Sunday 18 June 2023

Degrees of Lewdity version

This update fleshes out the world with a large number of scenes. It also fine-tunes pregnancy, makes UI improvements, and adds a new job on Starfish Street.

There are a ton of new contributed scenes, many of which were coded by Cutiland, who was a whirlwind of activity. Big thanks to them, to Kirsty for UI and other improvements, and all the contributors involved.

One change is how the game decides what the PC will say during scenes. You can now choose through the attitudes menu, rather than an automatic selection based on submissiveness. Submissiveness is still involved though, high submissiveness will lock the bratty option, and low submissiveness will lock the meek option. The neutral option is available at all times, which I think is appropriate. Just because the PC is beating people down left and right, doesn't mean they can't be polite in conversation!

This is the first step in broader changes to the submissiveness stat. Right now, submissive, meek, bratty and defiant are on the same axis. We plan to move meek and bratty into their own. So it'll be possible for PCs to be bratty and submissive, or meek and defiant.

About two years ago we held a survey, asking people how they played the game and what they wanted to see in the future. It revealed that pregnancy was a much-desired feature. It's time for another! Thanks to anonymous for setting it up.

Thursday was the fifth anniversary of the first post on this blog. I never dreamt the game would be as popular as this, or have so many contributors. It's wonderful, and not something I could ever get used to. Thank you all!

Edit: Updated to, fixing bugs.
Edit 2: Updated to, fixing more bugs.
Edit 3: Updated to, fixing more bugs.
Edit 4: Updated to, fixing an issue that prevented fixes being applied.

