Tuesday 15 June 2021

Degrees of Lewdity version

This update expands Alex's farm, and lets you move into their cottage. It also adds new Eden scenes, among a variety of other additions and improvements.

Life in the countryside isn't easy. You've a nicer home than the orphanage, and Bailey has less power out there, but there are other threats. Alex will defend the farm as best they can, but there's only so much they can do with a broken wall and untrained hounds. Fortunately, the PC can improve and expand the farm in several ways. Some of these improvements have a trade off, such as adding training facilities to the kennel, which makes the hounds more useful in defending the farm while making them harder to control. This focus on improving a location is a bit of a departure from the rest of the game, though the orphanage is sticking a toe in this direction as well.

The farm can become very profitable, which is balanced by the jealousy such prosperity attracts. Remy's assaults aren't too frequent, and not too hard to fight off at first, but become rough if defences aren't invested in.

I've included an experiment, a persistent generic NPC you can hire for your farm to help with security. They have a name, and different lines depending on personality. They're sort of halfway between a generic NPC and named NPC. I'm unsure if it's a route I want to continue down. Keeping names restricted to full NPCs keeps things tidy. On the other hand, there's something to be said for NPCs who don't melt into the ether once the game's done with them. Let me know what you think.

0.3 is a personal milestone, and marks the farmlands reaching a reasonable state. I wanted enough content to justify a home out there, with reasons to travel to and from town. There's more farmlands to come, but focus will shift elsewhere. I should add the prison soon. It's already on the new world map. Robin's entry into history class shouldn't wait much longer either. There's also a new named student in the works.

Aside from those, encounters need improving. The basics of the combat system were one of the first things I made, back when the whole game took place in the PC's bedroom. They were woken up by an intruder, and had to fight them off or satisfy them. The combat system was built for this scenario, and it shows. This is fine for many of the situations the PC finds themselves in, but for others it's too abrupt. That said, I don't want to lose the sense that the PC is vulnerable. The struggle is important.

The update changes the way colour is rendered, which should improve performance and make development easier going forward. It also adds a scene viewer to the Settings page, which lets you replay certain scenes. The game wasn't built with this in mind, so new scenes need to be added manually. As such, only a handful of scenes are present for now.

Today is the third anniversary of the first post on this blog. I waited until the following day before sharing elsewhere though. I was so nervous. I hadn't done anything like this before, and didn't know what people would think. Reading of people's experiences playing, and of how much they liked it, felt and feels wonderful. Developing this game has had a huge and positive impact on my life. 

Check the most recent update for download links.

Thank you!

Edit: Updated to, fixing bugs.

