Sunday 9 October 2022

Degrees of Lewdity version

This is another "lots of little things" update, and adds new exhibitionist options to the town's streets. It also includes a new brothel show, a couple of Whitney scenes, new clothes, combat options, and a sprinkling of events throughout the world.

Sneaking outside in a state of undress has always been intended as a convenient way for the PC to achieve exhibitionist thrills. Things are starting to take shape with the addition of more night options, though there's lots of room for more. It's now also possible to sneak across town naked all the way from the orphanage to the road leading East during the day, should exhibitionism be high enough. It's hard to have too many exhibitionist scenes!

The new brothel show pushes further into the fantastical than most other scenes. The town of DoL is meant to seem mundane on the surface, and balancing the outlandish elements can be a challenge, but I think this is acceptable given the transformation requirement. Demon has been getting more love than the other transformations lately, but it's the right time of year.

The new combat options should give the PC a bit more control over the flow of encounters. It's another balance that's hard to strike. NPCs should be forceful, and seem to know what they want, but the PC needs more actions between yielding and defying completely.

Whitney and friends now hang out in the pub on Sunday nights. Last update I mentioned wanting to include a drinking minigame, but I wasn't expecting it this soon. We have the contributors Mona and anon to thank!

Work towards 0.4 continues, but I'm hoping to release a Halloween-themed update around the end of October.

Thank you to all the contributors, and to you for playing!

Edit: Updated to, fixing bugs.
Edit 2: Updated to, fixing the zoom feature and other bugs. Note that the zoom feature is unsupported on some browsers, including the most recent version of Firefox. It is now also found in the OPTIONS overlay, instead of Settings.

