Download links are in the sidebar.