Tuesday 31 October 2023

Degrees of Lewdity version

This update adds a confessional to the temple, where the sinful can find forgiveness. It also lets temple initiates ascend in rank, unlocking more of the temple's secrets, and allowing them to receive the confessions of others.

To ascend in rank, initiates must pass through a new trial, an ancient vigil. Most can't endure the night. Those who do can make the temple their home, but have new duties. There are secrets too, and not all are readily revealed, even to the ascended.

The island has been cleaned up and rebalanced. The build menu is a lot nicer, and the islanders now carry more appropriate objects for those with skulduggerous hands. They also no longer report the PC's use of pepper spray to the police!

Huge thanks to PurityGuy for the confessional, and to all the contributors for their work! This is the first update in a long time that's met my personal deadline, and it's a wonderful feeling. There's more to come for the temple, and the PC's duties there. Next update will flesh out Captain Zephyr and their merry band. Their ship should provide a more straightforward way to reach the island. Expect it in a month!

Happy Halloween!

Edit: Updated to, fixing bugs and adding a custom notes tab to the journal.
Edit 2: Updated to, fixing more bugs.

Alternative links
  • Temple initiates with enough grace can now face another trial. Success means ascension to the rank of monk/nun, allowing them to sleep in the temple quarters and giving them access to the inner cloister.
  • Added the option to pray at the asylum on Sundays. Thanks to Charlie Studio.
  • Adds a small scene to Remy's farm. Written by Neltsy, coded by Crimson Tide.
  • Added chastity belt sprites for missionary and doggy. Thanks to Voldmare.
  • Fixed/added sprites for small and flat chastity cages in the doggy position. Thanks to Voldmare.
  • Fixed condom display for PCs and NPCs in the doggy position. Thanks to Voldmare.
  • Clothing is now colour-coded according to integrity in the sidebar description. Thanks to ToumanLin.
  • Added a bunch of baby interactions for Alex. Thanks to Cutiland and Mona, with typo corrections by Kirsty.
  • Added a docks ID variation scene that allows the PC to work there at any day of the week after getting the ID from Brar. Written by Meat Glacier and coded by Cutiland.
  • Added the "whip" and "baton" weapon types.
  • The PC can now wake up to find Alex checking on their children at night. Scene written by IndexEnthusiast and coded by Cutiland.
  • Added a series of small events around the orphanage that involve posters or paper in some way. Written by Soul and coded by Cutiland.
  • Added a collection of events to the orphanage that involve music or musical instruments as a theme. Written by Soul and coded by Cutiland.
  • Added the "Defy the Night" feat.
  • Restored the ability to press "1" to start the game. Thanks to majou.
  • Thanks to majou, Ybyx, fire2244, Khaos423, xao and Lollipop Scythe for code improvements.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added the confessional to the temple. The PC may confess their sins once a day. Confessing sins for a specific sex stat can help lower them at the cost of trauma and control.
  • Once the player reaches monk/nun rank, they may operate the confessional themselves.
  • Adjusted the grace widgets to allow for them to be used (and ignored) when the player is not a member of the temple.
  • Added support for Sydney in new scenes.
  • Added two new small Wraith scenes. Puri will not elaborate further.
  • Temple virginity now tracks who it was taken by.
  • Improvements to child code. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Added the "Withering Truths" feat.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following additions and improvements:
  • Items in clothing shops can now have multiple styles, that can be switched when viewing an item.
  • All the classic items have been moved back to the main clothing shop as an alternate style.
  • Added an orgasm scene add-on when breastfeeding during a mansion job.
  • Re-wrote the island build system to improve it's usability and code.
  • Minor additions to Sydney comments to the pc.
Thanks to Kirsty for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added the cableknit cardigan to the clothing shop. Sprites by MinerDX, with breast sprites by Beta.
  • Added the mismatched socks to the clothing shop. Thanks to Koko.
  • Added the reading glasses to the clothing and school shops. Thanks to Neppu Sagashite.
  • Added the messy bun and thick pigtails hairstyles. Thanks to Beta.
  • Added a controller icon for playing games with Robin and antique bullet icon. Thanks to Pexmiss.
  • Added an icon for watering in the garden. Thanks to Neppu Sagashite.
  • Added snake swarm sprites. Thanks to Alulu somi.
  • Added the thigh high boots, open shoulder lolita dress, and fur boots to the clothing shop. Thanks to Beta.
  • Added icons to the lower halves of fullbody outfits.
  • Consolidated maid dresses and nurse outfits into shop groups.
  • Added the plaid school uniform variants to the shop groups of their non-plaid versions.
  • Icon code cleanup and consolidation.
Balance Changes
  • Increased the impact on the chance of food events appearing when searching along the shore on the island, particularly when camped at the rocky hillock.
  • Jordan can now be spoken to in the temple at dusk.
  • Added the "serving" trait to the cheongsam and short cheongsam.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following balance changes:
  • Mothers can now use breast pumps while still having low awareness in specific locations.
  • Increased the rarity of getting food from the bird feeder on the island to make upgrading it worth it.
  • Slightly increased the chances of getting wood on the island when specifically searching for it.
  • Fame will no longer affect allure when on the lost island.
  • Using pepper spray on the island will no longer be counted as assault.
  • Stealing from islanders now has a 10% chance to steal food, or a 5% chance to steal wood when effective skulduggery is above grade A.
  • Naked NPCs can no longer be stolen from.
  • Adjusted the journal.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes a softlock with no link in the island. Thanks to pumping lemma.
  • Fixed a bug that showed the innocence stat on closed sidebar when PC is no longer innocent. Thanks to voldmare.
  • Fixed innocence values ​​on hover. Thanks to Voldmare.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented two of the new challenges behind the oak spa becoming available. Thanks to Pumping Lemma.
  • Fixed a typo in some Whitney scenes. Thanks to arairon.
  • Having a strap-on envelop a tentacle should no longer take your virginity. Thanks to Pumping Lemma.
  • Fixed a bug that made rugged shoes reduce athletics and physique skill instead of increase it. Thanks to Khaos423.
  • Headbutting a walnut tree should now provide walnuts.
  • Fixed some errors found when attacked on the island while sleeping.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the PC to be stripped nude, instead of to their underwear, in the canal. Thanks to arairon.
  • Machines can no longer remove magic tattoos or brands during encounters. Thanks to FadedLines.
  • Fixed a bug that broke clothes rebuy after surrendering them to an audience when dancing. Thanks to Khaos423.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented two of the three variants of the High Street pamphlet event triggering. Thanks to Khaos423.
  • Fixed missing images for small/flat cages, chastity belts, and strap-ons for the missionary sprite. Thanks to Voldmare.
  • Fixed a bug that made Robin teleport ahead of the PC when escaping together from the underground brothel. Thanks to WashingPowder137.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to fail to detect whether a date fell within a school term. Thanks to SirSkeleto.
  • Alex no longer drinks while pregnant or offer the PC drink while aware the PC is pregnant. Thanks to Cutiland.
  • Defeated NPCs should now correctly reduce trauma, stress and pain as advertised. Thanks to ToumanLin.
  • Being molested while dancing will now correctly indicate an increase to trauma and stress. Thanks to ToumanLin.
  • Leaving cards with Wren will now decrease love as advertised. Thanks to EndlessGame.
  • Trimming the hedges at Kylar's manor will now advertise the fact that it increases trust. Thanks to EndlessGame.
  • Thanks to numbersir and Electron Emissary for minor fixes.
Thanks to majou for the following fixes:
  • Fix for disappearing items when using the Outfit Status sort in the wardrobe.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the statistics menu not counting certain saves.
  • Autosave count should no longer increase when autosaves are disabled.
  • Fixed an issue with furniture code.
  • Fixed a bug that broke some saves.
  • Other minor fixes.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an incorrect check when Whitney checks the PCs panties.
  • Added an error message and exit link to the overdose pills eventpool, plus a change to prevent future issues.
  • Minor purity and impurity boost traits text adjustment.
  • Fixed an issue for herm's that prevented putting their finger in their vagina when masturbating.
  • Fixed an issue that could delete cursed items equipped on the PC.
  • Further fixes to cursed clothing items.
  • Fixed an issue with one of the masturbation effects.
  • Fixed a duplicate line of text involving Morgan.
  • Fixed minor issues with pregnancy functions and checks.
  • Fixed an issue with pregnancy type.
  • Fixed an issue with the Wraith's anal ejaculations.
  • Fixed an issue with exporting saves.
  • Added some missing water calls.
  • Fixed some issues with tentacle content.
  • Fixed school term start dates. Thanks to Xao.
  • Fixed an error found above the spar new customer links.
  • Fixed a bug that cause the shop to break for items with multiple styles.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to Kirsty for the following fixes:
  • Alphabetised hairstyles and made fishtail braids ruffleable.
  • Fixed missing image bug for legwear.
  • Edited eyes and teeth for the pig, boar, dog, and wolf sprites. Thanks to Kodi.
  • Fixed sprite resolution for kimonos. Thanks to Akoz.
  • Small improvements to the island build UI for readability and visual consistency.
  • Fixed incorrect checks for $submissive instead of $speech_attitude.
  • Snipped the fringe off the default sides.
  • Rebalanced warmth for work gloves.
  • Fixed colours in journal for school projects.
  • Various icon-related fixes.
  • Added icon for Remy's cottage. Thanks to Alulu somi.
  • Fixed combat sprites for butterfly hairpin. Thanks to Beta.
  • Fixed turtleneck leotard breast sprites.
  • Added a couple of small events to the cloister.
  • Cleaned up the cloister sparring scenes.
  • The PC will now be embarrassed to be naked in the temple cloister.
  • The PC should now get dressed after helping an orphan pick up their dropped paper at the orphanage.
  • Fixed some NPC errors found when your camp in the gulch is found when sleeping on the island. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Properly setup the temple wardrobe for future use. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Fix to some shop code running too late, creating empty pages. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Removed a superfluous sleep option from the temple quarters.
  • Fixed a bug found when oral virginity is taken during cards. Thanks to Khaos423.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a warp from the temple bunk beds to the orphanage.
  • Fixed outfits being destroyed or deleted at the temple beds.
  • Fixed the shortcut tunnel from the park to the school.
  • Bailey will no longer show up at the temple before the player's promotion.
  • Patched the leaky roof in the temple's training quarters.
  • Fixed certain link text displaying with blind stats turned on.
  • Fixed an issue with the new linkOverride code, thanks to Majou.
  • Fixed several softlocks caused by Sydney leaving for the night.
  • Fixed a time inconsistency with the path to the cloister.
  • Fixed Robin returning to other locations after walking in on the player taking a bath, instead of staying at the orphanage.
  • Fixed a softlock in some scenes relating to a worn strapon being removed or destroyed.
  • Reverted some changes to the dilapidated shop and adult shop location image code that caused them to break. (Dev note: keep an eye out for future issues with location images, the changes to code were sweeping and some sections were entirely deleted)
  • Fixed studying in the library causing breakdown in the next triggered event after leaving.
  • Removing all tried on clothes at clothing shops with the top links will now properly remove the "Leave with stolen clothes" link.
  • Restored Crime (thievery) tag to leaving clothing shops without paying for worn clothes.
  • Post orgasm speech is now disabled if speech in combat is disabled.
  • Fixed butterfly hairpin missionary sprites, thanks to Beta.
  • Typos and pronoun issues.
  • Added a custom notes tab to the journal.
Bug Fixes
  • Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • Fixed being unable to show your fake ID at the docks.
  • Fixed an old docks event that would steal the player's shoes.
  • Fixed a member of the temple that tried fondling your naked.
  • Added a missing pregnancy insecurity case to the temple.
  • Made more events take the chance for NPC couple gender into account.
  • Restored more broken location images
  • Temple virginity now shows up in the statistics menu
  • Updated Jordan's title.
  • Typos.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Fix to shop groups not working correctly after the previous max page fix.
  • Fix to one of the check boxes generated when replacing parasite children.
  • Added some missing spacing to ear slime masturbation text.
  • Bottled milk rounding fix.
Thanks to Kirsty for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that allowed submissive, not defiant, players to demand money from Robin.
  • Fixed broken location images.
  • Fixed display bug with fishtail braids.
  • Fixed duplicate tip displaying.
  • Re-added old sprites for lace choker and lace panties to their shop groups.
  • Fixed misaligned pixel on the fur boots and added missing breast sprites for the large towel, towel, and witch dress. Thanks to Beta.
  • Fixed island location sprited
  • Typo fixes.