Alternative links:
  • Added a couple of exhibitionist options to the industrial alleyways, letting you cross to the road out of town while exposed during the day.
  • Added a couple of exhibitionist options to Connudatus Street at night, and another to the park at night.
  • Added a bukkake show to the brothel, available to demon PCs.
  • Added a rare event found when dancing at the strip club, and another found when dancing at the Brothel.
  • Added an event to the town's streets, a couple of events to the prison, an event to the storm drains, an event to the landfill, and an event to the forest.
  • Added a Whitney scene to maths class, triggered by high arousal. Written by Meat Glacier and coded by hwp.
  • Adjusted Sydney code and text at school to prepare for future additions. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Tentacles can now inflict "Hypnotic Deviancy" on the PC, requiring the PC perform at least one deviant act per day or suffer trauma. Requires bestiality be enabled.
  • Added the "Lull" action to tentacle encounters, letting you ward off tentacles attempting to penetrate your mouth, if a chance of additional damage depending on willpower. Unlocked by B tending.
  • Added the "Growl" combat action to wolf PCs, a bratty action that can prevent beasts from mounting the PC once per combat.
  • Encounter and close up sprite nipple colour, mouth colour, and and body highlights should now suit darker skin tones, and match the sidebar sprite. Thanks to xao.
  • You can now equip any dancing clothes directly from the dance studio changing room. Thanks to xao.
  • Thanks to xao for many under-the-hood improvements to the clothing system, and quality of life improvements to the school changing rooms.
  • Added the "Strut" action to stalk encounters, unlocked with level 2 exhibitionism actions.
  • Added the "Wiggle" action to stalk encounters, which is more effective with with high seduction.
  • Added a button to the corrupt variable warning that clears corrupted variables. Thanks to TonyFox.
  • Asylum pills no longer show their effects when blind stats are enabled. Thanks to note leven.
  • On-screen numpad buttons now gray out when associated links are unavailable. Thanks to note leven.
  • Hovering a mouse cursor over sidebar stat bars now displays the stat's value. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • Added a small event to the underground brothel.
  • Added demon harpy chimera wings, for PCs with both the demon and bird transformations. Art courtesy of Sir OniHeimer.
  • Thanks to 3hp for adjustments to ruffled hair.
  • Added flavour text to several streets, taking weather into account.
  • Added the schism scene to the scene viewer. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • If you restore any of your virginities in the cheat menu, clicking "take" will undo the action and set it back to whoever previously took it, as long as you do so before leaving the current passage. Thanks to hwp.
  • Using the cheat menu, you can now choose exactly which parasite you want on a given location rather than having to cycle through them. Thanks to hwp.
  • Added the hanfu, pink nurse dress, pink nurse hat, plastic nurse dress, plastic nurse hat, and nurse socks to the clothing shop. Art courtesy of Hyomi.
  • Added the open shoulder sweater to the clothing shop. Art courtesy of 3hp.
  • Added a wolf muzzle, kitty muzzle, bit gag, cloth gag, tape gag, and penis gag, which appear in certain situations. Art courtesy of KG.
  • Added the winter jacket to the clothing shop. Art courtesy of MinerDX.
  • Added new icons for apples, blood lemons, onions, pears, poppies, potatoes, and tulips. Thanks to Swaggy Bookshelf.
  • Thanks to note leven for improved error reporting.
  • Toast. Art courtesy of Hyomi.
  • Added the "Bewitching Echoes" feat.
  • Thanks to Jimmy, TonyFox, Crimson Tide, Höst, hwp, KiraaCorsac, Stadler76 and note leven for code improvements.
Thanks to xao for the following additions and improvements:
  • Updated the look of overlay menus and buttons.
  • Reworked and reordered Options menu.
  • Clicking outside of an overlay menu now closes it.
  • Moved several performance settings from the setup screen to the options menu under 'Performance', which can be changed from anywhere
  • Closing the options menu now automatically updates your settings, without having to click a link or go to another passage.
  • Added a toggle for character lighting, which can turn it off completely.
  • Enabled "Visual representation of the player character's skin colour" and" tanning changes" by default. Can be turned off in Performance Settings.
Thanks to anonymous for the following additions and improvements:
  • Whitney can now be encountered at the pub on Sunday nights. Written by Mona.
  • You can now guide NPC hands to your ass or genitals while holding hands.
  • You can now attempt to pull NPC hands away from your ass or genitals.
  • Added more outcomes to NPCs reading arrow-based bodywriting, making arrows more functional in same-sex encounters.
  • Added edging for oral, tribbing, and handjobs.
  • Adjusted a passage at the sex shop.
Thanks to Crimson Tide for the following additions and improvements:
  • You can now buy a notebook from the pet shop after birthing enough parasites that records and displays related information. Thanks to feedback from Lollipop Scythe.
  • Added the "Broodmother Zoologist" feat, attained by completing the notebook/birthing all possible creatures.
  • Flirting with Kylar in the manor now has you lead Kylar to the bed, rather than trekking all the way to the orphanage.
  • You can now walk to the manor with Kylar, once 18:00 hits. Written by Kurjutta.
  • You can catch Robin masturbating in their room after bedtime at very high lust. Written by YetAnotherUser.
Thanks to Höst for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added numerous icons for the various bathroom actions, including different icons for each possible pubic style.
  • Added an icon for putting on clothes at the lake, dance school, and swimming pool, and another icon for putting away clothes in the swimming pool changing rooms.
  • Added the Push Up Bra to the clothing shop, with a "Push up" trait that makes your breasts appear bigger.
  • Mascara smears now persist after tears dry out. Washing or re-applying the mascara will remove the smears.
  • Added black waterproof mascara.
  • Improved the pepper spray display.
  • Added a chance to wake up with ruffled hair. The chance increases the longer you sleep. Fixed automatically when choosing a clothing set with a hairstyle.
  • Added a couple of tips.
  • Added new art for the thong.
  • Formatting improvements.
Balance Changes
  • The Uncontrolled Hallucinations trait now greatly increases the likelihood of hypnotists appearing in the population.
  • Stealthy clothing is now more stealthy.  This makes you less detectable. Thanks to TonyFox.
  • Police now able to learn your patterns.  This makes you more detectable. Thanks to TonyFox.
  • NPCs now reach orgasm more quickly while watching you dance should they like the type of dance you perform. The line indicating they are masturbating is now highlighted in pink in such cases.
  • Reduced the exhibitionism requirement for buying from a service station naked to 4, and in your underwear to 2.
  • Grabbing a tentacle during combat will now take your handholding virginity.
  • Fixed the option to have sex with Whitney after being rescued appearing as a Promiscuity 4 action when it should've been Promiscuity 1. Thanks to anonymous.
  • Angry NPCs are longer rendered powerless by handholding. Thanks to anonymous.
  • Kissing during combat is now a Promiscuity 1 action. Thanks to anonymous.
  • The PC will now automatically guard with their arms on the first turn of struggle encounters.
  • The mansion dance job can now continue to be taken after completing the temple's quest.
  • The PC can now receive a free serafuku when unlocking it.
  • The ancient threat can no longer give you an ear slime if you've already gotten rid of one that blood moon. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Pepper spray is now less effective against the ancient threat. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Whitney may now try to whore out the PC in the park at max dominance regardless of love.
Thanks to Höst for the following balance changes:
  • It is no longer possible ot harvest crops or shave with your arms bound.
  • Chest binders, chest wraps, and swim shirts are now better at concealing larger breasts.
  • School swim bottoms are now less warm.
  • The corset now has the "Push up" trait, making breasts appear bigger.
  • Thongs and striped bras are now less revealing. Tape is very slightly less revealing.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that made two Kylar manor scenes impossible to unlock for the scene viewer. Thanks to Anonymous.
  • Putting on clothes outside a wardrobe should now properly unequip existing clothes, and prevents outfits tearing into parts. Thanks to xao.
  • Fixed a visual glitch with the anal penetration sprite. Thanks to xao.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the dark penis sprite for anal appearing when it was meant to. Thanks to xao.
  • Fixed an issue with Robin's Halloween sequence. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • Robin won't go back to their room if you sleep for a short duration, and they're sleeping with you, until at least 6 am. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • Fixed bugs caused by saving on the first screen, then loading that save on a subsequent update. Thanks to Olaroll.
  • Police should now properly track your crime history. Thanks to TonyFox.
  • Fixed a bug that made some NPCs reach orgasm faster than intended while watching you dance.
  • Fixed some issues with sex toys. Thanks to TonyFox.
  • Fixed a bug that confused penises about to double penetrate. Thanks to Pumping Lemma.
  • Fixed a couple of instances of imminent penetration not being properly highlighted, and added details about lube. Thanks to Pumping Lemma.
  • Fixed a bug that caused breast bodywriting/tattoos to be blocked by all under tops. Thanks to n1ck.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a minor landfill event triggering.
