Sunday 23 December 2018


This update introduces the asylum, where characters who can't cope with the reality forced on them can adopt a new one. It's content I'd originally planned to make soon after 0.1.0, but I pushed it back until I had a better idea of where to take it. It should help round out the trauma system, as reaching very high trauma levels will now unlock more content as planned. The exact mechanics will likely need tuning.

A lot of work has been done under the hood too, which should help expansion in the future.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Edit: Released, which fixes a few bugs, one of them quite major. Notes at bottom of post.
Edit 2: Released which fixes several other bugs.
Edit 2: Released, which fixes more bugs.

Patch notes
The colour of hair, eyes and clothes have been adjusted. If you miss any of the old colours let me know, as more will be added in the future.
Thanks to aimozg for many code and image changes that will make adding additional images and colours easier in the future. Relatedly, the hairdresser can now dye your hair white.
Thanks to both Quin2k and aimozg for numerous code improvements.
Awareness can now drop below the starting value. Reaching the new minimum awareness will grant the "innocent" trait, and replace the trauma bar with an innocence bar.
Innocence is reduced by anything that increases awareness, and low control. Running out of innocence will remove the innocent trait, and restore the trauma bar and trauma traits.
Passing out and waking up at the hospital with the "Visibly Disturbed" trait will have you locked up in the asylum.
Accepting their treatments will lower awareness. You will be released if you gain the innocent trait, or your trauma drops low.
There are two other ways to escape. One requires tentacles to be enabled.
Added school status, delinquency and hair length to the cheat menu.

Balance Changes
Increased the duration of pink pills given to you in the pub.
Being hypnotised by Doctor Harper will now decrease awareness.
Some stress and trauma changes outside of combat have been adjusted.

Bug Fixes
Thanks to Pregmodder and Stuffedgame for the tool used to fix most of the following issues, as well as numerous typos.
Fixed a bug causing NPCs to sometimes be referred to with a male pronoun regardless of their actual gender when pinching your clit.
Successfully mocking should no longer say "+ Control" if you're at the control cap.
Fixed some gender confusion involving Mason.
Fixed a bug preventing the defiant response to Mason untying your bonds from triggering.
Fixed a similar bug blocking the defiant response to being led into the dunes after waking up on the beach.
Fixed a bug preventing the locked door from opening regardless of skulduggery level during the wolf scene beneath the hospital.
Fixed a bug that could prevent penis parasites from being removed during the free treatment.
Fixed a bug causing the hospital to provide male PC's with new underwear whether or not they already had some.
Fixed a bug preventing NPCs from talking about you fucking their ass.
Fixed a bug preventing flashbacks from triggering correctly at school.
Fixed a bug causing you to continue covering your ass a turn after you moved your hand away, and a similar bug causing you to continue working a shaft a turn after you stopped.
Fixed a bug preventing appropriate text from appearing when drugged with an aphrodisiac.
Fixed a bug causing all-boy or all-girl audiences at inappropriate times.
Fixed an issue with the "This action will take your anal virginity." message being tied to your penile virginity rather than anal.
Thanks to klorpa for fixing even more typos.
Fixed an error message appearing during an asylum hypnosis scene.
Fixed an error preventing combat images from loading properly for male characters.
Fixed an error appearing when losing your anal virginity.
Fixed several "famegood" errors preventing certain actions from being taken.
Fixed a gamebreaking bug in the hospital basement.
Fixed several error messages appearing in a couple of Whitney's events.
Fixed several error messages appearing when begging for clothing on Domus Street.
Fixed an error message that could appear when flaunting in the opposite sex changing room.
Fixed a bug causing a number of issues with the NPCs who assault you in your cell at the asylum.

Friday 7 December 2018


This update adds a cheat menu and new actions for entering the "wrong" changing room while naked. It also incorporates mods by TreeFrogSoup, which add new Whitney events and high level exhibitionism on Domus Street.

Plan for the next update is to implement the asylum. Something that has until now existed only as a single line, deep in the forest.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Patch notes
Made a SugarCube level change that should help performance, courtesy of Pregmodder.
Added a cheat menu. You can enable it in settings, then access it at the bottom of the sidebar.
Entering the wrong occupied changing room while naked will now give a different set of options, including the opportunity for surreptitious masturbation.
You can now be more assertive with your butt. (Added the straddle and envelop actions)
Incorporated TreeFrogSoup's Whitney mod. Adds new Whitney events to the school hallways. Includes petplay.
Also incorporated TreeFrogSoup's "Beg for clothes" mod. Lets you beg for clothing if naked on Domus Street. Requires high exhibitionism.

Bug Fixes
Fixed some gender confusion in the school pool changing rooms.
Fixed an error caused by successful teasing.
Boys and girls should no longer emerge in the wrong changing rooms to photograph you.
Fixed an error found in the strip club when talking to a dispirited Darryl.
Fixed a bug allowing the fallen angel transformation to stack with others.
Fixed a bug causing the angel transformation to progress despite already being a fallen angel, or no longer a virgin.
Fixed a bug causing the strip scene at the dance studio from ending the turn after it begins.
Money gained from tips should now be displayed in a more appropriate way.
You should now be able to tell all humans and beasts to stop in soft mode.
"Forcibly whored out" should no longer appear in the statistics page in soft mode.
Fixed a bug causing Winter to materialise as a rapist.