Thursday 21 December 2023

Degrees of Lewdity version

This update adds handheld items in the form of a new clothing category. It also adds new events to the pirate ship, café, and elsewhere.

Huge thanks to Kirsty for handheld items, and for such fantastic sprites. They include an umbrella, parasols, a feather duster, and bags such as purses and backpacks. They work like other clothing, with a section at shops and wardrobes. Some items have the "bookbag" trait, which is useful at school. Future weapons will fit in this slot.

The new slot also allows for props during certain scenes. A new Whitney scene in the park makes good use of it.

Elsewhere, another stall will now be set up on the beach during summer. The PC's actions will determine whether this is a help or a hindrance to Robin's business. Be careful!

This was an unusually brief gap between updates, but I wanted something out for Christmas, and contributors have been very busy! Another thanks to Kirsty, to all the contributors, and to you for playing!

Merry Christmas, and a happy new year!

Edit: Updated to, fixing bugs.
Edit 2: Updated to, making minor adjustments and fixing bugs.

Alternative links
  • Added a few new events to the pirate ship. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Allowed the Ivory Wraith to possess you during blood moons on the pirate ship. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Added a new event to the cafe, available after the cafe reopening. Written by Juniaki, and coded by AiHoshino.
  • Added hair growth formula to the hairdresser's that can be applied in the Medicine Drawer. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Added alternate text for the chastity parasite in Harper's nightmare. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Alex will now sometimes include booze in their shopping list. Written by IndexEnthusiast and coded by Cutiland.
  • Thanks to P_Ruby, Midnight, and AiHoshino for code improvements.
Thanks to Kirsty for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added a new clothing category: Handheld items.
  • Handheld items that the PC can purchase include umbrellas, a feather duster, and various bags for books. Umbrellas keep the PC dry and shaded, and feather dusters boost housekeeping. Some handheld items have the "bookbag" trait, which is useful for school. 
  • Added a new arm position for the sidebar sprite.
  • Whitney will now share cigarettes with the PC in the park, if they are a love interest and have high love, and the PC is not pregnant.
  • Adds a stall that sells balloons and popcorn. It appears for the first time in summer, at the beach. It can help promote, or hurt, Robin's business, depending on the PC's choices.
  • Popcorn can be eaten in the park or at the beach to reduce trauma, or shared with Robin on a movie date.
  • Added an orphanage event that lets the PC raise hope by giving an orphan a balloon.
  • The PC can now buy gingerbread at the cafe during winter. Sprites by Beta.
  • The sidebar image will now show handheld props in certain scenes, such as sharing a milkshake with love interests or smoking with Whitney.
  • The pom poms hand item has been replaced with cheerleading gloves. Pom poms can now be found in the handheld category instead.
  • Added the jingle-bell dress and sleeveless jingle-bell dress to the forest shop, unlocked during Christmas. Thanks to Beta.
  • Added the jumper and festive/Christmas tree jumper to the clothing shop, as well as skull, heart, and ghost variants. Sprites by Kirsty.
  • Edited some rainy weather events to account for the player carrying an umbrella or otherwise wearing rainproof clothing.
  • Added new sections to the journal: Time-Sensitive, Reminders, and Holidays.
  • Cleaned up café code.
Balance Changes
  • Going commando will now increase exhibitionism once more, but only if the PC willingly chose to do so. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Removed the daily check so it becomes possible to explore the markets more than one time. Thanks to Cutiland.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the PC refusing to make breakfast for Eden with low housekeeping skill. Thanks to salagadoola.
  • Fixed a bug that made Robin appear in the orphanage garden and canteen when they were supposed to be in the mansion. Thanks to salagadoola.
  • Whitney will no longer smoke in front of PC when they are pregnant. Thanks to Kirsty.
  • Fixed an event that lowered hope when it should've raised it. Thanks to Kirsty.
  • Fixed incorrectly coded orphanage events and moved them to the appropriate event pools. Thanks to Kirsty.
Thanks to P_Ruby for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a misdirected link that prevented a certain Whitney passage from displaying after an encounter.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the right text displaying when asking Whitney to stop during a particular oral scene.
  • Fixed a bug that gave Winter a flashback to the last maths competition, if the PC was exposed during it.
  • Fixed a bug that made a Whitney scene decrease trauma instead of increasing it.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the PC to make multiple confessions at the temple in the same day.
  • Minor fixes.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Minor text adjustments to tentacle combat to clarify it's action when it attempts to damage a chastity device.
  • Added a missing chastity parasite tentacle check and text.
  • Added additional checks in masturbation to prevent multiple actions of the same sex toy.
  • Fix for missing sex toy name when orally using it.
  • Playtime tooltip adjustment.
  • Removed a debug check at the lake pond.
  • Fixed an issue with the feats importer with the local storage slots.