  1. elm (coolest guy)31 October 2023 at 01:19

    yippe! hooray! thank you vrelnr for the upped date :happy_day:

  2. Happy Halloween, Vrel! Thanks for the update!

  3. Ahhh yes! And I'm so thrilled about a certain Wraith scene. I'm overjoyed~ hehe happy belated birthday to me! X3

  4. Happy Halloween 🎃

  5. Happy Halloween Vrel

  6. Happy Halloween, +1 to spaghetti

  7. I don't know if it's just me, but I can't seem to disable the numbered link navigation. Unchecking the box does nothing.

    btw Happy Halloween! And thanks for the update!

    1. Thanks for the heads up, and sorry for the bother!

      It's no problem at all!

  8. Congrats on the release of the game update!
    Vrel hard at work!
    I was pleasantly surprised by the questions you answered last time, and would like to express my gratitude to you, so much love for you and the characters you portray in the game! Glad to know you're doing well, still hope you cut down on the late nights and have fun!
    By the way, I'd like to ask, does Wren play an instrument and dance? What is their level of exhibitionism, promiscuity, and physical strength as set up in the game?
    If Bailey made a deal with someone and they gave the PCs freedom to leave town, how would they react if they saw the PCs again years later?
    Was Doren set up to be human all along? Their flat made me think it was just a front for them to be human, they are really nice people and I hope to see more episodes with them, thanks to Vrel's characterisation!

    1. Thank you!
      I intend to catch up with the comments left beneath the last update. I'll try to cut back on the late nights, but the show goes on!
      Wren can dance in a casual setting, but has little professional instruction. Their home growing up didn't suit musical instruments
      NPCs don't use the same systems as the PC, so don't have exhibitionism, promiscuity and physique in the same way. This might change in the future.
      I'm not sure how Bailey would react after such a long separation from the PC. It would depend on what happened to Bailey, and perhaps the PC, in the interim.
      Doren was set up as officially human. I'm glad you like them! There's more I want to include for the character.

  9. TYSM Vrel, and Happy Halloween!
    Would you be willing to share a list of characters birthdays and/or favorite colors? (Particularly the LIs and Harper, Jordan and Briar)

  10. Guess we'll have to wait another day for male PCs to be able to go buy milk.
    ... Literally, not figuratively.

  11. Thanks for the update!! I would like to ask when will Eden's reaction to children and pregnancy be added?

    1. No problem! There's no ETA on Eden pregnancy I'm afraid.

  12. Thanks for the update Vrelnir and contributors, I can't wait to find out the new lore. Happy Halloween.

  13. I came up with an idea while so many Halloween topics were highlighted.
    How about adding pumpkin seed and making a special festival use of them when in-game Halloween is coming?
    Then,happy Halloween to y'all :)

    1. Pumpkin seeds for Halloween would be fitting. Thanks for the idea.

  14. Thanks for the update and happy Halloween!
    Wondering where we click to get the alternate item variants for clothes? Can't seem to find it.

    1. No problem, and thanks!
      Hmm, I can't find it either. A bug might be afoot!

  15. Thank you for the update. I hope you're always doing well.
    I have a question. Is there anything substantial Whitney gets from her dealings with Bailey? I know it's planned to be explored in the future, but I was surprised to see in previous reply that Whitney didn't know about PC's debt (£2000 a week) and Bailey thinks he's a useful fool. Can you give us a hint about their deals?
    I'm using a translator, so the sentence may not be smooth. I'm sorry.

