Sunday 30 January 2022

Degrees of Lewdity version

This update adds work for skilled dancers, and properly simulates NPC clothing. It also includes PC clothing improvements, adds an infirmary to the school, and further develops the ancient threat.

The new dance jobs are accessed through Charlie, who hesitates to offer more dangerous work to people they like. However, this dangerous work is also the more lucrative. Perhaps if Charlie knew how bad things were, they'd offer the PC a choice.

Charlie's dance jobs are one of the oldest items on the to-do list. I intended to include them soon after I first shared the game, around 0.1.5 or so. Initial feedback disrupted that plan, as there were many other parts of the game that needed attention. It feels good to have gotten around to it at last.

NPC clothing has also been planned for a long time. They should now dress appropriate to their role, and the weather. Their tops need displacing before their chests can be accessed, similar to genitals, which should change the flow of encounters. The PC can take the initiative and undress NPCs themselves.

The ancient threat's difficulty now takes longer to ramp up, giving the PC more chance to protect themselves. However, the threat has also asserted itself through more of the world. Ideally, the threat should be a danger everywhere, aside from those holy locations where it cannot tread.

A big thanks to all the contributors. Bathory666 has been working on Sirris' adult shop, which will be the focus of the next update, along with associated accoutrements.

Edit: Updated to, fixing bugs.
Edit 2: Updated to, fixing more bugs.

Check the most recent update for download links.