Thanks to Kirsty for the following fixes:
  • The vending machine can now be properly reinstalled and restocked after Briar sells it off.
  • Science lessons will no longer explode due to errant ifs.
  • Remy will no longer clamp an iron collar over your iron collar.
  • Alex's parent will no longer call them their little girl/boy based on what's in their pants.
  • The streets have been rendered safe from creeps staring at you and slimes commanding you get your hands bound.
  • Practised practice and travelled travel.
  • Removed stray pixel on space buns.
  • Fixed a bug with the random clothing feat booster.
  • Hid empty underoutfit category in forest shop.
  • Added missing sleeve sprite for the school vest.
  • Valentine's Day will no longer display in the journal unless the player has unlocked Eden's Valentine event.
  • The player can no longer explore the markets while exposed.
  • Fixed a broken chef inline event.
  • Corrected some dialogue on Remy's farm to account for the player being gagged.
  • Fixed or removed many incorrect icons and link indentations.
  • Typo Fixes.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to collect semen during masturbation when dnenies or while wearing the chastity parasite.
  • Fixed an issue earslime commando demand not expiring.
  • Fixed bugs that prevented older outfits and wardrobes from including handheld items.
  • Feats later in a series but earned before prerequisite have been earned can now be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue with storing clothes outside wardrobes.
  • Fixed an event that didn't close properly at Alex's farm.

