Tuesday 1 November 2022

Degrees of Lewdity version

This update adds the catacombs, which skulduggerous PCs can plunder. It also adds a dozen missions to the pub that let you increase or decrease fame, new Halloween events, nightmares, and an office building where the PC can find work.

The catacombs are the next "tier" for skulduggery, taking the skill from C+ to B. It's a dark and dangerous area, full of nastiness from a forgotten age, as well as more recent intruders. Unlike other skulduggerous areas, the PC plunders antiques for the museum, rather than goods for the black market.

An office building on the High Street is advertising work for temporary office staffers. No previous experience is required, but there's no doubt danger involved. Perhaps PCs who know a thing or two could wrangle more cash.

On Halloween, teenagers will now throw a party at the lake, drawn by the area's spooky reputation. They might encounter a different sort of terror. Meanwhile, an older threat stirs beneath the water. The Ivory Wraith has become a full NPC, with a new stat and other changes.

I've been considering adding a way to lower fame for a while. I was concerned about making the fame stats less impactful however. Being caught on camera should be worrying! I also wanted an interesting method, rather just passive decay. The contributor Crimson Tide has been hard at work on the solution, a variety of missions with a degree of risk.

Sensitivity has been overhauled, and now applies more widely and appropriately. This has a big impact on game balance, so let me know if anything feels off.

Huge thanks to the contributors, and to you for playing! Happy Halloween!

Edit: Updated to, fixing bugs.
Edit 2: Updated to, fixing more bugs.