  • Added Alex's cottage. The PC can move in following an event that triggers a few days after restoring the fourth field.
  • Alex now becomes available as a love interest.
  • The PC can now gain control of Alex's fields, and plant what they like.
  • You can now ride a horse between Alex's farm and the town.
  • Remy will now launch full assaults on Alex's farm.
  • Added construction projects to Alex's farm, allowing its facilities and defences to be improved, and its grounds expanded.
  • Aphrodisiacs can now be produced at Alex's farm, and sold to a specific buyer.
  • Added the "Hurl net" ability to lurker encounters.
  • Added more events to Alex's farm.
  • One of the new scenes, featuring a ladder and Alex's wandering eyes, was written in collaboration with Mookie.
  • Further fields can now be cleared at Alex's farm, up to nine. Farm features unlock as more fields are cleared.
  • Producing enough milk or semen when milking yourself at Alex's farm will now bottle the fluid, letting you sell it at market.
  • Adjusted and incorporated the Alex breakfast scene and shower voyeur scene from noeinan's World Expansion mod.
  • Added feet actions to struggle encounters. "Dodge" lets you avoid grapples using your feet skill. "Plant" lets you apply feet skill to grip chance.
  • Added the rag top and rag skirt to the museum demonstrations. Art courtesy of ThatPersonOverThere.
  • Separated the journal into its own overlay, and added a world map. Includes a wintry map variant when appropriate. Art courtesy of Prota.
  • Replaced the CSS filter system responsible for colouring images. It now uses HTML Canvas, animated through JS. This should improve performance, fix a number of issues, and help future development. Thanks to aimozg.
  • Added 108+ bite-sized events based on the current season and weather to the world. Written by Kealoz with adjustments, additions and code by PurityGuy.
  • Nicknames given to the PC by the townsfolk and criminal underworld will now appear at the bottom of the Social overlay.
  • Added potato, turnip, and strange flower seeds to Alex's farm. Broccoli and cabbage seeds can now be found on the moor. Plums, peaches, strawberries, and strange flowers can be foraged on Alex's farm once the farm woodland is unlocked.
  • Added the sadism stat, with a series of traits that mirror the masochism traits. Sadism increases the pain inflicted by defiant acts, but makes such acts increase arousal.
  • Added "Lurkers captured" and "Aphrodisiacs sold" to the statistics overlay.
  • Eden's rescue attempts on the asylum can now succeed, but require some involvement from the PC, and won't trigger until trauma is below 50%. Thanks to Khau.
  • Added location images for Alex's cottage. Art courtesy of Mochi.
  • Adjusted the Robin milk drinking scene.
  • Added toggles for bees and lurkers.
  • Adjusted the catsuit, adding a shine. Also added damage states for the upper half.
  • Added a tending feat boost.
  • Added close up art of the PC's chest, displaying the different breast sizes, and boob jobs for larger sizes.
  • Added known seeds to the Journal.
  • Added gold bracelets to the clothing shop.
  • You can now build a greenhouse at the orphanage.
  • Added a simple event to the orphanage.
  • Added the number of orgasms experienced while being choked to the statistics overlay.
  • The orgasm addict, cum dump, plaything, fucktoy, bitch, prey, tasty, and milk addict traits now have different names should the PC be sufficiently defiant.
  • Added spray skill to the Characteristics overlay, which improves when sprays are used, and adds a chance of conserving ammo.
  • Added stair icons to the shopping centre. Art by sseshess, and coded by Lollipop Scythe.
  • Added makeup presets and other options to the mirror. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Adjusted mirror bodywriting to allow for different categories.
  • The game will now notify you when a new update is released. Can be disabled in SAVES/OPTIONS. Thanks to Sommar.
  • The PC can now overhear other students in the library. Thanks to radiance.
  • Added a banner to the start screen. Art courtesy of Mochi.
  • Added the "Dealing", "To Watch the Fields", "Twisted Desire", "Served Hot", "Sadomasochist", "Into the Sunset", "The Rival Farm," "The Rival Estate", "Cultivator", "Heroic Victory", and "Reliable Employer" feats.
  • Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for code improvements.
  • Thanks to radiance for minor code improvements.
  • Thanks to aimozg for code improvements and major performance improvements.
  • Thanks to note leven for code improvements and major performance improvements.
Thanks to Khau for the following additions and improvement:
  • Added a Halloween event for Eden.
  • Added Valentine's Day events for Eden.
