Sunday 25 April 2021

Degrees of Lewdity version

This update lets you break into Remy's estate and sabotage their operations. It also includes a new NPC, new scenes with most love interests, a new shop UI, and stealth exhibitionism events for the farmlands.

The initial plan was to let the PC sabotage the estate directly, releasing cattle, breaking machinery, settings fires and such. However, that would be hard to justify without involving skulduggery. I've a lot of plans for the stat already. It should be helpful for protecting your farm, but not vital.

The new NPC wasn't planned until the prison update, but I decided to bring them forward. They'll be involved with high level skulduggery in the future, so allowing them to perform the sabotage on the PC's behalf fits. They have a price though, one that might leave the PC in a precarious situation, making this a good time to flesh out the farmlands with exposure events.

The Great Hawk is now a full love interest. They and most other love interests have new scenes, especially Eden. The hunter is now more active throughout the world.

Contributors have been very hard at work, so it's another broad update. Thanks everyone!

Next update will make the jump to 0.3. Hopefully it won't take much longer than a regular update. On that note, the new exhibitionism dangers are balanced around the PC having a home to flee to in the farmlands, which won't exist until 0.3. The farmlands might be a bit more dangerous until then.

Check the most recent update for download links.

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Edit: Updated to, fixing bugs.
Edit 2: Updated to, fixing a couple more bugs.

