Friday 30 November 2018


This update adds a new speech action available at high awareness, more severe consequences to entering the wrong changing room, and different character backgrounds that let you begin with alternative stats.

The idea behind the latter addition is to allow experienced players to skip some of the early game, but with drawbacks. Starting with decent school skills means starting with very low status, for example. The cheat menu isn't ready yet, but may appear in the next round of bug fixes. Feedback is appreciated.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Patch notes
You can now overwrite saves without first deleting them, thanks to Quin2k.
Exhibitionist characters will now have an additional option when catcalled in the streets even if not wearing a skirt.
Added the mock and tease speech abilities, available in non consensual and consensual encounters respectively.
Mocking an NPC's insecurities will restore control. Control cannot be restored to a higher amount than you began the encounter with in this way.
Tease is similar, except a successful tease arouses instead of restoring control. Both require a beyond normal awareness.
New characters may choose a background that alters starting stats. Each has a disadvantage.
Entering the wrong changing room at school may now have more severe repercussions.

Balance Changes
The forest ritual scene that can occur following passing out at the lake will now end sooner.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue causing the performance in longer games to drop. Thanks to Lavos for identifying the cause, and Quin2k for finding a solution.
Fixed a bug making some submissive actions more effective than intended.
Fixed a bug preventing the angel and fallen angel transformations from properly increasing attractiveness and allure.
Fixed a bug that caused losing your virginity with the angel transformation to prevent other transformations from starting.
Squids will no longer rub you while swimming if bestiality is disabled.
The option to be lewd with dolphins will no longer appear if bestiality is disabled.
Making Robin cum in the cinema will now get semen on your face if they have a penis.
Cuddling in your bed with Robin will now redress you if you get out of bed without sleeping.
Fixed a bug causing Robin's gender to sometimes swap after fetching them water.
Having your arms held down while giving a handjob will no longer continue the handjob.
You can no longer straddle a penis, or push yours against an orifice while wearing a chastity belt.
Fixed an issue during encounters where beasts would be referred to as just "The".
A second pair of underwear will no longer appear beneath your first should you show the beach pervert your genitals after asking to measure theirs.
Fixed a bug causing teenagers to appear at the lake during rain.
The "Rub" action when a penis rubs against your ass or pussy will should now be auto-selected if you picked it last turn and the NPC refrained from penetrating you.
Being attacked in the school toilets after having your clothes taken will now correctly lower control.

Wednesday 21 November 2018


This update adds content to the lake, a third science project and a cinema you can visit with Robin. It also reworks how feelings of control impact your character.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Edit: Updated download links with Fixes several bugs. Notes at bottom of post.
Edit2: Updated Android version

Patch notes
Made a third, lewd project available for the science fair.
Retrieving lichen from the lake ruin is now more involved.
Another science fair will be held on saves that have already finished one.
Swimming deeper into the lake ruin can lead to treasure. Note that you won't lose air during encounters for the time being.
Added a museum to Oxford Street. It opens on weekends. They'll buy any treasures you find.
Added hallucinogens as a third drug effect. They enable the two hallucination traits regardless of trauma or awareness level.
Fleshed out the lake with more events, with help from Klain.
You can now take Robin to the cinema in the evening once their love is high enough (two hearts).
Added a unique sprite for the black wolf, art courtesy of Ulithium_Dragon.
Harper's pills will now show up in your bedroom. You can take them once a day to restore control and lower awareness.

Balance Changes
Lewd fluid will no longer wash off during encounters in water.
Separated the drunk and aphrodisiac effects and gave them each their own stat bar.
Swimming out of the eel encounters in the drains and sea is easier.
Control is now a scale, rather than a toggle.
Most actions that would restore or shatter control now increase or decrease it by 25%.
Having less than 50% control activates trauma-related traits. High control gives resistance to trauma.
Control will slowly recover on its own.
Defeating Bailey in the orphanage will now leave you in your bedroom, rather than the main hall.

Bug Fixes
The student who gropes you in maths will now cum when their arousal hits max.
Moving your mouth to a penis or pussy will no longer increment the "orally penetrated" stat.
Fixed an issue with the angel transformation not changing when losing your virginity during gangbangs.
Fixed a bug letting you dive for lichen in the lake after the science fair has concluded.
Fixed a bug causing Avery's gender to ignore NPC settings.
Fixed a bug freeing your arms during the second brothel punishment sequence.
Fixed a gamebreaking bug during the pass out scene at the lake.
Fixed a possible gender mix-up during the first "Robin is missing" scene.
Fixed a problem with dance lessons sometimes opening with part of the introduction text, even if it's not the first visit.
Fixed an issue with the wrong text appearing following the brothel gangbang show. For real this time (I hope.)
The tea party event on Danube Street will now correctly advertise that it will take 40 minutes.
Being under the influence of a drug will no longer make your pain bar disappear.
Fixed a bug preventing the "moth-eaten mattress" event from working properly.
Fixed a bug causing the anxiety and severe anxiety traits to have an effect at lower trauma levels than intended.
Updated tutorial to include deviancy.
Fixed a bug causing a molestation to be considered consensual if you refuse the black wolf in the wolf cave.
Fixed a bug causing breasts to grow past the cap on smaller characters.
Being woken up by a greedy Bailey will no longer prevent the PC from dressing properly.
You will now fix your clothing after refusing to be blackmailed if caught masturbating in class.
Fixed a bug causing towels to sometimes replace your swimsuit following an encounter.
Fixed a bug causing penises shoved against your lips in anger to not work correctly.
You can now wriggle free from bindings during swarm and slime encounters in soft mode.

