Saturday 1 June 2024

Degrees of Lewdity version

This update focuses on improving the sky. That is, it fleshes out the great hawk, making them fertile and considerably expanding the content at their tower. It also adds a new renderer for sky, weather and location images, overhauls temperature mechanics, and adds new events around the world, many revolving around temperature.

The tower looming from the moor now assumes the dread aspect that was always intended. Though the PC sees it from a unique perspective, beneath the wing of the terror itself. The PC can now accompany the great hawk on hunts, learning more about its lifestyle, and the fierce politics of the skies. Loot acquired from hunting can be used to improve the tower, which might come in handy if the great hawk lays eggs, or gives the PC eggs to lay.

Weather, sky and location images in the sidebar now dynamically render. Water will reflect, and the sun and moon will move across the sky in real (in-game) time, among many other improvements, including new art for numerous locations. Huge thanks to Xao, whose code wizardry is responsible.

Body temperature now has more impact, and has been threaded through the game much more thoroughly than before, with new scenes attached. Mechanics that give the player more to track need to be handled with care, which is partly why temperature had little impact in the past. However, the system is more transparent than before, with a visible temperature gauge accompanying the sidebar sprite to indicate whether temperature is rising or falling. There’s also an icon to indicate whether the PC is indoors or outdoors. The impact of clothing has been rebalanced as well, and should feel altogether more authentic. Let us know what you think!

Apologies for 0.5 not being the combat overhaul as I originally planned. I decided to bring the version change forward, as this update signifies the shift to a new content arc, and is also very chunky in its own right. Avery’s manor and related content is still coming, part of the aforementioned arc.

Huge thanks to PurityGuy for managing the Git, and putting together the changelog for this update. As you can see, he’s done a much better job than I usually do organising it! Several fixes were for specific Git issues, which have been linked to.

Thank you everyone! I hope you enjoy it.

Edit: Updated to, which contains bug fixes and balance changes.

Edit 2: Updated to, fixing more bugs.

Edit 3: Updated to, balancing temperature and fixing bugs.

Edit 4: Updated to, fixing further bugs.

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Normal version

Text only version

Android version
- Weather, temperature, and sky overhaul. The sidebar location and sky renderer has gotten a complete redo. Details below. Thanks to Xao.
- Great Hawk expansion + pregnancy, by PurityGuy.

New Sky & Location Sidebar Renderer
  Introduced a new canvas renderer for the sidebar, which dynamically renders sky and location images based on weather changes.
  The renderer simulates the sky based on the time of day, weather, and other factors.
- New sky renderer. Thanks to Mochi, Beta, void and Jacko for sprites used in new weather generation.
- New location renderer. Thanks to SoS, mochi, mochamante, glenn, and Jacko for some new location sprites.
- All weather types, time of day, and locations are simulated in the sky sidebar.
- Enhanced visuals for nearly all game locations in the sidebar.
- Location images are illuminated by the sun during the day and darken at night.
- Added water reflections and animated water effects, toggleable in the options menu.
- Added support for multiple independent animations for a single location image.
- Updated several older location images to new ones.
- Some location images now feature lights during nighttime.
- Extensive changes behind the scenes to how location images are created and rendered.

New Weather & Temperature Simulation
  The temperature system has been vastly improved, simulating weather more realistically.
  There are also different temperature values outdoors, indoors, and in water. Weather and temperature are generated several weeks in advance.
- New weather generation.
- New temperature generation.
- As expected, outdoor temperatures will be lower during winter, and higher during summer, and can vary during the day.
- Extreme temperatures, both low and high, can occur depending on the season.
- Precipitation (rain or snow) now depends on the actual temperature; it only snows when temperatures are below freezing.
- Precipitation intensity can vary based on the weather, affecting how quickly one becomes wet in the rain.
- It now always gets cloudy or overcast before it starts to rain or snow. It never goes immediately from sunny weather to rain or snow.
- Snow melts only when the temperature is above freezing.
- Introduced several new weather types with realistic transitions.
- Lakes and fountains freeze only in freezing temperatures, with ice strength varying with temperature changes.
- Numerous event adjustments to incorporate weather changes.
- The moon now has different phases, depending on the day, which is also visible in the sidebar.

Body Temperature
  Body temperature is now simulated. Body heat is gained or lost over time based on the air temperature.
  It is divided into heat generation, and heat dissipation.
  Heat generation occurs passively and increases with physical activity or extreme external heat.
  Heat dissipation is reduced by wearing thicker or more clothing and increases when wet.
- New body temperature system
- New potential for hypothermia and heatstroke:
- Wearing too little clothing during cold weather could lead to hypothermia, if exposed long enough. Reduce the risk by wearing appropriate clothing or seeking shelter indoors.
- Wearing excessive clothing in extremely hot weather can lead to heatstroke, especially while doing physical activity.
- Several new scenes related to passing out from hypothermia or heatstroke. (written by Danie, Angel, mochamante, Anonymous Jackalope, Kirsty, coded by Kirsty)
- Being overly cold or hot now results in significant status effects.
- Added a body heat indicator (thermometer) in the sidebar, changing color based on body temperature and showing temperature trends towards or away from ideal levels.

Clothing Warmth
- Completely overhauled clothing warmth values. All clothing items have been rebalanced.
- Clothing warmth now depends on the type; for instance, socks provide significantly less warmth compared to upper and lower clothing, compared to before.
- Clothing impact during weather conditions is more pronounced: essential in cold weather and potentially risky in hot weather.
- Several user interface updates related to clothing warmth in shops and wardrobes.
- The wardrobe warmth indicator now displays relative warmth compared to the external temperature.

- Introduced variable sun intensity based on season, time of day, location, and cloud cover.
- Tanning effectiveness is now dependent on sun intensity. If it's too low, tanning will not be effective.
- Tanning in the tanning salon usually will be more effective than tanning outside most of the year. Except for the summer, when the outside sun intensity is high.
- Improved the tanning user interface, explaining factors that increase or decrease tanning effectiveness.

- Increased heat dissipation when wet, making you colder faster.

- Added an icon indicating whether you are indoors or outdoors.
- Money display now shows decimals only for amounts less than 10k.
- Added tooltips to the weather sidebar for outside weather and temperature details.
- Added tooltips to the character sidebar for player clothing information.
- Introduced a thermometer icon next to the character sidebar with tooltips about body temperature.

Hawk Pregnancy:
- Enables pregnancy for Great Hawk, and allows the player to become pregnant with hawks/harpies.
- Adds an "Egg laying" toggle, required for hawk/harpy pregnancy.
- When egg laying is enabled, a player with the full bird transformation will lay eggs every few weeks. Female Great Hawk will also do this. Eggs will come out fertilised if pregnancy was successful, and must be brought back to the nest in the tower for hatching.
- Unfertilised eggs laid by the player or the Great Hawk can be sold like normal bird eggs.
- Adds several new Stockholm Syndrome: Great Hawk triggers dependent on egg laying scenes.
- Thanks to Elm for a hilarious scene where the player accidentally lays eggs while Robin is watching.
- Thanks to void for some of the new hawk baby interactions.
- Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for egg laying and hawk pregnancy code.

Hunting with the Great Hawk:
- The player may now request to join the Great Hawk on one of their hunts once they learn to fly. After their first hunt, the player will be able to hunt alone or with the Great Hawk whenever they want. Many hunting events written by Juniaki.
- The player can use the loot they gain from moor hunts to improve the Great Hawk's tower.
- After taking some time to show off their hunting trophies, the player may go on casual flights with the Great Hawk. This can also lead to a mating ritual. Written by Juniaki.
- Players who wish to prove their hunting prowess may get an option to take on a special hunt. Written by Juniaki.
- Thanks to EmbraceTheVoid for a special hunt event involving an abandoned nest.

Other Great Hawk stuff:
- The Great Hawk now has a new beast combat sprite. Thanks to Jacko.
- Further thanks to Jacko for an obscene amount of icons for tower materials, upgrades, interactions, pregnancy, and several others. There are actually too many to list.
- Adds the "Feather Trick", "Birds of a Feather", and "Terror's Equal" feats.
- Added many rescue events for the Great Hawk in the moor, including the possibility for Great Hawk's first meeting to be a rescue. Written and coded by EmbraceTheVoid.
- Overhauled and expanded upon the Great Hawk's initial meetings, including adding alternative first meetings and additional pre-Stockholm Syndrome interactions with the Great Hawk should the player be rescued by them. Written and coded by EmbraceTheVoid.
- The Great Hawk will now have more proper reactions to the player's previous escape attempts pre-Stockholm Syndrome.
- The player can now pass out at the tower. Written by Juniaki.
- Rewrote some of the old Stockholm Syndrome scenes, thanks to Juniaki.
- The player can now help the Great Hawk preen while they are bathing. Written by Doodle and Juniaki.
- The Great Hawk may now notice the player's bodywriting while basking and attempt to do something about it. Written by squ1dteeth.
- The Great Hawk now has its own combat dialogue when set to be a monsterperson. Written and coded by squ1dteeth.
- The player may reflect on a prior rescue by the Great Hawk when basking. Written by mea.
- The Great Hawk may now occasionally ask the player to go on a nighttime flight with them, once love is high enough. Written by mochamante.