  • If you pass out at the lake with Eden set as your love interest, there's a chance they'll rescue you.
  • If you scream while attacked at the lake with Eden set as your love interest, there's a chance they'll rescue you.
  • You can scream for Eden during the Lake Mermaid event, and they will rescue you.
  • Eden will now remove your muzzle during the Farm Rescue scene if you have one.
  • Eden will now invite you to bed, similar to Robin's bedtime event.
  • Added more narration to Eden's dinner and lunch scenes to stop it from feeling too sparse.
  • Eden will now react should the PC lose or remove their collar, giving the opportunity to replace it.
  • Eden will now react should the PC return to the cabin on their own after staying away for longer than the agreed time.
  • Eden will now notice if trauma is too high, and the PC can talk to them about it.
  • You can now talk to Eden while cuddling.
  • Added a pass out scene to the cabin.
  • Eden will now comment about the blood moon if they find blood lemons.
  • Reworked the links in Eden's cabin.
Thanks to Sommar for the following additions and improvements:
  • Replaced the "Help" option when playing cards with "Help and Options".
  • You can now choose different colours and patterns for your playing cards, via "Help and Options".
  • Adjusted what the game considers an "outfit", so multipart clothes that don't connect at the waist will be categorised more appropriately at shops and wardrobes.
  • You can now press F to refresh animations, unsticking any that are broken.
  • You can now click on images to refresh them.
  • Moved the old fixer button to the bottom of Saves/Options.
  • Adjusted the sweatpants sprite.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the animation unsticker to freeze the entire screen.
  • The clothing tab for hands now highlights when active.
  • The explanation for why an item failed to equip at the wardrobe will now flash to make it more visible.
  • Wardrobe links will now flash when clicked.
  • Code improvements.
Thanks to ndarkflame for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added toggles for receiving and giving analingus.
  • Female NPCs can now shift positions to try to make the PC perform analingus while facesitting.
  • Male NPCs can now try to make the PC perform analingus if the PC's genitals are already occupied.
  • Added lick and kiss options when performing analingus.
  • Moved existing analingus scenes behind appropriate toggles.
  • Various flavour text.
Balance changes
  • Confident Robin will now refuse to drink directly from the PC's breasts.
  • Setting Eden as a love interest will now let you operate in the cabin while exposed, with some embarrassment.
  • Servicing Wren's friends with your mouth will no increase arousal.
  • Eden and the Black Wolf will now catch you more easily should you hobble through the forest in heels.
  • Heels are now unsuitable for the moor.
  • Relaxing on the hammock outside the stables at Alex's farm no longer removes a little fatigue.
  • Made some NPCs more focused on stripping the PC.
  • Leaving the orphanage via the garden now puts you in the residential alleyways, rather than Domus Street, once the tutorial is complete.
  • Refusing to pay Bailey will now give more defiance.
  • Tentacles can no longer assail the PC when trapped in a locker unless the PC is suffering severe hallucinations.
  • Wren should take a few more risks when playing Blackjack. Thanks Lollipop Scythe.
  • Reduced the impact of physical activity on butt shrinkage. Thanks to braymann.
  • Donating to needy orphans now increases kindness fame.
  • The outcome of hospital exhibitionism options is no longer tied to allure.
  • Asking Eden for a collar now increases their dominance. Thanks to Khau.
  • Licking Wren's colleagues' pussies will now increase stress and trauma should the PC have insufficient promiscuity.
  • Plants can now only be grown in certain seasons.
Bug Fixes
  • Milking yourself for Robin now counts as an exhibitionist 5 act like advertised.
  • Penises will no longer poke through gold chastity belts on the combat sprite.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the location image appearing on Remy's estate at dusk.
  • Entering the forest from Eden's clearing now takes 10 minutes.
  • Fixed a bug that made an event with a friendly dog on the street fire less often than intended.
  • Selecting custom colour as the default and using default colour for shop icons will no longer make all the icons red. Thanks to Sommar.
  • The PC's gloves and sleeves will no longer animate apart from the PC's body when giving handjobs to beasts.
  • Fixed the description of the cat hat.
  • Changing filters at the clothing shop will now reset the menu to page 1.
  • Fixed an error found when stripping your underwear for Wren.