    1. No problem. I'm well thank you. I hope you are too.
      Whitney's dealings with Bailey will indeed be explored in the future, and I can say no more for now! The PC is unaware of what Bailey reveals to Whitney.

  16. Happy halloween~
    By the way, is it just me or has the frequency of updates increased? Well, Vrelnir-san, I don't know who you are or what you do, but I hope you also take up a lot of time for yourself on a daily basis, it's always bad to try harder than you should at something, by the way, I love this game.

    1. Thank you. I'm glad you're enjoying the game. I want to get back in a monthly update schedule, so hopefully they will be faster than they were. I'll be careful!

  17. Thank you Vrel! Happy Halloween! Out of curiosity, how does one go about starting the Island part of the game?

    1. No problem! Right now there's a chance you end up on the island if you pass out at sea, but next update will add a somewhat drier way, if all goes well.

  18. Happy Halloween! Have a great day, and I was wondering if Avery would have anything in the next update?

    1. Thank you. Avery isn't planned for next update.

  19. Hey, I've been troubled for a long time, I searched a lot of information, and then read the game plot repeatedly, I wrote some small papers about Robin, but since it's not in English (I'm using a translator), I can't show it to you! Like you said, I think Robin is an innocent poor person, they are innocent and cute, they are kind, they are definitely not hypocritical and selfish guys, right? I think Robin is an angel and I can tell in your responses to people's questions that Robin also has compassion and kindness to everyone...Robin even thinks about Bailey! I and other Robin fans often lament Robin's kindness, which is actually to their own detriment, because this town is a terrible place, and the innocence makes it difficult for Robin to survive...Robin is kind to everyone Gentle, but few people reciprocate their tenderness, I am really sad... Sometimes I am also pained by the different voices some people have towards Robin (I often hear people say that Robin is hypocritical and selfish), I Just want to make sure of one thing, Robin has no bad intentions towards the PC, right? They love and cherish the PC so deeply, just because Robin is inexperienced, they are too young and naive, their view of life is too ideal and beautiful, and they always look at others from a good starting point, so they are so out of place. ? …Robin’s sense of morality comes naturally, and so does his purity and gentle heart, right?
    Thank you so much for creating such wonderful and lovable characters who have such precious qualities in such a terrible place. I and other Robin fans really love Robin's purity (it's definitely part of their appeal, but the traumatic plot ruined Robin's eyes to see the world, and their illusions were shattered, but I also Love these plots...I can accept and like everything about Robin, but also be devastated at the same time)! But you said you couldn't bear to write about his trauma anymore, right? Oh...I really hope they can be happy! I really love Robin and I create a lot of fan art for him... By the way, I want to say "Thank you!" to Robin and "Actually you're really awesome!" I see everyone else doing that. Treating the PC roughly, while Robin is so nervous and shy, they are gentle and cherished towards the PC. So Robin is definitely not a bad person, right? Robin's love is real and endearing.
    I always get the feeling that Robin is so careful with the PCs and so precious... they need to be encouraged. I also want to see his growth. Can you add more scenes where the high-confidence Robin protects the PCs? There are also scenes where Robin worries and cares about the highly traumatized PC. I think Robin can carefully detect the breakdown and pain of the PC, and they understand the PC very well. Please... thank you! Please take a rest!
    I talked a lot. Sorry, thank you for the hard work! I hope you are happy and healthy outside of work. But I really want to show you my research on Robin, but my English is really bad...sorry...! I want to try secretly sending you a private message.
    I also wonder how they would react if I called Robin an angel?

    1. It's a shame I can't read your small papers on Robin!
      Robin is indeed a cinnamon roll, and has no bad intentions towards the PC. They feel a lot of gratitude towards them. They're very idealistic, and they see the best in people, to the point it blinds them to a person's worse aspects. They're a good person, but they're in a terrible situation.
      It's no problem at all! Thank you for the kind words. I indeed haven't been able to write Robin trauma scenes for a long time. More protective scenes from high-confidence Robin would be good though!
      There's no need to apologise. I'm healthy and happy, and I hope you are as well!
      Robin would love being called an angel, but would blush.

  20. Thank you Vrel and team! This is a wonderful Halloween gift ><
    I have a question, what would Robin, Kylar and Sydney work as after graduation? I already read the Whitney's answer and honestly I'm quite surprised (like, Whitney the neurosurgeon??)
    Thank you for answering!

    1. I believe Vrel answered before. Robin and Sydney may become a teacher, and Kylar may work with sth related to science.

    2. Mine memory different from above. Robin hasnt got a future plan yet and Kylar think they will keep stealing.. Perhaps I havent updated Vrel's new answers?

    3. Yep Vrel updated his answer in the later question

    4. No problem!
      Thanks for the answers Anons.

  21. Thanks for the update.

    It would be nice to be able to configure some of the in-game triggers to make the game a little more flexible.

    1. Rather than having to tweak the files manually each time an update is released, it'd be good to be able to configure delinquency to lower values to trigger events such as being required to undress in science class.

    2. Increasing the percent chance of a domestic job triggering a more saucey outcome.

    3. The ability to customise the requests / fetishes of the office jobs to suit the individual (non-encounter related). Text fields laid out in a similar fashion to the NPC settings screen allow the player to enter the text of the fetish, overriding the defaults in-game to replace barefoot, bottomless, topless and nude. If no text is entered, the default would apply.

    5. The above option could apply to other types of work too.

    6. As I write this, it would also be nice to be able to configure the action text of NPC characters. Defaults in settings that can be overwritten by the player during configuration. Perhaps allowing player choice of build as well as NPC comments, action text etc. It would be on the player to make sure it reads correctly.

    One other thing is that I've noticed a lot of the undressing scenes have the NPC pulling tops down the PC body, which would tear shirts and tops and outputs the reveal incorrectly. I think the top section of clothing should be pulled up over the head instead? This may be a limitation that would take too long to fix, but thought I'd mention it.

    I enjoy the game and thanks to everyone who spends time working to make it bigger and better :)

    1. No problem. Thanks for your thoughts. Being able to optionally configure things like this would be ideal.

      NPCs should only be pulling certain types of top down the body, so a bug might be afoot.

      I'm glad you enjoy the game!

  22. Happy halloween~
    Thanks for the updates this is really a great halloween gift <3
    If possible may I ask you some questions about whitney?

    1) Does Whitney like going to art museums? How is Whitney rtistic sense?
    2) Does Whitney like to think about philosophical questions?
    3) Will Whitney prefer expensive clothes, trendy clothes or comfortable clothes?
    4) Is whitney a visionary?
    5) Are Whitney's friends used to seeing Whitney naked? What do they think about it?

    Thank you again and love you !

    1. No problem <3

      1) Whitney has never been to an art museum outside of a school trip. They don't think about art much.
      2) Yes, but they wouldn't put it that way.
      3) Trendy clothes.
      4) Depends on who you ask!
      5) It's not unusual. They think Whitney's hot.

  23. Good update! Joke with the fur boots is surprisingly funny. Can't seem to find the style options for clothing (, on mobile), so I don't know if I can't see or it's a bug. Thanks, and Happy Halloween!

    1. I'm glad you like it! There's a bug with the style options, but it should hopefully be fixed soon.

  24. happy halloween indeed 🤩

  25. You're doing god's work Vrelnir *salutes you*

  26. i realize i'm most likely in the minority with this, but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask >< ^^;;.

    it's just i realized that i want my MC to stay loyal to her first LI. and then i went through farm quests and raised Alex's love to the max (foolish me thought he was like Robin as in he needed lust and/or dominance to move from friends to lovers). and he tried to kiss her >< ^^. so now she just kinda avoids him >< ^^;;

    would you consider a possibility of adding some way for MCs to stay monogamous (while still befriending characters who are not their primary LI)? at least for those who seem emotionally mature enough to accept this ^^. maybe Robin, Sydney and Alex. like telling them that we want to stay friends and it would cut off any romantic interaction. or maybe a toggle.

    sorry for the rambling ^^;. and thank you for all your hard work. i love your game ^^

    1. Most love interests will try to press themselves on the PC, the PC can only decide if they accept this or not via their attitudes. So it's not planned, but it's important that the PC can continue to only accept one love interest, and resist the impositions of others.

