Saturday 1 June 2024

Degrees of Lewdity version

This update focuses on improving the sky. That is, it fleshes out the great hawk, making them fertile and considerably expanding the content at their tower. It also adds a new renderer for sky, weather and location images, overhauls temperature mechanics, and adds new events around the world, many revolving around temperature.

The tower looming from the moor now assumes the dread aspect that was always intended. Though the PC sees it from a unique perspective, beneath the wing of the terror itself. The PC can now accompany the great hawk on hunts, learning more about its lifestyle, and the fierce politics of the skies. Loot acquired from hunting can be used to improve the tower, which might come in handy if the great hawk lays eggs, or gives the PC eggs to lay.

Weather, sky and location images in the sidebar now dynamically render. Water will reflect, and the sun and moon will move across the sky in real (in-game) time, among many other improvements, including new art for numerous locations. Huge thanks to Xao, whose code wizardry is responsible.

Body temperature now has more impact, and has been threaded through the game much more thoroughly than before, with new scenes attached. Mechanics that give the player more to track need to be handled with care, which is partly why temperature had little impact in the past. However, the system is more transparent than before, with a visible temperature gauge accompanying the sidebar sprite to indicate whether temperature is rising or falling. There’s also an icon to indicate whether the PC is indoors or outdoors. The impact of clothing has been rebalanced as well, and should feel altogether more authentic. Let us know what you think!

Apologies for 0.5 not being the combat overhaul as I originally planned. I decided to bring the version change forward, as this update signifies the shift to a new content arc, and is also very chunky in its own right. Avery’s manor and related content is still coming, part of the aforementioned arc.

Huge thanks to PurityGuy for managing the Git, and putting together the changelog for this update. As you can see, he’s done a much better job than I usually do organising it! Several fixes were for specific Git issues, which have been linked to.

Thank you everyone! I hope you enjoy it.

Edit: Updated to, which contains bug fixes and balance changes.

Edit 2: Updated to, fixing more bugs.

Edit 3: Updated to, balancing temperature and fixing bugs.

Edit 4: Updated to, fixing further bugs.

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Text only version

Android version
- Weather, temperature, and sky overhaul. The sidebar location and sky renderer has gotten a complete redo. Details below. Thanks to Xao.
- Great Hawk expansion + pregnancy, by PurityGuy.

New Sky & Location Sidebar Renderer
  Introduced a new canvas renderer for the sidebar, which dynamically renders sky and location images based on weather changes.
  The renderer simulates the sky based on the time of day, weather, and other factors.
- New sky renderer. Thanks to Mochi, Beta, void and Jacko for sprites used in new weather generation.
- New location renderer. Thanks to SoS, mochi, mochamante, glenn, and Jacko for some new location sprites.
- All weather types, time of day, and locations are simulated in the sky sidebar.
- Enhanced visuals for nearly all game locations in the sidebar.
- Location images are illuminated by the sun during the day and darken at night.
- Added water reflections and animated water effects, toggleable in the options menu.
- Added support for multiple independent animations for a single location image.
- Updated several older location images to new ones.
- Some location images now feature lights during nighttime.
- Extensive changes behind the scenes to how location images are created and rendered.

New Weather & Temperature Simulation
  The temperature system has been vastly improved, simulating weather more realistically.
  There are also different temperature values outdoors, indoors, and in water. Weather and temperature are generated several weeks in advance.
- New weather generation.
- New temperature generation.
- As expected, outdoor temperatures will be lower during winter, and higher during summer, and can vary during the day.
- Extreme temperatures, both low and high, can occur depending on the season.
- Precipitation (rain or snow) now depends on the actual temperature; it only snows when temperatures are below freezing.
- Precipitation intensity can vary based on the weather, affecting how quickly one becomes wet in the rain.
- It now always gets cloudy or overcast before it starts to rain or snow. It never goes immediately from sunny weather to rain or snow.
- Snow melts only when the temperature is above freezing.
- Introduced several new weather types with realistic transitions.
- Lakes and fountains freeze only in freezing temperatures, with ice strength varying with temperature changes.
- Numerous event adjustments to incorporate weather changes.
- The moon now has different phases, depending on the day, which is also visible in the sidebar.