  • The Remy estate can now be broken into, and their operations sabotaged, once Remy has made their hostile intentions towards Alex known.
  • Added Wren the smuggler to the Social and Cheat overlays, and the settings page.
  • Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for coding Blackjack.
  • Added blackjack stats to the statistics overlay.
  • Added stealth exhibitionism events to the farmlands. You won't be seen at night.
  • A stealthy catsuit can now be pilfered from the docks at night. Can be bought from the forest shop once found.
  • Added the flat, back, parted, quiff, straight curl and ringlet curl fringe styles, and the curl sides style. Art courtesy of namelessone.
  • Added a sixth pepper spray charge, accessible from the Remy estate.
  • Eden will be more worried than angry when looking for you in town should their love be high enough, and can be convinced to accompany the PC to the park or shopping centre. Written in collaboration with ndarkflame.
  • Eden can now find you if you pass out on the town's streets while they're looking for you, and are set as a love interest. Written in collaboration with ndarkflame.
  • Eden can now rescue the PC from Remy's farm, and attempt to rescue them from the asylum. Written in collaboration with Khau.
  • Added an event to the town's streets during the day.
  • Added the PC's first kiss and handholding virginity to the cheat menu.
  • The PC can now solicit help from the dockers when Robin is kidnapped, should their status at the docks be high enough. Written by yetanotheruser, and coded by Lollipop Scythe.
  • Exhibitionist lactating PCs in a relationship with Robin can now offer them milk during a picnic. Written by SlainWarri0r, and coded by Lollipop Scythe.
  • You can now enjoy a milkshake with Kylar at school. Written by Harcher, and coded by bsmith.
  • Robin can now rub a wolf PC's belly. Written by yetanotheruser, and coded by bsmith.
  • Added new events to the arcade. Written by whatifcatsare, and coded by Lollipop Scythe.
  • Characters with the bird transformation now have an extra option in Robin's room. Written by Harcher and coded by PurityGuy.
  • On rainy or snowy days, Whitney can now be found in the park. Written by PurityGuy and Kodi.
  • Alex can now rescue the PC should they pass out on Alex's farm. Written by Harcher, and coded by Lollipop Scythe.
  • Whitney will now react to bird and cow transformations on Halloween. Written by Crimson Tide and coded by PurityGuy.
  • Robin will now react to the bird transformation on Halloween. Written by Harcher and coded by PurityGuy.
  • Bailey now has unique lines during combat. Written by Harcher and coded by Lollipop Scythe.
  • Added the option to disable the export warning.
  • The characteristics overlay will now describe contact lenses if worn.
  • You can now control Bailey's rent via a slider in Settings. Setting it below 1 will count as enabling cheats and lock feats. Thanks to radiance.
  • Clothes will now influence NPCs' perception of the PC's breast and ass size, changing their behaviour appropriately. Thanks to klorpa.
  • Kylar now has many more interactions while talking to and teasing them. Written and coded by Crimson Tide.
  • Added improved code for random event selection, and applied it to the forest. Thanks to aimozg and noeinan, with help from note leven.
  • Added a stat to keep track of the maximum amount of "cream" produced in one session when working as a chef. Thanks to note leven.
  • Added alternative orgasm text and comment when the PC has a dry orgasm while dancing. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • The PC can now bump into the tutorial NPC when leaving the orphanage with Robin. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Added missing features to the character viewer. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Whitney will now properly learn of the player's genitals if they help the player finish after the pub scene. Thanks to PurityGuy.
  • Thanks to klorpa for lots of minor code improvement.
  • Thanks to note leven for code improvements.
  • Thanks to PurityGuy for code improvements.
  • Added the "Five in a Row", "Wren the Sly", "Playing with Fire", "Black Wolf the Alpha", "Firestarter" and "Trading Dignity" feats.
Thanks to Sommar for the following additions and improvements:
  • Overhauled the shop UI, improving presentation, performance, and adding new functionality.
  • You can now ask NPCs not to choke you during consensual encounters.
  • You can now grasp an NPCs hands when they are chocking you, either to make them keep choking, or to stop them.
  • You can also attempt to pry a strangling NPCs hands away from your neck, with mixed results.
  • Selecting an item from the "ask to" and "mock/tease" dropdown lists will now select the associate radiobutton.
  • Replaced white and yellow colours with pale versions for bow head clothing.
  • Adjusted the suspenders, beanie, and cap's sprites.
  • Added a warmth indicator to the wardrobe.
  • The warmest clothes will now be described as "very warm."
  • Most tops can now be tucked into your bottoms at the wardrobe.
  • Added clothing price sliders to the setting page, letting you change the amount asked for at the shop. "School", "Lewd" and "Underwear" have their own sliders in addition.
  • Improved the sidebar description of custom coloured clothes.
  • Added a freckles toggle to the cheat menu.
  • Added the strapless bra, open shoulder crop top, sweatpants, and hoodie to the clothing shop.
  • Adjusted the way multi-part clothing images are loaded.
  • Added simple mirrors with limited functionality to the park and school toilets.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to mirror links.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following additions and improvements:
  • The Great Hawk now becomes available as a love interest once Stockholm syndrome is obtained.
  • Exhibitionist players can now strip and wait in a stall for an audience in the park restrooms. Promiscuous players can take it further. Written in collaboration with Kinky_One.
  • Exhibitionist players can now leave the lake while exposed without making a plant top or skirt.
  • Avery can now be dismissed at very high rage. Written in collaboration with ArachneSilk.
  • The game will now remove a love interest from the list of selectable love interests if they are dismissed, and tell the player when they are dismissed.
  • Removed the Hirsute toggle and merged it with the pubic hair toggle.
  • Adjusted the feral wolf ears.
  • Added the "Great Hawk the Terror" feat.
  • The Great Hawk and black wolf can now only shift between beast and monster forms at midnight.
  • PCs with Stockholm syndrome: Great Hawk can now initiate a lewd encounter with them in the nest, if sex has not yet occurred that day.
  • Flying with the Bird TF will now take varying amounts of time, and inflict varying amounts of fatigue, depending on athletic skill and weather.
  • The PC can no longer sing with the Great Hawk before Stockholm Syndrome is gained.
Thanks to Khau for the following additions and improvements:
  • Being hunted in the forest will now give hints as to who your pursuer is.
  • You can ask Eden to accompany you into the forest to help search for things.
  • Eden's attitude will become possessive, rather than just angry, should you be attacked while hunting with them.
  • Eden may now catch the PC when they masturbate in the spring.
  • You can now buy Eden a gift for Christmas, and they'll prepare a gift for you in return.
  • Eden may now come to your rescue when you scream in the forest once unlocked as a love interest.
  • Added several new activities with Eden at the cabin.
Balance Changes
  • Added an intitial willpower check when first attempting to glide down from the castle tower. It can now be attempted twice per day. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Beasts will no longer press their penis against your lips 100% of the time after pulling away from them, allowing the use of other defensive measures. Thanks braymann.
  • Fighting off Remy's thugs will no longer reduce encroachment in most cases. The PC must take the fight to Remy on the moor instead.
  • Changed the warmth rating of some clothes. Thanks to Sommar.
  • Increased the likelihood that NPCs are influenced by the PC's fame when choosing what to write on their skin.
  • Reading at Eden's cabin can now boost English and science skills. Thanks to Khau.
  • Refusing Eden's advances now has a bigger impact on love.
  • Cooking Eden vegetables from the plot outside their cabin now has a bigger impact on love.
  • Doubled the impact of lust on whether Eden chooses to assault you after refusing their advances.
  • Plant clothing can no longer be stored in wardrobes. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Increased the number of orgasms required to gain the Asphyxiophilia trait from 5 to 35. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Flying long distances will now count as exercise.
  • Re-enabled the physique and willpower loss from starving at the Tower, but made the starting hunger value lower.
  • Stopping Whitney's abduction will now grant kindness fame.
  • Clothes with the Stealthy trait are now waterproof.
  • The "Max those Shots" feat now requires six pepper spray charges rather than five.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an error found after successfully protesting Leighton's breast inspection.
  • Fixed an inaccuracy in the comfortable warmth range.
  • Fixed an error found after foiling Leighton's attempt to ruin the PC's reputation.
  • Fixed a pronoun jumble found when rescuing a victim on the town's streets while exposed.
  • Fixed an error found when refusing Remy's apples.
  • Using strong wings in the tentacle plains will no longer refer to the mirror to your bedroom as the door to the asylum.
  • Fixed an error found after being rescued by Bailey when assaulted in the orphanage.
  • Changes to Edens love, lust and dominance should now be properly advertised.
  • Refusing to bathe with Eden will now lower love, rather than increase it.
  • Selling your clothes on the street will no longer strip you of your "naked".
  • Fixed a bug that made spanking consider the PC's ass covered, even when bare.
  • Being groped by someone in an expensive outfit while dancing in a skirt will now take chastity devices into account, and will no longer consider the PC to be wearing a skirt when they are not.
  • The option to refuse NPCs who invite you into their car on the streets will now correctly advertise that they increase stress.
  • Being sucked to the old sewers by a torrent of water will now get your clothes wet.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed beasts in chains to phase through the PC's gag.
  • Fixed a pronoun issue found when Harper's photography hypnosis session is thwarted.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented NPCs from admiring certain body parts.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some NPC lines of dialogue triggering when hiding down a stairwell on the town's streets.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented NPCs using permanent marker, lipstick, and mud to write on the PC.
  • The purity and impurity feat boosts will now specify the correct feat requirements.
  • Fixed expanded stats display in ui bar for firefox. Thanks to note leven.
  • Long leather gloves should now have a proper index and icon. Thanks to note leven.
  • Adjusted sleep code. Thanks to note leven.
  • Adding missing + love and - trauma effects when Eden continues to read to the PC. Thanks to note leven.
  • Thanks to note leven for assorted fixes.
  • Avery will no longer appear to gift the PC dollars. Thanks to erutheae.
  • Fixed a text bug that triggered when one monsterboy and one monstergirl are present in the same scene. Thanks to erutheae.
  • The lewd fluid produced stat is no longer stuck at 0 for female player characters. Herms will have both types of lewd liquids tracked. Thanks to note leven.
  • Fixed some pronoun and grammatical errors in NPC virginity lines. Thanks to Khau
  • Thanks to Khau for type fixes.
  • Thanks to erutheae for typo and other assorted fixes.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Tank tops should no longer be considered to have sleeves.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed using pills when you didn't have any.
  • Fixed an error with time progression while sleeping.
  • Fixed some errors caused by the Great Hawk not correctly being set to their harpy form.
  • Fixed the clothing caption when wearing clothing items with the "naked" type.
  • Fixed some issues with dance exhibitionism.
  • You can now remove under clothing items that have the "naked" type.
  • The bird transformation ability on the tentacle plains will can now properly reference the orphanage entrance.
  • The game will now autosave when sleeping at the hospital.
  • Updated DolSettingsExport.json with new variables and changes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused extra dialogue to display during encounters with named NPCs.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed named NPCs to posses generic NPCs during combat.
  • Fixed a number of issues with the character viewer.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a combat-style next button to appear outside combat.
  • Other assorted fixes.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • Fixed an impossible value for Whitney's dominance.
  • Fixed a missing athletics check during a street event.
  • Fixed an error found in the temple.
  • Fixed a line of dialog that was triggered by Kylar's Jealousy instead of Avery's Rage.
  • Fixed some issues with Robin and Avery's stats initialising improperly.
  • Fixed a bug with tracking Robin's location.
  • The player will no longer warp to the men's restroom after washing their face in the women's restroom, like a cheesy horror game opening scene.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the PC thrusting their breasts out while flaunting.
  • Fix for NPCs telling a crossdressing player that it's their fault for looking like a boy or a girl, but referring to the player incorrectly as the gender they were crossdressing as instead of their actual gender.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the dominant wolf to cuck the lower ranking wolf by cloning itself and replacing the latter.
  • Rescued clothes stored in the Women's restroom in the park from the void.
  • Taking Robin's hand while watching a horror movie will now take handholding virginity.
  • The feathered hair clip will now properly protect the bird TF from being reduced by the progress of other physical transformations.
  • The PC will no longer be mentioned as "missing from the cafe" in the asylum if the cafe is currently undergoing renovations.
  • Kylar will no longer ask "What's that thing doing here?" in reference to themselves at the orphanage.
  • The player will no longer yawn when pleading for someone to stop with Eden as a love interest.
  • Kissing Avery on the cheek no longer counts as the player's first kiss.
  • Robin will no longer escape the docks to go trick-or-treating.
  • The consentacles encounter in the lake ruin should no longer refer to the tentacles as "0s".
