Sunday 31 October 2021

Degrees of Lewdity version

This update adds the prison, and unleashes an ancient evil into the world. It also includes plant people, masturbation improvements, combat improvements including double anal penetration, and many other events and features.

The prison is accepting new inmates. Situated on an island off the coast, it serves as the punishment for hardened offenders. Characters who commit many foul deeds will be sent there if the pillory proves inadequate. It's a soft bad end, similar to the asylum or dungeon, but the PC has a bit more freedom. That might seem odd for a prison of all places, but the guards have tricks up their sleeves, and can afford to be lenient in some ways. Even if you escape the prison walls, you're still surrounded by sea, and the guards aren't the only ones keeping watch.

Speaking of the guards, I approached them a bit differently. They generate like generic NPCs, but persist between scenes, and have their own personalities. Similar to the security guard you can hire for your farm. Befriending them could make your life behind bars easier. There are advantages to defiance, but be cautious! I wanted prison escapes to be more involved, and varied, than the other bad ends. You can just wait out your sentence, but that can take a while, depending on how bad you've been. I included a failure state that boots you from the institution as well, to help keep the PC's story moving.

Back on the mainland, there have been strange sightings. Blood moons are now a lot more dangerous, particularly for PCs who like to stick their nose in old places, disturbing dread powers in search of wealth. This content is more dangerous than most, but is avoidable and doesn't completely activate until Halloween, so the PC has time to prepare. The forest and lake are more dangerous than other areas during a blood moon, but nowhere is truly safe.

Plantpeople have been seen in the forest and moor. They're playful, but devious, often prefering skulduggery to brute force. It is said some are enslaved in underground brothels. Superstition and rumour, surely!

I considered splitting the prison update into two parts, not dissimilar to Alex's farm, but didn't believe it could be sliced up elegantly enough. Thanks to PurityGuy for bringing the spooks this year, to Lollipop Scythe for further work on the clothing system, and to the other contributors for the many additions and improvements they've been working on!

Edit: Updated to, fixing bugs.
Edit 2: Updated to, fixing more bugs.
Edit 3: Adjusted the update description.
Edit 4: Updated to, fixing further bugs.
Edit 5: Updated to, repairing more bugs.
Edit 6: Updated to, fixing a bug that slipped through.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Also, thanks to Devalk for making this video review of DoL. I enjoyed it a lot.

Next update will revisit older content. Happy Halloween!

Patch notes 
  • Added the prison. Repeat offenders are sent there instead of the pillory.
  • Improved wardrobe code to allow different wardrobes to carry different items. For now, only the asylum and prison wardrobes are separate from the main network. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe. Can be disabled in Settings.
  • Added an outfit editor, accessed to the right of the clothing set controls. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Added location art for the prison. Thanks to 3hp.
  • Added prison overalls. Art courtesy of KG and PurityGuy.
  • Added new encounter images for trousers, and other non-skirt lowerwear. Also added unique encounter art for jeans. Art courtesy of KG.
  • Added a slider to determine whether NPCs ignore or consider your genitals when considering your gender, or judge your gender based on genitals alone, as in old versions. Thanks to GayRaccoon.
  • Added "Days spent in prison" to the statistics overlay, and a prison section to the Social overlay.
  • Added the prison shirt, prison trousers, prison jumpsuit, and "free use" collar.
  • The leash can now be properly detached from collars.
  • Added kitty ears to the clothing shop. Art courtesy of Hyomi.
  • Added winter variants for the museum, Alex's cottage, Alex's farm, pub, and cafe location art. Courtesy of SlimeFox.
  • Thanks for SlimeFox for the cell icon.
  • Added an additional peper spray charge.
  • Added winter location art to the forest, as well as heart and demon wing icons. Courtesy of Golden Skullky.
  • Added icons for the houses on the Domus and Danube Streets.
  • Added a unique icon to the orphanage mirror, and another for the mirror during blood moons. Art courtesy of Conhue.
  • Added tape to the clothing shop, which can be used to cover the PC's nipples, but not much else. Also added the "sticky" clothing trait. Art courtesy of Mist.
  • Added the cow bra, cow panties, cow socks, and cow sleeves to the forest shop, unlocked alongside the cow bell. Art courtesy of Mist.
  • Expanded the scene triggered by running into a student when begging for clothes on Domus Street, taking crossdressing and crossdressing reputation into account. Thanks to GayRaccoon.
  • Added new dialogue when refusing the clothes provided by Leighton. Thanks to GayRaccoon.
  • Expanded the Leighton drug search scene to be more reactive to crossdressing and chastity into account. Thanks to GayRaccoon.
