Friday 10 December 2021

Degrees of Lewdity version

This update adds Niki's photo studio as a permanent location, and new scenes at the wolf cave. It also adds double vaginal penetration, and lets you pick your target during encounters with multiple NPCs.

The photo studio includes the beginnings of the modelling career. It's a reasonably safe option, at least on the surface, but isn't available right away. Fame, or the right connections, are needed to get your foot in the door.

The wolf cave has been neglected for a while, so I'm happy to announce they've been given more meat. The black wolf can now challenge the PC for dominance, and a rival pack makes an appearance. On a similarly savage note, the night monster has received new events, and become a persistent NPC.

Letting you target specific NPCs during encounters will be important for future combat improvements. There are a few encounters where you could knock NPCs out one by one, but this now exists in all encounters with more than one NPC. This should make groups of attackers more manageable.

I've added a handful of events to the school and prison. Being imprisoned as a demon should no longer be so devastating.

Other changes include a beautification of the Settings menu, and a rework of temporary skill bonuses, letting them impact more than just skill checks. Tending is the only skill to receive this treatment so far, but the others will follow. Another change is the beast toggle. Disabling them will no longer force beasts into monster form, allowing you to play without either.

Edit: Updated to, fixing bugs and adding icons.
Edit 2: Updated to, fixing more bugs.

Check the most recent update for download links.

A big thanks to all the contributors. There might be one more quick update before Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful season!