Alternative file host:
  • Added a chikan bus scene. Thanks to Akoz.
  • Added the option to repair broken outfits you are wearing at the tailor shop. Thanks to Golden Skullky.
  • Added the option to run to the tailor's instead of the clothing shop when items are broken. Thanks to Golden Skullky.
  • Added the ability to repair these items when dealing with exposure. Thanks to Golden Skullky.
  • Added the "unstealthy" trait to certain clothing items. Thanks to TreeFrogSoup.
  • Dance audiences will comment on players wearing collars, vaginal wetness and players wearing butt plugs. Thanks to TreeFrogSoup.
  • Robin now reacts if you show up in the more lewder swimwear setups while dating them. Thanks to TreeFrogSoup.
  • Adjusted scenes to prevent the player from being forced to wear constricting clothing while pregnant. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • When streaking in the park, Kylar will now give you clothes based on what they're currently wearing, rather than always giving you a sweater and jeans. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Improved the journal UI. Thanks to KinkyOne.
  • Added condom vending machines to the school toilets.
  • Added an event to the forest. Written by anonymous.
  • Robin now tattles with names when rescuing the PC in history class. Thanks to TreeFrogSoup.
  • Adjusted pill description text. Thanks to PyramidCat.
  • If PC discovers their pregnancy when taking the morning after pill, Dr. Harper tells them in red text. Thanks to Trinidad.
  • The PC can now set up a vending machine at the brothel, giving a weekly income, once they complete a quest. Thanks to Trinidad.
  • Added a new UI for changing your hairstyle. Thanks to Kirsty, with help from Lollipop Scythe with pagination, filters, and code improvements.
  • Thanks to Akoz for formatting improvements during the office meeting scene.
  • Thanks to majou for greatly reducing save file size, and improving performance.
  • Added new icons for the shopping mall ladder and the English, Maths, and Science projects; updated main hall, alleyway, and coastal path icons. Art courtesy of Kirsty.
  • Added icons for Alex's cottage and Robin's lemonade stand. Art courtesy of esiho. Coded by Kirsty.
  • Added icons for basking, changing rooms, clearing the yard, the compound, the oak on Danube Street, fences, hitchhiking, investigating, the orphanage loft, beach party, and volleyball. Art courtesy of esiho, with adjustments by Kirsty and Cutiland.
  • Adjusted the wardrobe and clothing shop UIs. Thanks to xnzda.
  • Gave the journal a facelift. Thanks to xnzda.
  • Thanks to Golden Skullky, TreeFrogSoup, Crimson Tide, Lollipop Scythe, TreeFrogSoup, Cutiland, anonymous, preeded, majou, and Jimmy for code improvements.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following additions and improvements:
  • Updated a large number of events that involve the player drinking alcohol, and made them account for both the player being knowingly pregnant, and visibly pregnant, where appropriate.
  • Jordan now has a proper reaction to a player that is revealed to be a virgin whilst pregnant.
  • Jordan will now inform the player that they are pregnant during chastity inspections, if the player is not already aware of the pregnancy.
  • Added a waters breaking passout scene to the temple.
  • Added a tending option to Catacombs Bores to coax something out. This means that the passage from the chasm to the bores is no longer one-way.
  • Added a fox encounter to the moor. The player will encounter more dangerous foxes as they go deeper into the moor. Written by Meat Glacier.
  • Fixes to the sewer location art, as well as winter variations for the sewers, sex shop, and flats, thanks to Ondor.
  • Redid the cat beast sprites. Thanks to anon.
  • Added an icon for the new "unstealthy" trait. Thanks to oyea.
  • The loincloth can now have a custom colour applied to it.
  • Adjusted the Dark Pendant sprite.
  • The player can now get pregnant in the prayer room due to popular demand.
  • Improvements to sidebar pregnancy sprites. The player's underwear should no longer completely vanish at larger belly sizes, and instead fit the shape of the player's belly.
Thanks to Cutiland for coding the following scenes.
  • Avery will now rarely give the PC a ride on a helicopter after school. Written by Uchiki.
  • Added a rainy day harassment event on Domus and Danube Streets. Written by Meat Glacier and Devil.
  • You can now sneak from the beach changing room as a exhibitionism 5 act. Written by Zortinga.
  • Added a new job to the Domus Street, where the player helps out a folk to fix their TV. Written by Meat Glacier.
  • Added a new encounter to the school Hallways, where the player it's blocked by a group of students that try to strip them. Written by Zortinga with reorganisation and additions to the scene by Kirsty.
  • Added lactation content to the wolf cave, both for the black wolf if they are the mother, and the PC if they are the mother. Written by Burnt Toast.
  • If the player waters break in the forest and the player is caught by the Black Wolf, the Black Wolf will take the player to the hospital. Written by Burnt Toast.
  • The Black Wolf will now react differently if the puppies the PC gave birth are theirs or not. Written by Kirsty.
  • Adjusted the birthing scene at the wolf cave if the black wolf is a beast. Written by Kirsty.
  • Adjusted the High Street pantsing sequence.
  • When looking for a game to play in the arcade, the player may find a gamer looking for a challenger. Written by Zortinga.
  • When looking for a game to play in the arcade, the player may find someone willing to play some Air Hockey. Written by Zortinga.
  • Added new ejaculation lines for Kylar, for when condoms burst, and after ending a sexual encounter. Written by Kami.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added School crossdressing while pregnant scene alternatives.
  • Added the ability to place dildo's on the floor to allow the pc to masturbate with them, without the use of hands.
  • Masturbation text improvements.
  • Added a "silly" pregnancy mode, where holding hands and kissing can cause pregnancies.
  • Split the "Percentage of people attracted to you that are male" and "Percentage of beasts or monsters attracted to you that are male" settings into a male/female appearience variants.
  • Adjusted a crossdressing Robin scene.
  • Code and performance improvements.
Balance Changes
  • The difficulty of requests to use condoms or pull out now depends on the NPCs aversion to pregnancy, and whether the encounter is consensual or not, with non-consensual encounters being more difficult. Thanks to slenderostrich.
  • Adjusted willpower in yoga classes. Thanks to Cutiland.
  • The Kylar bath and bedroom sneak scenes can now occur after Kylar becomes available as a love interest, even if they aren't selected as such in the Attitudes menu. Thanks to Cutiland.
  • The PC can now agree to Whitney's demands on Elk Street after becoming available as a love interest, regardless of whether they've been selected as such in the Attitudes menu. Thanks to Cutiland.
  • Prevented beast transformation daily decay when pregnant with the same species as the transformation. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a pronoun issue during the state play. Thanks to PyramidCat.
  • Parasite pregnancy statistics no longer give a hint about other type of pregnancy to unaware PCs. Thanks to Trinidad.
  • The PC should no longer be given the option to make a plant top or skirt if they already wear one. Thanks to Trinidad.
  • Fixed issues with a number of clothing items. Thanks to Golden Skullky.
  • Fixed a bug found during the office meeting scene. Thanks to Akoz.
  • Taking a bath with Robin should now properly wash the PC. Thanks to Cutiland.
  • Changed how the mowhark fringe renders in combat, so it no longer clips through headear. Thanks to anonymous.
  • The PC will no longer be teleported from the glimmering pool to the clearing of fleshlike flowers after clearing the thicket and returning to the tentacle forest.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the PC to steal multiple pepper spray charges from the compound per day, rather than once per week.
  • Fixed an issue with fox generation. Thanks to LewdNeko and Kirsty.
  • Thanks to YetAnotherDeviant for pronoun fixes.
  • Thanks to Trinidad and LewdNeko for minor fixes.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • Fixed pronoun errors at the canal, when being rescued by Sydney, and when Bailey threatens Robin.
  • Fixed a line break issue in some ultrasound scenes.
  • Fixed Quinn inexplicably appearing in the pillory if the player doesn't have enough money for the lake project.
  • Fixed the lace choker always appearing red. It is now colourable.
  • Fixed a reversed check resulting in a player only being gutpunched while pregnant.
  • Fixed demon players gaining trauma from not having the "flaunting" option enabled when available.
  • Fixed the "flaunting" option not working if the player was uncomfortable being seen naked.
  • Fixed failing to enter the tentacle forest not passing an hour as advertised.
  • Fixed being unable to go to the beach with Sydney when wearing certain swimwear.
  • Fixed a layering issue with the fallen angel halo.
  • Male NPCs or NPCs with flat chests will now "expose their chest" instead of "expose their nipples" when stripping their own clothes.
  • Fixed some excessive linebreaks in the forest fox event.
  • Fixed an issue with the allure caption that wasn't taking into account increased allure effects set by players.
  • Fixed several issues with the fox meadow event.
  • Fixed an issue with a Morgan scene where there were several after-combat ending links.
  • Fixed an issue with a Whitney infirmary scene.
  • Fixed a passage with no usable links during Domus street modelling events.
  • Fixed various typos and pronoun issues.
Thanks to Cutiland for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an issue in the Danube Challenges that made players with old saves have to replay the first challenge instead going to the second.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the PC fixing their clothes in one of the Yoga classes encounters.
  • Fixed an underwear and chastity belt mixup.
  • Robin will not participate in children events while missing anymore.
  • Fixed a bug found during the Domus tech support scene.
  • The player should no longer be informed that they can't access the Pups' Den twice.
  • Feeding your puppies know reduces your released milk.
  • The PC must have discovered the Pups Den before being able to feed puppies that aren't theirs.
  • Pronoun and formatting fixes.
Thanks to Crimson Tide for the following fixes:
  • Persistent NPCs will properly have their virginities taken.
  • Bed guests are now reset properly upon leaving bed.
  • Fixed some scenes that didn't account for homosexual NPC settings.
  • Fixed the player referring to themself as the wrong gender in the changing rooms.
  • You can now talk with Robin to lower their trauma down to 0.
  • Fixed some scenes in the prison that let the player talk freely even while gagged.
  • Typo and whitespace fixes.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an error found within Bailey's payments.
  • Fxed an issue with Sydney.
  • Fixed a breast feeding scene that wasn't disabled when the toggle was off.
  • Fixed a bug that gave the PC phantom lactation pain.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Whitney from acknolwedging chastity devices or female PC orgasms.
  • Added a missing and fixed a default combat action
  • Fixed a number of issues with pregnancy.
  • Fixed an issue found at prison.
  • Fixed some masturbation bugs related to clothing.
  • Cleared up some pregnancy extra stats details.
  • Fix for while the pc is male and crossdressing. If Kylar has a penis, he will now assume you can have his children when he doesn't know your gender.
  • Fix for Black Wolf not wanting to mate, during the mating event, when the player wiggles their behind at the start.
  • Fix for hunting with the Black Wolf not setting some variables correctly at the end.