Patch notes
  • Charlie will now offer work to accomplished dancers. They give a different job if they dislike the PC.
  • Added a couple of location-dependant dance events.
  • Added a quest at the temple.
  • Added setting randomisation to the Quick Start/Quick Edit tab in settings, extending the preset system. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Added hair randomisation and saved sets. Saved sets can be added to new and existing outfit sets, allowing the player to change their hairstyle with each outfit. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Nicknames now take modelling fame into account. Thanks to oyea.
  • Added a combat menu adjacent to the next button during combat. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • Tired PCs will now half-close their eyes. Thanks to lifeAnime.
  • Added lime green and light grey eye colour/contacts. Thanks to lifeAnime.
  • The nurse at the pharmacy now sells custom contact lenses. Thanks to lifeAnime.
  • Overhauled the pill code and bedroom pill UI. Thanks to lifeAnime.
  • Added an antique.
  • Added the search bar and "All" shop category. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Clothes can now be displaced in swarm, tentacle and struggle encounters. Thanks to Quin2k.
  • Clarified the unlock requirements for feat boosts. Thanks to Quin2k.
  • Maxing arousal while dancing will now cause the PC to orgasm, with outcomes depending on the PC's skill, shoes, lewdity, and traits. Can be dangerous in some locations. Thanks to Nicky Lassandri.
  • The PC's limbs should now reset more intelligently when an NPC is defeated. Thanks to Rukarin.
  • Added seasonal beer choice to the cafe, and a beer icon. Thanks to Luna.
  • Added "tending yield factor" to settings, which controls the amount of produce grown with the tending skill. Thanks to shun.
  • Anal fingering of the PC by NPCs now has more involved mechanics, and can be prevented. Thanks to Combat_wombat.
  • Leighton can now react to the PC's arousal during pussy inspection. Thanks to TreeFrogSoup.
  • Added the curly pigtails and sailor buns side hairstyles. Thanks to Mira.
  • The curtain fringe style is now represented on encounter sprites. Thanks to Myoran.
  • Added a stat counter for pills taken. Thanks to khovel.
  • Added the undershirt, baseball shirt, baseball shorts, and baseball cap to the clothing shop. Art courtesy of namelessone.
  • Generic NPCs can now be virgins. Thanks to hwp.
  • Adjusted the art for the belly dancer's bottoms, belly dancer's top, board shorts, booty jorts, breeches, catsuit bottoms, chapette breeches, chinos, long cut skirt, short cut skirt, cycle shorts, diving bottoms, gothic trousers, jorts, keyhole skirt, long skirt, maid skirt, miniskirt, moon pajama bottoms, star pajama bottoms, retro trousers, Christmas skirt, Christmas trousers, chastity belt, and gold chastity belt, adding damage states where missing and fixing clipping issues, with more significant changes to the belly dancer set. Art courtesy of KG.
  • Added the belly dancer's veil to the clothing shop. Art courtesy of KG.
  • The Characteristics overlay now describes how large your breasts appear after taking clothing into account. Thanks to hwp.
  • Adjusted and reimplemented the Cum dump/Cumoisseur scene at Remy's estate.
  • Added winter variants for the promenade, alley, industrial alley, and night monster lair location art. Art courtesy of Swaggy Bookshelf.
  • Added a cheat to the cheats menu to reset an NPC's virginity. Thanks to hwp.
  • Added the "Life of the Party," "Belle of the Ball," and "Breaking the Stone" feats.
  • Thanks to braymann for preparing code for the inclusion of cows and bulls in the future.
  • Thanks to hwp and Lollipop Scythe for performance improvements.
  • Thanks to lifeAnime for a debug tool.
  • Thanks to Jimmy, note leven, Lollipop Scythe, khovel, and Rukarin for code improvements.
  • Improved tending code, and the code responsible for NPCs interacting with your clothes during encounters, among other code improvements. Thanks to hwp.
Thanks to Bathory666 for the following additions and improvements:
  • Face masks can now protect the mouth, as appropriate to the item.
  • Added the "ask to keep your mask on" and "remove mask" actions.
  • Surgical masks and gags now have the "covered" trait, protecting them against penetration, kissing and breast sucking.
  • NPCs can thrust against your mask, damaging it.
  • Added surgical mask sprites for damage states, and combat sprites.
  • Angry NPCs might damage your mask if you prevent them from removing it.
Thanks to oyea for coding the following scenes:
  • Added an infirmary to the school. The player will be taken here instead of the hospital after passing out on school grounds. They can also visit it during the day for medical assistance, or sneak in at night to steal drugs. Written by YetAnotherUser.
  • Added an alternate ending to Harper's lap kissing scene at the asylum. Written by Mist.
  • Added a scene when working the fields with Alex in the summer. Written by DMGM69.
  • Added a scene with Whitney to the school hallways, and a new option when they grope the player during an exam.
  • Eden will no longer be as forgiving upon catching the player after they've been away from the cabin for too long. Written by Necro.
  • Some named NPCs now have more unique responses to certain bodywriting. Written by Necro and Conhue.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following additions and improvements.
  • NPC clothing is now properly simulated, with NPCs dressing more appropriately to their location, role, and the weather.
  • The PC can attempt to undress NPCs during encounters. Requires promiscuity 2 during consensual encounters.
  • Updated scenes that referenced NPCs unzipping their flies or lifting their skirts, to take the new clothes into account
  • Added support for NPC crossdressing.
  • The PC can now interact with female monster's breasts, and some may even lactate should lactation be involved. Wolfgirl milk progresses the wolf transformation.
  • NPC chests now begin most encounters clothed, and their clothes must be displaced before their chests can be interacted with.
  • Added some action flavour text for female NPCs relating to their breasts.
  • Entering the plinth room while being hunted by the ancient threat will now reset the Wraith's hunt, so you don't need to wait around.
  • Brought non-bodypart skill checks to the same level at tending, making temporary bonuses and modifiers impact more than just skill changes.
  • Thanks to hwp, oyea, and Lollipop Scythe for help with NPC clothes.
  • Minor code improvements.
Thanks to Crimson Tide for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added a new "difficulty" option that hides all stats text, like + Stress. Affects skill checks, warnings, comments and reminders. Disabled by default.
  • Added tooltips to the characteristics menu, giving details on what is causing specific skill modifiers.
  • Added an escape button should the PC find themselves in a bugged passage, which would previously result in a softlock.
  • Added a forced masturbation scene to the underwater prison.
  • The ancient threat can now assault the farm during Remy's raids.
  • The chatting students in the library can mention blood moons, and also have a small chance of hiding an ancient secret.
  • Bailey's thugs now acknowledge your underground nickname if you have one.
  • Added the number of times you've been possessed to the statistics menu.
  • Code improvements.
Balance Changes
  • One of Whitney's friends now assists them in the parasite event. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Changes to Charlie's love will now be indicated.
  • Non-consensual encounters will no longer give you an "ask to leave on" option for tops. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • You can no longer perform mouth actions while wearing a mask, other than speaking. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Adjusted the triggers for whether the PC smiles or not. Thanks to lifeAnime.
  • Quickened the speed of suffocation by one turn. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • Masks no longer block fame gain during Niki's photoshoot. Thanks to Jimmy and PurityGuy.
  • Eden now gains lust daily, rather than hourly. Robin and Alex now also gain lust over time. Thanks to Quin2k.
  • Reduced the rate at that defiance and submissiveness are gained.
  • Made waterproof clothes protect the clothing underneath them from water. Thanks to hwp.
  • Stripping down to underwear with the dance trait will no longer force dancing PCs with low exhibitionism off the stage.
  • The bunny leotard now has the dance trait.
  • Eden's rescue of the PC from the asylum and Remy's farm now has a minimum love requirement. Thanks to oyea.
  • Tending now produces more produce by default. Thanks to shun.
  • Added a cap to the femininity provided by shorter hair and fringe styles. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Excess damage inflicted by the PC will no longer overflow onto the next target in group encounters. Thanks to Rukarin.
  • The ancient threat is now easier to resist during the first possession. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Added a feat boost for the athletics skill. Thanks to khovel.
  • Helping Robin at their stand will now increase their funds a little. Thanks to shun.
  • Clothes with the "dance" trait now take no damage when an NPC attempts to pull them off while the PC dances.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that confused pens and penises. Thanks to note leven.
  • Added the great hawk's monster status to settings presets. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Agreeing to the museum horse demonstration will now use the correct outfit. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed incorrect lines from Sydney if Sydney knows your PC's gender, PC is crossdressing and is not the same gender as Sydney. Thanks to Kamikaza404.
  • Fixed a bug with irrigation. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed fitting an arbitrary number of fingers in your pussy while masturbating. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed a bug that turned the ancient threat into a hermaphrodite. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed endlessly penetrating and pulling out of double penetration. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Added tracking support for penises escaping and attempting to double penetration. Thanks to Bathory666 and Jimmy.
  • Fixes a bug that created phantoms limbs and genitals if an action is taken right before a target is defeated. Thanks to Rukarin.
  • Guards should no longer reappear right after being defeated in the estate. Thanks to PurityGuy and Jimmy.
  • Fixed a spa exhibitionism scene that displayed the wrong requirement. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented pronouns from generating. Thanks to note leven.
  • Fixed some body bugs found after defeating NPCs in group encounters. Thanks to Rukarin.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the "Grab between breasts" action working. Thanks to Rukarin.
  • Fixed some sprite layering issues with angel wings and oral shadows while in a pillory, and with long leather gloves while giving handjobs in the missionary position. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Women with strap-ons met while working as a bartender will no longer have testes to cup. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the beast encounter behind the school triggering unless a monster spawns.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the lower half of a swimsuit to be lost despite it being connected to the upper half. Thanks to hwp.
  • Minor change to the sidebar caption for those with images disabled. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed an issue found when wearing scarfs. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Negotiated and dancing tips will no longer round to the nearest penny. Thanks to shun.