Thanks to Kirsty for the following fixes:
  • Added toggle to facewear category to layer facewear behind hair.
  • Added failsafe to prevent props from overwriting equipped handheld items.
  • Added current number of stolen underwear to the journal, under the "Inventory" category. Adjusted some colours for easier skimming.
  • Brothel vending machine fixes and code cleanup. Players whose vending machines were mistakenly marked as sold should see them back in the dressing room.
  • Told Whitney to stop talking about PC's penis and visibly aroused and bushy pussy. (Simplified a "Nice <>" remark so it reads more naturally)
  • Players will finally stop groping their naked breasts underneath their shortalls. (Corrected hand z-index to layer on top of the shortalls/pinafores and disabled the sprites for covering your breasts when wearing these clothes without a shirt underneath)
  • Lowered the default halo sprite to rest beneath the umbrella instead of clipping through it.
  • Fixed an incorrect link when ducking on the pirate ship.
  • Sleeve sprite fixes.
  • Fixed the player being able to ask Whitney for a smoke prior to meeting the requisite conditions.
  • Fixed an incorrect wearProp call
  • Continued removal/replacement of incorrectly used icons.
  • Adjusted fatigue values for relaxing at the wolf cave.
  • Corrected audience members of some Whitney events.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Fixed another issue with handheld items in the wardrobe editor.
  • Fixed the Medicine Drawer not being displayed when buying hair growth formula.
  • Fixed incorrect pronouns in a Bailey scene.
  • Prevented the player from flashing their butt when already exposed.
  • Fixed issues where Remy's Encroachmen showed up before ever visiting Alex's farm.
  • Fixed a minor pubic hair layer issue in the close images.
  • Fixed an issue with Eden sex after masturbating not properly ending the masturbation.
  • Fixed exposure and towel issue with Alex's farm.
  • Fixed incorrect passage of time at the docks.
  • Moved the message from hiding transformation parts to a more appropriate place.
  • Fixed an oversight that allowed access to the pillory when there was no one in it.
  • Fixed issue with the prison expecting you to work more hours than available after the intro scene.
  • Minor ear slime scene adjustment to clarify what dog it wants you to have sex with.
  • Formatting fixes.
  • Added alternate npc comments when the PC's orgasm is ruined. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Adjusted the plant npc orgasm comment checks to support female climax or ruined orgasms. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Added alternate orgasm text when forced to by the Wraith with a slime or urchin penis parasite. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Given the Wraith compound event priority over placing cameras in the compound. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Fixed the greenthumb trail still being included in the background randomizer/importer.
  • Fixed some wardrobes not having their name set.
  • Fix to only being able to drop the dildo after inserting it into an npc's vagina.
  • Fixed a bug that caused putting on a bathrobe to discard a bathrobe instead.
  • Fixed an issue with showing underwear.
  • Fix to giving birth to wolves while at the Prison, sending you to the Asylum.
  • Fix to being able to get free milk at the market.
  • Fix to an exit link in the spa being available when passing out.
  • Fixed combat errors.
Thanks to Kirsty for the following fixes:
  • Further vending machine fixes. Players whose vending machines were sold despite never setting up the machine to begin with should talk to Briar to kickstart the quest again (or for the first time).
  • Fixed broken sprites for the sundress.
  • Fixed broken links for the ear slime cafe eating event.
  • Fixed handheld items disappearing, for real this time.
  • Changed flavor text to be consistent regardless of when you've purchased the vending machine
  • Added left cover sprites for the new serafuku and school shirt.
  • Fixed sleeve alt images not changing
  • Back layer of hats will now layer in front of the back layer of umbrellas
  • Fixed "tuck behind hair" option for face items in the shops
  • Fixed natural hairstyle not tucking behind ears
  • Drinking milkshakes in the park will no longer teleport you to the beach
  • Milkshakes can be drunk and popcorn be eaten at any time of day
  • You can no longer evade the tutorial rapist by masturbating to max stress and passing out.
  • Sent workaholic Alex to bed.
  • Darkened ear sprite outline so it'll look better with hairstyles.
  • Fixed colours on back image sprites for defined curl and curly hairstyles.
  • Fixed mixels on microkini. Thanks to Hyomi.
  • Typo fixes and minor code fixes.
Thanks to Beta for the following fixes:
  • Removed ears from several hairstyles so they can be worn tucked behind ears or in front of ears.
  • Added missing back images for all down and half-up styles.
  • Fixed gaps in messy bun hairstyle.
  • Fixed back image sprites for thick ponytail.
  • Fixed missionary sprites for the star hairpin.

Monday 11 December 2023

Degrees of Lewdity version

This update adds a soft bad end out at sea. It also includes a bog area that connects the forest and moor, and improves parasites, among other additions and improvements.

The new soft bad end involves Zephyr and the pirates, who were introduced a couple of updates ago. Passing out at sea can now cause the PC to be "rescued" by the merry band, instead of washing up directly on the island. PCs of appropriate rank and grace can now be sent on a quest to the island by Jordan, unlocking a drier way to reach it.

The sea was always planned to have bad ends analogous to the forest's Eden and the wolf pack. The majority of sea content is still a ways off, but I'm glad to have more involved dangers out there.

The forest and moor are connected, but until now this wasn't represented in the game. The bog adds an alternative, potentially faster way to travel from the town to the deepest parts of the moor, but has dangers of its own. There are a few ways to discover it, one of which requires the PC build the field office during the hookah questline.