  • Fixed a minor issue preventing the warning of pregnancy feats being disabled in the settings.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to anonymous for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with rescues, in which a drugged PC would be unable to scream even after the drugs have worn off.
  • Fixed hand actions appearing in stalking encounters when the player's arms are bound.
  • Flying in the moor on rainy days now properly contributes to clothing wetness.
  • The end of encounters now takes precedent over passing out from suffocation.
  • Fixed a couple encounters in the office building that did not end properly.
  • Bailey will no longer wake the player for school on Christmas.
  • Fixed a start menu error for players with images disabled.
  • The PC can no longer drink milkshakes nude at the beach.
  • Fixed xray images using the wrong sprites for strap-ons.
  • Fixed Robin wearing the wrong costume for Halloween.
  • NPCs can no longer equip a condom onto a clothed PC.
  • Thanks to majou, Trinidad, and Crimson Tide for code improvements.
Bug Fixes
  • Buying lube from a vending machine should no longer curse your save data. Thanks to majou.
Thanks to Cutiland for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that hid the Pups' Den on old saves.
  • Fixed a pronoun issue on the bus.
  • Fixed an error found during a Danube Street job.
  • A formatting fix during the new fox scene.
  • Fixed a bug found during an arcade scene that prevented the game properly acknowledging the PC's bottoms.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with the mirror hairstyle UI.
  • Fixed an incorrect clothing check during the new Whitney scene.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the PC to breastfeed while not lactating and with breastfeeding disabled.
  • Fixed a masturbation bug.
  • Fixed an issue with feats.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented inquiring about vaginal hermaphrodite parasite removal.
  • Wolves should no longer have human sperm.
Thanks to Trinidad for the following fixes:
  • Fixed the condition for the links when buying lube in bulk at the adult shop.
  • Player no longer has the idea of the vending machine if they haven't accepted the job at the brothel.
  • Fixed a bug where Briar didn't offer the fake ID.
  • Added a counter for the products sold at the brothel in the statistics tab.
  • Fixed an issue when hitchhiking, after a combat, the player always ended at the farms, even if they were going to town.
  • Fixed images overlaying text in tentacle encounters.
  • Added the chalets to Starfish street, where the PC can find work.
  • Added the "With what demeanor do you speak with others?" attitude, allowing the choice of bratty, meek, or neutral automatic speech during scenes. The bratty option is disabled if submissiveness grows too high, and the meek option is disabled if submissiveness falls too low.
  • The current grade for each class will now be shown at the start of said class. Thanks to FireHarpy.
  • Added "School term finishes today" to the sidebar if its the last day of school for the season. Thanks to Xao.
  • Added an antique to the landfill.
  • When the player becomes aware of details of their pregnancy, the potential fathers not matching the type of fetus(es) are removed. Thanks to Trinidad.
  • Added variety to wolves other than the black wolf. They won't all be described as "enormous". Thanks to Trinidad.
  • You can now masturbate in empty classrooms while school is not in session. You have a chance to get caught, with one of three scenes depending on time of day. Written by Kinky_One and coded by hwp.
  • Thanks to majou for save system improvements.
  • Thanks to xnzda, Lollipop Scythe, hwp, and Trinidad for code improvements.
Thanks to Kirsty for the following additions and improvements:
  • Overhauled the Start Menu UI, adding the option to choose between Basic (default settings), Moderate (tweaked settings, formerly Quick Start), Advanced (custom settings), and Random starts.
  • Feat boosts now explain exactly what they do.
  • Importing settings will now clearly explain what the settings are.
  • The gallery page now explains how to disable Tips, and, when accessed on the Start menu, explains what the Scene Viewer is and how to access it.
  • Some sliders now include captions for clarity.
  • The quick edit fetish settings now explain exactly what kinks are enabled/disabled.
  • NPC skin colour can now be randomised.
  • Tattoos can now be filtered when selecting the tattoo feat boost.
  • The player can now select a minimum ass-size (Slender through Cushioned).
  • Added hair gel to the shops, replacing the ruffle toggle that was formerly in Fetish Toggles. Purchased/stolen hair gel can be applied in the bedroom to prevent hair from being ruffled. Hair gel will need to be reapplied if the player changes their hairstyle. Thanks to Devil for the corresponding gel and hairdresser chair icons.
  • Added page numbers to the new hairstyle UI.
  • Added additional changing room dialogue based on herm rep.
  • Added a new property to underwear, allowing for NPCs to use less-specific terms to describe what underwear you're wearing. Dance dialogue will now refer to the player's underwear in simpler terms, i.e. "Chuck us your panties" instead of "Chuck us your classic plain panties."
  • Added an icon for pregnancy tests. Art courtesy of esiho.
  • Added icons for Robin's lemonade stand, Robin's hot chocolate stand, purchasing hot chocolate from Robin, and purchasing sweets from a service station.
  • Added icon for stripping on the beach. Art courtesy of esiho and Kirsty.
  • Added three desks and two new chairs to the furniture shop.
  • Equipped all players with a starting desk and chair for the bedroom.
  • Minor reorganising of the bedroom links.
  • Gave some chairs a new trait, comfy, which boosts project readiness while working on the Maths Project and English Play at your desk.
  • Gave armchairs arms. (Edited existing armchair icon sprite)
  • Added bunny succulent plant to the furniture shop. Thanks to DeadMan.
  • Added new icons for the scarlet and olive books when read at your desk, as well as a poster icon.
  • Added a gender appearance check for referring to the player's underwear as panties/undies.
  • Added unique relationship stat messages for Great Hawk, Black Wolf, and Whitney.
  • Moved Black Wolf from Persons of Interest to Primary Relationships.
  • Got rid of the bars for Wolf Pack Harmony/Ferocity. Made them show up as the black wolf's secondary stats instead, using percentages.
  • For players with tentacles disabled, added the ability to toggle on tentacles when smoking hookah as relevant.
  • Added a scene with Whitney while sunbathing at the beach, as well as another sunbathing event. Written Anonymous G.
  • Added two new random events at the beach. Written by Anonymous G.
  • Added library chatter lines. Written by Uchiki.
  • Added the pack trust relationship box to the Social page.
  • Moved Docks reputation to reputation section.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added a chastity event involving Whitney.
  • Added new chastity images for the sidebar. Small design by conhue, flat design by Lollipop Scythe.
  • Added alternative damage descriptions for chastity devices.
  • Added a scene to unlock the cage that Whitney puts on the PC.
  • Added a weekly scene for Whitney to replace the cage to the park.
  • Added the fallen divine transformation to human pregnancies.
  • Added alternative text to the characteristics overlay when the PC's belly size reduces certain stats.
  • Added small scene of Robin secretly watching you when masturbating in your orphanage bedroom.
Thanks to Cutiland for coding the following scenes:
  • Added a Whitney foot humiliation scene. Written by Fish Mobile.
  • Added an event to the town's street. Written by Anonymous G.
  • The PC can now buy lemonade or hot chocolate from Robin's stand. Written by Smak64.
  • When not a love interest and with high jealousy, Kylar may sneak into the player's room to sastify their own sexual desires. Written by Meat Glacier.
  • When having enough love with Alex, they will sometimes invite the player to ride a horse at the Meadow. Written by DeadMan.
  • When having enough prostitution fame and have accepted working at the brothel, Briar will offer the player a new type o job, more lucrative than normal, but more dangerous. Written by Dan. Thanks to Xao for help.
  • The PC will now be able to enter Robin's room while naked, with different results depending on love. The PC may also now ask Robin to strip while in Robin's room. Written by Zortinga, with post encounter lines by Meat Glacer.
Thanks to Trinidad for the following additions and improvements:
  • Adds the option to send only the damaged items to the tailor for repair.
  • Clothes can be sent to the tailor for repair every 7 days instead of every 30.
  • Separating outfits in the wardrobe don't break them anymore, now are separated and marked as split.
  • Broken primary parts of the outfits cost 80% of the outfit price when sending to the tailor for repair, not 100%.
  • Broken secondary parts of the outfits cost 20% of the outfit price when sending to the tailor for repair, not 0%.
  • Broken secondary part of the outfits are no longer discarded when sent to the tailor for repair.
Balance Changes
  • Being non-consensually choked no longer increases submissiveness.
Bug Fixes
  • Added July as a holiday month again. Thanks to braymann.
  • You can no longer get double impregnated if you kiss and hold hands with someone in the same scene while silly impregnation mode is enabled. Thanks to braymann.
  • Flame tattoos should now be considered masculine. Thanks to netolilium.
  • Fixed a bug that broke the "Get Save Data" option. Thanks to majou and Cutiland.
  • Fix for displaying the wrong message in journal. Thanks to xao.
  • Fixed a broken link found in a street event. Thanks to Cutiland.
  • Thanks to fire2244 for a minor fix.
  • Fixed a save issue. Thanks to majou.
  • Thanks to Cutiland for typo fixes.
Thanks to Kirsty for the following fixes:
  • The Rainy Day Street Harassment event will no longer force the player to crossdress if the forced crossdressing toggle is disabled.
  • Kylar will no longer fill your womb with semen if they cum in your ass. Thanks to Cutiland for the fix.
  • Many typo, grammar, and link indentation fixes
  • Fixed inconsistencies with the Black Wolf and Great Hawk capitalisation
  • Fixed incorrect pronouns when dancing
  • Fixed incorrect pronoun for Kylar in the streaking scene
  • Fixed spacing issue with inline tending icons
  • Added a plural check to the upskirt Domus Street scene to prevent NPCs from commenting on your 'pair of thong.'
  • Fixes a hairstyle UI bug where "next" button was displayed in some instances when there was no next pageto go to.
  • Fixed a bug with covering your naked in the school pantsing scene.
  • Fixed a missing closing tag in the maths project.
  • Fixed an incorrect pronoun for Whitney.
  • Fixed a bug with Mickey's riding school fame quest not recognising when you don't receive a package.
  • Additional typo, linebreak, and indentation fixes.
  • Added existing icons to certain links where appropriate.
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with older mobile devices. Thanks to majou.
  • Edited the spirit mask sprite to remove the harsh black outline.
  • Fixed a line break issue with milking cattle.
  • Implemented code improvements to Whitney's social page lines. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed save descriptions lagging a passage behind. Thanks to majou.
  • Added back sprites for the Ruffled hair. Thanks to 3hp.
  • Enabled sleeves for the pink/plastic nurse dresses.
  • Formatting improvements.
Thanks to Trinidad for the following fixes:
  • Fixed buying curtains and pillows for Eden's cabin infinitely.
  • Fixed player not putting clothes on when saddling a steed or entering the cottage if the ear slime forced them to work exposed at the farm.
  • Typo in the information about lube prices at the brothel's vending machine.
  • Briar now charges £50 per week's rent if more than one week have passed.
  • Fixed statistics of products sold at the brothel.
  • Alex can be spied while showering in the morning only once a day.