  • Tentacles from the manhole will no longer tear at your naked.
  • The wasps in the forest will enjoy the player stripping 50% less.
  • Named NPCs in the pillory should now have the proper genitals.
  • Fixed an error found during the bath slime event when tentacles are enabled.
  • Fixed a line break issue at the asylum.
  • Fixed many grammar issues among audience comments while dancing.
  • Many typo fixes.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that let you suck Black Wolf's and Great Hawk's breasts without the required deviancy.
  • Fixed some bugs with people grabbing your underwear while you're dancing.
  • Remy will no longer brand the PC when they get captured again if they have forced bodywriting disabled, and will now brand them if they do have it enabled.
  • Remy's penis gel now includes growth formula as intended.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a second overlapping silhouette to appear during encounters with monster people.
  • Fixed a bug with returning clothes you're trying on in the store.
  • Fixed several instances where the PC is not able to glide with the fallen angel transformation as intended.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes messed with text during encounters
  • Hiding parts of your transformations will now actually be bad for your mental health, and having too much trauma will make it impossible to hide your transformations as intended. Also made it so that you can hide one set of wings without consequence if you have two transformations with wings.
  • Being penetrated by beasts, tentacles, and struggle creatures will no longer increase your sex or rape fames.
  • Choosing the "Fly" option to search in the moor will now increase your odds or finding treasure as advertised
  • You will now properly turn into Janet when reading Raul and Janet. Your genitals and transformations will no longer carry over into the book.
  • Fixed several other issues with reading Raul and Janet, including Raul being a hermaphrodite, male characters having a vagina for one encounter after reading the book, and gaining actual crime for pepper spraying Raul.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent Robin from wearing the outfit you bought them for Christmas when you went to the cinema together.
  • Fixed a few scenes where fame was gained regardless of whether you were wearing a mask.
  • Fixed a bug found when birthing multiple parasites at once.
  • The vore encounter in the moor will no longer have tentacles if you have them disabled or aren't hallucinating.
  • The Seedy feat and the Green Thumb trait will both require you to have all 11 seeds, instead of just 8.
  • Male PCs will now be able to ask to not have things put in their anus.
  • You will no longer have the option to strip out of your shirt while dancing before you have enough exhibitionism to dance without a shirt on.
  • NPCs will now comment on you losing your virginity even if you were the one to initiate penetration.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause a blank screen to appear when resisting Harper's hypnosis.
  • Fixed a bug with the Witch Dress.
  • Typo fixes.
Thanks to Sommar for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to ask NPCs to leave your top on while being choked or strangled.
  • The vampire jacket will now be treated appropriately during the riding lesson prank event.
  • Fixed a bug that made stealing cosmetics 100x more criminal than intended.
  • Fixed a bug that rendered pubic hair after being disabling it.
  • The warmth description of clothes should now take the entire garment into account, instead of just the chest piece.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented all secondary parts of clothing from rendering.
  • Fixed an error in the new shop UI that was caused by wearing broken outfits.
  • Changed cap sprite a bit to conceal hair.
  • Fixed sidebar clothes being rendered for breasts size one size smaller than what character has.
  • Adjusted the CSS filters.
  • Fixed a couple of warmth indicator bugs.
  • Fixed an error that prevented hats rendering properly.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the PC to avoid suffocation while being choked by sucking air through an NPCs cock.
  • Fixed a number of issues with clothing icons.
  • Fixed a colour mismatch between the shop and sprite versions of certain clothes.
  • Fixed a "remove your naked" issue found when stripping in toilets.
  • Other assorted fixes.
  • Added an option to reduce stress, trauma and obedience at night while at Remy's farm. Written by Harcher and coded by bsmith.
  • You can now wrap a towel around Wren after Blackjack. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Added a bench proper, which appears during a scene with Whitney in the park. Art courtesy of Kodi.
  • Added new art for the hoodie chest piece and sleeves. Courtesy of KG.
  • Added damage states for the cheerler skirt. Art courtesy of KG.
  • Added the kilt and tam o' shanter to the clothing shop. Art courtesy of KG.
  • Pom poms are now a hand garment, separate from the cheerleading top. Thanks to KG.
  • Added the cat hat to the clothing shot. Art courtesy of Borb.
  • Added the holy stole to the forest shop, unlocked by reaching maxiumum grace. Art courtesy of PurityGuy.
  • Added icons for puffer jackets, camo shirts, star pyjama shirts and moon pyjama shirts. Art courtey of Borb.
  • Added location art for the residential alleyways. Art courtesy of Mewsic Box.
  • Added location art for the riding school. Art courtesy of Korky.
Balance Changes
  • The fumes from the burning field at the Remy estate will now drug the PC.
  • Eden's clothes can now only be repaired, and their supplies taken stock of, once per day.
  • You can now ask Eden for help searching the forest a limited number of times per day based on love.
Bug Fixes
  • The "Black Wolf the Alpha" feat is now correctly named.
  • Ignoring a boat at out sea will no longer scare away any squid attached to you.
  • Hovering over an item at the clothing shop in Chrome will no longer make coloured text flicker. Thanks to Sommar.
  • The crop top's name will no longer be capitalized all the time. Thanks to braymann.
  • Revealing small breasts when dancing will now have the proper exhibitionism requirement. Thanks to braymann.
  • Being sold to the Underground Brothel will no longer make you unafraid of Bailey again. Thanks to braymann.
  • Wren will no longer lie about sitting on your lap when playing Blackjack.
  • Fixed a bug that caused promiscuous options to trigger twice when playing Blackjack.
  • Flirting when Wren straddles the PC will now impact text.
  • Added new art for the flaps fringe style. Thanks to Borb.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • Taking Robin's hand when buying them a new picnic basket will now take handholding virginity.
  • Fixed some issues found during Kylar's new events.
  • Fixed an error found in the castle tower.
  • Fixed a spacing issue and tattoo check issue during Whitney's new events.
  • Fixed an error found when Eden punishes the player.
  • The new exhibition event in the park restrooms can now happen in the women's restrooms as well.
  • Fixed an error when leaving the lake exposed.
  • Fixed an incorrect genitalia check in the new blackjack events.
  • Fixed an error when the game checks for the player's vaginal virginity right before Wren takes it.
  • Fixed a missing oral skill check if Wren has a vagina.
  • Fix for a <<0>> breaching containment when Wren takes your penile virginity.
  • Fixed an error found when Wren refers to Remy.
  • Fixed a broken link in Eden's cabin.
  • Fixed a few instances of the player not fixing their clothing in the new Eden events.
  • Taking Eden's hand will now properly take the player's handholding virginity.
  • Kylar will now be properly removed as your love interest when arrested.
  • Fixed incorrect order of stress, trauma and arousal changes when Robin takes the  player's first kiss after their confession.
  • Your mouth action will no longer default to plead after asking something during combat.
  • Typo and spacing fixes.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a couple of errors found during Blackjack.
  • Fixed an issue found when buying items in the shop with the "don't return" setting set to true.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Stockholm syndrome: Eden unlocking the loincloth.
  • Adjusted the shop back button to allow returning to the catalogue.
  • Adding missing settings to settings exporter/importer.
  • Fixed the Blackjack UI.
  • Fixed a pronoun issue found before playing Blackjack at the Remy estate.
  • Removed duplicate settings.
  • Fixed some null errors found in the wardrobe.
  • Adjusted the sidebar caption text.
  • Short hair should now show when wearing a hood.
  • Hair will no longer contribute to your appearance when wearing a hood.
  • Updated the character viewer with the new hair and fringe types.
  • You can now show a single character rather than all 11 in the character viewer.
  • Cum can now spill from the character view mannequins.
  • Spacing fixes.
Thanks to bsmith for the following fixes:
  • Fixed a sex changing dog at Alex's farm.
  • Added "Press their hand to your neck", "Take their hand off your neck" and "Pull their hand off your neck" to default actions.
  • Fixed a pronoun issue found when stripping in the park restrooms.
  • Fixed issues with bodywriting in encounters.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented underwear stripping when dancing.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped hunger increasing as expected at Remy's farm.
  • Refusing Eden when shopping for clothes will no longer lead to an error.
  • Prevented NPCs disappearing at the asylum.
  • Fixed a rogue NPC unleashed when being shoved into the school toilets by Whitney.
  • Fxied a rogue NPC unleashed when dancing with Eden.
  • Difficulty indicators added from missing categories during the pub quiz.
  • Typo fixes.
  • Thanks to aimozg for a development tool.
  • Adding the bathrobe to the clothing shop. Thanks to Sommar.
  • Thanks to Sommar for adding a function that'll help update old saves when overwear is added.
  • Added tuck in shirt and pull up/down hood options to the old wardrobe UI. Thanks to Sommar.
  • Added a small blackjack guide. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
Balance Changes.
  • Avery may now show up on Saturdays before the science project has concluded, if already met in the park.
Bug Fixes
  • Fishnet stockings no longer provide so much warmth.
  • The Farmer trait will no decrease the rate physique decays as intended.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong event to trigger after failing to fight off Whitney outside schoool, and could break Whitney's forced tattoo scene.
  • Fixed a bug that caused NPCs to aim lube at the PC's butt, then get it on their penis instead. Thanks to ndarkflame.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Wren from taking your virginity. Thanks to Crimson Tide and bsmith.
  • The "Black Wolf the Alpha" feat will now trigger on saves that have already lost their virginity to the black wolf.
  • You can now only wash Eden's clothes once per day.
  • The game will now mention when the PC is pushed out to sea by dolphins.
  • Fixed a visual issue with hoodies when the first is acquired.
  • Orderlies who help you study in the asylum will no longer appear to grow a penis when they're not meant to.
  • Screaming when assaulted in a private room at the brothel will no longer end the encounter.
  • Fixed a softlock at the asylum.
  • Eden will now take your handholding virginity when grasping your hands through the bars of the asylum fence.
Thanks to PurityGuy for the following fixes:
  • Undid the replacement of the flaps style, moving the new style to its own style.
  • Put the stray 0s back in their pens in the farmlands exhibitionism events.
  • Removed a dead link in the forest, it wasn't ready to be seen yet.
  • Fixed an error with shop defaults when trying to import settings.
  • Players who gave their virginity to the Great Hawk prior to this update will now receive the "Great Hawk the Terror" feat upon launching that save.
  • Ace and 10 is now counted as a Natural Blackjack.
  • Fixed an issue with the plain bra on linux and android.
  • Typos.
Thanks to Sommar for the following fixes:
  • Added a button to Saves/Options that unsticks frozen animations.
  • Fixed an error with custom clothing colours.
  • Fixed the broken hoodie icon.
  • Adjusted the hoodie hood to account for the pulled down state.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the "Show under clothes" option in the clothing shop displaying the secondary pieces of outfits.
  • Added custom colours upport to panties-to-the-side sprite in closeups.
  • Fixed a bug with "Show under clothes" that caused upperclothes to untentionally re-appear.
  • Fixed the icons for the cout shirt, scout shorts and jockstrap.
  • Fixed an issue with the sleeves of custom coloured upper clothes sleeves.
  • Fixed an issue that gave NPCs the ability to perfectly judge the size of breasts during encounters.
  • Fixed a stray pixel in the right sleeve of the hoodie.
  • Pussies will now be described as "bushy" at a lower level of hairiness.
  • Fixed a caption text error when wearing the open shoulders crop top.
  • Fixed a bug allowing penis size to be set lower than intended in the cheat menu, causing issues.
  • Fixed a bug preventing some colours from displaying on hand and neckwear in the character viewer.
  • Cleaned up some code.
Thanks to braymann for the following fixes:
  • Mason will now let the PC wear boy's swimwear if that's all they have.
  • Fixed an error found during the moor vore encounter.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the storage of underwear in various locations.
Thanks to bsmith for the following fixes
  • Fixed instances of "+NPC Dominance" at Eden's cabin.
  • Fixed a rogue NPC unleashed when giving Eden a gift.
  • Fixed a rogue NPC unleached when checking pills at Eden's cabin.
  • Fixed an event in the landfill that increased stress far more than it should've.
  • Fixed self-bodywriting to bring options in-line with the rest of the game.
  • Fixed a text issue found when asking NPC's to leave your top on.
  • Fixed a street event that would leave your clothes pulled aside.
  • Fixed a pronoun issue when meeting Wren at the estate.
  • The firestarter feat is now correctly named.
  • Fixed a rogue NPC unleashed when buying Eden supplies.
  • Fixed a few pronoun errors.
  • Tidied up some text.
  • Tidied up some code.
  • Typos.
Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
  • Allowed the settings importer to fail gracefully when an incorrect json string is provided.
  • Fixed a problem with blackjack scoring found when there are multiple aces.
  • Adjusted the blackjack win/lost text to make Natural Blackjacks clear.
  • Added missing blackjack win stats.
  • Fixed a bug that broke the combat missionary sprite when wearing tops with sleeves.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause clothes to randomly swap in the clothing shop. Thanks to Sommar.


