Tuesday 31 October 2023

Degrees of Lewdity version

This update adds a confessional to the temple, where the sinful can find forgiveness. It also lets temple initiates ascend in rank, unlocking more of the temple's secrets, and allowing them to receive the confessions of others.

To ascend in rank, initiates must pass through a new trial, an ancient vigil. Most can't endure the night. Those who do can make the temple their home, but have new duties. There are secrets too, and not all are readily revealed, even to the ascended.

The island has been cleaned up and rebalanced. The build menu is a lot nicer, and the islanders now carry more appropriate objects for those with skulduggerous hands. They also no longer report the PC's use of pepper spray to the police!

Huge thanks to PurityGuy for the confessional, and to all the contributors for their work! This is the first update in a long time that's met my personal deadline, and it's a wonderful feeling. There's more to come for the temple, and the PC's duties there. Next update will flesh out Captain Zephyr and their merry band. Their ship should provide a more straightforward way to reach the island. Expect it in a month!

Happy Halloween!

Edit: Updated to, fixing bugs and adding a custom notes tab to the journal.
Edit 2: Updated to, fixing more bugs.

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  • Temple initiates with enough grace can now face another trial. Success means ascension to the rank of monk/nun, allowing them to sleep in the temple quarters and giving them access to the inner cloister.
  • Added the option to pray at the asylum on Sundays. Thanks to Charlie Studio.
  • Adds a small scene to Remy's farm. Written by Neltsy, coded by Crimson Tide.
  • Added chastity belt sprites for missionary and doggy. Thanks to Voldmare.
  • Fixed/added sprites for small and flat chastity cages in the doggy position. Thanks to Voldmare.
  • Fixed condom display for PCs and NPCs in the doggy position. Thanks to Voldmare.
  • Clothing is now colour-coded according to integrity in the sidebar description. Thanks to ToumanLin.
  • Added a bunch of baby interactions for Alex. Thanks to Cutiland and Mona, with typo corrections by Kirsty.
  • Added a docks ID variation scene that allows the PC to work there at any day of the week after getting the ID from Brar. Written by Meat Glacier and coded by Cutiland.
  • Added the "whip" and "baton" weapon types.
  • The PC can now wake up to find Alex checking on their children at night. Scene written by IndexEnthusiast and coded by Cutiland.
  • Added a series of small events around the orphanage that involve posters or paper in some way. Written by Soul and coded by Cutiland.
  • Added a collection of events to the orphanage that involve music or musical instruments as a theme. Written by Soul and coded by Cutiland.
  • Added the "Defy the Night" feat.
  • Restored the ability to press "1" to start the game. Thanks to majou.
  • Thanks to majou, Ybyx, fire2244, Khaos423, xao and Lollipop Scythe for code improvements.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added the confessional to the temple. The PC may confess their sins once a day. Confessing sins for a specific sex stat can help lower them at the cost of trauma and control.
  • Once the player reaches monk/nun rank, they may operate the confessional themselves.
  • Adjusted the grace widgets to allow for them to be used (and ignored) when the player is not a member of the temple.
  • Added support for Sydney in new scenes.
  • Added two new small Wraith scenes. Puri will not elaborate further.
  • Temple virginity now tracks who it was taken by.
  • Improvements to child code. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Added the "Withering Truths" feat.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following additions and improvements:
  • Items in clothing shops can now have multiple styles, that can be switched when viewing an item.
  • All the classic items have been moved back to the main clothing shop as an alternate style.
  • Added an orgasm scene add-on when breastfeeding during a mansion job.
  • Re-wrote the island build system to improve it's usability and code.
  • Minor additions to Sydney comments to the pc.
Thanks to Kirsty for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added the cableknit cardigan to the clothing shop. Sprites by MinerDX, with breast sprites by Beta.
  • Added the mismatched socks to the clothing shop. Thanks to Koko.
  • Added the reading glasses to the clothing and school shops. Thanks to Neppu Sagashite.
  • Added the messy bun and thick pigtails hairstyles. Thanks to Beta.
  • Added a controller icon for playing games with Robin and antique bullet icon. Thanks to Pexmiss.
  • Added an icon for watering in the garden. Thanks to Neppu Sagashite.
  • Added snake swarm sprites. Thanks to Alulu somi.
