Thursday 24 January 2019


This update adds the old sewers beneath the town, and a new character who lurks there. It also adds female animals, and makes other animal improvements.

!Robin has been working on a wiki. It already has a lot of information regarding characteristics, NPCs, their schedules, how to unlock various events, and more.

There's also this wiki, which has had a few contributors.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Edit: There's a problem with the genital settings for Morgan and the black wolf when continuing old saves. Fix by visiting NPC Settings and manually selecting their genitals.
Edit2: Updated Android link with a version that fixes the gamebreaking errors some players experienced.

Patch Notes
Added hotkeys to most actions outside of encounters, courtesy of Ly. The attached key is shown before the option.
Eden and Whitney will now make unique comments upon taking your virginity.
Added female animals, controlled by a new slider in Settings. Let me know if you find male or female animals when you shouldn't.
Female animals on male PCs aren't fully represented by art yet, as it will require a different position.
Animals can now mount your front, as well as your rear end.
Animals can now give more involved oral, and receive anal, though it makes them angry.
The black wolf has its own gender toggle in NPC Settings, similar to other unique NPCs.
Added the old sewers, found beneath the current drain system. There's a chance the current will take you there when you are pushed by a torrent of water in the drain. You can also find your own way down with a C in History.
Added a unique character who lurks in the old sewers. They and their scenes were designed and written in collaboration with Sneed (Formerly Chuck)(That's really what he wanted to be credited by).
The old sewers are also home to a giant slime, written by CreepingDawn.
And a giant lizard, with a vore scene written by OfficialSeidon.
Five treasures can be found in the old sewers, together worth £600 at the museum. They respawn Sunday morning.
Added a breastfeeding toggle to the Settings page.

Balance Changes
Reduced the amount of fatigue gained from fatigue-increasing actions, especially dancing.
Increased the stress removed by eating lunch with Robin in the canteen.
Reduced stress gains outside encounters.
The police will no longer harass Robin at their stand more than once per day.
The chance of being hit by a torrent of water, or being attacked by a tentacle monster, in the drains is now based on the weather rather than allure. Rain is more dangerous.

Bug Fixes
Fixed some gender wonkiness during the science fair.
Fixed a bug causing the PC to be referred to as a "good girl" regardless of their apparent gender by Leighton and in the dungeon.
Fixed another bug with the close up animation for a tentacle teasing your penis.
Fixed another bug causing Harper to materialise as a futa rapist at inappropriate times.
Cleaning the gutters on Domus Street will now get your clothes wet if it's raining.
You can now attend Doctor Harper's appointments after escaping from the asylum.
Fixed a bug preventing the action to stop rubbing your penis against someone's clit from working, and a similar bug regarding ass frottage.
Fixed an error that could occur while your underwear was being pulled down.
Fixed a bug that prevented giving female NPCs oral properly.

Tuesday 8 January 2019


This update is more diffuse than the last, and adds a variety of events with a general focus on exhibitionism. It also makes a number of changes and fixes that have been planned for a while.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Patch Notes
Added platinum blond, strawberry blond, and light brown hair colours to the game's start, and the hairdresser.
Added snow white, soft pink, hot pink, teal, and crimson hair colours to the hairdresser.
You can now choose red eyes at the game's start.
Adjusted several existing colours for hair, clothes and eyes.
Added a scene caused by passing out on the tentacle plains, written by CreepingDawn.
Police will occasionally attempt to exploit and humiliate the PC if they suspect them of criminal activity. Written in collaboration with CreepingDawn.
On Android, you can now enable and disable images from the Settings page.
Added another event to cafe work. Appears only on rainy days.
You can now study in the school library while exposed if school is not in session. Doing so provides increased skill gains, and has a couple of unique events.
You can now run in the park to exercise physique and relieve stress.
You can run in the park while exposed at night. May have an exhibitionism requirement depending on how exposed you are.
Word will spread of your lewd antics in the park, attracting unsavoury types and increasing the likelihood of more dangerous events. Their attention will decay over time.

Balance Changes
Your attitude toward consensual sex is now chosen from an "Attitudes" menu in your bedroom, instead of after each consensual encounter.
Bluffing your way out of the fountain event when stealing from mansions will now only take two minutes upon failure, and ten upon success.
You can now leave the water at the beach naked with a high enough exhibitionism stat, and without requirement at night.
Lowered the exhibitionism required to leave the park toilets, and removed the exhibitionism requirement when slightly exposed.
Increased physique gains by up to 20% when exposed.
Sneaking out of the park toilets after stripping will no longer have a chance of immediately triggering an event.
Reduced the potency of many stress increasing effects outside of encounters.

Bug Fixes
Images should now work on Android 4.4 and later. If you're using 4.4 or later, and images did not work for you after the last update, let me know how it goes.
Fixed "<>" error messages when exposing yourself in the wrong changing room, and when winning the science fair.
Fixed an error message found when being given clothes on Domus Street.
Fixed an issue causing succubus/incubus characters to get stuck in endless tentacular rape in the tentacle plains.
Fixed an error during the collared walk with Whitney.
Closed a herm portal in the school library.
Eye colour on the sex sprite should now match the avatar.
The tie on the school shirt will now appear blue as intended.
Fixed a bug with the close up animation of a tentacle teasing your penis.
Fixed a bug causing Robin to be referred to as "The 0 boy/girl" when sleeping in their bed.
Female NPCs will no longer be described as wearing skirts in the pool.
Fixed a gamebreaking bug found when waking up in the shed with two students.
Restored the NPC relationship and breast size options to the cheat menu.
Fixed a bug causing Harper to attack you in your cell at the asylum.
Removed the large blank space that would appear during tentacle encounters.
Stripping while dancing is no longer incorrectly labeled as taking five minutes.
The blackmailer on Domus Street will no longer refer to your pussy if you do not have one.
Fixed an issue preventing the pills prescribed in the asylum from being available once per day as intended.
Fixed a bug causing status losses in the school changing rooms and at the lake to have a smaller effect than intended.
Fixed a bug that allowed leaving the water at the beach while exposed the turn after you stripped.
Fixed a border problem caused by one of the tear sprites.
Fixed a bug causing having your arms bound in the asylum to result in far more stress than intended.

Plan for the next couple of updates is to add female animals, expand the drain system beneath the town, add a new character and possibly another transformation.