  • Fixed some notes that should've been hidden by the "enable blind stats" setting. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Made it harder to wreck your game with teleport cheats. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Avery will no longer molest you with a foot during the restaurant date if feet are disabled.
  • Fixed a bug that caused pepper spray to be more effective against groups than intended. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Fixed incorrect article usage on Characteristics overlay. Thanks to KiraaCorsac.
  • Added mention of the PC's pussy to the Characteristic overlay's short character description. Thanks to KiraaCorsac.
  • Fixed a small text issue during combat. Thanks to KiraaCorsac.
  • Fixed a bug that could muddle penises when two try to penetrate at once. Thanks to Pumping Lemma.
  • Fixed clothes accidentally disappearing from dance studio changing room if they were left there over midnight. Thanks to xao.
  • Added back some missing text descriptions when screaming. Thanks to xao.
  • Thanks to xao and ChexAndBalances for typo fixes.
Thanks to note leven for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that allowed minimum sizes to be set higher than maxiumum sizes.
  • Fixed an issue with milk and semen volume descriptions.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause purity to stay at max when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed buying in sex shop for negative money.
  • Dock pirates won't intercept Robin from going to the landfill if they haven't had their fill yet.
  • Fixed some issues with the stat tracking NPC boldness.
  • Other fixes.
Thanks to TonyFox for the following fixes:
  • Fixed breast/penis growth bug (not growing with being orgasm'd in/orgasming in NPCs, etc)
  • You will no longer remove the naked behind a changing screen at the photo studio.
  • Cafe blackmail events properly increase defiance/submissiveness as appropriate.
  • Talking to servants in the Danube dance job now reduces stress like indicated.
  • Finally caught the bug involving the eyelenses and missionary sex images.
  • A street flasher now properly gets to see what you're wearing (or not).
  • The carriage ride back to town will no longer give you sexual essence.
  • Fixed large number of "his/her" where it should have been "him/her".
  • Several Whitney events now mess up your hair, as does passing out.
  • Fixed an issue with insecurity and acceptance bars not showing.
  • Fixed an issue with possessed masturbation breaking variables.
  • Breaking into containers at the docks now properly adds crime.
  • Hypnotised stat now counts when you're hypnotised in combat.
  • Beauty no longer doubly affected by some traumatic events.
  • A large number of grammar improvements regarding dialogue.
  • The ancient threat can no longer have its gender changed.
  • Fixed an issue with prayer room sex corrupting variables.
  • Fixed an accidental loop in the dog pound competition.
  • Fixed a potentially missing 0 in the sewers safe hint.
  • Headband now gender neutral instead of for males.
  • Fixed a bug with the check for dancing attire.
  • Cafe suspicion now decays a little each day.
  • Fixed a broken fight scenario on the UFarm.
  • Fixed some Kylar abduction sequence logic.
  • Fixed semen volume not increasing hourly.
  • Fixed a bad link in the pub crawl quiz.
  • Corrected some assorted misgenderings.
  • Fixed some locker room clothing names.
  • You can no longer vagina your face.
  • Fixed some logic when hypnotised.
  • Some grammar regarding dialogue.
  • Fixed logic in some Alex events.
  • Gave Kylar back his second eye.
  • Fixed an issue with some pills.
  • Fixed a minor bug in combat.
  • Wrangled some varmint NPCs!
  • Minor code and typo fixes.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • You can no longer increase your milk or semen volume infinitely using cheats.
  • Using both hands to swim away from swarms will no longer make your arms go back to resting by default.
  • You will no longer be prevented from leaving the forest lake immediately after making a plant skirt or top.
  • Fixed a bug where most named NPCs will lose all virginities after you meet them for the first time, and restored those missing virginities on existing saves.
  • Fixed a bug where spa patrons' tips won't actually increase when the game says they raise their offer.
  • Fixed a bug where the effectiveness of using your ass to pleasure spa patrons was determined by thigh skill instead.
  • Fixed an issue when taking an npc's virginity when being double penetrated.
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible for Sydney to break their chastity vow.
  • Fixed a bug with straddling two dicks at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug that made cheating on school exams easier than intended.
  • Fixed some line-spacing issues when breaking free from the ancient threat's control.
  • Kylar can no longer grow a second penis when they read the "Reserved for Kylar" bodywriting.
Thanks to anonymous for the following fixes:
  • Losing to sailors during a pub crawl quiz no longer lowers school status, instead lowering docks status as intended.
  • Kylar's owl plush now functions properly after its retrieval from Bailey's office.
  • Avery now remembers the player's genitals after seeing them during a date.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to Höst for the following fixes:
  • The second half of the hair colours list in cheats should now be appropriately coloured.
  • Fixed a bug that caused smeared mascara to render beneath freckles.
  • Fixed an issue with tanning on Linux. 
  • Femininity will now consider apparent, rather than actual, breast size.
  • Wren will now consider the PC's apparent breast size, rather than just the presence of a chest binding top.
  • White and yellow school swim bottoms will no longer be so luminous.
  • Face masks will now stop leaves getting in your mouth.
  • Fixed an incorrect school reminder in the sidebar on the last day of a school season, or holidays, if the day was also a Sunday.
  • Fixed a bug allowing long johns and boxers to be pulled to the side in combat.
  • A minor under the hood fix.
  • Lowered the warmth given by the open shoulder sweater bottom.
  • Wearing no underwear will no longer increase the exhibitionism stat.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a text bug. Thanks to hwp.
  • Improved some code that previously wouldn't run on old browsers. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the demon harpy chimera wings to appear without the demon transformation. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • Prison inmates will no longer watch the PC lift weights after lockdown. Thanks to anonymous.
  • Fixed missing image errors for the winter jacket. Thanks to anonymous.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented pills working. Thanks to Tipengek.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented certain lines from triggering during the brothel bukkake show.
  • Fixed an issue with the Harvest Street exhibitionist option encounter. Thanks to Pumping Lemma.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to interact with clothes left in the school locker room overnight. Thanks to xao.
  • Fixed a bug that made a Whitney event more common than intended> Thanks to TonyFox.
  • Thanks to TonyFox and braymann for minor fixes.
  • Thanks to anonymous for typo fixes.
  • Fixed an issue with NPC generation during the Whitney maths grope event. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • Fixed an issue with Whitney's pronouns during their parasite event. Thanks to TonyFox.
  • History scenes where you clean the itching powder off now give delinquency when appropriate. Thanks to TonyFox.
  • Fixed an issue with harpy images. Thanks to Jimmy and Stadler76.
  • Added demon harpy chimera wings toggle to mirror options. Thanks to Stadler76.
  • Hid demon wings when demon harpy wings are enabled. Thanks to Stadler76.
  • Thanks to Jimmy and TonyFox for code improvements.
Thanks to note leven for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that broke the game on ios.
  • Fixed contain links after Kylar fed the fishes.
  • Punished elesif for inappropriate name.
  • A debug improvement.
  • Fixed an issue with the hairdressers. Thanks to note leven.
  • Fixed sudden nudity. Thanks to note leven.
  • Fixed an error that could appear during beast encounters. Thanks to Stadler76.
  • Fixed an issue found when visiting Bailey on the first day.
  • It should no longer be possible to endlessly attempt to strip a straightjacket on the dance floor.
  • Thanks to note leven for a minor fix.
  • The hypnosis attitude will now impact acquiring hypnotic deviancy.
  • Removed the non-functioning animation button from Options.
  • Fixed an error with the new hand actions and self-targeting in combat. Thanks to anon.
Thanks to note leven for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with heterochromia.
  • Fixed an issue with parasitic pregnancy.
  • Fixed an issue found when certain NPCs took the PC's virginity.
  • Code improvements.
  • Typo fixes.
  • Fixed broken nurse socks encounter sprites images.
  • Fixed a bug that hid accessories on undertops, such as the foreign school swimsuit.
  • The zoom feature is once again usable. It can now be found in the OPTIONS menu.
Thanks to anon for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a softlock caused by edging during the tutorial encounter.
  • Fixed the option to edge an NPC's pussy with your right hand not appearing.
  • Fixed the PC's swimming skill being negatively affected by not wearing high heels.
  • Bathing in the park's fountain now takes 10 minutes, as advertised.
  • Fixed a softlock when drinking with Whitney at midnight.
  • Resized the winter jacket's icon.
Thanks to note leven for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with heterochromia.
  • Fixed a formatting issue for tulip seeds in the park.
  • Sydney should no longer insist that you're late for school when classes are over.
  • Fixed an issue with Kylar's encounter speech.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the PC to start restoring the cabin at the wrong times, cuasing bugs.
  • Alleviated issues with underwear layers.
  • Code improvements.