Body Temperature
  Body temperature is now simulated. Body heat is gained or lost over time based on the air temperature.
  It is divided into heat generation, and heat dissipation.
  Heat generation occurs passively and increases with physical activity or extreme external heat.
  Heat dissipation is reduced by wearing thicker or more clothing and increases when wet.
- New body temperature system
- New potential for hypothermia and heatstroke:
- Wearing too little clothing during cold weather could lead to hypothermia, if exposed long enough. Reduce the risk by wearing appropriate clothing or seeking shelter indoors.
- Wearing excessive clothing in extremely hot weather can lead to heatstroke, especially while doing physical activity.
- Several new scenes related to passing out from hypothermia or heatstroke. (written by Danie, Angel, mochamante, Anonymous Jackalope, Kirsty, coded by Kirsty)
- Being overly cold or hot now results in significant status effects.
- Added a body heat indicator (thermometer) in the sidebar, changing color based on body temperature and showing temperature trends towards or away from ideal levels.

Clothing Warmth
- Completely overhauled clothing warmth values. All clothing items have been rebalanced.
- Clothing warmth now depends on the type; for instance, socks provide significantly less warmth compared to upper and lower clothing, compared to before.
- Clothing impact during weather conditions is more pronounced: essential in cold weather and potentially risky in hot weather.
- Several user interface updates related to clothing warmth in shops and wardrobes.
- The wardrobe warmth indicator now displays relative warmth compared to the external temperature.

- Introduced variable sun intensity based on season, time of day, location, and cloud cover.
- Tanning effectiveness is now dependent on sun intensity. If it's too low, tanning will not be effective.
- Tanning in the tanning salon usually will be more effective than tanning outside most of the year. Except for the summer, when the outside sun intensity is high.
- Improved the tanning user interface, explaining factors that increase or decrease tanning effectiveness.

- Increased heat dissipation when wet, making you colder faster.

- Added an icon indicating whether you are indoors or outdoors.
- Money display now shows decimals only for amounts less than 10k.
- Added tooltips to the weather sidebar for outside weather and temperature details.
- Added tooltips to the character sidebar for player clothing information.
- Introduced a thermometer icon next to the character sidebar with tooltips about body temperature.

Hawk Pregnancy:
- Enables pregnancy for Great Hawk, and allows the player to become pregnant with hawks/harpies.
- Adds an "Egg laying" toggle, required for hawk/harpy pregnancy.
- When egg laying is enabled, a player with the full bird transformation will lay eggs every few weeks. Female Great Hawk will also do this. Eggs will come out fertilised if pregnancy was successful, and must be brought back to the nest in the tower for hatching.
- Unfertilised eggs laid by the player or the Great Hawk can be sold like normal bird eggs.
- Adds several new Stockholm Syndrome: Great Hawk triggers dependent on egg laying scenes.
- Thanks to Elm for a hilarious scene where the player accidentally lays eggs while Robin is watching.
- Thanks to void for some of the new hawk baby interactions.
- Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for egg laying and hawk pregnancy code.

Hunting with the Great Hawk:
- The player may now request to join the Great Hawk on one of their hunts once they learn to fly. After their first hunt, the player will be able to hunt alone or with the Great Hawk whenever they want. Many hunting events written by Juniaki.
- The player can use the loot they gain from moor hunts to improve the Great Hawk's tower.
- After taking some time to show off their hunting trophies, the player may go on casual flights with the Great Hawk. This can also lead to a mating ritual. Written by Juniaki.
- Players who wish to prove their hunting prowess may get an option to take on a special hunt. Written by Juniaki.
- Thanks to EmbraceTheVoid for a special hunt event involving an abandoned nest.

Other Great Hawk stuff:
- The Great Hawk now has a new beast combat sprite. Thanks to Jacko.
- Further thanks to Jacko for an obscene amount of icons for tower materials, upgrades, interactions, pregnancy, and several others. There are actually too many to list.
- Adds the "Feather Trick", "Birds of a Feather", and "Terror's Equal" feats.
- Added many rescue events for the Great Hawk in the moor, including the possibility for Great Hawk's first meeting to be a rescue. Written and coded by EmbraceTheVoid.
- Overhauled and expanded upon the Great Hawk's initial meetings, including adding alternative first meetings and additional pre-Stockholm Syndrome interactions with the Great Hawk should the player be rescued by them. Written and coded by EmbraceTheVoid.
- The Great Hawk will now have more proper reactions to the player's previous escape attempts pre-Stockholm Syndrome.
- The player can now pass out at the tower. Written by Juniaki.
- Rewrote some of the old Stockholm Syndrome scenes, thanks to Juniaki.
- The player can now help the Great Hawk preen while they are bathing. Written by Doodle and Juniaki.
- The Great Hawk may now notice the player's bodywriting while basking and attempt to do something about it. Written by squ1dteeth.
- The Great Hawk now has its own combat dialogue when set to be a monsterperson. Written and coded by squ1dteeth.
- The player may reflect on a prior rescue by the Great Hawk when basking. Written by mea.
- The Great Hawk may now occasionally ask the player to go on a nighttime flight with them, once love is high enough. Written by mochamante.


