Monday 15 March 2021

Degrees of Lewdity version

This update adds an abduction scenario to the moor, involving a new NPC. It also includes a new transformation, and clothing improvements.

I wanted a threat in the moor aside from Remy's goons, and hope the new NPC fits the niche. They work similar to the black wolf and Eden. Failing to escape their clutches can have consequences.

Unlike previous transformations, the PC won't know how to use their full powers by default. They'll need a teacher.

Skills can now be influenced by boosts and penalties. Some of these effects can be found on clothes, but there are ancient powers on the moor that could also be of help.

Note that there are problems with parts of the sprite failing to animate in Chrome. Might be connected to the recent browser update, as it's happening in older versions of the game as well. It doesn't seem to break too often. Hopefully we can work out the problem soon.

We're getting close to version 0.3. I've tried to split the content up such that the jump to 0.3 won't be much longer than normal. Next update will revisit the farmland areas to expand and tidy things ready for 0.3 proper.

Thanks everyone!

Edit: Updated to, fixing bugs.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Patch notes
  • A terror now soars over the moor, searching for a mate. Written in collaboration with PurityGuy. Beast encounter art courtesy of Anon, and monsterboy/girl encounter art courtesy of PurityGuy. 
  • Added the bird/harpy transformation, allowing limited flight where the wind is willing, once the PC learns how. Art courtesy of PurityGuy, based on a concept by Charm.
  • Angels, fallen angels, and demons now get the "wings" trait, allowing the PC to glide from high places.
  • Added the bird transformation and the new NPC's love/dominance to the cheat menu.
  • Female NPCs will now sometimes use lipstick instead of pen when writing on the PC. NPCs in the forest or moor will sometimes use mud.
  • The type of pen or similar item wielded by an NPC is now specified before they write on you.
  • Lipstick, eyeshadow, and mascara will now display on the encounter sprites. Mascara will run with tears. Art courtesy of Mist.
  • Tops should now have long sleeves on the encounter sprites where appropriate. Art courtesy of Mist.
  • The PC can now use their hands to struggle free of an NPC when sat on, gagged, or having their face pushed between or against a chest. Higher physique, lower NPC anger, and higher NPC trust make breaking free easier. Thanks to ndarkflame.
  • Kylar can be taken for a walk through the park once a day after the player reaches a moderate amount of love. Written by PurityGuy and Kodi. Coded by PurityGuy.
  • A heavily traumatized player that has met Harper and has appointments with them on Fridays may now ask for an emergency appointment with Harper at the Hospital. This will lead to the Asylum without needing to pass out first. Written by Harcher and coded by PurityGuy.
  • Whitney will now help the PC finish if they don't cum during the pub scene. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Named NPCs can now have larger breast sizes. These settings now use sliders, rather than radiobuttons. Thanks to ndarkflame.
  • Added icons for scout shirt, scout shorts, soccer shirt, soccer shorts, and long boots. Art courtesy of ΩMEGA.
  • Added long leather gloves. They have the "sticky" trait, providing a boost to skulduggery. Art courtesy of Mist, and coded by Lollipop Scythe.
  • Moved Harper's pills into the pill collection in your bedroom, and added icons for different pills. Art courtesy of ΩMEGA.
  • Added a scarf, a vest, a puffer jacket, boxers, star pyjama shorts, star pyjama shirt, moon pyjama bottoms, moon pyjama shirt, gold chain, iron chain, camo shirt, and long johns to the clothing shop. Art courtesy of namelessone.
  • Added a feathered hair clip to the forest shop. Wearing it prevents the bird/harpy transformation from decaying. Art courtesy of Golden Skullky, with help from PurityGuy.
  • Shades now appear on the missionary sprite. Art courtesy of Golden Skullky.
  • Kylar, Whitney, Avery, Alex, Leighton and Morgan now have their own lines when taking the PC's virginities. Written by Kodi, with some help from Burnt Toast.
  • Added the "Fly Like an Eagle", "High Reflection", and "Catch the Wind" feats.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following additions and improvements.
  • Added feral alternative ears, tail and face markings for the wolf transformation. Art courtesy of PurityGuy and Timko.
  • A huge number of changes under the hood to prepare the game for the addition of overwear (coats and similar.)
  • Added a version number display to the bottom left.
  • Added body size to the Characteristics overlay.
  • Added shop defaults and filters to the main shop passages.
  • The sleep screen now indicates the wake up time for each option.
  • Added a variant to the the moor masturbation event.
  • Adjusted skill difficulties to allow external factors, such as clothing, to provide changes to success chance.
  • The moor shrines can now provide temporary boosts to skills, and reduce allure.
  • Adjusted the Characteristics overlay to display temporary skill boosts.
  • Some footwear now has the "rugged" trait, making them more suitable for rough terrain.
  • Heels are now harder to swim in.
  • The moor is now difficult to traverse in heels.
  • Herm PCs can now have the same range of vagina options as female PCs.
  • Added the hours spent sleeping to the statistics overlay.
