Monday 18 June 2018

Version 0.1.2

More minor improvements and bug fixes.

Thank you to everyone who's played, reported bugs and/or given feedback.

Patch Notes
You can now toggle anal on and off in settings (needs testing).
Added "Passed out" to statistics page.
Some changes to help navigating around town.
Added some new descriptions to male npcs.

Balance Changes
Made the weekly payments ramp more slowly and cap at £2000.
Added a cap to allure, lowering the maximum chance of a lewd event occuring to 80%.
Passing out now removes much more stress.
Made events more likely to trigger in the school.
Increased the speed at which your skulduggery and grades improve.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a problem where some promiscuous actions were incorrectly marked as exhibitionist.
Fixed a bug that made unintended hermaphrodites. There may be more like it, be on the lookout.
Fixed a bug where a specific event wouldn't pay out the intended amount.
Fixed an issue with wolf encounters occuring when they shouldn't.
Fixed an issue preventing physique from improving at the speed intended.
Fixed a bug that caused vaginas to be exiled from reality if you stopped licking them.


  1. Good work on this, I really enjoy what you've started here. There are some good ideas that I look forward to being expanded upon here.

    Couple suggestions. Attackers seem to want to jump to sex right away, and orgasms seem to break you pretty quick if you have a number in rapid time. I really like your system where your actions change your attacker's actions. It's pretty innovative for these kinds of games. I think it can be put to use to address both of the above issues.

    Basically, if you put up a fight in game the enemy will beat you up just like normal, and if you submit they get it over much more quickly. So far so much like what you have already. However, I think if you take the middle of the road option, by pleading or covering yourself then the enemy will be inclined to force you to orgasm a couple of times to make you more pliant. Say after your first orgasm nothing changes, but after your second you're too weak to punch, kick, or scream. You can no longer fight back directly. In another you can't ever cover yourself properly all you can do is plead, submit, or lie there and take it. Another and you're too weak to do anything but pleasure back or do nothing (put an option in for "struggle weakly" that does nothing.) And then they start enjoying themselves in earnest. And maybe after another couple of orgasms you're so exhausted you can't even submit anymore. Just lie there and take it like in your "dreamlike state" when you run out of trauma.

    This sounds like a much more fun pacing for a character being worn down in a fuck then the binary "can fight" and "can't fight" options. It would also be nice to see the PC recover from these things much faster because the real fun in your game is getting broken by your harassers. Once you're already broken it becomes rather samey. So we should have easy ways to recover quickly so we can get torn down again without starting a new game. Which is what I find myself doing. Starting a fresh character and then going exploring. Once they're no fun anymore I make a new one. I'd like to keep one going and just break them again and again.

    Orgies should also work more like the tentacles. With participants getting satisfied and leaving. As it is right now, everyone finishes at once and I tend to only service one person as I'm fucked and kiss another, yet everyone leaves happy? I'd like to seem them pass me around more, especially after exhausting me via the above process. Some people may complain it will take to long, but you could just add a "pass out" button to skip to the end. Also, once we're no longer fit to fight back (via stress or injury or the above), rather than eliminating all of our options to do anything you should just let us have one or two pointless "flavour" offerings for each limb. Say "struggle weakly" or "lie still." Have both of them do nothing but maybe change the flavour text of the next turn. Would keep the player in the game more once the fuckfest has started. Should also have this for restricted limbs. Not saying it should have any chance of success, just returns a feeling of false agency that would make these scenes hotter.

  2. I agree, player agency is important and restricting it needs to be done carefully. It's currently too easy to become passive. Adding actions when you're helpless, even just for flavour, sounds like a fine idea.

    I've had other people say similar things about the gangbangs being unsatisfying, and I'm thinking of ways to improve them.

    Thanks, I appreciate your thoughts and I'm glad you're enjoying it.

  3. This is really good. Unless you'd mentioned it I would never have assumed you've got no experience. I really look forward to seeing what you do with this project over time. Just wanted to give you a thumbs up, making something with minimal experience takes guts, but letting others play it takes courage.