  1. Thanks for the update Vrel and team!

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    1. Thanks for the kind words! I hope you like 0.4 when it's ready.

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    Speaking of, I know it might be too early for an ETA but would it be possible for 0.4 to come out in November or at least this year? I just feel like having a major update could be a banger way to end a year off

    1. I can't say when to expect 0.4, but I agree it'd be good to have it ready this year.

  19. 2 questions
    1 How do you get rid of a tan?
    2 who is in what class?

    1. 1 I think you just don't go outside for a while. Not sure though.
      2 Kylar is in English, Whitney is in Maths, and Robin is in history

    2. 1) Time. Wear shaded items like a straw hat or an umbrella hat and eventually your tan will fade away since you'll be getting less sun
      2) Kylar is in English which is taught by Doren, Whitney is in Maths which is taught by River, and Robin is in History which is taught by Winter

    3. Thanks for the responses Ratgirl and Anon.

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    1. Thank you! Mason as a love interest is on the maybe pile.

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    in addition a few things I noticed one Sydney's purity can't reach max after the rite of promise. two Leighton blocks the library unless you punish Sydney or attempt to frame Whitney which is impossible if Whitney has been dismissed from the world you can gut punch them once but it doesn't work after the first time I think you should be able to frame some one else if Whitney is gone or have some other way of saving Sydney with out being punished yourself. and 3 during gambling money with Wren you are unable to hit numbers if you adjust the slider. Either way thanks for the update and keep up the good work

    1. Thanks for the heads up on these. I'll do my best!

  24. Which shop can I find the nurse clothing

    1. They should be in the normal clothing shop, in the shopping centre.

  25. Why was the zoom/text size feature removed ?

    1. I, too, am asking this question.... I explained my issue with this in my other comment, just didn't notice this comment until now

    2. Tis a bug. Thanks for the heads up.

  26. Uncontrolled Hallucinations cause more hypnotists...does max awareness do it too, or do i need to remember my sources of hallucinogens?

