Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Degrees of Lewdity version

This update adds Sydney the Faithful. They're a hardworking student, temple initiate, and love interest. It also adds a new option to stalk encounters, among other mechanical improvements.

Sydney assists the school librarian, and manages the new shop. They can also be found at the temple, performing their duties or simply in prayer. However, something lurks beneath their straight-laced exterior, waiting to be coaxed to the surface. Most love interests' behaviour changes depending on how you interact with them, but Sydney goes further.

NPC virginities are now tracked. This is important for Sydney as their purity is particularly relevant, but it applies to other characters as well. Many NPCs begin the game with one or more virginities already taken, depending on their experience. NPCs can now also wear chastity belts, though only those at the temple don them currently.

This was a much shorter gap between updates than normal, but PurityGuy has been working on Sydney for months. Making a character with so much interactivity is difficult, and no other love interest has debuted with this much content. A huge thanks to PurityGuy for his hard work!

Big thanks to the other contributors as well, including Lollipop Scythe, who's been busy under the hood, preparing future content and mechanics.

On another topic, I've added the "Confront" ability to stalk encounters, which forces the phase to end at once, but increases the chance of an assault. I wanted to include it last update, but pushed it back for time. I'm broadly happy with how the mechanics have been received, but there's lots of room for improvement. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Next update will add the prison.

Edit: Updated to, fixing bugs.
Edit 2: Updated to, fixing more bugs.
Edit 3: Updated to, fixing further bugs.
Edit 4: There's a problem with history controls in the current version, and setting them higher than 1 can break saves made at a shop or wardrobe. It's set to 1 by default, and hopefully isn't an issue for most. Sorry for the bother.

Patch notes
  • Added the "confront" action to stalk encounters, allowing you to face your pursuers at once. Slightly increases combat fame.
  • Added horse, cow, pig, dog, and chicken icons to Alex's farm. Art courtesy of SleepDage.
  • Added new text to science class to account for having your gender revealed when clothes are ripped. Thanks to GayRaccoon.
  • Made some adjustments to playing Blackjack with Wren. Winning will now list the options that are unavailable due to a lack of daring.
  • Adjusted the order of stats in the characteristics, statistics and cheat menus, so that "positive" and "negative" stats are listed together. Thanks to braymann.
  • Awareness is now presented in the characteristics menu like the other stats, with 7/7 representing max awareness. Thanks to braymann.
  • The journal will now show the current project at Alex's farm.
  • An alternative outcome can trigger when the PC's skirt is lifted during maths class while not wearing underwear should the PC have the Panic Attacks trait. Written in collaboration with ThatPersonOverThere.
  • Thanks to hwp, Jimmy, aimozg, and ANotNiceMouse for code improvements.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added a new NPC love interest, Sydney the Faithful, a fellow student, librarian's assistant, and temple initiate. They're particularly vulnerable to the PC's influence. Written with help from Crimson Tide, and additional scenes contributed by Kealoz, Fangi and Harcher.
  • Added a bookshop and school clothing shop to the school library.
  • Added Sydney's love, lust, and purity to the cheat menu.
  • Added full named NPC virginities that the PC can take, along with warnings when the PC is about to take one.
  • Added many more possible bodywriting lines for each love interest, including Sydney. The PC can write many of these lines on themselves. Written in collaboration with Kealoz and Crimson Tide, and coded in collaboration with Crimson Tide.
  • Kylar will react to bodywriting of any other named NPC, as well as their own. Written and coded in collaboration with Crimson Tide.
  • Kylar, Whitney, and Sydney can now write on the player during consensual encounters.
  • Books can now be rented from the school library for a passive gain to a school stat. Make sure to renew or return them in time.
  • School clothes can now be bought from the school library, though at a significant markup.
  • Added NPC chastity mechanics. NPCs at the temple may wear them.
  • The PC can now undress other NPCs during consensual encounters, if they have sufficient promiscuity.
  • A few special situations now allow an NPC to be submissive, allowing the PC to ignore promiscuity checks in consensual encounters.
  • Named NPCs will now be referred to by name during encounters, instead of title.
  • NPCs will be more consistently referred to by their pronoun in combat actions.
  • Added new random student dialogue in the library. Written in collaboration with Crimson Tide.
  • Added the "Sydney the Pure Hearted", "A Crime Most Foul", and "Love Trapezoids" feats, and adjusted the requirements for the "Love Triangles" feat.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added new random options for hair and eye color at the game's start.
  • Added a setting for minimum PC breast size.
  • Added the new micro penis size. It's hard to reach, and likely won't happen unless the players tries to induce it with a combination of parasites and pills.
  • Harper cannot enlarge a micro penis, though other methods still work.
  • Added some new masturbation text for micro penises.
  • Added a scene to Remy's farm.
  • Added another outcome to having an orgasm on the town's street.
  • Code improvements.
Balance Changes
  • Morgan can now remove ankle cuffs and arm bindings. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • It is now possible to sneak into the barn at night to milk yourself, even after becoming part-owner of the farm. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • "The Rival Estate" feat will now take irrigation into account, rather than the parasite barn. Thanks to oyea.
  • Successfully scolding the swine when pulled into the pen by your hair will now increase respect.
  • Adjusted the penis growth formula, increasing the impact of parasites. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
Bug Fixes
  • Receiving a blowjob from Kylar, or handjob from Whitney, after an encounter should no longer describe orgasm as if your penis was in the state it was during the encounter. Thanks to Rukarin.
  • The "hide" action text will now take multiple pursuers into account. Thanks to Rukarin.
  • Monster boys and girls will now longer carry bottles of lube.
  • Items NPCs are interested in should now be more reliably coloured when attending your market stall.
  • Fixed a problem with the promiscuity actions during the compound interrogation.
  • Ripping your clothing in science class without underwear will now impact your crossdressing and herm reputations, if appropriate. Thanks to GayRaccoon.
  • The stable project at Alex's farm will now be properly describe when in progress.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an hour to pass when milking yourself at Alex's farm, instead of thirty minutes.
  • Finding a police badge in the possession of a prostitution client will no longer show the same message every turn for the rest of the encounter.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented slime sleep events resetting when you defy it. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Thanks to GayRacoon for typos and minor fixes.
Thanks to oyea for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where monsters would be referred to as humans when performing certain actions.
  • Fixed a bug with certain scenes involving beasts that copied the beast's attributes onto human NPCs.
  • Fixed some issues with certain scenes where monsters would use the pronouns of human spectators, rather than their own.
  • Fixed an issue with the Underground Brothel Hunt referring to a dog's nonexistent penis.
  • Fixed a broken link when running nude in the park.
  • In combat, the Black Wolf and the Great Hawk will be referred to as such, rather than just "Black Wolf/Great Hawk"
  • Robin will no longer ditch school to meet the player at the orphanage.
  • Fixed a number of NPCs breaking free.
  • Improve the PC's voice recognition.
  • Exposing a fellow criminal during community service should now respect your dickgirl/cuntboy settings.
  • Other typos and minor fixes.
Thanks to Jimmy for the following fixes:
  • Leaving the clothing shop while wearing clothes you're trying on will now increase crime.
  • Fixed some issues with the swimming lesson timetable.
  • Fixed some issues with the school exam timetables.
  • Fixed a rare antique bug.
  • Added a wardrobe icon to one of the asylum room passages.
  • Removed unnecessary repeated text during the pillory scene in history.
  • Demon wing/tail flaunting options are now consistent with reality.
  • Girls' changing coom no longer exists.
  • Fixed a bug where an incorrect variable was used to determine genitals based on the NPC's gender.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • You will no longer get severe hallucinations the morning before the blood moon happens.
  • Stored outfits will no longer get broken by sending only part of it back to the wardrobe.
  • Added a fix for people who had genital variables mismatched at some point.
  • Milking yourself in Alex's barn will no longer always fill up a bottle no matter how much you produced, and milking your penis will no longer waste so much semen.
  • The player will now take off their blindfold if their arms are not bound after getting abducted by smugglers.
  • Fixed a bug that caused other NPCs to join in during encounters with named NPCs.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • Fixed Niki being listed in presets twice, and Wren not being listed at all.
  • There will no longer be an extra line break when Whitney intends to approach Robin at lunch. They were spoiling their plans!
  • Fixed a year-long bug caused by a single letter typo that was causing NPCs to do impossible things with their neck after the player moves their head to the NPC's chest.
  • Thanks to hwp for code improvements.
Bug Fixes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused men to carry purses instead of wallets. Thanks to Allison.
  • Fixed an error found when cumming in someone's ass. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Captured an NPC that broke free after groping the PC's ass on the street.
  • Hid some unfinished content. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Fixed an issue with the new Harper scene. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Fixed an error found during combat. Thanks to oyea.
  • Thanks to oyea for typo fixes.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • Fixed misplaced text when taking Robin's oral virginity outside of combat.
  • Fixed being able to choose love interest specific bodywriting with the starting bodywriting feat.
  • Fixed an error when initializing the chastity variables on persistent generic NPCs.
  • Fixed a few formatting issues in one of Sydney's scenes.
  • Fixed some cases of Sydney having pants where they really shouldn't.
  • Fixed inconsistent NPC Virginity establishment.
  • Sydney will no longer write "Sinner" on the player instead of something nice.
  • Sydney now actually goes to classes during the second and third school periods.
  • Sydney now has a higher max love threshold, and romance requires more love.
  • Sydney should no longer have their purity stat become hidden.
  • Fixed an error found when the PC undresses NPCs.
  • Fixed an instance of Sydney escaping the temple. They can't avoid their responsibilities that easily.
  • Fixed a softlock with Sydney in the temple.
  • The weather will no longer noclip through the roof via divine intervention when Sydney has a serious talk with the player.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause money to drop into negatives when buying glasses.
  • Fixed a bug found when Sydney removes your chastity belt.
  • The player can no longer dodge detention by leaving school with Sydney.
  • Fixed an error when any NPC approaches the player's butt.
  • Praying with Sydney now works as intended.
  • Typo fixes.
  • Thanks to oyea for typo fixes.
  • Fixed an error found in the Traits overlay. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • Virginity warnings should no longer appear if the PC isn't a virgin.
  • Fixed an error message.
  • Fixed a text issue with Sydney in the temple garden.
  • Fixed a case of Sydney's virginity not being protected, and a case of it not being assigned properly.
  • Hid some unfinished content.
  • Fixed an issue with repeating text when the player engages in vaginal sex.
  • Other issues.
  • Thanks to Crimson Tide for code optimisation.
  • Added a one-time reaction to Kylar seeing their name tattooed on you, decreasing jealousy. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
Balance changes
  • Robin's lemonade will no longer encourage rebelliousness among the orphans.
  • Waving back to students who recognise you will reduce less stress.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that prevented "Book Criminal >:(" being written on Kylar unless school was out of term. Thanks to Crimson Tide
  • Objecting to Alex's plans for their lab will now consistently reduce love.
  • The NPCs who the PC can model for on Domus Street should now respect gender sliders more consistently.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • Fixed Eden cumming so hard the game bugs out.
  • Fixed a pod of 0s being startled by the lifeguard that rescues you.
  • Fixed some pronoun issues with Sydney at the beach.
  • Changed Sydney's love in the cheat menu to properly show the new max value.
  • Hid unfinished content.
  • Expunged Girl's Changing Coom from existence again.
  • Fixed an error with certain vaginal actions.
  • Fixed persistent generic NPCs having their pronouns replaced with 0s.
  • Fixed Kylar being so jealous of Sydney that they softlock the game by dropping a book.
  • Fixed Gwylan using their witch powers to open a black hole when Robin walks into the forest shop.
  • Fixed some pronoun confusion with Sydney in the canteen.
  • Sydney will no longer accompany the player to the temple only to immediately go back to school.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to bsmith for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a rogue NPC unleashed when being groped in the street.
  • Barn and lab should no longer appear on the same line at alex's farm.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • Fixed another potential bug with named npc generation.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes monster people would have a default dog sprite.
  • Fixed a bug where delinquency decay would happen on the wrong days.
  • Gloryholes will once again require promiscuity 4 to enter.
  • Fixed a missing image error with the Shadbelly Coat.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Sydney properly asking an initiate PC if they want to walk to the temple. Thanks to mabordo and PurityGuy.
  • Fixed an error found when wearing the monster hoodie with a flat chest.
  • Fixed a bug with the collared molestation event. Thanks to braymann.
  • The keyhole dress is now considered feminine. Thanks to braymann.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • Fixed the player being unable to get their own semen on their right hand.
  • Sydney can no longer erase tattoos with their pen.
  • Fixed a duplicated line when getting Sydney off as they spank you.
  • Sydney should now refer to the player's chastity belt and clothing properly.
  • Fixed a potential issue with Sydney helping to clean the garden and quarters.