  • Fixed a missing >in the Yoga Classes.
  • Fixed a wrong greed color in the Pound, thanks to MiscChaos.
  • Fixed typo in scarletNew.png and oliveNew.png icon widgets.
  • Jordan no longer puts player on a chastity belt when asking for a chastity cage or puts on a chastity belt if player is pregnant.
  • Jordan no longer tells player the chastity cage would provide protection to just the penis and the pussy.
  • Fixed loosing your clothes when stealing the keycard at the hospital for Mickey.
  • The owl plushie no longer watches you if Kylar is in prison.
  • Fixes time not passing when relaxing with the black dog at the cave.
  • The PC no longer moves "your both hands" or "your undefined" away from their penis when deepthroating themselves during masturbation.
  • Sydney should no longer be fertile in the temple prayer room.
  • Fixed various passages not passing the time indicated in the link, or indicating the wrong time.
  • The PC can now hire a tower guard only after Alex has informed them that staff can be hired at the pub.
  • Fixed a text issue found during autocunnilingus.
  • Winter now pays out at the museum in correct format money.
  • Formatting fixes.
Thanks to anonymous for the following fixes:
  • Fixed Whitney incorrectly referring to the PC's lack of panties when caught without a skirt.
  • Fixed the PC keeping their penile virginity following Robin's sex scene in the infirmary.
  • Fixed the option to escape prison via the spire only appearing during working hours.
  • Fixed the modelling fan encounter on the streets passing more time than advertised.
  • Using the "Kiss" action while giving a boobjob now refers to the correct target.
  • Fixed the PC's flirting with Kylar carrying over from previous interactions.
  • Beasts will no longer strip the PC's strap-on if it's already in use.
  • Fixed a fox encounter triggering with beasts disabled.
  • Fixed issues with Sydney's schedule on school days.
  • Re-added a Whitney scene that was somehow deleted.
  • Fixed a looping boar event at the lake.
  • Fixed a masturbation scene in the moor.
  • Fixed an error in the bus chikan scene.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Fixed some arcade code that failed to reference chastity devices and strap-ons.
  • Added a missing pregnancy birthing addition to a particular scene.
  • Fixed a bug with menstruation.
  • Fixed a bug that hide the forest road while wearing high heels.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented parasitic pregnancy events triggering.
  • Audience may now complain about the lack of a penis bulge.
  • Fixed a bug that preented strap-ons creating a penis bulge.
  • Fixed the PC's emphasis on a penis bulge even if they don't have one.
  • Fixed mentions of a penis bulgoe while masturbating when the PC doesn't have one.
  • Fix to some skirt checks.
  • Fixed some underlower clothing not being removed in an office event.
  • Fix to a 4+ year old parasite bug when replacing new parasites with existing.
  • Added sperm sources count to the pregnancy statistics.
  • Fixed issue preventing named npc's sperm to not decay with realistic pregnancy.
  • Simplified one of the pregnancy formulas.
  • Fixed saves being incompatible with previous versions. Thanks to Trinidad and majou.
  • Fixed an error found when trying on clothes at a shop. Thanks to Trinidad.
  • Fixed a bug that made Leighton leer at Mason all the time. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed a but that prevented combat being cleaned up properly after the Whitney footjob scene. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed a combat error related to the "kissing a dick" action. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed a bug where Leighton would ALWAYS leer at Mason (aka it would take the "Leighton is attracted to Mason" option every time, which just sounds correct to me, but hey I fix bugs)
  • Fixed a bug where end of combat cleanup wasn't being run in the new Whitney footjob scene
  • Fixed a combat error relating to the "kissing a dick" action
  • Fixed an issue where an ear slime could force you to pick up an non-existent sextoy. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Replaced the functions from Furniture objects with normal variables. To be used in a function thats part of Furniture when required. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Fixed a bug where the bowl in the fluid-collecting masturbation minigame could be filled already by the time the player got there. Thanks to hwp.
  • Thanks to Kirsty and hwp for typo fixes.
Thanks to Cutiland for the following fixes:
  • The PC can no longer help Robin set up their stand while naked.
  • Fixed a bug found during the brothel escort job.
  • Fixed a bug found in the alley detour scen.
  • Fixed some bugs with events and time.
  • Fixed a bug found when helping the black wolf breastfeed pups.
  • Code improvements.
  • Thanks to Greedium for a formatting fix.
  • Thanks to Cutiland and majou for code improvements.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Fixed issue with changing collar colour.
  • Fixed incorrect npc gender check.
  • Fixed a text error.
  • Added some extra space to the bottom of masturbation to prevent it hiding the stop link.
  • Minor QoL change to how the sub-tabs work, clicking the one that is already shown, will close it and display the settings type description.
  • Fixed an old issue with the feat boosts system.
  • Added missing height to buttons making them look off on certain device width's.
  • Initial CSS re-work to make the UI more mobile friendly.
  • Added the Body Part Size Limits subsection to the settings menu during gameplay.
  • Added the missing Gameplay and Encounters randomisation settings.
  • Adjustments to Generic NPC Genders and Beast Genders settings.
  • Added the Pregnancy Type, Fertility cycles and Incomplete pregnancy content settings.
Thanks to hwp for the following fixes:
  • Fixed the office shredder event so that it only shreds your shirt when your shirt is untucked.
  • Fixed dead-ends in the office shredder event in specific cases.
  • Fixed spacing and missing punctuation in the office shredder event.
  • Fixed a broken hint in the museum.
Thanks to Cutiland for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with time. Thanks to majou.
  • The lemonade stand icon should now show on all devices. Thanks to majou.
  • Fixed a bug found when trying to buy condoms. Thanks to majou.
  • Fixed the black wolf showing up in the Social overlay before being met. Thanks to majou.
  • Fixed a broken NPC at the chalets.
  • Fixed chalets that weren't properly calling an NPC.
  • Fixed a linkless passage in Robin's room whe exposed.
  • Fixed the condition that makes it possible to get naked in Robin's room.
  • Fixed the timer during a street exhibitionism scene.
  • The alley detour scene can no longer happen in an alley.
  • The PC can now get into Robin's room while only having stripped one piece of clothing.
  • Adjusted the text in one of the arcade scenes.
  • Fixed the lemonade stand icon that wasn't showing in some devices (thanks Majou);
  • Fixed a bug when trying to buy condoms (thanks Majou);
  • Fixed Black wolf showing up in socials before being met (thanks Majou);
  • Fixed NPC missing an actual descriptor at the chalets;
  • Fixed the chalets that weren't properly calling the NPC;
  • Fixed Robin's room no usable links when exposed;
  • Fixed the condition that make it possible to get naked in Robin's Room;
  • FIxed the timer at the High Public Pants Down scene.
  • Changed "reptionist" to receptionist;
  • Improved text code in one of the arcade scenes;
  • Made it impossible for the to the Alley Detour scene happen in an alley;
  • The player can now get into Robin's Room while only having stripped one piece of clothing;
  • Fixed an issue found when stripping in Robin's room.
  • A typo fix.
  • Reorganised the brothel show links. Thanks to Kirsty.
  • Added an icon for the chalets. Art courtesy of Meliodas Solaine. Coded by Kirsty.
  • Briar no longer explains the shows every time you try to set one up. Thanks to Kirsty.
  • Improved the arcade hair hockey scenes. Thanks to hwp.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed typos and bugs in the arcade air hockey scenes. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed some bugs in the Robin room exhibitionism scenes. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed a missing NPC call at the chalets. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed a broken masturbation link. Thanks to Greedium.
Thanks to Cutiland for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an error in the journal. Thanks to Greedium.
  • Fixed a bug found during a street exhibitionism scene.
  • Fixed a bug found at the chalets.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Kylar to appear in the PC's bedroom despite being in prison.
  • The player can now have a brothel job and show set simultaneously.
  • Fixed a bug found during the brothel escort job.
  • Fixed the links at the arcade hockey scene.
Thanks to Kirsty for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a display issue with the Game Settings buttons. Thanks
  • Fixed a missing closing in the journal and improved indentation.
  • Briar will no longer act like a suggested show is the first time they're hearing it, if you've suggested it before.
  • Fixed an error with the shibari ropes. They can now be separated into top/bottom pieces in the wardrobe, if desired.
  • Fixed an error when buying clothes.
  • Fixed a bug with the hallucination value not displaying properly in collapsed sidebar mode.
  • Fixed the broken condom counter.
  • Fixed a broken location image when taking Kylar to the bathroom after flirting with them.
  • Fixed compact pepper spray dots not displaying.
  • Changed an instance of the player referring to themself as a gentleman/lady so it matches their chosen gender appearance.
  • Temple initiates will no longer go missing with concerning frequency. (The Danube ritual event is no longer repeatable after the player has concluded the questline and obtained the feat)
  • You will no longer become too defiant to adopt a bratty demeanor.
  • Fixed a bug with corrupted variables on the social page.
  • The journal will now display text for Mickey's office task.
  • The player has been freed from endless Whitney footjob humiliation. Thanks to Cutiland.
  • Added a missing conditional to the street alley detour. Thanks to Cutiland.
  • Added missing indentations in school toilets.
  • Whitney will now refer to your panties using their simpler name.
  • Fixed several typos.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Fixed issue preventing random NPC's from giving birth.
  • Fixed masturbation stop actions for the breast pump/stroker from displaying the wrong text.
  • Fixed taking NPC's kissing and handholding virginities.
  • Fix for unreachable dancing code when changing clothes plus additional checks to ensure it doesn't error out.
  • It's now possible for the PC to put their clothes on after getting naked in Robin's room. Thanks to Cutiland.
  • Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for code improvements.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that prevented brothel shows and jobs being set. Thanks to Cutiland.
  • Fixed some corrupted variables. Thanks to Cutiland and majou.
  • Fixed a couple of errors. Thanks to Greedium.
  • Fixed an issue with double penetration sprites. Thanks to hwp.
  • Reset the settings Quick Edit setting defaults when the Game Settings section is opened, allowing the 2 to re-match. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Removed an unused variable in the settings. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Minor changes to a setting section description. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Fixed an old bug where randomised body parts would not select the last radio button. Thanks to Kirsty.
  • Removed duplicate Random button. Thanks to Kirsty.
  • Fixed a bug with working on school projects at school. Thanks to Kirsty.
  • Thanks to Greedium for typo fixes.
  • Fixed a git merge issue that prevented fixes in being applied. Thanks to Cutiland.