    1. Hallucinations from any source, including awareness, will do.

  27. Is there a way to lock stats in the cheat menu?

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    (also, i havent played much so far, but there is a small issue where sydney will tell you that you are going to be late for your next class when classes are already over for the day, i am playing on a save from 3.10.5 though, so im not if this issue is present in a brand new save or not) - 💌

    1. oops, spoke too soon, i also found this error when assaulted by a wolfboy in the temple gardens: Error: <>: cannot execute widget: Error: <>: cannot execute widget: Error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause (#5): State.variables.NPCLIst is undefined

      - 💌

    2. No problem! Thanks for the heads up on these <3

  29. Thank you very much for the new update, I was really looking forward to it, I will explore the new content and try to give ideas to make this game even more amazing.
    The game has a problem that is not really a problem, which is the physique, you can develop the physique fast but losing it is difficult, I tried to do just what was necessary but in a month of the game I was not able to reach even half of the bar 2 of physique, but I went up is so easy that it can be maximized in that time and it should be difficult to develop it, not that I'm complaining about it is that I wanted to increase the female appearance of the character which in this case requires a weak physique in the current system, which it's bad at this moment since no matter the gender you end up following the same path, it would be good to separate them by gender then a female character would take a female path in the physical and the male would go in the masculine one or they can only increase the daily physical loss or means of physical loss.
    The next thing would be the wings of the fallen angels, we can choose the colors of the wings like devils only they would be white and black or the opposite black and white. The demon horns could be shaped like bat wings and are on the side of the head.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I don't want maintaining physique to be too arduous, but I agree the impact on gender appearance from exercise could be more interesting.

      I'd be happy to add more transformation variants.

  30. Many thanks for the update! Will we ever be able to give our PC a name, I was just wondering?

    1. No problem! The option to name the PC is on the maybe pile.

  31. I don't know if this is a bug but after Robin strips you in the bushings you don't get your clothes back.

    1. Okay turns out doesn't have anything to do with the bushes it's when you sleep in they're bed.

    2. Thanks for the heads up.

  32. Those formatted patch notes though

    1. TonyFox presented one of their MR notes that way, and I tried to stick to the pattern. The spacing is a bit different from notepad though.

  33. When you peek into Robin's room, it says you "hope the door and take a look inside." I assume hope is supposed to be "open"

  34. Thanks so much for all your hard work on the update! Really excited to lose all my sleep tonight. Thought I would mention I keep getting an error trying to dye eyebrows at the hairdresser and when going there, I can select options but the price doesn't change nor can I actually make the purchase to cut hair or anything. I wasn't having any of these issues pre-update.

  35. found a bug:
    in hair saloon i can't pay to cut/dye PC's hair

    btw vrel have you read comments in previous post yet? ^-^

    1. also i replaced the owl plushie with teddy bear. do i lost the owl plushie forever?

    2. You gingerly caress the beast's penis. You rest your legs. You gasp and giggle. "B-breed me. Make me your wolfboy bitch." You try to press your enormous strap-on against the wolfboy's ass but he pushes you away. Error: <>: cannot execute widget: Error: <>: cannot execute widget: Error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause (#5): Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '0')

    3. You are at the shore of the lake. Dark water ripples unseen. The water is calm.
      There's a rocky alcove where you could store your clothes.
      Your tie-front top and micro pleated skirt are lying on the ground behind a rock.
      Put on clothes

      this still shows up. its probably because i wore strap-on before going swimming, and after 'put on clothes' only PC left pantiless

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. A lone wolfboy emerges from between the trees, teeth bared. "Prey. No struggle."
      -tap Next Error: <>: cannot execute widget: Error: <>: cannot execute widget: Error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause (#5): Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '0')

    6. not bug but grammar "B-breed me. Make me your wolfboy bitch." wolfboy bitch seems weird

    7. i also noticed in wardrobe, under lower tab, there is multiples of strap-ons whenever PC wakes up

    8. I’m getting to hair saloon bug too.

    9. i love the bath in fountain park at night & yay Whitney at pub
      in-game still on school holidays that i focused on prison then escape using Harpy form. will inform more if there are any problems

    10. Thanks for letting me know about these. I'm glad you like those new scenes.

      I haven't looked at the most recent posts under the last update yet. I'll check them once the dust from this update has settled.

  36. Thank you very much for the update, I have a question will there be anything like this:
    Status panel that shows images of the girl's pussy and change depending on the number of partners the girls have (to more cocks she had, the more gaped her vagina is)
    Pictures of the fullness of the uterus with sperm.
    It was similar in games from oneone, shoku
    For example Meritocracy of the Oni & Blade and samurai vandalism
    Thanks for the answers, I wish you good luck in the further development of this project!

    1. No problem. Vagina gaping isn't planned, but a picture of the uterus with contained sperm would fit.

      Thanks for the ideas, and the well-wishes!