The ear slime now has more mundane commands for infected PCs, that they use to subtly increase their influence, softening the PC up ready for the gangbangs.

I'm hoping to release a small Christmas update soon. I hope you have a merry season!

Edit: Updated to, cleaning up debug code and fixing a bug.
Edit 2: Updated to, fixing bugs.
Edit 3: Updated to, fixing further bugs.
  • The PC can now embark on the pirate ship for a drier, more consistent way to reach the island.
  • Jordan can now give a quest to monks/nuns with maximum grace. This quest leads to the pirate ship, and the island.
  • Added a Added a new school hallways harassment scene for Whitney that makes use of the analingus toggle. Written by Meat Glacier and coded by Cutiland.
  • The "mock" combat action now becomes the "disparage" action for forgiven fallen angels, which has a 100% chance of correctly guessing the target's insecurity. Thanks to Charlie Studio.
  • Added the possibility to the player explore the market at Connudatus Street, where the PC can set up their stall. Upon choosing the option, the player will then receive a random event from the pool of events. Written by Kinky_One and coded by Cutiland.
  • Added an option for the PC to show their ultrasound pictures to Alex. Thanks to Cutiland.
  • Added pregnancy variations to four Alex scenes. Thanks to Cutiland.
  • Added a great hawk event. Written by embracethevoid and coded by AiHoshino.
  • The PC will now recognise the antique cucumber as "an old medical aid", if it had been described as such by Winter. Thanks to Isari.
  • You can now merge all feats earned in all local saves into a new game. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Added ticket icon for visiting the cinema. Thanks to Kuma.
  • Adjusted the position of the link in the tattoo removal passage. Thanks to Khaos423.
  • Adjusted work at the pound to flow better. Thanks to Tanny78.
  • Added icons to the women's toilet and beach icons. Thanks to Tanny78.
  • Added seasonal flavour variants for walks with Sydney on the beach. Thanks to numbersir.
  • Modified regular expressions to support Chinese characters. Thanks to numbersir.
  • Thanks to Lollipop Scythe, majou, Sn1waR, and Khaos423 for code improvements.
Thanks to Kirsty for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added the scorpion tails hairstyle and the gym shorts to the clothing shop. Thanks to Beta.
  • Added the school sweater vest, bowtie, and ribbon tie to the clothing shop, as well as breast sprites for the cheerleader top and damage states for the cheerleader skirt. Thanks to KG.
  • Added the shortalls to the clothing shop, as a lowerwear item so it can be worn with shirts. Sprites by Cyd, with some modifications by Kirsty.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added additional sources of pregnancy fame.
  • Added the All category link to the sex shop clothing links.
  • Added the ability to save the theme settings as global defaults.
  • The ear slime will now change its commands based on how the player first reacts to it, any lewd actions they do and how deep its influence on the player it has
  • Moved and adjusted the corruption characteristics display, so that both corruption and growth are displayed at the same time
  • Early on, the slime may now try to "ask" the player to do more mundane actions such as skip a class, cheat in exams, buy a specific item from the cafe, take a stroll by the lake, or even relax in a meadow.
  • Ivory wraith ear slime text additions.
  • The temple will now direct the player to the hospital if they have a chastity parasite.
  • Harper will now mention that the pc needs to remove the parasite on their penis when trying to change their penis size.
  • Added more complex orgasm support to Alex's farm and the underground farm.
  • Added additional chastity lines to masturbating in a Leighton scene.
  • Added the ear slime pod event to the tentacle plains.
  • Added a couple of simple ear slime events to the asylum.
  • Added the Parasite Chastity, breasts and genitals ear slime parasites side bar images, designed by Hyomi.
  • Added the Parasite Chastity and genitals ear slime parasites combat images, designed by Hyomi.
  • Forced commando details are now added to the Journal.
  • Started tracking how the player learned about their pregnancy.
  • Added alternate reveal text when Alex learns of your pregnancy.
  • Minor text changes when the player gives birth at Alex's Cottage.
  • Minor update to the pregnancy doc.