      You're not rambling! I'm glad you like the game.

  27. Thanks for another great update! <3

  28. Happy Halloween Vrel! Thanks for the update!
    I would like to ask that if you will consider adding a scene in Kylar's manor where pc can crawl under the table and give them oral? Like the sydney one in library?

    1. No problem!
      I'd like to add more to the manor, and a scene like this would fit. Thanks for the idea.

  29. I wonder how much each LI depends on PC.

  30. Hi Vrel,
    I got an error message when giving birth to parasite baby, which blocks me to select the existing babies for selling. Though I can sell babies first then give birth to the new baby, so I guess it's not blocking the whole function. Error (:: GiveBirth): cannot execute macro <>: unable to parse macro argument "true ($checkboxReplace[0] ? "checked" : "")": true is not a function

  31. Will there ever be a way to turn off the purity gains/losses from the feat boost?
    Also good update thank you

    1. No problem. A way to turn off purity gains/losses from the feat boost isn't planned, but I can see how that would be useful.

  32. No way, I just downloaded 0.4.2 yesterday and now 0.4.3 is out, this is awesome, ty for your work Vrel!

  33. If you were to add a new TF specifically for a future Halloween update, which would it be and why is it Vampire?

  34. Hi Vrel,

    Happy Halloween! I'm thrilled to see version today. Thank you and the team!
    I have some questions about Wren that I'd like to ask. Thank you for always being patient in answering them.

    In Smuggler's Cave, when the PC is forced to dance, why didn't Wren show any signs of recognizing the PC? Is it because the situation is dangerous for Wren, or because they wants to keep a low profile?

    2. The following episode is one of the events in the Smuggler's Cave, was it Wren who terrorized Tentacles? If so, is the situation dangerous for Wren?

    The tentacle circles your breasts, squeezing them together and sliding over your nipples.
    You hear a squelch, and the tentacle unravels. It points at the water, as if watching something. A shape lunges from the water. The tentacle unravels the rest of the way, dropping you and recoiling in fright.
    You splash into the water. You're not alone.

    3. Is Smuggler's Cave an underground club?

    4. When does Wren plan to retire?

    5. If the PC satisfies Wren's colleagues with their mouth in the cottage and decides not to put on a show, who is responsible for cleaning the floor and table afterwards? Wren's colleagues or the cleaner?

    Thank you for your time.

    1. No problem!

      1. They want to keep a low profile.
      2. It is a mystery!
      3. Aye. It might become a permanent location in the future.
      4. They haven't thought about it yet! They enjoy what they do too much to consider retiring early, even if they became very wealthy.
      5. Wren's colleagues.

  35. Happy Halloween to Vrel and my love Whitney🥰

  36. Hey, finally a reason to play my long-running angel save again! Thank the unspecified deity of this unspecified church! But thank Vrel more!

    1. I remember reading in a previous update that it was not a crime to skip school anymore, but it did raise my delinquency, is that intentional? I originally took it to mean that school was optional, but I suppose it isn't fully optional?

    2. Is grace meant to reset to half when you do the progression into becoming a nun proper? That was so fucking cool, by the way, that whole ritual.

    3. WHOA there's some PLOT in this one, holy shit. This is like, my favorite genre... I might need a new save just to keep Sydney fully pure with what I just learned...

    4. Hahahahaha, the uggs! I love them! Also, thigh-high high-heels is really hard to say.

    5. OK, so, question: Sydney was being trained for a position in the church (trying not to spoil it for others), is there intended to be a sort of divergence on corrupt/pure Sydney in terms of like... If she's kept pure, does she actually advance towards that position? If there is something planned, I'm gonna have to make a new save to do the purest pure angel I can.

    6. Gaining delinquency for truancy is intentional, though perhaps the occasional day off shouldn't be a problem.
      Grace is indeed meant to reset to half if you succeed the ritual. I'm glad you like the scene, and the uggs!
      We haven't settled on the direction of Sydney regarding the temple yet!

  37. Will you add activities similar to rite of promise to other love interests
    Mainly to prevent angels from becoming fallen angels
    Or would it be an exclusive benefit for Sydney

  38. I really like this update! thank u Vrelnir, PurityGuy, and everyone else who contributed to this work! <33

    1. Do the town's cinemas screen new releases, or do they only show old movies?
    2. Is it possible to add a cinema to the map in the future?
    3.What kind of Pokémon will Landry, Darryl, Morgan, Briar, and Charlie have, respectively?
    4. After the storyline, does Mickey continue to reside in the orphanage's attic, or does he remain hidden in the place Landry provided for him?
    5. Does Mickey trust Landry, or does he still have reservations about him?
    6. Does Mickey hold any personal opinions about Darryl? Given his information-gathering abilities, Mickey should be aware of the competition between the Strip Club and Brothel?

    1. I'm glad you like it! It's no problem.

      1. They screen new releases.
      2. Aye.
      3. Landy and Briar would have psychic type pokemon. Darryl would have normal type pokemon. Charlie would have fighting type pokemon. Morgan would have poison type pokemon.
      4. This will depend on how things develop.
      5. Mickey trusts no one.
      6. Mickey is aware of Darryl, but has no personal opinions about them. They're interested in the role they hold in the town's ecosystem, rather than their character.

  39. Happy Haloween!!!!! Thanks for making my day.

  40. Happy haloween. By the way when, at least approximately, can we expect pregnancy content with the Great Hawk?

  41. Thanks for the update! Looking forward to digging into the new stuff.

    Just a minor bug, but you still cover yourself while wearing a swimsuit in situations where a swimsuit is appropriate. I think this started with the previous patch.

    1. Sorry, *previous version. 4.2.

    2. No problem! Thanks for the heads up.

  42. I got the new church stuff by accident and holy shit Sydney...

    This is the good shit i was talking abt!!! The lore, the mystery, ong i am living and thriving thank u team for blessing my soul

    1. I'm glad you like it! PurityGuy did fantastic work.

  43. I think I fell in love with the bishop at first sight. Can we interact with him more in the future?

    1. I'm glad you like them. They'll appear more in the future.

  44. Hello, Vrelnir
    hope you have a good day ;)

    There's just a few questions I got:
    1.Can we have something like a couple's ring in the future that you and LI can wear together or just a ring that engraved with LI's names?
    2.Does Avery have mysophobia? Cuz he always make me feel like he really does, lel
    3.What will LI do when they got PC's voodoo doll?
    4.Can we have clothing like capes in the future update?

    That's all my questions, looking forward the updates

  45. 1. Is it widely known that Bailey asks orphans for money every week?
    2. Is there an orphan who didn't return to orphanage?among the orphans who were sold because they couldn't pay their debts.
    3. How would the orphanage change if Bailey died suddenly for no reason?
    4.How many orphans have left Bailey after paying their debts in full?

    1. 1. Not outside the criminal underworld.
      2. Aye.
      3. Vultures would descend.
      4. This might be explored in the future.

  46. Thank you for the update!!

  47. I love you vrel <3 and I love this game <3 I love Purity guy<3 and I love every contributors of this game<3<3<3
    And I have three questions!!
    1. If the LIs play horror games or watch horror movies, what game or movie would scare them?
    2. Would Ivory wraith glad if pc really drown?
    3. Would Bailey upset if pc calls them dad/mum? ( ゜ω 。)
    Happy halloween <3<3<3<3

    1. You're very kind <3
      1. I'm not familiar enough with horror games or movies to know!
      2. I shan't say!
      3. Yup.

  48. Hello vre
    I used a translator and I hope you understand what I mean
    I'm really excited to see the game update, thanks for all your hard work!
    hope you can have a good rest in the future. I wish everything goes well again. Love you!

    I have a few questions about Bailey

    1 Did Bailey spend a lot of money on firearms, and did he have a preference for his own personal gun, such as a certain model?