  1. this is a certified pog champ moment

  2. Thank you, Vrelnir~

  3. man I haven't played this game in a long time.
    this game is great, and this update gives me a reason to get back into it.

  4. Thank you Vel, lovely work. I never thought that this game keeps me entertaint for so long! Happy to see every Update <3

  5. Thank you so much vrel!!!


  7. Thank you for the update vrelnir, and happy 5th DoL anniversary ,i cant believe it's been 5 years

    1. You're very welcome. The time has flown by.

  8. Thank you vrelnir! I have a there any possibility(?) that Mickey will become one of our love interest in the future Version update?🙏 cause, OH MICKEY YOURE SO FINE~😍

    1. Mickey isn't planned to become a love interest, but I'm glad you like them!

  9. Thank you i always waiting for update

  10. Bigbootybitches.org18 June 2023 at 02:58

    Certified big booty bitches moment.

  11. Can’t wait to try out this update. Unfortunately I’ll have to wait about a week before I could try it.

  12. Finally some good ficking food

  13. Yay, new Whitney things :•3

  14. GLORY WALL FAN18 June 2023 at 03:21


  15. I love that you can walk into Robin's room naked, but I gotta note, you can walk to school naked with her too, haha. If that's intended, I love that too. I'm interested in exploring this update, but I'm not sure what character to do that with.

    1. Also, interesting note, you can't put your fingers in your vagina while masturbating before lessons. Is it intended to not be able to masturbate before your next coming lesson at school? But I'm glad to see this update, and I'm hoping that the fact you can now get pregnant in the prayer room means Sydney's pregnancy stuff is coming soon!

    2. Oh, another thought, as it stands (not that it's important), the gender preferences you put in don't affect your children's genders. Is that intended? I liked that idea someone posed a while back about the Ivory Wraith being able to age-up your kids, but I don't expect that to happen.

    3. That's not intended! But perhaps walking naked to school could work, with the right content.

      I don't believe the masturbation issue you've found is intended. Thanks for the heads up.

      Babies being unaffected by gender preferences is intended.

    4. OK, all good to know! So far, interesting update! The chalets are... Unexpected, I found no skullduggery options there, so I'm excited to see if/when that'll happen. Otherwise, it'll be interesting poking around to see what's changed!

  16. Hey thanks for the update. I was wondering, how do you manage to make e r o t i c (avoiding the filter sorry) content that girls enjoy. I wanna try it

    1. No problem. I just make content I'd enjoy playing, and that I enjoy making. I don't know how to aim for particular demographics!

  17. I know here isn't really the place for this but I'm dying to know who actually knows who Morgan is in game. The definition of an underrated character.

    1. I'm glad you like them. There's more planned for Morgan, though they've been on the backburner for a long time.

  18. ngl i would love to see some more kylar shite very nice fixes tho helped with most of the bugs i got

    1. I'm glad to hear it. There's more Kylar to come.

  19. Thanks for the another update vrel! Haven't played for a while but I kept my ear out for an update.

  20. It seems weird that so many characters are disappointed with you doing stuff like wrapping your legs around them/pushing against them during sex. Especially Kylar, who should probably wet their pants at the thought of this happening. I don't think it should be tied to brat behavior but instead Promiscuity.

    1. The term "disappointed" is perhaps a bit inaccurate, at least in some situations.

    2. Yeah, it's treated as a negative and can even get the character irritated and I'm like??? Kylar you literally poke all your condoms wtf you upset about

  21. 1. May we have improvements to eden's house with housekeeping?
    2. Do you plan have advanced cooking?
    3. Do you plan to have recipes? I feel like those would be fun. You could do like seeds and collect them.
    4. Eden teaches you eggs, alex teaches you pancake, river teaches you soup, robin teaches you lemons and heated chocolate, and morgan can have a recipe for scones they do not follow jajaja.
    5. Then you could have more makeshift recipes for places like prison where you don't have components and you use what you own from poppy seed or grass. These would have been improvised probable.
    6. You could learn to "prepare" animals to be safe to eat, lurker from great bird, deer from dark canine, rat from morgan.
    7. Thank you for upgrade. I do not speak english. Hope translator did good

    1. 1. I agree those would be useful.
      2. It's high on the maybe pile.
      3. This is also high on the maybe pile. I agree they could be fun.
      4. Learning recipes from particular characters is a good idea.
      5. This is interesting to think about.
      6. This might add more reason to brave the moor.
      7. No problem. I think the translator did good. I hope this translates well too.
      Thanks for your thoughts.

  22. Got the following errors on startup:

    An error has occurred. You may be able to continue, but some parts may not work properly.
    Error [tw-user-script-0]: called in an invalid security context.

    An error has occurred. You may be able to continue, but some parts may not work properly.
    Error [StoryInit]: Error: <>: cannot execute widget: Error: <>: cannot execute widget: Error: <>: cannot execute widget: Error: <>: bad evaluation: Can't find variable: npcAssignClothesToSet. Error: <>: bad evaluation: Can't find variable: Time Error: <>: cannot execute widget: Error: <>: bad evaluation: Can't find variable: Time

    1. These too: Error: <>: bad evaluation: undefined is not a constructor (evaluating 'new window.Tab("overlayButtons", "macro-button-selected") Error: <>: cannot execute widget: Error: macro <> does not exist

    2. Thanks for the information, and sorry for the trouble.

  23. Not really a bug report but when you get to suck off a character like Sydney in the library or Alex under their desk you can't if you have a face mask even when you take it off. I take it off during the combat encounter but I still can't and can only jerk them off. Maybe there can be something before the encounter like, "You pull down your face mask" and then the encounter begins.

    1. That sounds like a bug. Thanks for the heads up.

  24. I've been looking forward to this one after seeing those arcade scenes on the git.

  25. Hey thanks for the update. Just a heads up, the addition of the arcade scene is mentioned twice in the changelog

    1. No problem! Are you referring to two similar lines about content written by Zortinga? Because that's intentional!

  26. Yo will we be able to go to school naked one day

    1. It's currently a bug, but you *can* right now. Walk into Robin's room naked in the morning, walk to school with her, haha.

    2. It's on the maybe pile.

  27. Could we perhaps have the option of telling NPCs they don't have to wear a condom due to the PC being on birth control? Maybe tie it to skullduggery and the NPCs' trust stat? I feel as if there's a lot less raw sex since the preg update, and, while I could just disable condoms, it would be much hotter to convince the NPCs not to wear them.

    1. That would fit. Thanks for the suggestion.

  28. Vrelnir! This is the game's fifth anniversary, and there's no kind of cake of a lewd or non-lewd variety to eat or be forced to eat... :/ I am disappoint.

  29. any chance of an update to skullduggery maybe we could find a use for all the junk we steal rather than have a fence sell it for us. you could sell if for more money but at a higher risk. Or maybe we could make a hideout from the loft build a reputation as a thief either by going for big heists or robinhooding. the police will despise you but the town will love it

    1. There's more to come for skulduggery, including more organised heists, though I don't plan to add alternative uses for the items you steal.

  30. Only one rich client event added to the brothel?

  31. This is a good day

  32. I love the saves update, but regarding the new settings look it probably be more harder for new players to modify it. It's a bit confusing for me too, but I got accustomed for it.

  33. This time I'm not going to annoy anyone with the "horse-without-horse TF" thing, but I actually wanted to ask about 2 different things.
    So, my first question is: Do you have plans to add more maximum p e n i s sizes and types (like equine or canine, but for the player)? Like 1 or 2 more sizes to kinda make it even with the a s s sizes. The p e n i s type thing was an idea that I just got from other similar experiences that I won't be mentioning as I don't wish to derail from the theme here (and I think suggesting stuff seen in another game can be annoying to some creators.)

    And second: Now that we finally have pregnancy, is s e m e n (or any other kind of stuff) inflation something on the making, or at least in the list?

    So that should be it. Guess I'll be trying the update now (or maybe doing that survey.) Keep up the good work~

    1. More penis sizes and types aren't planned.

      Cumflation is high on the maybe pile. It's not my thing, but I don't think it'd be hard to include at this point.

      You're not being annoying. Thanks for your thoughts. I'll do my best!

  34. To know that i contributed to the “enormous” wolf patch is nice, Anyways thx for the hard work Vrel and Team, we love ya

  35. Thanks for all the work

    Only thing I would have to say is that the fox transformation seem particularly hard to get currently compared to other transformation. Any plans to help with this?

    1. You're welcome. I agree the fox transformation is harder to get than it should be, and there are plans to improve things.