  37. This isnt update related but I feel like robin should stop or go into a panic attack or something if you go unconscious from from choking

  38. More clothes,bukkake scene, demon-harpy chimera wings, persistent mascara smears +waterproof mascara, AND the catching h0rny Robin scenario I suggested? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-____[CRITICAL ERROR HAS OCCURRED! Huntrex.EXE HAS STOPPED WORKING! REBOOT SYSTEM IMMEDIATELY!]

    1. {not the first time I've used that^ joke, and probably not the last} lol :•3

    2. I'm glad you like the changes! {I'm also glad you rebooted okay!}

  39. In one of the previous updates it said Whitney could get you naked in class and now there's a new scene but I can't trigger either of them no matter how hard I try even using the cheat menu. Do you need to be dating Whitney to trigger these?

    1. for the naked in class one, Whitney needs to be seated next to you, meaning they at least need to be available as LI here, I don't know about the new scene yet though

    2. Thanks for the response Huntrex. For the new event, Whitney needs to be sitting next to you, and you need high arousal.

  40. ...This may come of as rude.... this may very well be rude....... but where the hell is the zoom option? I literally can't play the game at the default zoom, I am on android, the screen can't handle being zoomed in like this, it needs to be zoomed out a little or everything breaks.... Wtf?

    1. And it's not in the options menues either, I checked

    2. I'm trying to adapt, but this is like trying to play Minecraft with the personal optifine and FOV settings all fu©ked up, it's barely doable, but also painful because it is just barely doable, I need to see more than three or four big scrunched up sentences at a time T-T

    3. I am very sorry if that last one sounded entitled... point still stands, but I am sorry

    4. I reread all the patchnotes, so I am assuming the complete removal of the zoom was unintentional as it isn't mentioned anywhere... so I am informing you that something has gone really wrong with {I'm presuming} the transfer of the zoom setting to the options "performance" menu, plz hlp

    5. Thanks for the heads up!

  41. We've waited with baited breath for another blessing and our patience was rewarded!
    Praise him!

  42. Thanks for another great update! Have you considered implementing a system for PCs with transformations (wolf and cat) to periodically go into heat? Could have an effect of arousal increasing over time, and perhaps NPCs noticing and commenting.

    1. I would like this as an option. Maybe when the big pregnancy update comes out?

    2. No problem! I agree heat cycles for the animal transformations would be great.

  43. Thank you for making another update Vrel! I have a question. Will there be other eldritch horrors/ Spooky encounters similar to the Ivory Wraith in the Halloween update?

    1. Also, will there be a option where the PC can sit down with 2 LIs during lunch (Like Robin and Sydney). I feel bad for Robin whenever I sit down with Sydney since they probably feel left out

    2. The Ivory Wraith will be unique, but I'd like to add more spooky horrors.

      Sitting with both Robin and Sydney would make sense, though could cause jealousy if you were romancing both.

  44. more foot fetish

    1. It's not my thing, but I include it inadvertently sometimes.

  45. Woooo! a DoL update makes any day a great day!

    A Demon show! Woo!
    More dancing stuff! Woo!
    Wolf transformation stuff, heck yah!
    Chimera stuff, YAS!
    More clothes! YES!
    More lewdity for Robin, WOOO!

    Thank you to the whole team for all the hard work, this is my favorite adult game, and you've all been so great!

    I would like to make a suggestion, one that was rather popular in the discord, but quickly swept under the torrent of posts and a bit long.

    My absolute favorite feature in this game is modeling with Niki right now, and I've made multiple characters for modeling along. I would love to know if any of this could ever (realistically) make it into the game!

    We already know that Niki records us and secretly puts our videos on his website, so what if we take it a step further, call him out on it, and propose to work for him! This will allow us to take modeling into our own hands, or even become a porn star. This could be exhibitionist and promiscuous friendly, allowing options for levels 1-5.

    Once the player has Obscure modeling fame, and triggers the school scene where everyone finds your naked video, you could return to Niki and talk to him about the website. He’ll have some legal jargon stating it’s not a crime to do this, so you can either leave it be, or say “I want in!”. If you ask to join him, he’d begrudgingly accept and help you form an alias (player could choose name), this could help hide your real identity, and keep you safer, though certain shoots could still hint at your actual identity. This could also unlock a changing room in the studio.

    Each week, you could have maybe three shoots (1 a day), which individually may pay a bit less than the original weekly photoshoot, together they could give end-game money when you’re skilled & famous enough. It should be noted that some shoots or videos could have clothing restrictions. Photoshoots and videos could function differently, as described below:

    *Photoshoots* are designed like brothel dancing, in that each turn you can strip, flaunt or pose, increasing “awe”, which will impact the final payout. These last for a set number of turns, and should offer a number of non-strip options depending on the PC’s skills. Flaunting could be connected to Sex Skills, and Posing to normal Skills. There are “Safe” and “Unsafe” photoshoots, where unsafe ones may help horny NPCs figure out the PC’s real identity.

    *Videos* are either sex encounters, masturbation, or scripted scenarios with options to choose from, and final payout is affected by conditions related to the scene.

