Tuesday 26 February 2019


This update adds a new character, a fellow student who will appear from the second week onwards. They're possessive, but shy at first. It also adds pepper spray, which is powerful but criminal and expensive.

Next update will develop Avery, who you meet in the park during the science project. There have also been a number of writing and art contributions I'd like to incorporate.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Edit: I've been unable to preserve save compatibility with previous versions. You will need to uninstall the previous version before installing this one. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Patch notes
Added another named student, who may develop an obsession for the PC. Encouraging their affection can be useful, but dangerous.
Added bottom sprites for dogs, wolves, lizards, bears and dolphins. Other animals use the dog sprite. Bears also now have a top sprite. Courtesy of a mysterious stranger.
Added beast phallus sprites for oral and handjobs, and close-up sprites for beast anal. Also courtesy of said mysterious stranger.
Thanks to Klorpa for numerous minor fixes.
Added combat fame, which increases when you fight off assailants through defiant means. Becoming a famous scrapper lowers allure.
Added pepper spray, a powerful but limited-use weapon. Groups and specific strong opponents won't go down in one use. Charges are hard to come by and their use on humans is a crime.
Landry sells pepper spray charges, but it's very expensive. There are cheaper ways to acquire them.
Spray charge capacity can be increased up to five.

Balance Changes
Vore encounters will now end once in the creature's stomach.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug allowing NPCs to contort and lick your cheek while receiving oral.
Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented cheek licking from having any effect.
Fixed a bug causing repetition of a line describing an NPC slapping your hand away.
Fixed a bug that confused Harper's gender.
Fixed a bug allowing your character to be disabled by pain for a turn in soft mode.
Fixed a bug preventing you from making a seaweed skirt when wearing drenched panties with no skirt or shorts.
Added the missing genital description to female animals rubbing against you.
Fixed a couple of points in the forest where the location image would become the town's.
The gutter blackmailer will no longer increasingly distrust you after giving in to their demands.
Exposing yourself to the unnamed woodsman is now correctly labeled as an exhibitionist act.
Adjusted panties on the combat sprite so that they no longer clip through the top layer of clothing.
The person who gives you the note after leaving the strip club for the first time is now correctly described.
Delivering the letter to Danube Street should now pass ten minutes.
Your slime or semen coated mouth will no longer be described as an ass when looking in the mirror.
You can no longer strip at the oak behind the spa while already naked.
Robin will now be willing to go to the cinema on weekday mornings during school holidays.
Removed the temporary pussy given to male PCs after the Raul and Janet scene.
Fixed a soft lock that could occur while following the pack led by the black wolf.
Fixed a bug causing named NPC's to become the "0 man/woman" if they weren't alone in a fight.
Fixed a soft lock that could occur after fighting the creatures beneath the hospital.
Becoming a demon by running out of purity as a fallen angel will now prevent other transformations as intended.
Male characters should now be able to penetrate animal pussy without waiting for them to make the move.
Receiving the clothes gifted by Morgan should no longer trigger the automatic clothing replacement service and deduct funds.
Tiny characters should now be able to escape from beneath the hospital by squeezing through the hole.
The allure bar will no longer cap below the maximum when the "The rate that events are triggered by allure" option is set above 1.

Sunday 10 February 2019


This update adds a diffuse range of improvements. It includes collaborations with several people, with the goal of fleshing out the game world.

Next update will focus on a new character, another student who will possessively stalk the player character.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Edit: Updated to, which fixes a few bugs. Notes at bottom of post.

Patch Notes
Added an autosave slot. The game autosaves when you sleep in the orphanage, Eden's cabin, the wolf cave, or the asylum.
Disabled saving on the starting screen.
Added a new option to the school library that can lead to masturbation and other things. How far you can take it depends on your english skill, with an A needed to unlock everything. Written and coded by Khan.
A more detailed break down of the slime and semen covering your body will now be revealed by the mirror.
Added an extra few lines to the end of the giant lizard scene in the old sewers, written by Scrumpy.
Characters with high exhibitionism can now choose if being exposed excites or embarrasses you. Chosen from the Attitudes page and defaults to embarrassed.
Bathing in the orphanage during the day may now result in harassment. Written and designed in collaboration with Jeno.
Added the ability to take penises into your mouth without waiting for the NPC to decide to do it.
Added "Deep Blue" to the colours available at the hairdresser.
Added an uncommon dance event to the brothel and strip club.
Eight hearts with Robin will now occasionally let you use their lap as a pillow while watching them play.
The security guard in the school library may now assault you if you get caught.
Added a couple of benign events to the exposed night runs in the park.
New characters can now choose their starting breast size, up to pert.
Added a new event to cafe work. Written and designed in collaboration with Brooms17.
Characters with high exhibitionism can now ask Mason if they can swim naked during their lesson.
Added a small event to swimming class. Written and designed in collaboration with Mega.
Added three antiques to the forest. One found near town, one near the lake, and one deeper in.
Added breasts to the sidebar sprite where appropriate. They only appear when topless.
Added an event to the streets and alleys, involving a mysterious stranger who offers you a chance to make some money.

Balance Changes
Harper is now easier to defeat in the asylum.
Increased the trauma threshold for release from the asylum.
Cumming inside a wolf will now count towards the wolf transformation.
Being swallowed by the giant lizard in the old sewers will cover you in a layer of slime.
Lowered the starting anger of the NPCs in the yacht fight during Robin's rescue.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an error that could appear while topless in the asylum, and while running through the park at night.
Fixed a bug causing events in the asylum to fire all of the time, or none of the time.
You will no longer be informed that your skill has improved if said skill is already maxed.
Fixed a bug causing time to stop at midnight when performing an action taking longer than an hour.
Wearing a chastity belt will no longer stop you from straddling a dick with your ass if you don't have an anal shield.
Fixed a bug causing the third animal in a succession to sometimes ignore the beast gender setting.
Removed hotkeys from the remaining changing rooms and wardrobes.
Fixed a bug allowing blackmailing Leighton twice, if the first time was to counter-blackmail their blackmail of you.
Fixed a bug causing frottage to count as penetration for the purposes of the "Penetrated others" stat.
Fixed a bug letting you repeatedly ask Winter about the candlestick.
Characters with flat chests should no longer have their nipples described as "flopping out" on occasion.
Made changes to Robin's dominance invisible for now.
Morgan should no longer be described as a businessman/woman during encounters.
Fixed a bug causing Avery, Morgan and the black wolf to be missing their genders and/or genitals on old saves until you visited the NPC Settings page.
Fixed a bug preventing the library guard's gender and genitals from loading properly.
Fixed a bug preventing some events triggering properly during exposed night runs in the park.
Fixed a bug causing dark blue eyes to appear as hazel.
Fixed a bug causing male characters who read Raul and Janet to permanently transform into girls. Afflicted characters should be immediately cured upon loading the new version.
Fixed a bug causing characters from old saves to become permanently emaciated. Afflicted characters should be cured upon loading the new version, but may receive a super buff body as a side effect.
Consider it a legit use of the cheat menu to change such characters' physiques back to normal.