Tuesday 13 August 2019


This update adds another school project, which begins three to four weeks into the game. It involves several events and scenarios, including a kidnapping scene. The update also adds another job opportunity on Danube Street, improves performance, and makes other additions and improvements. Thanks to everyone who helped, and thank you for playing!

Check the most recent update for download links.

Edit: There's an issue with the Android version failing to install. Some people have had success using Google Files, though it doesn't work for everyone. Working on a solution. Sorry for the bother.

Edit2: Updated links to, which fixes several bugs. Notes at bottom of post.

Edit3: I've been unable to find a way to get the new Android version to install over the old. The previous version will need to be uninstalled first.
Sorry for the inconvenience. I know the game is in alpha and problems like this are unavoidable to an extent, but I think this one could have been avoided if I knew my stuff better.

Patch notes
A second school project will begin three to four weeks into the game. Your character can work towards victory in their bedroom or the school library.
The player character needs to work hard if they want a good chance of winning, but some students know of a faster way. Written in collaboration with Corrupted Savior.
Added a kidnapping scenario. It can be found by antagonising the people that appear on Oxford Street while the new project is ongoing.
Added a "Tan on the beach" option to the beach. The PC will also gain a tan passively while out in the sun, though it is not yet represented visually. Thanks to NG.
Added another job opportunity when knocking on Danube street doors. Written in collaboration with Shiranui. Requires breastfeeding be enabled.
Made some adjustments that should improve performance. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
The Close button at the top of the sidebar sub-menus now sticks to the top of the screen. Also thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
Sped up the fade in on page transition.
The Try On feature at the clothing shop will now remember the most recently selected colour. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
Added a Save/Export feature to enable moving saves to and from Android devices. Courtesy of Lollipop Scythe.
The clothing shop now sells sandals.
Added a tailor to the shopping centre. They can repair your clothes. Thanks to Taiwansmurf.
Added a couple of lines for NPCs receiving footjobs.
Added missionary sprites for dogs, dolphins, bears, boars, pigs, and lizards. Art courtesy of sseshess.
Added towel tops and bottoms to the idle doggy sprite. Art courtesy of doc.
You can now pass 1, 6 and 24 hours in the cheat menu.

Balance Changes

The tutorial NPC will no longer have a chance to gag you with their breasts.
Harper will now send you to the asylum if you have the Visibly Disturbed trait when sent to the hospital after passing out.
You can now speak while your mouth is pressed against someone's chest, though not while pressed against a nipple.
Screaming while under the influence of an aphrodisiac will now sound like a lewd moan, and will fail to attract help.

Bug Fixes

Rounded up the escaped tentacles that were helping the townsfolk bind your limbs.
Fixed a bug causing undercover police to refer to the PC as a girl, even if they appeared as a boy.
Fixed a bug causing NPCs to know that you had bit a previous NPC's nipple, and therefore refuse to allow you to suck or lick their breasts.
Fixed an error message that could appear while your head is pressed against small to medium sized breasts.
Fixed a bug causing the PC's left arm to appear in front of their body, and their right arm behind it, while jerking tentacles in the missionary position.
Fixed a bug causing NPCs to respond to a colleague having their chest interacted with as if it were happening to them.
Fixed a bug causing Leighton to remark that an apparently female PC has nice breasts "for a boy" during the breast inspection scene.
Fixed a bug causing NPCs to force your head away from their nipple while sucking.
Removed NPCs ability to rub your face with their clit and breasts at the same time.
Removed the superfluous radiobuttons that would appear when buying a cap.
Fixed an error message found when modelling clothes for Leighton at the brothel.
Your mouth action will now default to "keep mouth closed" when someone pushes your head against their breasts.
Fixed a bug preventing tentacles grappling your right leg from showing up on the missionary sprite.
Fixed a bug preventing the gold bars on the characteristics page from appearing properly in Chrome.
Fixed a bug causing a colour mismatch between the upper and lower halves of under outfits.
Fixed a bug causing newly worn under outfits to lose their lower halves once sent to the wardrobe.
Fixed a bug causing NPCs to behave as if your head is still pressed against their chest after pulling away.
Water soaking through your bra should now longer be described as exposing your genitals.
The help option available when witnessing an assault at night is now correctly marked as taking 10 minutes.
Fixed a number of errors found when NPCs orgasm. Thanks to NG.
Fixed a bug causing the PC to be referred to as a girl by a police officer regardless of their actual gender. Thanks to NG.
Fixed a bug causing the pig in the dungeon, and the black wolf, to orgasm like humans. Also thanks to NG.
Fixed a bug preventing interaction between creampies and body size increase/reduction pills, resulting in a weaker than intended effect. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
Vore encounters should no longer begin with the PC in a missionary position, with no art to represent the monster.
Angry beasts should no longer be described as slapping your hand away when you fail to stroke their clit.
Fixed a bug causing cheat menu changes to under top integrity to appear to change under bottom integrity instead.
Fixed an issue causing a missing pronoun during encounters with monster girls and boys.
Fixed a bug preventing you from selling your crotchless panties to people on the street.
Fixed a bug causing your clothes to be wrongly described as "falling to tatters" during beach volleyball while wearing just a swimsuit or bra on your chest.
Fixed a bug causing the bottom half of outfits to remain hidden after the top half is discarded, while still taking up a wardrobe slot.
Fixed an issue causing NPCs to be misassigned breasts.
Fixed a bug preventing breasts from shrinking when appropriate.
Fixed a bug causing Robin's pronouns to vanish when they admit their troubles to you.
All bras and bikini tops now leave your midriff exposed.
Fixed a bug causing bikini tops to be described as being "pulled down to your midriff", regardless of whether they actually are.
Fixed an error found when leaving dock work early.
Fixed a broken image link found when rubbing a penis between your cheeks in missionary position.
Fixed a bug preventing an action that caused a large decrease in delinquency from being marked properly.
Chatter and laughter should no longer emerge from the school while the school is empty.
Balance Changes
The stimulant dealers can now be unlocked by entering Oxford Street during dawn and dusk, as well as day.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an error message that would appear when giving footjobs to aroused penises.
The drugged student should now only appear during the maths project, after you've discovered the source of stimulants.
The student working on their maths project in the school library should now only appear while the project is ongoing.
You should now only be able to attempt a seduction on the library student once per day, and they should no longer appear after a successful seduction.
Fixed a bug causing male PCs to be described as having a vagina when performing cunnilingus.
Fixed some strange grammar when goading someone to switch from imminent anal to imminent vaginal.