  36. Anticipating Sydney preggers content.

  37. Any chance we'll ever get a hypnosis trait that makes us randomly strip our clothes off in public, or 'forget' them in wardrobes? Toggled off by default, but it'd be sweet to have some embarrassing outside situations that happen due to memory lapses. :3

  38. Thank you especially for the added bus scene!!

    1. No problem! We have Akoz to thank for that scene.

  39. Thank you so much vrel on consistently updating and adding more content for this game! Most h game developers wish they had 1% the dedication you have!!
    On a side note, are there any more plans on more hypnosis content? Maybe a slider to make hypnosis mid combat more common?

    1. No problem! I'm lucky to have so many contributors involved.

      There are plans for more hypnosis content. Not a slider like you describe, but there might be another way to increase the chance of hypnotists spawning.

  40. After the non-interest of the pregancy release, I waited two months to have several new scenes and UI? I'm willing to try it, but again I guess I was expecting more. I'm sure I'll still like the new scenes.

    1. I hope you like the scenes, and the next update more.

  41. thanks for all this 5 years vrel <3

  42. Oh my. I actually forgot to add something (not to my comment above, but to the survey. I'm the one annoying guy talking about horse TF and p e n i s sizes and types) to the last question of the survey.

    It's simple: Being able to actually try and do f e l l a t i o s to horses in normal encounters, not fixed ones with text only. You would need S-rank to do it and it would inflict a LOT of pain, but I think it should be possible. Trying to do it without the S-rank might get you hurt pretty badly and needing to go to the hospital, and it could even kill your character if the rank is too low (if it's even possible to die in this game. It was, right?)

    1. A. Oops, I clicked "Publish" before finishing. Well, I'll say a few more things and leave.

      Yeah, just that. I actually feel like that would be an interesting addition, with or without the impending doom of death for those with really low sexual stats. I'll actually take my leave for now. Ciao~

    2. Thanks for the feedback. I believe the art is the main thing preventing the addition of horse/centaur oral in scenes, but I agree it would be ideal. Death isn't possible, and isn't planned!

  43. Thank you for the new update. And recently I have a question. Will the game have head-on battle graphics for MC in the future?

    1. No problem. Head-on battle graphics aren't planned.

  44. wrote under the wrong post, oops. How do I trigger the new Chikan scene?

  45. what did i just read? you can get pregnant from holding hands and kisses??😂🤣🤣🤣 i hope in the next update for new sex toy diaphragm. yay for more Whitney scenes. Thanks Vrel and hardworking staffs

    1. No problem. There's a reason handholding is so lewd!

  46. Havent seen this mentioned yet, sorry if i missed it. Getting an error when asking robin if my pc can get naked in their room. Error: The passage Robin Room Naked Request has no usable links.

    After returning to safety and trying again it appears to work as normal but allowing me to ask again despite already being naked.

    1. To be more specific, on the second attempt my pc will get naked successfully and Robin will react like its not the first time i asked, despite the error on the first attempt. But the option to ask to get naked will remain available. After asking a third time it will disappear.

    2. Thanks for the heads up, and the information.

  47. "your kids are adorable, how did you have them?"

    "I was goofing."

  48. Another update that makes me feel better and more interested yet still missing the Great Hawk pregnancy... I can still wait for the best

  49. Will there be a way to see all responses on the google form, later? I need to know my Great Hawk Cheering Squad comments made it through. (Also, I enjoy reading people's serious thoughts and cornball answers.)

    And, to you and the team, cheers!
    What the heck, to the fans, too!
    To many more!

    1. I'll likely make the responses publicly available at some point after we stop accepting participants.

      You're welcome!

  50. I love more content cause this game for me is just not a simple adult game it's a full fleshed out game with very nice plot and adult content if you want I balance both but still amazing

  51. Wow! Amazing work vrelnir and team.

  52. "Fixed a reversed check resulting in a player only being gutpunched while pregnant."

    I think whoever did this "wrong" was on to something. I just got a interesting idea for a Whitney event.

  53. Will we get more eden content next update? Thank you for the current update and all that you do!

    1. Eden isn't planned as the focus for next update, but there might be an event or two.

  54. You guys are absolutely on fire, thanks for another awesome update! I ended up getting this error when trying to strip in Robin's room though. Error: The passage Robin Room Naked Request has no usable links.

    Previous passage: Robin's Room Entrance | phase: home | rng: 42.

    1. Thanks for the heads up, and no problem!

  55. I can't wait to try out a few of the things in this update. The hands-free dildo, getting stripped in the school, all the brothel stuff... And I've literally been waiting to be able to leave the beach changing rooms naked since I first started playing in like 2.10!

    1. It's good to hear you've been playing since then! I hope you enjoy.

  56. An idea i had around a week ago (decided to wait for the next update to be posted so i don't have to keep clicking on *load more* just to see what response i would get)

    It could be nice if we could have a sleepover with Sydney (even if it can only happen on the Friday/Saturday/Sunday evenings/nights)

    Maybe also allow Sydney and the player character to study together/tutor each other to pass the time, before bedtime. (Pure Sydney would help/tutor the pc, as it would make Siris and Jordan proud of them. And corrupt Sydney would help/tutor the pc, as it would be a good excuse to get closer/intimate, or just to spend time together alone)

    1. Thanks for the ideas. It would be cool to visit Sydney's house.

  57. A week or so ago I put in a suggestion for lockable clothes, and you responded that you had considered cursed clothing. I had a thought about that, and had an idea: what if you added curses to the game? The MC could be cursed with a 'lewd clothing curse' that would turn any clothes they were wearing into a lewd version of it, for example school shorts could get tighter and shorter when they were put on. Another curse could be a 'forced crossdressing curse' that would turn any male clothes that a male MC wore into a female version of it. These two curses could combine to turn regular schoolboy clothes into a slutty schoolgirl costume, something a stripper might wear. This would also open up the door for a lot of other curses. Maybe an orgasm denial curse for MCs that fail their purity exam too many times. Curses could have some kind of time limit until they wore off, or the MC could pay to have them removed. I think this would fit the game and be easier to implement than locked or cursed clothes.

    1. Curses could work once the PC is hallucinating. There are a few areas where they would fit. Thanks for the ideas.

  58. Thanks for the update, Vrelnir.
    I have several questions, if you don't mind:
    1. is it planned to implement content for unaware and innocet PC, like decieving or misinterpreted intention scenes?
    2. is there an option to look pregnant because of excessive parasite pregnancy?
    Looking forward to the future content, thanks again for that amazing game!

    1. For the record, out of all the comments I've read, I big 2nd the "decieving or misinterpreted intention scenes" - Huge potential for content in this game's setting, especially for new characters and an opportunity for a more natural progression into becoming a mecha-ho.
      I'm sure many would enjoy doing an innocent run where the PC barely knows the several penises inside them is considered sex or bad at all.

    2. No problem!
      1. It's not, but I'm not against adding such content.
      2. There's no option, but it's on the maybe pile.

  59. Would still really like more regular sydney content, and wasn't even aware robin could do some of the things listed here, as nothing ever triggers for me with robin despite counting as a love interest. I think it all be possible to walk into their room whenever tho, especially if they are a love interest, since robin can come into your room at night too.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts. There's more to come for Sydney.

  60. Any chances for the piercing addition?

  61. It would seem that the Fox TF is still bugged as of the spirit mask does not preserve TF progress 100% of the time and occasionally points accumulated in the Fox TF will be diverted to the Cat TF.

    There's also a text error that happens sometimes while using sex toys during masturbation: when using a dildo on your mouth, it can say "Your is inside of your mouth."

  62. Vrelnir plushy! Vrelnir plushy! Additional stress or trauma reduction while you sleep, irl and in-game!<3

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I do want to give trauma reductions.

  63. It would be great to have the chance of choosing the MC sexual preferences. Either straight, homosexual, Bisexual or asexual.
    Also that NPC perceptions on MC have weight in the game.

    1. It's not planned, but thanks for the idea.

  64. Firstly, I want to express my love for this update! Thank you so much for your hard work. It's greatly appreciated.

    I have a few suggestions that I've noted down, and I hope they can be included in the game at some point in time.