- Added Catppuccin theme and its 4 flavors to the game, thanks to Cypher Null.
- The player will no longer cover themselves in some safe locations when alone. This is an experimental change and will be expanded upon later.
- Gave the Wraith a makeover in the Schism scene. Thanks to void for ragged robes and golden regalia sprites, and mono for new Wraith icon sprites.
- The chain of shortcuts from the town to the bog and moor now take less time to traverse.
- The player can now sing with the watchers at the prison if they have the full bird TF. Written by JinoWills.
- Added some flavor events to science class, thanks to pinzya.
- Thanks to Jimmy and KnotLikeThis for code improvements.
- Thanks to Jacko for the ornate telescope handheld sprite.
- Thanks to Pinzya for icons representing each beast transformation, and glenn for the harpy tf icon.
- Overhauled the custom outfit interface in the wardrobe, thanks to MisoSquared.
- Sirris may now drive the player home from the adult shop at high enough love. Thanks to Charlie Studio.
- Added Sirris' love to the cheat menu. Thanks to Charlie Studio.
- You no longer have to exit the Spa after working as a masseur, and can return to the lobby instead. Thanks to Charlie Studio.
- Added a daily study event with Robin at 17:00, every day. Additionally, there may be consequences the next day if Robin was made to stay up too late. Written by Akina, coded jointly by ShinyMilk and Akina.
- Eden may now punish the player if the player returns to the cabin covered in lewd fluids. Written by Necro, coded by LupusXLass1404.
- Added some variety to genital names based on player awareness and purity, thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
- Added an event when leaving the orphanage bathroom, if the player chooses to walk away with a towel, they may stumble upon another orphan. Written by Kinky One and coded by JinoWills.
- Thanks to majou for allowing widgets to be used within links, which will improve grammar and NPC references in links in the future.
- Thanks to Danie, Jacko, EmbraceTheVoid, Juniaki, KnotLikeThis, Kirsty, mochamante and Lollipop Scythe for playtesting and catching a whole lot of bugs.

Credit to Kirsty:
- The winter jacket can now be zipped up. Sprites by MinerDX.
- Cleaned up canvas code to remove hardcoding.
- Wardrobe "tuck in" links will now say what you're tucking (for example, "tuck [lower] into combat boots" or "tuck [upper] into scout shorts").
- Converted Danube break-in events to eventpool.
- Added a random event that allows the player to pick oranges from a mansion when breaking into it. Thanks to LupusXLass for the orange icon.
- During lunchtime, the player may be able to purchase Sydney a coffee if they seem extra sleepy in the canteen. Writing by Angel and Kirsty.
- Remy may milk an obedient cow PC by hand at high love. Writing by Angel.
- Reverted the "one in four" change to the school toilets encounter. Added a seduction check.
- Coded in several new pregnancy passouts. Thanks to Kirsty, Pinzya, Danie, Grimace, squ1dteeth, mea, and Index.
- Added the middle part fringe and straight bob sides. Thanks to Chicken Parma.
- Added the messy curls and straight tail fringes, and the jellyfish ponytail and jellyfish twintails sides. Thanks to Monay.

- Fixed markup in a bunch of links, thanks to Jimmy.
- Fixed a broken link on the island. Thanks to Jimmy.
- Fixed some methods of randomisation that broke upon refreshing the page, thanks to majou.
- Fixed a Robin scene that wasn't properly reducing lust. Thanks to FadedLines.
- Fixed an issue in Doren's infirmary event, thanks to JinoWills.
- Added a condition to the tattoo parlour check so the "not deviant/lewd enough" warning displays correctly. Thanks to JinoWills.
- Fixed the player being unable to buy clothes if their money was exactly equal to the clothes' price. Thanks to JinoWills.
- Fixed a bug that caused infinite NPCs to generate when swapping weapons in Temple's training room. Thanks to JinoWills.
- Various typo, spacing, and pronoun fixes, thanks to omvjro
- Fixed some terminology issues and a mislabeled link in pirate content, thanks to Testry.
- Fixed "Enabled additional error messages" being toggled off when loading a save. Thanks to Xao.
- Fixed the timing of NPC release from the pillory, among other time issues. Thanks to Xao.