  • Adjusted the pillory body-writing scene to be a little more specific depending on the action. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • The cumdump trait now influences the oral scene at the card game with Wren. Thanks to Nicky Lassandri.
  • Added a chest binder to the clothing shop. Thanks to Prince Nex.
  • Added detention score to the Extra Statistics overlay.
  • Thanks to Rukarin for a debug tool.
  • Added the "More than a Number", "Time and Pressure", "Breaker", "Institutionalised", "Friends in the Sky", and "Not Meant to be Caged" feats.
  • Thanks to Lollipop Scythe, Rukarin, and Jimmy for code improvements.
  • Thanks to note leven for code improvements, and extra warnings for history depth setttings.
  • Thanks to johndoe80 and note leven for performance improvements.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added a new threat, active on blood moons. It stalks the world from the first Halloween. If Halloween has already passed on old saves, it'll begin with the next blood moon.
  • Added the "banish" combat action to the angel transformation, that causes heavy damage to tentacles. Grows stronger with the PC's angelicness, and purity. Doesn't work on plant-based tentacles.
  • Tentacles can now be different colours, depending on their source.
  • Added "pale" slimes and tentacles, and their offspring. Pale offspring grant stronger benefits.
Thanks to Crimson Tide for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added plantpeople. They use both human and tentacle mechanics, as well as some of their own. Beware their nectar! Their scenes require tentacles to be enabled, monsterpeople to be enabled, and monsterpeople to be possible.
  • Added consensual and non-consensual plantperson events to the moor. 
  • Added a plantperson event to the underground brothel, and another way to escape.
  • Added ambient plantperson events around the world.
  • Kylar now reacts to bodywriting during encounters, including unique reactions to their own bodywriting and the stduent love interests' bodywritings.
  • Expanded Kylar's reactions to bodywriting while chatting. They no longer get jealous over pictures of unicorns.
  • At very high jealousy, Kylar now holds thier knife at the PC's throat during the encounter in the alleyway.
  • Kylar's comments about making babies now make more sense based on their knowledge of the PC's gender.
  • Kylar now reacts to Sydney's confessions.
  • Kylar no longer hurts themselves on your halo.
  • Kylar acts more arrogant at high jealousy, and doesn't ask permissoin before stroking your hair.
  • The player now gets a notice if Kylar's praise pushes the player's penis acceptance over 1000.
  • Added lines for Kylar taking a first kiss outside combat.
  • Adjusted some of Sydney's text about chastity belts, fixing a minor plothole.
  • The PC can now think of Alex at the great hawk's tower.
  • Added to the temple prayer outcomes. The PC may now think of Sydney and Alex.
  • Added pure variants for pleading and demanding against Sydney.
  • The game now warns you more reliably when an option will cause the PC to be written on.
  • Bailey reacts to you entering the office while disassociated, at high pain, covered in semen, and at high arousal.
  • On repeat visits, Bailey can now comment on the reasons you might be in their office. They might spank the PC if bothered too many times.
  • It's now possible to purity a corrupt Sydney. The only two ways are to scold them after they peep on you in the changing room, or to pray with them.
  • Upon being purified, a notification message will display that describes Sydney's change.
  • A similar message will display when Sydney is corrupted.
  • Plant-based tentacles and their offspring will now be described as vines, roots, and shoots.
  • Metal tentacles are also more appropriately named.
  • It's now possible for Sydney to be corrupted during sex. The notification will display at the end of the encounter.
  • Sydney always gains purity while praying, even when you're praying for different sizes of penis and breasts.
  • When Sydney becomes corrupted, they're guaranteed to actually become corrupted, rather than remain neutral.
  • Many code improvements.
Thanks to Khau for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added Eden's dominance to the social tab.
  • Added Eden's dominance to the cheats menu.
  • Eden's dominance will now affect their interactions with you in certain scenes.
  • You can now ask Eden for a collar if their dominance is high enough.
  • You will no longer use two jars of salve per night if you massage Eden until midnight.
  • You will no longer be gathering ingredients if you refuse to make Eden breakfast.
  • If you're exposed while Eden leaves to hunt and choose to go inside the cabin, you will no longer be sent straight to the wardrobe.
  • You can now ask Eden to join you in the spring, provided that it's clean.
  • Eden will now offer to wash you at high love.
Thanks to hwp for the following additions and improvements:
  • Fingering during masturbation is now only possible with one hand at a time, but you can insert multiple fingers one at a time.
  • Made vaginal wetnessmore impactful, with vaginal masturbation having a direct effect on vaginal wetness
  • Added the ability to play with your balls while masturbating.