    2 Did Bailey wear the classic British shorts uniform when he was young

    3 If possible, can Bailey teach pc to drive, I think he is very reliable in this regard

    1. I'm sorry, but I have a supplementary question:

      4 I noticed the confrontation between Avery and Bailey at the opening of the cafe, but if I choose to thank Bailey, pc's answer to Bailey makes me care, whether it means that it is simpler and more straightforward to get along with Bailey

    2. No problem! I'll do my best.
      1. Bailey has one reliable firearm that they're attached to. Guns aren't easy to come by.
      2. They preferred trousers to shorts.
      3. Bailey doesn't want to teach them how to drive, as they might use it to help flee town, and it would be a bother to drag them back.
      4. Getting along with Bailey could never be simple.

  49. Happy Halloween! Here are some love candies! Thank you for your contribution to Dol. I hope you are in good health and not too tired. Sorry to bother you at this time, but we have some questions about the characters:
    1. What if PC was a shaking m and knelt down and asked Robin to abuse them? What would Robin say? (I want to get that anyway, even if it's just a little joke!!)
    2. If PC doesn't eat anything, will Robin feed PC with a spoon? If Robin won't feed the PC, what about asking them?
    3. What types of games are Robin and Kylar good at?
    4. How would Robin react if asked to dress up as Jesus for Halloween? hahaha
    5. What would happen if Robin was encouraged to give Whitney hot chocolate (you said Robin would want to give Whitney a bottle of hot chocolate because Whitney loves it!) ?
    6. Does anyone else (NPC and li) like Robin's drink?
    7.Would Robin want to give Bailey his lemonade and hot chocolate?
    8.Isn't Robin's homemade bento delicious?!?
    9.What would happen if PC had sex with Robin in their sleep? Will Robin wake up?
    10.If there was another Robin (like a clone), what would Robin do? Can they share the PC?
    11.If you say to Robin during sex: If you don't get rough with me, I'll go to Whitney, Kylar or even Sydney! What would Robin do?
    12.Does Kylar play GALGAME?
    13. Have you played "Omori"?
    14.What would Whitney think if they knew they were game characters?
    15.Whitney knows about the existence of PL, what do they think?

    1. Thank you, and no problem! There's no need to apologise.
      1. Robin would refuse, and worry about the PC!
      2. Robin would be willing to handfeed the PC if need be.
      3. They're both good at most genres.
      4. Robin would refuse, for fear of upsetting people!
      5. Robin would be willing to give just about anyone hot chocolate, including Whitney. Whitney wouldn't refuse.
      6. Doren, Sirris, Mason, Sydney and Charlie stop by for Robin's drinks now and then.
      7. Aye.
      8. It is considering the poor ingredients they have to work with at the orphanage.
      9. Robin would probably wake up, and would be unhappy, annoyed, or aroused depending on stats.
      10. Robin would get along well with a clone of themselves, until it came to sharing the PC.
      11. Robin would be upset, possibly even angry. It might actually make them a bit rougher, but they wouldn't thank the PC for it.
      12. Aye.
      13. I've heard of Omori, but haven't played it.
      14. Whitney would call the player a slut.
      15. I'm not sure what you mean by "PL"!

  50. Happy Halloween Vrel! and thanks for the update!

  51. Great update, thanks for your hard work.
    Dunno if you have heard of the fish lover story from Niki’s confession channel on YouTube. But now that we can run a confessional, I thought it would be fit to include this story as Easter egg lol.

    1. I'm glad you think so, and you're welcome.
      I have not heard of it, but thanks for the suggestion!

  52. Hi Vrel, I heard about this game through a friend's recommendation, we all love your game and text, because it is very infectious. We even wondered if you are in the text-related industry (hope this does not offend you, just wanted to express our admiration and love for your writing). I have two piles of questions that I want to ask you, one that my friend wants to know (she's a little shy), and the other that I really want to know and hope it doesn't bother you too much.

    1)What kind of food does Mickey like? Are they born with computer skills or are they learned? If they learned it, where did they learn it? Has Mickey ever been in love? What kind of people do they like? Do they prefer to dominate or be dominated?
    2)If Bailey fall in love with PC(I'm not sure if this will happen, but wonder), will they still ask PC to pay off their debt and sell them when they couldn't? Will they help PC get revenge on people who have bullied PC ?

    Please take care of your health and hope everything goes well.Happy Halloween!

  53. So the kimono and mini kimono is still having the bottom half disappearing when putting them on in the wardrobe. I checked on a new save on the latest version on Android.

    1. This one proved troublesome for me. I feel like I'm overlooking something simple. Thanks for the reminder.

  54. When you play android version, Enable numbered link navigation option seems broken. Doesn't hide number even after turn off the option.
    Also, whenever I load game, the option is turn on by default. (this happens also combat animations options)

    1. Thanks for the heads up on these, and sorry for the bother.

  55. Happy Halloween! Thank you vrel and your team for giving me the opportunity to experience such a great game. I can't wait to get started with the freshest version! I have some questions about Bailey. He's such a mysterious man that make me really want to explore.
    1.What tastes of food does Bailey like and dislike?
    2.Does Bailey take sugar in his coffee? And tea?
    3.What does Bailey think of the festivals? Do they celebrate? (Like Halloween and Christmas)
    4.What's Bailey's figure like?Are they strong? Do you work out a lot?
    5.Does Bailey have any favorite books or songs?
    6.You said before that if Bailey would be a Gryffindor in the world of Harry Potter, I was surprised, maybe in my impression that Gryffindor people will have a sense of justice and passion, does this mean that Bailey also has a lot of secrets?
    7.Was the person who made Bailey like dark green their ex-girlfriend/boyfriend? Did Bailey ever love them?Happy Halloween! Thank you vrel and your team for giving me the opportunity to experience such a great game. I can't wait to get started with version 3.0! I have some questions about Bailey. He's such a mysterious man that make me really want to explore.
    1.What tastes of food does Bailey like and dislike?
    2.Does Bailey take sugar in his coffee? And tea?
    3.What does Bailey think of the festivals? Do they celebrate? (Like Halloween and Christmas)
    4.What's Bailey's figure like?Are they strong? Do you work out a lot?
    5.Does Bailey have any favorite books or songs?
    6.You said before that if Bailey would be a Gryffindor in the world of Harry Potter, I was surprised, maybe in my impression that Gryffindor people will have a sense of justice and passion, does this mean that Bailey also has a lot of secrets?
    7.Was the person who made Bailey like dark green their ex-girlfriend/boyfriend? Did Bailey ever love them?

    1. Oh my, I made some mistakes to repeat the questions, sorry.Just ignore my next seven repeated questions!Sorry for waste your time,👉👈.

    2. No problem!
      1. Bailey doesn't have a favourite food, but they appreciate variety. They to know where all the ingredients were grown.
      2. No sugar in tea or coffee.
      3. They don't celebrate, but tolerate it. Having the residents of the orphanage go trick-or-treating looks good.
      4. Bailey is stronger than average, and has a good physique.
      5. Bailey liked Moby-Dick, and pop rock.
      6. Bailey indeed has a lot of secrets. Gryffindor has produced dark wizards/witches before. Justice and passion can be twisted in terrible ways.
      7. This will be explored in the future!
      It's okay!

  56. Happy Halloween Vrel & Contribution Team!
    This update looks amazing, and I eagerly await the next one.

    I have one question: How would each of the LIs react to walking in on the player sleeping with "them" (In reality the Ivory Wraith disguised as them.)

    1. I'm curious about that too!

    2. They would all be horrified. Robin and Alex would assume someone was very good at dressing up, and get angry, Alex assuming it was one of their relatives. They all look quite alike. I'm not sure about Sydney.
      Kylar would be horrified, but wait for the PC to react. Avery would get angry. Whitney would try to start a fight. Eden would know better.

    3. Sydney would definitely be horrified seeing an unholy creature cat fishing the PC.

    4. +++Trauma for everyone! ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

  57. "Added an orgasm scene add-on when breastfeeding during a mansion job."
    blessing be unto lollipop scythe; i've been waiting for this forever.

    happy halloween to vrel and co, love ya!