- Added Catppuccin theme and its 4 flavors to the game, thanks to Cypher Null.
- The player will no longer cover themselves in some safe locations when alone. This is an experimental change and will be expanded upon later.
- Gave the Wraith a makeover in the Schism scene. Thanks to void for ragged robes and golden regalia sprites, and mono for new Wraith icon sprites.
- The chain of shortcuts from the town to the bog and moor now take less time to traverse.
- The player can now sing with the watchers at the prison if they have the full bird TF. Written by JinoWills.
- Added some flavor events to science class, thanks to pinzya.
- Thanks to Jimmy and KnotLikeThis for code improvements.
- Thanks to Jacko for the ornate telescope handheld sprite.
- Thanks to Pinzya for icons representing each beast transformation, and glenn for the harpy tf icon.
- Overhauled the custom outfit interface in the wardrobe, thanks to MisoSquared.
- Sirris may now drive the player home from the adult shop at high enough love. Thanks to Charlie Studio.
- Added Sirris' love to the cheat menu. Thanks to Charlie Studio.
- You no longer have to exit the Spa after working as a masseur, and can return to the lobby instead. Thanks to Charlie Studio.
- Added a daily study event with Robin at 17:00, every day. Additionally, there may be consequences the next day if Robin was made to stay up too late. Written by Akina, coded jointly by ShinyMilk and Akina.
- Eden may now punish the player if the player returns to the cabin covered in lewd fluids. Written by Necro, coded by LupusXLass1404.
- Added some variety to genital names based on player awareness and purity, thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
- Added an event when leaving the orphanage bathroom, if the player chooses to walk away with a towel, they may stumble upon another orphan. Written by Kinky One and coded by JinoWills.
- Thanks to majou for allowing widgets to be used within links, which will improve grammar and NPC references in links in the future.
- Thanks to Danie, Jacko, EmbraceTheVoid, Juniaki, KnotLikeThis, Kirsty, mochamante and Lollipop Scythe for playtesting and catching a whole lot of bugs.

Credit to Kirsty:
- The winter jacket can now be zipped up. Sprites by MinerDX.
- Cleaned up canvas code to remove hardcoding.
- Wardrobe "tuck in" links will now say what you're tucking (for example, "tuck [lower] into combat boots" or "tuck [upper] into scout shorts").
- Converted Danube break-in events to eventpool.
- Added a random event that allows the player to pick oranges from a mansion when breaking into it. Thanks to LupusXLass for the orange icon.
- During lunchtime, the player may be able to purchase Sydney a coffee if they seem extra sleepy in the canteen. Writing by Angel and Kirsty.
- Remy may milk an obedient cow PC by hand at high love. Writing by Angel.
- Reverted the "one in four" change to the school toilets encounter. Added a seduction check.
- Coded in several new pregnancy passouts. Thanks to Kirsty, Pinzya, Danie, Grimace, squ1dteeth, mea, and Index.
- Added the middle part fringe and straight bob sides. Thanks to Chicken Parma.
- Added the messy curls and straight tail fringes, and the jellyfish ponytail and jellyfish twintails sides. Thanks to Monay.

- Fixed markup in a bunch of links, thanks to Jimmy.
- Fixed a broken link on the island. Thanks to Jimmy.
- Fixed some methods of randomisation that broke upon refreshing the page, thanks to majou.
- Fixed a Robin scene that wasn't properly reducing lust. Thanks to FadedLines.
- Fixed an issue in Doren's infirmary event, thanks to JinoWills.
- Added a condition to the tattoo parlour check so the "not deviant/lewd enough" warning displays correctly. Thanks to JinoWills.
- Fixed the player being unable to buy clothes if their money was exactly equal to the clothes' price. Thanks to JinoWills.
- Fixed a bug that caused infinite NPCs to generate when swapping weapons in Temple's training room. Thanks to JinoWills.
- Various typo, spacing, and pronoun fixes, thanks to omvjro
- Fixed some terminology issues and a mislabeled link in pirate content, thanks to Testry.
- Fixed "Enabled additional error messages" being toggled off when loading a save. Thanks to Xao.
- Fixed the timing of NPC release from the pillory, among other time issues. Thanks to Xao.

PurityGuy Fixes:
- Fixed insecurity/acceptance changes displaying incorrectly.
- Fixed lotus flowers using the icon for daisies.
- The player can no longer drink while knowingly pregnant in the "Dance Job Party" event.
- Robin will no longer escape captivity to give the player lemonade outside of the orphanage.
- The office job manager will no longer repeatedly give the player a gift when streaking.
- Fixed a broken promiscuity check when goading others in the school changing room.
- Taking a detour while on Harvest Street will no longer spit the player out in the commercial alleyways instead of the industrial alleyways.
- Fixed text display issues when leather leggings are exposed.
- Fixed impregnation fame missing from the fame boosting/reduction quests.
- Fixed a bad effects message for the ear slime removing chastity belts.
- Fixed a faulty check for waking pregnancy effects.
- Fixed an incorrect wardrobe definition at the cottage.
- Fixed workers at the temp agency commenting on how big the player's non-existent penis is.
- Fixed the bog only ever displaying safe events. It's meant to be a better shortcut, but not THAT much better. Reduced time taken to traverse the bog to compensate.
- Made changes to the NPC dominance display widget to be less verbose when only one named NPC is loaded.
- Capped how much money Robin is allowed to save up, specifically in response to players putting on a macro at the Hawk's tower and sleeping for 50 years to return home and get a fucktillion pounds from Robin, and not in the fun or engaging way.
- Fixed some naming inconsistencies with Great Hawk's beast type.
- Fixed some time and season checks that were still using the pre-Xao time system.
- Fixed a bunch of Wraith bugs because Wraith content somehow sneaks into every single branch I make.
- As above but replace "Wraith" with "Sydney".

Kirsty Fixes:
- Fixed a clothing bug for players wearing lowerwear that covers the top.
- Fixed a bug with some clothes and pregnant bellies.
- Fixed a bug where outfits would give the player the "tuck in" option.
- Limited the number of times the player can use the Sydney transformation interactions in the Library. (So the player can't spam -Fatigue all day)
- Your penis will no longer be torn from your body while diving.
- Fixed an issue with clothing code.
- The player will now drink their tea with a teacup, not a spoon.
- Glasses can be tucked beneath hair again.
- Fixed incorrect icon indentation and added stairs icons for the prison.
- Pulling down your longjohns will no longer reveal your longjohns.
- Fixed clipping issues with the cocoon.
- Fixed a faulty exposure check that printed "your naked."

Lollipop Scythe fixes:
- Fix for fetching clothes from isolated wardrobes when not in the correct area.
- Fixed an issue with ear slimes ignoring some checks.
- Capitilisation fixes in the pharmacy.
- Fixed the Nightmare Harper scene viewer not being unlocked correctly.
- Fixed minor issues with pregnancy cheats.
- Removed some -stress and -trauma from some children event links where the outcome could be varied.
- Fixed a rare instance of giving birth to an unfertilised parasite.
- Fixed an issue in combat where the index variable was undefined.
- Basking with the Great Hawk now warms the player up. Thanks to PurityGuy.
- Eden and the temple have procured new thermometers. Thanks to Xao.
- Added more detailed descriptions about your body temperature, when hovering over the thermometer icon. Thanks to Xao.

- The player will now only get a hypothermia warning if their temperature is actively decreasing. Thanks to Xao.
- Adjustments to temperatures during temple trials. Thanks to Xao.

Xao Fixes:
- Fixed an error with importing settings
- Can now pass-out from cold properly in the lake.
- Fixed warmth values not displaying correctly in wardrobe, if it's a two-part item.
- Fixed a couple of cases of duplicate effects messages.
- Reduced the chance of unending molestation events from passing out from cold.

Kirsty fixes: 
- Fixed an incorrect tuck link when in the shop.
- Fixed the winter jacket not being able to be zipped.
- Fixed missing image bug in the shop when the player's wearing rolled up sleeves.
- Removed errant equal sign in the babyIs widget.