  • You can no longer strip clothes for the wasps in the forest whlie.
  • Fixed a bug that caused blurry images when zoomed. Thanks to aimozg and Sommar.
  • Fucktoy will now stack properly with other trauma reduction traits.
  • The Fucktoy feats should no longer cause the cheat menu to reduce trauma by the wrong amount.
  • Deleting evidence at the police computer can no longer give you negative criminality.
  • Angel, fallen angel and demon wings will now unhide should an accompanying bird transformation lose its wings.
  • Genitals will no longer be able to phase through your hands should you straddle an NPC's penis or similar during combat.
  • Throwing fruit at a pillory victim now advertises that it takes two minutes.
  • Giving a pair of NPCs a handjob in exchange for a ride along the road east of town will now take 15 minutes as advertised.
  • The cafe location art will no longer appear renovated as soon as Sam reveals their renovations plans.
  • The PC will no longer appear to become ravenous at the thought of eating grass.
  • Fixed some Eden pronoun issues. Thanks to ndarkflame.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented exhibitionism increasing appropriately when flashing crotchless panties on the street.
  • Fixed some errors found when dancing with Eden.
  • Thanks to webbie47 for fixing a money calculation issue.
  • Fixed a bug that made the physique options found when attacked by a lone tentacle on the streets harder than indicated.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the sprite for thigh length hair from appearing in the doggy position.
  • Soliciting NPCs when naked on the streets at night will no increase prostitution fame.
  • Fixed an error found at the asylum.
  • Plant tentacles along the road in the farmlands will no longer appear without severe hallucinations.
  • A tentacle encounter will no longer trigger when passing out at the landfill if tentacles are disabled.
  • Fixed a resolution error for the lace bra at large breast sizes. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Bailey slapping the player in anger will now properly increase pain. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Looking in the mirrors at school and the park should now take the advertised 2 minutes.
  • Added time indicators to the aggressive pillory options.
  • Whitney's irritation at the player should now reset when they leave the park.
  • Fixed an issue with transparent clothing colouring. Thanks to aimozg.
  • Fixed missing pixels in breast sprites. Thanks to aimozg.
  • Adjust freckles and blush images. Thanks to aimozg.
  • Fixed a bug that left the left arm sleeve hanging on the sidebar sprite. Thanks to aimozg.
  • Fixed a bug that erased the colour of hoodies and cat hats. Thanks to aimozg.
  • Fixed a bug that broke the colour description of custom coloured clothes bought with the "Buy and wear" button. Thanks to Sommar and aimozg.
  • Fixed some broken pronouns for Eden and Winter. thanks to lifeAnime.
  • Begging for help when hitchhiking will now increase submissiveness.
  • Eden will now be properly described as coming on your face when their cock hovers near your mouth. Thanks to Khau.
  • If you disable strangulation and Eden recaptures you, you will be presented with a regular encounter scene instead of an asphyxiation one. Thanks to Khau.
  • The harpy transformation will now be mentioned when looking in the mirror.
  • Thanks to stuffed for minor code and typo fixes.
  • Performance improvements.
Thanks to bsmith for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a rogue NPC unleashed at the school pool.
  • Fixed a rogue NPC unleashed when farming at Eden's cabin.
  • Fixed a rogue NPC unleashed when giving Eden a radio.
  • Altered text when failing moving mouth to chest so it makes more sense when there is only one NPC.
  • Fixed an error when passing out at the hospital.
  • Rewrote a line of text when getting help from Bailey. Written by Fangi.
  • Typos
Thanks to Khau for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an issue that caused the town’s image to show when rescued by Eden.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the asylum’s image to show when back at Eden's cabin after their rescue.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the buying of Eden's Christmas gift.
  • You can no longer scream for Eden to save you from Eden.
  • Encounters with Eden will no longer raise combat, rape or exhibitionism fame.
  • Passing out in town with Eden as a love interest will no longer result in two "wake up" options.
  • Lemons found with Eden during a blood moon will now be blood lemons, rather than regular.
  • Fixed an issue found during Eden's dance event.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Eden's Halloween notification showing up if you served mushrooms for breakfast.