    1. Lollipop Scythe does fantastic work.
      Thank you <3

  58. I have some suggestions if you're willing to read them!

    1. Adding various sizes/lengths of buttplugs. For example look up the Slink buttplug!
    2. Multiple toy insertions in one hole if you have very high stats with that hole. Could be more than 2 depending on the size of the toy.
    3. If you're very popular among students, perhaps they could attempt to copy things you have fame in to show they look up to you, for instance seeing students trying exhibitionism or deviancy, or even kindness or fighting.
    4. Being a broodmother to some kind of hive, like a specific location you can go to do insect fetish related things. More insect related content in general, obviously toggleable since some won't like that.
    5. Allow for PC to anal fist during masturbation if they have high enough anal stat, since they can already do vaginal fisting.
    6. Continue doing fantastic work as always Vrel and team!!!

    1. 1. More buttplug variety would fit.
      2. Multiple toy insertions would fit as well.
      3. Having a sort of "passive" influence over the other students if popular could be interesting.
      4. It's planned.
      5. Makes sense.
      6. I'll do my best!

  59. Can PC have sex with all characters who can set the size of their sex organs?

    1. No. Notably Jordan will remain pure. Their sex organs appear in a scene though.

  60. Thanks for the update, vrel! I love the weapon setup! I wonder if there's anyone Ivory wraith can't possess? (Like Jordan, they seem to have a way with ivory ghosts, can ghosts possess them too?)

    1. No problem!
      The Ivory Wraith can't possess anyone, but the protected few are few indeed.

  61. Another day Another hope Vrel will put udders in the game. Hope to see em someday!

  62. robin redbreast

  63. hehe funny to hear that a delinquent would be a neurosurgeon, so will Whitney still have time and energy for sex after becoming a neurosurgeon?

  64. surprised we can have another update in oct, best halloween gift ever! thanks you and all the contributors, you guys can take a break for a while now. but I have a few questions to border you:

    1. since some npcs have pc’s social account, who sends messages to pc most frequently? (not only chatting, but also tagging them or sth)

    2. can you rank the muscles of lis?

    3. are there any npcs who are afraid of cockroaches?

    4. does any li know about the existence of the hookah parlour?

    5. can you rank the moral level of lis?

    6. after quarreling with the pc, if pc gives lis the silent treatment, how will they react?

    7. now we know which lis will eat the pc’s leftovers, can we know who will persuade the pc to eat more if they stop eating?

    you’re the best <3

    1. I'm glad you like it! It's no problem.
      1. Robin would want to catch up with the PC a lot. Whitney would message a lot if they were bored.
      2. I want to leave the specifics up to player imagination, but Eden is considerably stronger than the other love interests.
      3. Sam.
      4. Nope.
      5. That's a tough question! I'd need to think about it, but Robin, Alex and Sydney are more moral than the others.
      6. Whitney would tell the PC their mouth has better uses anyway. Eden would return the favour. Robin would be upset and apologetic. Alex would try to laugh it off. Avery would get angry. Kylar would lose their mind. Sydney would give the PC some space.
      7. All of them except Avery might try to persuade the PC to keep eating.
      Thank you for the kind words <3

  65. Thanks and happy Halloween, Vrel!

  66. Thank you for your dedication to your craft.
    The writing of DoL is what keeps me invested in your game and you've not wavered since the start. I genuinely believe you have a talent for world crafting. Wanted to voice my enjoyment out of character for once.

    1. It's no problem at all. Thank you for such kind words, the high praise, and for your role as pope. I'm always happy to see you appear in the comments.

  67. Happy Halloween 🎃 vrelnir. Is there any planned love interests pregnancy that will be shown in the few new updates? Also what color are all love interest’s eyes!

    1. I can't say when the next love interest pregnancy will be added I'm afraid! Love interests have default eye colours in the code, but it's the sort of thing I wanted to leave to player customisation.

  68. Great update! I've been wanting new temple stuff.
    Where are the new weapons used? From the way Jordan demonstrated them, I thought they were usable against tentacles but I guess they are not?
    Also, I'm having a hard time visualising the baton.. how is it supposed to look like?

    1. I'm glad you like it!
      So far the weapons are only used for sparring. They'll be used against tentacles in the future.
      The batons are a dark wooden rod with a partial, silver casing. Not including the handle, they're about as long as a forearm.

  69. Heads up, for some reason panties keep disappearing? I'm legitimately not sure when it happens. I put on my clothes before school, including bikini bottoms as panties, then go to swim class and they're gone.

    1. There's a chance I'm just missing an event happening, I watched carefully and nothing happened this time, and they're not gone... I wonder what I missed or what happened... Haha.

    2. So, I was probably missing something, since it didn't happen again. But earlier you mentioned yes, truancy will increase delinquency and reduce status, but maybe a day or two here and there should be fine. Maybe when phones are introduced we can call the school in the morning for a sick day? Like, some number of days per month or term or something without penalty?

    3. Just double-checked the 4.3.2 notes and didn't see it, but I found a quirk! The [0] when talking to Sydney in the Library shows up as [Shift + 0], but is actually a [0].

    4. Oh, that's happening in every menu that goes up from [1] to [0] the [0] is showing up as [Shift + 0] but functions as a [0]. Also lost my panties again but couldn't figure out where or when it happened, maybe Kylar's doing it and I'm not paying enough attention at the start of the day if they're on?

    5. Aha! Found it! The game isn't notifying me that my underwear was destroyed by acid in the science class, weirder, it does it when they're untouched (Bikini Bottoms) through my Bloomers.

    6. Aha, thanks for pointing it out, and for the suggestions! The option to call in sick days would be appropriate.

  70. Very happy for you vrel, Im glad that youre glad about actually posting on time this month. Hopefully this will be the start of consistent monthly postings! although this month content isnt exactly what i was most excited by, im very grateful for the update! cant wait to see robin reaction as parent! have a good day!

    1. I hope so as well! I hope you like next month's content more, and have a good day, too!

  71. Hi Vrel, I just noticed that I can't change the option to unable the numbered link navigation anymore in this new update

    1. Thanks for the heads up, and sorry for the trouble.

  72. Still no Robin Sydney Kylar pregnancy ;-;

  73. When cheats for remy attacks at farm?

    1. No ETA, but sooner would be better. It's been a while since I've looked at the code there.

    2. Small update before 0.4.4?

  74. Suggestion:
    1. Please add eat with Whitney in the canteen
    2. More named npc pregnancy content
    3. Interaction for kylar when pc missing
    4. Maybe we can add named npc for companion like kylar join battle or go adventure with more interaction
    5. Pool interaction in orphanage, pc can swim
    6. Pc can buy house with pool but keep Bailey, and pc can invite everyone
    7. Give robin better job, maybe alex farm can invite robin too
    8. Named npc lactaction event please i want to make kylar lactacting

    1. Vote for lunch with Whitney! But I remember Vrel mentioning that they are on the balcony during lunchtime.

    2. Thanks for the suggestions.
      1. Like Anon says, Whitney often likes to eat elsewhere, but the option to eat with them would fit.
      2. More named NPC pregnancy content is planned.
      3. This would be ideal.
      4. Companion NPCs aren't planned.
      5. More uses for the pool would be good.
      6. It's not planned, but perhaps in the distant future.
      7. There aren't many safe options for Robin!
      8. I'm not against named NPC lactation events.

  75. Hi Vrelnir! Love the recent changes lately, I came back after a break and was impressed with the glowup from the start screen. The art's been great lately, lots of new icons and pretty clothes and it makes me eyeballs happy. :D I love all the recent lore lately, it's so cool to see the world built out m ore! I hope we get to see more character interactions soon. I really love all the characters. I was wondering, did you have all the npcs in mind before you created DoL, or were any made up after the fact? How long does it take you to create a character, and have you thought about stuff about the characters that hasn't made it in game yet? I'm excited to learn more!