PurityGuy Fixes:
- Fixed a few icons that vary with time of day to more closely match the current sidebar display of time and weather.
- Fixed the Wraith inheriting the player's skin colour.
- Fixed Great Hawk being referred to as "Great Catboy" in one of the hunt events.
- Fixed a span error on the coastal path when it's snowing.
- Fixed many cases of the player being considered outside when they should be considered inside, and vice versa.
- Fixed Robin replacing Robin with a new Robin when buying hot chocolate from Robin.
- Fixed Jordan replacing Jordan with a new Jordan when asking Jordan about advancing in rank at the temple.
- Fixed an error when impregnating the Great Hawk via the cheat menu with realistic pregnancy enabled.
- Fixed an error with hawk children caused by old faulty code.
- Fixed not being able stop holding your hawk child.
- Fixed hawk children's skin falling off.
- Fixed time not passing properly when flying.
- Fixed an error when dropping a lurker on Remys goons.
- Fixed a few bugs with Remy milking the player by hand.
- Fixed shoving Robin's note into your naked.
- Hunting from the tower will now give a limited amount of physique gains each day. Thanks to PurityGuy.
- Improved the water rendering for the pirate ship location. Thanks to Xao.

Xao Fixes:
- Fixed pain penalty not applying on low body temperatures.
- Made old clock icon break slightly less.

PurityGuy Fixes:
- Fixes the broken plantperson encounter in the bog.
- Fixes bad link markup in hunt events.
- The Great Hawk will no longer take the player on a night time flight when water is below freezing temperature.
- Fixed Kylar getting confused and vanishing whenever it rains.
- The player can now remove ankle cuffs in some safe locations.
- Flying to hunt now increases body temperature like exercising does.
- After Mason has been swimming in the lake while it is raining, they will now stay until evening, even if it stops raining. Thanks to Xao.

Balance Changes, thanks to Xao:
- The sun now has impact on body-heat. (No effect during night, and much less effect during winter, or when it's overcast.)
- Reduced the extreme temperatures during winter slightly.
- The school has now invested in water-heating for the pool. It's now a more comfortable temperature, all year round.
- Hot tubs, and Eden's bath now are now heated.

- Fixed old saves using compression not being able to be loaded and new compressed saves using wrong dictionary, thanks to ybyx.

Fixes, thanks to Xao:
- Fixed missing weather icons. Thanks to Xao.
- Fixed Eden's bath not getting the player wet. Thanks to Xao.
- Fixed an error due to snow appearing in Orphanage. Thanks to Xao.
- Fixed error when entering tip gallery or character viewer from Start Menu. Thanks to Xao.

Fixes, thanks to PurityGuy:
- Fixed female Great Hawk being stuck in a horrible state of never being able to give birth.
- The player will no longer forget that Great Hawk is the father of their children after getting an ultrasound.
- The Black Wolf will no longer leave to hunt forever.
- Fixed Alex cumming inside the player despite wearing a strapon.
- Fixed pregnancy corruption caused by a misnamed cheat menu variable.
- Fixed a dead passage when trying to check on hawk children.
- Fixed a dead passage when asking the Great Hawk to hunt for something else while not having any options to hunt for.
- Fixed reality breaking when failing to make yourself a flower crown.
- Fixed various Eden fuckery.

Fixes, thanks to Kirsty:
- Kimonos can properly be loosened/tightened again.
- Fixed a versionUpdate bug with punk shades' accessory colour not properly updating.
- Dresses can no longer be tucked into themselves.
- Fixed missing image bug with the lower half of the latex leotard.
- Added additional descriptions where there are in-game thermometers (like Bedroom), if the temperature is unusually cold or hot. Thanks to Xao.
- Eating cooked lurkers at the Great Hawk's tower now has the same effects on pregnancy speed as uncooked lurkers.

Balance changes, by Xao:
- The school pool room will now have a warmer ambient air temperature.
- After a hypothermia pass-out scene, your body heat will have increased slightly more, to reduce chance of getting hypothermia again.
- Halved the chance to get extreme temperatures in all seasons (both hot and cold)
- Slight change of extreme temperature ranges.

Fixes, by Xao:
- You will now be in the school pool water for the entire duration of the lesson (before, you were only in the water for every other passage)
- Added failsafe to prevent location-image animation error when going through history rapidly.
- Fixed crash from refreshing page on character viewer from start page
- Fixed missing winter image for canal.

Fixes, by Kirsty:
- The stone cottage on Remy's estate now correctly counts as an indoors location.
- Several hypothermia/hyperthermia passouts now adjust the player's environmental/body temperature appropriately, reducing the stunlock cycle.
- Fixed messy curls disappearing on Chromium browsers due to incorrect folder capitalisation.
- Fixed missing back image for the feet-length space buns.
- Fixed incorrect pronouns.
- Fixed a bug caused by purchasing popcorn in the theatre prior to visiting the balloon stand.
- Added breast sprites for the arm sleeves, so they'll no longer appear to clip through larger breasts.
- Banished phantom machines from combat.

Fixes, by PurityGuy:
- Fixed an error at the museum (and likely other locations) when restoring clothing that was stripped for the scene.
- Fixed an error when stripping under_lower clothes in some events.
- Fixed many GH scenes that failed to load them, thus causing several large error messages.
- Great Hawk should no longer stop the player from hunting during a blood moon only to then immediately go hunting themselves.
- When possessed, the player should no longer stop for a chat with Winter at the lake.
- Fixed the night flight event not keeping the player wet through the whole event.
- Fixed several time errors with the pillory.
- Fixed a pronoun issue when studying with Robin.
- Fixed a whole bunch of missing and incorrect sleeve images, thanks to glenn, Beta and pinzya.
- Fixed the gym shirt's sleeves missing their secondary colour.
- Fixed more Eden problems.
Temperature changes, by Xao:
- Rebalanced day and night temperatures:
- The difference in temperature between day and night is now much more significant, and depends on the cloud coverage. If overcast, the difference between day and night is lower. If clear weather, the temperature difference can be up to 7°C between day and night.
- The temperature should now be more even during the day. Instead of the temperature decreasing after midday, it will depend more on the sun position.
- Rain now also decreases the air temperature slightly.
- It is now slightly warmer in all locations in town compared to outside of town (rather than just on the streets, like before)
- The thermometer icon now only show up and down arrows if the body-temperature is changing more significantly. If it's staying fairly constant, a simple hyphen will be shown. Tooltip is also updated accordingly.

- Fixed an error that caused some clothes with broken integrity_max values to cost negative infinity pounds to repair at the tailor, thus giving the player infinite money. Thanks to Jimmy.

Fixes, by Xao:
- Fixes certain saves not setting body-temperature correctly after imported from an earlier version.
- Entering the strip club will no longer cause the weather canvas to get paused until reloading the page.
- Fixed a corrupted wardrobe object caused by an error in a kylar scene.
- Fixed time failing to pass when tanning on the beach with Sydney.

Fixes, by PurityGuy:
- Fixed underwear text failing to display.
- Fixed certain combat footjob actions being unusable on male PCs.
- Fixed the Wraith failing to acknowledge that the lake is frozen.
- Fixed an error when stealing from an encampment in the moor.
- Fixed a street event that always assumed the player had an ear slime.
- Fixed several errors with Kylar's underwear.
- Fixed a missing strip club image.
- Fixed a bit of redundant weather text during blood moons.
- Fixed a few beast type text errors.
- Fixed pronoun issues during one of Whitney's roof scenes.

Fixes, by Kirsty:
- Fixed punk leather jacket accessory icon not showing.
- Fixed gaps in the damaged cat hoodie hood, and enabled the cow onesie and monster hoodie hoods.
- Sprite corrections for the winter jacket, star pyjama shirt, open shoulder sweater, turtleneck, jumpers, and long-sleeved shirt.
- Tentacles will now correctly steal your panties in the street, instead of your [object Object]?.name
- Expanded the useful information on the sidebar on the title screen to include more useful links, and added a useful information tab to the options menu. Thanks to Jimmy.
- Rewrote the ear slime dream, thanks to sq1dteeth.

- Fixed the feather duster logic at the Great Hawk's tower. Handheld items should no longer disappear. Thanks to Kirsty.
- Fixed more clothing integrity issues, including hoodies exploding at the tailor. Thanks to Jimmy.

Fixes, by Puri:
- Fixed an edge case that caused a repeat of Kylar's underwear error, and all of the errors that taking Kylar's corrupted underwear object would then cause.
- Fixed case issues in the stats menu.
- Fixed a pregnancy event that wasn't checking for the player's belly size.
- Fixed hunt events rarely being able to happen while possessed by the Wraith.
- Fixed walking to school with Sydney taking twice as long as it was supposed to. Lazy fuck.
- Fixed the "last ruined orgasm" stat displaying a raw timestamp instead of something readable.
- Fixed various pronoun issues and escaped NPCs.


  1. Cheers! 🎉💕
    This is a fantastic update! Thanks to Vrelnir and all contributors for your work!
    The weather system is amazing and beautiful, the Great Hawk expansion is wonderful and fun!
    All of you are great!

    1. Wow~I forgot say, the new logo is very pretty! ❤️

    2. No problem, I'm glad you like it! Thank you for the kind words!

  2. Amazing update can't wait to try it out

  3. happy to see my scene featured in the update :) cheers!

