Sunday 23 February 2020

Degrees of Lewdity Version

This update fleshes out existing areas with new options and scenes, most heavily the bartender job at the strip club. It also adds a Feats system, strap-ons for female NPCs, art for more locations, a selection of new clothes, and improvements to the clothing system.

The new bartender options should make the job a bit more lucrative for characters willing to take on more risk. Security is tight, but there are individuals security is hesitant to upset. Skulduggerous characters may be able to exploit the job in other ways.

The update has some details I'm unsure about. Firstly, the Feats system is unavailable to characters who have enabled the cheat menu at any point. This makes sense in a way, and the bonuses they give aren't essential. However, I don't want to penalise people who've used the cheat menu to fix bugs, which isn't uncommon given the game's rough state. Let me know what you think.

Another detail I'm unsure of is the removal of lewd fluid from female characters. Again, this makes sense to an extent, certainly more so than their ability to produce gallons at a time was.

I've also been thinking about clothes a lot lately. My original plan was to have just two shops for clothing. One for regular garments, and one for more exotic fare. I thought this would keep things nice and simple. As the number of clothes increases though, I'm starting to wonder if they aren't getting too cluttered. It might be better to have multiple, more specialised shops. The wardrobe was getting cluttered too, but the UI changes have improved things a lot.

Edit: Updated to, which fixes a couple of bugs.
Edit: Updated to, which fixes further bugs.

Check the most recent update for download links.

I hope you enjoy!

Patch Notes

  • Added the option to "Attract VIPs" while bartending, giving a chance to find new events involving wealthier and more dangerous clientele.
  • Added the option to "Listen" while bartending, letting you eavesdrop on conversations to gain insight into the criminal underworld, protect your fellow staff, and manage threats attracted via the "Attract VIPs" option.
  • Smugglers are now active, and will periodically try to smuggle valuable goods into town. Landry would pay well for these goods.
  • Smugglers can be stumbled on should the PC be in the right place at the right time, but cunning PCs can discover their plans ahead of time.
  • Added a handful of events to the school grounds that give opportunities to increase status while school is in session, particulary for beautiful characters.
  • Added the option to breastfeed wolves at the wolf cave as a Deviancy 3 act. Requires lactation, and the Stockholm Syndrome: Wolves trait. Contributes towards the wolf transformation.
  • Characters that have a good relationship with River and enough money can now install a secret kitchen in the orphanage loft to help feed the orphans.
  • Added an unlockable event to the orphanage main hall.
  • Added an event to the temple. The monks and nuns often go out to solicit donations, and may ask for you to come along.
  • Added location images to the strip club, shopping centre, police station, museum, hospital, docks, dance studio, compound, brothel, cafe, and arcade. Art courtesy of Anon.
  • Added a couple of events to the town's streets, including one that can only happen during the day.
  • Added the "Smugglers intercepted" stat to the statistics tab.
  • Added a new option for defiant characters during one of Whitney's school hallways events. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Characters with level 4 exhibitionist actions unlocked can now masturbate in the temple to rapidly lower purity. Cannot be performed by angels. Demons receive additional stress reduction. Written in collaboration with PurityGuy.
  • NPCs will now comment on many of the PC's wardrobe choices during encounters. Written in collaboration with GuyOnline.
  • The asylum now has access to proper straightjackets. Art courtesy of KG.
  • Added the mesh shirt, khakis, cat bell collar, dress shirt, corset, gingham dress, overalls, black leather jacket, brown leather jacket, skulduggery mask, wellies, sou'wester, straw hat, and beatnik shirt to the clothing shop. Art courtesy of KG.
  • Wearing the cat bell collar at midnight contributes to the cat transformation.
  • The sou'wester has the "rainproof" trait, which protects you from the rain.
  • The skulduggery mask has the "stealthy" trait, making crimes harder to trace to you.
  • Added three new glasses and five new sunglasses to the clothing shop. Art courtesy of KG.
  • Added the fedora to the forest shop. Art also courtesy of KG.
  • You can now stroll around the lake, clothed or naked. Doing so naked requires higher exhibitionism if people are around. Written in collaboration with number361.
  • Having an "excited" attitude toward exposure will now change the PC's response to being stripped while playing volleyball, dancing at the studio, and during history, maths and science class. Also written in collaboration with number361.
  • Generic female NPCs can now use strap-ons. The proportion that use them can be adjusted in the "Game" tab on the Settings page. Thanks to NG.
  • Added thirteen new clothing icons. Thanks to TaiwanSmurf.

Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following additions and improvements:

  • Added a "Feats" system, which tracks accomplishments between saves and awards VrelCoins. Can be viewed from the Statistics/Feats tab.
  • VrelCoins can be used at the start of a new game to improve the PC's initial situation.
  • Feats are only awarded on saves that have not used cheats. Soft mode and reducing the allure slider below the default value will prevent feats from unlockoing, and permanently prevent some.
  • Thanks to Anon for the Vrelcoin art.
  • The game now tracks which NPC took the PC's virginity. The game won't track the NPC if they took it prior to this update however.
  • The money/time/day information on the sidebar is now clickable, extended it and including the date.
  • Removed line breaks in several places where they were inappropriate.
  • Added an option in Save/Options to reduce line height.
  • Redesigned the wardrobe UI, allowing more information (such as lewdness) to be displayed and improving performance. You can switch to the old layout in the SAVES/OPTIONS menu.
  • The new UI can order clothes according to name, colour, lewdity, integrity and status.
  • Some of the performance-improving changes should apply to the old UI as well.
  • Adjusted shop UI and added the option to dynamically customise the colour of most clothes.
  • Added varied transparency when wet.
  • Added default options to the forest shop.
  • Added a text description of the number of slots used and how many of the current item is owned to shops.
  • Added a small preview image of clothes that can also be viewed hidden by default to shops.
  • Numerous code improvements that'll make things easier to manage in the future.
  • Added the option to buy and send clothes home in groups of 5.

Balance Changes

  • Sirris' sex education will now increase awareness up to a point.
  • You can now escape the NPC who tries to grab you off the street and drag you into an alley where his friend awaits. Requires passing a physique check.
  • Adjusted the chance of encountering various events on the town's streets, alleys and park.
  • Street events that had a fame requirement can now trigger at any level of fame, but are initially very unlikely and increase in chance as the associated fame does.
  • Whitney's friends will no longer join the fight when you resist Whitney's attempt to put a parasite on you.
  • Reduced the number of buns required to reach each step of the chef storyline.
  • Increased the minimum speed values to get Perfect activity anal parasite. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Female PCs will no longer produce semen. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Adjusted semen production rates so that a bigger penis makes maintaining greater volume easier. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.

Bug Fixes

  • Closed a herm portal found when cleaning the temple quarters.
  • Wearing a chastity belt will no longer trick Whitney into think you're wearing underwear.
  • The diving assailant at the beach will on longer cum so much faster than other NPCs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused milk to apparently leak from your nipples when playing with your chest despite not lactating.
  • Fixed a bug causing an extra link to appear when ignoring Darryl at the bar.
  • Fixed the leak in the bus station roof.
  • Fixed a bug that preventing NPCs from making general comments about the PC as often as intended during encounters.
  • Dancing at the studio in a skirt will now increaes trauma, stress and arousal as intended.
  • Fixed a bug that caused effects that reduce milk volume to also cause lactation. Thanks to thisisawittyname.
  • Fixed a bug that caused lactation to trigger even if all intended causes were avoided, and caused an unintended daily milk volume increase. Also thanks to thisisawittyname.
  • Thanks to YetAnotherDeviant for fixing a few typos.
  • Thanks to Klorpa for numerous minor fixes.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with anal pregnancy.
  • Fixed an issue with deleting items at the wardrobe.
  • Fixed an issue at the temple that could prevent male characters getting the chastity device they want.
  • Fixed an issue with skin colour setup when refreshing the page.
  • Fixed an issue that could reset combat in some forest encounters.
  • Removed duplicate milk text that could appear even if breastfeeding were disabled.
  • Fixed a bug preventing clothes with no colour options from becoming transparent when wet.
  • Fixed a number points where chastity belts would not be properly detected.
  • Made a change that should reduce the occurance of an error that could appear when NPCs ejaculate.
  • Chastity belts will no longer come alive.
  • Fixed the description of the "Being a Girl" Feat.
  • Fixed an error that would appear on the town's streets.
  • The Anti-Social Moth feat is no longer available with the nerd background. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Increased the allure required for the Alluring feat, and it now requires you be outside.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an error that would appear when NPCs orgasm while the PC is trapped in a pillory, trapped in a wall, or using a gloryhole.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when wearing the mesh shirt. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Fixed an error found when competing for wealthy patron's attention while working as a bartender.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the Feat Boost tab from acknowledging the Angel and Fallen Angel Feats. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Fixed an error found on the Feat Boost tab. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Fixed an error found when playing volleyball at the beach.
  • The argyle sweater vest now has a price tag.