  76. YOOOOO I check in here frequently but I was NOT expecting an update maybe some Halloween well wishes. Love hope you guys are not burning yourselves out. Thanks to the team for the update.

  77. Oh dear I can't believe it. It must be hard for you to bring updates this early, get some good rest Vrel! Thank you ❤️

  78. Vrel,hello.I can't stop playing this game.It's doing so well.I noticed that you always stay up late working. Please take care of your health. I have a fever these days because I often stay up late. I hate staying up late, but I always can't control myself! It doesn't matter. By the way, I think if PC has a fever, lis and npcs are willing to take care of them and accompany them, then PC will be very touched! Have you considered adding that? I like Avery and have some questions about them.Hope everything goes well with you.

    1.If PC is really in love with Avery, will he leave PC and find someone else or will he keep the status quo? Are they happy about it or do they have mixed feelings?
    2.When PC has his baby, but Avery is in a state of high anger, will he still give up on pc? Will PC be given another chance?
    3.Does he mind if PC calls him daddy in bed?
    4.Does he mind if PC leaves traces of sex on him?
    5.Would he consider marrying PC? Does that require him to really love PC?
    6.Is it possible for PC to raise children with him at home?He is a proud man. Can he allow his children to grow up in orphanages?
    7.What would his parents do if they knew about PC's relationship with him and that they had a child?
    8.When he and PC live together, how will he introduce PC and his children to outsiders?

  79. 1. I saw someone on the wiki mention that Whitney's dismissing event is too harsh, compared to Avery's and Kylar's. I personally agree with this view, after all, it almost destroys their bodies and minds. Would you like to tell us why you chose to put Whitney in the underground brothel instead of the asylum or the underground farm?
    2. If Whitney knew pc had the power to save them before they entered the underground brothel, would they still be grateful to pc after they help them to escape?
    3. What LIs want most for Christmas?
    4. What brand of cigarettes does Whitney smoke?
    5. If Whitney suddenly had a lot of money (enough to pay for anything they wanted), what would they do with it?
    6. Is Whitney easy to fight off in the game because of the game mechanics or because they have suffered domestic abuse and lack of physical strength?
    7. How would LIs react if they were called "Daddy/Mommy" in a sexual way?
    8. How will they react when pc pushes Whitney's fringe away to expose their eyes?
    9. What would happen if Whitney found out that pc was spying on them in the shower?
    10. Among LIs, who eats their favorite food in the first bite? Who saves their favorite food for the last bite? Who would willingly give up their favorite food to pc?
    This update is definitely the best Halloween gift I've ever received, so much so that I thought we were having Christmas!

  80. (copied from a comment under the last update blog, sorry to bother you!)
    Vrelnir, thanks for all your hard work and I look forward to the next update!
    1. how much do Alex's parents know about their alcoholism? Around what age did Alex start drinking?
    2. what memes would Alex like?
    3. what did the Dilapidated Shop on Elk Street used to sell?
    4.Does Briar get upset about their aging appearance as they get older?
    5. Landry seems to be at the pub all the time, how do they do it? Are they familiar with the pub owner or bartender?
    6. is Mickey and PC close in age? Or a bit older?
    7.What does Mickey like to eat? Do they like fast food and bentos and stuff?
    8. if the underground brothel doesn't belong to Briar, why did Briar capture PC there?
    9. What would Alex play as (if they would celebrate Halloween)?
    10. is Sirris human?
    I'm sorry my English isn't good. Thanks for answering the questions!

  81. (copied from a comment under the last update blog, sorry to bother you!)
    1. did Remy used to live away from the town?
    2. if so, why did they come to this town?
    3. what kind of wine does Remy like to drink?
    4. what is Remy afraid of?
    5. how much does Remy know about GH and Hawk's Tower?
    6. it seems like Remy doesn't want to lose their cool in public, how would they behave if this happened?
    7. will Remy specifically seek out PC after they escape the underground farm? Or is it business as usual?
    8. had Remy and Alex ever dealt with the farm before the episode PC went through? Or other exchanges or anything?
    Always appreciate you answering questions and I hope you are well rested. Happy Halloween in advance (or a little later). Have a wonderful day!

  82. I like the added temple content. I like it becouse having new weapons and some story. I want to ask for a holy shotgun. Is it a hint that the next pregnancy content might be in Sydney? (Sry for Google Translate)

  83. Thanks for the fantastic update! I'm so happy to finally see the Temple being explored further(I really love DoL lore). Loved the small Wraith event too, very sad yet heartwarming. It's refreshing to discover our 'rival's human side now and then.

    So... maybe in the future can we look forward to a pseudo-rite-of-promise with the Wraith in the plinth room? If (1) the PC is of high Temple rank, (2) is not promised to Sydney, (3) learns the procedures to the rite of promise, and (4) the Wraith regains its sanity and has forgiven the PC? Maybe like more of an 'I-will-never-betray-you-again-ritual-with-a-hint-of-romantic-nuance', rather than a 'full just-below-marriage-declaration' like we do with Syd.

  84. Hey Vrel! Super great work and I’m proud of you and your team! I know it’s a great feeling to get something done on time :)
    Ik you’re getting bombarded with questions but I’d like to ask if the other LIs will have holiday events as well. Halloween/christmas/valentines events for all the LIs would be really sweet.
    Also, will there be more school events? Like a prom, graduation, as well as higher education? It’s a LOT obviously but it would be cool. It just feels odd to be perpetually a senior in hs.
    Agh!! Sorry that feels like a lot. Anyways, happy coding! Happy Halloween! I hope you have a wonderful holiday and week in general :) super excited to play the update

  85. ①What will Whitney think if Pc told them Pc had sex with Bailey? (In a high love low dom status)
    ②Which Lis like using emoji?
    ③Among Lis and Wren who would like having video call with Pc? And who like it the most?

  86. (copied from a comment under the last update blog, sorry to bother you!)
    You talked about how LIS reacted after PC and LIS went through all that love incidents when PC disappeared forever or died. Thus, I am wondering how the other important NPCS (Bailey, Remy, Mason, Wren, Ivory Ghost,Blair) would react if their PC disappeared forever(voluntarily leave or be kidnapped and taken away) or died(suicide or be killed).Thank u. <3

  87. please vrel, i want to make a LI a home cooked meal... i wanna make food and give it to whitney and have a cute scene with them...

  88. Vrelnir,I wonder if PC can ask for leave at school(under the pretext of illness/business)? Is there a special drama at school after pregnancy? Like a small talk with Leighton or special attention from teachers and classmates? Can PC temporary absence from school?

  89. Hello vrel, thank you for using your time off to bring us such a good game, but also maintain a stable update frequency.Every time you update I will eat cake while playing, this is a kind of enjoyment!I like Whitney and Bailey.Maybe I like people who are threatening.But I must say they've become even cuter since dating Whitney, and that's thanks to you!
    1.Did Whitney ever steal?
    2.When they have no sex drive but PC wants to have sex with them, will they agree?
    3.Is what they did for Bailey going to reflect badly on them in the future?
    4.Has Whitney ever considered getting a pet? Will their families approve?
    5.Does Whitney like to sing? Would they be happy to sing with the pc in front of their friends? I think it's very romantic!
    6.I also want more Whitney and PC weekend drama, I meet them less often on weekends, sad.
    7.Will PC be able to spend the night at Whitney's house?
    8.Does the lotus flower pattern in the apartment on the Reverse Hook Street have any special meaning? Will there be more interaction with Bailey in the apartment in the future?
    9.Is Bailey good at singing, dancing and tricks? Do they like these?
    10.Is there anything that Bailey isn't good at or fear?
    Wish you all the best.

  90. hi Vrel!! thank you so much for the updates, i'm loving all of the new features being introduced! i have a few ideas i've been hoarding for a little while, most of them are just cosmetics that i thought would be nice to have. im loving the direction the game is going either way, just saw some ppl sharing their ideas here and there and thought it wouldn't hurt to do the same

    happy Halloween!!