    1. It would be great to have flat shoes (like ballerina flats) that don't require any specific foot skill. It would be nice to have footwear that complements the leopard outfits.
    2. Toothbrushes! It would be fun to have the option to brush your character's teeth for roleplaying purposes. Because, you know, fresh breath is important, even in virtual worlds.
    3. I noticed that Robin has an umbrella in the game, and it would be awesome if players could also have one to hold. It's a small detail, but it would be nice to have.
    4. This suggestion undoubtedly involves a lot of work, but it would be really cool if a food and drink system could be implemented in the game sometime in the distant future, along with a hunger and thirst mechanic (which could be toggled on or off). This would give more purpose to the ingredients found in the forest, and players could use the kitchen in the orphanage. Perhaps a grocery store could be added as well. This would make the game more realistic (I know, tentacles and realism don’t quite go hand in hand, but bear with me LOL), cut down on endless wandering without eating or working without breaks, and it would reduce skill grinding on empty stomachs! The possibilities are endless, honestly.

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for the suggestions.

      1. Ballerina flats would fit.
      2. I fear the option of toothbrushing would compel people to do it every day, even if it weren't necessary. It's the sort of thing I just assume the PC takes care of while washing.
      3. An umbrella is planned.
      4. Hunger and thirst mechanics were in very early versions of the game, but were removed as I thought they'd be too bothersome to manage on top of the other stats.

  65. Good day Vrel. So, I filled that new survey. However some options in a few questions (to me) seem a bit to unnecessarily exclude each other.

    Like, the question of how do you earn money in the game where the subsequent question was something like: Did you choose the options based on how much fun they are to play or based on how easy they are to do. Well, to me they are easy and fun to do (like dancing in brothel and skullduggery or random events).

    Other question was if I prefer consensual or non-consensual encounters. Again, I like both really. What I hate is being stuck in a rape loop. Like fainting and then having your eyes covered which causes you to just randomly wander as an options. I get a few non-consensual encounters till I faint again or they build so much stress that I faint again soon after someone frees me. Which in turn will lead to another non-consensual encounter with several other ones along my way as I tried to move to the orphanage. I didnt as I fainted again with me waking up with fold over my eyes once more. And so rape loop began again.

    There was also a question of if I prefer scenes to be played out or be written. Again, I like both together. They compliment each other. I choose written dialogue in the end since that is what gives the context/details.

    There were also other questions like how many NPCs you prefer in a given encounter. I like classic one-on-one and gangbangs. The difference is just in their frequency (classic most often with gangbangs once in a while).

    Anyway, thanks for the update as always.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. It's no problem!

  66. The new game settings screen on mobile makes it a bit hard to use the sliders because the screen kept sliding around as you try to drag (this might works fine for a wider phone screen or an ipad though). Anyway this update looks very exciting, thank you vrelnir and team (。・ω・。)ノ♡

    1. Thanks for letting me know, and sorry for the trouble.

      I'm glad you like the look of it. It's no problem!

  67. Regarding content for named NPCs, I would love if Mason was upgraded to a full love interest. The content they currently have feels unfinished, like a tease.

    1. Agreed. I feel like Mason has been edging me for the past few years.

    2. There's more to come for Mason.

  68. First of all, thank you Vrel and contributors for your hard work!
    I have a few questions regarding the characters:
    1. Does any of the LI play, or at least know about Among Us? How would they react if PC gifts them an Among Us plushie?
    2. Do the (human) LIs use social media?
    3. What are the (human) LIs' favourite music genre? I know Kylar listens to Vocaloid, and now I'm curious about the rest!
    4. Are backstories for all LIs planned? I assume beast/monsterpeople LIs wouldn't have backstories? Right now we only have Kylar.
    5. What are the LIs' favourite books (or movies)?
    6. What are the LIs' favourite colours?
    7. Does Eden have a certain age?
    8. Is more Mickey content planned? I love them a lot <3
    9. (SPOILERS) I just saw the new antique and I'm pretty surprised! Is Bailey their surname?
    10. Will Robin marry me?
    Thank you Vrel for reading and answering my silly questions :D Please have a good day and remember to take care of yourself!

    1. Same anon:

      Also, I think it's super cool that Among Us and DoL has the same birthday: June 15th 2018! Happy 5th year anniversary!!

    2. Thank you, and no problem!
      1. Kylar and Robin are aware of Among Us. I'm not sure if they've played it. Robin would laugh if they were gifted an Among Us plushie. Kylar would treat it as a sacred object, but they'd do that with any gift.
      2. Aye.
      3. I haven't given it enough thought!
      4. All characters have backstories in my head, but I'm not sure to what extent they'll be explored in-game.
      5. 6. I'm not sure! I'd need to have a ponder.
      7. Eden is in their mid-thirties.
      8. No, but I'm not against including more, and I'd be surprised if they don't pop up again.
      9. Interesting question! I'm afraid I can't say.
      10. Yes.
      I agree DoL and Among Us sharing a birthday is a cool coincidence. I hope you have a good day and take care of yourself as well!

  69. pretty sure a minor oversight here but you can steal from swimming people at the very least I'm guessing you don't want me snatching money from a purse in swim class but who knows?

    1. You're right that this is an oversight. Thanks for pointing it out.

  70. "The player can now get pregnant in the prayer room due to popular demand."

    aaaAAAAAAA im running straight to the temple 🏃‍♀️💨

    but really im so excited to play the new update! 💕 thank you vrel and purityguy and all of the other contributors, keep up the good work, but be sure to take breaks as needed! - 💌

    1. Oh no.

      It's no problem, I'll do my best!

  71. Fell asleep in robins room on the night of a blood moon and it tped me to the mcs room

  72. Im usually not much of a fan of text based games, but this one got me hooked as soon as i saw it. The wide range of fetishes and storytelling is just so incredible and the story keeps getting more intricate with every update.
    There is one request i'd like to make but it is probably already on the list and big enough for it to be worth its own update, which is letting the PC rent/purchase housing, giving an end to Bailey's constant extortion, and maybe even the option to have love interests move in with you, such as robin, kylar or whitney (or all if the PC has multiple, leading to some bickering between them over who is their favorite and more personality dependant feuds, such as Whitney bullying Kylar or Robin and the having to break it up). Houses could be avaliable at Domus Street, flats at Barb street and if the PC is rich enough, maybe even one at Danube street.
    Although this might have some consequences for what you're planning with Bailey as it seems they have a hand in every part of town.

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for the suggestion. The option to rent or purchase housing isn't planned, and it wouldn't be enough to stop Bailey's extortion. It is suggested now and then though, and I agree it could add a lot.

  73. Hii, thanks for the good work! <3
    Ah, new Whitney stuff. I'm gonna unlock new kinks again, won't I? *sigh* Lol.
    Little thing but I agree with the commenter before. I don't think the "leglock" option should necessarily be a bratty option. I can definitely see the potential in it being so but it may lead to weird character reactions and, well, it doesn't really need to be read as "bratty"? I can see it being both submissive and defiant (stereotypically submissive would be to cling onto a character, and defiant is kind of a "fuck you, you're doing this" thing.)
    And a silly thing, can I ask about Vrelnir/your pronouns? I just can't find the info anywhere. |・ω・`)

    1. No problem! Thanks for your thoughts. I agree leglocking leads to strange reaction, and something needs to change

      My pronouns are he/him.

  74. So excited to see more content for Alex!! Even though Eden is my absolute favorite, I'm excited to see other characters getting some more time. Though I hope we'll be able to do more with them in the forest and at the cabin. Suuuuper ready to jump back into playing lol.

    Thanks for everything Vrel!!!

  75. The love and dedication they put into the game and in each update is very noticeable. Thank you very much for the effort and for the incredible game you have in your hands.

    1. No problem. Thank you for the kind words.

  76. Hey Vrel, may I make a Suggestion?
    I thinks it's annoying to wait for pubic Hair to grow, If you enable the Option, I would Like to start with full bush.

    Another Suggestion:
    It isn't possible to See your character nude until you have full Exhibitionismus. Could you Change the settings, that Players can See their Character nude at least in Front of a mirror or dresser?

    Keep your awesome Work Up!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. I agree you should be able to see your PC nude in safe locations, even with low exhibitionism.

      I'll do my best!

  77. Congratulations for the Fifth Anniversary 🎉🎉🙌🎊🎂🎊🙌!
    Keep up with the good work! Amazing as always 🥳!

    With that said i wanted to point out a few things:
    * It seems i'd have to post it in parts since i got the message "Comment contains tags or attributes that are not allowed"

    1. * "(aka it would take the "Leighton is attracted to Mason" option every time, which just sounds correct to me, but hey I fix bugs)" Hahahaha When the Bug works as intended!