  • Converted several mouth commands to a new ask command with its own drop down menu.
  • Code improvements.
Balance Changes
  • Nudity now provides a boost to dancing and swimming skills. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Having two ear slimes now gives a penalty to willpower. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Remy now strips more accessories from the PC. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Added the "sharp eyes" trait, part of the cat and bird transformations. Provides a boost to skulduggery.
Bug Fixes
  • Kissing Whitney in the forest on Halloween will no longer count as Kylar's kiss.
  • Whitney can now take your first kiss when they declare you their boy/girlfriend.
  • Harper can now properly take your first kiss when kissing you after attempting to drug you in front of an audience at Remy's farm.
  • Kissing Harper during an asylum treatment can now count as your first kiss.
  • The location image should no longer display the beach when helping Robin set up their hot chocolate stand.
  • Fixed an error found after breaking into the docks.
  • Fixed a layering issue with transformation ears on the combat sprites. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Adjusted the SAVES/OPTIONS overlay. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Jockstraps will no longer be damaged when first bought.
  • Fixed some issues caused after certain scenes involving the black wolf.
  • The option to run from your captors on the moor should now show an accurate chance of success.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the forest location image to appear during the pillory sequence.
  • Fixed some pronoun issues during encounters with monsters.
  • Dyeing eyebrows at Eden's cabin should no longer teleport you to the orphanage.
  • Fixed an error found when meeting the Black Wolf in the forest.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Black Wolf's sprites appearing during encounters.
  • Fixed an issue with the Black Wolf's pronouns during encounters.
  • The PC will no longer be considered a boy by the NPC who rescues them from an assault triggered by bodywriting, despite the gender they actually appear as.
  • An additional event should no longer trigger right after escaping swarms of fish in the lake.
  • The first night should no longer cause hallucinations.
  • Harper's pen will no longer be snatched by a hypnotised inmate following a treatment at the asylum.
  • The PC should no longer slip off their naked during the Leighton inspection sequence.
  • Fixed a "0" issue following the encounter with three dogs found when wearing a blindfold.
  • Birds on the moor will no longer perform a panicked study of the hypothetical boson analogue of a quark postulated under the rules of supersymmetry when startled.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the PC to be assaulted by giant breasts when taken to Remy's estate by their goons, among other horrors.
  • You will no longer be fucked by a "0" should you attract an audience while knotted at the docks.
  • You can no longer endlessly give pillory victims wedgies.
  • Fixed an error found after being assualted by dogs in an alley.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • Whitney will no longer comment on the PC's horns or ears if they are hidden.
  • River can now notice the PC's cat ears during class, and longer tug on the PC's animal ears if they are hidden.
  • Fixed a pronoun error with Leighton in the canteen.
  • Fixed three dogs that would manifest as 0s.
  • Fixed a softlock in the moor.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • The PC will now dress themselves when caught milking themselves by Alex.
  • Robin will no longer comment on the PC's cat ears if they are hidden.
  • Fixed some minor issues found during swarm encounters.
  • Buying multiple random colour items will no longer give them all one colour.
  • Sleeping in Morgan's den should now auto save.
  • Fixed some layout issues with the encounter UI on mobile.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some tips from displaying.
  • Fixed many old drug lines that were incorrectly referencing intoxication.
  • Fixed some events where the player or npc reference clothing when none are worn.
  • Typo and other minor fixes.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that caused horses to grasp your naked during a riding lesson.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some items at the market stall to cost the wrong amount of money.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the option to "Push your most expensive stock" to never appear.
  • The pair walking in the forest will now have a chance to attack you when you're completely naked.
  • Kylar will no longer break out of prison to keep their promise with the player to meet up on Halloween.
  • Sex machines trying to penetrate the player's ass will no longer try to break the player's chastity belt if there isn't an anal shield in the way.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause swarms to occasionally not get stuck in the player's chastity belt.
  • Eels, spiders, worms and maggots now have art during swarm encounters. Art courtesy of ΩMEGA.
  • Urchin and slime parasites will now display beneath chastity cages. Art courtesy of Karshton.
  • The player may now strip at the new npc's tower. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Added the bird TF info to the statistics tab. Thanks to PurityGuy.
Bug Fixes
  • Kylar's jealousy should no longer be referred to as suspicion at several points.