  • Relaxed the skill requirements for autofellatio, depending on the player's penis size. Also expanded the "take it into your mouth" option.
  • Hid body part sizes that don't apply to your character during character creation. Thanks to hwp.
  • Code improvements.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Reworked vaginal wetness calculations. Arousal increases wetness more slowly, but active masturbation increases it more quickly.
Thanks to Bathory666 for the following additions and improvements.
  • The PC and NPCs can now initiate frottage during encounters with two penises involved. Includes beasts, and custom text for Robin, Kylar, and Sydney.
  • Added double anal penetration to encounters, consensual and non-consensual. Consensual taking two cocks at once has awareness and promiscuity requirements.
  • Players can lose virginity to two NPCs at the same time.
  • Added audiance reactions to double penetration.
  • Added an additional reward when receiving double penetration during Briar's brothel shows.
  • Added xray animations for double penetration.
  • Added a double penetration toggle to Settings. Disabled by default.
  • Thanks to hwp for help, and to braymann for bug fixes.
Thanks to oyea for coding the following scenes:
  • Robin may attempt to bring the player home from the brothel if certain requirements are met. Written by Harcher, with code help from hwp.
  • Added a new event with Eden in place of their usual hunting trip, available at high lust. Written by Harcher.
  • Added a new event when visiting Bailey in their office. Written by Harcher.
  • If Robin's trauma is high enough, the player may be prompted to spend the night with them. Written by AVeryChillDoctor.
  • In combat, NPCs may now comment on excessive amounts of lewd fluid or any parasites on the player's body. Written by Kinky_One.
  • Added an event to the town's streets. Written by Kinky_One.
  • Added an event to the town's streets at night. Written by slainwarri0r.
  • Added a new punishment to detention. Written by DP.
  • Added a new punishment when recaptured by Remy with low Obedience. Written by whatifcatsare.
  • Certain NPCs will comment upon the player escaping the asylum, underground brothel, or Remy's farm. Written by Harcher.
  • Slightly altered the scene where Remy punishes you for making noise in your cell. Defiant PCs will no longer cower and beg for mercy at the sight of Remy's whip. Written by oyea.
Balance Changes
  • Worker events at Alex's farm are now more likely to trigger.
  • Kylar now gets more jealous if Sydney wipes off one of their unique bodywriting objects. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Penetrating Sydney in the prayer room is no longer necessary if you enter with a chastity belt. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • You can now join Eden while they're in the bath, even if you declined the first time. Thanks to Khau.
  • You will no longer be unclean after having an encounter with Eden in the spring. Thanks to Khau.
  • You can no longer remove your clothing while masturbating if your arms are bound.
  • Reduced the chance of capture by the school janitor at the gloryhole. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • Adjusted love requirements for Sydney's love interest event to 100 out of max love (150). Thanks to Jimmy and PurityGuy.
  • The group of bullies in the lake mermaid event will no longer squirt semen out of their pussies if they're female. Thanks to oyea.
  • Generic NPC security skill can now go all the way to S, making them harder to hide from during stalking encounters. This won't affect potential guards for hire at the pub, who use the security skill to determine effectiveness. Thanks to oyea.
  • The letterman jacket now counts as school uniform.
Bug Fixes
  • Passing the temple punishment with Sydney will now put them back in the temple's good graces.
  • Fixed a softlock with Whitney in the park.
  • Fixed an issue that bloated save file size. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • FIxed a bug that caused the adjective for penis size to be printed twice. Thanks to hwp.
  • The change to bodypart size will on happen at the appropriate moment during hospital procedures. Thanks to hwp.
  • Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for typo and minor code fixes.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed NPCs to remove legwear without first removing shoes, and prevented them from removing shoes at all.
  • Removed the redundant option to tuck in the checkered shirt.
  • Being sentenced to the pillory should now increment the associated statistic.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when saving at a wardrobe or shop with history controls enabled. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Thanks to Raahs for fixing an error.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent Sydney's purity rising as often as intended. Thanks to Raahs.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Alex to patrol when they weren't meant to, or embark on a never-ending patrol. Thanks to definitely_not_a_cop.
  • Fixed a Sydney bug. Thanks to note leven.
  • The skulduggery improvement message now shows the correct level if you've gained more than one level in a day. Thanks to note leven.
  • Fixed an issue with booty jorts and the keyhole skirt.
  • Flavour text will now describe the PC's breasts when wearing an undertop that leaves them exposed.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with booty jorts. Thanks to anon.