  • Niki's photo studio can now be visited for modelling work once discovered.
  • NPCs can now be targeted individually during encounters with multiple NPCs. They have individual pain bars, and can be knocked out of combat one by one, but still share arousal. Defeating an NPC reduces pain and arousal. Thanks to Rukarin.
  • Added some lewd options to the prison yard while the inmates exercise.
  • Added a few events to school that can trigger after the PC has been hypnotised by Harper.
  • Added new orgasm locations to the school. Written by Kinky_One and coded by Lollipop Scythe.
  • Adjusted the residential alleyway dog event to take arm bindings into account. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • Added the cropped hoodie to the clothing shop. Art courtesy of 3hp.
  • Added encounter sprite art for longer skirts, sweaters, turtlenecks, and scarfs. Art courtesy of 3hp.
  • Disabling beasts will now prevent lewd events with beasts from triggering, rather than forcing them into monstergirl/boy form. Events will proceed as normal if the beast generated as a monster due to other settings.
  • Added a fountain to the park location image. Art courtesy of Kami.
  • Replaced the bodywriting toggle with a slider, letting you choose between self-bodywriting only, consensual bodywriting, consensual and forced bodywriting, and the previous but with the addition of forced tattoos.
  • Added new location art for the landfill, and new winter variants for the landfill, prison, Alex's cottage, Alex's farm, the cafe, Remy's farm, forest, lake, moor, museum, park, pool, pub, riding school, ruins, spa, residential alleys, and town streets. Art courtesy of Swaggy Bookshelf.
  • The prison will now shackle the PC with a ball and chain, rather than regular shackles. Art courtesy of PurityGuy.
  • Added a full view of the prison, which highlights your current location. Art courtesy of 3hp.
  • Also added a view of the rut once discovered.
  • Added light-up trainers to the clothing shop, including icons and encounter images. Art courtesy of Lantern.
  • Added the mini snowman to the forest shop, including encounter images. Available from 15th December. Art courtesy of lantern.
  • Added the curtain fringe hairstyle, and neat sides hairstyle. Art courtesy of Lantern.
  • Added icons for the shopping centre, hospital, and beach. Art courtesy of Myoran.
  • Added encounter images for nipple tape. Art courtesy of Mist.
  • Added a patient gown to the asylum. The staff there will provide them instead of towels.
  • Tips regarding disabled content no longer appear. Thanks to hwp.
  • The combat sprites can now display both trousers or shorts, depending on the item worn.
  • Added times hypnotised to the statistics overlay.
  • The PC may now refuse Avery's hand at the start of the restaurant date. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Added icons for the main hall and front doors of the orphanage, as well as the plaque, canteen, laundry room, medical room, and large door in prison. Also added icons for the run and lift options in the prison yard. Art courtesy of Turkeh (Formerly SlimeFox).
  • The sidebar should now stick to the bottom should it change length while scrolled to the bottom. Thanks to hwp.
  • Added the "Harper the Hypnotist" and "Morgan the Lost" feats.
  • The prison canteen now takes bound arms and gags into account.
  • Hair should now display beneath hoods. Thanks to aimozg and lifeAnime.
  • Added gold highlights to newly attached creatures during struggle encounters. Thanks to note leven.
  • Bailey now has a different greeting for the player upon their return from the underground brothel, should they escape quickly. Written by Harcher and coded by oyea.
  • Using the cheat menu to change transformations will now have immediate effect, rather than requiring a wait until midnight. Thanks to Beat.
  • Thanks to Rukarin for lots of code improvements under the hood.
  • Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for major improvements to the clothing system.
  • Thanks to Jimmy, hwp, Crimson Tide and note leven for code improvements.
Thanks to oyea for the following additions and improvements:
  • Gave the night monster a monster-person variant, and added new scenes to its lair. Written by Mist.
  • Fleshed out the night monster, giving it an obsession with shiny and pretty things.
  • The night monster now persists between appearances, rather than being freshly generated each time.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following additions and improvements:
  • The owners of the pet shop may now get word of the player's beast fame, and comment accordingly. Requires beasts to be enabled and non-monster beasts to be possible. Written by Charming.
  • Added an event with another orphan to Domus and Danube street. Written by Charming, with some additions.
  • Trying to tutor a student on Domus street while school is in session now has some unique text. Written and coded by House.
  • The Great Hawk now has its penile/vaginal virginity intact. Does not require a new save, it will apply retroactively. Raptors mate for life!
  • Added two tips for blood moons.
  • Added a subtle hint for players that have already gone through a possession to help avoid it in the future.
  • Sleeping over with a traumatised Robin will no longer protect the player from strange forces.
  • Added tooltips, used to make the Settings page neater.
  • Added some new magic .css. Thanks to aimozg.
  • Green thumb is now a feat boost, rather than a background trait, unlocked upon getting the feat for reaching max tending. Green Thumb can still be obtained through gameplay, and saves made before this version will be unaffected.
  • In Green Thumb's place in the backgrounds menu is the new "Dendrophile/Plant Lover" trait. It gives the player a bonus to tending as they gain trauma, causes plantpeople and plant-based tentacles to no longer require hallucinations, makes the player more vulnerable to aphrodisiacs and alcohol, and gives the PC an addiction to nectar. This trait can be gained in-game by drinking lots of nectar, and lost by abstaining from nectar completely for a long time.
  • Boosting the tending skill above S rank will now provide further bonuses to crop yield, ability to pick wild plants, selling at your stand, and other areas as skill improves.
  • All plant-based tentacles now use nectar.
  • Added the Plant Lover/Dendrophile trait to the cheats menu.
  • For herm players, the "Crossdresser" option is now greyed out, as it doesn't do anything for them.
  • You can now refuse Avery's hand when on a date with them.
Thanks to Bathory666 for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added double vaginal, including NPC and PC initiation.
  • Added xray and encounter sprites for double vaginal, including NPC silhouettes.
  • Added NPC speech for double anal and vaginal moaning.
  • Added ejaculation text for chastity blocked double anal and double vaginal.
  • Added double tease for double anal and double vaginal.
  • Updated the brothel gangbang scene to take double vaginal into account.
  • Added a new toggle that covers both double vaginal and anal, complete with a tooltip. Double anal greys out if anal is disabled. Thanks to note leven for help with the grey-out effect.
  • Pussies can now be bitten, similar to penises.
  • Added a penis fencing encounter sprite.
  • Added icons for the school playground, entrance, and exit.
Thanks to Crimson Tide for coding the following scenes.
  • The PC can now relax with the Black Wolf. Written by Burnt Toast.
  • The PC can now encounter a rival wolf pack while hunting. Written by Burnt Toast.
  • The Black Wolf can now challenge the PC for position of alpha, if ferocity is high and harmony is low. Written by Burnt Toast.
  • The Black Wolf can now lead the pack in a group howl, with the PC able to join in. Impacted by transformations. Written by Burnt Toast.
  • The wolves may now sleep beside the PC in the wolf cave, increasing sleep quality and reducing stress and trauma. Written by Charming.
  • Added the ability to challenge the wolves at the cave to a fight. Written by yetanotheruser.
  • Added night patrol scene with the Black Wolf. Written by Necro.
Balance Changes
  • The night monster's behaviour in their lair is now influenced by the PC's allure. Thanks to oyea.
  • It's now possible to outrun the night monster via an athletics check. Thanks to oyea.
  • Asphyxiophilia will now give the "A Special Trait" feat, but is also required for the "A Special Trait Collector" feat.
  • Increased the thigh skill gained at the riding school.
  • The PC can no longer steal tulips while exposed. Thanks to note leven.
  • Removed awareness requirement for double anal penetration. Lowered chance of NPCs attempting to double penetration to compensate. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Jordan can now take the PC's handholding virginity during the temple sneaking scenes. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • Feet skill and dance skill now have a lower impact on dodging. Added a penalty for wearing heels. Thanks to note leven.
  • Grabbing a creature no longer locks off other options. However, switching hands to another creature will reset grip progress. Thanks to note leven.
  • Failing a dodge now has a 66% chance to attach to any available bodypart per creature. Thanks to note leven.
  • Successfully making Robin a flower crown will now increase their love. Thanks to oyea.
  • The PC can now move their poked at or penetrated anus to another penis and start double anal penetration if requirements are met. Thanks to Rukarin.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following balance changes:
  • The ancient threat is now easier to resist with willpower if the PC hasn't robbed them.
  • The PC can now prevent the ancient threat giving them an ear slime by fighting them off.
  • The ancient threat no longer catches the PC so fast at the lake.
  • The ancient threat can now be encountered around town during blood moons without running in circles for over an hour.
  • The ancient threat is now less likely to appear outside blood moons, and the more dangerous events can only trigger at night.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that made monsters transform into beasts when reloaded.
  • Fixed an error found during combat. Thanks to Raahs.
  • Adjusted the "back" hairstyle, so it doesn't clip through headwear as much. Thanks to Ppspray.
  • The option to slap Kylar in the canteen will no longer incorrectly indicate that it reduces Kylar's dominance.
  • Fixed some issues with the missionary shorts sprite.
  • NPCs will no longer grasp your "naked" at the town pillory should you be wearing nothing beneath your top.
  • Fixed issue where the sidebar's vertical position would reset back to the top each time you change passages. Thanks to hwp.
  • The PC will no longer clip through undamaged long skirts.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes broke missionary encounter sprite clothes.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented wedge sandals displaying on the combat sprite.
  • Fixed a minor bug involving outfits with multiple types. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Text will no longer be repeated for the second hand should NPCs tug at your chastity belt with both. Thanks to lifeAnime.
  • Thanks to lewddude for fixing some hand target issues.
  • Plantpeople can no longer be encountered separately from tentacles. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Plantpeople now require hallucinations to encounter. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in plantpeople impregnating you with "vine vines", rather than vines. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Thanks to Crimson Tide for formatting and typo fixes.
Thanks to note leven for the following fixes:
  • The journal should no longer become polluted with multiple copies of the same museum hint. New hints will also appear at the top of the list. Thanks to note leven.
  • The "shots fired" stat will now only appear once Eden is met. Thanks to note leven.
  • Fixed a bug at the prison wardrobe that could prevent hotkeys working. Thanks to note leven.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the side from being toggled. Thanks to note leven.
  • Asking to go to the cinema too early no longer wastes 15 minutes.
  • The "go somewhere together" link no longer shows on the next page after clicking it.
  • Visiting the forest with Robin no longer blocks cinema and Halloween costume visits.
  • Robin no longer wears outfits of the opposite gender to the cinema when not crossdressing.
  • Fixed an error found during a Halloween event.
  • Fixed an issue with the tentacles generated along the road in the farmlands.
  • Formatting and minor code improvements.
  • Science grade no longer requires masochism to reduce pain.
  • Soothing pain is no longer reduced by science, and doesn't lower arousal with high masochism.
  • Being forcibly footstooled will now indicate a pain increase.
  • Fixed various small issues.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • The ancient threat will no longer show up on the first blood moon.
  • Fixed some jank when this isn't Kylar.
  • Fixed a looping message at the lake.
  • The ancient threat can now hunt and catch the PC in water or on the ice at the lake.
  • The PC will no longer be able to look at their reflection in a nonexistent window when possessed in the storm drains.
  • The notification that a corruption bar has appeared in characteristics will no longer appear if the bar is already present.
  • Fixed some faulty logic in the lake ruin.
  • Fixed a bug that could stop time passing properly when sleeping with traumatised Robin.
  • Fixed some errors found when checking your offspring while under the ancient threat's influence.
  • The swimming bonus from the Athlete background and the swimming feat boost now stack properly.
Thanks to Jimmy for the following fixes:
  • Fixed some errors found during the flashing scene in the cafe.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented exhibitionism fame from accruing as intended.
  • Adjusted Robin's debt dialogue to take a missing console into account.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent clothing rebuy from working correctly on new saves.
  • Fixed a Sirris-Sydney pronoun mixup.
  • Fixed an issue found while livestock on Remy's farm.
  • The "Dry your clothes" option will no longer display if all clothes are dry.
  • It should no longer be possible to increment Kylar's stats without advancing time.
  • Whitney should now be specified as the target of a dominance stat change during their scene with Kylar in the canteen.
  • Showering in prison should now always advance time.
  • Fixed some issues caused by NPCs hanging around the park toilets.
  • The description and effect of flaunting in prison should now match.
  • Added an exhibitionism requirement to the landfill milkshake scene.
  • All NPCs should now properly generate after fighting Bailey's goons during a farm assault.
  • Fixed some rogue NPCs at the farm kennel.
  • Fixed an issue with the clothing system.
  • Fixed a pronoun issue during the school detention paddle scene.
  • Removed an unnecessary NPC found when breaking into houses on Danube Street.
  • Added bratty colouring to the strife action.