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  • Added the old churchyard to the forest, and a catacombs beneath. Requires at least C+ skulduggery to break in.
  • Added an office building to the High Street, where the PC can find work. Thanks to googlyman, with help from Crimson Tide. Location icons courtesy of Swaggy Bookshelf, and link icon courtesy of MinerDx.
  • Added a Halloween event for the wolf pack at the lake. Written by Burnt Toast, and coded by Crimson Tide.
  • Added a short Halloween party event to the lake, tying into the above. Written and coded by anon.
  • Overhauled the sensitivity system. Added mouth and bottom sensitivities, while breast and genital sensitivities are now taken into account more frequently and appropriately. Thanks to Akoz.
  • Added a handful of playable nightmare scenes that may occur in the PC's sleep. Thanks to Necro for writing the Eden, Wraith, and Harper nightmares. Thanks to stale sandwich for writing the Great Hawk nightmare. Coded by anon, with help from Jimmy.
  • Ear slimes can now make you suck your own penis or pussy, should the PC be capable of doing so.
  • Added additional masturbation actions to the bullet vibe, small dildo, and dildo. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe, with help from Meat Glacier and Crimson Tide.
  • Added additional save statistics, which can be displayed in the top right of the screen. 
  • Added a short Halloween scene. Thanks to hwp.
  • Added the skeleton outfit and skeleton mask to the forest shop. They become available on 21st October. Arts courtesy of namelessone.
  • Added nine antiques.
  • Added the "Swallow" and "Spit" actions to combat, appearing when an NPC ejaculates in the PC's mouth. Thanks to Nicky Lassandri.
  • Statistics now keeps track of the total amount of human and beast semen swallowed. Thanks to Nicky Lassandri.
  • Added several comments on the PC's Halloween costumes for Robin and Whitney. Thanks to hwp.
  • Added the option to dye sides and fringe separate colours at the hairdressers. Thanks to KiraaCorsac.
  • Adjusted the crop top art to be shorter. Thanks to Teeib7.
  • Added the option to move the overlay close button to the left of the window, to make it more accessible on small screens. Thanks to xao.
  • Added the "Column radio" encounter formatting style, available in options. Thanks to Divine Heir Kuro.
  • Added the "Dark Delvings" feat.
  • Thanks to Crimson Tide, Jimmy, xao, hwp, note leven, Lollipop Scythe, and KiraaCorsac for code improvements.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following additions and improvements:
  • The ancient threat, or Wraith, is now a named NPC, and may haunt the social tab.
  • The Wraith now has the obsession stat. It impacts its power in interactions, and attitude towards the PC.
  • Completing the Schism scene for the first time will give a potent reduction to obsession This will be applied to most existing saves. There are other methods for reducing obsession.
  • Taking the Ivory Necklace raises obsession to max, and prevents it from being lowered below half. It is also raised by letting pale offspring die, or selling them.
  • The "Apologise" action becomes very effective against the Wraith once the Schism scene is seen.
  • Renovated the Plinth Room in the underwater ruins. The PC is no longer required to take the necklace to access its other features, including ear slime removal.
  • Single-NPC encounters now refer to the NPC by their description again.
Thanks to Crimson Tide for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added twelve missions to the pub that allow you to decrease or increase fame stats. The difficulty depends on the particular stat involved, the direction of the change, and whether the change is permanent or temporary.
  • Added a Robin event.
  • Added a Wraith event.
  • Obsession now changes how the Wraith holds the PC before kissing, impacting stat changes.
  • At high obsession and while haunting, the Wraith can now strike while "ejaculating", raising stress, trauma, and pain.
  • Added a small bit of flavour text to the machine asylum scene at high obsession.
  • The Wraith is now slightly more dangerous during the farm assault, and appears slightly more often, at high obsession.
  • The Wraith can now stalk the PC as a random encounter on the town's streets. Framework was made by anon.
  • Added a tentacle mode to the brothel sex machine, and a tentacle show.
  • Added painful tentacles that cause a small amount of pain when they rub against the PC.
  • Added the "Shining Reputation" and "Slip Through the Backdoor" feats.
Balance Changes
  • Moved the exhibitionism check in the school changing rooms from the locker, to the rooms themselves. Thanks to xao.
  • Vines and metal tentacles are no longer affected by holy tattoos. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • You can now do your own shopping when shopping for a Halloween costume for Robin. Thanks to hwp.
  • Lowered the trauma and time requirements to see the Schism scene. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • In the pub mimic event, the amount of drugs and hallucinogens you get from the pill is impacted by obsession. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Hopping the school fence now gives one cat transformation point per day. Thankst o note leven.
  • Added options to avoid clothes tearing when hopping the school fence based on athletics, knowledge of fence hopping, or being a cat. Thanks to note leven.
  • Added possible arousal, stress, or pain gains when hopping the school fence naked. Thanks to note leven.
  • Aphrodisiacs are no more threatening, as they can double the modifier applied to arousal from sensitivity. Thanks to Akoz.
  • Oral skill can now be increased to D rank by sucking your own penis, a dildo, a small dildo, or the moor phallus plant.
  • Hypnotic deviancy may now make the PC provoke beasts at the start of encounters, rather than punish a lack of deviant acts.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed several event outcomes related to tiredness on Alex's farm and at the temple that could never trigger. Thanks to dust36.
  • Leaving the pub with someone will now properly take drunkenness into account. Thanks to dust36.
  • Fixed a couple of issues that prevented default actions working. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented mini penises from releasing any semen. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed chastised NPCs to masturbate in combat. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • It's once again possible to remove individual clothes at the lake, if exhibitionism is high enough. Thanks to xao.
  • The game will no longer forget that the PC has seen the Schism scene, allowing some previous interactions to become more common. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Fixed a broken CSS element. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Fixed a broken text effect. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Trying to speak while dissociating will now help you snap out of it as intended. Thanks to braymann.
  • Fixed a bug when Kylar gives you their striped panties. Thanks to braymann.
  • Tweaked the effect that working out has on butt shrinkage, shouldn't be as easy to shrink now. Thanks to braymann.
  • Robin will now pull your hood down to give you a flower crown instead of making you take off your entire hoodie. Thanks to braymann.
  • Fixed a compatibility bug with old saves at the bird tower.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the PC to use some sex toys in multiple ways at once. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed ear slimes to act when they're meant to be disabled. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Fixed some issues with awareness checks. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Thanks to hwp for minor fixes.
  • Thanks to Crimson Tide for typo fixes.
Thanks to anonymous for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a softlock when fighting a student at the lockers.
  • Fixed pronoun issues when performing some hand actions.
  • Fixed errors when attempting to free your face.
  • Fixed a text issue when rescued in the forest.
  • Typo fixes.
  • Added the classy vampire jacket to the forest shop, unlocked on 21st October. Art courtesy of MinerDx.
  • Added location art for Kylar's manor. Art courtesy of MinerDx.
  • Thanks to MinerDx for adjusting the winter jacket icon.
  • Thanks to Kami for adjusting the park dawn location image, the landfill icon, and the beer bottle icon.
  • Fixed several bugs and text inconsistencies in Whitney's Halloween sequence. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed a bug that broke time. Thanks to note leven.
  • Fixed a scene in the office that didn't properly initiate.
  • Thanks to note leven for pronoun fixes.
  • Thanks to xao for miscellaneous fixes.