PurityGuy Fixes:
- Fixed insecurity/acceptance changes displaying incorrectly.
- Fixed lotus flowers using the icon for daisies.
- The player can no longer drink while knowingly pregnant in the "Dance Job Party" event.
- Robin will no longer escape captivity to give the player lemonade outside of the orphanage.
- The office job manager will no longer repeatedly give the player a gift when streaking.
- Fixed a broken promiscuity check when goading others in the school changing room.
- Taking a detour while on Harvest Street will no longer spit the player out in the commercial alleyways instead of the industrial alleyways.
- Fixed text display issues when leather leggings are exposed.
- Fixed impregnation fame missing from the fame boosting/reduction quests.
- Fixed a bad effects message for the ear slime removing chastity belts.
- Fixed a faulty check for waking pregnancy effects.
- Fixed an incorrect wardrobe definition at the cottage.
- Fixed workers at the temp agency commenting on how big the player's non-existent penis is.
- Fixed the bog only ever displaying safe events. It's meant to be a better shortcut, but not THAT much better. Reduced time taken to traverse the bog to compensate.
- Made changes to the NPC dominance display widget to be less verbose when only one named NPC is loaded.
- Capped how much money Robin is allowed to save up, specifically in response to players putting on a macro at the Hawk's tower and sleeping for 50 years to return home and get a fucktillion pounds from Robin, and not in the fun or engaging way.
- Fixed some naming inconsistencies with Great Hawk's beast type.
- Fixed some time and season checks that were still using the pre-Xao time system.
- Fixed a bunch of Wraith bugs because Wraith content somehow sneaks into every single branch I make.
- As above but replace "Wraith" with "Sydney".

Kirsty Fixes:
- Fixed a clothing bug for players wearing lowerwear that covers the top.
- Fixed a bug with some clothes and pregnant bellies.
- Fixed a bug where outfits would give the player the "tuck in" option.
- Limited the number of times the player can use the Sydney transformation interactions in the Library. (So the player can't spam -Fatigue all day)
- Your penis will no longer be torn from your body while diving.
- Fixed an issue with clothing code.
- The player will now drink their tea with a teacup, not a spoon.
- Glasses can be tucked beneath hair again.
- Fixed incorrect icon indentation and added stairs icons for the prison.
- Pulling down your longjohns will no longer reveal your longjohns.
- Fixed clipping issues with the cocoon.
- Fixed a faulty exposure check that printed "your naked."

Lollipop Scythe fixes:
- Fix for fetching clothes from isolated wardrobes when not in the correct area.
- Fixed an issue with ear slimes ignoring some checks.
- Capitilisation fixes in the pharmacy.
- Fixed the Nightmare Harper scene viewer not being unlocked correctly.
- Fixed minor issues with pregnancy cheats.
- Removed some -stress and -trauma from some children event links where the outcome could be varied.
- Fixed a rare instance of giving birth to an unfertilised parasite.
- Fixed an issue in combat where the index variable was undefined.
- Basking with the Great Hawk now warms the player up. Thanks to PurityGuy.
- Eden and the temple have procured new thermometers. Thanks to Xao.
- Added more detailed descriptions about your body temperature, when hovering over the thermometer icon. Thanks to Xao.

- The player will now only get a hypothermia warning if their temperature is actively decreasing. Thanks to Xao.
- Adjustments to temperatures during temple trials. Thanks to Xao.

Xao Fixes:
- Fixed an error with importing settings
- Can now pass-out from cold properly in the lake.
- Fixed warmth values not displaying correctly in wardrobe, if it's a two-part item.
- Fixed a couple of cases of duplicate effects messages.
- Reduced the chance of unending molestation events from passing out from cold.

Kirsty fixes: 
- Fixed an incorrect tuck link when in the shop.
- Fixed the winter jacket not being able to be zipped.
- Fixed missing image bug in the shop when the player's wearing rolled up sleeves.
- Removed errant equal sign in the babyIs widget.