  • Fixed some text errors found when encountering plantpeople.
  • Offering your body after stripping on the street should now increase prostitution fame.
  • The PC will now wait a minute longer when waiting for students to leave the changing rooms, lining up with 3:05.
  • Fixed an issue with the clothing system. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Robin should no longer lurk the tutorial encounter.
  • Cleared some rogue NPCs found when picking pockets on Connudatus Street.
  • Fixed some rogue NPCs released when eating pancakes at the cafe.
  • Adjusted and optimised some clothing shop code.
  • Fixed an NPC error found in the park toilets.
  • Fixed a surplus of pigs found when encountering a horde of them in the farmlands.
  • Fixed some issues found during the hunt scene in the underground brothel.
  • Clothing should now dry instantly when choosing the "dry clothing" option at the wardrobe.
  • Fixed a reference to the wrong guard during a Kylar prison scene.
  • There should no longer be a queue outside the cafe while it is closed.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause tentacles to be described as pussies.
  • Added "Hold behind back", "Stop holding behind", and "Kiss" to selectable default actions.
  • Kylar can no longer be soft-locked out of the game in the prison showers.
  • Thanks to Oyea for minor text improvements.
  • Thanks to hwp for fixing an issue found during a masturbation scene.
  • Thanks to Crimson Tide for fixing an issue found when cuddling Kylar in bed.
  • Whitney should no longer be able to appear outside school after you dunk them in the pool. Thanks to Talrea.
  • Fixed an error found on some Android devices.
  • Minor code and typo fixes.
Thanks to Bathory666 for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an old bug that occurred when trying to offer pussy or ass at the same time you straddle with the same part. It will now initiate double penetration if appropriate, and fail if not.
  • Teasing penises with your ass now involves your anal skill.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the brothel gangbang show to fail to display double penetration.
  • Kink presets, saves, and settings exports now update double anal penetration and plant people toggles. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Fixed an issue with the new renderer displaying chastity devices beneath clothing. Thanks to aimozg.
  • Minor code and typo fixes.
Thanks to note leven for the following struggle encounter fixes:
  • Struggle encounters will now start with feet evading.
  • The "Hurl net" actions now prioritises staggered opponents.
  • The "stroke it" action should no longer reset to rest every turn.
  • Fixed a red wall of text found if the tutorial man hasn't been met yet.
  • Oxygen no longer restores on turns where you can't breathe.
  • Other small fixes.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • Trauma will now build up properly when the player has innocence.
  • The game will now mention when you orgasm into someone's bowels if they have a vagina.
  • Removed some unnecessary line breaks when an audience comments on you in a swarm encounter.
  • When wearing nipple tape, students that try to undo your bra will no longer say you're wearing some kind of vest.
  • Fixed a bug with fertiliser decay.
  • You can no longer go into debt by paying your watchtower guard more money than you currently have.
  • Fixed some missing quotations and typos in the brothel shows. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • People should now only write "Walking Dildo" and "Cum Rag" on you when appropriate. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to oyea for the following fixes:
  • Darryl will no longer appear in the social tab before the player has properly met them.
  • The passed-out prostitute/unwary pickpocket harassed by street cops will no longer always be female.
  • Fixed an issue when having sex with Eden after masturbating in the spring.
  • Fixed an issue with the player not getting dressed after one of the nighttime street exhibitionism events.
  • Typo fixes.
  • Added a short event to the photo studio.
  • Added combat sprites for lace arm warmers. Art courtesy of lifeAnime.
  • Added an icon for Bailey's office. Art courtesy of Conhue.
  • Added a couple of short events outside the strip club.
Thanks to Bathory666 for the following additions and improvements:
  • Added a frottage missionary sprite.
  • Added a black variant for the double anal penetration close-up sprite.
  • Added an icon to the photography studio. Art courtesy of 3hp.
Balance Changes
  • Entering the photo studio now takes one minute. Thanks to Bathory666.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with the winter residential dusk location image. Thanks to Swaggy Bookshelf.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented an encounter found while modelling from triggering. Thanks to oyea.
  • Orderlies should now always dress you in a gown after removing a straightjacket, rather than towels.
  • Fixed an error found when wearing a bathrobe with a flat chest.
  • Adjusted the descriptions of the "Morgan the Lost" and "Harper the Hypnotist" feats.
  • Fixed a softlock found when following a dog into an alley. Thanks to Crimson Tide and braymann.
Thanks to Crimson Tide for the following fixes:
  • Going to the prisoner's cell for teeth now actually gives you teeth.
  • The clothing rebuy message now properly accounts for plurals.
  • You can encounter the night monster as a monsterperson more than once.
  • Doren's introduction text will now display appropriately should your first meeting with them be during a hypnosis event.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • Pressing "Next" on the Tending grade feat boost boost or "Previous" on the seduction feat boost will no longer move the list back to the money boost selection.
  • Cleaned up some weirdness when kissing a plantperson outside of combat.
  • Passing out at school and being rescued by Sydney no longer causes a brief blank passage.
Thanks to Rukarin for the following fixes:
  • Improved the way pronouns are presented during encounters with multiple NPCs.
  • Fixed some errors found during encounters.
  • Fixed a bug that could make named NPCs invincible, among other issues.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Ask" action to display the wrong text in front of its options.
  • Fixed an issue with NPC descriptions.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • Cumming in a pool changing room while no one is there will no longer mention how it caught everyone's attention.
  • The journal will now tell you what's being built when you're doing the second barn upgrade.
  • Fixed an error when having sex with pure Sydney.
  • You will no longer wear your socks over your shoes in combat.
  • Rewarding a wolf after sparring and losing will now say that it requires deviancy.
  • Typo fixes
Thanks to Bathory666 for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that broke dobule vaginal.
  • Fixed an issue with double vaginal sprites.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong text to display during double vaginal.
  • Fixed an issue with the doggy sprite during frottage.
  • The description above actions now consistently state the NPC's name/description. Thanks to Rukarin.
  • Targeting hte same NPC's penis or pussy with multiple body parts will no longer spawn additional genitals. Thanks to Rukarin.
  • It's no longer possible for herms to penetrate and NPC's ass while their pussy is in use. Thanks to Rukarin.
  • The dog you can follow into an alley is no longer able to speak.
  • Fixed an issue found when straddling a second penis for double vaginal and anal penetration. Thanks to Bathory666.
  • Settings now exports pubic hair setting. Thanks to Bathory666.
Thanks to oyea for the following fixes:
  • Adjusted the shading on the keyhole dress for larger breast sizes.
  • The player will no longer be told they're about to pass out when an NPC is sitting on their face if they're already unconscious.
  • The person offering the tutoring job on Danube Street will no longer expect the PC to be in school on non-school days.
  • The cropped hoodie can no longer be tucked in.
  • Stopped Kylar from breaking free when sleeping with them at the orphanage.
  • Stripping at the photography studio will no longer trigger automatic clothing rebuy.
  • Fixed an issue when assaulted for entering the wrong toilets at the park.
  • The game will no longer forget the player's hypnosis progress when a save is loaded.
  • Fixed a text issue found when ejaculating on a tentacle. Thanks to braymann.
  • Fixed a bug found when working as a chef. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • Fixed NPCs breaking free from the farm. Thanks to Jimmy.
  • Added icons for the Cafe, Watching the Pillory, and Docks. Art courtesy of Myoran, and coded by PurityGuy.
  • Added clothing icons for Boxers, Gold Bracelets, Gold Chain, Iron Chain, Monster Hoodie, Moon Pyjama Bottoms, Retro Shorts, Retro Top, Retro Trousers, Scarf, Star Pyjama Shorts, Tape, Vest, Cropped Hoodie, Long Johns, School Swim Bottoms, and School Swim Top. Art courtesy of Myoran, and coded by PurityGuy.
  • Thanks to Crimson Tide for code improvements.
Thanks to Bathory666 for the following additions and improvements.
  • Added xray double vaginal white sprites. Art courtesy of Ruby9036.
  • Recoloured xray double vaginal sprites for dark skin.
  • Normal vaginal and anal xrays now show the right NPC's penis, rather than the first generated.
  • Dark skin variants of normal vaginal and anal xrays are now available.
Balance Changes
  • Admitting you stole the book now adds delinquency. Does not give the PC detention, since they're about to be punished anyway. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
Bug Fixes
  • Docker reputation is now visible in the social widget. Thanks to readthemanual.
  • Some events will no longer print "This event may/will corrupt Sydney" if Sydney is already corrupt. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Leighton's penis from being properly described during one scene. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Fixed issues with the combat sprites found when giving a chestjob or oral. Thanks to lifeAnime.
  • Fixed the clothes display at the forest shop. Thanks to lifeAnime.
  • The "Morgan the Lost" and "Harper the Hypnotist" feats should now trigger on old saves.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented events from triggering on the streets while blindfolded.
  • Fixed a versioning issue with NPCs generated on old saves. Thanks to Jimmy and braymann.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • Sydney will no longer clear someone else's throat when climaxing in the library.
  • The PC will no longer get glances from down the hallway while in the library.
  • Clothes with 0 warmth will no longer be described as "light and cool."
  • The icons for Cow Bra, Cow Panties, Cow Sleeves, Cow Socks, Utility Vest, and Utility Shirt, amd Mini Snowman now appear properly.
  • Sleepstat is no longer undefined on new saves.
  • Fixed a broken event at the pub.
  • Removed a stray writer's note in an orgasm event.
  • The mirror no longer states that changing your fringe from natural will set your sides to messy, as this is no longer true.
  • Niki will no longer be described as your breast size while remaining professional.
  • Fixed some cases of confused Sirris gender.
  • You will no longer be stared at by an undefined undefined when orgasming at the docks or arcade.
  • Fixed an error when orgasming in the pool changing rooms.
  • The player will no longer be described as "fleeing the scene" while orgasming in locations with nowhere to flee.
  • Alex will no longer be a 0 while watching you orgasm.
  • Many typos and grammatical fixes for public orgasm events.
  • More general fixes.
Thanks to note leven for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with save versioning.
  • Fixed a bug that could break old saves.
  • Fixed .0000000001 precision in the stats menu.
  • Fixed a rogue ' in the cropped hoodie's description.
  • "Brown" and "soft brown" should no longer be switched at the hairdresser's.
  • Hearing Wren's voice in the smuggler's cave will no longer reveal their identity in the social menu.
  • NPCs should no longer generate twice during prison laundry events.
  • Fixed an issue with card covers.
  • NPCs should no longer mention nonexistent chastity when ejaculating.
  • Other fixes.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • It's no longer possible for multiple people to be pinning your arms down at the same time.
  • Defeating all but one person in multi-person encounters will not cause the npc status messages to use the pronouns of the first person in the encounter, even if they were already beaten.
  • Fixed some typos in swarm encounters.
  • There will no longer be a little ">" pointing at the mini snowman during combat.
  • Fixed an issue where bodywriting could appear over clothing during combat.
  • Fixed shorts again so they will no longer look like trousers in combat.
  • The game will no longer tell you that you have two cocks pressed against your anus when they are actually against your vagina.
  • You will no longer get an error if you try to start a game with an anal herm parasite when you have anal parasitic pregnancy disabled.
  • Going into the character viewer before making a new character will no longer cause the social menu to completely error out. Added a fix for existing saves that have the error.
  • Fixed an error when you give someone a footjob while wearing anklesocks.
  • Stealing cosmetics will no longer make you the most wanted criminal in town.
  • Fixed an error when choosing "cooperate" when frotting someone else.
  • Students can now comment on PCs with Sydney as their love interest during stalk encounters. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a handful of minor errors.
  • The forest bear event can now trigger with beasts disabled, if the bear generated as a monster.
  • Fixed some forest wolf events that could generated monsters regardless of settings.
  • The black wolf will no longer appear should beasts and monsters be disabled.
  • The black wolf should no longer manifest as a monster if bestiality is disabled
  • Making your steed feel a foal on the road between town and the farmlands will now increase respect as intended.
  • Minor code and typo fixes. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
  • Fixed an error with old Android version saves. Thanks to Jimmy.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • Centaurs will no longer lose trust when you calm them down while riding to/from the farm.
  • Added some highlighting to the price when you sell your parasites to Harper.
  • Fixed some issues related to double vaginal penetration sprites.
  • Added another fix for the social menu completely erroring out.
Thanks to Jimmy for the following fixes:
  • Corrected the passing of time in the Spire.
  • Alex should no longer expect the PC to leave the farm if they're welcome at the cottage.
  • Fixed an issue with an NPC failing to generate properly when you're caught having an orgasm in public.
  • Fixed a Gwylan pronoun issue.
  • Improved the formatting of Alex's wake up scene.
  • Fixed an issue found when referencing NPCs during detention. Thanks to oyea.