  • Fixed an issue with the doggy encounter sprite's hair. Thanks to sseshess.
  • Fixed a bug that caused penile multiplication. Thanks to Rukarin.
  • Fixed some bugs with NNPC clothing. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixes a bug where fallen angel isn't saved when entering scenes like the Schism, the Prayer Room or the library books.
  • Thanks to Luna for a typo fix.
  • Thanks to Bathory666 for typo and minor code fixes.
  • Thanks to hwp for typo fixes.
Thanks to oyea for the following fixes:
  • Fixed NPCs acquiring the wrong genitals after reading bodywriting with arrows. Thanks to oyea.
  • Fixed some issues with my previous MR, thanks to note leven. Thanks to oyea.
  • Fixed an issue when biting someone's pussy after defeating someone else. Thanks to Bathory666 and oyea.
  • Prevented an NPC from bypassing the barbed wire on Alex's farm to assault the player.
  • Added post-orgasm finishing moves for Alex, Avery and Whitney, similar to the existing ones for Eden, Leighton and generic NPCs.
  • Fixed Kylar breaking free from the orphanage cuddling scene after having their heart broken.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • Whitney no longer forces their tongue into their own mouth to kiss you.
  • Fixed some issues with the Whitney parasite event.
  • Fixed Bailey having a bit too much health when fought while refusing rent.
  • Adjusted the chastity belt and gold chastity belt to no longer poke out from some undamaged clothing. Thanks to KG.
  • The ancient threat will no longer compliment the player with normal NPC dialogue in very rare circumstances.
  • When written on by NPCs, their writing will no longer always transmogrify into pen writing from marker, mud, lipstick, etc.
  • Plantpeople's writing will now properly stay on the player.
  • Fighting off all tentacles in a vore encounter will no longer disable any bodyparts that were targeting tentacles.
  • Fixed an issue with the <<group>> widget only displaying one NPC due to the changes to $enemyno.
  • Fixed an issue with taking Robin's oral virginity outside of encounters.
  • Fixed only getting money from stealing from the donation plate if the player couldn't learn anything from stealing.
  • Robin, Kylar, and Sydney can no longer increase the player's rape fame. Robin and Sydney will no longer increase the player's sex fame, either. Kylar still does because they brag about it.
  • Fixed an error with some skill checks.
  • Fixed a stray pixel in the game's banner.
  • Fixed a case of sucking breasts acting as though you had kept your mouth closed, or taken no action at all.
  • Fixed an issue with NPCs interacting with face coverings.
  • Fixed an issue with the PC's hands. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed an issue with animation settings being automatically disabled on some saves, and added a one-time notification with options to fix it if triggered.
  • Fixed an error that happens when the player tries to intimidate a farm assault team.
  • Fix for the game attempting to generate pronouns for nonexistent NPCs.
  • Fixed an issue with encounters involving multiple NPCs.
  • Adjusted the wording on the Sydney-Leighton punishment so students will no longer vanish mid-scene.
  • Made the ancient threat's text and link pointers more distinct. Thanks in part to Conhue.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to Crimson Tide for the following fixes:
  • The game will now keep better track of Sydney and Kylar while the PC is being suffocated.
  • Stress should no longer exceed its boundaries during events involving the ancient threat.
  • The game should now properly remember Kylar's status during their Halloween event.
  • Machine encounters now use proper combat links, rather than standard links.
  • Fixed a bug that destroyed the wrong fields during farm raids.
  • Minor code improvements.
Thanks to Jimmy for the following fixes:
  • DoL should no longer force browsers into dark mode.
  • Fixed an issue with the homeschooling event.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with older browser versions.
  • Fixed a pronoun issue found in the prison spire while there's a lockdown.
  • Fixed a softlock found when fighting off 6 classmates during science class.
  • Fixed some issues with rape and sex fame.
  • The PC can no longer go for a run at the park or beach if legs are bound.
  • Fixed broken time.
  • Bailey and Avery can now co-exist it in the same scene.
  • Kylar, Sydney and Robin will now contribute to the PC's statistics when they finish them off with oral after an encounter.
  • River will no longer confiscate cool glasses after school. They've places to be.
  • Fixed an error in the outfit editor.
  • Fixed a text error found while masturbating in the park toilets.
  • Fixed an NPC generation error during the Brutus event.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Wren to escape during inmate flirting.
  • Combat will now scroll back to the stop as a default mechanism for new saves.
  • Lust no longer automatically increases while Alex spies on the PC in the shower.
  • Fixed some issues found after a failed wolf hunt.
  • Sydney's hairdresser no longer lets you go into negative wealth.
  • Fixed a bug that caused chest skill to improve automatically when working at the spa.
  • Fixed some issues with saved hairstyles. Thanks to mcn.
  • Fixed some issues in the kennel, including several cases where events would not end properly, causing NPC errors.
  • Leighton should now generate properly when intervening in the canteen fight.
  • Fixed an issue found when tutoring on Danube street.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes.
  • If Remy is about to attack the farm, you will no longer be allowed to tend to the fields and somehow miss the entire raid happening.
  • Fixed an error when one of the fields get torched.
  • Choosing to endure while getting humped by a dog on Alex's farm will no longer lower stress and trauma instead of raising it.
  • Fixed an error when choosing to leave your clothes behind when a slime gets stuck to it in the sewers.
  • Hermaphrodites can now offer their pussy and initiate double vaginal while fencing. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Added new dance dialogue for a few specific situations, written by oyea and coded by Crimson Tide.
  • Added the option to flirt with Robin in their bedroom once love has climbed high enough, with various outcomes. Thanks to RobinFanatic.
Bug Fixes
  • NPCs will no longer be able to determine the PC's genitals through chastity belts in the school changing rooms, and during the maths competition wardrobe malfunction.
  • Crossdressing and hermaphrodite fame should no longer increase when the PC's chastity belt is revealed at school.
  • Sirris, Doren, Whitney, Remy, and Leighton can no longer determine the PC's gender if they're wearing a chastity belt.
  • The Danube party now only specifics "ladies" or "gentlemen" if generic NPC generation is set to generate only one gender, as opposed to "ladies and gentlemen" every time. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • You can now give thighjobs again. Thanks to braymann.
  • Fixed an error that sometimes happens when you ask a group of people to stop. Thanks to braymann.
  • Fixed a softlock that can happen if you choose to eavesdrop on Sydney during the rite of promise. Thanks to braymann.
  • Thanks to Crimson Tide for typo and other minor fixes.
Thanks to note leven for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a debug issue.
  • Fixed a bug that ate link numbers.
  • Added a failsafe to muesum antique hint display in the journal.
  • Eden will now generate properly after preparing a cage for you.
  • Fixed a soft lock at the buffet on Domus Street.
  • You can now properly smash.
Thanks to hwp for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a beast generation bug.
  • Fixed a bug that made NPCs generate with undefined virginities.
  • NPCs in the dance studio and during dance jobs should now generate clothing correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented NPC virginities being taken outside combat.
  • Typos and minor code cleanup.
  • Adjusted Robin's new flirting events. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Added a rose hair accessory to the clothing shop. Thanks to oyea.
  • Adjusted the "back to safety" feature, and expanded it to wardrobes and shops. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
Bug Fixes
  • Prescribed pills will now refresh when visiting Harper on Fridays.
  • Fixed an issue with custom contact lenses. Thanks to lifeAnime.
  • Fixed a formatting issue. Thanks to lifeAnime.
  • Fixed an error found when whacking away pens. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Fixed an error caused by NPCs taking virginities outside combat. Thanks to hwp.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the shop All category to reference incorrect items. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
Thanks to oyea for the following fixes:
  • Charlie will no longer recognise the player's dancing prowess before they've ever taken a lesson.
  • The guests at the Danube party event will now dress properly for the occasion.
  • The player will now properly lose their clothes after the new ritual event.
  • Fixed issues with the olive-coloured book.
  • Moved the belly dancer's veil to the forest shop, with the same unlock requirements as the top and bottoms.
  • Checking your pills will no longer teleport you to the orphanage if you checked them somewhere else.
  • Fixed the player being treated as if they weren't wearing underwear during a scene in maths class.
  • Typo fixes.
  • Thanks to lifeAnime for code improvements, and a debug feature.
  • Thanks to Jimmy and note leven for code improvements.
Balance Changes
  • Tentacles will deal less damage to masks when moving to the PC's mouth. Thanks to Bathory666.
Bug Fixes
  • The Danube dance job will now correctly describe the level of audience interest needed to remain safe.
  • The PC will now dress proprely after stripping on the stage during the Danube dance job
  • Fixed issue with the insecurity increase display, if the PC had max insecurity of 1000. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • Fixed an issue with beast characters. Thanks to note leven.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented chest binders displaying correctly on some systems. Thanks to note leven.
  • Phalluses should no longer phase through masks. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Fixed a layering issue with beast handjobs for muzzles, gags, and facemasks. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Fixed an undefined penis description at the strip club. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Fixed a broken link found during the Domus dance job.
  • Thanks to Jimmy for pronoun corrections and typo fixes.
Thanks to lifeAnime for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an issue that caused slowdown on some devices.
  • Fixed an image path issue.
  • Fixed an issue with penis growth pills.
  • Fixed a text issue when certain named NPCs admire the PC's bodywriting. Thanks to oyea.
  • The school nurse will prescribe more than one pill during a playthrough. Thanks to oyea.
  • NPCs will no longer lose their virginity by penetrating someone with a strapon. Thanks to hwp.
  • NPCs will no longer try to remove their "naked". Thanks to hwp.
  • NPCs should no longer generate as naked, with bodyparts considered clothed. Thanks hwp.
Thanks to note leven for the following fixes:
  • Made sleep more comfy by removing big red error about pills and nulls.
  • Fixed a layering issue found during tentacle and swarm encounters.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with old saves.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with new saves.
  • Code adjustments.
  • Typo fixes, thanks to oyea.