  4. I really hope this new content arc puts a lot less focus on love interests, I swear 90% of every new update is just Whitney or Robin crap and it really bums me out to see the game become a dating sim while stuff like the crypt, islands, etc. are left barebones while more barebone areas get piled on.

    1. Fym “left” barebones lmao, the island was a relatively new addition, and a lot of things are yet to be developed. I agree that the tone of DoL should be grim, but contributors writing some scenes for LIs is in no way mutually exclusive to the PC’s marginalised role in DoLTown and the traumatic aspects. Wait for the game to develop or start contributing the content you want if you want to see different things.

    2. Thanks for the feedback CoddledBabyman, and the vote Anon! I agree there's a lot of barebones content in need of fleshing out.

    3. Fym Whitney and Robin didn't have any big updates to 'em.

    Thanks to everybody on the team that made this happen!!!!

    1. I'm glad to hear it! It's no problem at all!

  6. "Capped how much money Robin is allowed to save up, specifically in response to players putting on a macro at the Hawk's tower and sleeping for 50 years to return home and get a fucktillion pounds from Robin, and not in the fun or engaging way."

    LOL, really?

  7. It's awesome that Great Hawk got such a massive expansion with this update. Can't wait to explore all of that, and I'm curious about the 17:00 daily Robin event

    Black Wolf still missing the first kiss and handhold virginity (in fact they're the only LI that's missing them) I'm willing to wait since what we got so far is already incredible enough to hold me over.

    1. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for the black wolf reminder.

  8. The skies look really beautifull ingame. Amazing work!

    1. We've Xao and the contributors to thank!

  9. When i fiund this game i never vene imagined it will become one of my favorites (not only porn games). There is so much replayability and new big updates are coming out every few months. Wow. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you for the praise. I'm glad you're enjoying it, and it's no problem at all!

  10. Interesting update, and the skyboxes and locations are lovely! I never expected this to happen! To note, I think the massage room is being considered 'outside'.

    1. Also, shouldn't it be an option to start analingus yourself rather than only relying on people doing it for you? Especially when Sydney removes the shield on her belt.

    2. I'm glad you think so! Thanks for the heads up. I agree the PC should have the option to begin analingus themselves.

  11. SUCH AN AMAZING UPDATE DAMN, you guys are so fucking talented. Btw I'm so sorry if answering my questions are boring or exhausting tho…

    1. Wren vs Whitney on fist fight only, no guns, no friends, only the two of them who is the winner?

    2. If Bailey accepted adoption of orphans and PC got adopted by a couple from another country who planned to take PC to with them far away and PC told the LIs what would they do? (All of them at high love +dating, especially Whitney)
    2.1. On prev question, would Whitney snap into abduction?
    2.2. What would Whitney do if they saw PC on the adopting couple's car taking PC away? Chase it? Make their friends to stop the car?

    3. School LIs (high love +dating) reaction/feelings on a school concert where PC is the singer of their band and the music lyrics is about how much PC loves them and stares at them smiling

    4. My PC is currently dating Whitney and pure Sydney both at high love, but I made the rite of promise with Syd, if Whitney found out about it and what means what would they do? Would Whitney be jealous or possessive?

    1. Same anon here
      Thank you so much for answering my questions Vrel, you are such a kind person!. Hope you get the rest you deserve <3

  12. As i saw it, this update is amazing, thanks to everyone for doing it possible. Now, i have a few questions:
    1. I saw before there would be new content for the science class and for Sirris, would that mean they could keep us in their house or in check in someway to keep the track of the pregnancy (for science)?
    2. Would there be future content for the Kylar's manor or their family?
    3. I saw the city everything goes in didn't have a celebration for its inauguration, is there something planned about that?

    Regarless of the answers, thank you for your time and for the epic work

    1. I'm glad you think so.
      1. It's possible.
      2. More content for Kylar's manor is planned.
      3. I fear I'm not sure what you mean!
      It's no problem at all.

    2. Thanks makkoar.

      3) A town day event would be good. I'd like festivals throughout the year, and something like this could fit in a gap, while exploring more of the town's lore.

  13. Your blessings always catch us off guard, but we are always thankful!
    I've not often interacted with the hawk, so such a large update is sure to give me a reason to do so.
    I wasn't aware of a combat update in the making, I am quite excited for that; major game-play changes are always the most exciting in my opinion.
    Thank you for doing what you do.

    1. Thank you pope! I hope you enjoy the hawk and their tower, and like the combat update when it's ready.
      It's no problem at all.

  14. I've never actually met Greak Hawk before so this is a great time to finally go out into the moor and get good old fashion kidnapped. Sorry Alex! Thanks for an amazing update as always :)

    1. Imo the hawk tower now can still be a lot of fun even if you don’t particularly like the GH, so it’s definitely worth it LOL. PurityGuy and the contributors listed under the GH section did phenomenal work on the expansion!

    2. No problem! I hope you enjoy.
      Puri and the contributors really did phenomenal work!

  15. Thanks for the update Vrel! Hawk is not one of my favorite suitors, but he, along with Black Wolf, went without any updates for a long time. Still looking forward to when more updates for Kylar and varied text for generic NPCs will be released, a variation in the generic NPC dialogues would be very welcome.

    1. You're welcome! I agree more variation in generic NPC encounter dialogue is needed.

  16. Speriamo che prossimo aggiornamento possiamo mandare protagonista nudo in giro ovunque senza più alcun tipo di problema sarebbe molto eccitante ( e avere scene di sesso con orfani nella casa del protagonista & portare robin a vivere nella cameretta del lupo per fare tanto sesso con lupi assieme e tra di noi <❤️

    1. Grazie per le idee! La possibilità di camminare nudi per strada sarà un'azione Esibizionismo 6, ma sarà pericolosa! <3

  17. Wraith pregnancy / more wraith content pls!!

  18. Thank you, Vrelnir and Purity for the GH expansion! I've been closely following the coding and took note of the expansion when it was first being made public <3 Great Hawk has always been one of the, if not *the*, best LI in the game. They're extremely sweet and their transformation is one of the best you can gain.

    1. No problem <3 I'm glad you like the great hawk, and their transformation!

  19. Damn, we got bird pregnancy before Sydney Kylar or Robin

    1. And? The Great Hawk’s content has been very limited for ages, and its isolated location means that there are less things related to its offsprings to account for compared to the characters you mentioned.

    2. I hope people like it, even if there's another character they'd prefer to be fertile first.

  20. Nice job everyone! Love the Great Hawk so I was excited when you mentioned this was in the works. Looking forward to exploring all the options! Can male PCs lay eggs too or only female/hermaphrodites?

    1. I believe it functions like other pregnancies — male PCs with ear slime wombs can lay eggs.

    2. Gotcha! I was hoping that would be the case, but I wasn't quite sure since it involved eggs specifically. Appreciate the answer!

    3. Thank you! I hope you like it!
      Thanks for the response as well Anon.

  21. Good morning, good evening, good afternoon, I came here to ask some questions and clear up some doubts.
    At the end of last Christmas I was almost reaching day 190 so I was trying to get as many achievements as possible in a single run, until that Christmas update arrived and the condom machine at the brothel bugged and I took a break and when I started playing again I lost a little bit of desire, I tried to start a new game and remembered how long it had taken me to get everything I managed to get to where I got to in the last save, and during my walk I ended up thinking, I know it "takes so long" to get there achieving some things is part of the fact that the game isn't complete yet and that presents a challenge, but it's been almost 30 days and I'm still halfway through the Kylar's house quest to gain her parents' trust, but anyway The issue is that a lot of things in Degress of Lewdity are based on pure farming, so much so that Alex's farm is practically a repetition of the same things for almost 5 weeks in the game, and with the threats and unforeseen events that appear in the middle every now and then, causing problems loading, makes the gameplay time extend a lot, making you spend hours on the same thing just to be able to unlock a few lines of dialogue.
    My point is, it's seriously interesting to add a "speed run" mode, a "reduced" mode, I don't know exactly how to express myself, perhaps it could even be considered an "easy" mode, but in some way I could rethink this tedious farm and make it more fluid and things happen more frequently, but I wanted to know what the creator's vision was in relation to this

    1. I second this! It does get a bit repetitive after awhile.

    2. Thanks for your thoughts. The hope is that taking on multiple different activities, and handling the varied threats tied to them, will keep things interesting over an extended period. A character who goes to school, visits Kylar's parents, then works at the strip club in the evening will have a different experience, and develop differently, to one who sleeps during the day and steals at night. It ties in with the time management mechanics, balancing danger against Bailey's increasing demands, and the creeping corruption of the world.

      There's lots of room for improvement. I've always thought the cheat menu would help players accelerate content if they wished, but the farm and other areas still lack important options. The farmlands can be particularly troublesome compared to town as the latter lets you pick and choose from a large number of different options on a given day, but Alex's farm requires a lot of investment. The fact that Alex contributes to farmwork helps, but not enough. More locations in the farmlands could help.