  1. This sounds amazing. Thanks Vrelnir and team, keep up the good work!

  2. Suggestion:
    - To have more ways to raise Fame, assailants might take a picture of themselves and you or of you after the act.

  3. Just read the full patch notes. Love how we can do more things with our love interest now.

  4. Love your game Vrelnir, That is all, thanks ^w^


    1. You're making me blush, but you're welcome!

  6. Wow. Literally, just "wow!". What an amazing update, all the Eden stuff...*~*

    Uhm...might I ask if Alex is still planned as a love interest, even though the great hawk is now one also? :x

    If not that is sad, but I really like best birdie becoming one. :D

    1. I'm glad you like it. Alex is still planned to become a love interest with 0.3.


  8. Holy shit Vrel, this looks awesome. I'm so excited to check out the new Eden content, and its clear how much work you and the team put into this just from the sheer number of entries in the patch notes. Great job as always, but make sure to take a break before you start on 0.3!

    1. I'm lucky to have such amazing contributors. I hope you enjoy it!

  9. based vrelnir & team

  10. well this update sure is Meaty,

    since Eden can save you in the forest, and kylar can save you in town, how about whitney can save you in school when attending the same class and the hallways? perferably at both high love and dominance.

    1. I like the thought of Whitney rescuing you at school.

    2. If I had to make a suggestion, Whitney saving you at school should come with some kind of expectation of repayment sometimes. Maybe when he saves you from certain events it starts an encounter with him instead of a random NPC instead of just causing the event to not happen.

  11. Eres bienvenido. ¡Disfrutar!

  12. This update sounds great, good job!

    Will the jump to 0.3 be the size of normal updates, a little bigger, or much bigger?

    1. Thank you!

      It might not be much bigger than normal, though size can be hard to predict. I didn't expect this one to be as large as it is.

  13. Can't wait to play! Thank you for the update :)

  14. How can I understand Wren. Is he in the game or just in the cheat menu?

    1. Wren is in the game. They appear in a few places, but mostly in the Remy estate. You can access it by working at Alex's farm and unlocking fields until Remy shows up.

  15. I've only gotten one of the new Eden events but I'm melting. ughhhh thank you so much you guys

  16. I'm excited about the new update, I've already dug in!

    I did find a bug when using the "strip flauntingly" option at Wren's strip blackjack. The error info was as follows: Error: <>: error within widget contents ( Error: <>: error within widget contents ( Error: <>: error within widget contents ( Error: <>: error within widget contents ( Error: <>: bad evaluation: customColor is not defined))))

    This was with an old save and the sundress I was using was of a custom color

  17. For the people in the community who likes Pregnancy,

    TL;DR: Why do you find Pregnancy arousing/attractive?

    This is in no way an attack or way to kinkshame you guys, I just don't get it lol. There's always a fair amount of people asking for it every update, so what is it about pregnancy that is attractive? Is it the action of impreganation? Seeing the PC or NPC with a preggie belly? The child at the end? Again, genuinely curious :)

    And thanks Vrel for the update! Guess I'm gonna have to go find Eden again lol

    1. The pc getting filled repeatedly and nothing happening is somewhat immersion breaking. For me, it's not really a preg fetish, but rather "not-preg, while it's potentially a thing". It's hard to explain.

    2. Everyone's different but to me it's mostly about someone marking you in an irrefutable way, using your own body against you to forcefully remind you of that person. Plenty of people are also interested in the bodily changes of pregnancy, as well as seeing/knowing of the resulting offspring.

    3. for me, it's all of the above, plus what the previous anon said :)

  18. Congratulation on the update! I know it has been asked before, just hope we will get to toys and restraints and stuff in the foreseeable future, this super lewd town not having a sex shop is messing with my sense of immersion :)

    1. Thank you!

      Toys and more bdsm tools will come!

  19. Nice Update Vrel, but a question and an idea.

    Q: Where is Wren located (i seriously cant find him)

    I: ho about more reactions of named npcs to your crime value. A +Stress Event on the Streets describes a Wanted Poster of the PC. For example, Robin could see one and ask the PC about it.

    Again nice update Vrel, keep up the good work

    1. Thank you.

      You can find Wren at the Remy estate. In the cottage.

      I agree NPCs should have something to say about the PC's criminal behaviour. Thanks for the idea.

  20. Hello Vrelnir,

    You and everyone who helped have outdone yourselves again. I was really happy when after refreshing the page I saw that there was a new update.Love it and I'm courous about the new NPC,though me being happy about seeing the new post is nothing new as the game had a great start and only gets better and better with each update. Keep up the great work, but don’t overwork yourself.

    Saddly I have only time to read over the update notes and update the game on my laptop as I have work tomorrow and it is already late here. So I will start explorng and playing in earnest after getting home.

    I don’t tend to comment much as I had mentioned in the past, but since a couple of days while playing with my main character (I play with two characters, my main one is currently by 507 days in game) some ideas decided to jump in. As usual my mind will not let the ideas go so I had to write them down in the shortest form I could manage. I’m not joking I have story plans where the notes make up a 84 page long document which is still not ready…

    Sorry if it is a jumbled mess at times.
    Idea suggestion which keep bothering me:

    Sirris (+involving Harper): Kind of had this small idea while playing in the Asylum (I really wanted to get my hands on the Poppy flower during the winter break) I kind of had this idea tangling itself up with a previous one regarding these two.
    The Hospital has a type of Botanic Garden behind the building, but it had been neglected for a long time and is in dire need for cleaning, tending and someone to identify the plants growing all around. For this Harper contacts Sirris if he could help him, as he is busy (which is kind of true with him playing a role in the Hospital, Underground Farm and Asylum). The idea is that if Sirris has a negative/positive option with the player they can ask them to help tending to the garden (similar as we can help Winter in the Museum), this could also be maybe only Sundays. It would be an additional way to rise +Love with Sirris as currently the only way is taking part in the Science Fair as far as I can see. There can be plant encounters or even some of the plants causing hallucinations or other drug like effects with their scent or pollen (hence why Harper would like to have the garden fixed and maintained). There are a number of possibilities and of course Harper having now an additional supply for his experiments.This could also be way to encounter Harper for the first time or based on their relationship with the PC to add in more scenes when they call them away from Sirris with the pretense that both should take a rest.

    We can have the option to go with Sirris to look at the new books Harper acquired (+Love and +Science if done so). We could also go with Harper, they could lead the PC away to their office where they offer us a drink they have specially prepared for us.

    1. Winter: Here I have a few more ideas to be honest, probably because Winter is my favorite under the named NPCs, though as by the above one these ideas leave also room for some of the other Named NPCs

      I.: (+involving Landry) It was kind of bothersome for my PC that the Sonorous Bell had been stolen after finally getting it for the first time (had been back to the castle a few times and did not stumble upon again). We could inquire by Landry if they know something where it might have been hidden now. Of course for a price we can steal a specific item from one of the Mansions or for a money payment as such information is never cheap. The bell could have been hidden somewhere in the Pith Room in the Underwater Ruins or even in one of the mansions on Danube Street where we have to break in to find it. Landry does not outright state where it is, but can give hints like Winter does for the Antiques. As the PC can choose the way of payment which is either the theft or the payment of money, though if payment is chosen it could be doubled, (one sum for the information and the second when we have the bell back). The reason for the double payment being because Landry needed to use many of heir resources and connections to get the information for us. For some extra cash they could also offer to have one of their “benefactors” at the Mayor’s office to “graciously donate” a higher security system to the Museum, that such incidents don’t happen in the future.

    2. II.: The first part is one of the more innocent, having fun situations before the Museum is involved again (+involving Robin, Quinn and Niki in the scene) The first part could be a once during summer event while the second after the first time becomes a regular one like the other demonstrations. Winter informs us that they were requested by the Mayor’s Office to hold a medieval festival to promote history and to draw in more people. If the player is in a relationship or wants to rise +Love with Robin they can invite them to the festival, if there is no invite there is still a chance to see Robin on the festival and to ask if they want to join you. You can buy food or even some present for Robin when the two of you explore the stalls.

