Monday 22 July 2019


This is a "lots of little things" update, which contrasts with's focus on one area.

It includes several new scenes involving Leighton, gives female NPCs different breast sizes, and gives more purpose to the breast feeding toggle. It also includes a couple of new traits, new options when catcalled at school, a "Try on" option at the clothing shop, and makes a bunch of other improvements to clothing and in general.

Thank you for playing, and I hope you enjoy. 

Edit: Updated the Android version to, which should help with the performance issues some people were having. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Patch notes
Leighton can now appear at the brothel on Fridays and Saturdays, and may try to hire you if they see you dancing. Can go in one of four directions, three of which require you to have blackmailed them. Written in collaboration with Wharf.
You can now flirt with, flaunt your breasts at, or flash students who catcall you in the school hallways. Available options depend on exhibitionism, clothing, and breast size.
You can now move your mouth to your partner's chest during encounters, enabling a few new options. Thanks to everyone who helped write speech lines for NPCs who are having their chests interacted with.
Female NPCs now have different breast sizes. A slider in settings controls the sizes they'll spawn with.
Female NPCs may "encourage" you to suck their nipples by pushing your head against their breasts.
Some female NPCs will lactate if breast feeding is enabled. Drinking fresh breast milk contributes to the cat transformation and lowers purity.
Added the "Milk Addict" trait, gained by drinking a litre of breast milk. Causes further breast milk feedings to improve physique.
Added "Breast milk drank" to the statistics page, which displays the amount of breast milk consumed in milliliters.
NPCs will now interact with under tops (bras and such) during encounters.
Under tops can now be stripped while dancing.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for improvements to the wardrobe UI.
Thanks again to Lollipop Scythe for adding a "Try on" feature to the clothing shop, which lets you view the appearance of clothes before purchase.
Lowered the minimum possible penis size to "mini". Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
Mini penises are so small that NPCs may struggle to take them, unless the PC is highly aroused.
Added "Crossdresser" as a background, which lets the PC start with opposite sex clothing, and makes wearing opposite sex clothing increase stress decay. Also courtesy of Lollipop Scythe.
Added a pharmacy to the hospital that sells pills that change body part size over time. Once more courtesy of Lollipop Scythe.
Moved the "Step away" option at mirrors to the top of the screen.
Added the options to change under top integrity and wetness to the cheat menu.
Thanks to NG for improvements to the dance studio that make changes to the other students' opinion of the PC more apparent.
The journal will now display a reminder when you have a date scheduled with Avery.
Thanks for NG for further improvements to NPC orgasms, notably adding unique lines for named characters.
Enabled the missionary sprite for encounters with tentacles. Thanks to sseshess for the missionary tentacle images.
Added NPC silhouettes to the missionary sprite. Art courtesy of sseshess.
Added an oversized variant of the sweater, which is long enough to cover the unmentionables. Just.
The sidebar will now only open when swiping the side of the screen on Android. Thanks to Uncanine.
Characteristics and other sidebar pages now open a window within the current page, rather than opening a new page. They can now be opened during encounters, with the exception of cheats. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for helping me work this out.
The above change has allowed a reduction in the amount of information the game needs to keep track of, reducing the size of save files and improving performance in older games.

Balance Changes
Lowered the audience lust required before NPCs take actions as you dance, increasing the window for some events.
Lowered the minimum allure modifier in settings to 0.2.
Reworked how purity interacts with breast and penis growth. Having your breasts played with now encourages growth. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
Storing an item in a location that already contains an item of that category will now send the old item to the wardrobe, rather than destroy it.
The "empty eyes" effect is now applied at 90% of max trauma, down from 100%.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug causing some monster boys and girls to be described as "undefined".
Fixed a bug causing Bailey to be described with Robin's pronoun.
Thanks to Anon for adjustments to the fishnet tights sprite.
The "swept left" hairstyle should now appear on the sidebar sprite.
Fixed a bug preventing named NPC trust from carrying over between encounters.
Fixed a bug causing the character to appear is if in the missionary position while stuck in a wall at the brothel.
Fixed a bug causing status to drop instead of increase when getting angry when being "hooked" at the docks.
A lone "Rest" option will no longer appear at the top of the actions menu when stuck in a pillory or wall.
Fixed a couple of errors in audience speech causing apparently male PCs to be describe with female pronouns.
Clothes should no longer fix themselves after fighting someone off while trapped in the pillory on Cliff Street.
Fixed a bug causing clothing wetness to pass from one item to another.
Offering yourself to the tentacle monster beneath the lake now has a deviancy requirement as intended.
Asking to swim naked in swimming class now always has an exhibitionism requirement as intended.
The sidebar description of your state of undress and wetness should now take partially-undressed and wet under tops into account.
The "Get Dressed" option at the pool and elsewhere will now correctly wear accessories.
Fixed a bug allowing you to enter the school pool while a lesson is in session without any clothing with low exhibitionism.
Fixed a bug causing Robin to be described with a female pronoun regardless of their actual gender when in the snake's stomach, thanks to NG.
Thanks to NG for fixing a bug causing NPCs on the bus to get a wet blotch on their trousers at inappropriate times.
Fixed a bug causing menus to remain hidden after sexing Whitney after pickpocketing someone on Connudatus Street.
Catcallers in the school corridors should no longer accuse you of having "cow tits" while you have "modest" breasts.
Closed a herm portal opened by refusing the NPC who tries to blackmail you after cleaning their gutters.
Losing an item of clothing will no longer allow an event to trigger right after the previous, where they otherwise wouldn't.
The cat transformation will now increase attractiveness and allure as intended.