  1. Simply amazing. Big thanks to Vrelnir and all the contributors!

  2. The curtain fringe is my favorite. I am glad I can actually see it in encounters now.

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  4. Error: <>: error within widget contents ( Error: <>: error within widget contents ( Error: <>: error within widget contents ( Error: <>: error within widget contents ( Error: <>: error within widget contents ( Error: <>: bad evaluation: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'doseTaken'))))))

  5. > Bailey and Avery can now co-exist it in the same scene.
    Does that mean there's new event related to them? Kinda confused lol. Thanks for the great update!

    1. It does not I'm afraid. The existing scene featuring them both should now work properly.

      You're welcome!

  6. Is anybody else getting a terrible performance drop, compared to the previous version? I have an old character and changing screens took about a second, previously. In this update, a screen change takes about three seconds. I couldn't pinpoint any one thing as a specific performance killer, which makes me afraid it's simply a consequence of all the new stuff. All I know is that it has something to do with all the "baggage" an older character has, as I tried making a new character and the game didn't display any sluggishness. Playing on Chrome.

    1. Something's up. Thanks for informing me, and sorry for the bother.

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    By the way, Vrelnir, are you still working on Addermarsh? I remember you talking about the game but never mentioned it again.

    1. No problem!

      I am still working on Addermarsh, but it's slow going. DoL has my focus.

  12. I haven't tried this version just yet (downloading now though) but I FINALLY ran into the night monster, even got dragged back to his hideout, yet he does not show up in the named NPC's settings at all. What do?

    1. I think I see what's going can only adjust those NPC's once found in just that save, but that doesn't reveal them for new games. Damn!

    2. That's right, aye. Persistent NPCs aren't generated until they're met for the first time.

  13. Thank You Vrel and Crew!!

  14. Thanks for the update first of all! Looks amazing
    I know that pregnant system is a future plan... But will you have a system for future relationship for PC and the love interests? Such as marriage since pregnant is gonna be added in (Or the pregnancy system was just about the anal pregnancy ones)
    Thank you! Have a great day!

    1. You're welcome!

      I'd like to include marriage for certain named NPCs. Like pregnancy though, each marriageable character will need a lot of writing.

      I hope you have a great day as well!

    2. That definitely sounds like a lot of writing and such a big plan. But I have always been looking forward to see those features in games like this! I'll keep supporting DoL and see how this amazing game develop, thanks for your reply <333

  15. crossdressing robin and sydney

  16. What exactly is the ancient threat, and what options need to be enabled to encounter it?
    I have gone through the Wiki, but according to it the ancient threat is only mentioned twice, and it seems to start appearing after Halloween?!

    1. It rises on Halloween night and will come for you on the last day of every night no matter what. The only way to counter it is to not sleep on the last night of the month, and to stock up on pepper spray charges. The mask from this update might help out too.
      Note that if you fight it, its health pool is persistent throughout the night so you don't have to defeat it all at once.

    2. you'll need to yoink ivory necklace, from the underwater temple at forest lake.

    3. Thanks for the responses Anon and Devon.

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    1. Belly inflation is on the maybe pile. It might be easy to include once pregnancy are is in. Bigger breasts aren't planned, but I'll consider it if a lot of people want me to.

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    Thank you for an awesome update. Glad to see, that dancing is getting some attention ^^
    That's a thicc change log, ngl. Gj team!

    I've got a question Vrel. Why does Black Wolf figures as a "people of interest" instead of "primary relationship" in the social tab?

    Love you <3

    1. You're welcome! <3

      The black wolf currently exists as an extension of their pack, rather than a full character in their own right. I'd like this to change in the future though.

  20. So much new content! It's going to take ages to find all of this ^_^

    But in the meantime - it seems to me that the menacing metal ankle cuffs are far too easy to get rid of. The police won't remove them and you're supposed to get Winter to help at the museum - but so far this morning I've had them removed at the hospital after passing out, later by a woman who found me helpless in the street who took off the cuffs along with the arm bindings and blindfold I'd picked up afterwards - and finally I can just get them off by rubbing the material hard against the furniture in my bedroom.

    Surely these things should be about as hard to remove as the collar, rather than being more like rope bindings?

    (okay, so what's going on is my save file dates back to, and at this point I really do need to be kept restrained like that to give NPC rapists a fair chance...)

    1. I agree. Ankle cuffs were originally much more menacing, but this caused a number of issues. I made them easy to remove in a patch as a quick fix. I need to set aside time to fix things properly, and make them menacing again.

      Your character sounds strong.