      In any case (going alone or having a date with Robin)after some time Winter will appear and ask us for some assistance, explaining that they need help to set up a few demonstrative objects, though they would sadly only be displayed. Winter explains that the artifacts are only fakes, but look original enough to make people curious to see the real ones. They explain that originally they wanted a more hands on demonstration like in the museum, but the Mayor did not agree, much to their disappointment. They did not agree even though they got the packet delivered not long ago and they had not even time to see the new items or study them before showing them to the public with a new demonstration. We can offer to Winter to come to the museum the next day and help testing them before they are set on full display to draw in more visitors (+Love). Then Quinn appears with Nikki to congratulate Winter for having done a good job with the festival and they will request a repeat for next summer before going away without waiting for a reply. Winter also excuses themselves looking more happy leaving us alone, this is when Robin finds us (if we were on a date or having asked them to join us on the fair, if neither is the case we keep on walking around). This is also a good place where Robin would ask the PC is we are alright and could confide in us that Winter frightens them and that they are worried about going away with them.

      *Museum scenes: What I had in mind for the testing are the Pear of Anguish ( - even if nothing specific is known about it) and since choking is a possible kink in the game (even if not for me) it would fit in a way, the other object could be The Rack (

      The combination of the two items could be interesting and something Winter would love to try out first to get a feel to it before presenting it to the public. Of course both the tests and later usage will lead to some after care from Winter’s side, mainly regarding the first private test to see everything our character has to be naked, on the public demonstrations they wear the same rags as usual. Winter does not really care about our actual gender as long as we behave and are dressed properly (meaning not being only in underwear, bikini, naked or in micro outfits).

    3. Thank you for such kind words, the ideas, and for taking the time to write up your thoughts.

      I plan to let you interact with Sirris outside school, like you can the other teachers. I hadn't considered involving them with the asylum though. I like the idea of a fuller asylum garden. More lewd plants would be welcome, and the location means the PC has a high chance to be hallucinating.

      The Sonorous Bell will make another appearance should it be stolen. You'll be able to return it to the museum. It might be connected to the underwater ruins, funnily enough.

      Fairs are suggested now and then as a place to visit with love interests. Tying the content to the museum via a medieval festival could be a good idea. I plan to include more museum demonstrations regardless.

      Thanks again. I'll do my best!

  21. Really nice update overall. The Scottish clothing was something I was planning on asking for once this update came out so it was a pleasant surprise when I found out they were added. I would love to see more Scottish stuff in the future. One thing I don't like, however, is how the new flaps fringe style outright replaces the old one. The old flaps were my favourite fringe style and I would reeealy like to have them back at some point.

    1. I'm glad you think so. I'm pro adding more Scottish clothing.

      The new flaps will become its own hairstyle next update, and the old style will return.

  22. It seems, there's still no way to remove forced bestiality in form of animal people.
    Sigh... maybe i'll be able to play again next month...

    1. Didn't you see the disclaimer? "all animals are actually people in costumes" - that's why high awareness turns animals into animalpeople, you see through the decorations

  23. I haven't check everything new but oh my god Whitney in Park is really cool, it's nice to See that they actually care about pc.

  24. Removing plant clothing from the wardrobe is a good start, but with all the new clothing options being released with every update, I feel as though we are more and more needing extra storage space for our wardrobes. I've gone down the shoot to the park countless times destroying excess sundresses, school uniforms, nun's habits, and plant clothes; it's incredibly monotonous and it steals away from the thrilling experience that comes with each update. Why not cap off the limit for each category at a clean 100 instead of just 45? As a completionist who loves both collecting and character customization, I would greatly appreciate at least being able to have two color varients of each customizable top, along with all the uncustomizable ones

    1. i second this, as i pretty much do the same thing.

    2. I agree more clothing slots would be good. The problem is still performance. There are ways to fix it, but it will require a bit of a rework.

      You should be able to discard excess clothes from the wardrobe itself.

    3. I thought it might have been that kind of issue. Also I feel like a complete idiot for not noticing the discard option. Thanks, that's gonna save me a ton of time from now on.

  25. Vrelnir Will you add more combinated traits like when you got the dark horns and sturdy horns? And good maj

  26. hello there has been a bug that caused the side-menu to go blank when changing rotation on android. And I love this game and if you really think about it's sort of educational on sexual harassment. that's what I realized when I first started playing this game!

    1. Thanks for the heads up, and sorry for the trouble.

      I'm glad you like the game!

  27. also I love what the angelic PC says when their about to be sexually attacked at the temple. So badass!

  28. Looks like a great update and thanks for more Eden! I haven't played it for several updates, so it's more than one update for me as I get started again. I would still like to see Eden have the PC go nude at times for his lust. The embarrassment would be cute. I think more during low relationship, and less during high relationship due to each other's respect. Please consider. Can't wait to start this.

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for the feedback.

      I agree the embarrassment would be cute.

  29. I really love the new update, lots of new content.
    I´m not trying to sound rude, but, any plans to expand female PC interactions with NPC pussies?, right now they are a little limited.

    1. I'm glad you like it.

      There are more plans for NPC pussies. We had tribadism improvements a few updates back, but more could be done.

  30. AHHH thank you so much Vrel, and thank you to the volunteers as well!! I especially like the Eden changes, and the new love interest options, I can't wait to meet Wren! I was wondering if you have any plans on adding a prom or school trip event? I think it would be a very fun addition :)

    1. It's no problem! I hope you enjoy it.

      There's a school trip on the maybe pile.

  31. Thanks for the absolutely FAT update vrel and team!

  32. Hey vrelnir was just wondering how to trigger the new Kylar milkshake event?

    1. I'm assuming it's the same as Robin's; you'd have to buy the milkshake from the cafe to-go, then eat lunch with Kylar. I haven't tried yet though so I might be wrong :)

    2. Thank you very much :) ill see if it works

    3. Thanks for the response gold. You should be able to offer them milkshake in the library, or when they're sitting on that stump they like.

  33. Would it be possible to end up in the other failstate locations voluntarily like we can with the asylum? Like if we pass a promiscuity check or we're enough of a masochist we could could go to the underground brothel as Briar's representative or maybe we can go to Remy's farm if we have enough exhibitionism or deviancy?

    1. You can already "voluntarily" access Remy's farm by investigating the van at the bus station. That was originally meant to be a temporary thing though, and I'm not sure if I'll add similar ways to access the other failstate locations. I'm considering it.

  34. Do you think you are going to a snake transformation in the future? If you are then maybe it could give you the option to restrict someone instead of kicking them.

    1. A snake transformation isn't planned. A lot would need to change to take the lack of legs into account.

  35. “Hiding parts of your transformations will now actually be bad for your mental health, and having too much trauma will make it impossible to hide your transformations as intended. Also made it so that you can hide one set of wings without consequence if you have two transformations with wings”.

    ;-;) why vrelnir, why you have to change this harmless feature like you did with the double anal “glitch”? And why doesn’t this also apply to hiding extra tails and horns at least?

    1. Sorry Anon. I agree it should apply to extra tails and horns as well, though I'd ideally like combination art for those.

  36. Thanks for the update!

  37. If I can't feed Whitney milkshakes, lemme throw milkshakes at their face. :(

  38. Starting with the special clothes boost doesn't unlock the catsuit.
    I didn't check whether getting the catsuit was required for the feat but it seems like an oversight to me.

  39. I quite like the new shop interface, but am I blind or is there no way to purchase while in it? Had to get to the main shop menu to actually buy the clothes.

    1. There should be buy options just beneath the "Try On" option.

  40. It's been a while. Thank you for all your hard work, Vrelnir, and I can't wait for the 3.0 update

    1. And now for ideas:

      Dryad transformation. Increased by time spent sunbathing, as well as the forest and eating fresh. Grants a higher pain threshold and the ability to root into the ground.

      A phone. You can call Avery and take photos.

      An underwater settlement, similar to that of the wolves. Don't know how far you want to lean into urban fantasy, but a merfolk city would be really cool.

      Relating to the above, a triton transformation. Basically you can breathe underwater.

      Gwylan sells potions that provide a number of effects, namely transformation blockers/accelerators and temporary attribute modification

      Relating to the above, alchemy. It'd be cool to see what the player can come up with.

      Honestly, just more Gwylan in general.

      Bailey gets in legal trouble, even if it's just a slap on the wrist.

      Interior decoration!

      A public library. Provides a way to learn on the weekends, as well as a safer place to crash.

      Walking barefoot slowly increases Pain.

      Injuries, including things like broken bones, bleeding out, and the associated time in the hospital.

      An amnesia quest would be awesome.

      Other things I will think of later, and then scream at because BlogSpot doesn't let you edit.