  1. Happy update Vrel! Love the work you do <3

  2. The update I have been waiting for-thanks for the hard work!

  3. I can't seem to give a milkshake to Kylar. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

    1. Could be a bug. You need at least 10% love to have the option.

    2. I have her love at 100%, so it could be a bug. Thank you for replying.

  4. Amazing, was waiting for this! I have a question, what will be the next major update (you said there might be one small one before Christmas, I meant after that)

    1. The following update will likely flesh out Charlie, but I don't want the jump to 0.4 to wait too much longer.

  5. WWWWWWW update thanks to all the devs for their work

  6. Hi Vrelnir!

    First of all, thank you very much for your work, I've been following this game for two years now and I really like it more and more. I have a question, in the future is it planned that love interests can find out about your multiple relationships? For example, Kylar could know that you are Robin's or Sydney's boyfriend/girlfriend. I think that would be an interesting thing to do, especially since it would serve to strengthen the interactions between characters.

    Sorry in advance if I make mistakes in expressing myself, I can understand English but to communicate I need to rely on a translator.

    1. You're very welcome!

      I'd like to explore the rivalry aspect between different love interests more in the future. It could lead into Kylar's more involved kidnapping scenario.

  7. I had my virginity taken by harper some versions ago but the feat didn't unlock.

  8. Hi Vrelnir!

    Thanks for the update. I found a typo during my session with Niki.

    "You strike another pose, now with your chest bare. Niki takes more pictures, focusing your chest and face. enormous breasts remains entirely professional. You feel your cheeks flush."

    Just glad my breasts are being professional. Thanks for all the work you put into the game!

    1. Oh no! Thanks for letting me know. It's no problem at all!

  9. Here is my monthly suggestion that wearing chastity cages/belts should increase lust over time the more awareness you have. It would make it a good payoff for protecting the character's virginity.

    Please make it happen, Vrel!

    1. Thank you for the suggestion! We need more to balance the protective power of chastity.

  10. Finally, more Black Wolf scenes! Thanks Vrel n teams!
    Also can I ask what's planned for the next update?

    1. You're welcome! Crimson Tide and several other contributors are responsible for tackling the wolf scenes.

      Next update might be themed around Christmas.