Friday, 20 August 2021

Degrees of Lewdity version

This update adds new mechanics for avoiding danger on the town's streets. It also includes a kennel for Alex's farm, new combat actions, and lots of additions to events in and around town.

Most encounters on the streets now begin with a "stalk" phase. Not all stalking will result in an assault, and the PC can run or hide should they have the stats. One goal is to make the shift from navigation to combat less abrupt. Being pushed to your knees while trying to get somewhere isn't ideal. I want the transition to feel more natural, if it can't be avoided.

Another goal is for experienced PCs to be able to end simple encounters quickly, while allowing those events to remain dangerous in some circumstances. Being covered in slime makes hiding more difficult, for example, and running becomes impossible if the PC's legs are bound.

Speaking of which, ankle cuffs have been properly implemented, allowing the PC's legs to remain bound between events and encounters. I wanted them in before the prison. They previously existed during one sequence, but I needed to adjust other parts of the game before they could become a full mechanic. They've been added to a handful of events, and angry NPCs might affix them to the PC during combat. Once they've removed any shoes in the way.

We had lots of responses to the survey. The content people want to see is interesting in particular. Pregnancy looks very popular. Improved art and animations also came up frequently. Thanks to everyone who took part, and to those who left a kind message!

You can view the survey results here. Thanks to Fangi for help preparing them. Note that the content suggestions aren't fully listed. 

One thing it indicates is people would prefer the game focus on character development and love interests over the traumatic life simulator aspects. I've seen some worry that this will derail the game's focus, but that's not what I've taken from the result. Love interests are either small lights in the dark, or twisted. Neither would work without the game's darker aspects.

Mason is the NPC people most want to see more of, but they only beat Bailey by a slim margin. Leighton also sticks ahead of the crowd in third place. Of the love interests, Robin comes ahead, with the black wolf in second place. The black wolf hasn't had new content for a long time, so that's unsurprising.

Next update will add a new NPC.

Edit: Updated to, fixing a bug.
Edit 2: Updated to, fixing more bugs.
Edit 3: Updated to, fixing more bugs.