      Sliders to control the rate various stats change could be warranted. I'll consider it.

    3. This would be very good, we can select the value of some objectives for example, instead of getting 100 love with that npc, we can change it to a lower value if the player doesn't want to invest a lot of time in that Quest or npc, I understand that this affects the main focus of the game which is time management, but I swear I can't stand spending more than 7 weeks doing the same things at Kylar's house to gain my parents' trust, it would be good if we could reduce this, or as said, an "easy mode" even more than the "cheat mode" Help a lot, there's a lot of content that the cheat mode itself doesn't even cover. Thank you for being attentive to the public and perhaps the text above was confusing because I used a translator... anyway, thanks again

  22. Vrel, there's a bug in the school.

    Even though my character is a girl, when swimming class is over, the game seems to think I am crossdressing and I will always be kicked if I enter the boys locker room or the girls locker room.

    1. Just to clarify (not good with word sorry)

      My character is a girl, after swimming class I obviously go to the girls locker room. I get kicked out because the game says I am crossdressing even though my character looks like a girl and is a girl. Goin to the boys locker room gets me kicked out too because the game says my character is a girl

    2. Thanks for the heads up, and the clarification.

    3. Because swimming trunks that teacher give yours is a boy trunks?

  23. Ah, Beloved Cow TF, I await the day! But til then, FERTILE PC'S YAY :D

  24. Are you fr? I can finally put eggs in my bird wife??? 😭

    1. Hi! Same anon here

      wanted to say that the new sky, scenery and icons are so pretty??? Also this weather overhaul is insane omg (gonna miss taking my pc out butt naked for the lols ngl). Kudos to you and the contributors, now please go and take a break lmao

    2. Aye! I'm glad you like the sky, scenery and icons! Puri, Xao, and the contributors did phenomenal work. The blog post doesn't do it justice, but I thought people would see the results for themselves.

      Thank you for the kind words!

  25. Congratulations! I'm delighted to see that you have completed your monthly update plan. Though it's almost. To be honest, I can personally not like to plan anything for myself at all! So in my opinion, this has been a success. More than that, this is an update that brings so many refreshing changes that I can feel the bright potential of the future, especially about the sky. You and the team and contributors have done a great job, thanks a lot and have a good rest <3
    One thing I'm curious about though, I've noticed you mentioning several times that you enjoy keeping up with regular updates. I also got the impression from the experience you shared previously about your personal time management, it seems like you prefer to do things in an organised and planned manner, which is truly admirable. I'm wondering, do you consider yourself inclined towards being systematic and organised? I'm not sure if you are familiar with the concept of the Big Five personality traits, similar to the "conscientiousness" dimension—a tendency to be responsible and orderly. Of course, it's a personal thing, so feel free to skip this topic if you find it inconvenient to discuss!
    Sorry, understanding typology and observing people's personalities is a small hobby of mine, but judging someone's type without their consent is indeed offensive (having said that, I still enjoy quietly observing).
    I will say that I appreciate your sense of boundaries, how you approach the interaction of the individual with the external environment, and the way you handle personal affairs and interpersonal interactions. Along with your continued dedication to DoL and the community over the years (which was already glimpsed on the Q&A about your time management experience), that's something I admire as well.
    Sometimes I feel that routine greetings and compliments have become so programmed that they no longer seem sincere, not to mention the fact that you always carve out time to respond to them, which seems to add even more to your workload. But to leave them out seems like an absence, which can be really hard to know how to deal with. Anyway, thank you for your unfailing patience and kindness, and I will say that all of the above is from the bottom of my heart.

    1. I let the in-game time pass hour by hour, gazing at the sky, the subtle changes in light and the vivid weather system were so beautiful and captivating. I didn't used to feel lacking in this area, but the newly presented visuals have made me realise there are so many more moving possibilities, and a big thank you to everyone who contributed to the game.

    2. Thank you! We have PurityGuy and the contributors to thank for the plan working out so well.

      I indeed prefer things to do things in an organised manner, though it's complicated, and many aspects of my approach are quite chaotic. So it's hard to say! I only loosely know about the Big Five personality traits, but don't mind people speculating about me.

      I'm glad you like the visual improvements. Xao and the contributors did amazing work. There's a feeling rain gives me in real life that the game now captures, which astonished me.

      Thank you for the kind words! Compliments always feel sincere to me. It's easy to remain dedicated to the project with the support of a community like this.

      It's no problem at all!

  26. Ok, this is something else. Y'all have done an excellent job.

    1. Some may say an egg-cellent job!

    2. I'm glad you think so!

      Thank you for the chuckle Tuea.

  27. I can't wait to see all of your hard work in game! The jump to 0.5 surprised me, usually you guys go through 0.4.8-9 before you make the big jump. So, great job people! I'd like to make a request, if that's alright? I'd like one of the next LI preg updates to be for Eden. He one of my favorites, but after awhile there isn't much to do. Also some holidays in spring and summer would be cool. Thanks!

    1. I hope you enjoy it!

      Thank you for the request. Eden would also like to be fertile! I'm afraid I can't say who will be next though.

      I agree holidays in spring and summer would be cool. It's no problem!

  28. I love this update already because I like to sometimes roleplay the characters that I make. So this update really helps the immersion! But I got a couple questions. (also sorry to give you another questionnaire)

    1. In the next few updates, will there be a separate clothing option? What I mean by that is that we got tops, bottoms, under tops, and under bottoms. But will we get over tops? Like we have jackets, hoodies, and cardigans but those outfits removes my current tops. Personally I would like to wear a cardigan with an other top but also wear an under top, but this current option isn't possible unless my under top is a camisole or undershirt which kind of removes that immersion a bit.

    2. Will there be school clubs or other activities like a school gym in the next future updates? Honestly, there's a lack of school content, which is okay, but also its one of the main focuses for love interest and appropriate school performance skill checks (i.e. science for pain resist and math for money increase). I know we have seasonal events like the science fair and stage play but we kind of don't really have to go to school besides those points which makes me sad.

    3. Why can't I wear a bullet vibe in public? I think it would be cool if we could wear a bullet vibe to constantly increase arousal. :)

    4. Is there any forgotten content or obscure content that you would like to add into the game? Personally, I've been waiting for the Avery content and manor since last year. So when I read that this content is coming soon it makes me excited. Also I just want to know what you would like to put in the game too.

    -That's all the questions I have currently. Thank you and your team for updating the game and I wish the best for you guys. Also I appreciate it if you did replied back and if you didn't reply back, I still appreciate you. :)

    1. Replying to my self because i forgot to put my name down :p

    2. That's great to hear! There's no need to apologise.

      1. Over clothes are coded into the game already, and have been for a while, but there's a question of how to tie them in to surrounding content. An extra layer for NPCs to strip during events would complicate things a lot.

      2. I agree there's a lack of school content, and more classes are planned, along with clubs and cliques. I'm not sure when to expect them though. The school is a central location and needs a lot more content.

      3. I agree that would be cool!

      4. I would also like to add Avery's manor! There's a lot I'd like to add. One is a pizza delivery job, but it's a bit of an aside, and I think I should focus on more core content for a bit.

      It's no problem at all.

    3. For 1) maybe they could just fall off your body when you get tackled down. With how easily clothes get torn up normally, I'd think this wouldn't be too big a stretch lol

      Then you can get them back if you win the encounter or maybe lose them if you get taken somewhere else. This reminds me of how hats work a little...

    4. THE Vrelnir responded :O thank you so much! 🍕

  29. Wow, all the new additions are amazing, can't wait to try everything out. Thank you Vrel and team for your hard work.

  30. Everything is beautiful, Thank you so much! We need more updates like this. I hope they do something similar one day with hairstyles. And that they add variety for men, sometimes I create a transvestite character and I would like to give him male hairstyles and there is no variety.

    1. That's good to hear, it's no problem at all! I agree we need more masculine hairstyles.

  31. Thank you for the update! Hawk can finally be the father/mother they long for! Ovulation is so fun! Will there be more small plots about eggs in the future, such as PC being placed in Eden or Alex's breakfast while making breakfast, and being discovered laying eggs in a farm chicken coop like secretly milking in a cowshed? XD

    1. No problem! I'm glad you think so. There are no hard plans for more egg events like that, but I'm not against them. Thanks for the ideas.

  32. Thank you for the update and your hard work! I really enjoy your game!😊

    I have a few questions I would like to ask.
    1. What are all LIs’ voices like?
    2. Is there a birthday for each LI? (as lore, not gameplay)
    3. After PC got stockholm syndrome: kylar, aside from the dismissing Kylar event, what are other situations that would make Kylar kidnap PC again? (as lore, not gameplay. Although I actually would love to get kidnapped by kylar again lol)

    1. Hello! Sorry, not Vrelnir, but I think I can answer Q1 and Q2.

      1. Vrelnir doesn't decide what they voice like. About their appearance and voice, Vrelnir tends to let the players decide as they please.
      2. Aye. But Vrelnir doesn't announce it. And he thinks the players are free to decide what the LIs' birthdays are.