    **Photoshoot Options**
    1) Park trip - in city park, clothed - raises model fame. Can’t strip here, but can tease (1 exhib), or do panty peeks (2 exhib). Great for beginners.
    a) [Safe] Choose an outfit Niki provides.
    b) [Unsafe] Go in current clothes. Someone may recognize your style of dress later…

    2) Playground (requires discovering the secret entrance) - school playground (after hours), clothed, raises model fame. Can’t really strip here, but can tease (1 exhib), do panty peeks (2 exhib), or momentarily raise skirt/drop pants (3 exhib). Great for beginners.
    a) [Safe] wear non-school sanctioned clothes.
    b) [unsafe] wear school sanctioned clothes. Someone might recognize your school uniform…

    3) Beach trip - at beach, clothed to undergarments, raises model and exhib fame. Can’t go bottomless.
    a) [Safe] wear non-school sanctioned clothes.
    b) [unsafe] wear school sanctioned clothes. Someone might recognize your school uniform…

    4) Nude beach - at undisclosed coastal location - clothed to nude, raises model and exhib fame. Pays well, but is unsafe, as flaunting your whole body in front of a high definition camera may get you recognized.

    1. I'm glad you like it! You're welcome.

      Thanks for the suggestion. I'd like to do a lot more with Niki's modelling, and this sounds like a good outline. I like the thought of involving a minigame of sorts, and photoshoots in public locations could be a lot of fun.

  46. My Zoom Is Gone.

  47. Is the added Hanfu Korean traditional costume Hanbok or Chinese Hanfu?

    1. And are you willing to add Korean hanbok?

    2. I researched hanfu to try to be more specific with the name, but decided to go with a generic term in the end. I'd like to add more hanfu, and Korean hanbok as well.

  48. Hi vrel Nice update i wanted to Ask if in the futur whe will have a pig or horse or lezard or other animal who are in the game transformation like the pig make you more promisciou and make you want to be more dirty and exhibitiotnist the horse make you more Athletic and you get a bigger body
    size and change your génital to horse one and lézard make you cold blooded and more stealthy

    1. I'm glad you like it. More animal transformations aren't planned, but there's a number on the maybe pile. I fear horse would be disappointing without adjustments to legs.

  49. I don't understand if my comments are showing or not... they keep disappearing

    1. Blogspot tends to censor stuff and delete "inappropriate comments"

    2. How do I know what gets censored? The comment I wanted to post has nothing censor worthy, especially looking at all the other comments, I mean they all talk about sex stuff...

    3. I don't understand it either I'm afraid, but you're not the only one who's had trouble with it. Sorry for the bother.

  50. “Added edging for oral, tribbing, and handjobs.“ Dang frottage and all the other jobs has been forgotten, can’t even give thighjobs as a guy still. Well atleast police won’t track my criminal history anymore so that covers my pain of no frottage toggle.
    ( ;w;)

    Half Jokes aside, thank you for the update!

    1. No problem! I agree the other jobs need love as well.

  51. Am I only one on Android who's missing the setting of being able to adjust the size of the play screen in the game?

    1. Nope, I had my own little meltdown about that a few comments up

    2. Thanks for the heads up.

  52. "You can no longer vagina your face." ???

  53. I cant seen to find the screen thing where it can change the fit on the screen it's very zoomed in I cannot read anything like this?

    1. Aye, there's a bug afoot. Sorry for the bother.

  54. Another great update from Vrel and the team, as expected. The rather long wait was worth it. But I have a burning question for you, Vrelnir...... A question that I couldn't bear to live any longer without knowing the answer to...... Just kidding, it's not that serious. But I'm curious - when making DoL, did you/do you possibly take inspiration from era games? I see a lot of similarities between the two.

    1. I'm glad you like it.

      I played era games for the first time after I first shared DoL. I'm not aware of direct inspirations, but I'd be surprised if they had no influence.

  55. Aw, dammit. I never got to vagina my face.
    Also, why does not wearing underwear not raise exhibitionism anymore? Do you just mean after you already get rank 1 or something? It just seems so integral to getting to rank one. What am I supposed to do when I make a new character?

    1. The original plan was for exhibitionism/promiscuity/deviancy to only increase when the PC explicitly chose to push the limits. The underwear thing bucked the trend, as the PC can lose their underwear in other ways.
      I hesitated on changing it for a long time. I do want wearing no underwear to be impactful though, and will think of a replacement. We also need more reliable ways to access exhibitionism 1 actions.

  56. Hey Vrel, any dice on being able to expand our wardrobe slots? I'm beginning to run out...

    1. I fear raising it too much due to the impact on save file size, which has a hard limit, but I agree it's not ideal.

  57. Thank you for the update!

    I play as a catgirl. How can I have the kitty muzzle placed on me?

    Are there any plans to let us become owned by another NPC as a pet? I would love to become someone’s leashed and trained catgirl pet.

    1. No problem!

      The pound will put the kitty muzzle on you should they cage you, which can be triggered in a few ways, including by rescuing the black dog.

      More petplay is planned, and a full "bad end" focused on petplay is on the maybe pile.

  58. There's a bug I just found and I'm not sure what causes it. I went to the party at the beach at 5:30, and was able to talk with the NPC there until 13.00. It was pretty useful to max out Status but I don't think it's intentional.