      * Chalets seem to have some broken markup (found a ) and some missing text with the placeholder "_text_output" when you first enter the chalet after acquiring the key

      * Basic Desk at the Furniture Store seems to have an undefined placeholder called "$currentFurnishing.nameCap" with a "$currentFurnishing.description", probably cause it wasn't meant to be bought back, probably happens to other default items of the bedroom

      * It seems to be some weird math at bay in regards to Briar's machine when making the accountant's work, maybe i just did the math wrong so bear with me. If you go to claim your profit at Briar's office she/he gives you the following resume:

      "Yes, just 5 minutes ago. The sales are 200 C, £12,000 to cover the initial cost of the product and £4,000 beyond that and 200 bottles of L, £4,000 to cover the initial cost of the product and £2,000 beyond that. Of the profits, I took £50 per week, £300, resulting in a net profit of £5,700. Of this profit, 40% is yours, for a total of £2,280."

      Even though the C and the bottles of L where bought in bulk for £11,640 and £3,770 respectively, which means net profit should be £6,290 (£6,590 - £300) instead of £5,700 (£6,000 - £300) giving you a profit of £2,516 instead of £2,280 which makes a difference of £236 which "It ain't much, but it's honest work"

    2. * Finally this is rather unimportant since it has to do with a save file i was keeping as a reference, so its outdated and its expected to fail at some point, which turned out to be this update, i just wanted to point it out in case it's something useful and because it resulted in a rather interesting case you may even said it's cursed.
      This is the error prompted by the error handler: Error: doVersionCheck: cannot execute widget: Error: backComp: cannot execute widget: Error: script: bad evaluation: DateTime.monthNames is undefined

      Save Statistics
      Versions Played On: - (still works somehow, dunno) or (Cursed)

    3. The original save was on this date: Sun 18th Jun 13:31
      In the Cursed version: Mon 1st Jan 00:00
      Journal reports "It has been [number NaN] days since the game started."

      It turns into an eternal blood moon when you first load the file from the Import/Export menu, actions can't make time go forward you are effectively stuck in time although it seems to be a way to restore the moonlight but not the time if you save and load the file.

      It's probably nothing important but i found it funny and eerie that it turns into the Eternal Blood Moon Curse, haven't tried it yet but it could be possible to experience Schism multiple times and to be hunted indefinitevly, if need be i may provide the save file XD

  78. "Avery will now rarely give the PC a ride on a helicopter after school."

    uh... wtf, i cant take this seriously, lol

  79. Replying bc I'm on mobile and idk how to comment. I saw someone comment a while ago on the subreddit that you're adding a way to stay at school completely nude. Is this true?

  80. good stuff. really enjoying pregnancy so far. i like that kylar refers to it often. i have a request though, other than implementing pregnancy with love interests.

    when a random npc rapist impregnates the pc, is it possible for them to get a randomly generated name? "the father is the lithesome man" is strange.

  81. Great update and thanks for everything that you do, but i would love some consequences if you were cheat on your love interest. like a new scene with them running away crying or having some permanent consequences.

  82. As always, great update Vrel & team. I appreciate that you held back on it to make sure it was as bug-free as possible.

    Now on to begging: I really wish my PC could do kinky stuff like anal masturbation while remaining innocent. Maybe while you're innocent instead of awareness checks for these actions you'd be able to perform them with a dangerously high awareness penalty?

  83. Will we get more foot fetish content in the future?

  84. This update is interesting so far, glad to see it and excited for the next one! I’ve got a small question, when you add regular dog pregnancies, will you also be doing expanded content for the pound?

  85. I'm so excited. Thank you guys for the hard work! <3

  86. Thanks for letting me know.

  87. Incredible work and an incredible game as always! <3 Would love to see sex swap content implemented too, but I understand it would take a lot of work.

  88. Will i ever be able to become a plant person? I wanna get nice feels from sunshine, drink lots'a water, roll in dirt, and be able to sleep near a giant flower somewhere.

  89. Added a "silly" pregnancy mode, where holding hands and kissing can cause pregnancies. LOL

  90. Robin pregnancy when?

  91. Got a slight problem with the new Whitney footjob event. It seems it's the only hallway event you get with them after the first time you get it. Tried with feet enabled and disabled and can confirm the same effect happens with the disabled version of the scene.

  92. good update but the fox transformation was missing, the spirit mask still does not save the transformation and a point is still lost every day
    This is my first comment so I'm waiting for a response from the creator

  93. Thank you for the hard work!
    I have two questions - Will we get Mpreg soon?
    And finally, what are the odds of Leighton as a LI? He is a very sleazy guy, but his interactions with our character make me think there could certainly be something there? His Unique stat could even be something like "corruption!"

  94. The lore of DOL is amazing. What I wanted to ask though, will there ever be any chance of poly relationships? I can’t choose between Kylar, Robin and Sydney and I’d like to find out some way between them. Also if “marriage” with Sydney is possible, then will there be ability to marry anyone else? With multiple LIs it’s a struggle to keep full purity while being meant for Sydney but I’d gladly see something similar with others or maybe even a multi-person ritual

  95. Hey, maybe a simple idea, you know how you can set hairstyles with outfits? Maybe you could add an option to set makeup with outfits? That'd be a nice quality of life change, as it stands, I wanna use makeup, but I forget about it, much like in real life... Haha.
    I've been exploring the update, it's fun! I'm curious if I've found all the scenes in the Chalet or if there's more to some of them that certainly feel like there's more to them~

    1. Also to mention, if you walk into Robin's room naked and she doesn't like it (low love) you don't seem to be able to later change her mind?

    2. And you fixed it literally as I asked, I saw a new update was out, haha. Thanks!

  96. This is oddly specific, so I have no expectation of it being implemented. However, will there be any chance of a nonconsensual french kissing scene involving one of the dogs at the pound?

  97. More wraith content, more wraith content

  98. Are there any plans for anal fisting? I honestly see more anal fisting videos out there than vaginal fisting ones
    Also, would it be possible to have the player able to write on their butt or back if they have high flexibility?

    As per usual, great update and a huge thank you to everyone that works on this game in big or small ways. I don't keep coming back to most games, but I do for this one

  99. Hey, thank you for the hard work!

    There's a bug in the xray images in combat sprites. An image failed to load when double anal encounters happens.
    In the browser's console log there's a message: "Failed to load resourse: net:: ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND" pointing to an inexistent file: "xray_anal_undefined_size2_dp.png" in folder: img/sex/xray/anal

  100. Happy anniversary, Vrel! Having genuine dialogue options is not something I would've considered, but it'll really make defiant runs not feel like I'm an angry super dick all the time (although, it is nice in some situations, like any time I'm dealing with Whitney -_-). Especially with the personality reworks you've mentioned. I'm excited to see how those will shape up. Thank you for delivering such a unique and fun lewd experience, and here's to many more years ^^

  101. Update! 💗💗 Thanks so much for you hard work!!
    Unfortunately, got the following errors: Error: <>: cannot execute widget: Error: <>: bad evaluation: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'State.variables.featsBoosts.upgrades')

    4.1.4 Error: <>: cannot execute widget: Error: <>: default value (undefined) is not a number Error: <>: cannot execute widget: Error: macro <> does not exist Error: <>: bad evaluation: undefined is not a constructor (evaluating 'new window.Tab("overlayButtons", "macro-button-selected")') Error: <>: cannot execute widget: Error: <>: bad evaluation: Can't find variable: skinColor

  102. don't know if it's just me but after losing the air hockey event then declining their offer, for some reason it seems to play the text for if you won and declined their offer instead.

  103. First of all, I love the game and really appreciate everyone's work on it. It's already such a great game, but has so much more potential still!

    Please ignore my ignorance if this is the case, I've not explored all the game's content (mostly due to my own preferences), and haven't I played the last couple of updates (not for any particular reason mind you). If I recall correctly though, there's not much if any beast content involving the NPCs aside from their forcing animals on the player.

    I would love to see beast content implemented for the named NPCs too, with some maybe engaging in it by default (Alex, for example) and others be influenced by the player to try it, or whatever. I think at-home pets would be a nice addition and could tie into this well, I've always felt teased by the pet shop's existence, and it not really serving a lot of purpose.

    As an aside, some of the school content has always felt a little underdeveloped to me, mostly the more extreme actions taken by the player not being at the school. You can masturbate with your clothes fully to the side for the entire duration of the class and will get virtually no interactions from the other students/teacher/etc. most of the time. If you're sent to Leighton's office, there's a sexual undertone, but I always wanted to see it devolve further somehow.

    I was just curious what your thoughts on them were ever being expanded upon/added.

    I hope you're doing well and have a wonderful day!