Patch notes
  • Some encounters on the town's streets now begin with a "stalk" phase, allowing the PC to run or hide, among other options.
  • The kennel at Alex's farm can now be entered, and the hounds interacted with further. The option to train them appears once the kennel is upgraded. Written and coded in collaboration with anon.
  • Ankle cuffs now appear outside the dealer gang sequence, and can restrict the PC's movement in the greater game world. They can be removed at the museum.
  • Expanded human encounters to allow "stuck in wall" scenarios where the PC is taken from the front.
  • Added another event that can trigger when the PC passes out on the town's streets.
  • Added another threat to the moor for those with inappropriate footwear.
  • Angry NPCs may now shackle the PC's legs during encounters.
  • NPCs can now pull off the PC's shoes and legwear during encounters. The PC can now also remove their own shoes, socks, and thigh highs during encounters.
  • Added the option to meekly hold your arms behind your back during normal human encounters.
  • Expanded the penis and pussy inspection scenes with new options and reactivity, including the ability to join the line or remain seated in spite of gender appearance. Crossdresser and hermaphrodite fame will now interact with the scene. Thanks to hwp, with writing help from oyea and anon.
  • Monster boys and girls can now use their hands during combat.
  • NPCs with penises will now make the PC give them a boobjob under their own initiative, should the PC's breasts be large enough.
  • NPCs can now dislocate the PC's top and fondle their chest during the pillory punishment on Cliff Street.
  • Added plain thigh highs to the clothing shop.
  • Added a feet toggle to Settings.
  • Added the option to tell Robin you like being a cow. Thanks to anon.
  • Added body size and asphyxiophila to the cheat menu.
  • Added the option to submit when the PC's ass is groped on the streets. Requires high submissiveness. Thanks to larsrand.
  • The PC can now write more slutty and submissive lines on their skin at the mirror, if they meet the requirements. Thanks to larsrand.
  • Added the option to flirt when a student squeezes your bottom in the school hallways. Requires promiscuity and submissiveness. Thanks to larsrand.
  • Added the "shade" trait to some headwear, preventing passive tanning when worn.
  • Added an attitude that disables lewd stat decay. Not available on hard mode, as the decay is disabled already.
  • Added mirrors to the brothel and strip club. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Added new bodywriting lines to NPC and mirror repertoires. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Added more reactivity to encounter text here and there.
  • Added icons for swimming away from and towards the shore, for moving carefully through the forest and moor, and for mirrors. Art courtesy of anon.
  • Hints about antique locations will now be added to your journal, until the antique is discovered and discussed with Winter. Thanks to Annon173.
  • Added a numpad option to the SAVES/OPTIONS menu. Useful on mobile if links become unclickable due to translation software.
  • Thanks to ANotNiceMouse for improving market stall readability.
  • NPCs will now take a visible penis into account when commenting on the PC's orgasm, even if the PC looks female. Thanks to hwp.
  • Added an additional, higher tier to the asphyxiation slider. This tier gives NPCs a chance choke/strangle the PC instead of grappling their arms, and increases the likelihood that they choose to continue choking. Thanks to Annon173.
  • Many numbers in scenes are now written in prose rather than numerals. Thanks to aimozg and Crimson Tide.
  • Added ability to sleep somewhere other than the nest when in the castle tower. Thanks to Annon173.
  • Thanks to Rukarin for improving how named NPCs generate, allowing multiple named NPCs to appear in the same encounter.
  • Thanks to aimozg, note leven, Crimson Tide, ndarkflame, and hwp for code improvements.
Thanks to Crimson Tide for the following additions and improvements:
  • Gwylan can now rescue the PC in the first five tiles of the forest, unless you're being attacked by Eden or the Black Wolf.
  • Added new dialogue to the forest shop to account for the alternative greeting.
  • Added details to Eden's first rescue of the PC.
  • Added interactions between Eden and Gwylan, should both arrive to rescue the PC at the same time. Written with help from Khau.
  • Eden and Gwylan can now comment on each other.
  • Added another option when Bailey tries to collect.
  • The player can now cuddle Kylar after inviting them to the orphanage.
  • Allows the player to escalate their flirting with Kylar, which allows them to invite Kylar to the orphanage on demand. During school, they instead invite Kylar for sex in the bathrooms.
  • The PC can now ask Kylar for their underwear, making them go commando. Impacts all scenes involving Kylar's underwear.
  • Kylar now makes sure the PC cums, if they didn't during sex.
  • Kylar now has more sensible reactions to discovering the PC's genitals during encounters.
  • Code and formatting improvements.
Thanks to Khau for the following additions and improvements:
  • Eden will now make you wear clothes before leaving visiting the lake with them if you're exposed.
  • If Eden is set as a love interest, you can now operate in the clearing exposed regardless of exhibitionism, provided they're in the area with you.
  • If you're exposed while leaving Eden, or Eden is leaving you, they can prompt you to head inside the cabin or get dressed.
  • If you ask to join Eden's hunt while exposed, they will comment on it.
  • Adjusted the layout of options at Eden's cabin.
  • Added a counter for soaps and salves.
  • You now have the option to change into night clothes before joining Eden in bed.
  • You will no longer leave Eden's fixed clothes on the table before they've gone out hunting.
  • Added a description for looking around the cabin.
  • Creating soaps and salves will now update the menu accordingly.
  • Sweeping the floor will now update the menu accordingly.
  • If you made Eden a scarf, they will wear it while hunting in winter.
  • If you got Eden a hunting coat, they will wear while hunting.
  • Feeling safe in Eden's embrace will now reduce stress and trauma.
  • Added some flavor text for when examining the sleeping area while Eden is asleep, and joining them in bed.
  • Added the ability to relax in the cabin and clearing as a repeatable task.
  • Tidied up code at Eden's cabin.
Balance Changes
  • Mocking during the compound interrogation will now increase defiance.
  • Begging will now increase submissiveness more reliably.
  • Increased the combat fame gained when successfully fighting off pigs while being filmed at Remy's farm.
  • Reduces the exhibitionism fame gained when crossing the beach naked with your arms bound.
  • Eden is now guaranteed to rescue the PC the first time they're capable of doing so. Further rescues only happen half the time. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Bailey will now only wake the PC for school once per day.
  • Mooing at Robin now increases bovinity, maintaining the cow transformation. Milking your breasts or penis at Alex's farm now also now increases bovinity, but only if the PC already has the cow transformation.
  • Kylar will no longer write on the PC during consensual encounters. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • You will no longer be okay with being exposed in the cabin without the required exhibitionism points if you don't set Eden as a primary or secondary love interest. Thanks to Khau.
  • Fighting off dogs at Alex's farm while attempting to feed them will now raise respect.
  • Screaming no longer works while under the effects of aphrodisiacs.
  • The PC will now keep accessories on when stripping before working at the docks.
  • Panic attacks can now trigger during encounters with one NPC.
  • Halved the duration of panic paralysis during encounters.
  • Meek acts now reduce NPC anger.
  • Eden, Morgan and Kylar will no longer inform the police if you pepper spray them.
Thanks to Annon173 for the following balance changes:
  • Alex gains lust when the player sleeps in their bed, more if you're naked.
  • Alex lust raises when you flaunt to them in the Woodland event.
  • Biting penises now restores control. Successfully biting hands away also restores control, but reduces it on failure.
  • Added the ability to clear fields without Alex when there is no other work to do, including at night, just much slower.
  • Screaming for Alex will no longer work while Alex is sleeping.
  • The great hawk might now fail to notice escape attempts while sleeping.
  • While being hunted by the great hawk, entering an underground passage will help you get further from your pursuer.
  • Lowered the promiscuity requirement for gloryholes, and the "comfortable prostituting" toggle now also allows them.
Bug Fixes
  • Eden will no longer be surprised to find you in the cabin after an extended absense, should they have just rescued you.
  • Plugged a hole in the seams between classes.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented penises from displaying in the chest close up window.
  • The microkini will now properly cover enormous breasts.
  • The monk or nun being pulled by a cord should now respect the victim toggle.
  • Riding to town will now take the proper length of time after saddling a new horse.
  • Fixed a bug that preventing dogboys and doggirls from knotting the PC.
  • Fixed an error that made the General tab of settings inaccessible on some saves.
  • Fixed a bug that capped net proficiency lower than intended.
  • Masturbating in class next to Robin is now an Exhibitionism 5 act.
  • Shoving a molester on the street will now correctly indicate that it increases pain.
  • Losing your chastity belt during an encounter should no longer break the NPCs holding it.
  • The trance assault in Harper's office can now end if the NPCs' arousal maxes, or health hits zero.
  • The farm introduction will now take the human gender slider into account when generating monsters.
  • Removed the underscoe from "Law breaker" bodywriting.
  • The options to buy Halloween costumes for Robin will now indicate the price.
  • Fixed a grammar issue with cowboy chaps.
  • Fixed an error found after pocketing the change when Alex asks you to pick up groceries.
  • Telling students that you aren't in a relationship with Kylar while Kylar is present will now indicate that it increases jealousy.
  • Riding to the farm on horseback will now increase fatigue.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause items to disappear. Thanks to ANotNiceMouse.
  • You can now pass out in the barn at Alex's farm.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent certain events from triggering in the underground brothel.
  • Fixed a soft lock found while interacting with Whitney in the park.
  • The PC will no longer remain bound when being rescued from the pillory in history class by Robin.
  • Fixed a bug that could break pain.
  • The dog that assaults a collared PC on the streets at night at their master's behest will no longer become human. Fixed a formatting error in the save event. Thanks to hwp.
  • Added a few missing pixels to the miniskirt.
  • Fixed a bug that made the effects of covering a bodypart last for the rest of the encounter.
  • The horse encounter at the riding school should no longer trigger if horses are disabled.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent ambient events triggering on the moor.
  • Whitney should now remember your genitals if they see them during the parasite scene in the hallways. The scene should also impact school reputation. Thanks to GayRaccoon.
  • Whitney's demand that the PC use a particular bathroom will now take hermaphroditism into account. Thanks to GayRaccoon.
  • Fixed some pronoun issues with Winter and Robin during history class. Thanks to hwp.
  • Irrigated fields no longer need to be watered right after planting. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Catching lurkers on the farm will now improve net skill. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Fixed an issue with the factory's produce calculations. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Having a hoddie pulled down should now display hair properly. Thanks to aimozg.
  • Monster hoodie sleeve accessories should now display. Thanks to aimozg.
  • Distracting a student in the library should now take skirts into account. Thanks to note leven.
  • NPCs should no longer change the pronouns they use for the PC mid-encounter, without reason. Thanks to note leven.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented NPCs from commenting when the PC has an orgasm. Thanks to hwp.
  • Changes to Alex's dominance should now be presented as such, rather than a generic "+ NPC Dominance". Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Screaming for help on Alex's farm will no longer advertise whether the scream will be effective or not. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Thanks to Crimson Tide for minor fixes.
  • Thanks to note leven for typo fixes.
  • Thanks to anon for typo fixes.