  21. make it so you can tp in the cheat menu

  22. hey vrel i got a idea for a new npc.
    the new npc is popular among the opposite sex of them but is despised by the same sex, they have a strong belief that nobody cant be conquered and is considered a "player" they spend most of their time hitting on or running off with people and will have a special stat called "determined" if the PC is of the opposite gender then they will periodically hit on them and rejecting them fills their "determined" stat the higher it gets the more determined they are to get into the PC's pants going as far as to trick or blackmail the PC if given the chance, this npc can be found at school,the beach and the mall and can interact with npc's like robin & sydney depending on their gender you can find the npc occasionally hitting on them in the canteen or away from school.

    1. Thanks for the idea. There's room for more characters at school.

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    1. Hi! not vrel here, but a man does not possess the organs of a female, the closest thing you will get to that will probably be a futa character or anal parasites

    2. Thank you!

      Male pregnancy might be included if there's demand.

  24. Does Control figure at all into Willpower checks against ear slime? It seems to me that it probably should; if I've been so emotionally shaken by severe and repeated abuse that I can't keep on top of the panic attacks any more, or that I'm seeing frightening things that aren't real, then it seems likely that my resistance to the urgings of an actual psychic parasite attached inside my body will be likewise weakened.

    I'm not sure if I've noticed any difference in my games; I sometimes have to work naked at the farm, I can usually resist the urge to offer myself to strangers, and I have complete control over how I choose to dress, and that's much the same whether I'm fully self controlled or a near-catatonic wreck.

    Should the effective stat be, maybe, Willpower times Control percentage, rather than just Willpower straight? That way a low Willpower character will still struggle to resist the slime even if in full control otherwise (after all, it IS hooked up right next to her brain), and a high Willpower character could still be mentally overpowered if she's severely emotionally shaken at the time. You'd need to maintain both an iron will and a healthy emotional state in order to count on overpowering the parasite.

    1. Control doesn't impact the willpower checks, no. You're right that it would fit, and it could be good to have something high-willpower characters need to watch out for.

      Thanks for your thoughts.

  25. Hi Vrel, amazing update as always ♥️. Thank you and thanks to the contributors

  26. “Masks no longer block fame gain during Niki's photoshoot“. I feel like that doesn’t make sense, especially since we don’t have mask fame yet,

    But as always thank you for the update, and all the lovely people who helped!

    1. The idea is that Niki will make it clear who the model is. That said, I'll consider reverting the change.

      You're welcome!

    2. +1 to reverting the change.

      Thanks for the update Vrel!

  27. Really!! Code for cowgirls? Ok Now Im very interested, is cowgirls cowgirling my Male MC going to be a thing? Please make it a thing, Working at the farm is gonna get a whole lot better :D

    1. I hope to include cowgirls cowgirling, aye.

  28. I still get attacked by cats and the hawk, even tho breast toggle is off and monster people are 0%

    ; w ;)
    How long do i gotta wait for all beasts to be turn off.

    Also why does saving the apples at the farm say i’m hunger, even tho i was full and why do i have to go on my hands and knees to eat grass?

    1. You have the beastiality toggle off as well?

      I just make them monster people personally since they act very human, but I understand the preference for something else.

      Can the Hawk actually be avoided considering they're a love interest?

    2. besides its not like the hawk/harpy will take advantage of the player, you can just turn them down.

    3. Sounds like a bug's afoot. Sorry for the bother.

  29. Don't know what to say, vrelnir is so consistent on giving updates and never fails to amazed me. I stopped playing for like couple of months and i cant even recognize the game anymore the last time i left, because the dev and some of his helpers are so good at making updates.

  30. There's a grammatical error in the description in the journal for the new antique: "An ancient gold brooch, something hidden by nobility. Perhaps in one of their home."

  31. Robin, Kylar, and Sydney can no longer increase the player's rape fame. Robin and Sydney will no longer increase the player's sex fame, either. Kylar still does because they brag about it.

    Good to know though Alex is another LI who increase sex fame too (around 1 or 2 points) I will check later if another LI does too . Thanks for the update , love the new dance content

    1. I fear Alex brags about it as well.

      No problem, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

  32. Hell yeah, new update! Did find a bug, though- during a tentacle encounter, I had all my limbs restrained, but then I had a panic attack, and when it subsided I had use of my limbs restored despite them still being bound. Might wanna check that out. Thanks for your hard work in fulfilling our twisted fantasies!

    1. Thanks for the heads up. It's no problem at all!

  33. New combat options, another spontaneous orgasm location, and flirting with Robin. How much more can you ask for in one update? Well, I guess I would like to humbly ask for orgasming on the wooden horse and being able to guide NPC bodybparts where you'd like them, like they can do to you. But still, amazing choice in content.

    1. The museum demonstrations would really benefit from orgasms, aye. I also agree you should have more influence over the flow of encounters.

      I'm glad you like it.


  34. I'm a massive fan, I have a few ideas but you possibly already have them in your notes.

    Thanks for the hard work! Keep it up!!! :)

    - More Special And Annual Events,
    Here are a few ideas.
    November - School Trip
    March - Dance Off
    April - Baily's Trip
    May - Festival of Life
    June - Loan out by Baily
    July - End of the school year,

    - After School Club
    Maybe three after school clubs and You can only join one through a playthrough, each with new students.

    - Maybe Drug dealing,
    Enables the player to become a pawn in the operation of the smuggling drug trafficking and if caught could tie in with the prison system.

    - More ways to earn money and even more ways to spend
    A massive Casio - Blackjack, poker, horse-racing,
    Electronics that improve the player's grade maybe,
    Blackmail by a student.
    Cinema - reduce stress + could also work here.

    - More Interaction with Characters
    Maybe when you reach 50% with characters in the love stat, the player will get a personal quest or something.

    - I'm still getting the "You've pushed yourself too much. You pass out." at Alex's Farm.

    1. hi! not vrel, but im certain vrel said that clubs are planned although how he will make them work idk
      i also agree with the drug dealing stuff, there are farm plots so why not grow drugs and sell them on the black market, this could open up more run-ins with cops.
      and as for annual events idk whats all on the table but i saw vrel talking about easter.

    2. You're welcome! Thanks for the ideas. I'd like to include more seasonal events, and some school trips would be interesting.

      After school clubs are planned.

      I'd like to explore gangs' and their smuggling operations more in the future. It could indeed tie in with the prison.

      More ways to make and spend money are planned. A casino would be fun, though I'm more interested in the PC finding work there than gambling themselves.

      A quest for each NPC once you reach a love threshold would be ideal.