  • Added the thigh high boots, open shoulder lolita dress, and fur boots to the clothing shop. Thanks to Beta.
  • Added icons to the lower halves of fullbody outfits.
  • Consolidated maid dresses and nurse outfits into shop groups.
  • Added the plaid school uniform variants to the shop groups of their non-plaid versions.
  • Icon code cleanup and consolidation.
Balance Changes
  • Increased the impact on the chance of food events appearing when searching along the shore on the island, particularly when camped at the rocky hillock.
  • Jordan can now be spoken to in the temple at dusk.
  • Added the "serving" trait to the cheongsam and short cheongsam.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following balance changes:
  • Mothers can now use breast pumps while still having low awareness in specific locations.
  • Increased the rarity of getting food from the bird feeder on the island to make upgrading it worth it.
  • Slightly increased the chances of getting wood on the island when specifically searching for it.
  • Fame will no longer affect allure when on the lost island.
  • Using pepper spray on the island will no longer be counted as assault.
  • Stealing from islanders now has a 10% chance to steal food, or a 5% chance to steal wood when effective skulduggery is above grade A.
  • Naked NPCs can no longer be stolen from.
  • Adjusted the journal.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes a softlock with no link in the island. Thanks to pumping lemma.
  • Fixed a bug that showed the innocence stat on closed sidebar when PC is no longer innocent. Thanks to voldmare.
  • Fixed innocence values ​​on hover. Thanks to Voldmare.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented two of the new challenges behind the oak spa becoming available. Thanks to Pumping Lemma.
  • Fixed a typo in some Whitney scenes. Thanks to arairon.
  • Having a strap-on envelop a tentacle should no longer take your virginity. Thanks to Pumping Lemma.
  • Fixed a bug that made rugged shoes reduce athletics and physique skill instead of increase it. Thanks to Khaos423.
  • Headbutting a walnut tree should now provide walnuts.
  • Fixed some errors found when attacked on the island while sleeping.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the PC to be stripped nude, instead of to their underwear, in the canal. Thanks to arairon.
  • Machines can no longer remove magic tattoos or brands during encounters. Thanks to FadedLines.
  • Fixed a bug that broke clothes rebuy after surrendering them to an audience when dancing. Thanks to Khaos423.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented two of the three variants of the High Street pamphlet event triggering. Thanks to Khaos423.
  • Fixed missing images for small/flat cages, chastity belts, and strap-ons for the missionary sprite. Thanks to Voldmare.
  • Fixed a bug that made Robin teleport ahead of the PC when escaping together from the underground brothel. Thanks to WashingPowder137.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to fail to detect whether a date fell within a school term. Thanks to SirSkeleto.
  • Alex no longer drinks while pregnant or offer the PC drink while aware the PC is pregnant. Thanks to Cutiland.
  • Defeated NPCs should now correctly reduce trauma, stress and pain as advertised. Thanks to ToumanLin.
  • Being molested while dancing will now correctly indicate an increase to trauma and stress. Thanks to ToumanLin.
  • Leaving cards with Wren will now decrease love as advertised. Thanks to EndlessGame.
  • Trimming the hedges at Kylar's manor will now advertise the fact that it increases trust. Thanks to EndlessGame.
  • Thanks to numbersir and Electron Emissary for minor fixes.
Thanks to majou for the following fixes:
  • Fix for disappearing items when using the Outfit Status sort in the wardrobe.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the statistics menu not counting certain saves.
  • Autosave count should no longer increase when autosaves are disabled.
  • Fixed an issue with furniture code.
  • Fixed a bug that broke some saves.
  • Other minor fixes.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an incorrect check when Whitney checks the PCs panties.
  • Added an error message and exit link to the overdose pills eventpool, plus a change to prevent future issues.
  • Minor purity and impurity boost traits text adjustment.
  • Fixed an issue for herm's that prevented putting their finger in their vagina when masturbating.
  • Fixed an issue that could delete cursed items equipped on the PC.
  • Further fixes to cursed clothing items.
  • Fixed an issue with one of the masturbation effects.
  • Fixed a duplicate line of text involving Morgan.
  • Fixed minor issues with pregnancy functions and checks.
  • Fixed an issue with pregnancy type.
  • Fixed an issue with the Wraith's anal ejaculations.