  • Fixed some formatting issues in Eden's cabin.
  • Typos.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with parasitic pregnancy.
  • Fixed an issue with the setting export/importer that caused it to unintentionally disable some toggles.
  • Fix an issue with the images for long leather gloves.
  • Fixed an option at Remy's farm that increased obedience rather than decrease it.
Thanks to note leven for the following fixes:
  • Fixed some issues found when storing items outside a wardrobe.
  • Fixed some issues with gender appearance found when buying, trying and returning clothes at the shop.
  • Fixed a bug that broke sidebar clothes description grammar.
  • Fixed broken captions related to wearing nothing but two pieces of disconnected underwear.
  • Fixed a number of missing images on Linux, Android, and other devices.
  • Fixed a bug that could break money, and repaired damaged saves.
  • Fixed the spacing in the sidebar stats.
  • Other minor fixes and typos.
Thanks to Sommar for the following fixes:
  • Hoodie hoods are now considered part of the chest piece, fixing a number of issues, such as the wind east of town snatching your entire hoodie away.
  • Fixed an issue with penis pubes.
  • The sidebar penis images should now correspond correctly to penis size.
  • Added missing pubic hair sprites.
  • Fixed an error found when trying to buy clothes when images are disabled.
  • Fixed an issue with the sidebar sprite for hands.
  • Fixed an issue with hand accessory icons in the clothing shop.
  • Added a failsake to prevent a rare error found when being choked.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented contrast applying to clothes acquired with the "Buy and wear" button.
  • Putting on an upper clothing while wearing a large towel no longer leaves the lower part of the towel on.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • Having a dolphin cum in your vagina will no longer softlock the android version. Thanks to braymann.
  • Machines penetrating your ass will no longer look like a regular penis in the android version. Thanks to braymann.
  • Fixed a bug where your penis action will carry over to the next beast in multi-beast encounters.
  • It is no longer possible for NPCs to have negative arousal.
  • Fixed some issues where the player will gain sex or rape fame when they're not supposed to, such as in the gloryholes.
  • Fixed an issue where the science trait will lower your pain after the game decides whether you have too much pain to fight, instead of before.
  • Fixed some bugs with the beast encounters when breaking into houses.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from being able to tell the dolphins to stop having sex with you.
  • Fixed a small bug with the new Eden scenes in town.
  • Fixed even more bugs with the Raul and Janet scene. Janet will no longer be wearing the PCs chastity device, and the player's stats in the statistics menu will no longer increase from what you do in the book.
  • Fixed an issue where crossdressing male characters wearing male swimwear can only tell Mason that they only have female swimwear.
Thanks to stuffed for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Robin to fall into debt early on old saves.
  • Fixed a pain issue found when enveloped by a tentacle.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the bird transformation being described as "harpy" should beasts be disabled.
  • Fixed an issue with rainy weather.
  • Fixed an issue found when hired by Leighton at the brothel.
  • Tentacles should now take sensitivity into account when interacting with the PC's genitals and chest.
  • Fixed some missmatched stated and actual time passed.
  • Sensitive nipples will now be desribed as such at points throughout the game. Thanks to stuffed.
Bug Fixes
  • Thanks to radiance for code improvements.
  • Thanks to stuffed for fixing a number of issues.
Thanks to note leven for the following fixes:
  • Fixed time itself.
  • Fixed a number of errors found in the orphanage garden.
  • Fixed more broken time.
  • Fixed an error found at market.
  • Fixed a broken widget.
  • Fixed a problem with ball hair.
  • Fixed an issue with neckwear.
  • Added body filter to blush.
  • Fixed some formatting issues in the journal, and during Blackjack.
  • Robin no longer gives you double fame after sex.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a softlock when walking along the road to the farms when your headwear gets snatched by the wind.
  • An undefined steed will no longer be waiting for you outside of town before you've saddled one of Alex's horses.
  • Fixed an error when agreeing to work at Alex's farm.
  • Build projects on the farm will now properly progress each day.
  • Adjusted the tone of close up chest images when skin colour is disabled.