    2. No problem! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

      1. Like Lilian Dimveil says, I like to leave it up to player imagination.
      2. Like Lilian Dimveil says, aye. Making them more explicit is on the maybe pile.
      3. Having a baby with someone else could do it, in the right circumstances. Also anything that made Kylar think the PC was in incredible danger if they didn't intervene.

    3. Thank you both!😊

  33. I love the new additions, great work as always! thank you for the update. also i am really enjoying this new approach of lighter, but more frequent updates

    1. It's no problem, I'm glad you like the changes! I like the monthly schedule a lot as well. We have PurityGuy and the contributors to thank for making it possible.

  34. Error when trying to use messy curls! Failed to load image img/hair/fringe/messy curls/chest.png for layer hair_fringe;

  35. I'd really love transformations to change more for the PC with some more scenes for certain transformations and more options on how to use your animal/divine abilities. For basic stuff I think wolves, cats, foxes, and harpies should gain claws for stronger punches. Foxes could gain Keen Eyes could allow them to spot things normally unnoticed while exploring the town. Cats could gain Keen Ears and be able to listen to people whispering, hear someone from a distance, and focus on someone's voice in a large crowd. Wolves could gain Keen Noses and be able to smell peoples scents, helping them track people like love interests and make random events with love interests more common, it could maybe also give you a choice on events when visiting the houses, mansions, and flats. All of these could also help you when someone attempts to sneak up on the player to attack them, maybe giving them a free turn in combat where you catch the culprit off guard.

    Another thing I'd really like that would likely be a toggle would be some bigger visual changes from animal transformations, you probably already know what I mean but I'm talking about things like knotted penises for the wolf and fox transformations and other similar things. I also think a horse transformation would be pretty cool!

    With the horse transformation you'd gain the confidence, poise, and build of the centaurs, increasing your allure and attractiveness, physique, penis and ball size (boobs if female), speed of your hair growth, and increase the speed that you travel through the countryside, forest, and moor. With the horse transformation your body's limits are weakened, boosting the effectiveness of your physique and gaining an extra bigger penis size. If the visual changes I mentioned before would be added they'd also have a flared and ringed penis.

    I also remember reading a comment on the last update mentioning penises sticking out from underwear and shorts when at high arousal and I'd really like that addition too! Smaller penises could stay hidden with it slowly being more exposed as the penis' size and your arousal increases, this could give a huge boost to allure and add some more short scenes with npcs! They mentioned a few ways of hiding it but I think the best way would be to add it as a trait for shorts and underwear, maybe called 'Risky', to tell you which could expose you. I think it'd be good to leave some clothes without the risk like school shorts. They also mentioned choosing how your penis hangs which I think would be funny and cool too lol

    1. sorry for the word wall!

    2. Forgot to mention this but an option in the cheat menu to allow multiple animal or divine transformations would be awesome!

    3. Thanks for the ideas. I'd like transformations to have a bigger impact. A bigger visual, or physical impact isn't planned though, including regarding genitals.

      More potential for exhibitionism like that would be cool. There's no need to apologise!

  36. Hey Vrel or team, I was wondering if it'd be possible to implement a player and NPC hygiene system with dialogue referencing how good/bad smelling, clean/filthy, sweaty, ect the character is in combat which can affect seduction, lewdness, and general attitude towards the NPC. Also dialogue detailing how filthy the NPC is in combat with the ability to cause the pc to become filthy from other filthy NPCs. It's kind of a turn on imagining my character being fully bathed and shaven then captured by the wolves, hawk, or Eden and over time becoming more and more dirty, sweaty, hairy, etc.

    I had mentioned this in an earlier post but could never find my comment to see if anyone replied. Thanks in advance.

    1. Did you ask this question back in April? I have a memory of it. Vrelnir did respond to the hygiene issue a while later, to the effect that a hygiene-related system had existed in the early development, though it had since been adjusted to focus on mechanics related to semen and slime rather than other forms of filth. He'd also like to add more NPC reactions. Additionally, Vrelnir thought the hygiene stat for NPCs was an interesting idea, albeit not in the plans, but he thought others might indeed find it interesting. If this comment hasn't been eaten by the blog yet, you should be able to find it in the comments section of the post 0.4.6. Or it's possible that this isn't your previous comment, but that their topics are relevant.

    2. Hi, not Vrelnir, but I noticed someone mentioned it, but I'm not sure if that comment was yours.
      About hygiene system, Vrelnir has answered. He thanks the interesting thoughts, but he is not interested in other filth, and it's not planned.

    3. I do believe the comment y'all are referring to was me. Thank you both for letting me know his thoughts on it. I tried but couldn't find my original comment, either way this community is always so engaged and helpful and I appreciate it.

    4. No problem, Anon. I found my archive if you need it, here's the original text. Regarding your suggestions, Vrel may also have some new ideas and you can refer to them both.

      Vrelnir 28 April 2024 at 21:24
      The game had a hygiene meter early in development, but l decided that having cum and slime as a separate mechanic would bea better approach, as I wasnt interested in other forms of filth. 'd like to add more NPC reactions to these.
      A hygiene stat for NPCs is an interesting idea though, and not something 've really consideredl t's not planned, but thanks forthe food for thought. Some people would indeed be into it.

      lt's no problem at all. Thanks for your thoughts.

    5. Thanks again for your thoughts Anon, and the responses Incidental and Lilian Dimveil!


  38. I really love the new weather system it's so good and the sky is is so pretty! I'm so happy about new Great Hawk content, and the hairstyles Monay made are really pretty too! I'm really happy seeing so much care being put into adding more content into this game. Vrel and team thank you, we're super happy with all the hard work you put in ^^

    1. I'm glad you like it! Monay's hairstyles are indeed pretty.

      It's no problem at all!

  39. Wow the new update so cool sir XD thanks for the update Vrelnir

    1. I'm glad you think so! It's no problem at all.

  40. As stated with the last update, and should have been in this. Another clothing slot added for outerwear like coats and jackets that you can add to and remove from without the need of a wardrobe.

    1. Adding a clothing slot like this is a lot of work with how clothing checks are coded into scenes, and I don’t believe there is any indication that over would have been added in this update.

    2. Thanks for the response Anon. An outer layer of clothing is coded into the game, but I'm unsure how to best adjust the rest to accommodate them.

    3. Well with temps and clothing warmth is now, currently at the coldest 40, the warmest can only reach 37. Only able to get to that warm is from a pair of leggings flagged as underwear and the backpack gives warm, otherwise 33 would be warmest. Coats replacing tops does not allow for an extra 5-6 points a top would give in addition of a coat.

  41. Hi, Vrelnir! I've already commented some hours ago but I needed a clarification on a little thing. Before that, some compliments: I've been playing on and off since 2019 (seems like yesterday) and it's been a pleasure seeing how it changes and adds new content. Saying that: I saw a screenshot reading that you could find a lost harpy chick and somehow adopt it. Is this true or are people joking? If its true, how can I make this happen? Thank you, stay safe, and see you next update :)

    1. [SPOILERS] not Vrel but, it’s not a joke. go on hunts with Great Hawk and explore, and picking up less items may help since u can then travel for longer distances.

    2. Lol, never mind, found it. Wonderful scene! Compliments to the 'chef'.

    3. I'm glad you've been enjoying the game all this time! Thanks for the response Anon. EmbraceTheVoid is responsible for the adoption event. I'm glad you like it!

  42. "Remy may milk an obedient cow PC by hand at high love. Writing by Angel." THANK YOU ANGEL. More Remy content is what I search for first.

  43. Thank you for the additional content (especially Remy)! I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but I just unlocked the wolf cave with Black Wolf, and for some reason the pack will not return from their hunt! My PC has been babysitting these cubs for hours yet the pack just won't return lol. Look forward to seeing more fleshed out content in the future for all the LIs!

    1. No problem!
      It sounds like a bug's afoot regarding the wolf pack. Thanks for the heads up.

  44. It no longer tells the day of the week or the date on the side bar

    1. They can be found in the journal, but still, I like the convenience of them being in the side bar

    2. Strange, I still have the day of the week and date in my sidebar. Could it only show up for those with the calendar purchased?

    3. hm, weird. guess my games just broken than, lol. it happens

    4. Hello, I haven't come across this either. But I have an idea that maybe you'd like to try?
      Please backup your game save data. Then download it again after completely deleting DoL, and load your backed up game save data. Because I think there might be an unknown bug between the new version and the old one.
      But I'm sorry if it still doesn't work >_<

    5. Thanks for the heads up, and sorry for the trouble.

  45. I love this game, have for a while now. Thank you Vrel and Co

    1. That's wonderful to hear. It's no problem at all.

  46. +1 Vote for Vrel as a LI

  47. I want to thank you and your collaborators for the great work you have done and I hope it continues to be something special.
    Take care and lots of love.