  • Fixed an issue with exporting saves.
  • Added some missing water calls.
  • Fixed some issues with tentacle content.
  • Fixed school term start dates. Thanks to Xao.
  • Fixed an error found above the spar new customer links.
  • Fixed a bug that cause the shop to break for items with multiple styles.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to Kirsty for the following fixes:
  • Alphabetised hairstyles and made fishtail braids ruffleable.
  • Fixed missing image bug for legwear.
  • Edited eyes and teeth for the pig, boar, dog, and wolf sprites. Thanks to Kodi.
  • Fixed sprite resolution for kimonos. Thanks to Akoz.
  • Small improvements to the island build UI for readability and visual consistency.
  • Fixed incorrect checks for $submissive instead of $speech_attitude.
  • Snipped the fringe off the default sides.
  • Rebalanced warmth for work gloves.
  • Fixed colours in journal for school projects.
  • Various icon-related fixes.
  • Added icon for Remy's cottage. Thanks to Alulu somi.
  • Fixed combat sprites for butterfly hairpin. Thanks to Beta.
  • Fixed turtleneck leotard breast sprites.
  • Added a couple of small events to the cloister.
  • Cleaned up the cloister sparring scenes.
  • The PC will now be embarrassed to be naked in the temple cloister.
  • The PC should now get dressed after helping an orphan pick up their dropped paper at the orphanage.
  • Fixed some NPC errors found when your camp in the gulch is found when sleeping on the island. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Properly setup the temple wardrobe for future use. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Fix to some shop code running too late, creating empty pages. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Removed a superfluous sleep option from the temple quarters.
  • Fixed a bug found when oral virginity is taken during cards. Thanks to Khaos423.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a warp from the temple bunk beds to the orphanage.
  • Fixed outfits being destroyed or deleted at the temple beds.
  • Fixed the shortcut tunnel from the park to the school.
  • Bailey will no longer show up at the temple before the player's promotion.
  • Patched the leaky roof in the temple's training quarters.
  • Fixed certain link text displaying with blind stats turned on.
  • Fixed an issue with the new linkOverride code, thanks to Majou.
  • Fixed several softlocks caused by Sydney leaving for the night.
  • Fixed a time inconsistency with the path to the cloister.
  • Fixed Robin returning to other locations after walking in on the player taking a bath, instead of staying at the orphanage.
  • Fixed a softlock in some scenes relating to a worn strapon being removed or destroyed.
  • Reverted some changes to the dilapidated shop and adult shop location image code that caused them to break. (Dev note: keep an eye out for future issues with location images, the changes to code were sweeping and some sections were entirely deleted)
  • Fixed studying in the library causing breakdown in the next triggered event after leaving.
  • Removing all tried on clothes at clothing shops with the top links will now properly remove the "Leave with stolen clothes" link.
  • Restored Crime (thievery) tag to leaving clothing shops without paying for worn clothes.
  • Post orgasm speech is now disabled if speech in combat is disabled.
  • Fixed butterfly hairpin missionary sprites, thanks to Beta.
  • Typos and pronoun issues.
  • Added a custom notes tab to the journal.
Bug Fixes
  • Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • Fixed being unable to show your fake ID at the docks.
  • Fixed an old docks event that would steal the player's shoes.
  • Fixed a member of the temple that tried fondling your naked.
  • Added a missing pregnancy insecurity case to the temple.
  • Made more events take the chance for NPC couple gender into account.
  • Restored more broken location images
  • Temple virginity now shows up in the statistics menu
  • Updated Jordan's title.
  • Typos.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Fix to shop groups not working correctly after the previous max page fix.
  • Fix to one of the check boxes generated when replacing parasite children.
  • Added some missing spacing to ear slime masturbation text.
  • Bottled milk rounding fix.
Thanks to Kirsty for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that allowed submissive, not defiant, players to demand money from Robin.
  • Fixed broken location images.
  • Fixed display bug with fishtail braids.
  • Fixed duplicate tip displaying.
  • Re-added old sprites for lace choker and lace panties to their shop groups.
  • Fixed misaligned pixel on the fur boots and added missing breast sprites for the large towel, towel, and witch dress. Thanks to Beta.
  • Fixed island location sprited
  • Typo fixes.

Tuesday 3 October 2023