  11. New Black wolf content?!

    There are no words on gods green earth that can describe how spectacularly erect i am

    Thanks for the update vrelnir and team

  12. Early Christmas Present ! Thanks Vrelnir :D

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  14. Thanks for the update, love the new events.

  15. thanks for the update, sprite still shows trousers instead of shorts, i am wearing school shorts :c

    1. No problem. Thanks for the heads up, and sorry for the bother.

  16. Thanks for the update! Your hard work is always appreciated! :))

    I personally can't wait for more crossdresser content!

    1. You're welcome, and thanks!

      There's more crossdresser content to come.

  17. thanks for the update ,from what i see new character does show "shorts" , but old saves show them as trousers, i'ts unfortunate because my old save is a very file

  18. nice work on the updates as always! im still wondering about something up and coming... will the Kylar kidnapping be like the farm/prison/underground brothel, or will it have a stockholme effect... or will it be something else?

    hope you're getting enough rest. again, great work.

    1. You're welcome! The Kylar kidnapping will be like a bad end, but it might lead to Stockholm syndrome. I haven't decided.

      I'm making sure to get enough rest!

  19. Is there any way to change the gender of the player?

    1. If you use cheat, then yes. Go into wardrobe, open cheat and there will be an option to change gender.

    2. Thanks for the response Anon. This is the only way to change it after starting the game.

  20. thanks for made this game!
    i hope there will a "list system" at future.
    love to discover this world but sometime i dont know what exactly i should do,when i do something but it didnt make progress is let me feel a little down.
    maybe more tips around world?
    i play this game every half a year, it change a lot every time,im so happy and surprise with that
    PS:if i downlode new version but use old save file,will the updatething(screen character etc.) add in game correctly?
    my grammar may broken, hope i didnt confusing you.

    1. i love the words in the game,they are beautiful and im using this game to learn english(i think it work

    2. No problem! I'm glad you're enjoying the project, and it's great to hear it's helping with your English. I understand you fine.

      More hints around the world, or even in an expanded journal system, would be great. Thanks for the suggestion.

      Using an old save file with a new game version should work fine.

  21. Hello Vrelnir! Thanks for the update. I'm thrilled to see a new content for Black Wolf. I've waited so long for this :D!
    You gotta tell me, are you planning on adding some more content for a Black Wolf soon? I hope so.
    Love you Vrel, take care of yourself!

    1. You're welcome! I hope you like it.

      There's more content coming for the Black Wolf, but I'm not sure when to expect it. Might come with 0.4.

      You take care of yourself as well <3

  22. Thank you Vrelnir! :)

  23. Yeah! New update!! Thank you Vrelnir!!

  24. Love the update, it's great to see more of the wolf cave and I really like the changes to the settings menu. <3

    I did notice some dialogue issues when you challenge the hunters in the wolf cave:

    Yelping from pain, the wolfboy takes a few steps back before turning and presenting his backside to you. "Pack sister may take his reward."

    1. I have similar issue:

      "Yelping from pain, the wolfgirl takes a few steps back before turning and presenting her backside to you. "Pack leader may take her reward." "

      And I was like: "...She is insulting my boi, where is the option to spank her ass for that" xD

    2. That's good to hear <3

      Thanks for the heads up on these.

  25. Still waiting for mummification, and cocooning, have not seen that in a update yet

    1. I wanted it in for the Halloween update, but it got pushed back for time. It's still planned.

  26. Are you considering more transformation content such as fallen Angel or normal angel, things like more dialogue with NPCs at the temple such as Jordan and Sydney. Or more transformation combat options. Things like that.

    1. I am considering more transformation content, and agree the angel and fallen angel transformations should have more impact.

  27. Hi Vrel - just a heads up
    I was working at the club on Connudatus St and it started raining. After working as a bartender and listening (wearing a bunny leotard) I literally got soaked from the rain (trying to avoid puns to be less confusing - it's a minefield lol)
    I'm not sure if it was intentional ~

    Thanks again for your hard work!

    1. Thanks for the heads up. This was not intentional.

      You're welcome!

  28. Hi, I think that something like a heat in cat and wolf transformations would be very nice to add. Those animals are known for heat cycles and it could be something like higher levels of arousal and other signs of it happening from time to time. Would it be possible?

    1. Heat cycles for animal transformations is a flavoursome idea. It would be possible.

  29. 感謝更新,我是來自國外的玩家

    1. 別客氣。很高興聽到你喜歡它!

  30. Another amazing update! Thanks Vrel and co for your continued hard work! <3

    One question, though: Will you guys be giving Morgan more content? I'd love to see it happen. If you need any suggestions for them, I'll gladly help!

    1. It's no problem, and thanks!

      There's more planned for Morgan, but I'm not sure when to expect it. I'd like to hear your suggestions if you're happy to share.

  31. Because of the new pet store comment. I was thinking there could be a soft ending where the PC gets kidnapped by the pet store owners if they have a high bestiality reputation and a pet-like transformation. They could end up being put in a cage on display in the store and sold to an owner as the soft ending.

  32. Was just thinking that after the next update came out I'd recommend a more fleshed out proper modeling studio outside of the life modeling work you can get from knocking on doors and you beat me to it. Hope it has some progression from tame clothing to more risque stuff as you get more into it in keeping with the name of the game.

    1. There's more to come for the photo studio, and modeling career. Right now you just model formal clothes, though things can develop in a risqué direction.

  33. Anyways great update! Thank you Vrel and all the writers and devs for contributing to such a great game. :D

    1. I'm glad you like it! You're very welcome.

  34. How do u go to nikkis place ?
    After u already had the photoshoot pre update?

    1. You should be able to find the photo studio on Nightingale Street if you already discovered it in a previous update, assuming no bugs.

  35. The neat hairstyle sides don't seem to fit their length description. Cutting the PC's hair to shoulder or chin length result in the same size, reaching the shoulders. Only when cutting it to "ears" length does it actually reach chin length, on the sprite.

  36. Pity, I thought this would be another two-month update. Because that would mean soooooooo much new content.
    But it doesn't matter. Can't Wait to enjoy it!
    The game, I mean.

    1. Thank you, people developing the game! Thank you all!

    2. No problem!

      Slower updates does mean bigger updates, but I like to be quicker so I can get feedback as I go.

  37. Me encanta este juego, ya llevo mucho tiempo en el, si puediera hacer una petición sería poder meter a Alex a la bestialidad y también sería genia poder ser un bully en la escuela

    1. Me alegro que lo estés disfrutando.
      Consideré agregar una forma de corromper a Alex de una manera tortuosa. Está en la pila de tal vez.
      Podría agregar una forma de ser más un matón en la escuela con la actualización de la camarilla.

  38. "You are on Wolf Street. The nearby forest bleeds into the town here, particularly where the temple sits. It strikes a forbidding silhouette against the darkening sky."

    Non-native speaker here so I'm probably wrong, but is "forbidding" correctly used here? Shouldn't it be "foreboding"?

    1. Foreboding would work here, but I meant forbidding. It's threatening, but doesn't necessarily provoke anxiety like foreboding would suggest.

