Tuesday 25 September 2018


This update adds some new art, makes a number of quality of life improvements, and adds more Whitney content inspired by feedback from the last update. Thanks for your patience.

Due to popular request, there is now a DoL Discord server.
Big thanks to DabbingPenguin for setting it up. Apologies to anyone who dislikes discord. I'll still be reading comments here and in the usual places as much as before.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Patch Notes
Added close up shots of the PC's genitals and ass during encounters.
Added progress bars to several stats in the Characteristics page.
Various events involving Whitney will now increase their lust.
Whitney will now hang out at the gates after school if they haven't bothered you during the day. They may make passing difficult.
You can now set your currently equipped clothing as a "casual" or "school" outfit at the wardrobe. It will be worn when selecting that outfit when waking up.
Becoming famous for sex, mostly achieved by having pictures taken of you in the act, now carries a more severe repercussion.

Balance Changes
Doubled the base rate of Whitney events once they declare you their boy/girlfriend, or if their dominance reaches max.
A higher lust increases the rate of Whitney events further.
Increased the stress reduction of passing out at the orphanage and being found by Bailey.
"Dress for school" and "Dress casually" options will now put on the starting underwear by default.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug that caused your fatigue to rise if your sleep was interrupted while you had the insomnia trait.
Robin's dominance should now increase as intended if you accept defeat with grace.
Fixed a bug that could cause a blank screen at the beach party.
Closed a few herm portals on the bus, and a couple in the school.
Fixed some Robin gender confusion during the hospital scene.
Fixed some gender confusion in the teacher's introductions.
Fixed a bug causing hair to appear off to the side of the sprite.
Fixed a bug causing your mouth to become occupied by an invisible force if an NPC receiving a boobjob decided they'd rather fuck your mouth.
NPCs should no longer be able to lick your cheek while receiving oral. There may still be issues during encounters with multiple NPCs.
Fixed a bug preventing some types of fame from incrementing.
The sidebar stow/unstow button should no longer be covered and made unusable on Android.
Increased the maximum width needed for "narrow screen" mode to activate, in the hope of fixing some UI issues on Android.

Thursday 13 September 2018


This update gives Whitney more things to do (to you). It also introduces the Social page, which I hope will make tracking your progress with NPCs easier. Let me know what you think.

It's been almost three months since I released 0.1.0. It's gone by so fast. Thanks to everyone who's played, reported bugs, left feedback, discussed the game and/or supported me on patreon. You've made this a fantastic experience.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Patch Notes
Images should now work on narrow screens. Big thanks to Quin2k and dzn for their help.
Added the "Social" page, found in the sidebar beneath Traits. It lists each NPC's feelings towards you once you've met them.
Eden, Robin and Whitney have more specific information on the Social Page.
Moved the description of your reputation at school from the Characteristics page to the Social page.
Extended the chain of events involving Whitney. Added another branch and added exhibitionist options to already existing events.
Added the option of dealing with Whitney permanently.
Developing Whitney's affection for you won't stop the bullying, but it might make things a little easier.
Added a secret.

Balance Changes
Robin should now only show up to your room once or twice per night at most.
Leaving the lockers at school now takes one minute.
Increased the rate of Whitney events.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug causing your gender appearance to be locked in place between encounters.
Fixed some gender confusion at the compound.
Fixed a bug causing an audience to watch during the encounter with four students finding you undressed in a classroom.
Fixed a bug that muddled audience comments.
Fixed a bug allowing the slime encounter in the bath even if your hallucinations are under control.
Fixed a bug causing Eden's arousal to begin maxed in the encounter resulting from letting them grope you at night.

Tuesday 4 September 2018


This update adds a mixture of general features and improvements, and plugs some gaps in content. The focus of will be fleshing out Whitney. Thanks for the feedback.

Edit: Released which fixes bugs causing errors during encounters with multiple NPCs. Replaced links with new versions.

Patch Notes
Updated to Sugarcube v2.27.0
Added more potential reactions to NPCs discovering the PC is crossdressing. They may now have something to say about it too.
Added skirts to the sex sprite, art courtesy of Ulithium_Dragon.
Reworded male characters losing their virginity to sound less brutal.
You can now be caught masturbating during english, history and swimming lessons.
Added breast reduction and enlargement procedures to the hospital. They're expensive.
Named npcs should now remember your sex once they've seen your genitals.

Balance Changes
Robin and Bailey know your sex from the start.
Robin will not attend their stand while injured.
Slime and semen will now wash off in water, but not all at once. Increases the chance of an encounter based on how much washes off.
The NPCs involved in the fight on the yacht should be a bit less aggressive at the start.
Characters with high exhibitionism will no longer cover themselves when exposed. Characters with very high exhibitionism will no longer cover themselves even if naked.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug letting you fuck someone while wearing a chastity belt if you took the initiative.
Fixed a bug letting you fuck beasts in the ass while they're assaulting you. It will return in some form.
Fixed a bug preventing more severe detentions from triggering.
Fixed a bug allowing you to penetrate or envelop someone through clothing.
Eden will no longer bother you in the garden or spring if they're out hunting.
Fixed a bug preventing the image for torn green school swim shorts from appearing.

Check the most recent update for download links.