      Thanks again, and thanks for your thoughts as well grimace.

  35. Cool update Vrel, I hope we're getting to Pregnancy sometime down the line, really excited for that. If you don't mind me asking, will there be any more dark parts of the game (avoidable so anyone who doesn't want to get involved always has the option to)

    Completely off-topic (sort of), I have been thinking, what if the game had separate gamemodes. The default one, being of course the normal one but also some other gamemodes like Horror Mode or Apocalypse Mode, where the world is attacked by a Zombie plague, that behave like stalk encounters. Some areas are covered in hordes but clear out and move around as time passes and such. Yes, this is too far-fetched, just had a weird shower thought that's all. Good luck with the game mate!

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you think so. Pregnancy is planned, aye, and there'll be more "bad end" scenarios.

      I've considered game modes like that. They're fun to think about.

  36. Hi! Is it possible to add Eagle sex position(back view)? Tell me how much donation is needed please.
    Example in the image:

    1. I'd like to include more encounter sprites, though a kneeling pose will likely come next.

  37. Hey Vrel, thanks so much for the update. I'm wondering if you have any plans for the plant people? Like a secret society deep in the forest (like the elves in The Hobbit? Maybe a plant prince/princess as a love interest.

    1. actually thats not a bad idea, i would want to see something like this too.
      but vrel did state he aint gonna add any new love interest in a good while cus he wants to flesh out some of the existing ones first

    2. I have no plans for a secret society of plant people, but I like the idea.

  38. "You will be penalised if the audience aren't at least impressed before you stop, and impressing them would be better"

    ... going by the colour scheme I think probably one of these should be 'interested'.

    1. Also, in that scene, if I strip my skimpy leotard I keep it off until a show ends in my provoking the audience too far. After that I find I get dressed again, but otherwise I'm going around the party quite nude.

    2. Good catch. It was rebalanced during development, but I neglected to change the text alongside the colour!

      Thanks for the heads up on the stripping problem as well.

  39. Thanks so much for the update ( ˘ ³˘)♥

  40. Nice stuff like usual, but recently (two minutes ago), I'be been wondering if you had a "Horse transformation" planned, even if only in a 'Maybe list'. I'm not talking about becoming a centaur, by the way; just the same as the catboy/catgirl&co. one.
    I'm thinking of a higher Physique cap (like 20k if Large), ears and tail, the ability to easily carry people, an "Equine penis" trait, stronger kicks... you know, things like that. Also, I'll be joining the 'Semen inflation gang', it would bring lots of interesting possibilities and reactions ingame.
    And to finish the comment: Have a nice day and good luck with this game, ciao~

    1. A horse transformation isn't planned. I fear people would be disappointed by a lack of centaur legs. Thanks for the ideas though.

      I hope you have a nice day as well!

    2. I get it, but if you're at least a bit 'thrilled' about it, a simple poll is always a good idea to gather opinions.
      For now, I'll just leave. Thanks for the answer and watch out your health, ciao~

  41. hi vrel i have some more suggestions. could add a fighting ability to the harpy transformation called "talon" to inflict alot of damage.
    2.maybe make it where you can fly away from the remy estate if you have the harpy transformation or have the hawk come save you, its not that far off since the estate is in the moor further expand on robin and make the trauma stat on them more relevent, you could make it where if love and confidence is high enough and you go missing wether you get taken by remy or sold to the brothel robin will go out searching eventually and get captured too and they endure the same treatment as the player which will effect their trauma, to avoid this all you have to do is escape before the orphanage realizes your missing and put posters up.
    4.whenever trauma is maxed out it kinda makes no sense how the PC acts totally normal with everyone and then only showing symptoms of max trauma when the player allows it or if in a encounter, to counter this you can make love interest's notice how lifeless the PC's behavior and eyes are and try to get the PC help, also i like to point out that i find it strange how you can repeatedly sleep in the orphanage for days without ever leaving and not once does anybody think "i havent seen the PC leave their room in 8 days"

    also i have a question,
    will you ever add a way for the li to all eventually meet each other? could be cool to see robin have a run in with the black wolf while on a pic-nic with the PC.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions.

      1. I'm pro adding more combat options to differentiate the transformations more.
      2. I'd like to add another Remy estate escape option involving the great hawk.
      3. I've some ideas for another victim of Remy, though it likely won't be Robin.
      4. I agree high trauma should have a bigger impact, and NPCs should be more reactive to odd behaviour from the PC.

      More interactions between love interests are planned, though not all NPCs will meet.

  42. "Kylar brags about it" I don't know what I found this so funny, but I did, thanks for update vrel

  43. Got this error while stripping a worker at the strip club: Error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'includes')
    cups the <><> testes.
    grabs the <><> $NPCList[0].breastsdesc.

    1. Cheers for reporting, I've now fixed it for the next update.

    2. Thanks for the heads up Anon, and for the fix other Anon.

  44. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss!!!!!!!

  45. Some ideas:

    -It would be nice if Alex's lab lurkers could be freed from the boxes to have consensual sex with them.

    -Being able to take a shower with Alex in the morning and some handholding event with him would also be nice.

    1. Thanks for the ideas. More uses for captured lurkers would be fun, as would more Alex events, even those involving content as extreme as handholding.

  46. Time to start a new save. Thanks to everyone for their hard work.

  47. Thanks for the update Vrelnir <3

  48. Thank you for this game! I think it is one of the most elaborated game in this genre and it is really enjoyable.
    Regarding pregnancy for the character, is there an approximate of it coming to the game ?
    I am not done yet with the game but that would a wonderful addition.

    1. You're welcome!

      There's no ETA for pregnancy I'm afraid, but it's planned.

  49. Thank you vrel for another wonderful update!

    I'm not sure if it is supposed to happen but a previous save wasn't carried over to the new update of the game.

    1. No problem!

      Saves were supposed to carry over. Are you playing the normal/text or Android version? Sorry for the trouble.

    2. I'm playing the Android version

  50. why does the dance job not increase sociallite fame

    1. You need to schmooze successfully to leave an impression.

  51. Whoa, this came out of nowhere! Thanks Vrel and contributors!

  52. How does one contribute to DoL?

    1. There's a guide pinned to the ideas-suggestions channel in the Discord server. If you wanna help, give me a DM there, and I'll give you the appropriate roles.