  • Fixed a couple of combat bugs. Thanks to oyea.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Sydney to trap the PC in the prayer room if they're both male and anal is disabled. Thanks to oyea.
  • The school nurse will no longer warp time.
  • Fixed a rogue NPC caused by being rescued when entangled in the orphanage garden.
  • Punishing foxgirls/boys in the meadow should now properly be considered a deviant act.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some harpy transformation lines from triggering.
  • Striking with both hands during combat should now be described as such.
  • You will no longer gain defiance when apologising to Remy after a failed escape. Thanks to oyea.
  • Fixed an issue when having sex with a shady fan on the streets. Thanks to oyea.
  • NPCs can now only comment on one bodywirting per turn. Thanks to oyea.
  • Revealed strap-ons are no longer described as "fully erect." Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Net skill will now increase when failing to catch lurkers during farm events, rather than when succeeding, and will be properly marked as doing so.
  • Fixed a bug that hid legwear on the back leg.
  • Plain thighhighs should now display on the encounter sprites.
  • Vaginal wetness making underwear transparent will no longer be describes as revealing your genitals if there's something opaque above it. Thanks to hwp.
  • Thanks to note leven for other fixes.
  • Thanks to oyea for typo fixes.
  • Thanks to Dualium for typo fixes.
Thanks to Jimmy for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that a stress increase display.
  • Added a missing bathroom icon.
  • Fixed Sydney not having their temple virginity reset during punishment. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Fixed an incorrect calculation of the crime statistics when trying on clothing and leaving the store at night.
  • Added virginity warnings when taking Kylar's kissing virginity in a few scenes.
  • Code improvements.
  • Typo fixes
Thanks to hwp for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with penises in the character viewer.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented balls appearing on the character preview.
  • The character viewer can now cycle back to herm when changing gender.
Thanks to Crimson Tide for the following fixes:
  • Kylar now reacts to Sydney's confession.
  • Kylar no longer reacts with horror and anger to crossdressing or herm PCs.
  • Makign noise while giving Sydney oral under the counter now counts as making noise.
  • Added some missing handholding virginity checks to Kylar's Halloween sequence.
  • Kylar's Halloween sequence, and walking in the park with them, now count as dates.
  • Kylar will no longer mention a herm PC's clit.
  • Kylar is no longer present in the library after tackling Leighton.
  • Fixed an issue in debug mode.
  • Fixed a save compatibility issue.
  • Scenes involving Robin and another named NPC will on longer print Robin's confidence regardless of the NPC it applies to.
  • Jordan no longer view sfallen angels as dirty during the exam, if they have come forward to Jordan and requested forgiveness.
  • Adjusted a scene involving a contact lens to make more sense.
  • Fixed an issue with temple purity and the rite of promise.
  • Sydney walking in on you masturbating in the temple is no longer framed as a negative thing by the text color if you're in a relationship with Sydney.
  • You no longer think of NPCs in the prayer room if they're dismissed.
  • Fixed bugs that made Sydney and Kylar forgetful.
  • NPCs will now react to taking the PC's first kiss if the PC initiated the kiss.
  • Pens can now be properly whacked out of named NPC hands during encounters with multiple named NPCs.
  • NPCs reacting to an arrow on your pubic region will now attempt to fuck your pussy, rather than your ass.
  • Image bodywriting wil no longer be described in quotation marks as if it were text.
  • Typo and minor fixes.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • Insecurity can now be gained like usual again.
  • Fixed some broken text when two npcs try to write on the player in the same place at the same time.
  • Fixed an error when the player is about to penetrate a vagina in multi-npc encounters.
  • One of the other criminals in community service will no longer try to press someone else's penis against you.
  • Great hawk will no longer occasionally look like a dog.
  • The "Ejaculated on/in" stat will no longer increase multiple times from a single ejaculation.
  • Fixed a rare error related to bodywriting.
  • Fixed a missing color in the "Your skulduggery has improved to S" message.
  • Monster people will no longer comment on your bodywriting.
  • Fixed a bug related to breaking the chastity vow.
  • Fixed the science grade requirements for searching for flower seeds.
  • Fixed a instances where people cumming inside the player's vagina wouldn't actually increase the amount of semen in there.
  • Covering your penis during combat will no longer have the game say you're covering your pussy.
  • NPCs will no longer ignore footwear when taking off the player's socks during combat.
  • Fixed a problem when only your underwear is soaked and nothing else.
  • The pajamas you get during Avery's hotel date will no longer randomly appear on your body again when you visit your wardrobe.
  • Fixed a couple typos during the nude science demonstration.
  • Sydney will no longer be able to magically erase tattoos with their marker.