    2. No problem. Thanks for the ideas.

      I like the thought of a plant transformation.

      A phone is a big item on the maybe pile. Certain domineering NPCs could use it to keep tabs on you. Avery like you say, and also Bailey.

      A water transformation is also on the maybe pile, and in competition with fishtail parasites as a way to improve underwater locomotion.

      I considered potions a while back, but decided against them. Some of those ideas will pop up in Addermarsh.

      I'd like to add more Gwylan

      I agree it's strange that the PC needs to break into school to study out of hours, and a town of this size should have a library.

      Bruising is tracked by the game already, but impacts little, and isn't shown to the player. I've no plans to expand it, as I want to keep the focus on mental traumas. I haven't abandoned those ideas entirely though.

      I'm curious what you mean by amnesia quest.

      Thanks again.

  41. thank you for the update! :)

  42. Suggestion:
    The cafe and bar should sell food that give/decrease transformation points depending on food/drink
    All food decreases stress and fatigue while drinks gives a small decrease to stress when drinking the first drink once per day
    Also they will unlock if you regularly visit and buy food/drinks at the cafe/pub for [insert amount of days you want]

    Also before you say these food/drinks sound overpowered, in the cafe we literally can only have one food or literally one drink (I feel like it kinda dumb we can’t drink and eat, while we can drink god amounts of alcoholic).

    At the Cafe:
    Cat - Kitty Cream Bun, A cream bun that looks like a kitten. (yes I know there already an event that increases it IF you chose to lick your plate clean with the Deluxe Cream Bun but i just think it would be cuter if the transformations each had their own food)

    Cow - Herbal tea, A tea that smells like the fresh scent of the plains.

    Fallen Angel’s scones - scores that a small heart on top and looks sweet, but when broken/eaten it actually very spicy (yes scones can be mad spicy)

    Earthly Soup - A homemade soup that taste like home, this decreases points in all transformations by 10, unless you are wearing a some sort of protection like collars for transformation.

    At the Pub:
    Angel - Angel’s delight/angel’s beer, a drink that feels like a delightful drink from heaven

    Demon - Demon’s sin/ demon’s whiskey, a drink that feels like a sinful drink from hell

    Wolf - Meaty wolf buns, A meat bun that looks like a wolf.

    Harpy/Bird - Robin’s cocktail a drink that feels like a drink from the grazing winds (I realize a bit too late that people may confuse this as a drink made for the npc named robin, i was just looking up UK’s state bird, so you can possibly change the name of the bird if you think this is a good idea in general).

    The reason why I’m suggesting this is because:
    1). Cow transformation can only be gain at the underground farm, and once you lose a transformation point, you don’t get that back till you go back to the farm
    2). I thought it would be cute and have a easy way yet slow way to keep/gain transformation points when you can’t always go to the forest without being constantly attack, or want to speed up the process without cheats, etc
    3). A bit unfair that only cat transformation points can be gain at the cafe. The cat and cow transformations (expect the bird) finally got an an event in tentacles plains, so if would be fair if other transformations get special food at the cafe.
    4). The fallen angel transformation is cool, also a bit unfair that it basically impossible to keep.
    5). To add more variety in the cafe and pub
    6). A faster way to decrease transformation

    1. ^same anon
      (Number 1, also applies to harpy/bird transformation)

    2. That's not a bad idea. If I want to include a more accessible way to gain points towards transformations, this would be the way to do it. The game's already established that they're influenced by food.

      I don't think I'd want to include this for the divine transformations though. Not for fallen angel at least. I'd like to keep it transitory.

  43. New content to feed my newfound addiction! A couple thoughts now that I have several dozen hours in the game.

    1. To go with the farm stuff in 3.0 if you can squeeze it in would be a bike you can pay a chunk of cash for or just something to reduce time and fatigue getting out there without relying on the bird transformation as hitch-hiking is one of the more dangerous things I've encountered in the game so far.

    2. You've probably thought of this but in the future would be nice to have a self defense class to learn how to better fight, perhaps introducing new defiant actions in combat or making existing defiant actions much more powerful as I have found that even with a large bodied, high physique character I am still HEAVILY relying on pepper spray just to win every other fight or so.

    2.5 To go with the above suggestion some kind of fight club to earn money for fighting or something, I have 2 characters currently, one who focuses on fighting off attackers and generally being defiant and one who does the opposite with submissiveness. The first character's focus on physique has left him safe from general scenarios but he inevitably can't pay and fight off Bailey forever with no real job that gives good cash for physical labor.

    3. This one is probably coming at some point but a way to dominate Whitney and maybe possibly turn them into an okay person instead of a massive asshole. I dislike the idea of even a douchebag like them getting sold essentially just like a piece of meat (even if they try to do the same to a PC they dislike) yet the constant need to drain resources to defend myself even after saving them from a massively fucked up fate is a bit irksome.

    4. It would be cool at some point to push Bailey out and become the manager of the orphanage yourself turning it into a business that is positive for the orphans and the player themselves, like a thieves guild or a part flowershop to feed my growing flower (pun not intended) business.

    I have a couple more but they are obviously a matter of waiting for them rather than pointing them out as I am sure they are planned, things like Mason or Doren as a Love Interest, more interactions with Leighton in school, stuff like that. This game has completely eaten the week an a half since I found it, don't think I've found a game that has quite sucked away my time like this since I was a kid and we just got the Ninetendo 64. Keep up the great work!

    1. 1. I think Vrel was open to the idea of us getting a horse

    2. I'm glad you're enjoying the game! Thanks for the ideas.

      1. Like Anon says, I'm considering adding a horse to make travel to the farmlands easier. A fast travel option once you've progressed the farm so far would make sense. I'd like to add a train out there as well, but that would be a bigger addition.

      2. A dojo or similar where the PC can learn to defend themselves is planned, alongside adding more depth to the defiant side of combat. There should be more defiant wrestling/grappling.

      2.5. An arena would be a lot of fun once the defiant side of combat is fleshed out. Wonder how many references to the arena in Oblivion I could sneak in.

      3. I've some ideas for this, but it isn't planned while Whitney's main "route" still needs work.

      4. Agreed, though that might not make things easier for the PC. There are other evils in the world than Bailey.

      Thanks again. I'll do my best!

  44. The new flaps fringe is really cute, but the art style doesn't match any of the other fringe styles or hair styles. Is it planned for the rest of the hair art to get a style change too?

    1. I don't plan to change the other hairstyles, beyond minor adjustments.

  45. Thanks Vrel & Co.
    Great game as always.

    1. You're welcome, and I'm glad you're enjoying it.

  46. Hey this is an amazing update, love how much you and your dedicated team have invested into transforming this into a pretty detailed game with lots of content.

    I have three basic ideas I think you and others will like.

    1) Rimjobs galore: youve already invested a lot of time coding in rimjobs, but in its current state it is a rarely seen sex act in the game, and i think it would be cool to build upon it. Along with npcs giving rimjobs, they should also be able to face sit/force you to give them one as well. Additionally, giving the player character the option to give/receive rimjobs during encounters would spice things up just a bit and let us take full advantage of the already implemented feature.

    2)Masterbating in class w/ Kylar: Kylar is obsessive with the PC but as of now he only watches his crush masterbate. I think it would make sense that if he has high lust/love/jealousy he would get a bit more handsy and assist you by fingering/wanking you, using similar mechanics to the special plant masterbation scenes in the moor. The class you share with kylar as is doesnt have many sexual acts in it and would help make it stand out a bit more having Kylar there.

    3) Leighton domination: As leighton is already known to be a pretty lewd headteacher who can have sex with you in the brothel, take photos of all the students, and enforce skinnydipping for pools, it would fit their personality that students who are sexual with them (brothel, flirting, making them cum during detention spankings) can progress their relation to the point that detention encounters involve actual sex/penetration if they become dominant enough.

    Again these are just ideas and i see everyones leaving suggestions, so i appreciate even if youve just read this message. I understand you have priorities and ideas in the priority seat, but i hope you or a team member likes one of these ideas, and regardless ill always appreciate this game. Have a nice day!

    1. I'm glad you think so. Thanks for the ideas.

      1) I'm not against building on rimjobs. Not sure if I'll include forced rimjobs though, at least not without a toggle.

      2) I agree it would make sense for Kylar to get handsy when witnessing the PC masturbating in class.

      3) I'd like to rework the Leighton scenes into something more cohesive, and adding a way to trade "favours" for special treatment would fit.

      I hope you have a nice day as well!

  47. hey vrel the new shoulders crop top when worn says " _text_output color shoulders crop top" this is on android not sure of other platforms

  48. The new clothing UI is amazing, great job!!

  49. "And here I thought you were just some boy in over his head," she says. "Or did Bailey send you? Either way, I won't interfere." She poitns her gun at the black catsuit. "Should fit."