  53. How about adding forced handjob and "safer" non-consensual encounters like "a man grab your hand and force you to touch his penis"? What I meant by safer is they won't try to penetrate you but it's still non-consensual regardless. Though you could add a risk of them to do more than just that especially when you anger them. I know we have some of those like the spanking punishment from Leighton and some others and it would be nice to have more like these.

    1. "Safer" noncon encounters are planned. I'd like most attacks on the streets, and perhaps elsewhere, to begin in this state. Escalation from there could depend on a number of factors.

  54. Bug at waking up screen: Error: --wakingEffects--: -$args=-State.variables.sleepHoursTotal-): error within widget contents ( Error: -silently>>: error within contents ( Error: -set-: bad evaluation: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'lastTaken')--
    --wakingEffects $sleepHoursTotal--

    Greater than symbols have been edited out. Also, I reported heavy slowdown earlier. As of, that's fixed! Performance has gone back to normal. Thank you for the fix.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I'm glad the heavy slowdown has fixed.

    2. I also got this error. I suspect it's because of the rework to pills, and just bad updating to the new system. Maybe try messing around in the new pills menu?

  55. Sorry if i made the same comment twice because I didn't find my comment anyway my idea is how about if the pcs penis is tiny or micro clothes will hide the penis making it look like a pussy in the sprites and adding some information about it in the characteristics like the breast one

  56. Thanks for the update. <3
    I really like the new dancing job and being able to flirt with Robin is nice as well.

    I did run into an error in a new save. Whenever I wake up at Eden's Cabin I get:
    " Error: <>: ($args=[State.variables.sleepHoursTotal]): error within widget contents ( Error: <>: error within contents ( Error: <>: bad evaluation: State.temporary.pills is undefined))"

    It's a very new save - basically the only thing done on it has been to go to the shopping center and Eden's cabin.

    1. No problem <3

      Thanks for letting me know about this issue.

  57. Do you think you could add slider for how often an NPC has breastmilk if breastmilk in enabled?

    1. That would fit. Thanks for the suggestion.

  58. i have some questions about addermarsh, it basically DoL but in a medieval fantasy?
    2.if so will we get to choose a starting race or will it remain human? i would love to start as a elf or some form of demi-human like a naga/lamia
    3.will the game be the same? survive a world of rapist or will it be different?
    4.i would also like to somewhat contribute to making the game or DoL but im not the best coder, it be great to see my sydney lichen help option make it to the game.
    5.just as suggestion but if its a medieval setting you could use your offspring to raid villages. be pretty cool to see corrupt nobles/kings try to get their hands on you for their own greed.
    7.will trafficking/slavery be more relevant in addermarsh since its medieval it kinda makes sense.

    also as a extra suggestion for DoL.
    you could add a military, it be pretty cool to join it and have the PC be able to wear a military uniform.
    something that it can also be used for is they can take notice of how the PC isnt human if they have a transformation they will try capturing the PC to study them.

    1. 1. No, Addermarsh plays quite differently to DoL.
      2. You have to remain human right now, though different races are an interesting idea for future expansion.
      3. It'll be less focused on rape.
      4. Thanks for considering helping.
      5. Using your offspring strategically like this is an interesting idea.
      6. The setting is quite removed from the home of any kings, or lords even, though they might make an appearance late game.
      7. Trafficking/slavery isn't hugely involved yet, but might be in the future.

      I've considered adding the option to join the military in DoL.

      Thanks for the ideas.

  59. please add more foot fetish content

    1. It's not a fetish I share, but more might be added down the line.

  60. What does the combat menu actually do?

    1. It's a convenient place for combat-specific settings, like scroll lock.

  61. One thing I would love to change would be anal pregnancies

    Once the parasite is grown, whenever it moves inside your stomach, have an increasingly difficult willpower check. If you succeed, you would be prompted that it seems to have shifted lower (hence the increased difficulty). If you fail, you basically give birth where you are, to the horror of anyone around as it flees and you shudder in an embarrassingly vocal orgasm.

    Also, turn the delivery into an encounter similar to masturbation, giving the player the options of "push (0:20) +arousal ++fatigue ++stress" "relax (0:05) -stress +arousal" and "stop" (with no stress gains/losses if you are a broodmother and no multiple stress losses until another push is made). Orgasms would help with the delivery, and pushing gives a high chance of helping.

    Last couple thoughts, albeit probably least likely to be added, would be NPCs would feel the parasite in late stages if they were fucking the players butt, grossing them out and making them switch to another hole. Also, maybe add a birthing fame, it increases slowly as you sell them (the community would like to know who is making these contributions after all), and massive gains if birthing in public.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts. I'm not against public "births." The street would be the most convenient location. Turning it into an encounter is an interesting idea. Involving pregnancy in regular encounters like that would interesting as well.

  62. I want to be impregnated by Robin by holding her hand

  63. Whenever toys get added, y'all should include those face masks that shove a dildo in your throat

  64. I don't know why, but that bit about "pens and penises" in the patch notes reminds me of this one bit of dialogue from Planescape Torment where the character Morte says that he'll "stick (his) pen into the Lady of Pain" if "things get any worse". Which another character swiftly (and correctly) points out as a bad idea, as she's called the Lady of Pain for a pretty good reason.

    1. Don't you be temptin' fate with that, skull!

  65. Error: <>: ($args=[State.variables.sleepHoursTotal]): error within widget contents ( Error: <>: error within contents ( Error: <>: bad evaluation: Cannot read property 'lastTaken' of undefined

  66. hi vrel i have some more ideas.
    1.its kinda weird how wolves still attack you in the forest even if you join them or become the leader.
    2.i feel like the great hawk/harpy li needs a bit more attention, its a pain in the butt having to travel so far for just to see them, probably make it where periodically the hawk/harpy will check up on you in the city wether its in the orphanage/school to see how their wife/husband is doing and or add the option to convince them to move the nest somewhere closer would be cool and since they live nearby it could unlock a option to screech for help if full transformation to save you from certain events like the remys abduction vans.
    3.would like to see more monsters in the game, something like a dragon would be pretty sick even more so if they were a li or there was a dragon transformation with horns,scales on the skin and a tail and wings. could come with a special ability called "intimidating" which you can only use it once per encounter and upon using it your character unleashes a roar that has a chance to scare away your attackers, lets be honest there is almost nothing thats more intimidating then a dragon.
    4.probably add more options to go places with robin or sydney, perhaps a option to take robin to the beach or go camping.

    1. Thanks for the ideas.

      1. Not all the wolfs are part of that pack.
      2. I agree the great hawk needs more attention, including in their role as love interest. They'd avoid the town though.
      3. Dragons aren't planned, though it's an interesting idea.
      4. More date locations with Robin and Sydney would be fun.