  • Fixed an error when praying with Sydney.
  • Fixed a bug where the game will say there are zero swarms remaining, and they're all moving towards you.
  • The player will now take Kylar's oral virginity when they finish the player off after having sex.
  • Fixed a bug where it will say you gained the penis acceptance after having sex with Kylar, despite already having the trait.
  • Fixed a rare error when people mention the player's micropenis.
  • Studying before class will now have the same effectiveness as studying in the library.
  • When in the pillory, the people who try to get oral from you will no longer orgasm in a single turn.
  • Writing "Cowgirl" on yourself will no longer break the game.
  • Added some more text highlighting to the market stall where it was missing.
  • The hooded couple that talk about the player's good fames will no longer always mention the same type of fame.
  • Masturbating in the temple will now give exhibitionism.
  • Fixed a bug where npcs weren't actually grabbing your clothes when the game says they are.
  • Fixed an error when refusing to give Avery a kiss.
  • Fixed a softlock when passing out in the park bathrooms.
  • Irrigated fields will no longer need watering right after the player plants something in them.
  • Great Hawk will no longer be able to bring back clothing that can't be bought in the store.
  • Removed some corrupted text when dying pubic hair.
  • Fixed some text that was overlapping the closeup images at the end of encounters.
  • Fixed an error when wearing damaged armsleeves.
  • Fixed a bug that caused npcs to try to pull down your panties before they even moved your pants.
  • During Blackjack, the round will now end immediately if Wren was dealt a natural Blackjack.
  • You will now get the Anal Mother trait as soon as you birth a third parasite, instead of the next time you get impregnated after that.
  • The game will now properly tell you what farm upgrade is currently happening when looking in the journal or at Alex's desk.
  • Passive tanning during autumn and spring will now happen at the proper rate.
  • Fixed a couple instances there the player feels "Lightheated".
  • Fixed some of the wording when Jordan is explaining chastity belts to make it more obvious that it doesn't protect against sodomy by default.
  • NPCs starting encounters by making you give them oral will no longer allow them to contort their bodies.
  • The watchtower guard will now ask for the correct amount of money if you missed some payments.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused there to be absolutely no text at the end of an encounter in the park toilets.
  • Fixed a couple bugs that can happen when beating people up in gangbangs.
  • NPCs are no longer able to give you footjobs when your genitals are being used by someone else already.
  • Fixed some issues with suffocation during combat.
  • You are no longer forced to buy at least one dog treat when you examine them in the pet store.
  • Monster people can now properly choke the player.
  • You are no longer able to go into debt by paying the pharmacist more money than you currently have.
  • Fixed some bugs that could prevent you from writing certain bodywritings on yourself.
  • NPCs will no longer immediately forget that they just wrote something on you and react to it like they've never seen it before.
  • The random solo tentacle in the streets will no longer be named "Large Tentacle" if it isn't able to impregnate the player.
  • Fixed a problem where beasts aren't able to trigger the "npc has broken free" error message.
  • Fixed a dog that breaks free from the beach.
  • You will no longer be able to get an extra raise from the docks to reach £21 an hour.
  • NPCs will no longer try to remove your mask if someone else already removed it on the same turn.
  • NPCs are no longer able to sit on your face through a wall.
  • The wiper virus will get rid of the proper amount of crime now.
  • Fixed a problem with using your chest during masturbation not giving the right amount of arousal.
  • Female PCs will no longer get the option to cover their penis.
  • NPCs will no longer keep choking you after you beat them up in multi-person encounters.
  • NPCs will no longer clasp their hand over your mouth when you scream if you're stuck in a wall.
  • The "Minutes spent masturbating" stat will no longer get reset to 1 all the time.
  • The right person in multi-person encounters will comment on how they took your virginity, instead of just the first person.
  • Fixed some issues with the text in swarm encounters.
  • Fixed an error when people offer sex after reading your bodywriting.
  • Fixed an issue with frottage NPC damage.
Thanks to GayRaccoon for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with an NPC response to bodywriting.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Whitney's Toy" bodywriting.
  • Leighton should now properly take the herm gender into account when giving a spare uniform.
  • Water balloons can now target the chests of crossdressing boys.
  • Begging for clothes on Domus Street will now take gender apperance and herm PCs into account.
  • Receiving clothes when waking at the hospital will now take gender appearance into account.
  • Robin's letter now takes the PC's gender appearance and crossdressing trait into account.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • Blood moons now properly end at 6am, with the sunrise.
  • Fixed a grammar issue around pyjama shirts.
  • Fixed many grammar issues with anal pregnancy.