  50. Any idea when we get hangovers in the game? I've done pub crawls where the sheer alcohol maxes out both my fatigue and stress in short order.

    Something like "Your head is throbbing and you have no memory of what you did last night. +Pain +Stress"

    1. That would fit. Currently it just impacts fatigue, which feeds into stress once maxed.

  51. how does one access Remy's estate? ive already cleared all of Alex's fields before the update...

    1. nvm, found it while exploring in the moor

    2. I hope you like it in there.

  52. Any idea when the egg-laying content will be ready for the harpy

  53. Thanks for the update! I like the new shop UI, makes it a bit easier when looking for something specific.

    I had a few glitches. The first was during an encounter. For female assailants, I've turned the toggle off for them to have a penis or a strap on, but in group encounter, it references the women to having a penis.

    The second is a clothing glitch. I had a pair of the moon pj pants in my inventory, they disappeared. So I went to buy a new pair, and an error message popped up.

    Error: Error: <>: error within widget contents
    ( Error: <>: error within widget contents
    ( Error: <>: error within widget contents
    ( Error: <>: bad evaluation: customerColor is not definded))).

    I had a custom blue shade previously, let me buy a regular black one though.

    1. No problem!

      Thanks for the heads up on these.

  54. You're unbothered by haivng so little clothing on your chest.

    At blackjack.

  55. Thank you so much for this update!

    I am really excited with Great Hawk being a full fledged love interest, especially since I absolutely love their harpy form and the bird transformation. They are so sweet and I can see them being my primary love interest for a lot of my games.

    I also love all the other changes, and am excited to see future updates!

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad you like it, and hope you'll like what future updates bring!

  56. Any chance you'll add sympathetic npc's when you have negative fame? For example, some people might symphatize and offer you support when your raped fame is high.

  57. Just small idea. How about adding a snack store where you can buy various snacks to reduce stress or as gifts, and you can buy a lollipop which can increase allure temporarily when you suck on it?

    1. Thanks for the suggestions.

      I'd like to add gifts for NPCs, though was of tying them to tending, or perhaps homekeeping once implemented.

  58. First of just gonna say awesome work as always.

    Something that probably should exist:
    Being able to undo hand restraints while in the Great Hawk's tower and any other area that would make sense and isn't possible (like the wolf's cave if it's not possible there).

    Things I'd like to see:
    Dark Variant for the tights and stockings
    Short version of the Serafuku
    Cheat option for Forest shop unlocks (don't know if this would mess things up)
    Heterochromia/More Eye Colors
    The ability to fade hair from one color to another

    Seeing as it's in the maybe pile of transformations ideas on how a fox transformation could work:
    (Would expect this anytime soon since harpy was just added [if it did happen probably some time after 3.0])
    Gained from the foxes in the moor
    Fox pendant in normal shop to remove transformation point reduction
    Special location which could be found from having the transformation or a high history grade
    Location Details:
    Area looks like a traditional Japanese shrine (don't ask why it'd be in a forest in Europe)
    Can be prayed at once a day to gain fox transformation progression
    Has 9 tasks that get progress counted even when not the area hasn't been discovered and can be done in any order
    The tasks wouldn't be easy to do
    Task Rewards:
    Task 1: Unlocks Fox Fire (I'd be a good offensive option for slim players as it'd be better the smaller the body type [tied for 2nd best offensive option in the game once at full power])
    Task 2: Adds a second tail and increases the power of fox fire
    Task 3: Adds a third tail and increases the power of fox fire
    Task 4: Adds a fourth tail and increases the power of fox fire
    Task 5: Adds a fifth tail and increases the power of fox fire
    Task 6: Adds a sixth tail and increases the power of fox fire
    Task 7: Adds a seventh tail and increases the power of fox fire
    Task 8: Adds an eight tail and increases the power of fox fire
    Task 9: Adds the ninth tail and maxes the power for fox fire

    Other Unlocks Involving Fox Transformation/Shrine Location:
    After finding the shrine the forest shop unlocks the "shrine maiden outfit" (traditional shrine maiden outfit) and "lewd shrine maiden outfit" (similar to the outfit worn by Taihou from Azur Lane) both of these have the same effect as the fox pendant
    "Sly Fox" gained from obtaining the full fox transformation
    "Kitsune of the Moor" gained from completing all 9 shrine tasks
    Feat Boost:
    "Kitsune" 9 levels each level removing one required task to complete all the kitsune form
    Foxes Gain sharp and teeth skullduggery bonuses (more than the cat) as well as some similar npc interactions as the wolf

    I don't expect anything here to be added anytime soon/at all, also sorry for the wall of text. I just love this game too much to slack on anything

    1. Wouldn't not would (in the parenthesis at the start of the fox transformation section)

    2. Thank you, and thanks for your thoughts.

      I agree there should be a cheat to unlock the forest shop.

      That sounds like a cool outline for the fox transformation, though I'm not sure if I'd want to go full kitsune with it.

  59. Bug while fighting off an assault after passing out from school exam stress:

    You rest your arms. Defiant, you lash out with your feet. You gnaw at the hand gagging you. It remains over your mouth. Your pussy is relentlessly pounded.

    The toned boy continues to clasp your mouth shut. He scratches the side of your face. He sucks your nipple. He's rough, biting and squeezing. Milk leaks from the tip.

    The slender boy grips your arms. He strangles your throat. You can't breathe! He reads the "Rape addict" writing on your right cheek. He speaks. "Hah! I knew you were a rape addict." He continues to fuck your pussy with no regard for your comfort. He looks at you with fury. "You enjoy being treated like this. Don't try to deny it."

    The slender boy staggers back, defeated. | - - Pain | - - Stress | - - Trauma

    He looks eager. He looks horny. He looks angry. He looks full of suspicion. Error: <>: error within widget contents ( Error: <>: errors within widget contents ( Error: <>: error within widget contents ( Error: <>: error within widget contents ( Error: <>: error within widget contents ( Error: <>: bad evaluation: Cannot read property 'pronoun' of undefined))); Error: <>: error within widget contents ( Error: <>: error within widget contents ( Error: <>: error within widget contents ( Error: <>: bad evaluation: Cannot read property 'pronoun' of undefined)))))

  60. Is blackjack the only way to meet Wren?

    1. They appear elsewhere, but only briefly.

  61. Replies
    1. Wander the moor, and they might start hunting you.

  62. How about adding t shirt and tank top for under outfits too so you can wear them together with jacket and overalls?

    1. Jackets and overalls might become overwear once included.

  63. this is a very small thing, but i was wandering. is there a way you could make it to where the big hair bow is behind the pc's head? I love big bows but it looks weird with it just sitting on top their head like that lol.

    1. That sounds cute, at least as an option.

  64. Will there be an outfit themed for cow girl transformation like stockings and gloves or something like that?

    1. One was made with the cow transformation. I might spruce it up for inclusion down the line.

  65. Always happy to see an update to my favourite h game. I have two suggestions that I would absolutely love to see added to the next update.

    1) A "Cover with (insert bodywriting type here)" option. Its a little tedious to cover all 9 body parts with individual slogans each day (multiple times in the same day in some cases). Being able to select a certain fame I want to increase and it apply them to all my bodyparts while cycling through the slogans would be a huge time saver.

    2) A more time consuming (and more profitable) way to spend time in the brothel. Dont get me wrong, working at the brothel brings in pretty respectable money, but I want something like the docks where I can spend the entire day as a sex worker. Something like a pillory where I volunteer to spend the entire day as an ass and pussy sticking out of a wall. The more athletics I have the longer I can stay conscious and receive tips. Ive seen alot of comments saying that the other careers need a way to compete with the cafe in terms of salary. I hope this suggestion helps in part to catch the brothel up.

    Keep up the amazing work Vrel+contributors!

    1. It's great to hear DoL is your favourite!

      1) That sounds like a good QoL improvement.

      2) I'd like to add more to the brothel to differentiate it from the club, though I've yet to decide the form that will take.

      I'll do my best!

  66. Holy shoot. Just went into the store for the first time. Absolutely love the new interface design. Great work. At last I have an idea of what the clothes look like without trying them on.

    1. Sommar is responsible for the new shop UI. I agree it's fantastic.

  67. I like the new flaps art, but I've been using the old flaps since hairstyles were added. Can we have both fringes seperated?

    1. The original style will be added back next update.


    Damn that's a lot of stuff this time! Thank you for your hard work!

  69. Perhaps the finest update yet, well done Vrel and to all your prolific contributors

    Especially love the Eden expansion, it's nice to see some of their softer, awkward side. I'm actually the anon who recommended the changes to his love - lust calculation and tripling his love penalties for refusal. When I went to make those changes on the new update I saw you already did it for me, I'm glad you found it helpful. It's nice to feel listened to, and you listen even to us lowly anons haha

    A big thanks to the whole DoL team, it's clear a lot of hard work went into this update

    1. Thank you. I'm glad you think so.

      Thanks for suggesting those changes as well. They've made Eden more lively, along with the other additions.