  • Thanks to klorpa for minor fixes.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a few more bugs found when trying on clothes at the shop.
  • Outfits that you separate yourself will no longer get automatically rebought when they break.
  • When sleeping in Alex's cottage, your clothing will no longer disappear when you refuse Alex's sexual advances, or when they wake you up for Remy's attack.
  • You will no longer remain bound after Robin saves you from the pillory event in history class.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the panty stealing event from working properly.
  • Kylar will no longer mention the prodigious girth of your penis in their poem if they've never seen it before.
  • Fixed a problem with how business fame affects how much produce is sold each day at the factory.
  • Fixed a bug with transformation decay.
  • Heels will now give the penalty to physique and athletics on Alex's farm again.
  • Fixed a problem when surrendering your clothes while dancing.
  • You will now automatically take your pills when at Alex's cottage or Eden's cabin.
  • Fixed a bug where eerie clothing will not be reequipped when getting dressed after sleeping.
  • You will no longer have the option to show the stolen card to the Compound guards after you've already discovered the compound.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause swimming class to end extremely early if you got a spare swimsuit from Mason.
  • The "semen produced" stat will no longer have so many trailing digits.
  • You will no longer have the option to endlessly agitate Remy's steeds when playing Blackjack with Wren.
  • You can no longer flip over during the brothel horse show.
  • Added a fix for anyone who still might have negative locker room suspicion for the panty stealing event.
  • Your facewear will no longer randomly break after Remy's assault is complete.
  • The game will no longer say you lost your oral virginity to a "bullboy" when it was actually a normal bull.
  • Fixed a bug where all of your clothing would vanish into thin air when Mason takes you to detention for arriving at class too late.
  • You can now investigate the sex machine at the brothel on days where you aren't starring in a show.
  • Fixed some duplicated dialog when getting caught masturbating in History class.
  • The Green Thumb trait and Seedy feat will now require all 16 seeds instead of just 11.
  • Any purity gained or lost by taking care of your parasites is now affected by any holy clothing you're wearing.
  • Fixed a bug where choosing to wear random clothing will sometimes break outfits in half.
  • Slime parasites on your clit will no longer look like an urchin parasite.
  • Fixed a problem when an npc initiates a titfuck.
  • Fixed some npcs that would refer to your nonexistent chastity belt after they orgasm.
  • The tower security guard's security skill now has a cap and will no longer increase infinitely.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to Khau for the following fixes:
  • Eden will no longer invite you to bed past 3 am.
  • Eden will no longer remove their clothing during an encounter in the bath despite already naked.
  • Fixed some pronoun issues during the event where Eden returns from hunting injured.
  • Fixed some formatting for the the event where Eden returns from hunting injured.
  • Massaging Eden will now only use one jar of salve per night.
  • Fixed an issue with Eden not stealing glances at you despite being exposed.
  • Seducing Eden while dancing and following through will now increase love.
  • Added missing indications for love and lust indications for the dance seduce finish scene.
  • Added the 'easier to seduce' tip to the dance seduction scene.
  • Added missing indications that the farm rescue increased Eden's dominance.
  • You can no longer seduce Eden indefinitely while dancing. Again. I don't know why my previous fix disappeared.
  • Fixed an issue with Eden escaping the clothes fixing event.
  • Stopped Eden from escaping during their Halloween and Christmas events.
  • Fixed an issue with Eden not offering for you to fix their cabin during November.
  • Typo fixes.
  • Settings presets can now be accessed after the start of the game. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for code improvements.
Balance Changes
  • Slowed passive tanning. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Reduced delinquency decay when missing lessons.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed some broken links, logic, and other issues during the Leighton inspection scenes. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed some issues with the wardrobe when using the older style. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Fixed an issue with the phallus plant and virginity. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Fixed a bug that would distract NPCs when they tried to strip the PC's bottoms.
  • Fixed a bug that made covering actions bratty when they were supposed to be meek, and vice versa.
  • Fixed a softlock found when successfully hiding from stalkers.
  • Fixed an error found when trying to call Alex for help. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed an error found when turning an antique into the museum without first hearing the hint.
  • Releasing animals and managing the perimeter at Alex's farm can no longer be done in the middle of the night.
  • Fixed an error found when being written on. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Fixed a leak in Alex's roof.
  • Added the option to leave the kennel without first performing another act.
  • Fixed a bug that made Briar unlock brothel shows sooner than intended.
  • Fixed a bug that made stalkers more likely to attempt to strip the PC than intended.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented most events triggering when chasing someone during stalk encounters.
  • The PC will now be appropriately embarrassed if someone snatches their towel during stalk encounters.
  • Fixed an error found when chasing someone across the street during stalk encounters.
  • Fixed a number of issues with the encounter sprites caused by the "Hold behind back" action.
  • The black wolf and great hawk should now use their arms in monster form.
  • Refusing to get in Avery's car will now increase rage as indicated.
  • Fixed a bug that made NPCs far more aggressive than intended during stalk encounters.
  • Fixed an image bug found during stalk encounters.
  • NPCs will no longer act after successfully running or hiding during stalk encounters.
  • Unbinding your arms will no longer free your legs, while leaving the cuffs on.
  • Thanks to Jimmys for a typo fix.
Thanks to Crimson Tide for the following fixes:
  • Adjusts some Gwylan scenes to be more consistent with each other.
  • Gwylan no longer bursts through the trees and runs away over and over again.
  • Fixes a link that linked to a passage with the wrong name.
  • Adds a new Kylar scene to replace one that relied on feet, for if feet are toggled off.
  • Kylar will no longer softlock while trying to answer your riddle.
  • You can no longer infinitely kiss Kylar at the fountain.
  • Stalking events will now properly check your love interest. They will no longer ignore Kylar if Robin or Whitney is also a love interest.
  • Typos and pronouns.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • Putting your hood down while wearing a hoodie will no longer prevent your hair from contributing to femininity, even after changing clothes.
  • The game will now tell you that you need more money to build the greenhouse if you don't have enough.
  • Resisting Remy when they try to milk you despite having no milk will no longer make the game reference your penis if you don't have one.
  • You will now get out of swimming class at 3:00 instead of 2:59.
  • Fixed an error found when using the wardrobe.
  • Changed a few numbers to prose, rather than numerals. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Reworked ankle cuffs.
Balance changes
  • Made stalkers more likely to attack.
  • Reduced the impact of opposing Bailey on Remy's encroachment.
  • The kennel upgrade no longer agitates the steeds.
Bug Fixes
  • Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for fixing a wardrobe issue.
  • Audiences should no longer be able to casually keep up with you when chasing a clothes thief.
  • Wren will no longer try to take your ankle cuffs during strip Blackjack.
  • You should no longer be offered a foot massage in the park if feet are disabled.
  • The footstool scene will now be skipped if feet are disabled.
  • Cuddling Kylar will no longer clone them.
Thanks to Jimmys for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an error found when writing on yourself in the mirror.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the right hand from covering your penis if already covered.
  • Fixed bugs that presented covering actions as meek when actually bratty.
  • Masturbing in history class should now be an exhibitionism 4 act if Robin is not sat next to you.
  • Fixed a bug that pervented the "cover ass" action from appearing for your right hand.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the PC writing "Hot" on their body.
  • Fixed a bug that broke NPC descriptions and pronouns during stalk encounters.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to bsmith for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an issue displaying the number of people at the temple.
  • Added a bed icon when stripping to get in Alex's bed.
  • Sleeping naked in Alex's bed now gives the correct amount of lust.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs that made the PC respond inappropriate to willing actions. variable going rogue.
  • NPCs can no longer remove your naked from your legs.
  • NPCs will no longer attempt to stroke a female PC's penis.
  • Fixed error when asking about antiques at the museum.
  • Unbinding yourself in your room will now remove ankle cuffs.
Thanks to Crimson Tide for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an issue found when people realise you're crossdressing.
  • The cheats menu now correctly refers to your nonexistent chastity belt, rather than your nonexistent under bottoms.
  • Corrected some more instances of "+NPC Dominance" in Eden's cabin and on the farm.
  • Sleeping away from the Great Hawk now correctly indicates that it decreases Stockholm Syndrome, if you don't already have the trait.
  • Gloryholes now correctly indicate that they require Promiscuity 2, rather than 1.
  • Fixed some red text when you're stopped from entering the shop. Text also flows more smoothly if you only have one day left.
  • Fixed an error found at the museum.
  • Minor typo, pronoun, capitalization and punctuation fixes.
  • Added a rest option for the PC's legs while submerged in water. Thanks to Jimmys.
  • Thanks to hwp for code improvements.
  • Added a separate toggle for divine transformations. Thanks to note leven.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that allowed teasing Kylar to escalate like if you had flirted.
  • Fixes an incorrect exhibitionism check during Leighton's inspection. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed a bug that could break tending plots and fields.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the more involved NPC orgasms triggering.
  • Milking yourself at the barn at night can no longer be used to avoid passing out from midnight stress increases.
  • The PC will no longer remain choked when another monster takes over during a gang encounter.
  • Fixed some graphical issues with the flat pony tail and straight hairstyles. Thanks to Zazaky.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong adjectives to pop up. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed a bug that broke gender appearance when the PC was perfectly androgynous. Thanks to hwp.
  • Alex's parent will no longer be referred to as a boy or girl.
Thanks to Bathory666 (with help from oyea) for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a deviant option at the kennel on Alex's farm that was available without appropriate deviancy.
  • Fixed a soft lock at the kennel on Alex's farm.
  • Fixed a monster people/beast mix up.
  • Fetch and race events should now impact respect as intended.
Thanks to Jimmys for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a soft lock at Alex's kennel.
  • You can no longer buy dog treats from the pet shop while breaking in at night.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the PC to attend community service at any hour.
  • Fixed a bug that deleted your clothes in the forest shop.
  • Fixed an error found at the great hawk's tower.
  • Fixed a large number of capitalisation inconsistencies in links.
  • Typo and minor fixes.
Thanks to oyea for the following fixes:
  • Prostituting yourself for rubbish during community service will now end the encounter.
  • Kylar will no longer produce an infinite amount of panties if you've already taken them that day.
  • Failing to climb a wall while chasing someone will properly increase their distance.
  • Fixed a bug where + Farm Yield was awarded without doing the required action.
  • Dogs in the kennel should now react appropriately to the wolf transformation.
  • Fixed a bug causing two catsuits, and two Wrens, to appear at the docks.
  • Typo fixes.

