Monday 22 April 2019


This update adds the docks to Mer Street, new hairstyles, new scenes with Robin, and a handful of deviancy actions involving tentacles. Work on the clothing overhaul is ongoing.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Edit: Updated to, which fixes a handful of bugs.

Patch Notes
Added the docks to Mer Street. You can find work there.
The other dockers will invite you for a night on the town once they accept you.
Added icons to the dishes available at the cafe, and icons to represent your characteristics, courtesy of Noyemi K.
Added a couple of deviancy 1 and deviancy 2 actions involving tentacles.
You can now drink booze at the pub.
Watching a romance with Robin in the cinema while in a relationship can go in a few new directions, if Robin has at least two beakers of lust. Courtesy of PurityGuy.
Added alternative hairstyles, courtesy of Shigure.
Hairstyles can be changed from your wardrobe. The style of your sides and fringe can be changed and cut independently of each other.

Balance Changes
Drunkenness now provides resistance to stress from most sources, but increases tiredness gained over time. The stress resistance does not apply to stress gained from overflowing tiredness. More extreme drunkenness has a greater effect.
Harper will now only send you to the asylum if you have the Dissociation trait, up from Visibly Disturbed.
Harper and the other NPCs will no longer involve their genitals while the player character is hypnotised in the hospital.
You can now leave your wardrobe while naked in the asylum if you have level five exhibitionist actions unlocked.

Bug Fixes
You can no longer steal from named NPCs. Will return in the future once it's fixed up.
NPCs will no longer carry purses or wallets while in swimwear.
Fixed a bug allowing NPC relationship stats to increase or decrease beyond their limits. Eden will no longer gain a lust value several times higher than intended to be possible before you meet them.
Dogs on the beach will no longer try to rip off your skirt or shorts if you aren't wearing any.
Fixed a bug allowing you to flash your genitals or chastity belt in the street without meeting the intended exhibitionism requirement.
Fixed a bug allowing attendance of Harper's appointments at the hospital on days other than Friday.
Having parasites removed at the hospital will now mention both chest and genital varieties if both are present.
Head accessories will no longer appear beneath hair.
Fixed a bug causing stress to overflow, and events to repeat.
It is now possible to refuse the docker who offers to untie your arms.
Made fringe length available in the cheat menu.
Note that fringe growth was being tracked prior to, so old characters might need a trim.