  • A hidden tentacle will no longer stalk the PC after tentacle encounters.
  • Fixed an overlay issue.
  • Added an icon for the prison trait on clothes. Thanks to oyea.
  • Minor balance changes to the new Halloween threat. Thanks to PurityGuy.
Bug Fixes
  • Captured a rogue NPC in the prison.
  • The prison should now keep better track of whether the PC is working.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the PC to work prison jobs during lunch, and over night.
  • The guards will now remove the right clothes when the chastisement punishment starts.
  • Adjusted the prison jumpsuit.
  • Fixed issues with the time taken to eat in the prison.
  • Time no longer warps when helping an inmate to the medical room.
  • The PC will now properly take a shower after apologing in the prison changing room.
  • The social overlay should now properly describe the guard's opinion of the PC.
  • The relaxed guard will no longer ask for oral if the PC is gagged.
  • The PC will now dress after passing out when being prostituted in the prison.
  • Fixed an error found when loading previously generated persistent NPCs.
  • The PC will no longer speak while gagged when being spanked by the scarred inmate, or when leaving the rut.
  • Fighting the scarred inmate will no longer trap the PC in the void.
  • Fighting the scarred inmate will now prevent another interaction in their cell for the rest of the day.
  • The anxious guard will no longer repeatedly assault you after defeating them, having been caught outside your cell.
  • Prison location art will now display during winter.
  • The clothing shop no longer gives out kitty ears for free.
  • Tape is now sold by the clothing shop, has the sticky trait, and an appropriate description.
  • The guards should now take the PC to their cell when returning from the rut at night.
  • Fixed an error found in a link when a guard offers to remove your leash or ankle cuffs.
  • Fixed a 0 error found when leered at by a pair of inmates in the prison.
Thanks to bsmith for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an error on the prison boat.
  • Fixed an error in the clothing system.
  • Fixed an error at the pharmacy.
  • Fixed an issue with having the leash removed at the canteen.
  • Removed dead link at the prison.
  • Clothes no longer disappear when sleeping naked in prison.
  • Duplicate options no longer appear when stealing shark teeth in the laundry room.
  • Nude Gender Appearance no longer resets when loading a save
  • Fixed a formatting issue.
Thanks to Jimmy for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a couple of issues with NPC generation that caused several errors.
  • Removed duplicate options in the laundry room.
  • Corrected the number of shark teeth described during the laundry skulduggery event.
  • Fixed an error message found when slipping in the prison.
  • Fixed a broken link.
  • Corrected passage name "Prison Pimp WaRapell" to "Prison Pimp Rape"
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an error with the banish action in abomination encounters.
  • Fixed an issue with persistent NPCs and the new "role" NPC stat.
  • Fixed the blood moon mirror icon being improperly labeled as a .png instead of a .gif, and thus breaking.
Thanks to Crimson Tide for the following fixes:
  • Fixes several typos in the prison area (every prison typo, hopefully), and a few outside the prison
  • You're now told how many teeth you have when shopping with Wren
  • The prison social menu now properly shows how the guards think of you
  • Updated tentacle encounters slightly. The notice on how many tentacles are present is now part of <<statetentacles>>
  • Many typo fixes.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Fixed issues with wardrobe names.
  • Fixed a number of issues with the prison wardrobe.
  • Fixed a link in the prison wardrobe.
  • Fixed an issue with clothing being lost in the system.
  • Fixed an issue with the ruining of clothes.
  • Fixed an error found when requesting the tailor repair all your clothes.
  • You can now undress and redress properly when sleeping in the prison cell.
  • Adjusted outfit messages to make the referred to wardrobe clearer.
  • Fixed prison clothes being sent to the wrong wardrobe when multiple wardrobes are disabled.
  • Fixed the never ending Halloween encounter. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Added Kylar to prison, and a way to rescue them.
  • Added a soap icon to the prison showers while they're in use. Art courtesy of KG and PurityGuy.
  • Players can properly escape from two cocks. There's also a chance one of them will stop. NPCs will not be pleased. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Added trauma, pain, bruises, and violence to double anal ejaculation text for nonconsensual encounters. Removed an instance from consensual. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Updated penis frottage text. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Added an icon for the "Sticky" clothes trait. Thanks to oyea.
  • Made a cosmetic change to the end of the new Halloween event. Credit Thanks to aimozg.
  • Added the option for the player to decide what to wear when they wake up. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Added a "Get Dressed" link to the school pool when the PC swims naked. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Thanks to hwp for code improvements.
Balance Changes
  • Increased the speed the PC moves through the rut while blindfolded.