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Degrees of Lewdity version

This update adds community service as an alternative punishment for criminals. It also adds Robin to history class, and shenanigans to the pool changing rooms, among other events and features.

The town's police have been sentencing criminals to the pillory since version 0.1. It was always meant as the moderate punishment. The prison will handle hardened criminals, but I wanted something for the other end of the scale as well. Community service might sound less dangerous than the pillory, but it can put the PC in vulnerable situations if they're incautious or unfortunate.

The pool lockers can now be raided once a certain pervert makes the PC an offer. Mason keeps a close watch though. Stealing too much could have consequences.

Robin will defend the PC during history class if they're able. I increased the likelihood of the pillory event triggering to compensate, but history class will still be less dangerous if they're present. Particularly if they're feeling confident.

Running the farm should be a bit easier. The fields can now be irrigated, and produce sold in bulk. Clearing the first three fields is faster as well. Deviant PCs can now show off their horse at the brothel, an option I wanted to include last update, but pushed back for time.

Aside from the prison, we have the new named student coming up. I'm already thinking about this year's Halloween update as well.

Thank you!

Edit: Updated to, fixing bugs.

Patch notes
  • Less prolific criminals will now be sentenced to community service instead of the pillory.
  • Robin now attends history class with the PC. Written in collaboration with Harcher. Includes a harassment scene written with help from Fangi and AVeryChillDoctor.
  • Added a bodywriting event to the pillory punishment.
  • Added a low level skulduggery option to the school. Becomes available about a week into the game.
  • Added a scene with Mason to the changing rooms.
  • Added a horse show to the brothel. You need to supply your own horse.
  • Alex's farm now has its own location images. Art courtesy of mochi.
  • Added the option to wait for the boys/girls to leave at the end of the swimming lesson if the PC is crossdressing. Thanks to hedpets.
  • Added a way to remove bindings in your bedroom at Alex's cottage.
  • Added "underwear stolen", "sentenced with community service", and "sentenced with the pillory" to the statistics overlay.
  • Added a few beast bodywriting lines, and several lines for criminal PCs. Criminal lines reduce trust when read.
  • Added the retro top, utility vest, utility vest with shirt, retro trousers, and retro shorts to the clothing shop. Art courtesy of namelessone.
  • Added the monster hoodie, school swim top and school swim bottoms to the clothing shop. Art courtesy of lifeAnime.
  • Added a keyhole dress to the clothing shop. Art, including the icon, courtesy of Harto.
  • Added new images for larger breast sizes to the chest window. Art courtsey of sseshess.
  • Boobjobs are now displayed in the chest window for the remaining sizes. Art courtesy of sseshess.
  • Added icons for swimming, walking, and running to the forest, moor, park and beach. Also added icons for the lake, the orphanage flower patch, beds, and wardrobes. Art courtesy of anon.
  • Added new art for cycle shorts, breeches, cowboy chaps, gym bloomers, jeans, denim shorts, khakis, sailor shorts, sailor trousers, school shorts, school trousers, shorts, sweatpants, and trousers. Includes damage variants and icons. Art courtesy of Anon.
  • Added booty jorts to the clothing shop. Art courtesy of Anon.
  • You can now turn yourself in at the police station for a reduced sentence.
  • Added scenes that trigger when the PC turns up very late to swimming class, within the last ten minutes. Thanks to ANotNiceMouse.
  • The market inventory can now display more information, and displays as a table. The information available depends on maths skill. Thanks to ANotNiceMouse.
  • Added an event to the town's streets.
  • Thanks to note leven for a change that should make development easier.
  • Added an option to skip the spoiler warning in the Extra Stats menu. Thanks to hwp.
  • Adjusted the sidebar layout to make better use of space. Thanks to note leven.
  • Added the "defined curl" sides hairstyle. Art courtesy of Koko.
  • Added the "Mason's Shame", "Social Contract", and "Bent Copper" feats.
  • Thanks to ANotNiceMouse for code improvements.
  • Improved the code at Eden's cabin. Thanks to note leven.
  • Improved error reporting. Thanks to aimozg.
  • Added a development tool. Thanks to aimozg.
  • New renderer features that can be used to generate special effects in the future. Thanks to aimozg, with help from hwp.
  • Added code that allows the PC's hair to be properly encased in clothing, and applied it to the hoodie hood. Thanks to aimozg.
  • Thanks to hwp for refactoring combat code, and other code improvements.
  • Thanks to ANotNiceMouse for refactoring the school changing room code.
  • Improved the code responsible for the school schedule. Thanks to note leven.
  • Thanks to note leven for other code improvements.
  • Thanks to aNotNiceMouse for code improvements.
  • Thanks to note leven for making the image files take up less space.
Thanks to Khau for the following additions and improvements:
  • Eden now has a chance to come onto you while you're fixing their cabin.
  • Eden now has a chance to come onto you while you're making breakfast.
  • You can now seduce Eden while dancing.
  • If you've made soap, you can now use it while bathing Eden.
  • If you've made salves, you can now use them while massaging Eden.
  • Eden can now be injured while hunting as a one-time event. Written in collaboration with krystalwithak.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following additions and improvements:
  • You can now sell produce in bulk on Harvest Street.
  • You can now masturbate in Alex's shower.
  • Added irrigation upgrades to Alex's farm, costing £5000 and 3 days per field.
  • Added a means to capture lurkers during farm events.
  • Allows you to sleep naked in either bed at Alex's farm.
  • The ear slime can now prevent the PC from wearing anything when sleeping at Alex's farm.
Balance Changes
  • Entering the opposite sex changing room while crossdressing will now increase arousal. Stress will also increase if the PC has a reputation for crossdressing. Thanks to hedpets.
  • Alex's breakfasts now reduce fatigue.
  • Remy will no longer remove existing tattoos when you pass out while a prisoner at their estate.
  • Studying in class while waiting for lesson to begin will now increase understanding proportional to the time spent. Thanks to note leven.
  • Sleeping naked or only wearing underwear, pajamas or eerie accessories now further reduces fatique. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Watching a stray cat chase a leaf now reduces stress.
  • Wearing the hair pin will now increase hair growth throughout the day, rather than just at midnight. Thanks to braymann.
  • Bailey will now only visit the cottage at night for their payments if overdue by two or more days. Thanks to ANotNiceMouse.
  • You can now continue to rest at the stables after unlocking the cottage if there's not much else to do. Thanks to ANotNiceMouse.
  • Unlocked fields at Alex's farm are now easier to tend before unlocking the cottage.
  • Increased the chance that Winter will demonstrate the pillory during class.
Bug Fixes
  • You should now be able to walk around Eden's cabin naked should Eden be a love interest.
  • Refusing to pay Bailey should now increase defiance.
  • Making Bailey cum when defending another orphan from them can now reward the "Bailey's Trouble Maker" feat.
  • Fixed a bug that made stress increase much faster as fatigue exceeded 50%, and could cause a soft lock at Remy's farm.
  • The PC can now finish tending the woodland without Alex's help.
  • The greenhouse at the orphanage and the shower at Alex's farm now count as indoors. 
  • Traveling to Alex's room from the PC's bedroom is no longer faster than the return trip.
  • Daydreaming in swimming class will no longer improve status.
  • Fixed an error found when Jordan slices off the chastity belt.
  • The dog at the beach should now respect settings.
  • Pillows are no longer bought with dollars.
  • Fixed an error found when wearing a necktie. Thanks to note leven and aimozg.
  • Fixed an error with the blackjack that can cause scores to be wrong.
  • Capturing creatures will no longer magically turn them into lurkers.
  • Changes to Briar's love during brothel shows will now be indicated.
  • Fixed a layering issue with legwear on encounter sprites.
  • Thanks to bmsith for typo fixes.
  • Demanding a show from Alex will now decrease their dominance, rather than increase it.
  • One of the NPCs who capture you on the beach will no longer mix up your genitals with your chastity belt.
  • Farm improvements that reduce the rate encroachment increases no longer reduce the rate it falls.
  • Undertop sleeves should no display while a top is present. Thanks to aimozg.
  • Torrents of water in the storm drains should now soak your clothes if they leave a slime atop you.
  • Getting angry after Alex pulls you onto the dirt in the fields should now decrease love rather than increase it.
  • Tentacles should no longer be able to attack at the orphanage flower beds while tentacles are disabled.
  • Fixed an issue with Eden not catching you while you have a solo session in the spring. Thanks to Khau.
  • Fixed some npc widget issues with Eden. Thanks to Khau.
  • Avery's hot tub will now wash off lewd fluids and such.
  • Points towards the cow tranformation should now cap in the cheat menu.
  • The initiate being disciplined at the temple will now follow the victim slider.
  • Thanks to DitFranXX for fixing a compile problem.
  • Fixed a bug that caused permanent marker, lipstick and mud to transform into regular ink.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent NPCs from commenting on rapey bodywriting.
  • The PC should now hand over the unworn gold chastity belt for Winter to examine, should they also be wearing one.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented NPCs commenting on the PC's orgasms. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Kissing Alex during breakfast will no longer make the PC feel terrible.
  • Fixed some pronoun issues found when hacking Bailey's computer.
  • Fixed an issue with the settings importer. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Fixed an incorrect cost for the parasite barn farm upgrade. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Going to bed naked will no longer remove eerie accessories. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
Thanks to note leven for the following fixes:
  • Remy should no longer be referred to by Eden's pronoun during the rescue at their estate.
  • Fixed an issue with the new clock widget.
  • Fixed an issue at the mirror found when possessing the bird/harpy transformation.
  • Fixed a bug that made sadism reduce trauma less than intended.
  • Fixed a softlock at the school pool.
  • Attending your lesson at the 59th minute in an hour will no longer cause you to arrive later.
  • Masturbating at 58+ minutes into a lesson no longer restarts the lesson.
  • Fixed penis size display on the character creation screen.
  • Fixed an issue with the Robin milk scene.
  • Fixed an error found in the farm guard scene.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented female NPCs having flat chests.
  • Fixed a bugged widget.
  • Typo and minor code fixes.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • Kylar won't show up in the park for Halloween way earlier in the day than intended.
  • Lurkers will no longer be missing descriptions in encounters.
  • The skill level of your guard will be shown properly during Remy's raid.
  • Wren will no longer be confused about who will sit in whose lap.
  • Changed the wording on the "uncomfortable prostituting to help avoid Bailey's torments" option to be more obvious about whether it should be checked or not.
  • You can now prostitute yourself when offered at the cafe when you have that setting enabled.
  • Fixed a problem with some animals having the default dog sprite in multi-beast encounters.
  • Fixed some scenes where tentacles can be encountered despite not hallucinating.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player's sprite to not cover themselves with the demon wings.
  • Fixed a problem when getting caught masturbating in the swimming lesson.
  • Robin will no longer expect you to help them at their stand with your arms still tied.
  • Fixed some problems with the scenes where Whitney strips you in the halls.
  • Kylar will now mention the "prodigious girth of your penis" when reciting their poem in front of class, as intended.
  • Students in the swimming lesson will no longer be able to directly lick your nipples through your swimwear.
  • Fixed a couple lurker events that ignored the new lurker toggle.
  • You can get into the compound by showing any phials you're selling, instead of having to break in every time.
  • Fixed a bug where having an outfit stolen in an encounter will make the automatic rebuy order the bottom half twice.
  • Stolen clothes with a custom color will keep that custom color when auto rebuy orders a new one.
  • Fixed an error in the wardrobes when discarding clothing.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause lower clothing to disappear when taking off a broken top of an outfit at the wardrobe.
  • The feathered hairclip, catsuit, and holy stole are included in the special clothing feat boost.
  • Fixed a bug where your halo wouldn't disappear after losing your virginity if you didn't have the full angel transformation yet.
  • Whitney will no longer escape the pillory to hang out at the park.
  • Fixed a typo when cleaning people in the pillory.
  • Fixed some instances where you'll gain twice as much fame after an encounter ends.
  • Fixed some errors in the Great Hawk's tower.
  • Milking your penis at Alex's farm will no longer say it increases farm yield if you end up filling a bottle instead.
  • The phallic plant in the moor will now have a warning when you're about to lose a virginity.
  • The game will no longer say that Alex is talking on the phone when they're actually clearing a field.
  • Eden will now always remove your gag after rescuing you from Remy's farm.
  • Choosing to wear a sleeping/swimwear outfit when you don't own a piece of the outfit will no longer cause what you're currently wearing in that slot to get sent to the wardrobe and potentially get broken.
  • Breaking into the police computer will get rid of the intended amount of crime.
  • The pillory can now properly handle women with dicks and men with vaginas being locked in it.
  • Fixed a problem where the night creature's genitals could change between encounters.
  • You can no longer seduce Eden indefinitely while dancing. Thanks to Khau.
Thanks to ANotNiceMouse for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an event in a home on Domus Street that referred to the PC's actual, rather than apparent, gender.
  • Alex will no longer teleport to the yard to pay the PC while sleeping, or in the shower.
  • Fixed a broken outcome found when attending pussy inspection with a penis. Thanks to ANotNiceMouse.
  • Fixed some issues with changing room occupancy desynchronising from the changing rooms themselves.
  • A new class should no longer materialise in the school pool between 14:51 and 14:59.
  • Named NPCs will now remember the PC's genitals after seeing them during encounters.
  • Thanks to Crimson Tide for code improvements.
  • Thanks to ANotNiceMouse for code improvements.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed some Alex pronoun issues after clearing the fifth field at Alex's farm.
  • Typo fixes and adjustments to one of the new Mason scenes. Thanks to ANotNiceMouse.
  • Going back to the changing rooms now passes time. Thanks to ANotNiceMouse.
  • Fixed a formatting error. Thanks to ANotNiceMouse.
  • Added the correct images for booty jorts.
  • Thanks to Crimson Tide for finding lots of typos.
  • The "Sentenced with community service" statistic should now increment.
  • Fixed an error message found when lowering the monster hoodie hood, or when the monster hoodie skirt is damaged.
  • Fixed a bug that blocked access to the factory on Harvest Street.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a bug found when someone tries to pull your mask off with both hands.
  • The option to ignore Alex when they're sneaking glances at you will no longer say that it gives more lust then the other option.
  • Whitney will now properly expect herm characters to use the same bathroom as them.
  • Fixed a few scenes where the player wasn't given a collar when sent to Remy's farm.
  • The player can now properly pass out in the strip club bathroom.
  • The player will now actually serve the drink they said they'd serve when Remy visits Alex's farm.
  • Fixed some bugs found when returning clothes you're trying on in the store.
  • It is no longer possible for multiple NPCs to give the player analingus at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug found during the tutoring scene on Danube street.
  • The pharmacist will no longer be ok with having sex with the player when they have a mini penis, despite normally getting mad when the penis is too small.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused plants to grow at super high speeds.
  • Moved the beehives back into the deep forest where they belong.
  • Fixed a problem with one of the ambient events.
  • Fixed a bug with the landfill passout scene.
  • Removed the duplicate link to check your pills in Alex's cottage.
  • The random clothing feat boost will no longer give you just the bottoms or hoods of some outfits.
  • Fixed a problem where invisible broken hoods in the wardrobe would stay invisible forever and could never be removed.
  • The retro top now has a price.
  • Retro shorts and trousers should now be capitalised where appropriate.
  • Removed the suspicious van from bus station.
  • Adjusted the market inventory formatting. Thanks to ANotNiceMouse.
  • You can now sleep until rested. Thanks to ANotNiceMouse.
  • Thanks to ANotNiceMouse for code improvements.
Balance Changes
  • Dramatically increased the speed in which the PC tans in the sun while not actively trying to, especially during summer, and less so during winter. Thanks to note leven.
Bug Fixes
  • Utility vests with shirts are now warmer than utility vests alone.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with sleeves when your shirt is tucked in. Thanks to aimozg.
  • Continuing to bask nude will now indicate that it takes 20 minutse. Thanks to note leven.
  • The PC will no longer call female NPCs "daddy" if they have a penis while asking to be choked.
  • Kylar will once more think up names for your children in the park.
Thanks to ANotNiceMouse for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with the flow of time found when late for swimming class.
  • Fixed issues found when re-entering the pool when late for swimming class.
  • Fixed an unintended synchronising of events when late for swimming class.
  • Removed a duplicated link.
  • The horse show at the brothel now requires deviancy.
  • Fixed an issue the market inventory numbers.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that tied cow transformation progress to the cat transformation.
  • Fixed an error with the parasite barn on Alex's farm.
  • Fixed an issue where some of your produce might not be shown when using the bulk sell option.
  • Robin's confidence can no longer go above 100% or below 0.
  • Fixed an issue with Robin's pronouns in one of their new history class scenes.
  • Added indentation to some links around the orphanage that were missing them.
  • Fixed a problem with the tutorial pepper spray canister.