    Another thing: on the School bathrooms it's possible to easily and continuously trigger encounters with three partners at the same time. You just have to go to the bathroom of the opposite sex and wait for the event where you are found by three students, which is very common right now and most importantly, it has no downsides (or at least they are incredibly rare, as I haven't found any yet). This makes it trivially easy to get Masochism and other stats.

    1. Thanks for the heads up on these. Such lewdity in the school bathrooms should have consequences, perhaps from Leighton.

  59. is diphallia planned for male pc?

  60. Clothing no longer becomes transparent in the sidebar sprite when wet

  61. Good afternoon vrel. Random question, have you seen the memes people make about the game?

    1. Good afternoon. I have seen many a meme. The ones I've seen are pretty great.

  62. Looks like 'Fix stuck animations' button broke, I was playing in Android so unfortunately I can't paste the error, but the error returns "fixStuckAnimations is not defined"

  63. Nice update .
    can we get Zoom In/Out feature back or at least can make text size smaller for Android ver?

  64. Cool update tbh. Btw was the text zoom option removed this update? I do remember it was still there when I played the last update

  65. Has the art been fixed when giving head to a canine while laying on your back? Is it possible to be taken by multiple canines at the same time?

  66. Android downloaded doesn't work?

    1. The tab doesn't even open, it just straight up closes as soon as it loads

  67. Thanks for the heads up, and sorry for the bother.

  68. Hello! love the update but I have been trying to change my fame in the cheat menu with my old save and it has not been working.

    1. I'm glad you like the update! Thanks for the heads up.

  69. Thanks for the ideas, and the bug report.

    1. Kylar is indeed interested in marking the PC as theirs.
    2. It would make sense.
    3. Aye, though I want to be careful about situations where the PC can lose their virginity.
    4. I think this would be better.
    5. I agree it could be more convenient.
    6. This would fit.
    7. Because the PC swallows!
    8. I don't plan for penis size to impact impregnation chance.
    9. Oviposition is on the maybe pile.
    10. I'm considering ways to promote certain generic NPCs to persistent status.

    I'm glad you like the update.

  70. Thanks for the update, great work!

    Maybe it is already fixed, but some time ago I noticed that even if the PC is scared of Bailey, they still can't do things that require higher stats, like for example selling panties to strangers when they ask you around town, or dressing lewder when taking the job as waiter in one of the houses Domus Street or Danube Street. I mean, it's a bit weird when the PC can literally whore themselves out because they're afraid of Bailey, but they can't do those way less lewder things.

    1. You're welcome. Thank you!

      I agree those options should be available when afraid of Bailey. Thanks for pointing them out.

  71. Hairdresser is also broken, only option is to leave

  72. The new vine hypnosis is not affected correctly by the attitude toggle to accept hypnosis attempts

  73. Could you add more content related to Ivory and the underground temple on the lake?
    Its a great work you and your team have been made in those updates
    Good halloween for you
    Praise the Vrel \[T]/

    1. There's more planned for the Ivory Wraith.

      Thanks for the kind words. Good Halloween for you too!

  74. Option to hide in Kylar's room and watch them undress pls

  75. Thanks for the update. I'm going to download it NOW.

  76. The clothing the pc is wearing while sleeping is not available when choosing an outfit from the menu upon waking

    For instance, if the pc has only one cat collar in wardrobe and wears it while sleeping it will unequip upon choosing an outfit that also includes the cat collar

    1. This only occurs in the menu that lets you select your outfit upon waking, not the regular wardrobe

    2. Thanks for the information.

  77. Thanks for the update. I didn't play it yet, but I will thoroughly test that this evening :-)

    First about the description of this update.
    I cannot make sense of
    "You will no longer remove the naked behind a changing screen at the photo studio."

    Maybe it's because English is not my native language.
    Maybe not :-°

    Also, this:
    "Police should not properly track your crime history. Thanks to TonyFox"

    Shouldn't it be "Police should NOW " ?

    About the previous update: if somebody was fingering your an*us you could still deflect a penis trying to enter the va*gina to it. However, it leads to a situation where now you cannot "pull away" when they try to enter ( as both actions for this part of the body where for the fingering ).

    I think you should either not be able to deflect, or you should have the normal actions.

    1. The first one is simple. If you were naked while getting undressed in this specific scene the game would say for example "You take off your naked and place it on the stand." the game code got confused due to a lack different scene options for being entirely buck naked, so it simply assumes your wearing clothes and makes you take off your naked body.

    2. And the last one is most likely a typo since W is two keys away for T.

    3. Thanks for the response Ztoxicman, and for the heads up on these Vasumitra.

  78. Resting with the black wolf during the day provides more fatigue reduction per hour than sleeping, even in the upgraded bed. It is also unaffected by the trauma debuffs hampering sleep and it provides a massive stress reduction if you use it in lieu of actual sleep

    I assumed this was either just a balance oversight or a bug where you were only supposed to be able to do it once a day or something

  79. The confused penises are indeed confused as they are mentioned twice in this bug report. I think they need some chicken noodle soup.

  80. Two bugs:
    1. the zoom option is just gone
    2. striped panties doesn't let you select the second colour anymore, it just stays one solid colour instead (changing the first colour changes the colour but the second one doesn't do squat)