Saturday 18 May 2019


This update includes different penis sizes for male PCs, a scene involving Winter at the museum, and adds the willpower characteristic. Willpower helps the PC resist being disabled by pain and orgasm. The update also includes a large contribution by bsin that makes improvements to the town's streets, the homes on Danube street, and the school.

Edit: Updated links to, which fixes a bug that prevented audiences from functioning.
Edit 2: Updated links to, which fixes a handful of bugs and adds art for different penis sizes to the sidebar sprite.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Patch Notes
You can now choose a tiny, small or normal sized penis for male player characters at the game's start. Existing characters default to normal. Different sizes are not yet represented by art.
Parasites and very low purity can increase penis size. Surgery can increase or reduce penis size. Penis size can increase up to enormous.
Added max player penis size option to the settings page, and penis size to the cheat menu.
NPCs may struggle to fit larger sizes.
Added and updated NPC comments and reactions to take penis size into account.
NPC comments may now cause your character to develop insecurities about their breasts or penis if they're particularly small or large. Insecurities increase stress and reduce control when agitated. The effect worsens as the insecurity does.
Added the Willpower characteristic. Characters with high willpower can resist being disabled by pain and can recover faster from orgasms.
Added the "Pray" option to the temple, and the "Meditate" option to the fishing rock at the lake. Prayer effectiveness is determined by purity. Meditation effectiveness is determined by willpower.
Collecting enough different antiques for the museum will now prompt Winter to ask you for further assistance.
Thanks to bsin for the following additions and improvements:
Defiant/submissive characters now react differently to catcalling.
Improved the street underwear selling event. High fame exhibitionist characters may be asked for lewd photos instead, and the NPC may have different demands by night. Also added more NPC commentary on your state/fame/appearance.
Added an event to the town's streets where an exposed PC witnesses another NPC being attacked. Intervention is risky.
Improved the tea, party, and garden events when working on Danube street.
Added a new tutor event to working on Danube Street.
Added a number of new skulduggery events to burglary on Danube Street.
Teachers will now send you to Leighton if you try to attend their class with your arms bound.
Added a number of "safe" events to maths, history and science.
Added more reactivity to the PC's state to several school events.

Balance Changes
NPC comments on your breasts should now better match your size.

Bug Fixes
Changing your dock status from the cheat menu should now work properly.
Closed a herm portal opened by drinking in the pub.
The pub will no longer accept money you do not have.
Fixed a bug that prevented dock work from being available if the job had previously been refused.
Accepting the docker job should now take thirty minutes as advertised.
The game will now provide an error message when a herm portal has opened. Disabled by default, and can be enabled in Settings.
The sidebar sprite moving their arms while using the default hair style will no longer reveal strange black spaces. Also made chest, navel and thigh length default hair look more natural. Courtesy of Nickka.
The description for cool shades and beanie now correctly specifies that it helps your status at school.
Having your hair cut short will no longer lock off the ability to cut your fringe.
Monsters will no longer be described as not understanding you when you apologise.
Fixed a bug rendering the PC's eyebrows invisible.
The two dock workers who attack you on the boat will be less violent at the encounter's start.
A PC working naked should no longer be dressed in towels following the encounter with two dock workers.
Fixed a bug that could cause the third monster in a pack to be female regardless of setting.
Fixed a bug that prevented monsters in a pack from being described as the correct gender.
Fixed a bug that could cause you to remove your "naked" when stripping in the wolf cave.
Fixed a bug that would prevent sleeves from appearing in the correct position with high exhibitionism.
Fixed a bug preventing wolfgirls and boys from progressing the wolf transformation.
Fixed a bug that allowed you to grasp up to six cocks between your breasts at once.
Leighton will no longer offer the PC a spare uniform after school.
Dock status in the cheat menu will now only appear after accepting work there.
Fixed a bug preventing Leighton from loading properly if you chose to blackmail them from the hallways, rather than their office.
Fixed a bug allowing Robin to grow additional sets of genitals in the cinema, which could then seemingly grow into entire new Robins.
Fixed a bug confusing Leighton's gender during the breast inspection scene.
Fixed a bug that prevented audiences from functioning.
Added art to represent different penis sizes to the sidebar sprite. Courtesy of Anon.
Thanks to bsin for fixing a bug that caused a soft lock in science class.
Female characters should no longer receive notifications that their penis has changed size.
Fixed an error appearing after penis surgery.
Fixed a broken line break found when talking to Landry.
Fixed a bug breaking the colour of clothes taken during the event on the streets where you witness another being attacked.
Closed a herm portal opened by the monk or nun who helps you find lichen during the science school project.
Closed a herm portal opened by being saved from Whitney by Doren when they try to strip you after school.
Corrected the text that said meditation effectiveness depended on purity.
Fixed a soft lock in Leighton's office.
Fixed a bug breaking the description of your clothing's colour if said clothing was wet.
Fixed a bug causing the wrong NPCs in a gangbang to comment on your actions.