  • Split the Save/Options and statistics/feats into their own menu's and the button layout. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Code improvements for the options menu. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Added an anal parasite birthing locaiton to Alex's farm. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • You can now walk to school with Robin early. Thanks to stuffed.
Thanks to Khau for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added the ability to dust and sweep the cabin floor.
  • Added the ability to make salves and soap in the cabin.
  • Added the ability to ask Eden to furnish the cabin, which allows you to buy a rug, pillows, and new curtains. You also make a coat hanger and loveseat together.accordingly. The furniture impacts descriptions and events.
  • Added the ability to sew a fur blanket for the loveseat after it's made.
  • Added the ability to sew designs in the pillows after they're purchased.
  • Added the ability to make a scarf for Eden in the winter.
  • Added the ability to give Eden a massage once the rug is purchased.
  • Added the ability to ask Eden to be safe on their hunts.
  • In autumn, you can work with Eden to prepare the cabin for winter.
  • Added a boat scene to Eden's lake event. The scene's intro only happens once per game.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a few errors found when the PC orgasms. Thanks to stuffed, radiance and PurityGuy.
  • Fixed a soft lock found at wardrobes. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Fixed an issue with Eden being worried without you leaving the cabin for longer than your allowed time. Thanks to Khau.
  • The farm should now transition to a new day properly. Thanks to note leven.
  • Fixed a number of issues with Alex and farm events not resetting at the end of the day.
Thanks to aimozg for the following fixes:
  • Fixed neck items not displaying.
  • Hand items should no longer display above sleeves.
  • Fixed error in clothing shop when new renderer was never enabled.
  • Left sleeves should no longer unintentionally switch to cover.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • Alex's first kiss during encounters will now properly be counted as a love interest's kiss, should the requirements be met.
  • Fixed Alex breaking containment if they don't feel comfortable talking to the player about upgrading the farm.
  • Alex only loves half as much after sex.
  • Alex's lust is now clamped properly, and they will no longer resemble pre-0.2 Eden.
  • Alex's displayed lust loss after sex is now consistent with other NPCs.
  • The player no longer loves a Error: <<if>>: bad conditional expression in <<if>> clause: pronoun is not defined with secrets.
  • Typo fixes.
  • Added a horse/centaur toggle.
  • Added sensitivities to the cheat menu. Thanks to stuffed.
  • The PC can now spontaneously orgasm in Robin's room. Thanks to stuffed.
  • Body parts will now sometimes take sensitivity into account when described. Thanks to stuffed.
  • The new render now uses greyscale images, improving sprite quality. Thanks to aimozg.
Balance Changes
  • Eden now requires five love hearts before they'll offer the PC dinner.
  • Riding lessons now improve thigh skill faster.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an error found when defeated by Bailey at the hospital.
  • Fixed an error found when spotting Whitney in the park.
  • You should no longer be able to work on the farm before dawn.
  • Entering the farm woodland should now pass time.
  • Tending the woodland will now advertise that it takes 20 minutes.
  • Fixed an error found in the farm upgrades menu. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • The parasite barn should no longer be available before it's built.
  • The world map will no longer cover the close button when scrolling down in the journal.
  • Eden will no longer offer a second dinner after making Christmas dinner.
  • The parasite barn can now be displayed as the current building project in the farm upgrades menu. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Removed duplicate code and text found after masturbating in the park toilets after being watched. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Thanks to Crimson Tide for lots of typo fixes.
  • Fixed time again. Thanks to note leven.
  • Kylar should no longer steal your underwear before meeting you. Thanks to note leven.
  • Thanks to note leven for code improvements.
  • Thanks to stuffed for code improvements.
Thanks to Khau for the following fixes:
  • Stopped many npcs from breaking free.
  • Stopped the massage scene from disappearing at 11:30pm.
  • The fifth massage cycle will no longer take 33 minutes instead of 30.
  • Massaging now increases more of Eden's lust.