    2. they probably wont need to go near town, you could make the hawk/harpy move the nest to the forest so its relatively closer

  67. Hey Vrel, thank you for the wonderful update, for always responding to our comments, and reading and replying to my super long emails I send you! You're the best!

    I'd lewd you any day ;P

    1. You're welcome! Community feedback is important.

  68. Great update!
    I will test the dance jobs for some time, it seems interesting ��

    And a little question here, There are plans to add something like birthdays for PC's/NPC's? Or it will be also something left to players imagination?

    And thanks for your hard work Vrelnir :D

    1. i saw vrel talk about this before, im sure he said something about the PC's birthday being a day before the game starts

    2. No problem!

      grimace is right that the PC's birthday is a day before the game's birth, but this has no significance currently. Celebrating birthdays is on the maybe pile.

  69. Is Addermarsh gonna be text based too and will the player be the "victim" like in DoL or will they be the aggressor?

    1. It'll be text based as well, and the PC probably won't be the aggressor.

  70. Have you considered being able of interacting in your sex locker room or toilets.
    As socializing, trying to seduce or be seduced. Or being offer a cigarette or joint; with the risk in that case of being caught and end in detention.

    1. I have considered it. They'd be good locations for some lewdity. Thanks for the ideas.

  71. Will there we be able to become a cam girl/boy?

    Like the PC can read comments on their videos and the user names of those comments will allude to certain characters
    Ex: Sydney= purelyCorrupted6669

    It will also be a whole new way to gain Fame and money. As well as unwanted attention Thank you : )

  72. this sounds like it could be a fun route, be a influencer and all and gain a following and the more popular you get the more money you make.

  73. I was just going to the bath and about to get raped by bath slimes like normal when the game decided to throw this: Error: the passage Bath Slime has no usable links

    Please report this, and either reload a previous save or take the emergency exit at the bottom of the page to the last safe location you were in.

  74. Error: <>: ($args=[State.variables.sleepHoursTotal]): error within widget contents ( Error: <>: error within contents ( Error: <>: bad evaluation: State.temporary.pills is undefined))


    Just thought i'd share this error message i found while sleeping

  75. Great update as always Vrel , I was thinking since combat fame is underground fame why not to make a underground fight ring accesed if you have high combat fame and you pass out? You are forced to fight a gauntlet of assorted creatures/fighters and if you lose you are bound and raped (so its unavoidable), you can escape if you gain the trust from your captors and/or pass some checks and since you are treated like a gladiator add hunger/thirst mechanics like the underground farm so you are incetivated to be more obedient

    1. I'm glad you think so.

      An underground arena is planned, but I'd like to improve combat mechanics first.

  76. Hi Vrelnir i hope you can add visual bigger breast size for more us girls with big bosoms thx for this great update!

    1. No problem! Thanks for the bigger bosom vote.

  77. So... in my game it's winter, but the beach looks like it's summer, people bask in the sun and children play with sandcastles and in the water... I don't think it's as intended, right?

    1. The beach has yet to be properly updated to take seasons into account. Right now only Robin reacts to the colder weather.

  78. Hi, is the possibility of kicking away pens a thought?

  79. 7 A bit less subjective this time: Could towels and bondage please be added to the cheat menu? Or perhaps just more casual access to bondage about the world? I usually spend the first week in anticipation, waiting until I can get the collar from the beach.

    8 I'm excited for the sex toys update. Though I wanted to know how much use we'd see from them in terms of casual/passive wear. Is it planned that we'd be able to put them in during the morning, then spend the whole day with them in?

    9 On the matter of the UI, I was hoping we could get more status updates. Like when we're told that we're being hunted, or someone is leering, but for events such as being covered in cum or trapped in bondage. Like: "Your collar clinks as a tall man brushes by." Or: "You feel a glob of semen seep out of your ass." Or: "No matter how you hurry, your abused ass leaks a white trail.". This has been done in other games I've played and I've always been very immersed by it and tantalized, certainly. We have a few of them here, but they usually occur as mini-events and take up their own window/page, preferably more of these messages could be appended to existing windows in the form of status updates beneath everything else, such that they don't intrude. Do you think that sounds perfectly sane and reasonable?

  80. Wow, I am very sorry about how this message got chopped up. Somehow, responding deleted/replaced queries 1-6 as they were originally posted.

    1. As weird as this sounds, I removed the hyphens and it seemed to post much better. I hadn't thought HTML or Blogger would have identified hyphens as special characters though.

  81. Happy Chinese New year Vrel! Thanks for the big updates!

  82. Love the update! Thx for such an amazing game! Love u Vrel

  83. Will there be a masochist trait of some sort that makes forceful situations enjoyable/stress-relieving/trauma-reducing either gained through extensive mistreatment or perhaps a starting feat reward

  84. Update looks good, happy to see older content continue to get attention.

  85. Hey, Vrel! I have a few suggestions that I gave in the previous post, but repost them here.

    1. If the PC ends up climaxing randomly in public, shouldn't their bottom or under bottom clothing get wet?

    2. Regarding the bottles of semen we get, how much volume of semen does each bottle contain exactly?

    3. For herm and Male PC's, can we have random encounters in the streets with the female NPCs who appear pregnant or has a kid, and when they meet the PC, they might thank/berate the PC for not using protection because they love/hate getting a kid, both reactions decrease/increase stress? This encounter indicates that the PC had penetrated sex with them in the past.

  86. I still don't understand the combat default move. What does it exactly do?

  87. we can choose a color of belly dancer's veil so i think it would be nice if we can also choose colors of belly dancer's top and bottoms. thank you for the update. i like new dancing job.

  88. "Bailey and Avery can now co-exist it in the same scene."

    I know this is a bug but i've gotta ask. Is Avery more decent than Bailey? I haven't done the Cafe quest but if I remember Avery is angry with Bailey and I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

  89. When PC buy a customized contact lens, the color of Pc's eyes changed immediately, and the color of Pc's eyes is maintained even when you take off the contact lens.
    I tried using a cheat to change this, but I couldn't change it to the initial setting.(I was able to change it to a different color than the initial setting.)
    The eyes color that I saved in the past changed, too...
    Help me����

  90. What does it do in combat when you target yourself?

  91. Bug report.
    After playing cards with Wren and their friend, I chose the option "Put on a show". While the text clearly indicate that the PC is orally penetrated by penis, the PC's oral virginity is not actually taken.