Thursday 2 May 2019


This is another diffuse update, touching many areas. It includes the option to replace beasts with monster girls and boys during encounters, and makes the police more dangerous by expanding the strip search scene into a progressive chain of events. It also adds art for "moving" clothes to the sex sprite, so they no longer disappear while you're in use, and makes numerous other additions and fixes.

Thanks everyone for playing, reporting bugs and giving feedback.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Patch Notes
Beasts can now be replaced by monster girls and boys during encounters. The proportion that appear as such is controlled by a slider.
By default the Hallucinations trait is required for monster girls and boys to appear. This can be toggled.
Monster girls and boys use the beast gender setting, and the human genital setting (as beasts don't have one.)
Added an "infinite pepper spray" option to the cheat menu.
Added hair and eye colour to the cheat menu.
You can now pick between 24-hour and 12-hour displays for the clock.
The temple will now host mass between 11 am and 1 pm on Sunday. Attending raises purity, more so for fallen angels.
Thanks to Shigure for adjustments to the hair sprites.
Added art to visually represent the pillory when punished by police, and when locked up in history class. Art courtesy of Anon.
Clothing will no longer become invisible while being fucked. This art is also courtesy of Anon.
Gave the tank top its own art on the sex sprite, courtesy of Ulithium_Dragon.
Recoloured and moved the pepper spray images to make them less obtrusive.
Improved flavour text a bit for most high level exhibitionism by taking trauma, stress, arousal and attitude towards exposure into account.
You can now work on the docks naked with high exhibitionism.
You can now loiter on the streets, alleyways and in the park to pass time without moving.
Added the "Refresh" and "Ruin" options to the cheat menu, as well as made your dock status changable from the cheat menu while at the docks. Courtesy of "someone you don't know".
Added Hard mode, which disables lewd stat decay. Can only be chosen at the game's start, but you can switch away from it at any point. Being incarcerated in the asylum will switch you to normal mode.
Thanks to bsin for a large expansion to the police search scene that can occur on the streets. It now has a chance of escalating each time it occurs, and is more reactive to your character's state.

Balance Changes
Harper and friends will now use their genitals again while the PC is entranced if the PC is not a virgin.
Seducing the captain of the tourist ship now only requires a B rating.
Doubled the chance of encountering a lizard in the old sewers.
Successfully escaping an attacker now restores some control and increases defiance.
Lowered the exhibitionism required to flaunt when stripped by Whitney while wearing underwear.
Removed the awareness requirement to masturbate in the bath.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug preventing stress from decreasing properly following the dart board scene at the docks.
Fixed a bug causing the available options to be listed twice during an event at the docks if the PC has high physique.
Fixed an error message found when teasing patrons while on a pub crawl.
Fixed the broken flirt link found while on a pub crawl.
Fixed a bug causing stress to overflow.
Fixed a bug causing beast's front leg to be covered by your clothing while mounted.
Moving your penis, vagina, anus or mouth to a beasts genitals will now cause the beast to mount you, and display art appropriately.
Fixed a bug that broke grammar during encounters with beasts.
The crane event at the docks will no longer trigger if your character is not wearing clothing.
Your character will now cover with a towel as appropriate if the crane event destroys your skirt or shorts.
Fixed a bug causing your control to revert to its value at the start of the last non consensual encounter when stealing during a consensual encounter.
Drinking at the pub should now cost money.
Your character will now respond appropriately to having their top torn off off while playing volleyball.
Fixed a bug giving Robin a second tongue, and letting Robin use them on both ends, in the cinema and park scenes.
Losing your virginity as Janet will no longer remove your angelhood.
Fixed a bug that could prevent passing out from stress in the old sewers, with Morgan, on the tentacle plains, and on the docks.
Telling an NPC that you no longer want your penis put inside anything while anally or orally enveloped will now cause the NPC to properly remove you from that orifice.
NPCs can no longer sneak an extra turn of fucking in after you successfully tell them to stop enveloping your penis with their pussy.
Fixed several errors with the bear and cat sprites.
Thanks to Klorpa for numerous minor fixes.