  • Minor changes to the info displayed when asking Alex to have a baby.
  • A Confessor at the temple may now weaken the ear slime and potentially remove parts of its external parasites.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added the bog, which serves as a one-way shortcut between the deep forest and deep moor. It can be discovered in a few different ways, either by a player with high history and moderate science and tending while passing by the lake waterfall, by asking Winter about the lake at the field office built during the hookah questline, or by being swept down the forest's river in a random event and failing the swimming check while deep enough in the forest.
  • Art for the bog location by Kuma.
  • River and bog icons by Kuma.
  • Removes the background colour of all location, weather, and time of day images, switching them to be handled by .css. This is temporary and will be replaced by Xao's work in the near future.
  • Added Medicinal traits, to show what pills are currently active on the pc.
  • Adjustments to the world map image. Thanks to Hyomi and Alulu.
Thanks to Midnight for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added ears slime interactions at the market. Thanks to arairon.
  • Clarified phrasing for displaying stats and clock when sidebar was closed.
  • In the OPTIONS menu, the sidebar stats and clock display now suggests its use when on mobile.
  • Stalking images are now responsive to screen size, and will no longer cause horizontal scrolling on thinner screens.
  • The journal overlay and journal map should now fit without scrolling on smaller screens.
  • Wardrobe is now responsive to screen size.
Balance Changes
  • Eden can no longer rescue the PC from Remy's farm. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following balance changes:
  • Made the gym shirt gender neutral.
  • Raised the limit on how much pregnancy fame you can increase to in the pub.
  • Forced commando will now block all lower underwear, unless in specific locations such as the school changing room or beach.
  • Being pregnant or having high pregnancy fame will now allow male pc's in the girls changing room when they appear female even with high crossdressing fame.
  • Re-balanced what clothes the slime allows the player to wear.
  • Re-balanced all the Sleep Events, and they may now occur at the temple bed.
  • Allowed ear slime Sleep Events to occur regardless of pc willpower.
  • Corruption will now never go below half of the slime's total growth.
  • Disabled some of the ear slimes forced masturbation actions when it requests the PC do something during it.
  • The ear slime may now encourage the player to play with their breasts with the pregnancy focus.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that allowed anything to be worn on non-school days. Thanks to arairon.
  • The player will no longer have a collar attached to their naked at the prison. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Typos and line break issues. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • The fixed an issue with the pillory and time. Thanks to Khaos423.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a Kylar scene triggering when intended. Thanks to Sommo.
  • Fixed a bug that broke the willpower difficulty display when meeting a group in the moor. Thanks to Edward.
  • Fixed some code confusion between sex toys in the left versus right hand. Thanks to Khaos423.
  • Fixed a bug that confused deviant and exhibitionist antics when confessing in the temple. Thanks to Khaos423.
  • Fixed confessing impurity not actually increasing the player's purity. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Fixed some instances of prison guard suspicion increasing when it was supposed to decrease. Thanks to Khaos423.
  • Fixed an encounter sprite bug involving the PC's contact lenses. Thanks to Khaos423.
  • Fixed an issue with the clock escaping the closed sidebar. Thanks to Midnight.
  • Fixed an issue where modifying $player.vaginaExist using cheaters would cause Chastity Vow to not be restored. Thanks to Sn1waR.
  • Fixed some stray pixels on the missionary sex sprites. Thanks to Hyomi and Kirsty.
  • Fixed incorrectly named variables for some hairstyles. Thanks to Kirsty.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the beast variant of the meeting notes event at the office.
  • Fixed a bug with the vending machine. Thanks to Khaos423.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Robin's introduction occurring on the bach. Thanks to salagadoola.