Thanks to anon for the following fixes:
  • Fixed some lines in the churchyard that should've been hidden by the disabled stats setting. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Fixed a worker at the office bringing an [undefined] as their emotional support animal. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Landry will no longer ask the PC to recruit Mickey from the orphanage if they've already been recruited.
  • The Ivory Wraith can no longer become the PC's manager. Thanks to braymann and hwp.
  • Fixed the PC's fringe colour not updating in the sidebar on the starting screen.
  • Fixed broken links when an NPC demands your underwear in the office.
  • Fixed a bug when generating Sydney. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Fixed the office building's icon being misaligned.
  • Fixed an error found when swallowing cum.
  • Typo fixes, mostly found by Crimson Tide.
  • Added some small events to the catacombs.
  • Adjusted the catacombs pass out scene for when a monster spawns.
  • Fixed a bug that caused school bathroom events to become confused about your gender. Thanks to xao.
Thanks to note leven for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an error found when attempting to reset NPC virginities in the cheat menu.
  • Added starting season to setting export.
  • Fixed a bug that made the game forget something about Kylar.
  • Disabled Eden's raft during winter.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the encounter found when delivering a note in maths class to end prematurely.
Thanks to anon for the following fixes:
  • The PC can no longer join the Halloween party at the lake before the evening. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Fixed an error when taking a certain task from Mickey at the pub. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Fixed an error found when exploring the catacombs.
  • Reduced the severity of body part sensitivity.
  • Fixed errors caused by an unused variable.
  • Added icons for the skeleton outfit and mask. Thanks to anon.
  • Added Robin and Whitney reaction lines for the skeleton costume. Thanks to hwp.
  • Thanks to note leven for fixing bad links.
  • Thanks to Jimmy for an ironman fix.
Thanks to Crimson Tide and anon for the following fixes:
  • A new event at the compound will no longer trigger before the PC's actually discovered it.
  • Completing the new compound event drastically increases security.
  • Fixed an error caused by the ear slime at Alex's farm.
  • Fixed an error at the underground farm.
  • Fixed an error in the office.
  • Pronoun fixes.
  • Thanks to Jimmy for ironman code improvements.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented women from generating in the changing rooms. Thanks to Pumping Lemma.
  • The lewd version of modelling at Domus street now respects genital generation settings, and can be accessed by virgin characters. Thanks to Pumping Lemma.
  • Fixed an error found when trying to keep or prevent choking by a defeated NPC.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the PC's eyes to always turn blue when possessed. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Fixed time not skipping to dawn once the Schism scene ends. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Fixed blood moons not appearing at the right time. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented wraith hunts starting before midnight. Thanks to hwp.
  • The hanfu is now gender neutral. Thanks to hwp.
  • The Wraith is now less likely to mimic Robin at night. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Thanks to Crimson Tide for code improvements.
  • Thanks to Pumping Lemma for a typo fix.
Thanks to anon for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an error when hiding during stalking encounters. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Adjusted the artwork for the classy vampire jacket. Thanks to MinerDx.
  • Fixed a few events in the office not reflecting for the PC's genitals.
  • Fixed an error when raiding lockers in the boys' changing room.
  • Fixed the cheats menu being unable to un-dye the PC's fringe.
  • Fixed a few issues with the brothel tentacles show.
  • Fixed a softlock in the orphanage garden.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to note leven for the following fixes:
  • Time should no longer freeze during the Halloween party at the lake.
  • Fixed a number of issues found during the manager masturbation event.
  • Fixed changing room links.
  • Fixed some error found when importing old settings.
  • Enabled save export to file during combat and dancing.
  • Fixed broken links when stripping at the office.
  • Fixed a broken variable during the office shredder event.
  • Office code improvements.
  • Fixed a bug in the changing rooms. Thanks to note leven.
  • Fixed a bug with the new sewer slime event. Thanks to note leven.
Thanks to Crimson Tide for the following fixes:
  • You can now begin the fame tasks in the pub with high exhibitionism fame.
  • The cooldown for being able to begin tasks after completing the last one has been lowered.
  • Neutral/defiant dialogue for the wolf pack Halloween event was corrected.
  • Leaving the Wraith compound event now gives you one turn of safety to escape the compound if you wish.
  • An easter egg line has been made slightly less common.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that caused blood moons to end at midnight, interrupting the Wraith sequence.
  • Fixed an issue with the schism scene and scene viewer.
  • Fixed an issue with forest shop clothes.
  • Fixed time.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the PC collecting custom contact lenses. Thanks to note leven.
  • Fixed issues witht eh settings importer for the options overlay.
  • Code improvements.