  39. About time the Black Wolf got more content! And the Night Beast is persistent? Nice!

    Looking forward to checking it all out, and an early Merry Christmas to you Vrel

  40. Hi Vrel, Amazing update as always ♥️♥️

  41. Hi, Vrel! Awesome update, as always <3 ! I encountered this while playing: Error: <>: bad evaluation: localStorage quota exceeded

    It happens when my character wakes up. I haven't experimented to see if it matter how long I sleep for, or if it's for characters with more history. Any clue if I should be worried?

    1. I'm happy you like it <3

      It looks like the autosave is exceeding maximum storage space. Lowering history depth in settings might fix this. Sorry for the bother.

    2. It seems like it's blocking me from saving in general :(

  42. Hey Vrel when will you let us fuck Bailey? Haha,
    Make them an Easter egg love interest when the game’s almost finished. ;)

  43. Honestly i dunno if there was a thing at the prison to try to steal keys from a guard. Or try to start a riot by beating up the guards enough times to get the inmates courage to fight back

    1. You can acquire a key from one of the guards, and can start a riot should hope and rebelliousness be high enough.

    2. Oh ok, sorry im dumb usually i down go all the way down i just download it but now i know how to do the riot now thank you!

  44. Thank you for the update, Vrel!! <3
    I was wondering — and I hope it would not be bothersome to say so — perhaps an addition of the ability to have some sort of sexual relationship with Niki? Or at least the occasional lewd encounter? I have just found myself starting to like them, so it would be neat ^_^
    But thank you once again for the awesome update! I hope you have a great weekend, and early Merry Christmas to you!

    1. No problem! <3

      Lewdity with Niki is planned, though they won't be a full love interest. I'm glad you like them!

      I hope you have a great weekend and a Merry Christmas as well!

  45. Okay found a weird lil bug. Easy fix tho.

    Seems if u did the photoshoot with nikki before the update the studio wont show up right away when u go to nightgale street. I fixed it by going to work as chef in the caffee ones made some lewd cream. The studio showed up next time i was at nightingale

    1. Okay disregard that i was just stupid and got confused. It opens at 9am and i was too warly at 8. I wasnt expecting it to not show up in the list until then.

    2. Thanks for the information regardless!

  46. This is the first time my work has ever been featured in the game. I'm really happy. Thank you for your hard work everyone. Have a great day.

    1. Thank you Charming! Your scenes are fantastic. You have a great day as well.

  47. Hello Vrelnir,
    I guess this might be a bug. My PC passed out from stress and then a non-con encounter happened. They blindfolded my PC. The thing is, after that, no matter what option you chose, nothing happens... until after a lot of turns you pass out from stress again.
    It happended twice in the afternoon, after PC got out of school.

    I'm playing the new version And thank you for this great update!!

  48. Great Work!!! I Have been waiting to the black wolf content and I'm very happy with that update!!! Congratulations for the amazing work all of you!! Just one question (I know I always ask that but...), pregnancy content will be in the game soon? I really anxious for that, do you have a ideia that when that comes?

    1. I'm glad to hear it!

      No ETA on pregnancy content yet I'm afraid, but it's still planned.

  49. The addition of the photo studio really makes me wish there was the same option to disregard exhibitionism checks as there is for promiscuity to avoid bailey's torments. Maybe have it so you get less money for the photos because you look uncomfortable in them to balance it out. It just sucks that you either have to make a character that gets off to exhibitionism or refuses to engage in it at all even if they really need the money.

    1. You should be to disregard the exhibitionism checks at the photo studio due to bailey's torments, assuming I set it up right. There's another way to disregard them as well.

  50. I am so, so excited for Niki's studio. Exhibitionism is probably my favorite part, and I'm curious as to what Niki's story is since I encountered them at the farm.

    Thanks for a sexy, sexy year, Vrelnir and everyone!

  51. Thanks for the update and early Merry Christmas

  52. Love the addetion of double vaginal. Though, is it intended htat compared to doulbe anal, that double vaginal uses normal discriptions and reactions, than those used for double vaginal?

    1. I'm glad you like it. Double vaginal should have different descriptions and such, aye.

  53. The game is amazing and has a lot of potential, I can't see a near end, and after the story ends I could use the transformations as a basis for a new story linked to already made, some tips for the game that I'll give to improve it would be:
    1. With promiscuity, deviant and exhibitionism at a high level you become an asset instead of waiting for events to occur with you.
    2. Could add heterochromia.
    3. It would be interesting to add tattoos with special effects such as inmon that increases lust and one that increases other influences.
    I think that's if I have any other ideas I'll comment, thank you very much for the update and for creating the game it's a lot of fun.

    1. to be fair, some tatoos already do have special effects.

      tatoos with arrows will actually direct the attention of your partner/attacker (if observed) and other tatoos will boost fame when they're observed.

    2. Yes, the tattoos already carry certain effects of increasing fame and interaction with NPCs, the ones I'm talking about would not directly affect them but the character itself. For example, there are tattoos like the heart that being close to the inmon, butterfly and star could influence the character's beauty, the skull could increase damage when attacking NPCs.

      Speaking of transformations, some are very difficult to do and imagine in the game as an example would be the mermaid and plant, they already require many mechanisms to work or would be limited by areas preventing the player from continuing to play and explore the world, but others have less requirements like beast and monster transformations, the slime transformation would be interesting as you could probably use tentacles on it, and you can change your character directly through fluids.

    3. I'm glad you're enjoying it! Thanks for the suggestions.

      1. More ways to take the initiative with high lewd stats would work.
      2. Heterochromia would be cute.
      3. More ways for tattoos to affect the PC are planned.

      Slime, plant and merfolk transformations are on the maybe pile, among others. Some would be easier to implement, depending on the mechanics.

  54. Heeeeey happy holidays amazing game
    Take care and remember to not work too hard and use this holidays to enjoy life a little bit.
    ...and get some DoL time;)

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I'll do my best. Happy holidays!

  55. Love the new Black Wolf content as the wolf cave was pretty basic. Hopefully get more stuff for beastiality like a dedicated lizard or oceanic love interest. However I still hope that Mason can become a love interest because I enjoy teasing them so much.

    1. I'm glad to hear it. Thanks for the suggestions.

  56. I Vrel, i'm struggling to find out how do we unlock Niki's studio. Sorry to bother you but i just want my PC to make some sexy poses😭

    1. Discovering the studio through the cafe questline unlocks it. Niki will also find you should you become generally famous enough.

  57. Wow! New update! I'm always checking for new updates and you never disappoint with the content, great game!!

  58. I got this line after an encounter with a plant person: "You gasp as sticky waves of nectar *alongside something else* pump into you."Something to remember me by", he whispers huskily." At first I guess that "something else" is the anal parasitic pregnancy but because I don't have that toggle on so I got pretty confused. Please put me out of my misery I'm dying to know if this is a bug or a feature (≧∆≦)

    1. I'm pretty sure the "something else" is semen

    2. Thanks for the response Just a Thought. That is indeed the trigger for anal parasitic pregnancy, but nothing should happen if the toggle is disabled.

  59. can you make it so when you get pregnant with the parasites your stomach gets bigger

    1. I'll consider that when stomach bulge art is in for regular pregnancy.

  60. I have beastility turned off, and I have an unwanted wolfboy on me. I thought alternative monsters were turned off with this release?