  • Fixed issues with the capitalisations of museum descriptions. Thanks to Isari.
  • Fixed a pronoun issue at the park. Thanks to Isari.
  • Fixed issues with numbered link navigation. Thanks to majou.
  • Fixed a formatting issue at the wardrobe. Thanks to Midnight.
  • Save descriptions should no longer overflow into several lines.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented + Attention from displaying in all the locations its supposed to. Thanks to Ybyx.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally broke the passage of time. Thanks to Xao and Ybyx.
  • Fixed an issue with the brothel. Thanks to Zingzing.
  • Thanks to PurityGuy, Lollipop Scythe, and Khaos423 for typo fixes.
Thanks to Cutiland for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with the PC's children.
  • Fixed one of the markets events not printing moneyGain correctly.
  • Fixed the journal displaying the wrong school start date.
  • Fixed a bug where PC could build a nursery in the Alex's cottage even if the child they're carrying is not from Alex.
  • Alex will no longer throw hay bales on pregnant PCs. Thanks to Cutiland.
  • Fixed a bug where PC could gain access to the orphanage ward by just having Alex's children.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Fixed issue preventing the player from taking their collar leash on or off.
  • Fixes issue preventing the player from automatically taking their pills in the temple.
  • Disabled re-buy for rag items worn during the museum bdsm events.
  • Fixed Leighton not unbinding the player when their right arm isn't bound.
  • Fixed an issue with dressing before the farm assault.
  • Fixed an issue with certain outfits being broken incorrectly. Special thanks to Khaos423 for reporting due to how difficult it was to trace.
  • Pregnancy fame no longer requires giving birth to first gain some.
  • Fixed an issue with the display skin colour for the Wraith's children.
  • Fixed an issue with the Masturbation stop link leading to non-existent passages.
  • Fixed an issue for the Winter Jacket having a lower maximum integrity than starting integrity
  • Fixed an issue with the funiture price factor resetting when starting a new game.
  • Fixed issues with the PC model in the characteristics menu related to breast parasites.
  • Fixed an issue with penis shrinkage/growth statistics.
  • Allowed the PC to masturbate on their bed when the slime prevents them from sleeping.
  • Fixed an issue with the dance skill not using the correct skill value.
  • Fixed an issue with willpower not returning the correct skill value.
  • Fixed an issue with the dance skill config.
  • Fixed an outfit issue with the All shop category.
  • Characteristics display fix for smaller devices.
  • Fixed an issue with missionary image code trying to load a doggy position image.
  • The blackjack dealer will no longer draw extra cards when you get a natural blackjack.
  • Fixed an issue with normal sizes penises being easier to choke on compared to larger penises.
  • Minor text change to the notes overlay.
  • Fixed incorrect title text from the options menu.
  • Fixed an issue with Housekeeping skill modifiers not being applied.
  • Fixed an issue with the gender cheat that would keep your non-existant penis covered in semen and other fluids.
  • Pregnancy reaction check adjustments for Sydney and Alex.
  • Added missing pregnancy dialog when leaving the school pool while pregnant.
  • Alex will no longer forget they told you about their pregnancy, when you give birth to another.
  • Fixed another case of being able to drink while pregnant in the pub.
  • Fixes to the variables being set for a pregnancy related to Alex.
  • Minor fix to skulduggery currentSkillValue, as it did not match the overlay math.
  • Fix for tentacles being unable to reach the smaller chastity cages.
  • Added the missing ear slime trait.
  • Fixed an issue with Diversity of Life being given to fathers when it shouldn't have.
  • Fixed a minor issue with My Timeless Collection of Feats being checked for hourly when it wasn't needed.
  • Fixes for the player becoming bald on hair being updated.
  • Fix for layers being able to access the Nursery while refusing to pay Bailey outside the orphanage.
  • Minor fix to the shop grouping buttons disappearing.
  • Re-balance to reduce how much heat/rut increases the skills relating to pregnancy.