      It's no problem at all.

  70. Degenerate fish26 April 2021 at 15:17

    Blurp blu- ehem!
    Dear Vrel and Team,
    Im proud of you all. This is amazing
    So amazing that i let you raw dog my fishy butt.

    Thank you, do stay safe and healthy. Ms. Rona is really scary.

    1. Thank you for the kind words Degenerate fish. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

      You're welcome. I hope you stay safe and healthy as well.

  71. I only discovered this game a few days ago but it sounds like a lot of the things I've been wondering about are being addressed.
    After my character had a first rough week or two she just walked away from town trying to run away from it all before eventually working on the farm, so it'll be great to have a place to stay out there in 0.3
    Maybe it already exists and I just haven't discovered it yet but it'd be nice if Alex reacted to us becoming a cow. Same with named characters reacting to transformations in general.

    Anyway, thanks for the great work.

    1. I'm happy you think so. I agree Alex should react to the PC becoming a cow. More reactions to transformations in general would be ideal.

      You're welcome, and thanks.

  72. Hi Vrelnir! I love the update, you and the rest of the team did a great job on it!

    I did get two errors when getting attacked by a lurker in the moors though: Error: <>: error within widget contents ( Error: <>: errors within widget contents ( Error: <>: errors within widget contents ( Error: <>: bad evaluation: Cannot read property 'leftaction' of undefined; Error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause: Cannot read property '0' of undefined; Error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause: Cannot read property '1' of undefined); Error: <>: errors within widget contents ( Error: <>: bad evaluation: Cannot read property 'rightaction' of undefined; Error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause: Cannot read property '0' of undefined; Error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause: Cannot read property '1' of undefined); Error: <>: errors within widget contents ( Error: <>: bad evaluation: Cannot read property 'feetaction' of undefined; Error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause: Cannot read property '0' of undefined; Error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause: Cannot read property '1' of undefined))) Error: <>: error within widget contents ( Error: <>: errors within widget contents ( Error: <>: errors within widget contents ( Error: <>: bad evaluation: Cannot read property 'leftaction' of undefined; Error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause: Cannot read property '0' of undefined; Error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause: Cannot read property '1' of undefined); Error: <>: errors within widget contents ( Error: <>: bad evaluation: Cannot read property 'rightaction' of undefined; Error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause: Cannot read property '0' of undefined; Error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause: Cannot read property '1' of undefined); Error: <>: errors within widget contents ( Error: <>: bad evaluation: Cannot read property 'feetaction' of undefined; Error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause: Cannot read property '0' of undefined; Error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause: Cannot read property '1' of undefined)))

    1. I'm glad you like it!

      Thanks for the heads up on these. Sorry for the bother.

  73. Regarding the blackjack table, I'd love it if there was some way to deliberately initiate sex with Wren when sitting on their lap. My PC has enough willpower and sex skill that if I want that to happen, I have to arrange it so that Arousal is near maximum when I start playing, otherwise I'm just invincible. Also, it'd be great to have the option to actually blow Wren's friends and swallow their cum (and get covered in ittoo), instead of just automatically trying to avoid it. My PC wouldn't, that's for sure.

    The update has been very fun so far, though the new shop interface is more intimidating than anything, for me.

    1. Your PC must have a very strong will! I agree though. You should be able to initiate sex yourself.

      Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

  74. Woah, thatts a pretty big update and its just the half! Keep the goob job vrel, im already excited for the next update

  75. I really want some events and status for a crossdressing femboy

    1. I agree content like that would be good.

  76. Had two bugs when swimming out to the rocks.

    First is with Dolphins with the option to play lewd. If the PC gets this option when swiming to the rocks and decides to play, the PC is teleport past the rocks and has to swim back to shore and swim to the rocks again. Also noticed monster-boy dolphin use the dog image instead of the dolphin one.

    When at the rocks, the PC has the option to strip clothing, however the micro bottom is not an optional piece of clothing to remove. Not sure if that is specific to that one piece of clothing or not.

  77. Random thought or suggestion: if you play with Wren up to a certain point, you can actually win most of his clothes but you still leave either naked or with a towel. What about the option to either wear his clothes, trade them back for a certain number of yours, or use his clothes for further bartering chips like with the rest of the group of people in the cottage?

    1. I considered this, but it would complicate the sequence, and could make the trip home much easier.

  78. Any apk version you install, displays version The game is installed correctly, what apk version you download is what you are going to play, just when installing the game can't help but notice that it has been stuck on 2.18 for some time now.

    1. Thanks for pointing it out. The game's internal version numbers should be updating properly at least, but this isn't ideal.

  79. could you add an option when you start to choose what the date is when you start?

    1. Some events would need reworking, but I'm not wholly against it.

  80. Hey Vrel, i'm really excited to play but i can't seem to be able to install the android version and this is the only version i can download since i only have my phone. What should i do?

    1. Have you been able to install previous versions of the game?

  81. plz can we get monster girl boy for all humans toggle?

    1. It's not planned, though it's a fun idea.

  82. Will the Black Wolf become a love interest as well now that the Great Hawk is?

    1. The black wolf is already a love interest but they do need more events. Not sure why the black wolf cannot come to your rescue when screaming in the woods for instance.

    2. The black wolf is a love interest like Anon says. I agree they need more events.

  83. Whoa! That's some thicc update.

    Question not related to it. How are you supposed to get caught from milking at Alex's farm? I have been trying and trying since it was supposed to be possible, no luck (or bad luck) so far.

    1. The risk increases as you spend more time being milked. It'll probably take at least a few weeks.

  84. Working at the bar takes 30 minutes but it says it takes an hour. Personally I prefer it only being 30 minutes but either way thought you should know.

  85. How do you access the wren content

    1. You can find them on the Remy estate in the moor. You need to restore Alex's farm enough that Remy takes notice before you can enter. Instructions will then appear in your journal.

  86. When it gets to Christmas time - it says in the social tab you can buy a gift for Eden and that you can celebrate with them, but there's actually no option to buy their gift when you go to the store, making both options impossible. Had a peek at the code and it seems the option for buying the gift just isn't there, but everything afterwards is - unless if I'm missing something of course.

    Amazing update though, loving that Eden is more fleshed out now :)

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I'm glad you like the update.

  87. Wren making me please their friends reminds me so much of Whitney... I hatefully love it.

    1. I did fear that Wren turned out a little too similar to Whitney. I'm glad you like it though.

  88. Me; **Has only 30 feats left to have them completed all**

    Vrelnir; **Adds some more feats**

    Me; Close enough

  89. Bug? I went to explore the smuggler's cave, after a while got caught by smugglers. Danced them after getting my hands free. After that, they let me go blindfolded. Now I'm in town, my hands are free but I can't take blindfold off by myself?

    1. It's intentional, though it doesn't make a lot of sense. The text could be improved, at least.

  90. Thanks!

    More parasites are planned, including sexually active ones.

  91. I keep having a bug while trying to buy a clothing.

  92. Plaid skirtttt

  93. A slim man stops in front of your stall. "Looking for something for the wife," he says. He leans down and sniffs one of the carrots. "How much for 28 of these?"

    Somehow I just find that funny...

  94. A nice update as always. Actually brainstormed a few ideas about various toppics.

    1.Just a idea, maybe you could add more deaph into missing School Lessons than just increasement of CrimeValue and bad Grades. Like, Police actually showing up at the Orphanage and bringing you to school(thats at least what would happen here in Germany, don't know about the UK), or being questioned by the teachers, where a good explanation (e.g. Working on The Farm) could save you from more Punishment. Maybe you could also implement exclusions for misbehavior. Of course, I ask for AfterClass Activities, but I think they're already planned.

    2.Maybe for the beggining of the game, you could beg in the Park or infront of the Mall for money. English and Maths-Skills could help earn more money.

    3.A bike for faster travelling. It could also decrease the insane travel-time to the Farms. Or even letting the PC take the test for a driver-license?

    4.When adding the cinema as an actual place, maybe consider adding a "Porn-Making"-Company? You could try to hand flyers to random people for more income, but it would also add Sex-Fame and maybe lead to unconfortable scenes.

    5. We need a Festival for the Summer, like the Oktoberfest. You can go to a date there, decrease stress, work as a beermaid(?) or on some other attractions like ghost houses, ride a rollercoaster, or even opening their own stand selling things made by PC.

    6. Trench Coat. I need it. Now. xD

    7.Just a little gimmic, but maybe cigarrets? Could add more delinquency in school and increase your status, but of course takes a toll on your health.

    Finally, done. Again, nice work of all, love it.