    1. To vent to release my frustration, I'm sick of beasts. Why the hell is there wolfboy when I was supposed to finally enjoy this release without this beast crap? I have bestiality turned off, and it still gives the stupid message "Disabling bestiality will still allow lewd events with monster girls and boys." Your update says "Another change is the beast toggle. Disabling them will no longer force beasts into monster form, allowing you to play without either." Surely a wolfboy fits in this silly category? I was so excited to play this and it's still putting a halt into playing any further.

    2. Events involving beasts had to manually adjusted, and there might be mistakes here and there. Sorry for the bother. Where did you meet the wolfboy?

  61. Great update Vrel, I love it, I want to ask what will be next update be and when will the Avery update be here?

    1. Next update might be Christmas themed. I'll take stock when the dust from this update settles.

      I'm not sure when to expect the Avery update I'm afraid.

  62. Thank you for blessing us with yet another amazing update, Vrel!

    I have a few questions:

    1) Are there any new transformations planned?

    2) Will it be possible for the Ivory Wraith to be a Stockholm Syndrome Li?

    3) Are there any plans to add more places to stay?

    4) How do I encounter the tutorial man/woman while being with Robin?

    1. No problem!

      1) There are a number of transformations on the maybe pile. I'd like to include more, it's a question of which. Some would have overlap. Plant and bee would both deal with nectar, for example.

      2) Ivory Wraith isn't planned as a Stockholm syndrome character, but it's an interesting idea.

      3) I plan to include another place to stay. Sort of.

      4) Offer to help Robin set up their chocolate stand without having already men the tutorial NPC.

  63. Nice job getting Niki a more interactive role.
    Btw, how do you get the modeling job started? My PC has been scouted by her but I can't access her place from Nightgale. (I've not done any Cafe stuff if that helps.)

    1. I had to do the cafe stuff for the place to show up

    2. It doesn't show up until after 9am, that confused me as well since any other building always shows up but just says they're closed.

    3. Thanks for the response Anon.

      The photo studio should really show up outside hours for consistency's sake, even if you can't break in.

  64. Thank you for new update!! I can always enjoy this game and it's all thanks to your hard works. I appreciate it very much!
    That will be best christmas present if next update coming xD
    And some bug reports: Sirris's pronoun issue still appeared when I use old save file
    At the scene that both soaked on rainy day at the beach with Sydney, there's a bug that PC's underwear doesn't get soaked, so leading to the scene only Sydney gets soaked. (I think it's a bug because PC didn't dry their clothes at changing room and comes back to temple with their soaked clothes. And accompany Sydney scene was changed and PC dried their clothes when I made PC's underwear get soak with using cheat)
    And sometimes some words or actions during encounter with male Sydney comes out as from female Sydney's.(ex.Male Sydney says he wants female PC to be inside him etc)
    And...I think I found reason about handholding virginity reaction disappear bug. It happens after when PC met the dog NPCs in town(Asking paw or pet the dog, Following a dog to alleyway, Whitney's bullying event at front playground etc)
    Sometimes, It's really surprise whenever I find new scene or text while I play with same playstyle. That gave characters more life. You really hid a lot of things in the game!
    (Sorry! I used translator)

    1. It's no problem at all! Thanks for the bug reports. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

  65. Hi, Vrel! Absolutely love the game! I love the update on Niki's studio. I always looked forward to interacting with Niki more and I am also hoping for more content on this studio and Niki!

    Also, I wanted to report a bug. I can't exactly describe the situation, but my character passed out (due to max stress) while on the docks and the people working there tied my character up and playing darts. (Is it darts? Sorry if it is not) The other parts were fine but

    _text_output returns to _text_output seat as the petite man prepares to throw.

    this text came up. Sorry for the short English.

    1. Also, when I proceeded to get in unconsensual intercourse, a red warning popup came up that reads Error: <>: error within widget contents ( Error: <>: ($args=[State.temporary.mancombatcontrol]): error within widget contents ( Error: <>: errors within widget contents ( Error: <>: ($args=["left"]): errors within widget contents ( Error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'startsWith'); Error: <>: bad evaluation: NPC hand action unaccounted for! Hand: undefined Value: undefined); Error: <>: ($args=["right"]): errors within widget contents ( Error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'startsWith'); Error: <>: bad evaluation: NPC hand action unaccounted for! Hand: undefined Value: undefined))))

      and the crowd/audience didn't show up. the text just says

      murmur looks eager. murmur looks horny. murmur looks calm. murmur looks cautious.

    2. I'm glad you like it! There's more to come for Niki.

      Thanks for the bug reports.

  66. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Did the update effect butt urchins in any way? I've been trying to get one for 2 (ingame) weeks while save scumming for (irl) hours and I have difficulty even finding the river.

    1. Started a new save and was able to get it this time.

    2. I started a new game and tried again, it worked this time.

  68. Thank you so much for reverting the bestiality toggle back to not forcing hybrids. I'm so glad I'm not going to have to hear dog people ask me if I'm their friend or hear boar people tell me I smell fertile anymore.

    1. There is still wolfboys and wolfgirls, which are hybrids as far as I am concerned. They should have also been toggled out with that, given the "wolf" in their name. Why not replace them with madmen or savages wearing wolf fur coats.

    2. Or maybe even escaped prisoners who are hiding and living in the woods.

    3. You're welcome. The rogue wolfboys and wolfgirls aren't intended. Where do you meet them?

  69. Thank you for adding the classic ball shackle and the update!

    Also 2 things i want to say
    1. Will the player ever get solitary confinement (that may or may not act similar to the underground brothel cell)

    2. What do you think about giving some future dismissal events (if you plan on that) some consequences that affect could really affect the player, like for example, you dismissed Briar, or Niki to prison because they kept bothering you or something, that that leaves their special places locked and would affect the player’s allure because now most of the townsfolk don’t have a way to relieve themselves. (I will not explain why I want Briar, Niki, and Harper to have a dismissal event, but i definitely hope to give one to the named npcs who keep following me and Bailey and Remy!).

    1. No problem!

      1. Solitary confinement for the PC is on the maybe pile. It would make sense.

      2. I'm considering dismissal events for some antagonists.

  70. Is there supposed to be 2 “general” in the filter feats?

  71. Hi, I've already commented, but I just noticed I am coming across silent duos of "lone humans" attacking me in the woods since the latest update:

    "The path you take would be invisible if you didn't know where to look. You soon find yourself much deeper in the forest.

    A lone human emerges from between the trees, teeth bared. "

    Then the combat scene goes:
    "- Your sense of control wavers.

    They look eager. They look aroused. They look calm. They look wary.

    - You smack the human with your hands. You kick the human. You scream for help. The human clasps the hand over your mouth to silence you.
    You're too deep into the forest for Gwylan to hear you.

    They look stung. They look aroused. They look frustrated. They look guarded.

    - You smack the human with your hands. You kick the human. Your fangs tear into their hand. One flinches away in pain, freeing your mouth.

    They look hurt. They look aroused. They look incredibly pissed off. They look full of suspicion.

    - You smack the human with your hands. You kick the human. The lean man staggers back, defeated. | - - Pain | - - Stress | - - Trauma

    You tell him you're sorry for being bad. While it doesn't understand you, your tone of voice has an impact.

    It looks eager. It looks stimulated. It looks calm. It looks full of suspicion."

    I have monster people turned on in my settings and I usually come across wolfboys in the forest, but the duos of lone humans are happening occasionally now.