  • Whitney will no longer grind into the pc's non-existent clit when bypassing your strap-on and added support for the new chastity item.
  • Minor pregnancy fix for older saves.
  • Minor fix for older saves.
  • Minor text fixes and code cleanup for the ear slime.
  • Fixed an issue found when escaping the dungeon with a good history grade.
  • Maths skill will now clamp as intended.
  • Added missing export warning controls.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the PC to take endless Penis Blocker pills.
  • Fixed a minor bug with social fame.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented ironman mode being disabled on the start parge.
  • Fixed a bug that cause ear slime events to occur when not intended.
  • Removed some debug code.
  • Formatting fixes.
Thanks to KnotLikeThis for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a cheat menu error when fixing or destroying all clothes.
  • Fixed incorrect message being displayed when losing guilty masochist or sadist traits.
  • Fixed an incorrect link at an event in the orphanage office.
  • Fixed the Radiant trait not displaying properly.
  • Fixed demon harpy wings being displayed when they shouldn't in combat.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • Fixed days as a monk resetting each time the game was loaded.
  • Fixed inconsistency with the Stockholm Syndrome: Great Hawk trait.
  • Fixed a reversed check for monsterperson Great Hawk.
  • Fixed a missing control widget when taking an exhibitionist action at the adult shop.
  • Fixed a crime error when breaking into the elk street compound.
  • Fixed an event with Sydney at the beach that was only taking 2 minutes instead of 20 minutes.
  • Fixed an error with the night monster while checking if it was a monsterperson.
  • Adjusted some text and descriptions in the Schism scene (and made the final encounter of it slightly easier)
  • Removed condoms from the Schism scene.
  • Fixed more pronoun errors in the temple, adult shop, and orphanage.
  • Fixed an error that occurs after failing to fight off the police officers that catch the player streaking in the park.
  • Fixed the attitudes menu misbehaving in the temple quarters.
  • Filled a plot hole in one of the confessional events. So many holes.
  • Fixed a few misleading grace displays.
  • Added more events to the pirate ship, and some antiques. The pirate ship is now accessible by passing out at sea instead of the island.
  • Added a Wraith interaction with the PC's children. Written by void and coded by PurityGuy.
  • Slightly increased the chance of stealing food on the island with almost max skulduggery. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Added leave and other link icons to several places. Thanks to Tanny78.
  • Added flavour text for Niki's studio that changes with fame. Can also reduce stress and trauma once a day. Written by WildUntammedFluffy and Tanny78.
  • Added a variation of the family talk with Alex for when neither they or the PC are on birth control. Thanks to Cutiland.
  • Added the "Lost Heirloom" feat.
  • Added more events involving the PC stripping at the beach. Coded by AiHoshino and written by Zortinga.
  • Thanks to AiHoshino and Ybyx for code improvements.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added Chastity alternatives for the Temple Vow tests.
  • Added some missing ear slime text. 
  • Added an ear slime scene alternative for when Sirris inspects the chastity parasite.
  • Added an English class event alternative when the chastity parasite is touched.
  • Highlighted some text when praying in the Moor.
Balance Changes
  • Makes exams easier for players with low delinquency, and harder for drunk or aroused players. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed red screen of death when certain blackjack sets fail to revive. Thanks to majou.
  • Fixed some Kylar pronouns being displayed incorrectly. Thanks to Cutiland.
  • Fixed money value in the brothel escort job scene. Thanks to Cutiland.
  • Adjusted linebreaksThanks to Khaos423.
  • Added a missing english skill up. Thanks to Khaos423.
  • Fixed an issue with a pregnancy check. Thanks to Khaos423.
  • Fixed a bug with the banish action. Thanks to Khaos423.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Ear Slime text fixes.
  • Fixed an issue with a Robin crossdressing scene not breaking the temple vow.
  • Span fix.
  • Gave the mannequin their own penis back.
  • Fixes to the Pirate bedroom and wardrobe.
  • Fixed and rounded several stats in Statistics.