  • Wolves ejaculating during penis frottage will now increase Wolf transformation points. Thanks to Bathory666.
Bug Fixes
  • Wren should now only appear at the prison beach on Fridays.
  • Mason no longer repeats the phrase, "Climb out, I want to see your diving technique." Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Fixed a broken link found during a Halloween tentacle encounter.
  • Fixed an error found in the moor. Thanks to bsmith.
  • The anxious and veteran guards will no longer steal the relaxed guard's name when leaving the prison.
Thanks to oyea for the following fixes:
  • Your nude gender appearance settings will now save when you export settings. Fixed an issue with asphyxiation settings not exporting properly if the slider is all the way up.
  • "Use the key" will no longer be listed as a Place of Interest on Elk Street. Instead, the player will be given the option to approach the landfill and use the key at the gate, should they have one in their possession
  • The player will be given a hint when investigating the landfill without the required skulduggery or a key.
  • Breaking down in front of Sydney will now decrease their Lust as advertised.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Sydney from properly punishing book criminals.
  • Fixed an error found at the end of the new Halloween event.
  • Typos.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with clothing sets.
  • Fixed a couple of issueswith wardrobe locations.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with wardrobe error messages.
  • Fixed an issue found when dressing after sleeping at the prison.
  • Fixed an issue with the clothing system at the prison and asylum.
  • Added a "hands" category to the forest shop. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Enabled the history depth setting.
  • Thanks to Crimson Tide for cleaning up some code.
Balance Changes
  • The "Max Those Shots" feat now requires all seven pepper spray charges to unlock. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Eden now only rescues you if you pass out in the street a third of the time, as opposed to every single time. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Added the school type to the outfit editor. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an error found during an interaction between Whitney and Kylar in the canteen. Thanks to bsmith.
  • Fixed a formatting issue with the gender slider on Android. Thanks to GayRaccoon.
  • The necklace will now properly equip during one of the Halloween sequences.
  • Fixed a clothing type. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Fixed an issue that broke clothes, and removed all existing broken items. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Fixed an issue with clothing integrity. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Fixed a few missing exit errors with the new threat. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Fixed many errors with persistent NPCs. Thanks to PurityGuy.
Thanks to oyea for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a text output error with the new Robin reunion scenes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the guards to miss their lunch/dinner cues.
  • Fixed a bug that wiped guards' memories of the PC's punishments when entering the showers, so they would forget to remove them.
  • Fixed a bug causing an inmate to steal the methodical guard's identity.
  • Fixed a clothing bug. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Fixed a bug when walking with Kylar in the park. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to Crimson Tide for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a large number of errors and soft locks.
  • Fixed a bug while penis frotting with beasts.
  • Fixed a formatting issue at the end of abomination encounters while listing tentacles.
  • Kylar is no longer telepathic if you're gagged, and you need to pantomime to them that you want to escape.
  • You can now see Kylar's status in the social menu if you're both imprisoned.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the "More than a Number" feat unlocking.
  • Made it possible to encounter Kylar in the prison on saves made in versions -
  • If you're gagged during the Kylar basement scene, the game will now act like you're actually gagged.
  • Fixed a recently implemented bug regarding Kylar in variables-versionUpdate
  • Updated the full_gray shorts image.
  • Altered some of the new threat's text, which was previously backwards.
  • Fixed a small issue with the map.
  • Simplified the code that checks if plantpeople are enabled.
  • A few typos and punctuation issues.
  • Small improvements to phallus plant masturbation text. Thanks to hwp.
  • Added a toggle for plantpeople. They are no longer dependant on monster people, tentacles and hallucinations. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Wrote variants for plantpeople scenes without vines, should tentacles be disabled. Non-tentacle plantpeople have lower max arousal. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Expands penis options with fencing to allow taking between thighs, offer anus, and offer double anal. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Thanks to hwp for code and performance improvements.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a broken link found when talking with Jordan. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Fixed several plantpeople sex scenes so actions are always considered deviant.
  • Fixed a rare bug when a plantperson examines a parasite on the PC.
  • Fixed an issue where phallus plant masturbation options weren't remembering the player's last choice, requiring the player to manually select an option each round. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed an issue where clothing was not properly accounted for during phallus plant masturbation, resulting in vagina or anus options assuming that the player was not wearing clothes. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed an issue with frottage. Thanks to Bathory666.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • NPCs with gender-sensitive titles (huntress, etc.) now have those titles changed when their gender is changed by the player in the settings.
  • Fixed an error when Sydney ejaculates.
  • Fixed another error when approaching Kylar in the winter.
  • Fixed an error when the hoodie is ruined.
