Tuesday 3 September 2019


This update reworks parasites and NPC generation, and adds new events and event variants around town, particularly on Domus Street and in the park. It also adds a mask to the clothing shop for shy characters concerned about people seeing them being lewd, and adds damaged variants to a number of outfits.

As part of the rework, NPCs now have different penis sizes. Larger penises are more dangerous. In the future I'd like to make skilled characters better able to "manage" extreme sizes. To combat this new NPC power, the size of the player character's ass is now simulated. Exercise will encourage a smaller butt, while low purity and parasites will encourage growth.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Note on the Android version: Unfortunately any previous Android version will need to be removed before installing this one. However, the underlying problem should be resolved, and this should be the last time this particular issue causes incompatibilities. Remember you can use the export feature if you wish to move saves to the new version.

Another note on the Android version: Google Play Protect has become more aggressive lately. When testing I found that installing a new version works fine, it just asks if you trust the developer, but reinstalling the same version will result in an error. This can be bypassed by disabling Google Play Protect. You can enable it once the game is installed without trouble. Not sure why this is. Hopefully it's temporary.

Edit: Updated to, which fixes a bug that broke compatibility with old saves.
Edit 2: Updated to, which fixes a number of bugs. Notes at bottom of post.

Patch Notes
  • Reworked the parasite framework. Added slime parasites and a few related events to the old sewers. Slime parasites have the opposite effect of traditional parasites, and reduce the size of the body part they're attached to.
  • Added an ass parasite to the forest. It lurks in rivers.
  • The art for penis and chest parasites will now adjust to penis and breast size.
  • Added simple animations to the penis parasite.
  • Reworked how NPCs are generated. Their body type now controls how tough they are, and influences breast size. Muscular, rugged and burly NPCs are particularly strong, though still far weaker than Bailey and Eden. Thanks to NG.
  • Average NPC strength is roughly unchanged, with the exception of fellow students and other characters using the "boy" or "girl" descriptor. They are a bit weaker in general, depending on body type.
  • NPCs now have different penis sizes, ranging from tiny to massive. Massive penises cause more pain when taking virginity. A slider in settings controls the sizes they'll spawn with. Also thanks to NG.
  • Named NPC penis size is changed from the NPC Settings page.
  • Added different ass sizes for the PC, ranging from slender to huge. Thanks to Klorpa for the framework. Also thanks to Klorpa for a ball size framework, though it is currently unused.
  • Added a short event to maths class. Written in collaboration with Brooms17.
  • High dominance will now cause Robin to push a bit harder for lewd when climbing into bed with you.
  • Avery will now demand the PC wear appropriate clothing when going on a date. Thanks to NG.
  • Added a surgical mask to the clothing shop. Wearing it stops fame from increasing, but has no impact on crime.
  • NPCs can try to remove the mask during encounters. Covering your face with a hand will stop them.
  • Added frayed, torn, and tattered variants for the babydoll, babydoll lingerie, ball gown, blouse, crop top, kimono, mini kimono, maid outfit, and nun's habit sidebar sprites.
  • Adjusted the above clothes, and added simple animations where appropriate.
  • Added white versions of the babydoll and babydoll lingerie.
  • Legwear will now layer beneath underclothes.
  • Added ass size and the new parasites to the cheat menu.
  • Adjusted the PC's arms on the missionary sprite.
  • Adjusted the PC's breasts on the missionary sprite. They should now better obey the laws of physics.
  • Randomised the order tips appear in the sidebar. Thanks to Klorpa.
  • Added a checkbox to disable auto select on the export/import page and other changes that should help when pasting data. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Thanks to vultureangels for improving code related to the player character's sex.
  • Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for minor fixes to swarms and tentacles.
Thanks to bsin for the following additions:
  • Harper now notices if you're dripping with lewd fluids during a personal exam.
  • The trained medical audience will now notice if you're covered in lewd fluid during parasite removal.
  • Jordan now notices lewd fluids when checking your chastity belt.
  • Jordan now spots lewd fluid before 'cleansing' you for the temple.
  • Jordan now gets a surprise if you are full of lewd fluid during the cleansing ceremony.
  • Leighton notices lewd fluids when performing class inspection. The PC will use lewd fluids to enhance their flaunting.
  • NPCs now notice more attributes when exposing yourself on the beach.
  • Added new park events for normal and nude running. May run into named NPCs when running nude. On dark and stormy nights strange creatures may crawl up from the nearby drains, making running naked risky.
  • Added more jobs when looking for work on Domus Street. Includes life-modelling opportunities, providing help for a shy kid, and retrieving refreshments from a pervy shopkeeper. Beware kids with water bombs.