  • Talking to Eden when traumatized will now show it increases their dominance.
  • Stopped the sewing kit from disappearing before you finish sewing in designs for the pillows.
  • You can no longer practice shooting while Eden is reading beside the fire.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • The countdown for Remy's attacks the farm can no longer go into negatives.
  • Having sex with Alex in their bed will no longer teleport them into your bed.
  • The game will no longer indicate that you gain stress when you hear the sound of soothing rain.
  • Whitney will no longer be described as "_text_output" when seeing them in the park.
  • Thanks to aimozg for code improvements.
  • Disabled the option to be notified of updates automatically. It's still available as a manual button.
Balance changes
  • The PC can now help Alex clear the fifth field before Remy's attack.
Bug Fixes
  • The PC should no longer be able to help Alex clear a non-existent tenth field at Alex's farm.
  • Fixed being unable to ask Eden to buy a rug and pillows. Thanks to Khau.
  • Fixed being unable to buy Eden a radio. Thanks to Khau.
  • Fixed extremely pale nipples if skin tone is enabled.
  • Eden should no longer believe the PC has been absent the day after asking them if they can visit town.
  • Fixed errors found when climbing the farm watchtower without hiring a guard.
  • Rags will no longer materialise after the museum demonstrations.
  • Alex will no longer try to clear non-existent fields.
  • Builders will no longer lurk on the farm after construction is complete.
  • Wren will no longer exclaim that the PC has no panties if they're wearing crotchless panties, then demand them anyway.
  • The school pool no longer freezes during winter.
  • Fixed a soft lock found when helping Alex tend the woodland.
  • Fixed an error found when thanked for expanding the stable.
  • Fixed broken location icons at the farm woodland.
  • Fixed broken icons found when wearing gold bracelets during encounters.
  • Singing with Robin during halloween will no indicate that it lowers their confidence.
  • Fixed an error found during an ambient event on the town's streets.
  • Fixed a couple of errors found in the estate station.
Thanks to bsmith for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a softlock when riding a horse to and from town.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Parasite Barn from being upgraded.
  • Watering all plots will no longer water plots that are ready for harvest.
  • Stopped Eden from having second breakfast during the month of Feburary. They're not a hobbit.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from helping eden prepare the cabin for winter and cleaned up some of the code for the event.
  • Fixed a bug that made passing out in Alex's bedroom optional.
  • Fixed a rogue NPC unleashed when asking eden for another collar.
  • Orgasming no longer allows you to keep walking after you've already reached the park in the whipped cream event.
Thanks to stuffed for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that caused body writing on the left thigh to not always appear visually.
  • Fixed a bug that made male crossdressers abnormally confident when stripping their top on along the road east of town.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped Mason giving apparently male characters detention when caught in the girls' changing room.
  • Sanity improvements.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • Sadism now has an upper limit.
  • Sadism is now displayed in the stats menu.
  • Acting impressed when you see Alex capture a lurker will no longer prevent you from capturing any lurkers yourself.
  • You can no longer go into debt by paying the hairdresser more money than you have.
  • Fixed an issue with the cheat menu disappearing in Remy's estate.
  • Fixed an error in the alleyways when it's raining or snowing.
  • Moving towards the coast while in heels will no longer take you even deeper into the moor instead.
  • Various typo fixes.
Thanks to aimozg for the following fixes:
  • Added grayscale underwear bulge sprites.
  • Fixed an issue that caused parts of certain tops to render beneath breasts.
  • Fixed some error message spam.
  • Fixed incorrect layering upper clothing parts when item is tucked in. Thanks to aimozg.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • The tending feat boost should no longer ignore the boost from the green thumb background.
  • Fixed some errors with the scene viewer.
  • Farm upgrade scenes can no longer be skipped.
  • Fixed a problem found when building a parasite barn.
  • Adjusted the parasite barn.
  • Fixed a minor issue with some of the older wardrobe style links.
  • Added the Robin Intro scenes to the scene viewer.
  • Added the initial Whitney scenes to the scene viewer.