I'm considering working on a cheat menu for the next update. Patch notes
Balance Changes
Trauma traits will now be considered "in control" if your sense of control is anxious or better.
Two of the events triggered by searching pots in the lake ruin are now stressful.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug causing visiting the cinema with Robin to become unavailable until the following day.
Fixed a bug causing - trauma actions to increase trauma.
Fixed a bug inverting the apparent controlled status of trauma traits in the Traits menu.
Trauma traits should now be properly enabled if your Control bar is below the intended value.
Fixed a bug causing the "You feel more confident in your powers of seduction" message from appearing at inappropriate times.
The lake vore encounter will no longer happen if your hallucinations are under control.
Fixed a bug allowing the insomnia and nightmare traits to function despite being under control.
Descriptions of enemy states detailing their pain, arousal etc. will no longer disappear within certain ranges.
The third science project should now be doable for characters already in the middle of the project.
Resting during a vore encounter is no longer marked as a bratty action.
Fixed a bug causing fish at the lake to be described as eels.
Leaving the lake with the teenagers while hunted will no longer cause you to be hunted immediately upon reentering the forest.
Fixed further issues with being caught masturbating in English.
Fixed a bug causing Harper to materialise in place of a rapist.

Thursday 8 November 2018


This update adds a science fair and associated project as the first in a series of extracurricular activities. It also expands the forest with a lake, with opportunities for mid-level promiscuity and exhibitionism. Thank you for your patience.

Edit: Updated the links to, which fixes several bugs. See bottom of post for patch notes.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Patch notes
Made text improvements to the wolf cave.
Added new options in Robin's bedroom for dealing with trauma and other troubles. Designed and written in collaboration with Jemini.
Added a lake to the forest. Teenagers like to hang out there if the weather is nice. And if they can muster the courage. Couples sometimes camp there at night. Designed and written in collaboration with Klain.
A science fair will now be held in the town hall. Your teacher will give you a few weeks warning. Time enough to make a project. Check the Social page for details.

Balance Changes
Being upskirted or pantsed while playing volleyball will now lower your status.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an error in the fame description text.
Swapped the colours of "famous" and "recognised" in the fame description text.
The mouth "Rest" action will now be defaulted to when selected.
Fixed a bug causing human penises to appear in x-rays and close ups during beast encounters. Note that the ass close up doesn't yet have beast art.
Arms and head will now be bound appropriately during the second brothel punishment sequence.
Fixed a bug letting you put your "0" on when swimming.
Made masturbation, outfit selection and the remaining dance actions selectable by clicking on their accompanying text.
Fixed a bug causing anyone who catches you sneaking under their stall to think they have a pussy, whether or not they actually do.
Paying to get your clothes back in the school toilets will now reduce your money by the appropriate amount.
Fixed a bug preventing wolfshrooms found in the forest from incrementing your wolfiness as much as intended.
Fixed a bug making Briar act like you'd chosen the "Stuck-up" option after the the "Lost and scared" performance.
Fixed a bug making the "straddle" and "envelop" actions unavailable during beast encounters.
Fixed some weirdness caused by screaming with something near your mouth.
Fixed a bug breaking some text when first visiting Doren's home.
Fixed a bug causing NPCs to sometimes know what your genitals are while crossdressing.
Fixed an action incorrectly marked as deviant.
Fixed a bug preventing plant tops from being equipped if wearing a wet shirt.
Fixed a bug that would temporarily revert the wolf cave to its pre-Stockholm syndrome state. Patch Notes
Added a "Stop hugging" option when hugging Robin.
Added an experimental "soft" mode, which makes the game less brutal. The main changes are flagging all encounters as consensual, and removing the pain mechanics.
This mode is unlikely to remain unchanged, and is likely very buggy.
Added a slider to settings which controls the rate that allure triggers events.

Balance Changes
Increased the rate the swimming skill increases.

Bug Fixes
Slime and semen will now wash off in the middle of the lake.
Fixed an issue causing events to trigger back-to-back at the lake.
Fixed an issue with text refering to Robin as male regardless of their actual gender.
Fixed a bug causing cuddling Robin to increase rather than decrease stress and trauma.
Fixed a bug preventing Robin from leaving for school or work while being cuddled.
Fixed a bug generating phantom tentacles if a tentacle stopped squeezing your breasts together while a second was fucking them.
The deviant options after howling in the forest will now increase deviancy and restore control as advertised.
Fixed some gender confusion during a blackmail scene.
Fixed a bug preventing the swimming skill increasing if practicing in the lake.
Students will no longer journey to the lake on rainy days, only to vanish once there.
Fixed an issue preventing Landry from being available despite having their black box.
Closed a herm portal opened by performing in a show at the brothel.