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Degrees of Lewdity version

This update expands Alex's farm, and lets you move into their cottage. It also adds new Eden scenes, among a variety of other additions and improvements.

Life in the countryside isn't easy. You've a nicer home than the orphanage, and Bailey has less power out there, but there are other threats. Alex will defend the farm as best they can, but there's only so much they can do with a broken wall and untrained hounds. Fortunately, the PC can improve and expand the farm in several ways. Some of these improvements have a trade off, such as adding training facilities to the kennel, which makes the hounds more useful in defending the farm while making them harder to control. This focus on improving a location is a bit of a departure from the rest of the game, though the orphanage is sticking a toe in this direction as well.

The farm can become very profitable, which is balanced by the jealousy such prosperity attracts. Remy's assaults aren't too frequent, and not too hard to fight off at first, but become rough if defences aren't invested in.

I've included an experiment, a persistent generic NPC you can hire for your farm to help with security. They have a name, and different lines depending on personality. They're sort of halfway between a generic NPC and named NPC. I'm unsure if it's a route I want to continue down. Keeping names restricted to full NPCs keeps things tidy. On the other hand, there's something to be said for NPCs who don't melt into the ether once the game's done with them. Let me know what you think.

0.3 is a personal milestone, and marks the farmlands reaching a reasonable state. I wanted enough content to justify a home out there, with reasons to travel to and from town. There's more farmlands to come, but focus will shift elsewhere. I should add the prison soon. It's already on the new world map. Robin's entry into history class shouldn't wait much longer either. There's also a new named student in the works.

Aside from those, encounters need improving. The basics of the combat system were one of the first things I made, back when the whole game took place in the PC's bedroom. They were woken up by an intruder, and had to fight them off or satisfy them. The combat system was built for this scenario, and it shows. This is fine for many of the situations the PC finds themselves in, but for others it's too abrupt. That said, I don't want to lose the sense that the PC is vulnerable. The struggle is important.

The update changes the way colour is rendered, which should improve performance and make development easier going forward. It also adds a scene viewer to the Settings page, which lets you replay certain scenes. The game wasn't built with this in mind, so new scenes need to be added manually. As such, only a handful of scenes are present for now.

Today is the third anniversary of the first post on this blog. I waited until the following day before sharing elsewhere though. I was so nervous. I hadn't done anything like this before, and didn't know what people would think. Reading of people's experiences playing, and of how much they liked it, felt and feels wonderful. Developing this game has had a huge and positive impact on my life. 

Check the most recent update for download links.

Thank you!

Edit: Updated to, fixing bugs.