    1. Damn those feral humans! Thanks for the information.

  72. While I really loved the prison update(actually all of the updates), it'd be fun if we had a bogeyman-like monster in safehouses that punishes criminal PCs until they pay for their crimes. There can be two types, the one under your bed and the one in the wardrobe. The bed type would work similar to Bailey selling PC off in their sleep, and the wardrobe type will assault you when you access the wardrobe. Assault rate and monster strength depends on your crime. Tentacles would bust from the wardrobe and drag the player in, which makes screaming useless. Maybe the ancient evil can also play a part in this?

    I know we're too old for this bogeyman stuff but it's christmans season, one can suggest.

    1. More horror content like this would be fun. Thanks for the suggestions.

  73. I'm currently exploring the update and so far I'm impressed. I do wish there were more Alex content.

    The photoshoot is actually fun

    1. I'm glad you like it! I agree Alex needs more content.

  74. Love the update, thanks everyone who worked on it!! <3

    1. No problem! My thanks to the contributors as well <3

  75. The new public orgasm scenes are great. They're one of those technically small things that really add a lot to the game. However, they have a few typos and weird things. In the temple climax scene: "As you regain control, you noticed yourself stared at", it should probably read "notice". And in all the new public orgasm scenes where the word "climax" appears, it has an acute accent on the i, reading "clímax".

    1. I'm happy you like them. Thanks for pointing these typos out.

  76. Why does the wraith still boast about fuckng my PC to everyone :<

  77. Hey love the update so far started to do modeling and did skne if the black wolf stuff. Really enjoying it so far.

    Just wonder tho do modeling gets lewder outside of getting nude infront of niki?
    If it does is in only influlenced by model fame or does nikis love stat matters too?

    1. I'm glad you like it!

      There are lewder events found while modeling, but they don't trigger if you play along.

  78. bug report!! i make every beast into animalboys/girls all the time, and when i'm riding a horse to the barn and i get the event where i need to calm it down cuz it's scared, if i successfully do so, i lose respect. on the other hand, if i do it unsuccessfully, i don't lose any respect. so, the respect is like, switched? if that makes sense?

  79. "It hisses. "Join me, why don't you? It's not far.""

    Wait, will we even have such an opportunity in the future?

  80. Hi. I'm glad to hear the wolfboy wasn't intended. I spotted him in the forest while heading toward the lake. I was brought to a cave afterwards.

  81. Just had a spontaneous orgasm in the school library - which was more humiliating than you'd think given my colourful reputation, because I've been really working at being good ever since I met Sydney a few updates ago and felt ashamed of what I'd become. Anyway.

    "Sydney clears girl throat. The other students get the message and the whispers stop."

  82. Can you add a visual way to know if a mask is removed during an encounter? Also, can you add a way to get rid of unwanted clothes?

  83. I started a new game with this update and now the social window is just and Error code.

    1. For some reason it wont let me post the code...

    2. Every time I have sex, my image breaks. There is also a lag. I tried pressing the bug fix button, but it doesn't work. I love this game, but it's so sad. I am not good at English. Thank you for the update.

  84. 1. Will we ever be able to name our PC in-game or will it continue with a name that everyone knows but ourselves?
    2. Personally, I hate Bailey, but the fanarts on Reddit made me have strange feelings for this demon. When I found out that we could already fuck him, I was excited! After I managed to fuck him, I thought: why the fuck is he pissed off after he fucks me?! I mean... Has it ever been made clear that Bailey is NOT sexually interested in the PC, but at a super specific moment, Bailey jumps on top of the PC, fucks the PC and then gets angry at having done that? Which means: Bailey isn't totally immune to PC allure? I don't expect Bailey to be a romantic relationship, but can I expect that at some point he'll treat us like his bitch as long as we keep up with our pay? Oh dear, I think I'm a masochist...
    3. I liked the modeling work, although it's not exactly what I thought it would be, but there are still improvements to be made so it's pretty good for now. I like the idea of ​​imagining PC as an idol, hopefully this work will come to exist!
    4. Niki is so professional that I feel offended. While I'm curious about him, I'm mad at him. Damn, we get naked in front of him and he doesn't even shiver! This guy is a fucking psycho!
    5. Sirris intrigues me deeply. I like him, but he intrigues me. I certainly see him very well as my future father-in-law. (Heheheh, wait for me, Syd). By the way, I saw that there's something interesting when Syd runs a hand through our hair with the PC turned into a cat. He comments that he saw ears similar to ours in his father's shop. I just thought it sure would make a lot of sense for Sirris to be the owner of the sex shop. I can already imagine a corrupted Syd making the PC use one of the "toys" during the class they will share.

    Damn, I said too much! I hope you understand everything correctly!

    Happy holidays everyone! Love u, Vrel!

  85. Hey Vrel, I've got a question and suggestion about Sadism. Is their a consensual or non-consensual NPC that's a Masochist? If not I think there should be a new NPC or the player can convince Named NPC's that's already in the game to try masochism. I think characters like Kylar will be on board as long if their suspicion is low enough. Robin will probably say no and I'd doubt confidence will even change that fact. With Whitney it'll probably be the other way around and a Masochist players could tell Whitney to hurt them. Eden with the small lore i know from them they probably say no as well but you never know. Alex and Sydney...i don't wanna hurt those jellybeans!

  86. I'm down bad for Leighton, are there gonna be more content with them in the future?

  87. “A lone wolf emerges from between the trees, teeth bared.” Yep that a bug!

    Also even tho i have the toggle off and monster people set to zero, the black wolf appeared as a wolfboy and when i was brought to the cave, i got fucked by normal wolves. (I’m probably guessing that the same problem happens with the giant hawk). So “Disabling bestiality will still allow lewd events with monster girls and boys”, that was a lie!
    Why you take away the the original purpose of the beast toggle in favor of monster people in the first place Vrel?
    ; - ;)

    But besides the bugs:
    1. Honestly in my opinion, i think monster people should be called beast people. The night monster is the only one I accepted to have a monster people variant.
    2. Will there be a or do you stop updating the current version at a certain point?
    3. Have you thought or plan to have a toggle for every animal and one for monsters (night monster and maybe wraith)?
    3.2. Do you plan to rework some toggles? At this point bestiality shouldn’t be a toggle it should just be a category of all the toggles that relate to it. Like for instance lurkers need the beast toggle to be on, own even tho they have their own toggle, but even tho swarms are toggle off, if the slime toggle is on, small swarms of slimes will still appear.
    4. Other than asking for beasts to have their own genitals slider, i think persistent npcs and plant people should have their own gender and genitals slider. This will not change persistent npcs that you already encounter, so if you already encounter a persistent npc as a female, you won’t encounter them again as a dickgirl, etc.
    5. How do I lose my hand virginity to the wraith, can the wraith only take it if they are “mad”?
    6. Even tho toggle somewhat works now, it still doesn’t solved the problems locked behind it, like automatically getting damaged clothing regardless of stats, and unlockables stuff that stayed locked because of it.
    7. I feel like charlie is one of the most forgotten named npcs, because they can only be found in 1 place and if the player doesn’t need dancing, they will never be encountered. So by chance we could randomly meet named npcs at the spa or randomly in the town, would also be a way to change their “opinions” of us.
    8. When can we enjoy the spa for ourselves, there will be so many opportunities!
    9. Also do you think each hand should have their own virginity and dicks that are press to our lips should take kiss virginity?