PurityGuy Fixes:
- Fixed a few icons that vary with time of day to more closely match the current sidebar display of time and weather.
- Fixed the Wraith inheriting the player's skin colour.
- Fixed Great Hawk being referred to as "Great Catboy" in one of the hunt events.
- Fixed a span error on the coastal path when it's snowing.
- Fixed many cases of the player being considered outside when they should be considered inside, and vice versa.
- Fixed Robin replacing Robin with a new Robin when buying hot chocolate from Robin.
- Fixed Jordan replacing Jordan with a new Jordan when asking Jordan about advancing in rank at the temple.
- Fixed an error when impregnating the Great Hawk via the cheat menu with realistic pregnancy enabled.
- Fixed an error with hawk children caused by old faulty code.
- Fixed not being able stop holding your hawk child.
- Fixed hawk children's skin falling off.
- Fixed time not passing properly when flying.
- Fixed an error when dropping a lurker on Remys goons.
- Fixed a few bugs with Remy milking the player by hand.
- Fixed shoving Robin's note into your naked.
- Hunting from the tower will now give a limited amount of physique gains each day. Thanks to PurityGuy.
- Improved the water rendering for the pirate ship location. Thanks to Xao.

Xao Fixes:
- Fixed pain penalty not applying on low body temperatures.
- Made old clock icon break slightly less.

PurityGuy Fixes:
- Fixes the broken plantperson encounter in the bog.
- Fixes bad link markup in hunt events.
- The Great Hawk will no longer take the player on a night time flight when water is below freezing temperature.
- Fixed Kylar getting confused and vanishing whenever it rains.
- The player can now remove ankle cuffs in some safe locations.
- Flying to hunt now increases body temperature like exercising does.
- After Mason has been swimming in the lake while it is raining, they will now stay until evening, even if it stops raining. Thanks to Xao.

Balance Changes, thanks to Xao:
- The sun now has impact on body-heat. (No effect during night, and much less effect during winter, or when it's overcast.)
- Reduced the extreme temperatures during winter slightly.
- The school has now invested in water-heating for the pool. It's now a more comfortable temperature, all year round.
- Hot tubs, and Eden's bath now are now heated.

- Fixed old saves using compression not being able to be loaded and new compressed saves using wrong dictionary, thanks to ybyx.

Fixes, thanks to Xao:
- Fixed missing weather icons. Thanks to Xao.
- Fixed Eden's bath not getting the player wet. Thanks to Xao.
- Fixed an error due to snow appearing in Orphanage. Thanks to Xao.
- Fixed error when entering tip gallery or character viewer from Start Menu. Thanks to Xao.

Fixes, thanks to PurityGuy:
- Fixed female Great Hawk being stuck in a horrible state of never being able to give birth.
- The player will no longer forget that Great Hawk is the father of their children after getting an ultrasound.
- The Black Wolf will no longer leave to hunt forever.
- Fixed Alex cumming inside the player despite wearing a strapon.
- Fixed pregnancy corruption caused by a misnamed cheat menu variable.
- Fixed a dead passage when trying to check on hawk children.
- Fixed a dead passage when asking the Great Hawk to hunt for something else while not having any options to hunt for.
- Fixed reality breaking when failing to make yourself a flower crown.
- Fixed various Eden fuckery.

Fixes, thanks to Kirsty:
- Kimonos can properly be loosened/tightened again.
- Fixed a versionUpdate bug with punk shades' accessory colour not properly updating.
- Dresses can no longer be tucked into themselves.
- Fixed missing image bug with the lower half of the latex leotard.
- Added additional descriptions where there are in-game thermometers (like Bedroom), if the temperature is unusually cold or hot. Thanks to Xao.
- Eating cooked lurkers at the Great Hawk's tower now has the same effects on pregnancy speed as uncooked lurkers.

Balance changes, by Xao:
- The school pool room will now have a warmer ambient air temperature.
- After a hypothermia pass-out scene, your body heat will have increased slightly more, to reduce chance of getting hypothermia again.
- Halved the chance to get extreme temperatures in all seasons (both hot and cold)
- Slight change of extreme temperature ranges.

Fixes, by Xao:
- You will now be in the school pool water for the entire duration of the lesson (before, you were only in the water for every other passage)
- Added failsafe to prevent location-image animation error when going through history rapidly.
- Fixed crash from refreshing page on character viewer from start page
- Fixed missing winter image for canal.