  • Added Alex's cottage. The PC can move in following an event that triggers a few days after restoring the fourth field.
  • Alex now becomes available as a love interest.
  • The PC can now gain control of Alex's fields, and plant what they like.
  • You can now ride a horse between Alex's farm and the town.
  • Remy will now launch full assaults on Alex's farm.
  • Added construction projects to Alex's farm, allowing its facilities and defences to be improved, and its grounds expanded.
  • Aphrodisiacs can now be produced at Alex's farm, and sold to a specific buyer.
  • Added the "Hurl net" ability to lurker encounters.
  • Added more events to Alex's farm.
  • One of the new scenes, featuring a ladder and Alex's wandering eyes, was written in collaboration with Mookie.
  • Further fields can now be cleared at Alex's farm, up to nine. Farm features unlock as more fields are cleared.
  • Producing enough milk or semen when milking yourself at Alex's farm will now bottle the fluid, letting you sell it at market.
  • Adjusted and incorporated the Alex breakfast scene and shower voyeur scene from noeinan's World Expansion mod.
  • Added feet actions to struggle encounters. "Dodge" lets you avoid grapples using your feet skill. "Plant" lets you apply feet skill to grip chance.
  • Added the rag top and rag skirt to the museum demonstrations. Art courtesy of ThatPersonOverThere.
  • Separated the journal into its own overlay, and added a world map. Includes a wintry map variant when appropriate. Art courtesy of Prota.
  • Replaced the CSS filter system responsible for colouring images. It now uses HTML Canvas, animated through JS. This should improve performance, fix a number of issues, and help future development. Thanks to aimozg.
  • Added 108+ bite-sized events based on the current season and weather to the world. Written by Kealoz with adjustments, additions and code by PurityGuy.
  • Nicknames given to the PC by the townsfolk and criminal underworld will now appear at the bottom of the Social overlay.
  • Added potato, turnip, and strange flower seeds to Alex's farm. Broccoli and cabbage seeds can now be found on the moor. Plums, peaches, strawberries, and strange flowers can be foraged on Alex's farm once the farm woodland is unlocked.
  • Added the sadism stat, with a series of traits that mirror the masochism traits. Sadism increases the pain inflicted by defiant acts, but makes such acts increase arousal.
  • Added "Lurkers captured" and "Aphrodisiacs sold" to the statistics overlay.
  • Eden's rescue attempts on the asylum can now succeed, but require some involvement from the PC, and won't trigger until trauma is below 50%. Thanks to Khau.
  • Added location images for Alex's cottage. Art courtesy of Mochi.
  • Adjusted the Robin milk drinking scene.
  • Added toggles for bees and lurkers.
  • Adjusted the catsuit, adding a shine. Also added damage states for the upper half.
  • Added a tending feat boost.
  • Added close up art of the PC's chest, displaying the different breast sizes, and boob jobs for larger sizes.
  • Added known seeds to the Journal.
  • Added gold bracelets to the clothing shop.
  • You can now build a greenhouse at the orphanage.
  • Added a simple event to the orphanage.
  • Added the number of orgasms experienced while being choked to the statistics overlay.
  • The orgasm addict, cum dump, plaything, fucktoy, bitch, prey, tasty, and milk addict traits now have different names should the PC be sufficiently defiant.
  • Added spray skill to the Characteristics overlay, which improves when sprays are used, and adds a chance of conserving ammo.
  • Added stair icons to the shopping centre. Art by sseshess, and coded by Lollipop Scythe.
  • Added makeup presets and other options to the mirror. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Adjusted mirror bodywriting to allow for different categories.
  • The game will now notify you when a new update is released. Can be disabled in SAVES/OPTIONS. Thanks to Sommar.
  • The PC can now overhear other students in the library. Thanks to radiance.
  • Added a banner to the start screen. Art courtesy of Mochi.
  • Added the "Dealing", "To Watch the Fields", "Twisted Desire", "Served Hot", "Sadomasochist", "Into the Sunset", "The Rival Farm," "The Rival Estate", "Cultivator", "Heroic Victory", and "Reliable Employer" feats.
  • Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for code improvements.
  • Thanks to radiance for minor code improvements.
  • Thanks to aimozg for code improvements and major performance improvements.
  • Thanks to note leven for code improvements and major performance improvements.
Thanks to Khau for the following additions and improvement:
  • Added a Halloween event for Eden.
  • Added Valentine's Day events for Eden.
  • If you pass out at the lake with Eden set as your love interest, there's a chance they'll rescue you.
  • If you scream while attacked at the lake with Eden set as your love interest, there's a chance they'll rescue you.
  • You can scream for Eden during the Lake Mermaid event, and they will rescue you.
  • Eden will now remove your muzzle during the Farm Rescue scene if you have one.
  • Eden will now invite you to bed, similar to Robin's bedtime event.
  • Added more narration to Eden's dinner and lunch scenes to stop it from feeling too sparse.
  • Eden will now react should the PC lose or remove their collar, giving the opportunity to replace it.
  • Eden will now react should the PC return to the cabin on their own after staying away for longer than the agreed time.
  • Eden will now notice if trauma is too high, and the PC can talk to them about it.
  • You can now talk to Eden while cuddling.
  • Added a pass out scene to the cabin.
  • Eden will now comment about the blood moon if they find blood lemons.
  • Reworked the links in Eden's cabin.
Thanks to Sommar for the following additions and improvements:
  • Replaced the "Help" option when playing cards with "Help and Options".
  • You can now choose different colours and patterns for your playing cards, via "Help and Options".
  • Adjusted what the game considers an "outfit", so multipart clothes that don't connect at the waist will be categorised more appropriately at shops and wardrobes.
  • You can now press F to refresh animations, unsticking any that are broken.
  • You can now click on images to refresh them.
  • Moved the old fixer button to the bottom of Saves/Options.
  • Adjusted the sweatpants sprite.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the animation unsticker to freeze the entire screen.
  • The clothing tab for hands now highlights when active.
  • The explanation for why an item failed to equip at the wardrobe will now flash to make it more visible.
  • Wardrobe links will now flash when clicked.
  • Code improvements.
Thanks to ndarkflame for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added toggles for receiving and giving analingus.
  • Female NPCs can now shift positions to try to make the PC perform analingus while facesitting.
  • Male NPCs can now try to make the PC perform analingus if the PC's genitals are already occupied.
  • Added lick and kiss options when performing analingus.
  • Moved existing analingus scenes behind appropriate toggles.
  • Various flavour text.
Balance changes
  • Confident Robin will now refuse to drink directly from the PC's breasts.
  • Setting Eden as a love interest will now let you operate in the cabin while exposed, with some embarrassment.
  • Servicing Wren's friends with your mouth will no increase arousal.
  • Eden and the Black Wolf will now catch you more easily should you hobble through the forest in heels.
  • Heels are now unsuitable for the moor.
  • Relaxing on the hammock outside the stables at Alex's farm no longer removes a little fatigue.
  • Made some NPCs more focused on stripping the PC.
  • Leaving the orphanage via the garden now puts you in the residential alleyways, rather than Domus Street, once the tutorial is complete.
  • Refusing to pay Bailey will now give more defiance.
  • Tentacles can no longer assail the PC when trapped in a locker unless the PC is suffering severe hallucinations.
  • Wren should take a few more risks when playing Blackjack. Thanks Lollipop Scythe.
  • Reduced the impact of physical activity on butt shrinkage. Thanks to braymann.
  • Donating to needy orphans now increases kindness fame.
  • The outcome of hospital exhibitionism options is no longer tied to allure.
  • Asking Eden for a collar now increases their dominance. Thanks to Khau.
  • Licking Wren's colleagues' pussies will now increase stress and trauma should the PC have insufficient promiscuity.
  • Plants can now only be grown in certain seasons.
Bug Fixes
  • Milking yourself for Robin now counts as an exhibitionist 5 act like advertised.
  • Penises will no longer poke through gold chastity belts on the combat sprite.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the location image appearing on Remy's estate at dusk.
  • Entering the forest from Eden's clearing now takes 10 minutes.
  • Fixed a bug that made an event with a friendly dog on the street fire less often than intended.
  • Selecting custom colour as the default and using default colour for shop icons will no longer make all the icons red. Thanks to Sommar.
  • The PC's gloves and sleeves will no longer animate apart from the PC's body when giving handjobs to beasts.
  • Fixed the description of the cat hat.
  • Changing filters at the clothing shop will now reset the menu to page 1.
  • Fixed an error found when stripping your underwear for Wren.
  • You can no longer strip clothes for the wasps in the forest whlie.
  • Fixed a bug that caused blurry images when zoomed. Thanks to aimozg and Sommar.
  • Fucktoy will now stack properly with other trauma reduction traits.
  • The Fucktoy feats should no longer cause the cheat menu to reduce trauma by the wrong amount.
  • Deleting evidence at the police computer can no longer give you negative criminality.
  • Angel, fallen angel and demon wings will now unhide should an accompanying bird transformation lose its wings.
  • Genitals will no longer be able to phase through your hands should you straddle an NPC's penis or similar during combat.
  • Throwing fruit at a pillory victim now advertises that it takes two minutes.
  • Giving a pair of NPCs a handjob in exchange for a ride along the road east of town will now take 15 minutes as advertised.
  • The cafe location art will no longer appear renovated as soon as Sam reveals their renovations plans.
  • The PC will no longer appear to become ravenous at the thought of eating grass.
  • Fixed some Eden pronoun issues. Thanks to ndarkflame.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented exhibitionism increasing appropriately when flashing crotchless panties on the street.
  • Fixed some errors found when dancing with Eden.
  • Thanks to webbie47 for fixing a money calculation issue.
  • Fixed a bug that made the physique options found when attacked by a lone tentacle on the streets harder than indicated.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the sprite for thigh length hair from appearing in the doggy position.
  • Soliciting NPCs when naked on the streets at night will no increase prostitution fame.
  • Fixed an error found at the asylum.
  • Plant tentacles along the road in the farmlands will no longer appear without severe hallucinations.
  • A tentacle encounter will no longer trigger when passing out at the landfill if tentacles are disabled.
  • Fixed a resolution error for the lace bra at large breast sizes. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Bailey slapping the player in anger will now properly increase pain. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Looking in the mirrors at school and the park should now take the advertised 2 minutes.
  • Added time indicators to the aggressive pillory options.
  • Whitney's irritation at the player should now reset when they leave the park.
  • Fixed an issue with transparent clothing colouring. Thanks to aimozg.
  • Fixed missing pixels in breast sprites. Thanks to aimozg.
  • Adjust freckles and blush images. Thanks to aimozg.
  • Fixed a bug that left the left arm sleeve hanging on the sidebar sprite. Thanks to aimozg.
  • Fixed a bug that erased the colour of hoodies and cat hats. Thanks to aimozg.
  • Fixed a bug that broke the colour description of custom coloured clothes bought with the "Buy and wear" button. Thanks to Sommar and aimozg.
  • Fixed some broken pronouns for Eden and Winter. thanks to lifeAnime.
  • Begging for help when hitchhiking will now increase submissiveness.
  • Eden will now be properly described as coming on your face when their cock hovers near your mouth. Thanks to Khau.
  • If you disable strangulation and Eden recaptures you, you will be presented with a regular encounter scene instead of an asphyxiation one. Thanks to Khau.
  • The harpy transformation will now be mentioned when looking in the mirror.
  • Thanks to stuffed for minor code and typo fixes.
  • Performance improvements.
Thanks to bsmith for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a rogue NPC unleashed at the school pool.
  • Fixed a rogue NPC unleashed when farming at Eden's cabin.
  • Fixed a rogue NPC unleashed when giving Eden a radio.
  • Altered text when failing moving mouth to chest so it makes more sense when there is only one NPC.
  • Fixed an error when passing out at the hospital.
  • Rewrote a line of text when getting help from Bailey. Written by Fangi.
  • Typos
Thanks to Khau for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an issue that caused the town’s image to show when rescued by Eden.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the asylum’s image to show when back at Eden's cabin after their rescue.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the buying of Eden's Christmas gift.
  • You can no longer scream for Eden to save you from Eden.
  • Encounters with Eden will no longer raise combat, rape or exhibitionism fame.
  • Passing out in town with Eden as a love interest will no longer result in two "wake up" options.
  • Lemons found with Eden during a blood moon will now be blood lemons, rather than regular.
  • Fixed an issue found during Eden's dance event.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Eden's Halloween notification showing up if you served mushrooms for breakfast.