Balance Changes
  • Separated the holy pendant from the habit. It can be bought from the neck section of the clothing shop.
  • Lowered the cost of the habit to £60.
  • Pain will now drop to slightly below the point of disability (if it was higher than that) after being beaten up by Whitney and forced to perform oral.
  • Increased the effect of lust on the frequency of Kylar's stalking and their events at school.
  • Being rescued from the dealer gang by Bailey should no longer result in the PC immediately passing out once back on Domus Street.
  • Covering your face with a hand now stops all sources of fame that occur during encounters.
  • Kimonos and mini kimonos are now sturdier.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing the PC to be referred to with an NPC's pronouns during the Oxford Street abduction sequence.
  • Fixed a bug causing gender confusion for the NPC who interferes the second time you take a stimulant for the maths competition.
  • Copying the drugged student's work will now properly give a mathematical insight.
  • Fixed a soft lock found when refusing to pose for Leighton at the brothel.
  • Fixed a bug causing the upper half of under outfits to break when only the lower half should.
  • Whitney will now refer to male PCs as "boyfriend" when borrowing them from Robin.
  • The image for school trousers should no longer disappear when tattered.
  • Fixed a bug causing the PC's arms to appear on the sidebar sprite when grappled.
  • Wet clothes will again appear transparent in the sidebar sprite. Thanks to AutoBio.
  • Fixed a bug causing the swimsuit to remain of the PC after being stolen by a student during swimming class.
  • The PC's bra will now be mentioned when stripped down to it by Whitney.
  • Fixed an error that could appear when the game attempted to describe your underwear. Thanks to bsin.
  • Whitney will now steal the PC's underwear when implementing the "no underwear" rule as the text suggests.
  • Aggressive animals will now damage the PC's underwear top.
  • Fixed a bug causing dancing in your underwear to increase exhibitionist fame faster than dancing naked.
  • Fixed a bug causing changing breast size via cheat menu to break descriptions and images related to breasts.
  • Mini kimonos will no longer be frayed when new.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the stim dealer introduction from occurring during the day.
  • Fixed a bug causing NPCs to run their fingers along the seam of your "naked" in swimming class.
  • Fixed a bug causing swimsuits and leotards to behave oddly when grasped by beasts.
  • Being harassed and forced to strip on the school bus by delinquents will no longer ignore bras.
  • The PC will now remove their under top when stripping for Avery.
  • Fixed a bug preventing tanning from working properly on old saves.
  • Fixed a bug causing the PC to be double-punched when fighting NPCs in the pillory. Thanks to NG.
  • Fixed a bug causing the PC to fail to cover themselves when wearing wet clothes. Thanks to bsin.
  • Indulging in a double-feed during the Danube Street breast sucking event is no longer so good you wake up on another street. Also thanks to bsin.
  • Fixed a bug causing the "You've gained the Milk Addict trait" message to reappear. Thanks to SirSkeleto.
  • Fixed a bug allowing you to spend money you didn't have when repairing clothes at the tailor. Thanks to Taiwansmurf.
  • Thanks to Klorpa for a legion of fixes and code improvements.
  • Fixed a bug that broke compatibility with old saves.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error message in the hospital foyer, and prevented talking to Doctor Harper about anal parasites.
  • Fixed a bug that broke the settings page on some old saves.
  • Fixed a broken image link found when wearing a sundress.
  • Fixed a bug allowing you to add each lichen to your science project more than once.
  • Your bottoms will no longer always be referred to as shorts when pulled down by a student with a ruler.
  • Fixed a bug causing clothes to remain "pulled aside" until the end of the next encounter if removed while wet.
  • Wet brown clothes will no longer lose their written description and become red.
  • Fixed a bug causing some events that strip the PC's accessories to not put them back on after.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented automatic clothing rebuy from working when clothes were stolen.
  • The "soft" ass size at character creation is now correctly labelled "slim."
  • Reduced the influence of low purity on butt growth, and of exercise on butt shrinkage.
  • The sixth NPC in a gangbang will now be influenced by the NPC penis slider.
  • Women's penises should now generate properly.