    1.the addition of jewelry as a separate clothing option. could be an addition to the cosmetic store, or just a brand new store, to add an option for the PC to buy jewelry. wearing jewelry could give a small boost to allure. earrings would fall on the jewelry category. PCs can either start w their ears pierced for earrings or have to get them pierced at the tattoo parlor before being able to wear earrings. different TFs have different earrings/ear piercings available to them to fit the animal ears. chockers and chains/necklaces would be moved to be part of the jewelry store. rings, bracelets and anklets could be sold there as well. PC could gift jewelry to LIs, like they can sex toys. glasses could be considered jewelry, so they'll be able to be equipped with face masks

    2. PC being able to convince certain LIs to get piercings/tattoos (ex.: Sydney, Kylar)

    3. recoloring clothes option at the tailor. you have the option of recoloring a clothing item you're wearing for a certain amount of money and custom colors can cost more

    4. hair extensions! they make the PC's hair look longer by one stage and are sold at the cosmetics store. they give +fem points and can "fall off" when the PC's hair becomes messy, which can be prevented w hair gel. their effect is lost when the PC's hair reaches the floor, making them unable to be equiped as the PC "cannot figure out where to attach them". would be specially useful for crossdressing

    5. custom colors for makeup (lipsticks & eyeshadows). make them able to be colored with the color wheel like we can do w contacts, it'd cost more and would take a day to get ready. eyeshadows could have the option of being a different color on each eye though it'd cost a bit extra. would be specially useful for PC's who have a darker skin color, since most of the existing swatches don't look as good on PC's of medium or dark skin colors

    6. the ability to set makeup sets to automatically be applied w certain outfits, like we can do w hairstyles

    7. more color options for mascara (brown, red, white, etc)

    8. facial hair! male PCs can have facial hair gradually grow with time naturally. female/herm PCs can make facial hair start growing w the use of a special face cream (sold at hairdresser) or pill (sold at pharmacy), as well as be able to make it stop growing w another kind of face cream/pill. could also just be a setting that can be turned on/off like pubic hair. beards could have different styles that can be adjusted in the mirror like hairstyles, they can be shaved/cut at the bathroom like pubic hair, and dyed at the hairdresser like normal hair

    9. the ability to dye PC's animal TF "add-ons" a different color than that of their hair by using hair dye. that can't be done at the hairdresser, just like pubic hair the PC would have to buy hair dye at the cosmetics store and dye it themselfs in the bathroom. so PC could have blond hair and brown cat/wolf/fox ears, black hair and white harpy wings, ears and tails of different colors, etc

  91. How will Bailey react if pc pays off their debt and then comes back and persuades bailey to sell the orphanage with a huge sum of money?

  92. I didn't expect us to receive the update so quickly. You guys are so diligent! As a fan of adult games, I can confidently say that your game is the best. It strikes a good balance between business simulation, love simulation, and adult content (well, considering it's an adult game, adult content should probably have a significant presence). Thank you for providing me with a fantastic gaming experience. If you don't mind, I have a few questions and suggestions to share:

    1. I know Whitney has no interest in others since meeting PC, but what would happen if PC misunderstood or didn't trust them? For example, if PC believed that Whitney were sleeping around and that PC was just one of their sexual partners, how would Whitney react?
    2. How did Whitney treat their ex? Aside from cheating, did they also bully their ex?
    3. Under what circumstances would it be possible for Whitney to quit smoking?
    4. Will the deal with Bailey truly benefit Whitney? I doubt their purpose is just to redeem the PC. After all, they know they don't need Bailey's permission to date PC.
    5. I'm also curious to know if the deal will benefit or harm PC. Will Whitney regret making the deal in the future?
    6. I've heard that Robin might pursue a career in teaching. I wonder if they would consider becoming a kindergarten teacher. They seem to have the potential for that role!
    7. Why has Robin looked up to PC since the beginning of the game? Could it be because PC has been protecting Robin since they were small?
    8. Sometimes we notice that Kylar is stalking PC. Can we ask them to confront and punish Kylar?
    9. When their children grow up, will Eden let them go to the town?
    10. Has Eden witnessed death?
    11. Since Eden and Whitney are the two lis who have been present since the game's initial release, will they eventually meet each other?
    12. Any plans for orgasm control and dry orgasm?
    13. Can we have Chinese zombie costumes for Halloween?
    14. I heard the sound of profits from the smuggling tunnel Whitney built in the orphanage. Have you considered it?
    15. There are some LIs in the game who unilaterally declare romantic relationships. Logically, if I don't choose them as lover, PC shouldn't treat them as such. However, in certain storylines, such as after discovering the secret of Kylar's family and visiting the temple, a mysterious man approaches the PC. In this scene, the PC refers to Kylar as "my boy/girlfriend" even though I didn't set them as lover. They are automatically set up as lovers, and I believe there should be a text distinction indicating a "friend" instead.

    Thanks for your patience, hope everything goes well with you.

  93. Happy to see a new update so soon! Also, I think that parasite pregnancy should give the player a pregnant belly.

  94. I just got this while sitting in the confessional "Forgive me, sister, for I have worn clothing of mixed fabrics."! Really didn't expect a Bible reference in this game, especially old testament. I was laughing for a minute straight, good one!

  95. Is there any chance for an option of getting reliable oral in an encounter? Can't i atleast ask someone to eat me out???

  96. Sorry to bother you!! But we really want to know more about LI, please forgive our fanaticism!! Love you<3<3<3<3<3
    1. You mentioned that Robin would be angry if the PC asked Robin to be rude or find someone else! They can be rough. Oh, how to be rough? Can you provide a little detail or an example of what Robin would do? Will they blame or scold the PC? (Sorry, forgive me for repeating this ~ I want to hear Robin talk dirty so much!) I wonder if he can really hit PC? If the PC is really comfortable, will Robin get used to being rough in the future?
    2. Would Robin be willing to wear a priest's uniform or a nun's uniform? If so, would Robin agree to wear this for sex?
    3. What does Robin think of religion and temples? I noticed that Robin likes purple...the sacred belt is purple too!
    4. What will Robin smell like? If there is no smell...if Robin had an impression of perfume, what would the perfume smell like? Daisy?
    5.You mean Robin is actually pretty good at cooking? I guess if the ingredients are perfect, the food they cook will be delicious (show it to Bailey hahahahaha)!
    6. I noticed that Robin was really focused during sex, so much so that they barely spoke... What if the PC suddenly made love talk during the process and called Robin's name sweetly? Will they respond?
    7. You said Robin would also give Bailey a drink. Did Bailey accept it? If accepted, would Bailey enjoy drinking it?
    8. I wonder if Wren being sad about the bird has something to do with Robin, or maybe Who Killed Cock Robin? I think Wren and Robin have something to do with each other...
    9.Why did Robin hide their teddy bear?
    10. You said that if the PC's existence disappeared from Robin's world, they could find a new lover. What would happen if PC showed up at this time? If the question is complicated, or: Who will Robin love (a choice, or an escape)?
    11. How would Robin react if he called them "my heroes" after being protected by Robin?
    12.If Whitney knew about the existence of the player, what would they think
    13.Has Whitney's bullying behavior ever led to serious consequences

  97. nice! great stuff in this update.

    out of curiosity, do you think you'll do anything to speed up some recurring events after they've happened a few times? after basically completing all school events at this point, playing out the whole school day is a bit of a drag. same thing for making cream at the cafe. i can count out an even 900ml of breastmilk before i stop, and it'd be a nice QoL feature to just skip through the process, since there's 0 risk before that point and a player isn't going to get much out of that gameplay after doing it a few times already.

  98. 1. Will the bishop have a name? Like will they become a named NPC?
    2. Will the same ever happen for the night monster?
    3. Do you plan to expand the night monster at all?
    4. Can you make it easier to find night monster on blood moons or maybe just full moons?
    5. Do any beasts have names in their languages like, again, night monster, or great hawk.
    I'm sorry, I like the night monster

  99. vrel, will new buildings be added in the future? eg. banks. Besides, can you turn on the phone mode so that PC could communicate with lis and npcs?