  • Fixed some formatting issues in Eden's cabin.
  • Typos.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with parasitic pregnancy.
  • Fixed an issue with the setting export/importer that caused it to unintentionally disable some toggles.
  • Fix an issue with the images for long leather gloves.
  • Fixed an option at Remy's farm that increased obedience rather than decrease it.
Thanks to note leven for the following fixes:
  • Fixed some issues found when storing items outside a wardrobe.
  • Fixed some issues with gender appearance found when buying, trying and returning clothes at the shop.
  • Fixed a bug that broke sidebar clothes description grammar.
  • Fixed broken captions related to wearing nothing but two pieces of disconnected underwear.
  • Fixed a number of missing images on Linux, Android, and other devices.
  • Fixed a bug that could break money, and repaired damaged saves.
  • Fixed the spacing in the sidebar stats.
  • Other minor fixes and typos.
Thanks to Sommar for the following fixes:
  • Hoodie hoods are now considered part of the chest piece, fixing a number of issues, such as the wind east of town snatching your entire hoodie away.
  • Fixed an issue with penis pubes.
  • The sidebar penis images should now correspond correctly to penis size.
  • Added missing pubic hair sprites.
  • Fixed an error found when trying to buy clothes when images are disabled.
  • Fixed an issue with the sidebar sprite for hands.
  • Fixed an issue with hand accessory icons in the clothing shop.
  • Added a failsake to prevent a rare error found when being choked.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented contrast applying to clothes acquired with the "Buy and wear" button.
  • Putting on an upper clothing while wearing a large towel no longer leaves the lower part of the towel on.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • Having a dolphin cum in your vagina will no longer softlock the android version. Thanks to braymann.
  • Machines penetrating your ass will no longer look like a regular penis in the android version. Thanks to braymann.
  • Fixed a bug where your penis action will carry over to the next beast in multi-beast encounters.
  • It is no longer possible for NPCs to have negative arousal.
  • Fixed some issues where the player will gain sex or rape fame when they're not supposed to, such as in the gloryholes.
  • Fixed an issue where the science trait will lower your pain after the game decides whether you have too much pain to fight, instead of before.
  • Fixed some bugs with the beast encounters when breaking into houses.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from being able to tell the dolphins to stop having sex with you.
  • Fixed a small bug with the new Eden scenes in town.
  • Fixed even more bugs with the Raul and Janet scene. Janet will no longer be wearing the PCs chastity device, and the player's stats in the statistics menu will no longer increase from what you do in the book.
  • Fixed an issue where crossdressing male characters wearing male swimwear can only tell Mason that they only have female swimwear.
Thanks to stuffed for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Robin to fall into debt early on old saves.
  • Fixed a pain issue found when enveloped by a tentacle.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the bird transformation being described as "harpy" should beasts be disabled.
  • Fixed an issue with rainy weather.
  • Fixed an issue found when hired by Leighton at the brothel.
  • Tentacles should now take sensitivity into account when interacting with the PC's genitals and chest.
  • Fixed some missmatched stated and actual time passed.
  • Sensitive nipples will now be desribed as such at points throughout the game. Thanks to stuffed.
Bug Fixes
  • Thanks to radiance for code improvements.
  • Thanks to stuffed for fixing a number of issues.
Thanks to note leven for the following fixes:
  • Fixed time itself.
  • Fixed a number of errors found in the orphanage garden.
  • Fixed more broken time.
  • Fixed an error found at market.
  • Fixed a broken widget.
  • Fixed a problem with ball hair.
  • Fixed an issue with neckwear.
  • Added body filter to blush.
  • Fixed some formatting issues in the journal, and during Blackjack.
  • Robin no longer gives you double fame after sex.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a softlock when walking along the road to the farms when your headwear gets snatched by the wind.
  • An undefined steed will no longer be waiting for you outside of town before you've saddled one of Alex's horses.
  • Fixed an error when agreeing to work at Alex's farm.
  • Build projects on the farm will now properly progress each day.
  • Adjusted the tone of close up chest images when skin colour is disabled.
  • Split the Save/Options and statistics/feats into their own menu's and the button layout. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Code improvements for the options menu. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Added an anal parasite birthing locaiton to Alex's farm. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • You can now walk to school with Robin early. Thanks to stuffed.
Thanks to Khau for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added the ability to dust and sweep the cabin floor.
  • Added the ability to make salves and soap in the cabin.
  • Added the ability to ask Eden to furnish the cabin, which allows you to buy a rug, pillows, and new curtains. You also make a coat hanger and loveseat together.accordingly. The furniture impacts descriptions and events.
  • Added the ability to sew a fur blanket for the loveseat after it's made.
  • Added the ability to sew designs in the pillows after they're purchased.
  • Added the ability to make a scarf for Eden in the winter.
  • Added the ability to give Eden a massage once the rug is purchased.
  • Added the ability to ask Eden to be safe on their hunts.
  • In autumn, you can work with Eden to prepare the cabin for winter.
  • Added a boat scene to Eden's lake event. The scene's intro only happens once per game.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a few errors found when the PC orgasms. Thanks to stuffed, radiance and PurityGuy.
  • Fixed a soft lock found at wardrobes. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Fixed an issue with Eden being worried without you leaving the cabin for longer than your allowed time. Thanks to Khau.
  • The farm should now transition to a new day properly. Thanks to note leven.
  • Fixed a number of issues with Alex and farm events not resetting at the end of the day.
Thanks to aimozg for the following fixes:
  • Fixed neck items not displaying.
  • Hand items should no longer display above sleeves.
  • Fixed error in clothing shop when new renderer was never enabled.
  • Left sleeves should no longer unintentionally switch to cover.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • Alex's first kiss during encounters will now properly be counted as a love interest's kiss, should the requirements be met.
  • Fixed Alex breaking containment if they don't feel comfortable talking to the player about upgrading the farm.
  • Alex only loves half as much after sex.
  • Alex's lust is now clamped properly, and they will no longer resemble pre-0.2 Eden.
  • Alex's displayed lust loss after sex is now consistent with other NPCs.
  • The player no longer loves a Error: <<if>>: bad conditional expression in <<if>> clause: pronoun is not defined with secrets.
  • Typo fixes.
  • Added a horse/centaur toggle.
  • Added sensitivities to the cheat menu. Thanks to stuffed.
  • The PC can now spontaneously orgasm in Robin's room. Thanks to stuffed.
  • Body parts will now sometimes take sensitivity into account when described. Thanks to stuffed.
  • The new render now uses greyscale images, improving sprite quality. Thanks to aimozg.
Balance Changes
  • Eden now requires five love hearts before they'll offer the PC dinner.
  • Riding lessons now improve thigh skill faster.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an error found when defeated by Bailey at the hospital.
  • Fixed an error found when spotting Whitney in the park.
  • You should no longer be able to work on the farm before dawn.
  • Entering the farm woodland should now pass time.
  • Tending the woodland will now advertise that it takes 20 minutes.
  • Fixed an error found in the farm upgrades menu. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • The parasite barn should no longer be available before it's built.
  • The world map will no longer cover the close button when scrolling down in the journal.
  • Eden will no longer offer a second dinner after making Christmas dinner.
  • The parasite barn can now be displayed as the current building project in the farm upgrades menu. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Removed duplicate code and text found after masturbating in the park toilets after being watched. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Thanks to Crimson Tide for lots of typo fixes.
  • Fixed time again. Thanks to note leven.
  • Kylar should no longer steal your underwear before meeting you. Thanks to note leven.
  • Thanks to note leven for code improvements.
  • Thanks to stuffed for code improvements.
Thanks to Khau for the following fixes:
  • Stopped many npcs from breaking free.
  • Stopped the massage scene from disappearing at 11:30pm.
  • The fifth massage cycle will no longer take 33 minutes instead of 30.
  • Massaging now increases more of Eden's lust.
  • Talking to Eden when traumatized will now show it increases their dominance.
  • Stopped the sewing kit from disappearing before you finish sewing in designs for the pillows.
  • You can no longer practice shooting while Eden is reading beside the fire.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • The countdown for Remy's attacks the farm can no longer go into negatives.
  • Having sex with Alex in their bed will no longer teleport them into your bed.
  • The game will no longer indicate that you gain stress when you hear the sound of soothing rain.
  • Whitney will no longer be described as "_text_output" when seeing them in the park.
  • Thanks to aimozg for code improvements.
  • Disabled the option to be notified of updates automatically. It's still available as a manual button.
Balance changes
  • The PC can now help Alex clear the fifth field before Remy's attack.
Bug Fixes
  • The PC should no longer be able to help Alex clear a non-existent tenth field at Alex's farm.
  • Fixed being unable to ask Eden to buy a rug and pillows. Thanks to Khau.
  • Fixed being unable to buy Eden a radio. Thanks to Khau.
  • Fixed extremely pale nipples if skin tone is enabled.
  • Eden should no longer believe the PC has been absent the day after asking them if they can visit town.
  • Fixed errors found when climbing the farm watchtower without hiring a guard.
  • Rags will no longer materialise after the museum demonstrations.
  • Alex will no longer try to clear non-existent fields.
  • Builders will no longer lurk on the farm after construction is complete.
  • Wren will no longer exclaim that the PC has no panties if they're wearing crotchless panties, then demand them anyway.
  • The school pool no longer freezes during winter.
  • Fixed a soft lock found when helping Alex tend the woodland.
  • Fixed an error found when thanked for expanding the stable.
  • Fixed broken location icons at the farm woodland.
  • Fixed broken icons found when wearing gold bracelets during encounters.
  • Singing with Robin during halloween will no indicate that it lowers their confidence.
  • Fixed an error found during an ambient event on the town's streets.
  • Fixed a couple of errors found in the estate station.
Thanks to bsmith for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a softlock when riding a horse to and from town.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Parasite Barn from being upgraded.
  • Watering all plots will no longer water plots that are ready for harvest.
  • Stopped Eden from having second breakfast during the month of Feburary. They're not a hobbit.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from helping eden prepare the cabin for winter and cleaned up some of the code for the event.
  • Fixed a bug that made passing out in Alex's bedroom optional.
  • Fixed a rogue NPC unleashed when asking eden for another collar.
  • Orgasming no longer allows you to keep walking after you've already reached the park in the whipped cream event.
Thanks to stuffed for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that caused body writing on the left thigh to not always appear visually.
  • Fixed a bug that made male crossdressers abnormally confident when stripping their top on along the road east of town.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped Mason giving apparently male characters detention when caught in the girls' changing room.
  • Sanity improvements.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • Sadism now has an upper limit.
  • Sadism is now displayed in the stats menu.
  • Acting impressed when you see Alex capture a lurker will no longer prevent you from capturing any lurkers yourself.
  • You can no longer go into debt by paying the hairdresser more money than you have.
  • Fixed an issue with the cheat menu disappearing in Remy's estate.
  • Fixed an error in the alleyways when it's raining or snowing.
  • Moving towards the coast while in heels will no longer take you even deeper into the moor instead.
  • Various typo fixes.
Thanks to aimozg for the following fixes:
  • Added grayscale underwear bulge sprites.
  • Fixed an issue that caused parts of certain tops to render beneath breasts.
  • Fixed some error message spam.
  • Fixed incorrect layering upper clothing parts when item is tucked in. Thanks to aimozg.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • The tending feat boost should no longer ignore the boost from the green thumb background.
  • Fixed some errors with the scene viewer.
  • Farm upgrade scenes can no longer be skipped.
  • Fixed a problem found when building a parasite barn.
  • Adjusted the parasite barn.
  • Fixed a minor issue with some of the older wardrobe style links.
  • Added the Robin Intro scenes to the scene viewer.
  • Added the initial Whitney scenes to the scene viewer.