  • Fixed a bloodmoon type.
  • Fixed a link for first class transit incorrectly advertising the amount of money it costs.
  • Fixed one of the ear slime masturbation events.
  • Removed an incorrect npc call to Zephyr.
  • Allowed the ear slime masturbation event when sleeping on the pirate ship.
  • Fixed an issue with Eden.
  • Fixed an issue with chastity checks being incorrect when Whitney returns the favour.
  • Removed the Skin Colour tooltip as it is inaccurate and no longer required.
  • Ear slime text fixes.
  • Fixed an issues when removing the ear slimes.
  • Fixed a layer issue with the ear slime in the sidebar character.
  • Fixed an issue with the penis escaping chastity belts in the sidebar character.
  • Fix to some sleep events occurring when they should not.
  • Fix to make sure nightmares cant destroy saves and become yet another nightmare.
  • Minor fix to the ear slime control during masturbation.
  • Fixed an issue with the PC's penis not being adequately accounted for during the ear slime check.
  • Fixed issues with some of the parasite penis and added several missed images.
  • Combat chastity option text adjustment.
  • Fixed issue that prevented the ear slime from increasing the pc's micro penis size.
  • Minor text fixes to Jordan talking about removing a chastity device.
  • Fixed an incorrectly named feat. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Fixed a broken link.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that made start screen sidebar buttons inaccessible in certain cases.
  • Fixed some loose NPCs on the island.
  • Added pregnancy checks to pirate drinking scene.
  • Fixed an issue with pirate settings.
  • Fixed an issue with tiredness on the pirate ship.
  • Fixed misdirected links during a Sydney scene..
  • Fixed a minor issue with ear slimes on older saves.
  • Fixed an issue with a chef masturbation scene.
  • Fixed an issue with the antique wooden figuring going missing from the museum.
  • Fixed a typo.
  • Cleaned up some debug code.
  • Fixed a broken link at the pub.
  • Added missing text found when asking Zephyr to return to the mainland as a mate, and when shoved against the bulkhead in the cabin.
  • Fixed an error found aboard the cruise ship during the pirate sequence.
  • Fixed some errors found during the pirate introduction sequence.
  • Fixed a bug that made Zephyr speak in code.
  • Fixed an error found when spanked by a pirate.
  • Fixed a Robin pronoun issue at the field office.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the PC getting their clothes back from the photographing pirate.
  • Fixed a bug that made a pirate event send the PC to the deck instead of the cabin.
  • NPCs heckling from passing cars will now take the PC's upper underwear into account.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Added error message for when a plant type isn't found during harvesting.
  • Fixed an issue with the ear slime scene in the cafe.
  • Fixed an issue with time not passing when building the islander mask.
  • Fixed some smaller issues with the new pirate content.
  • Fixed an issue when stealing clothes and being caught.
  • The Wraith will no longer take your daily pills.
  • Removed a mention of a penis in a Wraith scene when the pc doesnt have one.
  • Fix to being able to spar in the temple while bound.
  • Fix to being able to start with 2 ear slimes while not having both ear slime feats.
  • Purity boost trait text fix.
  • Fixed an error found during an encounter.
  • Ear slime lake fixes for exiting the lake.
  • Added missing xray parasite penis images.
  • The school trait will now be given from the start of a new game if the requirement to have it is met.
  • Removed an unintended old sewer exit.
  • The Whitney analingus even should no longer have such a disproportionate influence on Whitney's dominance.
  • Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for code improvements.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Moved the ruined orgasms setting toggle to the fetish tab.
  • Fixed error found in combat when holding someone's penis.
  • Fixed penis parasites not being removed by the free procedure at the Hospital.
  • Fixes for lewd clothes prices being too high.
  • Fix to being able to repeatly tell Jordan about the stolen spear.
  • Prevented the removal of ear slimes in the cheat menu when pregnant.
  • Minor fix to earslime commando checks when wearing crotchless panties.
  • Typo fixes.