  4. Thank you! I was nervous sharing it, but the response has been very motivating.

  5. This game is great, once you get the hang of things then it's very open-world, I always get the chastity belt right away and it makes things go MUCH smoother

    1. Chastity belt seems OP. Like, there are no downsides at all to it. Maybe you should make people bully you in school changing room for wearing it? Or make masturbation a very useful activity to manage stress and horniness so that a belt would be a useful option but not a must-have?

  6. Game looks great! But I have a couple of questions.
    1. Are you working on the AI's priorities? Since quite a bit of the time even at a high level of lust, they don't do much.
    2. Is Futa going to be an option at the start later in the game, as in I can pick bieng only targeted by Futa's, chicks with dicks yo.
    3. What is the age group of the main character? This seems to be conflicting.
    4. And finally, do you have a roadmap you are going down, or are you just filling gaps, and pushing forward in the development of this?

    1. Thanks!
      1. Yes. It's a burdensome problem but I'll get round to it.
      2. I've been building things with future futa in mind, so it shouldn't be too hard to add.
      3. 18 or maybe a bit older. I wanted to leave the exact number to imagination.
      4. Kinda. More just a list that's been rearranged a bunch due to feedback, as fixing some issues is more urgent than I thought. I'm sad the "milk" farm will have to wait.
      Honestly though, if I ever feel like working on something specific, I'm working on that despite any plans.

    2. Honestly, with the "innocence" of the main character, alongside the classes they are in, It always made your character seem very young. Child-like even, with the size you can be making this even worse in that regard. I am fine with that though, Futa on male ageplay is fun for me no doubt.

      Although I must ask why you used twine to make this? Instead of going for Java/Flash. Since playing this a bit, with the modular sex system, made this feel a bit like lilith's throne. And Both Flash and Java are less limited in UI then twine.

    3. Keep on this though, the little that's in it good fun.

    4. I look forward to the game getting ready for more content. I want to see some more school events flushed out. Like maybe once you get your grades high enough have some bullies force you to come to your house to do their homework for you while they hide under the desk playing and sucking on you. "If you want us to stop you better hurry up!" Maybe with the options to hurry up and do poorly or work diligently and stay longer, each with their own consequences. Or maybe have someone drop a parasite down your pants between classes at school, forcing you to miss class by fishing it out in the bathroom or enduring the school day with it.

      Lots of opportunities for devious fun here. I just hope I can retain my sanity long enough to enjoy it all. Game can get kinda rough.

    5. Dr Nolegs - I used twine because I have no coding experience. It was very easy to pick up.

      Anon - Thanks for your thoughts. I'm working on ways to help the pc maintain sanity as we speak. I'm eager to see what people think of them.

  7. I think there's something wrong with initiating intercourse at the beach party. The first screen always shows the following, even though both parties should start out fully clothed:

    "Your penis is rhythmically swallowed and regurgitated by their pussy. You rhythmically push back, trying to reduce your discomfort."

    (Male PC, female encounters.)

    1. Thanks DrPill. I'll look into it.

    2. Just an update. I've found and fixed what I believe is the issue. Certainly, it could cause what you describe. Thanks again for all the bug reports. I fear issues with pc-npc interactions are going to be an ongoing concern.

    3. There may be something to having consensual sex be actually good for the PC. Maybe make it help with stress and truama? I mean you already are supposed to be slutting around to try and do that.

      It would be even better if you could get a boyfriend or girlfriend to do so with. I'd keep them fairly generic, jock boyfriend, cheerleader girlfriend, nerdboy, creepy girl etc. Too many waifu hunting games out there. But it could be great because you have this person that you rely upon to stay sane, but can drag you into stressful situations just when you need them most.

      Like maybe the jock or cheerleader will want to share you with their squad (depending on your set gender preferences), or the nerd boy is an aspiring engineer and demands your help testing some toys he built and they often malfunction, maybe the creepy girl is a hugely repressed cumslut nyphomaniac and as the only boy she's ever gotten close do demands that you let her blow you and fuck her over and over all the time, sometimes even in school.

      It would be an interesting way to add risk while giving a better way to recover from life in the world.