    1. It's no problem at all. You take care as well.

  48. Congratulations for the 5.0 release!
    Thank you Vrel, Purity Guy, Kirsty , Xao , Lollipop and other contributors.

  49. just 3 tiny questions~
    1) at what level of love do we become Avery's fav or even slightly important to him
    2)do mr Avery ever think of us when we're not together? also, no just for sex or showing off.
    3) have Avery ever thought of buying us, like even considered it or..?

    1. 1) Max, though you won't be able to become their favourite ever until the mansion update. Though can become their favourite in specific ways in the meantime.
      2) Aye, though often angrily.
      3) Aye. It might come up in the future.

  50. Yay!!! Thank you Vrel, and everyone else who contributed! It's really hard to program a game, and make such beautiful scenes! The aesthetic overhaul is amazing! Thanks thanks thanks!

  51. hell yeah blessing from the lord. thank you so much

    1. and such a great update too
      i remember one time thinking it's weird for me to jogs for 2 hours with casual clothes just because i can

    2. It's no problem at all.

  52. In Avery's mansion, create the butler, the thick-skinned NPC with the most life and damage who will teach us the art of hitting and defending, and a decent job as a maid so we can effectively maximize housekeep

    1. That sounds like a fun character. Thanks for the ideas.

  53. Yay, update! Thanks, Vrel and team!

    So I’ve got a few weird requests. The first I’m honestly not sure if there’s anything you can do about it considering the graphics style, but I thought I’d mention it anyway. If the PC has the palest possible skin tone, the cum display is very hard to see. In fact, I didn’t even notice that there was a visualization until I started playing with a darker skin tone several updates back. Not really sure what could be done about it, but I hope it’s something you’ll consider.

    The second request is, I’ll admit, embarassingly American of me, but it would be great if there was a toggle to switch the temperature to Fahrenheit.

    1. No problem!

      Thanks for the feedback. Perhaps the cum could be given a tint that stands out against all skin tones.

      We have a toggle between different time styles, and one for temperature wouldn't be inappropriate.

  54. Hey!I found a things
    When Whitney no li,no love,100dom..
    Even though Whitney has 70 or more lust.

    Even though pc how do with whitney,and how long, pc always keep all Virginities.

    Q1:So Why Whitney such peace and kind....?
    Q2:What's the Whitney love?I just thought if love lower Whitney would more ruthlessness before.
    Q3:would have added "Whitney could got all PC's Virginities when no love" After?

    Q4 if could I hope Whitney Without any respect, derisively, with great intensity and violence, take away all the PCs Virginities..

    (I just learning English..)

    1. Ai translate: 0 love, 70 and more lost, 100dom. No matter how long the PC interacts with Whitney, the PC can remain a complete virgin.
      What is Whitney's favorability/affection? The lower the favorability, the lighter her means seem to be? That's too strange.

    2. Q1: Whitney could indeed be a bit more callous at low love, and perhaps less callous at high.
      Q2: I've considered adding content for Whitney with negative love in the past, but it's not planned. They shouldn't be more kind at low love though.
      Q3: A special event for Whitney taking all of the PC virginities at low love could be interesting.
      Q4: This could be interesting as well.

      Thanks for your thoughts!

  55. Any plans to fix that thing where the character reacts to seeing the size of someone's cock even though they're blindfolded?

  56. Woah, 5.0.0! This must be a big update!!!
    >it's the fucking weather
    >bird pregnancy
    >they're both by contributors


    1. Okay, I've found that this seems to be a pattern that pops up every time an update is made, and the author always answers these not-so-satisfying comments in a similar way, and this time will be no different. But people always need to vent their emotions, right.

    2. It's quite the sizable update! Contributors have indeed done good work.

      I hope you like the next update more Anon.

  57. Thank you for the update! More pregnancies are coming!
    Oh, maybe my question is not quite appropriate,If PC is a DINK, who would always respect PC's will not to have children?I know Kylar and Eden will not accept it, and I want to know the opinions of others, given that PC will not compromise in any way.

    1. No problem!

      You're right that Kylar and Eden would not respect it. The others would, though Robin and Alex would be saddened, and "respect" is perhaps the wrong term for Avery, who doesn't want children anyway.

  58. Thank you for your and the team's efforts, it's great! And I have a question, where does Lis, who wants to get married on PC, want to hold their wedding?

    1. It's no problem. I'm glad you like it!
      Kylar and Eden would want to get married in the forest. Alex at the farm. Robin and Sydney at the temple. Whitney and Avery at an expensive venue.

  59. I just saw your reply, interestingly, I was also thinking about adding my feeling on the rain scenes in the game... In the morning when I gazed at them, the PC was in Eden's cottage, with a gentle drizzle falling from the sky. I felt like I could almost smell the wet earth after the rain. Since you are replying to comments, I decided to add it here. Thanks to Xao and the contributors for their beautiful work. Without witnessing it firsthand, I really couldn't imagine that such limited pixels could create such delicate beauty, evoking a truly immersive atmosphere. Thank you so much for not minding answering my curiosity about personality. I'll shamelessly boast a bit that the answer is very similar to what I expected!

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Incidental. Xao and the contributors deserve much praise!

      I'm not surprised that you expected I answer the way I did!

  60. Leighton must be one stingy fuck, with how the school won't warm the pool during winter.

    1. They are stingy, but perhaps the pool should be heated anyway.

  61. Hi Vrel, loving this new update! Blown away by the new scenery for the images, it’s breathtaking😍One issue though that I noticed on my character is some of the clothing seems to be bugged? like bras, and even the babydoll lingerie. I was a little confused on what was happening😧, so just wanted to let ya know! Thanks for the new content, especially with the Great Hawk! I love that lovely bird.

  62. Hi, Vrel! I have some questions, sorry to bother you.

    1. What if the PC write a lewd fiction with between themselves and teachers on English class, and read it at the class how would Doren and Kylar react? (This'll increase cool state or decrase? Maybe depend on teachers?)
    2. If other teachers read that lewd fiction, how would they react? (River: *faint* ++delinquency)
    3. I love teachers so much, so I want kidnapped them and lock them in to the loft(like kylar)... And if the PC succeeded to lock them, how would they react, and which teachers would escape first and last?
    4. Following previous question, if Robin notice the PC kidnapped teacher on the loft, would they help the teachers to escape or the PC to keep lock them?
    5. What is teachers most confident about?
    6. What is Briar, Remy and Niki most confident about?
    7. If the PC calls Whitney "Shitney" will they get mad?

    I really love new preg update! I hope we can have some preg event with poi NPCs too! (Even if not long as Lis though)

  63. Ok I got three questions
    1. What make the pc so special that there can transform
    2. When will we get more underground farm content
    3. And more dog pound content
    And thanks for continuing on working on the game

  64. ooh amazing update!!! n just in time for the deadline too lol
    also snazzy new logo :00 i like glowy things :D

    love how in-depth the warmth system is now, though I'm sure I'll take that back when i realise that i can't wear my carefully curated outfits anymore lol but i will gladly suffer the heat syncope to stay cute

    really glad that great birdy is finally getting some love! must be awfully boring in that tower, when PC just leaves for an extended amount of time. now they at least get to enjoy the delights of being a single parent! yaaay :3

    AND I've whittled myself down to now only being half salty about Avery getting his mansion :D
    however, a considerable amount of sodium remains, I'm afraid (i mean c'mon, before Whitn- nono this is FINE, Avery deserves this) put me in a room with a fish n that thing will come out perfectly preserved B) maybe with a bite taken out of it, depending on the kind of fish :3
    do you like fish?
    Avery used to be my fave, so maybe new content will reignite the flame, or whatever
    however, if he doesn't pull a pretty woman on us, i WILL cry like a BABY >:'( i just noticed that i don't have any specific timeframe set for when he needs to do that by, so ig I'll just start now TTwTT

    how is this comment so long, without saying anything substantial? call me Houdini, because i make your time disappear lol
    anyway, i do have some questions cooking in the ol think tank tho, but in my exceeding graciousness and humility i will not torment you with them today
    bet u cant guess what those are about lol ;3c

    i will now ask a question anyway
    is there some sort of roadmap or similar for the content you plan on adding?
    i also petition for the maybe pile to be renamed to maybe mountain

    ( don't read the comments on a certain forum, for certain games, right? you just post update and run, right?? haha just a random thought i had lolol ._.)

    ꩜you like eggs, where the middle is firm, but still just a lil soft꩜ (do u?)