  • The new threat no longer horrifyingly tears your naked to shreds.
  • The canteen event between Whitney and Kylar will now properly show the dominance gain and loss to belong to Whitney, rather than Kylar.
  • You no longer gain and lose suspicion by escaping with Kylar, instead losing Jealousy as intended.
  • Typo fixes.
  • Fixed bugs caused by going back in history after loading old saves. Thanks to note leven.
  • Thanks to note leven for code and performance improvements.

Thanks to note leven for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added the ability to peek into the rut if you haven't yet acquired a rope.
  • Added flavour text to the prison bed.
  • Gave the guards more unique text when watching the player.
  • The relaxed, anxious and veteran guards will now greet the player daily depending on their love.
  • Added a checkbox to disable autosaves to the options menu in the sidebar.
Balance Changes
  • The police will no longer expect you at community service if you're imprisoned or being treated at the asylum.
  • Saving the anxious guard without making demands will now increase Kindness fame.
  • Adjusted the rate NPCs try to frot.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an ancient bodywriting bug. Thanks to note leven.
  • Fixed a bodywriting-related bug. Thanks to hwp and oyea.
  • Fixed a bug caused by working on school projects on the night of the competition. Thanks to braymann and oyea.
  • NPCs will no longer admire parasites through clothing. Thanks to braymann and oyea.
  • Female lizards will no longer be described as having deposited their seed.
  • Fixed an ancient oversight that lead to autosaves being overwritten immediately after loading them. Thanks to note leven.
  • Fixed journal mentioning museum hints when none are given and winter before ever meeting them. Thanks to note leven.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented penises from being considered appropriately in prison. Thanks to note leven.
  • Fixed an error found in the storm drains. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • The guards will now remove gags and blindfolds they forgot about.
Thanks to oyea for the following fixes:
  • Extended the previous fix for gender-specific titles to apply to Jordan.
  • Fixed issues with some encounters at Remy's farm.
  • The anxious guard will no longer turn into the methodical guard at lockdown.
  • Descending the spire now actually requires having a rope.
  • The rope now costs its listed price of 100 teeth, rather than 50.
  • The Great Hawk will no longer steal you from Alex's farm to undo your bindings.
  • Fixed a softlock when getting Sydney's hair cut.
  • Fixed a softlock in the farm kennel.
  • The player will no longer be influenced by a plantperson's nectar when their ass is against the player's mouth.
  • Fixed an issue causing shackles to be removed in the prison.
  • The player can no longer wrestle an inmate with their arms bound.
  • The guards' hose is no longer powerful enough to destroy clothing.
  • Fixed the veteran guard using the relaxed guard's name when releasing the player.
  • The player will no longer be told to confront Bailey about Robin's debt if they've already done so.
  • Angels will no longer be able to banish metal tendrils in the landfill.
  • Plantpeople settings are now saved when exported.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • Having a NPC move their penis from your penis to your ass will no longer create a vagina for male PCs.
  • Fixed an rng bug on the moor.
  • Alex is no longer extremely flexible when giving oral to the player after they make tea.
  • Fixed some errors with persistent NPCs.
  • People in the audience will now be able to pull out their phones again.
  • Fixed a bug that broke enemy health.
  • Fixed an error related to double-anal.
  • The prison guards should no longer remove your ankle cuffs when only meaning to remove your arm binds, and you should no longer be able to remove your cuffs in your cell.
  • The "More Than a Number" feat will now correctly indicate that you need to learn five names.
  • Fixed a bug that made the prison guards expect 9 hours of work even when the PC arrives too late for that to be possible.
Thanks to note leven for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an error that could appear when loading old saves.
  • Fixed an issue found during encounters with an audience.
  • Moved the seeds entry to the bottom of the journal and locked it until the PC discovers some seeds.
  • Fixed a bug that caused semen and slime coatings to be ignored during a forest event.
  • Fixed a softlock in the submerged prison.
  • Herm pussy inspections should now take chastity devices into account.
  • Fixed some issues with the prison punishments scenes.
  • Fixed some issues with beast generation at the prison spire.
  • Fixed some formatting issues and typos.
Thanks to oyea for the following fixes:
  • Plantpeople will no longer use the text for beasts when asked to stop.
  • The relaxed guard will no longer stay in the laundry room after lockdown to greet the player.
  • Fixed a text output issue when refusing to have sex with the scarred inmate.
  • Fixed the graffiti community service job missing location art.
  • Typo fixes.
  • Fixed an error that appeared when gaining exhibitionism fame, and could cause softlocks. Thanks to Jimmy.