Fixes, by Kirsty:
- The stone cottage on Remy's estate now correctly counts as an indoors location.
- Several hypothermia/hyperthermia passouts now adjust the player's environmental/body temperature appropriately, reducing the stunlock cycle.
- Fixed messy curls disappearing on Chromium browsers due to incorrect folder capitalisation.
- Fixed missing back image for the feet-length space buns.
- Fixed incorrect pronouns.
- Fixed a bug caused by purchasing popcorn in the theatre prior to visiting the balloon stand.
- Added breast sprites for the arm sleeves, so they'll no longer appear to clip through larger breasts.
- Banished phantom machines from combat.

Fixes, by PurityGuy:
- Fixed an error at the museum (and likely other locations) when restoring clothing that was stripped for the scene.
- Fixed an error when stripping under_lower clothes in some events.
- Fixed many GH scenes that failed to load them, thus causing several large error messages.
- Great Hawk should no longer stop the player from hunting during a blood moon only to then immediately go hunting themselves.
- When possessed, the player should no longer stop for a chat with Winter at the lake.
- Fixed the night flight event not keeping the player wet through the whole event.
- Fixed several time errors with the pillory.
- Fixed a pronoun issue when studying with Robin.
- Fixed a whole bunch of missing and incorrect sleeve images, thanks to glenn, Beta and pinzya.
- Fixed the gym shirt's sleeves missing their secondary colour.
- Fixed more Eden problems.
Temperature changes, by Xao:
- Rebalanced day and night temperatures:
- The difference in temperature between day and night is now much more significant, and depends on the cloud coverage. If overcast, the difference between day and night is lower. If clear weather, the temperature difference can be up to 7°C between day and night.
- The temperature should now be more even during the day. Instead of the temperature decreasing after midday, it will depend more on the sun position.
- Rain now also decreases the air temperature slightly.
- It is now slightly warmer in all locations in town compared to outside of town (rather than just on the streets, like before)
- The thermometer icon now only show up and down arrows if the body-temperature is changing more significantly. If it's staying fairly constant, a simple hyphen will be shown. Tooltip is also updated accordingly.

- Fixed an error that caused some clothes with broken integrity_max values to cost negative infinity pounds to repair at the tailor, thus giving the player infinite money. Thanks to Jimmy.

Fixes, by Xao:
- Fixes certain saves not setting body-temperature correctly after imported from an earlier version.
- Entering the strip club will no longer cause the weather canvas to get paused until reloading the page.
- Fixed a corrupted wardrobe object caused by an error in a kylar scene.
- Fixed time failing to pass when tanning on the beach with Sydney.

Fixes, by PurityGuy:
- Fixed underwear text failing to display.
- Fixed certain combat footjob actions being unusable on male PCs.
- Fixed the Wraith failing to acknowledge that the lake is frozen.
- Fixed an error when stealing from an encampment in the moor.
- Fixed a street event that always assumed the player had an ear slime.
- Fixed several errors with Kylar's underwear.
- Fixed a missing strip club image.
- Fixed a bit of redundant weather text during blood moons.
- Fixed a few beast type text errors.
- Fixed pronoun issues during one of Whitney's roof scenes.

Fixes, by Kirsty:
- Fixed punk leather jacket accessory icon not showing.
- Fixed gaps in the damaged cat hoodie hood, and enabled the cow onesie and monster hoodie hoods.
- Sprite corrections for the winter jacket, star pyjama shirt, open shoulder sweater, turtleneck, jumpers, and long-sleeved shirt.
- Tentacles will now correctly steal your panties in the street, instead of your [object Object]?.name
- Expanded the useful information on the sidebar on the title screen to include more useful links, and added a useful information tab to the options menu. Thanks to Jimmy.
- Rewrote the ear slime dream, thanks to sq1dteeth.

- Fixed the feather duster logic at the Great Hawk's tower. Handheld items should no longer disappear. Thanks to Kirsty.
- Fixed more clothing integrity issues, including hoodies exploding at the tailor. Thanks to Jimmy.

Fixes, by Puri:
- Fixed an edge case that caused a repeat of Kylar's underwear error, and all of the errors that taking Kylar's corrupted underwear object would then cause.
- Fixed case issues in the stats menu.
- Fixed a pregnancy event that wasn't checking for the player's belly size.
- Fixed hunt events rarely being able to happen while possessed by the Wraith.
- Fixed walking to school with Sydney taking twice as long as it was supposed to. Lazy fuck.
- Fixed the "last ruined orgasm" stat displaying a raw timestamp instead of something readable.
- Fixed various pronoun issues and escaped NPCs.