  65. it's weirdly hard to pass out from heatstroke >< ^^.
    MC wore the warmest clothes i could find, and it was the end of July with sunny weather. and his body temperature seemed to rise for a while.
    but then it started lowering with the mention of "you let the chill take the heat away from your body". i get it that sweating is supposed to help with it, but not when he's still wearing a beanie, cat hoodie, cargo pants, leg warmers and so on >< ^^;

    1. i made him run for hours, and i even got the text: "you're suffering from heatstroke", but still, his stress doesn't rise at all >< ^^

  66. My anti-virus keeps blocking this update and won't download it. Any idea why and any advice?


    Can I ask you questions? Is there will be any updates on combat in future? Because I like challenge 😎

  68. Will we ever get to visually see the PC's physique? It'd be nice to help them feel stronger. I'd also like another or multiple other penis sizes, there are a LOT of boob sizes so I feel like 1 or 2 more wouldn't hurt. Love the game and it looks so pretty now!

    1. I forgot to say but if possible, with the combat overhaul I'd love a visual for penis sizes too. Also, does the combat overhaul include seducing in combat or is it only about fighting?

  69. Oi! Let Robin Become my new sugar daddy!

  70. Wow! Great Hawk content, and later Avery content! can't wait to try it! thank you for the updates 💖💖
    Is there any plan for McKay content as LI tho? I really like them and really really want to romance them

  71. With this new temperature overhaul, will certain transformations get updated to give heat/cold resistance?

  72. Congrats! And nice new banner!

  73. Thanks PurityGuy for making sure Blackwolf couldn't walk out for a pack of cigs and a carton of milk XD

  74. Love the update! Huge kudos to the contributors for the beautiful backgrounds and the dynamic weather!

    One thing I've been wondering though is will there ever be additions to cross-dressing? It has a lot of interesting interactions and I love playing around with it. Like maybe the option for male PCs to tuck so their bulge is less visible like the chest binding clothes that cross-dressing female PCs can use. It could even be interesting to have the PCs comfort level and skill develop the more they do it if you don't start with the trait.

  75. Finally inner peace.... This update makes my day brighter truly amazing Vrelnir

  76. Really great update! I know you're probably inundated with concepts and ideas all the time, no matter how niche they are, but one thing I'd really like to see is more underwear specific material. Especially when it comes to things like getting raped or masturbating or exhibition. Whether they're character or story specific scenes, or even just random encounters - dry humping, sucking an NPC or character off through their underwear, and especially cumming in your underwear and making a mess of yourself. Even just adding that extra layer and describing an NPC or character's underwear instead of them always just being naked right away would be neat!

    1. Even just asking not to remove underwear would be something~

  77. hey vrelnir, thanks for another update, it seems like an interesting update, then you need to see how the transformations affected the temperature of the PC, as the harpy and wolf transformations should give an increase in temperature, so even without clothes you can keep your hair warm hair or feathers, probably, the demon transformation also uses clothes with exhibitionism and promiscuous traits, angel could give resistance to heat since it will probably require more clothes and reserved clothes, the cow and cat transformation I don't know exactly how it would work in these cases.

    1. +1 I always thought the fox tail should be very warm.

  78. I'd love for there to be some small scenes with npcs or small lines regarding you having a bulge, maybe "People glance at your bulge as you pass by them." or "You notice people staring at your huge bulge." if you have a bigger penis. Some npcs might try to help the player and warn them about their bulge and the player could flaunt it, there could also be a scene opposite to the butt grabbing npc where they grab your bulge and you can either sink into it or push them away, or npcs could just make flirtatious comments regarding the player's bulge. There could even be unique dialogue in special places like the office or school. I also think constricting clothing could cause bulges to be more defined and outlined for others to see or a new clothing trait could be added for it. Love the new update!!!
    never thought I'd say the word bulge so many times in my life and its making me kind of uncomfy lmao

  79. Thank you for the update regarding the Great hawk! I've always been waiting for this update! I have a question, are you interested in having a PC become a member of the student council? Or how about adding one of the members of the student council as an npc or Li?

  80. Thank you for the update vrel and team. This one seems... interesting, wasn't expecting anything like this, tho i haven't been keeping up with comments or the discord so if there were any hints i didn't see them. Gonna be interesting to find out how it works and how it changes the way we play the game. I know you're aware of this and it's probably brought up somewhat often, but i wanted to ask why exactly the mobile combat animation bug happens. I get that the fact that it hasn't been fixed yet means that it isn't a simple problem to fix, but i'm really curious if there is a way to avoid it or a workaround without disabling combat animations. Either way, excited to try out the update some time. Excited for all the others to come for the 0.5.x versions.

  81. dear vrel and developer team
    it's without doubt i love the new weather system and the image overhaul of our fine city
    it looks astounding and i have more reason to use a mix of my clothes
    however i somehow have difficulty to notice the rain display, especialy during night and dawn
    it is of course easily solved by hovering the mouse cursor over at the scenery image but its really troublesome having to check by mouse instead of the regular glance
    perhaps, could you change it so that the weather colour contrast more from the background?
    i hope my input would be a point of consideration, thank you and regards

    p.s. i noticed the difficulty for raising and maintaining physical attribute had risen and i loved that too as it posed more challenge

    1. i have to agree with this >< ^^. it is really pretty, but the rain is kinda difficult to see for me, and i realize that it's raining only when i get messages about MC's clothes getting wet >< ^^

  82. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Will there be more storylines and events added for Eden and Black Wolf in the future?
      Will Remy and Ivory Ghost be made into romance options in the future?
      Can you add pixel art for spanking?

  83. Will there be more storylines and events added for Eden and Black Wolf in the future?
    Will Remy and Ivory Ghost be made into romance options in the future?
    Can you add pixel art for spanking?

    1. Hi, not Vrelnir, but I can help answer those questions~✨
      Eden and Black Wolf will have more events in the future.
      Sorry, there're no plans to add Remy and Iviry Wraith to the love interest list.

  84. thank you for the update, vrel! the new weather system is so good snd the visuals are stunning. I'm enjoying it so far. well, there's one bit where it's getting slightly harder to spend time with Whitney at the park if the rain falls too late but...guess there's no helping it. sometimes I wish there's another way to approach them after school outside the gate events.

    speaking of Whitney... I think there are few instances where the clock doesn't move on the rainy park scene. for example, smoking doesn't move the time by 10 minutes like the other, and I -think- milkshake sometimes doesn't move the time by 20 minutes despite the option said so.

    also another...bug, I think? my journal and indicator said I have a book overdue but I don't know what book it is and there's no option to return it either. the update started in the middle of summer break, but now that the school has started, I'm stuck with invisible book that keeps adding my delinquency. Sydney commented on it but still, no option to return the book. is there a way to get around this?

    a few more things I'd like to comment and ask...
    1. now it occurs me that Avery and Whitney are actually quite similar in several aspects, but also different in the others. I wonder if there will be interactions between them. personally I think they would really dislike each other.

    2. while I enjoy the scene so much, I feel like the scene with Whitney asking for PC's orphanage could have alternatives because....they keep forgetting where the orphanage's location.

    3. I've been wondering, is there a reason why town upgrade is tied with Tentacle Forest?

    thank you for everyone's work! I don't particularly interact with Great Hawk but this is still a huge update!

    1. oh I forgot something...

      4. I think we need some sort of competition/big events for history and swimming class too. for now swimming feels so unimportant compared to the other classes once we maxed swimming stats.

      +sorry for the typos and bad English!

    2. while i do like the weather update - it does feel more realistic to me and all the art is really nice, but it makes it harder to meet Whitney >< ^^. kinda hope that in the future we'll get a place where he hangs out without his dogs and with no weather requirements ^^;.

      and as for the questions:
      2. actually, if you agree to go on the roof, but then refuse to cooperate, Whitney will say that he already knows where you live. so that doesn't seem to be another example of his memory issues ^^;

      and as for 4. i'm pretty sure Vrelnir mentioned that events like this are planned

    3. while the school roof scene indicates that he already knows where we live, the alleyway scene (that followed by orphanage visit event the next day) will still play. I kinda wish the alleyway one will have some alternative text. maybe instead of pointing the orphanage again like they've never been there before, Whitney can have a small talk with PC, promising/threatening to inspect PC's place or something along that line.

  85. Hi vrelnir! I’ve noticed while rewding through comments on these posts that a lot of the people playing doil have some (obviously) wild kinks and fetishes, it kind of made me wonder, have you ever seen a suggestion for a kink or fetish that was just too extreme for you?

    On another note though lol, my biggest kink would probably be exhibitionism which I love that it has a pretty good amount of content for in dol, when do you think more scenes would be added for it and the other sexual stats?

  86. Can we wearing some sex toys all day just like Anal Beads?
    I originally thought that the Bullet Vibe could be used on three points, and the Small Dildo could also be used on the vagina.

  87. I hope Aphrodisiac pills can add some side effects, such as long-term and excessive use that will permanently increase the lower limit of arousal value.
    If exceed a certain limit, you will get lewd traits such as hypersexuality or never-ending estrus.