  • The Great Hawk will no longer gift you cursed items, broken pieces of other items.
  • Fixed some Great Hawk pronoun issues.
  • The dock workers who bind your arms on a boat will now unbind them following the encounter.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the Sharp Eyes trait working.
  • Skulduggery chance descriptions should now take long leather gloves into account.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • Allowed the player to join the Great Hawk on their perch before Stockholm Syndrome is earned.
  • Allowed the player to sing with the bird without Stockholm Syndrome, as long as they are present on the perch.
  • Fix for the Great Hawk still hunting the player after the hunt is supposed to end.
  • Fix for the Great Hawk hunting the player restarting.
  • Fix for the Great Hawk appearing as a beast even if set to "always a monster".
  • Fix for the great hawk using a generic beast sprite.
  • Fix for the Great Hawk not making any progress towards their hunt while the player is sleeping or bathing.
  • Fix for the Great Hawk being angry during consensual sex.
  • Fixed an error when punching the Great Hawk.
  • The game will now distinguish between morning and evening when the Great Hawk is singing.
  • Getting the bird tf will no longer give the player the "Howl at the Moon" feat.
  • Fix for the Great Hawk bringing the player an "[object][Object]". Thanks to bsmith.
  • Fix for the Settings and Mirror menus in the Tower warping you to the Orphanage.
  • The player can no longer wear the pieces of fabric the Great Hawk brings them.
  • Fix for taking pills at Eden's cabin warping the player to the Orphanage.
  • Fixed an error when speaking to Kylar.
  • Fixed an error when making Skullduggery checks.
  • Fix for the Great Hawk being referred to as having "wings instead of arms" in one scene when every other scene refers to them having wings on their back.
  • Fixed a line break issue at the castle.
  • Fixed incorrect first kiss dialog at the castle.
  • The player's handholding virginity can now be taken by the new NPC properly.
  • Fix for time not passing as advertised when bathing with the new NPC.
  • The great hawk will now properly greet the player the first time they are seen each day.
  • Fixed an incorrect check causing the "to stop" speech option to not show correctly.
  • Fixed an instance of the "Sharp eyes" trait not applying to the Cat tf.
  • Fix for an arousal increase that is only supposed to happen if the new NPC is a monster.
  • Fix for the bird TFs eyes layering in front of eyelids when blinking.
  • Removed some leftover debug code for stripping underupper clothing.
  • Fixed pronoun errors for the new npc.
  • Fixed some bugged submissiveness checks.
  • Made the feathered hair clip obtainable.
  • Robin's soft bad end message will no longer trigger if you've already taken their debt.
  • Typos.
  • The Great Hawk will now unbind the player character. If the Great Hawk is not present, the player can unbind themselves in the tower. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Adjusted Eden's first kiss line. Thanks to Fangi.
Balance Changes
  • Increased the rate at which the Great Hawk makes advances on the player character in their sleep. Thanks to PurityGuy.
Bug Fixes
  • Eating lurkers should now reduce hunger.
  • Fixed some errors with moon pyjama trousers.
  • Physique should no longer dramatically decrease at the castle tower.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an error when escaping from Remy's goons in the moor.
  • Removing a herm parasite at the hospital will now take 30 minutes like it says it should.
  • Enthusiastically giving oral to Whitney during Kylar's Halloween event will increase Kylar's jealousy.
  • Your right sleeve will now be hidden when your arms are grappled during an encounter.
  • When being forced to show your underwear to another student, they will no longer claim that you're crossdressing if you're wearing neutral underwear.
  • Fixed an issue with the farm status in the social menu.
  • Fixed a bug when trying on outfits with custom colours.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • Fix for the player being able to take unintended actions when the Great Hawk is attempting to leave the perch for sleep or bathing.
  • Fixed an error when reaching climax from the Great Hawk's grooming if they were set to be a beast.
  • The Great Hawk should no longer bring the player a "naked".
  • The player will no longer continue to gain hunger in the background after stockholm syndrome with the Great Hawk is gained.
  • Singing will now only progress the bird tf if the Great Hawk is present to sing with the player.
  • Fixed an error in the Asylum oral hypnosis event.
  • Breaking your chastity device will no longer reveal a second chastity device.
  • Improved clarity when flying across the moor.
  • The player can no longer tear an infinite amount of fabric off of their police collar.
  • Fixed several issues with Whitney's pronouns when helping the player finish in the pub scene.
  • Washing in the moor will now pass 20 minutes, as advertised.
  • Typos.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Fixed some issues found when sleeping in the castle tower.
  • Fixed a layout issue found in the castle tower when washing.
  • Fixed an issue with Robin's Cinema scenes.
  • You can no longer tear up cursed items at the castle tower.
  • Fixed a horizontal scrolling UI issue found during combat.
  • Prevented rushing water from tearing off your naked.